Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, September 28, 1911, Image 5

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XI. 3X.
atoii, o-xizy xrxt -a-i maktaohr
Complete Abstracts to 0. V. L. Tracts, $2.50
We Will Buy a Limited
Number of O.V.L. Lots
Complete Abstracts to O. V, L. Lots, $2.50
Xahc Count? jCrnmincr
Atl i'ou k tilt un)war for lad le,
Men. Co.
Iowtr floor office lor rent In Urn
bach building.
Mrs. Matt MoCullev. of Cedarvllle
li visitor here.
. Born. Saturday, to Mr. andrs. C.
8. Morrls-a ion.
' (Jet your goods hauled by fast
frvlgbt. L. 1). Mt)M. MepHOcto
J. A. Rico, of Mvrtlo Creek, waa one
of Tueaday'a .visitors.
j7"Cecll Taylor." of Tint Crk. waa una
of lait week'a vialtora.
Fur Krnit house and baru, enquire
of Prod Spungj'tiberg. AugWtf
Bran and middlings 120 per ton at
the Lakeview Hour Mills. 9-28w2.
A few 11Um duater ait good slses.
A Hr ceut ott. Mure. Co.
8. C Camubell. of Drewa Dam. waa
one of Uaturday'a arrlvala.
We have the Holeproof llomi for
lad 8 for Mrrc.Uo. '
; Flour ortlv $2.60 Der hundred at the
Lakeview Flour Mill. -28w2.
Cull for No. iOU ladles hose. Beat
to m bad at 25c. Merc. Co.
Teams wauUtri at Fandango Lum.
I Kir Co., for hauling luinlx-r. 8cpt0
E. J. Davia. of Paisley, waa a visitor
hero the foreoart of the week.
If you waot a really good smoke
fur a oh tie, try hloraiuau's Lender,
t. Mr. and Mra. A. N. Dennett, of War
ner were among thia week'a visitors.
J Ernest L..JI.. Meyer., the. Valley
Falla hualneaa man. waa in town laat
week. ,
Hall & Reynolds have received a
full Hue of m-hool bookt and acliool
sapphoe. Scpt7-2H
Pleasant Shollhammer, of Crooked
Creek, waa In town Saturday for
Hull &. Jt.-yuuida have rttoolved a
full lino of school booka and school
atipplli". Jpi7.2S
Dave Edler. the aheeD king, waa in
town MoiMluy attending to various busi
ness details.
Hall A Kcynolda have received a
full line of m hool booka and sehool
mipplloe. Sept7-28
Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Fok. of the
West Side, are now spending a few
days in town.
R. B. Daly, of the Salt Creek sec-
tion. waa in town Monday attending to
some business.
M. B. Rice Sunday i left on a busi
ness visit to Klamath Falls, expecting
treturn today.
Miss Trixle MacVeish has accepted a
position aa clerk in the office of County
Assessor Foster.
PurulMbtHi front room, ground floor,
1 block from business center. Enquire
Examiner oHiee. tf
Judge E. M. Brattain Tuesday morn
ing left for 1'aiBley to look after some
business interests.
Fast freight team from Davis Creek
to Lakeview, round trip every three
du.vs. I.. B. Moss. P.pU Octf
Dave MeAulifTe.. the sheepman, waa
in town over Sunday combining busi
ness with pleasure.
Uooda or baggage entrusted to me
will receive prompt and careful at
tention. I.. B. Moss. HepU OctS
C. W. Withers, the Summer Lake
stockman and rancher, was in town Vie
forepart of the week.
It ia pronosed at Coivallla. in plant
ing trea. to apportion a distinot tree
N to each thoroughfare.
Office for rent, lately occupied by
the Southern Oregon Realty Co. Ap
ply Oeo. Jatnmertbal. 8cpt28 tf.
Mrs. A. Storkman and daughter.
Mias Louise. Sunday left on a visit to
. relatives at Slsson. Ol.
F. B. Houston, of South Warner,
waa in town Saturday attending to
various business matters.
Dr. W. R. Boyd returned Frldav last
after spending a few days in Reno
and other southern points.
J. T. Flook. a prominent stockman
of the Rock Creek aection. Tuesday,
came into town on business.
Arthur Vates. proprietor of the
Alturas Carage. was a buisness visitor
here on Monday of this week.
lave orders for fiwt freight at
Lakevlew Merc. Co., HnM Ukeview,
J. P. Duckworth, L. IJ. Moh. HUOH
Finis Hickeraon. of Bidwell. was one
of Inst week's visitors In town, being
the guest of his brother. Jay.
F. W. Kllonel. of Summer Lake,
haa been at work in County Assessor
Foster's office during the week.
John McDnnougn Is taking orders
for Ssuor Krsut from one gallon up
and will be ready In two weeks.
Pat Breen, of the Waren Laird ranch
at Blue Joint. Is now spending a few
davs here enjoying a well earned rest.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Combs have
rented the Dr. W. K. Bovd residence.
and are to occupy the same in a few
O. II. Dusenberrv. the land locator,
was in town this week from Bend. He
has turned into a veritable "Bend
Booster." t '
The Degree of Honor. A. O. U. W..
held a well attended meeting Thursday
night last, at which one candidate waa
Mr. arid Mrs. Herbert Lewis, of
Pine Creek, were In town the foreoart
of the week on a visit to their many
local friends.
The O. E. 8. Needle Club will meet
Friday afternoon with Mrs. W. Lair
Thorn neon. The author tojbe discussed
is Thackeray.
Tom Sagris. who haa a contract for
grading work on the N.-C-.O. extension
to Lakeview. was in town the foreoart
of this week.
Man Whorton and Geo. B. Graves
returned Wednesday evening after a
several davs hunting trio in the Drews
Vsllev country.
W. T. Creaaler's 2-vear-old steers
netted him $49.52 per head, which
makes a record price for this aection
of the country.
Miss Laura Snelllng has accented a
position as teacher in the Flush school,
and expects to lesve in a few davs to
commence her duties.
Monday afternoon we were visited
by one of the hardest wind storms so
far this season. Showers of large hail
accompanied the wind.
Loul. and AdolDh Kirchoff. of Mar
cus, lows, were among the qat of town
pcolte who registered at Hotel Lake
view during the weeje.
Mr. and Mra. Charles Faulkner, of
Cedarvllle. were visitors here the fore
part of the week as the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. V. L. Snelling.
The ususl Urge number of local
sportsmen went to the Lake on Sunday
last and returned with some fine speci
mens of ducks and geese.
William Arzner was confined to his
home for aeveral davs last week with
an attack of rheumatism. He ia now
feeling greatly improved.
Mrs. Ida Ritter was quite seriously
injured at Davis Creek one day iHst
week by peing thrown from a horse,
having several ribsroken.
Walt L. Dutton and sister. Miss Kate
of Davis Creek. Sunday, left for Cor
vallis where they will attend the Ore
gon Agricultural College.
During the absence of Editor Bert
Rice, his Place on the Herald is being
filled bv W. Roche Fick. who hss had
much newspaper exocrience.
My. and Mrs. C. W. Combs, of
Summer Lake, last week came down
from that place and expect to reside
here permanently from now on.
Miss Vida Chrisman. of Silver Lake,
and Michael Suit, of Summer Lake,
will attend the Oregon Agricultural
College at Corvallfs this year.
An adjorned term of County Court
will convene Monday to consider busi
ness of importance. All members of
the Court will be In attendance.
Mr. and Mrs. "Allen, of MscDowell
Creek. hve returned home after
spending a few days here as the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Langslet.
Mrs. Robt. L. Weir, formerly Miss
Fannie Tonningsen. of this place, has
been a visitor here for several davs as
the guest of Miss Alice MoGrath.
Alfalfa seed is selling for 15 cents
per pound here now, savs the Surprise
Valley Record, and the oroD will be the
largest ever raised in thia vallev.
J. O'Nell. of the Davia Creek Or
chard Company, la now in the JDakotas
combining business with pleasure.
He will probably return in a few
A great deal of improvement work
is now being done on the road along in
front of the Shirk. Boyd. Sherlock
and Corv residences on south main
"Uncle" Joe Morrow, of the Warner
oountrv, was in town 'over Sunday and
remained here renewing old acquain
tances for several days the foreoart of
the week,
A I Roberts haw accepted the agency
of the noted Lmm clothing, and
has junt received samples of all the
latent weave, whicb be la now dis
playing. W. I. Dieshman. father of Mrs. A. E.
imbler. of Summer Lake, died at
Berkelv. Cal.. a few dsys since. Mrs.
Imbler had the body taken to Portland
for burial.
W. J. Nixon, of the Mud Creek sta
tion M mdav. eame into town for euo
plles. The simple life seeas to agree
with Bill for he looks both prosperous
and haopv.'
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Barcher Monday
left for Salem, where they will make
their borne. Mr. Barcher exoecU to
engage in furniture repairing at the
canltal citv.
A. G. Dubme. of the Fandango Lum
ber Mill. Tueedav. came up from Wil
low Ranch on matters of business. He
reports everything progressing nicely
down bis wsv.
Mrs. Ed Tatro and son. Ed arrived
from Gaston. Tuesday on a visit to
relatives and friends. They are now
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Tatro.
of Cottonwood.
Guy Causey has returned after a
several week'a hunting trio in the Sv
can and Cbewaucan comtrv. He was
accompanied on the trip by the Curtis
toys, of Vslley Falls.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer McCulley this
week left for San Francisco to soend
the winter. Mr. McCullev's health has
not been good recently, and the change
Is made on that account.
F. Fetsch. the sew tailor. Saturday
orjened bia "Matchless Store." in the
Moore building on Main street with a
full line of suits and other articles of
wearing apparel for men.
John Lewis, now a resident of Fine
Creek, was in town Mondsy and Tues
day renewing 'acquaintances. John
still retains his fondness for Lakeview.
as shown bv frequent visits.
Work wss commenced the forepart of
this week on the new residence being
erected by Dick Wilcox just opposite
the High School. The work is in
charge of Contractor John Arcner.
Bvron Graves, who has been emolovj
ed here ss a brickroason for sometime
past. Friday, left for Alturas. where
he haa acceded a position on the new
school building being erected at that
Charles and Gus Volk. of Davis
Creek. Tuesday, pasaed through town
enrodte from the northern part of the
countv. The latter filed on a homestead
in Sec. 28. 26-15. adjoining that of the
Bill Burch. of Adol. was a visitor
here over Sunday. Bill haa a great
fondness for Lakeview and can't resist
the temptation of coming over oc
casionally to see how everything is
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Wittaker. of
Raymond, Nebraska, last week arrived
here to become permanent residents of
Lake County. Thev are now occupying
one of the Brvan ranches north of
Crooked Creek.
Cort Hall, a prominent citizen of
Medford. has been visiting bis brother.
Dr. T. V. Hall, during the past week.
Incidentally he took occasion to visit
the swsmps and succeeded in bagging
a number of ducks.
John Fitzgerald has sold his Warner
Vallev ranch and will probably locate
in Surprise Vallev. Jules Janssaud
was the purchaser and he has also
leased Mr. Fitzgerald's sheenJLfor a
period of three years.
Metolius Central Orengoian : A work
train carrying 150 laborers and a large
volume of equipment has arrived and
will remain three or four months,
laying additional side tracks and doing
other work in the yards.
R. T. Baldwin is over from Klamath
Falla on a business trip. His business
is installation septic tanks for the dis
posal of sewsge. and there is certainly
a decided emergencey existing along
that line here in Lakeview.
Frank Gunthor, the local auto expert,
haa juat opened uo a repair ahoo in
Harry Bailev's auto garage, and is now
ready to remedy all kinds of motor
troubles. Frank will also have two
autos for rent at all times.
Uev. M. T. Wire has been reappointed
to this charge and he is expected tack
Saturday evening. Mr. Wire has made
himself popular with all classes here
in Lakeview and . his reaDpointment
meets with popular approval.
A Mrhlv successful millinery opening
showing the display of fall hits, waa
held Saturday afternoon at the Paris
ian Millinerv. A great many of the
ladies were present during the course
of the afternoon and evening.
Guy and Lvnn Cronemiller Sunday
left for Corvaliis to resume their
studies, in the Oregon Agriculture!
College. The former is taking a eourse
in electrical engineering while the
latter ia taking the forestry course.
Southstone Bros, have fixed up a sort
ot a trail wason to be used in connec
tion with an auto. They have put an
ooen box on the chassis of V. L. Sell
ing's old csr. and the combination
makes sn idesl delivery proposition.
Mrs. John McCullev. accompanied bv
her son. Jake. Monday morning, left
for John Day. where thev expect to
soend a few weeks ss the guests of
Mrs. McCulley's sister. The entire
trio will be made by wagon and team.
Sunday last was a great disolsy day
for fall hats, practically every woman
in town appearing on the streets with
one. The writer was at first inclined
to believe it waa Easter, but a consul
ts tion of the cslander ahowed other
A farewell dinner in honor ol Miss
Brida Flynn. who is soon to leave for
San Francisco, waa given Sunday by
Mr. and Mrs. McAuliffe. Quite a few
friends were present for the occasion.
and a very nice socisl time wss enjoyed
bv sit.
A few dsvs since F. W. Foster, of
Summer Lske. caught three voung
fellows in the act of awioing some of
his Brain. Thev had taken aix sacks
and hidden them ii a plum patch, but
on their promise "to sin no more" they
were released.
Street corner saies are becoming
scarce locally, but Saturday afternoon
last one was held at Bieber'a corner.
The usual large number of people
were in attendance, and some very
nice furniture and other goods were
sold at low prices.
A change of quartera has been made
bv several occupants of the Court
House. Sheriff W. B. Snider has re
moved his offices to the County School
Superintendent's room, while Assessor
Foster is now located in the room va
cated by the Sheriff.
During Mondav'a rain storm and
wind, portions of two trees in the vsrds
of Man Whorton and W. P. Dvkeman
were blown completely off from the
trunk of the tree. The electric light
wire at the Whorton residence was torn
down when the tree fell.
The Band Bova are to give a dance
at the Opera House tomorrow evening,
and it is expected that an extra large
number will be present. The bovs have
been doing considerable practice work
of late, and we have their promise of
an exceedingly fine musical program.
Miss Edith Ogle, of Slash Street
had the misfortune to swallow a pin
one day last week and for a time it
was thought that the same might prove
fatal. A doctor was hastily summoned
and the young ladv'a suffering some
i Saadl.
what relieved. She is now about as
Alturas Plsindesler: W. Lair
Thompson, the Lakeview attorney.
wss in town Ssturdsy. He csme down
on bUHiness connected with the suit of
Hereford vs. Porter, but as the esse
is in process of compromise it was
postponed and Mr. Thompson returned
to Lakeview.
Quite a lew of the sheepmen's srks
are now arriving in town for repairs
and in some esses en route for the
desert country. During the next few
months we may expect to aee many
bands of sheep slong the roads leading
to town, all traveling from aummer to
winter ranges.
A very fine cement walk has been
laid in front of the new I. 0. O. F.
building, and the interior work on the
structure is fast nearine completion.
The store on the ground floor, which is
to be occupied by Auten & Rhinehart.
will be ready for that firm to move into
in few davs now.
Attorney Charles Combes left here
Friday morning last for Klamath Falls
where he went to represent Mrs. Jonas
Norin's in treats in the automobile eon
test conducted by the Evening Herald.
He started from here with over a
million votes for Lake County's only
contestant for the trophy.
;' OBI I
2jfWhat you want for the colder
weather is an all-wool
Mackinaw Coat
Light in weight keeps you
warm and dry.
flftWe have them in plain colors
blues, greens, reds and greys
also plaids.
Priced at $7.00, $7.50 and
CjfCome in and try one on.
Lakeview : : : Oregon
TTTEvery Waist in the house to go at 25 off in the next
U ten davs. This includes all our WHITE and SILK
1 1 WAISTS priced at $1.75 to $7.00. We must have
room for Fall. Goods, and vou get the beneht. AH this
year's goods and strictly up-to-date. TEN DAYS ONLY.
Mart Hopkins, who is well known
locally, hss removed from town to his
ranch on the West Side. For the oast
few montns Mart has been making a
detsiled study of some of ex-President
Roosevelt's theories on tbe "simple
life." and decided last week to give it
a fair trial, hence his removal.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bigelow have re
moved all their belonging to their new
home at Davis Creek. The offices oc
cupied by tbe Southern Oregon Realty
Co. and the Lakeview Development
Co.. both of which were in charge of
Mr. Bigleow. have also been dismantled
and the equipment sent along to Davis
Frank T. Ginther Is located at
Harry Bailey's garage and le prepared
to do all kinds of repair work on any
kind of an Instrument from a watch
to an automobile. He also carries a
full line of aoto supplies, sold at city
prices. Automobiles for hire any
time day or night. "When yon go
with Uoother you'll sure get back on
schedule time' Has tLe agency for
aeveral different machines, sold and
delivered at Lakeview at city prices.
Phone No., garage, 81. Residence,
Ml. 8ept2-Octl9.
Children Cry