Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, August 10, 1911, Image 7

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i . A Want Ad in Tho Lake County Examnor
Repented n few times, if necessary . will find n customer
for that property of yours. Tliey nre scanned closely
$ by intending lnm-rn, nnd the cot-t is nominal 5 cents
? the line for each insertion. Special longtime rates.
i Will buy Uu 1 ! nunila r of O. V.
(m Hlill 1 1 lota. Address J Chat,
biullli, l-nkevlew. On. Auu. 10.
A I. KM MAN WANTLI lo represent
i rltatiou Laud rouuniur oi
I'liihu nt Lakeview. Wo otter nn
tlrirllvn investment mid Mil at
tractive i(1m plan, end can irnik it
ropt.alton to a iimu nf ttantlltiK
n this coiniuunllv that Is-els l ho
highest salary paid In Lake Count' .
I'M' tlil ili'itl t-r the right until.
Olvo reference w hen uiiswerliia- iIMk
il. Adtlre, rruiilnnd Acreage Co..
Ltd.. Wax 6M. Ilolsc. Iilitho. 11-7
WANTED -Man to take logging eon
' tract. Apply to tint Derney Con
trucliiMi i n., l-akevlcvv, Ore.
stuck ml litiplsineuU, at-iuk taken
oa share or rua na telerv. Ilett
of references. Wife good aiok.
Intiulr ol O. W. Wmtn, Altures,
Cal.. cere J. C. lilcliardsuu'e oarup.
WANTED-We inoiint nil kinds of birds
animal heade. elo. We tun aklne
and make runt ami robe.
Utly and Simmons, Teedarmlate
Valley Falle. Orttton. IMJ 2m.
. - i
rouml I while and potti! eowa.
rliihtcur cut, apply Henry llerjford
ranch. iL
STRAYED or stolen. -about Autl.
W, HRW, oue rey mare, branded
lift .K. oa left tlll. wire soar ou
trout l. weltfht MiX'. about 10 years
oll. Llaht bay, whits tic saddle
borte, tame brand, wire scar ou loft
front liriil, almut 12 your olil, weight
1.0UO pound Liberal reward.
STRAYED or stolen. From Carnal
I'rairh-, one team horses, one Iron
gray tin mhrr white; both branded
H on led etnlllle; vi ill ' J on left
shoulder; weight about 2700 lbs.
f PHI retard tor their rdm n.
DAT DIANE. Lakeview,
wnrd Issued by tho Telephone
Coumnnv for destroy lug It prop
erty. 1H
A REWARD of lift y dollars in here
liy ottered for iiiiorinatloti tlmt will
load to tho arret' aul couvletlon of
uy pemou wlin Iiuh rtoleu nlrnH or
otlit-r propurty. from our Company;
and tho naiim run an! In hereby olfered
for Infoniin' fii that will leml to the
Arrotit aud I'livlcllou of auyoue den
trnyluK ti' property f the Company.
Chan. L' in bach,
Keoretai y Lake Co. 'Pel. i. Tel. Co.
Don't fortfut that wn carry In stock
(or tale all klnda of Iron, tiol'a and
obalnt. tbtuihle Bkulut and Iron ana
tteel axle Arzuer Uro. tf
WHY NOT. Spend your vacation at
"The Jelfemon, " fcJau FratioUooT
A city hotel altuHtod In a bountiful
park but live mluutee from Market
Kt. Hpeolal rate for the mi miner.
Ulue l'rlute ot any towuahlp in
Uurue Iaud OiHtrict ahowliiK all
laud entrieH, oamea, datea, etc. To
poiiraphy. Your order tilled on day
of renewing. l'rlee ft. J. C.
TUHNKY. Hurni, Oreou litf
Cheap Hour nt ltonnimi IJmillty
iruiirnntecd or money refunded. tf
I'Os-rT.NriciNi i 1 1 a v ii i' 'U k""h kst
nrwle v ..Kpiurn mid ClK'irH to be
found In Oreuou. tf
'. i i. h v iTA-: it v 1 1 1 S i Yvr;r fi ic
Hotel lJinevli'W bur. The lieat and
pureat wlilMky made. tf
$ 1 ,000 REWARD
Thu oroicoii i!
Ifornl n 1 Nvml
l.l vu Hiiirk I'roteo
Ion Amoolmlou, o
which Ihu unilur
lKiiel U a itii'mbor
Will Kilt IMUUU0
ruwaril foi evMunu
li'adlug la tint
M.t Btnl
i t niijF rty or r-
llfimtt'iiiltiK nor!,
t'altlotir iiiiIki Iiu
liinulng luauy ulllt
in il(lltlnn to the ahove, lh iilnltTluml
oltri on the nninf onnilillon I'jtu.Oii (or all hur-
brantlsd ho run nliite liar uu both or fliher
law. Brand rixionl. il In mm rcHinllfi. Kaima
ttaravi. Laku ami Croon oouutlua. tluraut
Tantwl when told.
Noun butvruwu liort told, and only In la rut)
ubobef W. W. liaowN, Kile. Ornmiu.
Olrlor loy ran earn thla btaie
lltul Clold Killed Nttukidialn. Bell
A) Kklitira ol Uold-Kve Nundlua at
,1 Je a iapr, itnid ua the f 1 uu aim
V 'I chain and Uickul. Ordvr uef Utaa
today. We trim you.
9tuart Supply Company
Hot DIM bKAlTl.K, VS AHIl.
for Infant! and CMldrea
The Kind You Have Always Bought
eiguature ot
ji r.
Want Ads
I'OH H vI.K 10 crew Hec. 17, Twpt.
10. K.mue lli, K'lod liny bind. Ki0.
AlaohWVi ol N1CV4 of Hec. 7, T W l.
'lit. ItaiiKe IH, prlre 17''. Mr. V. K.
Miunbiy, I.akt vlew. .17- At7
FOK.HA I.K Ijidlea' aaddla Imrae, an
tpilre Kt-eneA KiriM'KfiiiTiraloro. if
F IK MALK 10-arrc tract No. 4l. aec.
H. T. H, K, '.M; nl-t) lot 27. lit blk 72,
O V I,. C.i. 'a iitldlllon to Lakevlcw.
No reHKoliilblo offer refumtil. K 1(
Clarke, box()H7, linker Ore. AtlfC.3.
KOK HA I. K 15 bend of dHiry cowt;
w ill tell any number to lull pundiaa
it. Apply to J. J. Monroe, Willow
Itani li, Cal,
FOIl X of the X at th
HW"4 of theBW', ot Hih; 7. Town
hip .IN Mouth ol limine M K W M
with water contract f ir 6 wrea.
Ainu lyt 10 In llliK'k 7H (. V. L.
Co. Addition to l.akevti'W
Addn'aa W. Mulrlne,
1 l.l l.vmlali; Ave N
MltineapoliM, Minn.
FOH HAI.IC ID ncrea In alfalfa. 2
imlea aiiii Ii of New I 'me Creek, alto
(Ml iuti'n btrmliiK bind, (A) ncrea hi
a heat l in I lex witith of New 1'llie
Creek. I'articiibirn of I. T. Hetider
Noil. New I'nie Creek, Ore. Apr'.)) tf
FOK ALK 10 ai ren, near Lakevlew.
li'Hi:llitltlli: S Ol of NVVI4 of
Nl'4 of Nectioii 111. 'luWiiMhlp 10,
lU.nce 111 W. M. Otlo K. And
ernon, l.aaeClty, Mlun.
HiANKIlN. 11110 four papeiifr.
cix - lluiler roiiilaie., run only j.Vio
IlllleH, 42 b. p., repainted. A-l lliie
tliiouuliout, Kuaruiiteeil at k"mI hi
lie, harKaiii tor atiynlie wIhIiIiik
bluli powered minuter, wlla new
forllimu. Price I.T.'tO t.o.b. Port
biml. Meuxlea. IliiHoU Ante Co., "Ill
iV DivM Mia., l'oitland, Ortnini.
lip) acif line, level Jo in I adjoining
Pauline Marxli, nil inlleH imllh ot
town of (Silver bake. V rv cheap
forcaNh. Apply to .1. O. Hall. .VJ2
CliitiulMT of t oliiiin r e billldttiK.
l'oitltind, Oreuun. 4 bl
FOR s.I.K Tlw W' S, of S.H-. :U. T. :w
S., Uitnni' 111 W. il., near Lake
view, nr. Call on or addrea Oium.
F. KIk'". Citv Itet'tirder, f-alcin.ure.
.'2:1 i-M
1 UK I.akevlew AbKtnu t A Title Co.
Ih m.kiuii aieciMl tirlt't'i on AbHtractt
to t). . I., t'o.'t TrHcta ami Town
l'K SAI.K 10 nercH with a 5 acre
water rmht, O.V I,.. Tract 10, Sr.
7. I. 41. U. Ill, aud Lot II. IWk. UT.
tor liiO. (170. paid. AiblrcHH Alfred
kuykcudall, tied. 1 H-I . Iai Au-leH,
FOU SALK 10 acres, with aero
water r'tibt, O-V-L. Tract 10, Men.
7, Twp. 41, K. 111. aud Lot 11. lllk.
1)7. MiiHt tell at once. I'rice $170,
I1H0 paid. 'AddiHha
(ieu. IJel., Lot Auvelea. Cal.
KOH N.,K-Trat'tri. H.f. II. T.M, It. IV, lu acri.
1.. J. l orli-r, I'. inland. I . ia.
KOH HAl.K-lxit J&, bhwk 111. and trai l 11, a-o.
1.1, T. .i'J, K, In, In aorna I'uiur Hwiiiianu, 4Tu
l.aldli y -I , Man Kranciaoii, I'ul.
Hill SAI.K-l.l 21. block M, O. V. I.. Co. addi
tion, and N'ol N', ot Sr.', o( Nk',, Poo, 1.
I . in. It. IV. 10 acrva. AdilitKa Krvd tini'r. r,
IIKU 4, hoi in, kaiiiuta C'liy, kali. I'mo I-'IU.
KOH AI.KTract I, o. I A, T. 117. K.-JI, luaorea.
J. II. roaraou. Xi Alaiumta Avo. lH uvar,i:ol.
KOH 8AI.K -U.t !i, bluca 1: and trart , fi-u lit,
Til, It 1H, w acrva. Addr.aa 1'ilduu Ward, 111
E lat Ml, Df Molina, loua
KOH HAl.kl.ot II. block 1:10, and K, of HK', ol
N Hut! 17. TI9, K lo. -il acr.a. Kam L.
W ray. box U, Ithlxcllt Id, WaMi l'rlc -ou.
KOK MAI.H lAt I), tilot'k a. :l, O V L addition,
and NK'i, KWi,, Hoo 17, T M, K H, 4n acre.
AdUruaa J. I'lorco Wolfti, MoortiuaU, Mlnu.
KOK MAI.K-I.ol 'J4. hlock Ul i. O V L addition.
and a'jol N W'i4 ol aw i,. Sfo IV, T . Hm. a
acrca. Amir'. v , u. iiarinou, tua iwauaaa hi
Ki'dlluld.M. 1).
KOH HAI.K-H',, ol N 1 ol MK'i ol Kfcli.Hei' &, T
:J. K JJ. Ill acrca. Addrona l.aura . l-i vn l,
i;lll"MH' Ave . t. t..- ir.l o
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon foi the County of Lake.
ln;the Matu r of t he )
I'HUito 6 f .1 A M K S V
FOSTICK, DeceuHod 1
To all a'tona whom It may cou
pe ro:
Notice' la i hereby nrlven. that the
linderHliiiu'd, adiiilnlHtrator of ihe en
tate of .Irtmea Fottcr, tleceaacd, haa
tnadu mid tiled with the County Clerk
of the above entitled court, the liual
account of bit udiiiiiilairatlou ot tho
eat ate of J amen Fimtcr, tleceaacd, and
that tliu lion. It. Italy, Jiulo of the
Maid Court, bun. by ait order duly
made aud entered In uld Court and
matter ou July 14, 191 1. fixed ami
tippolnlud Saturday, AtiRtiat 19, l'JU,
at the hour of ten o'clock In the fore
noon nf sidil tlay, at the Court Kooin
of Haiti Court, at tho Court llouae iu
Lakttvlew, Lake County, Oregon, at
aa 1 1 il time aud place for the hearing
tit objection tto aaid Filial Account,
If any there be, and for tho ant t le
nient thereof, in which order mild ad
ministrator im directed to Rive this
notice by publication thereat for four
HiccuHHivo and conaucutive week in
tho Lake-County Kxamluer.u, uuwapa
tar of Kcueral ciroulatloo, publiahed
In aaid county, the firm publication
thereof to lie made J ulv 20, and the but
publication thereof AiiKtiat 17.
Dated aud tlmt publiahed .July 20,
I). C. BCnMINCK, Aduiiula
t rator of the eatato of J a met
Foster, deceased,
KatateJ of William J, U. Kherlock,
N tier la hereby kIvhi that thu uo
ilerauctieil excuior of the patata of
William J. 1). BlierliK k.deot-ed, hnt III
oil llnal account of t lit itdminiatrittloii
of aald eaiato In the County Court
of tho Hib'4 of Oreiroo. for Laki
County, nd the theJJildKM of taltl
Court haa II xed W. diienday, the 2-'lrd
day ol Atix i.t, IHU, at the hour of
tet o'CHM'k, a. hi. an the 1 1 mo, and
tha County Ciart Kooin In the Courj
ly Court hoiiaa In Ijiketlew. tire
nun na the plni-n for heart obj.-c
tiom to aald Onal account. If any
tliew be, and fur aet t lenient thfrpof.
Now therefore, all pToiit Intereat
td III nald ealata are hernby required
to preaent t Hlr otiject lout III wrlliDat
totald floal nccnuiit la th alwive
n' I tied Odirt on or bet ire laid (lata.
I'ated thla 12th (lay of July, A. II.,
JOHN li. HLAIK, execu
t-T of laat Will ami Teala.
iiieiit of William J. l.
Mierha k. DiM'eiiMt'd.
In the Clrtint Court of t tie atate of
Oreuou tor Lake County.
Dirk .1. Wileoi. aa Adinlti-
latrator of the eatata of Wll- ,
llltn IJahnka.neceiiaeil.and ( BIIOW
F. V . 1'aylie. aa County
Clerk of the Cotiniy Oiurt ICAU.iK
of Lake Oninty , Oregon.
Infoi illation lor ti e eacheat of the
proaTty of tnt eatMte of William
Itahiika, (b-ct iihI, havlnu: teen tiled
ill I he above entitled court and cauae
by D. V. Kuykembill, dlairlct attorney
of tli aecond proHcctitlni; attorney
ilmtrlct. t he tan e beintf the thlrteeoih
Jadit lal dlxtrlct of iheHtateof Oretr n.
aaid Information alleKliiK that on the
7th tlay of .laiiuary, 1WII, the then
actliiK tbivernor of tie State of Ore -Itoii,
dlrecteil the aald dlairlct at
lorney to tile aiini Inforination; that
William Paliuke, deceased, waa the
latt ntm' ii bivvtully teiM-d of the foi
lou Inir ilewrilied real I roja-rty allu
il ted In Lake County, Stale of Ore
gon, to wit: lleluuiiiK thirty f-etettt
of the oortlieaat comer of block '.i, ill
tin town of Lakeview, Lake County,
iirvuuii, and runoitiK thence north
forty tle feet; tln-nce ea-t forty-tlve
feet; thei ce aoutli forty-tlve feet;
thence weat b-rty llreh-et lo the'place
of Im'kIuuIiik all utile III aectlon llfteen,
t owimhlp t lilrty olue, aouth of ranue
twenty, K. W. M ; that aaid William
Mahtika waa at the time of hit death
Hie it tier of a liirno amoimt of ier
Munil prM rt.v rouMlNtiiuf of money,
ct-rl llleuteK "f ileMirit, hiiuaehoid fur
lull rc and in i ii Int; mock valued ttt the
ajjirreuale flJ.'aMH); that aaid William
llalilika tiled lutentaie In Ldike Cuuu
ly, llretfoii, ou the 2'.Hh day of Ait
itum. P.rU.'i. lea vlni; no helra, widow,
children or no kiudied capable of iu
heiitlint any of the proa-rt, and that
aaltl property aud the title thereto
Iimh eHclieitted and veated in the State
ol Orex-iii. that on the 2nd day of
Kept- inla r, P.J."i, Dick J. Wbeox, ot
ljme County, llieui. waa by order
of thu Hon. It. Daly, Jtule of the
County Court of Mind county and
I Htatc, duly uipotuted ailinlnifl raiior
of Mind ealate, ami na the ; 1 1 1 tlay ol
St'pleiuler, l'.Hio letterH of ailiuiulntra
tion of aabl ealate duly I nod under
the real of said court to Maid Dick J.
Wilcox; that aaid Dick .1. Wilcox
thereafter duly ipinlilli'd in audi ad
minlKrator aud took imimmchhIuii of
the effect autl proterty of mild catate
and am h proceeiliuKa were therei Iter
had In Mich court that all clulm
iijali Ht caitl cMtatc aod all eeiii-i M
of mln, lni-t ration were paul ami the
atlinliilMtration of said ettate In lilnilly
and fully Mettled, and the aaid admiii
iMtrator haa filed Iiim fluul account of
the adminiHt ration of oaid eHtata in
aaid County Court, and that aald tiual
account wan in till thlna approved
by the Jude of Haul court on the -lilh
day ot May, PJll.aud aald court fouod
and decreed that Maid William liahnkn
died Inteatute autl left no heir or heirs
at law- Miirvlvi'iif, but that tald per
tonal property escheated to the mate
of Oregon; that In the order approv
ing said boa! account said county
court dccrectl that aabl admlnlMtrulor
deliver over the poHsesHloa of all of
Mitid property remaining unappropri
ated aud Uiicxpt-tided in his liuudt to
the clerk of aald county court; that
F. W. Payne Ih the clerk of Maid county
court aiid claims no luterent in any of
the prof.Tty of taid estate; that Dick
.1. Wilcox either as administrator or
other wine claims no Interest in any
of the property of tald estate, nnd
that no oilier person or pertont claim
any interent or nulit in said estate or
the property thereof; that the per
sonal property of said estate Is In the
poHMessioti of F. W. I'ayne, aa clerk of
the county court of Lake county.
Oreuou, and the real property ttt tald
CHtate Is in the poMm-ssion of Dick J.
Wilcox, aa admiuibt rator ot the estate
of William Hahuke, diveuHed; and
that aald real property is at this time
unoccupied, it is ordered that all per
tont interested In the estate "f the
above-named William liubuka, de
ceased, are hereby required to appear
in thi above-entitled court on or be
fore the 1st day , of September, 1U11,
ami ahow cause, If uu they nave,
why the title to allot the above de
scribed property and all of the pro
perty of the estate ot tlie aaid William
lluhuka, ilecutlMt'd, should uot vest lu
the state ot Oreuou. It. it further or
dered that this order shall te pub
lished for at least tlx successive weeks
from thu date thereof in the Lake
County Examiner, a newspaper of
Kuueral circulation, published lu 1 tike
couuty, state of Oregon.
Dated this Mh day ot July, A. D ,
Judge of the Circuit Court ot ttie
State of Ort'Kon for l ake County.
Date of first publicatlou J uly 13,
(Not Coal Lauds)
Department of the Interior, U. 8.
Laud Olllce at Lakeview, Oregoti, July
22. 1911.
Notice U hereby given that John F.
IlurKe, whose postottlce address ia
Flush, Lake Co., Oregon, did, on the
18th day of October, 1910, file lu thla
otllce sworn statement and applica
tion, No. 040(12. to purchase tho 8 Si
NWy. Bee. 21, T. 39 8, K. 17 E., Wil
lamette Meridian, and the timber
thereon, under the provision f th
art of June 8, IH7. i nd acta amtmU
tory, known aa the "Timber and Nbm
Law," at aurh value aa mlnht tie
fixed by npprafaetnent, and that, pur
suant to audi application, the land
anil timber thereon hife Swa ap
iiralairl. at a total of 2.1 thw tim
lar estimated 176,0110 board frff. at
I 76 per M. and the laod $100.00; t!.at
aid applicant will offer final proof in
tnpport of hie application and aworn
tatementon the 22n 1 day of Keptrm
U r, lull, befor the Keuiater and K
celver of the Lolled Mtatea Isanti Ot
fb at lyakevlew, Oreuou
Any (MTton la at liberty to prutrat
tbla purrhane before entry, or Initiate
contest at auy time la-fore patent
laauea, by flllriK a corroborated affi
davit In thU oftW, allektloir facta
which won d defeat ihai-ntry.
AKTIIL'K W. OK PON, Kejriater.
Not Coal Land
Depart mnne of the Interior, V. K
Land Ofllre at lakevlew, Oregon,
July 17, lull.
NotltM la hereby (c van that Nannie
M. (Jravet, whoao post office addrewa
la ltkcview, Orewron, did, on the 8th
day of Anjriiat, 1U10, file in tbla office
Moru Statement nnd Application,
No. muSJ, to pttrchaae tha NWJ
N W4', Sec- 34. Township 3'J 8. Kan ice
17K, Wtllameti Meridian, aid the
timber thereon under tha pru-ialona
of the act of Jane 3, 18-7H, and acta
ameiiilatory, known aa the "Timlar
and Htone uw," at turb valnet na
mi(ht Iw alflxed by appralameot, and
that, purnuant to such application,
the hind and timber thereon have
Im-i-ii esiimated and valued by ap
pile int at a total of $bK). the timber
eatlmated at MO.UOO board feet at
f 60 per M. and the lai.d I JO; that
aabl applicant will offer final proof In
aupport of her application and tworn
statement on the 14th dav of t-plem-l-r,
1911, Injure Ib-Kinter and lte-elver,
U.K. Laud office at l.aKeview. Ore.
Aoy peraon la at liberty to protest
t his piirchae before entry, or ioitla e
a contest at any time Ix-fore patent tllinK a corroltorati-d aftl
dant in thin oltlce, alleifiOK facta
which writi I defeat the entrv.
AIlTHUK W. ORTON, Igister.
(Not Coal Ijind)
Ih'partment of the Interior, C. S.
Laid ofhVc at Lake view, Oregon,
July l.-i, IHU.
Notice is hereby given that Alfred
II Hnrnutn, whose pout olllce add rena
la Lakevlew, Oregon, tlid, on the 27th
day of Septe uber, P.IIO. tile in thla of
lice sworn statement and application
No 040JS. to purchaaetha. W,j N Wi;,
Sec. II, TowtiNiilp ;i; is,, Kurine 20 K .
Wlllaiuettn Meridian, and the titular
thereon, under the provisions of the
act of J tine .". 1S78,' and nets amend
atory, know" -aa the "Timbtr ami
Stone Law." at tucn value aa might,
b" fixed by appraisement, and that
liiirauatit to mcli application, the
land and timber thereon have been
appraised t a iota of 200, the tltn
1st estimated 1W.000 boartl feet at
f 7." per M, and the land fMI; that
nald applicant will offer final proof In
uport of hit application and sworn
Mta'emeti! on the 14th day of Septem
ber, 1211. liefore the Kegixter and Re
ceiver of the Unlietl Statet Land Of
fice, at Lnkevlew. Oreifon
Any pen-on la at HIsTt., to protest
thin pit rebate before entry, or Initiate
a contest at any time before parent
Imhui's. by tiling a corroborated utli
davit lu this office, jillei'lnf facti
which would defeat the entry.
AUTHl'K V. OKTON. Kegltter.
t Not Coal Lands)
Department ol the Interior, U. K.
Land Office at Lnkevlew, Oregon,
July 11)11.
Notice Is lit rebv ttiven that Mary F.
Hauem, whose pnatotllce tublress In
! Lnkevlew. Oregon, did, on the T.'th
'. day of January, mil, tile in this otllce
j tworu statement and application No.
042. s, ta purchase the NU Sec
10. T. ; S.. K. 1.1 i:.. Willutuette Me
ridian, aud the timber thereon, tiuder
the provisions of the act ot J line 3,
1S7S, ami acta amendatory, known as
the "Timber and Stone Law," at such
value as might tie fixed by appraise
ment, and that, pursuant to mii.1i ap
plication, the land and timber thereon
have It-en appraised at a total ot
1225.00 the titular estimated 100.000
board feet at fl.2.5 per M, and the land
IUMi.00; that aaid applicant will offer
linttl proof in. support of bis applica
tion and sworn statement on the 22tid
da of September, 1911. before the
Register and Receiver of the United
States Laud Olllce, at Lakeview, Ore
gon. Any person it at liberty to protest
this purchase before entry, or initiate
a contest at any time before patent
Issues, by tllinK a corroborated am
imvit in this otllce, alleging facts
w hich would defeat the entry.
ARTHUR W. ORTON. Kegister.
(Not Coal Land)-
Department of the Interior. U. R.
Land Otllce ht Lakeview, Oregon,
Julv 27, llll.
Notice it hereb.! given that An
drew II. Canterbury, ol Silver Lake,
Oregon, who on June .1, 1907, uiae
Detcrt land entry, No. Olli'itt, for KS,,
Section. 9, Towuship -'US. Ruige 2.'.E,
Willamette Meridian, has filed notice
of ttilt titlou to make Final 1'roof, to
esiablith claim to the land above
tlerctlbed. before Register and Reoclv
oj the United States Laud Otllce, at
Lakeview. Luke Co.. Oregon, on the
7th tlay of September, 1911.
Claimant uatnes as witnesses :
Andrew Anderson. James 11. Tur
pin aud John Ekblom, nil of Flush,
Oregon, and W. R. Hart, of Lakeview,
ARTHUR W. ORTON. Register.
Jsri mK iiiamonu ukaku.
Ladlval Aai. your llrui
I Mi liM-Irr', lllaiuun.
1'IIU lu K. tl ami Uul4
T.Ua n alkt-r. Ilui
lrultit. Akfrill- llH.TFR
lIA ltM HHM I 1 1.1. X. tut tt
V O yMfkaU.trBWlieI.SlaAW4vkKehat
Let the Examiner figure on
your next fob Priuting.
Kll-UoO, V
of tour
In the Circuit Court of the Male of
Oregon In ami for Lake County
Mm. O. F. North. I 'lain- 1
Iff. Hit ' IT Y
v. No l
Oao. T. North. Mania ' NoTICK
North, Agnes J. Iee, and K oALK.
I-oulae Le, DeiendanU. ,
To Ceo ;C. North, Mania North,
Af(nct J. Iee, and lionise Lee, Defend
nia; and to all whom It may con
cern: Notice ta hereby aiven that ender
and by, virtue of ao execution and or-!
der of aale duly lued out of the iiftlee '
of the clerk of the Circuit Court of the j
Htnte cf Oregon In aod for Lake
County on the 2!ith dav ot July, 1911,
In the above entitled suit upon a de
cree made and entered of record In the
tald Irctnt Coftrt In afd suit on the
14th day of Jnue, 1911, In favor of the
above nnnird plaint Iff and ngabiat
the defendenta therein oamed dire-t-ing
the rale of the premlsea bert-lu-af
ter particularly descTlls-d to -all ly
Judgement ami l :ree of aabl Circuit
Court In said suit rendered amount
ing to thn sum of Five llu ad red One
and 34 100 ilollarc, with Interest there
on at the rate of eight per cent from
and after the 3d day of April, 1911,
and for the sum of One Hundred
Fifty 150) Dollara attorney fees and
aud for the further aum of Sixteen and
MI-lOO Ubi.hO) Dollars, rot la and ills
buraementa and to Include accrulDg
coat hereon :
Now tiier-for- under aod by virtue
of sab' ex'e nttoo and In cotnpllanne
with the oi.ler f tbla court recited In
aald writ, I have duly levied upon the
hereinafter fJescrila-d premises and
will on 2nd day of 10
o'clock a. ni of aaid day, at the front
door of the courthouse in the city of
Lakeview, county of Iake, ttate of
Oreuon sell at public fenction Mini
outcry to the highest bidder therefor
for caah In hand all of the rlht,
title. Interest, estate and demand. In
equity or at law, Including tenement,
heretlltatneota or appurtenances
thereto uclonglng or In any atst
pertaining of the above named tieo
C. North, Marcia North, Agnea J.
Lee, and Louite Lee, or of those
c 1 a I tn 1 1 1 a- by, t hrough, or under them
in and to the South Half of the Nur h
wet Quarter of Section Thirtv-ihree
( S N W X of Hi. 33) Township Thirty
South. Katige Fourteen East R14E)
Willamette Meridian. Lake County,
Oregoti, or ao much thereof aa may
is? necessary for the satisfaction of
sable ecutlon and order' of aale In
cluding coste, attorneys fees and ac
cruing CIMitH.
The proceeds of the tald tale will
bo applied to the satisfaction of aaid
execution and order of aale, judgment
and iiiU-repf. attorney fes. coata and
accruing coets, aud the overplus tf
any there Ih to be paid into tlsa court
to Ik.- applied an by law required and
Dated at Lakeview, Lake County,
Oregon, this2th dav of Julv. 1911.
Sheriff of Lake County, State of
Oregon 8 3
(Not Coal Laud)
Department of the lnterio U. S.
Laml Office at Lakeview, Oregon
Aituust 4. 1011.
Notice is herebv given that George
R. I'arman. of Eaaleville, California,
who. on October -J7, 1910, made Tim
ber nnd Stone Application, No. 04082.
for NEI4, Sectiou 3,0, Township
40S. Range 2l E. Willamette Merl lian,
hat tiled notice ot intention to make
Klual ,1'roof, to establish claim to the
land above descrUs-d. before Register
and Receiver of the United Slates
ltnd Office, at Lakeview, Lake
County, Oregon, ou the 6th day of
Octolter, lull.
Claimant natueVi as witness : .
Frank M 11 1 key and L. McC'ulley, of
Lakeview; W. J. Purmao, of Kagle
vllle, Onlifornla, and George Wituar,
oi Fort Did well, California,
A. W. ORTON, Ueuister.
Ia the county Court of the State of
iiiegon.for Lake County Oregon
In the matter of the ")
Guardianship of Hoyt j
ernon. Merven Ver- ! JORDER TO
non, Florence Vernou, SHOW
Vergia Vernon aud CAUSE
James Veruon, Mlu
ora J
Thla matter coming on regularly to
be beard at this time upon the peti
tion of Retta McKetuy, the duly ap
poluted, qualified and acting Guard
ian of the eetatea of Hoyt Veruon,
Marven Vernon. -Florence Vernou,
Vergia Vernon, and James Veruon,
Minors: And It appeuring from such
petition that it la necessary aud will
be iK'uetlclal to aaid wards aud each
of them that the following real ea
tato lie sold to-wlt: N of 8Wi4',
SEi4'NWt4'. Sec. 34. Tp. 39 S. R. 20 E.
W. AL, also the following : Beginn
ing at a point 47S feet East of the
Southwest corner of the SW'i SW
quarter of Sec. One ia township 4(i
S.R. 20E. W.M., theuce ruuuiug north
40 rods: theuce east to the east line of
said 40 acre tract, thence south to the
southeast corner of aald tract: theuce
west to place of beginning, con tu'.nlug
12.75 acres more or lees: There'ore It
ta hereby ordered, adjudged, and de
creed that thenext of kin of said
wards and all persona Interested In
said est re be, aud they nre hereby
directed to appear before this Court
at the County Judge's otllce lu the
Court bouse In Lakeview, Lake
County, Oregon, on the 1st day of
September, 1911, tit the hour of Teu
o'clock lu the forenoon thereof, to
ahow cause why a License shall not
issue for the aula of said above dea-c-lbed
real property, and it Is- hereby
ordered that a copy of tblt order la
personally served upon Retta Mc
Ketny, the mother aud uext of kin of
aald Minora, aud that a copy be pub
lished three eticcesKlve weeks in Jthe
Lake Couuty Exaiuiuer, a newspaper
of general circulation in Lake County
Oregon, Done nt Chambers this 3d
day ot August, 1911.
li. DALY, County Judge. 8-10-4t
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Clay Carson. A. !., Lilt. 1)., LL. I). fcor
i-utuh'titte address Secretary, Mills College 1',
i.. Culiforuis.
Children Ory