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Neglect of Modern Meth
od Cause Heavy Lots
to the Farmer
Colorado Springs : Farmer of the
United State! nrllaaty threw awav bnslwU of winter w cat thia
year, not to mention an enormoua loaa
in other farm product, aimply hecaune
thev failed to prepare agalnat drouth
by taking step to kevo moisture In the
aoil. Thia la the declaration of Secre
tary John Burns ot the International
Dry Farming Congress, who ia now
preparing to conduct the Sixth Con
gress, which meet in thia city next
Mr. Burns had juat read the reoort
of the United Statea Department of
Arglculture for August, ahowing that
loss under tne 1911 croo. Before him
lay a aheaf of wheat rained by J. M.
Bradnhaw. of i'eyton. Colo., who haa
juat threshed an a vera ire of 20 bushels
per acre from 110 acrea natchca In
which ran aa high aa 67 hushela. On
the Hradahaw land only four Inches
of moisture fell from the timo thia
wheat waa planted, September 2. to
the dav it waa cut. July 15 and there
la not a stream In 25 milea. Thia land
was summer tilled, that ia carrfullv
cultivated, and lh weeda kept down
the summer before it waa planted
Thia ia one of the tenets of scientific
tarming as taught by the conrres. It
ia applicable to evrrv part of the land
aaya Mr. Hurra The averatre of all
wheat In the United Statea. according
to tho government, is only 14.5 bushels.
and the quality I 92 a against 92 6
laat year. So there la nothing wrong
with the 1911 wheat but lark of mois
"Every farmer in the land could have
done aa Mr. Bradshaw did with his
little fou inchea of ram fall had he
been Intelligent enough to atudy dry
farming methods. anJ willing to do me
necessary work." lrlarea Mr. Burn.
"Some dav they will prepare to meet
orouth aa thev do all other adverse
phenomena of nature and overcome it,
Too Much Firewater In a
Dry Precinct Causes
tho Tragedy
Charged with tho killing of his
squaw nt Adel. Saturday night. Bige
Archie, a I'iute brave is in the eustodv
of Sheriff Snider after a chaae in
which tho man waa finally captured at
Fort Hidwcl'. The squaw 'a head was
crushed with a blunt instrument and
the evidence given at the cororner'i
inquest holt! before Mr. Wallace and
Assistant DiHlrlct Attorney John
Venator, show thut tho illicit selling
of "Firewater" waa tiio cause of this
murder in width tho ucts of some
voung boy are mixed uu in the au"air.
The murderer ia tho couhIii of "Indian
John" the aged leader of tho local
Fiutes. who sava thnt ho is a "Hud"
Indian. TIiIm make tho third Indian
that has been killed in Warner Vallev
recently, two of whom were buck and
the mahala mentioned.
Flour Mill for Paisley
George Conn, tho Paisley merchant
a going to start his fine Hour mill
ahortly and hn ndvertied for grain to
supply the mill. This ia one of tho
finest plunta of its kind to be found
anywhere and the grade of Hour that
it turns out ia in keeping with that
produced throughout the country.
The equipment U of the beat and there
are over 2.000 yards of bolting alone In
tho mill. The power la supplied bv the
ditch that takes water from the Che
wuucuii iitovu tho town of Paisley and
U sufficient to run an eleetrio line from
PaiBlev to Lakeview if it were proper
ly harncHHtid. Thu plunt will handle a
largely increased yield of Kruin this
year and Paisley people a well as
those in the valley i.ear will have the
best home grown product Instead of
having flour shipped in.
Where Will tho Depot Be?
A great many of ua are the owner
of Iota In various parts of thia beauti
ful city of ours, which fact rarrie
with It a certain amount of pride, etc..
eet. There ia one thing bothering un.
however, and that is the location of
the railroad deoot. Iet ua pray that,
"the power that be." maka their de
cision on thia Important matter
oromntly and permanently, so that
"ua" proocrty ownera may know once
and for all whether we are to be
favored with railroad running past
our back gate, front door. ect.
A Qood Example
If there la one place in town that
we ean point to with pride, and which
to our mind most resemble the "mot
less" town we have all read about, it
I the grounds altout the Court House.
After murh work on the nrt of Jani
tor Dan Godsil. the gran I now in
elegant shane. and In addition to this,
ha and hia assistant have during the
past week tnorouehly cleaned up the
road rinse to the curbing. Thia ex
ample might well be followed by many
of our nrivate residents who wish to
heln make Lakeview a "City Beauti
West Side Farmer Demon'
strates Eastern Meth
ods of Working
The Examiner acknowledge the re
ceipt of some tine an m tiles of grain
Brown on the old Chaa. Morris place
on tue West Side, by the prevent
owner J. II. Carey. The grain la to
be seen at tne Examiner office and
consists of oats, wheat and barlcv,
grown without irriration. The wheat
will go between thirty and forty
bushela to the acre and the bar lev will
do much better than forty bushels,
while the outs are as high aa a man's
shoulders. Mr. Carey la doing things
and his ranch shows it.
Fake Advertising:
The way that some firrna stoop to
advertise is to be noticed in aiy article
sent out in plate form bv an advertis
ing agency In ad vcrtising the Chalmers
Detroit car and W. It. Parker, of the
Remington Arms Co. The article
states the terrible time that the "dun-
man" and his car had in the dreary
wastes of Oregon wherein thev truvel-
od from "fifty to ninety miles over
barren sandy !eerta between water."
Such stuir is enough to dtagust a per
son acquainted with the tonography of
Oregon and who knows differently.
There ia no ulace in the state that a
man can travel fifty miles without
water. The "Gunboy" should have
a Lake County lad carry water for him
on foot the next time he cuts loose
from "Mamma."
Resolutions of Condolence
To the Officer and Member of
Lakeview. Rebekah Lodge. No. 22. I.
O. O. F.
We. your committee appointed to
draft resolutions of svniDuthy fur the
liKii of Sistnr Vada Buhum. respectfully
submit the following:
Whereas it has pleased Divine Provi
dence to remove from our tnidut Sutler
Vada Hoi. hum.
Therefore. bo it resolved that while
wc bow in humble submission to the
Divine will, we realize that in the
death of Sibter Bonham the Lodge
haa lost a useful end efficient member;
her family, a loving dauelher and
Slowly now the leaves are falling,
Fading, fulling, day by day;
And in silence Heaven is calling
One bv one our friends awav ;
For we know she has gone forever
With the blessed, redeemed to dwell.
Yet. how hurd it ia to sever
Huarta that we have loved ao well.
One bv one the leuvea are falling. .
And tho toils of life are o'er;
Yet. we joy at thought of meeting
By and by to part no more. .
Resolved thut a copy of these reso
lution bo aorend on the minute of
thia lodge, a cony sent, to the bereaved
family and a copy sent to the Luke
County Kxuminer for publication.
(Sinned) Johanna Aviragnete,
Mr. T. J. Magilton,
Mrs. Rose Muyheld.
"Goose Lake Valley ia a garden
spot" aaid J. W. Hunter, of Lake
view to a representative of the Exam
iner, "and I want you to come and
see eome of tho grain that la growing
here no thaf you can tell the people
about it." So the tnn was mado and
what a trio it waa. Through aome of
tho most tertle landa in the state,
many hundreds of acrea of whi:h are
in sage-brush, their owner not fully
appreciating the many advantage of
the aoil and climate that we have here.
On either side of acme of the finest
grain fields that it has ever been the
uleasure of the author to view, were
untiltcd acre of rich, alluvial soil
that ha been washed down from the
erosion of the hills through countless
ages, for the benefit of the men and
women that are going to make thia
section of Oregon "blossom aa the
roue." The aoil waa the same whether
the land wan tilled or virgin. The only
difference was that the hand of man
had performed the work of clearing
the land and placing it under hi com
mand so that the aoil. climate, mois
ture and sunshine could do the work
of making the aeed that waa planted,
produce a crop sufficiently remunera
tive to place the tiller In comoaritive
comfort. Is it doing thia? Well just
go out on the West Side right now
when vou can see the fields as thev are
when the harvest ia on; go into them
and see the well filled head of wheat.
rve. barlev and oat, then watch the
golden srain aa it cornea from the
Acting With District At
torney ImportantMove
Is Taken
In one of the most imrxirtant raid
ever made in Lake County. Assistant
District Attorney Venator and Sheriff
Snider, arrested D. BiggerstafT. of
Paisley and aeisted 1090 bottles ot
Rainier Deer. 60 gallons of Old Bourbon
whiskey together with a complete
stock of wines, brandies, gins ect..
sufficient to stock a first class saloon.
Tho rnid came at a moHt onnortune
time as it hns been almost imnowsible
,in miiny rases to "get the goods" on
the bub nee ted men in various part of
the countv who are Biisoected of hand
ling this illicit truffle, but the aeized
liquors will make a strong case against
Biggarstalf. He is held under bonds
to anpear before the Orand Jury at
the next term of court. The officer
mentioned deserve credit for their
masterful handling of the cane.
Davis Creek Views
Seagers have had aome fine panor
amio view taken of Goowe Lake Val
lev. most of which shows many miles
around all sides of beautiful Goose
Lake, thut are about the best that
have ever been taken of this section of
the country. The sections around
Davis Creek and Lakeview are espec
ially line and worth seeing. The firm
intends to equip ail their salesmen
throughout the country with three of
these fine views and a book of photo
graphs, showing scenes around Davis
Creek. Thev are ulso going to mail
six photographic views to thobe that,
write tlienj from out of the vallev.
The David Creek country is going to,
move some with the railroad completed
that fur into Golden Goose Lake Vul-'
Photographer Shetlor. of Sisson,
did the work for the firm.
thrcpher and measure the' acreage and
the number of burhela of grain that
come from the field, and tho answer
will rent in your memory and make
vou fully aa glad overseeing the"other
fellow" make good aa it did the hum
ble acribe that went with Mr. Hunter
and V. T. Patterson, of Butte. Mon
tana, who bIpo wanted to be shown
what could be done here.
Gi!l Arthur' ranch. J. C. Oliver'a
ranch. J. H. Carev'a ranch, formerly
the Chas. Morria homestead which Mr.
Carev nurchased a little over a year
and a half ago. L. A. Carrikcr'a ranch.
J. F. Hanson'a Point ranch, the Mc
Dermott ranch and A. P. Kooiei'a
ranch, were among thofe visited. Each
and all of them are showing what is
possible to the man with the plow in
thia part of the world. The most re
markable change of all is perhao" in
the manner of tilling the aoil that ia
being carried on at the Carey place.
The owner is from Nebraska and ao
pliea the same method here that he
used there in hia many year of farm
experience. Does it pa? Well go and
see lor vourself. Wheat planted on
lard that waa sage-brush a short time
ago. ia going to yield from thirty to
fortv bushels of grain to the acre and
inav go more; oats that were sowed as
an experiment have shown what could
be done with this grain as the
in the Examiner office ia good
for anv country; while the crop of bar
lev that is ready for the machine ia
I .ml nnwil tin I'ngt Kii'ht
Large Number of Pupils
Will Be Enrolled-Eleht
Lakeview Teachers
School will commence Monday.
September 11. and the boy and the
girl that has been having a fine vaca
tion will once more take uo the rounds
of study, thut co to prepare 'hem to
tight the battle of life. The schools of
Lakeview. under the efficient manage
ment of Prof. Burgess are going ahead
and the completion of the New High
School in the near future will give
plenty of room for ail the Dupils for
some time to come. About 300 pupils
will commence oi the opening day
though there will be many more in the
following month or ao that will bring
the number for the Winter term to be
tween 350 and 400.
Georgo R. Hearn Passes
oeorge K. Hearn. prominent in
social and business circles of Klamath
Falls, is dead from heart failure. Mr.
Hearn waa prominent in Klamath
Countv. since 1886 having at one time
beign instructor on farming to the
Klamath Indians, later be engaged in
the hardware business in the Fulls and
has Drospercd. He was a member of
the Masons. Odd Fellows. K. of P., and
the A. O. U. W. and his death is
mourned bv a host of friends ooth in
Lake and Klamath counties.
Judge Duly has nrobationed Wm. L,
Hickson the boy charged with stealing
horses, to Jonas Norin. with the pro
vision that he behave himself in the
futuro. Bad compxnv is ascribed to
the lutls downfall and coming under
the care and guidance of Mr. Norin it
is believed that he will become a good
citizen. A. W. Orton was appointed by
the court to represent the prisoner and
Assistant District Attorney Venator
Smart Work
Quiet an exciting runaway occurred
' Water atreet laat Thursday after-
Y when a fine team of gray bitch
ec A farm wagon started full tilt
no tu et past the Court House.
They w.-
ally brought to a halt In
front of tu p werv saloon by John
Rhode, who f. to alongside of the
team on a sado e and managed
to grasp one of Mmal by the
bridle and hang on to - It was cer
tainly well done, and but for atopmng
them at that point thev might have
done much damage in their flight. Aa
it was neither team nor wagon were
injured in the least.
Cut Down the Weeds
The unsightly lot with their rank
growth ot weeds that are allowed to
go to aeed because of neglect, scatter
ed throughout the town, are not only a
detriment in a phvaical senae but add
to the burden the man that takes
pride in bia garden haa to carry. The
seeds that mature on the neglected
patches are allowed to re seed on an in-
duetnoua man' garden aa well aa the
ownera. thus working an injustice
There is a atate law against thia
nuisance that will be enforced one of
these day
Many Ranchers in Valley
Desire Experiment
on Their Land
II Lakeview people do not take no
the offer of George Ede. the artesian
well driller to put down a well and
guarantee a flow of water in either the
High School grounds or in the City
Park adjoining, there are many
ranchers in Goose Lake Vallev that
will be glad to have wella driven at
the same offer. J. H. Carev; of the
West Side ia among those that is in
favor of having the well outfit cora-
l me nee operations at the earliest poe-
sible moment, while a number of
neighbors of Mr. Carev have also ex
pressed themselves in the same man
ner. Thev are willing to club together
and pay the $500 in case a flow is
struck or each will take a well under
the same terms. There seems to be no
doubt in Mr. Ede's mind regarding
rhie being an artesian well bann and
he is borne out in this theory bv the
Geological Survey Reports in Water
Suoolv Paoer No. 220. Halo the well
expert that is drilling at Summer Lake
sav that he believes that in addition
to the ordinary flowing well there ia a
hot flow from beneath this tart of the
valley. An artesian well in Lakeview
would be an asset to the town ard
valley that would be hard to duplicate
in money. .
Settlers From Wisconsin
During the past week or so quite a
contingent of young men from Wiscon-
ain points have arrived at Vallev Falls,
to locate and become permanent set
tlers of the Chewaucan vallev. They
are the right material, and just what
is needed in these parts to help build
ud the country. The writer returned
several davs back from the Silver Lake
country, incidentally passing through
the Chewaucan. and noticed many new
houses now under construction in ad
dition to those already erected. Good
croos are being raised there, and with
the extremely fertile soil throughout
the valley there is no doubt but what
we mav expect in a few years to look
forward to that valley as a rival to our
"Golden Goose Lake ' country.
Successful Social
Something very unique in the way of
a young peonlo'a social was held Tues
day evening at the Masonic hall, under
the direction of Mr. O. E. Werner.
Printed tickets in the form of a long
railroud pass were issued to each of
those present, and as the ticket read
"Not valid unless signed by all pass
engers everyone was oonagea to se
cure the signature of his neighbor be
fore leaving. Sandwiches!, in the form
of railroad ties, were passed around.
coffee was served, and an altogether
pleasant sociable time was enjoyed by
all. . .-,
The members of the G. O. G. club
were entertained vteanesuav evening
bv MiBS Laura Snyder at ber home.
and a pleasant social time was enjoyed
by the many girls in attendance.
Now the Opportune Time
to prepare Exhibits of
County Products
Now. during the time of the year
when grain is ripe and alfalfa ia either
ready for aeed or samples of forage
can be brooght in. is the time to get
some fine samples of the grain and
grasses as well as the many vegetables.
that are grown on vour ranch if you
are fortunate enough to have one and
bring or send it to the Examiner, with
vour name attached and we will either
keen it on diaolay or place it where
it will be ahown to the greatest advan
tage at home or abroad. Goose Lake
Valley, which means everything from'
Davis Creek to North of Lakeview ;
Chewaucan Valley from Crooked Creek
to Paisley : Summer Lake Ya"ev from
Paiselv to North Summer Lake; Silver
Lake Valley; Christmas Lake Valley,
which includes Fremont. Fort Rock.
Arrow. Lake. Cliff and Viewooint;
Etve Grass Valley and Edith Vallev.
where thev have been tilled, and last
bat not least Warner Vallev with its
fine grain, alfaifa and fruit disDlaya.
The peoole outside of the country wsnt
to know about what we grow and there
is no better way than to show tbem.for
the other fellow will not have any argu
ment when you shew what is to be done
here. The Great Northern Railway
desires that a fine exhibit of grain,
hav. fruit and vegetables go to the
Land Show at St. Paul, this vear. and
the $1000 orize that is offered for the
best collection of grains, grasses, etc.
grown on dry land is ooen to many in
this part of the country where soil and
climate combine with moisture, to pro
duce the equal of anvwhere. f Every
settler, that comes to Lake county is an
asset that makes your land more valu
able and increases the opportunities
here, tor there are many that yon can
not see but which the "otherfellow'r
will take and benefit vou bv so? doing.
Let us have the finest disDlav you can
end in at the earliest possible
' t
Klamath Falls Firm Will
Open Exclusive Plumb
ing Establishment
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bdivin. or
Klamath Falls, accompanied by their
family, visited Lakeview last week
when thev were very much imoressea
with the town for being so far inland
from the present terminal ot the rail
roads. Mr. Boivin is in the dumbing
business and has made arrangements
to start a branch establishment here in
the near future, he feels that tbe
present growth of the, community will
warrant the buildings'being fitted with
the best plumbing obtainable by a
thoroughly qualified man. M. Boivin
is now interested in. Lakeview to tbe
extent ot having Purchase I me fine
Drooerty while here, whici sueaks
louder than words as to whatflie think
of Lakeview as a place to infest.
Welsh Takes Vacation
Operator Welsh, of the ?Teleganb;
office has left for Wilbur Hot.' Springs.
Cal.. where he is going to ;have his
ears treated to increase hi hearing:
faculties. After a month there he ia
going to San Francisco and will be
gone from Lakeview for the rtext three
months altogether. VyelshiwiM be
missed, his joviaV disoosi(ion and
desire to pleaxe the patrods of tbe
office, has won him a place in the es
timation of all. . This y the first vaca
tion that he has had in five jars and
during that time there was not a single
day wheii he was not "on ?the job"
whether the line was working or other
wise. Lakeview will have iwo cele
brations this vear and one of them will
be wbon W'elnh returns. j
A. W. Muvo. of Sutanvilleihus taken
charge of the teWraoh otice tem
norariiy made vacant by f Operator