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1. NO. 44
The Circulation of The Lake County Examiner Is Guaranteed to Exceed 2,300 Copies eekly
Slayer of Jack Barry Is
Given Mis Liberty
Defendant Placed On Stand and
Makes dood Witness tor
The trial of Loala Veyaaads. Indict
d for miirdtr la ttia uret degree for
kilUag Jobo P. Berry la tbe Mlka
Hart salooo oa the algot of Aagait
12, I ait, was takaa op latba Circuit
Court Monday, October, 31, aod
occupied tba time of tba Court with
day aod night aeealona until laat
Mondny at li o'olook oooa, wheu
tbi Jury returned a vtrllot of not
guilty" after tore hour delihera
tlon. Tba cross samiaatloa of tb
titate'e wttoeaaes waa vary aavare, aod
la numerous lottaooaa tba witnesses
made cjo tradlotory statements
which doubtless lufloenoed toa Jury
to aoma extent. Tba dafeoaa fairly
and eqoarely met tba plea of tba State
for a first degiaa ferdlot, and itood
upon tba position toat tba defeodaot
as altber guilty ae charged or ab
aolutely lonoeeot. relylog apoo tell
defease for aoqulttal.
The evidence nhowad that Yeyssade
i la the Hurt anlooti early In the
vvealng of Autfust Vi and agaiu
about 11 o'uook p. 10. At that time
tin ttceame Involved lu'ao alteroatlou
with Nuiue of toe lajye In tlitf aaloon,
ainosg t"em teiug the deceased. It
was alto admitted by the State that
the deceased with goo la baod had
appreaohed the dafeodaut abortly
liefore tbe Utter went to Toat A
Klng'a aaloon anil secured hla guo,
but thla act waa unknown to the
Tba teetimouy as to who I) red the
flrat Hhot and whether the defendant
threatened tba deceased before going
for hla gnu waa conflicting, and the
raaa really turned upon the good
faltb of the defendant's ooutention
thai ha returned to llart'a aaloon
after bla countryman, Pete Kaoalller,
tnatead of with the purpoae of seek
ing further trouble. The jury evi
dently adopted the view of tba CHse
asserted by the defendant.
The defendant waa the principle
witness for the defenae, aud be mada
an aioellent wltneas for blmaalf. lie
iiave a clear detailed statement of
Recorder-elect Grob Does
Not Qualify No New
Appointees As Yet
The City Counoll met Monday
evening, when the old board retired
and the new elected members, with the
exception of Mr. E. II. Kralth, as
sumed ahHrge of city atralra. Dr.
Smith waa unable to be preaent on
aooouot of a previous engagement
tut be experts to qualify at the ext
regular meetlog.
W, F. Urob, elected reoorder, re
fueed to qualify and no appointment
waa made to fill the vacancy.
The following conimitteee were
appointed by Mayor lialley:
Streets Rinehart and Knelling.
baoltatioo Smith and Cheney.
Fire Knelling and Smith.
Finance Entire Hoard.
Aside from allowing a number of
bills bat little business was transact
ed. The election of marabal and
nigbt-watohniao went over uotll the
next meeting. No applications were
read, bnt It U understood that
Ernest Brown and J. VY. Peacock
would But be adverse to acoeptlog
the former poaitloo if it were tender
ed tbem.
Uieelnger & Company, of Reno,
the wall known bide borers, make
their fall aaoooooemeot and are In
the field for el kinds of bides, fars
as pelta. '
all tba circumstances surrounding
the killlnu, aal tba fact that ba spoke
with auub e decided French acaent
as to make bis English really brokeo
waa uaid aa an amument to negative
the contention that tba defeodaot
ottered the tbreateilag language
beard a balf a block away.
Veyaaade teatldad lo his owo be
half that be came to Lakavlew with
Fete Eeoallier the evening of Aosual
12, depoaited bla goo la Post k
King's salooa and attended to some
biainM affairs Thereafter ba was
shaking dice In dart's salooa with
Mike Sulllveo, Dave MoAuHlTe,
Dave Uenaby, aod Jobo MnAnllffe.
Jaok Barry was there aud under tba
Influeooe of llqoor. Wbita the dice
games ware progreaalag. Pave Me
Aulltfe aelzed Vsysaade aod began
wreatllog. AfUr two falls Jobn Me
Aollffe oame from behind the bar
aod offered to take bla brother a plaoa
in tbe souffle. The de.eurteot refus
ed and dlaplayed a crippled obaat
stating that be waa oot able to souffle.
As McAulllfe approached defead
ant draw a pocket bnlfe end warned
hla to keep bjk At this juooture
Jack Barry approached tbe defeodaot
aod called him a vile oame aod said
be could not leava tbe saloon jet.
Ksoaller entered tbe salooa aud notio
lag tba altaatioo told Veyaaade to
leave tbe place. Tbe defendant did
tbls leaving tba salooa oo tbe ran.
He went to Post A Klag's apd jaat
before entering tbe saloon door,
looked back to see If Pete was com
ing, when ha saw Mike bolltvan.
Dave foAollffe aod Dave Deneby
standing ner tbe Ablatrom
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Royally Entertained With
Literary Program
and Banquet
A temperance entertainment waa
given at Pauley laat Saturday even
Ing wbicb proved very enjoyable to
tbe large number present. After
the entertainment a banquet waa
nerved, which bIho proved very en
joyable, if reports are true regarding
the way la wbicl it was attaoked by
U. J. Wentzell, F. O. Hunting, et al.
The literary prosram was as follows :
Prayer by 3ev. Youog.
Song, "Won't We He Happy Peo
ple," by tbe choir.
Keoitatlon, "Tbe Uoy That Mlnda
Ills Mother," Viola Moore.
Keaiarks by Rev. Youog.
Song, "Temperance Boys and
Ktoltatlon, "Tbe Curse of Rum
Jlmmle Carroll.
Hong, "A Craok"-nbolr.
Recitation, "Drunkard's Wife"
Lulu Uaooleter.
Remarks by U. J. Wentzell.
Reoltstion, "Tbe Last Hymn"
IWrbert Carroll.
Soog Woodward Bros.
Song "Chllda Pleadlog"-Gladys
Cunnou and Frank Youjg.
Song "The Rum Saloon Shall
Seriously Injured
Walter Drenkel was quite seriously
Injured laat week as ibe result of a
Ilallow'eeo prank. He In company
with a uuuiber of other young people
were returning home from a party,
aud discovering aa empty wagon
thought It would ba fine sport to
give tbe young ladies a ride. He
and another young man took nold of
tbe tongue while other members of
tbe party pushed the wagou. Walter
tripped on some wire fenclog that
bad been unrolled and the wagon was
puabad onto blm, severely straining
bis back. He Is now improving and
expects to be out again soon.
Pleased With Lake
:J. D. Carroll, of KMmath Falls,
who spent several days in Lakeview
recently, lal quoted la tbs Evening
'leruld: "Lake County is a won
derful section, and wWb railroads
will develop Into one of the wealth
iest aeotlooa of tbe state. Tbe peo
ple there are progressive, and every
one seems to have money. Tbe banks
have so 'maon money that they do
not know what to do with It, which
Is a fair Indication of the stsblllty
of that county. I never meet a finer
lot of people than the resldente of
that eoonty."
Returns Indicate Defeat of Republi
can Nominee for Governor
Lake County Oies Wet By Small Majority, W. B
5nlder Elected Sheriff and Benson Judge, while
Judge Daly Succeeds Himself
Poitlaad, Nov. 10 Late returns
todioata tne election of Oaall Wrat
aa Governor, although tbe reaalt Is
sMlt la doubt. Wltb tbe exception
of Bowermaa for Governor, tbe bal
ance of tbe Repabiioan ticket is
elected, I iolading both Coogeaamaa.
The retuine Indicate that tbe state
has gooe wet by a large majority.
New York Is Dmoratio by 115,000.
sod Ohio Is also in . tbe Demooratlo
eoluma. The Democrats will control
tba 8lttv eeoond oongreas,
California baa gone s ilidly Repub
lican. Late returna from tbe dlatrtot in
Three Foreigners Get
Frisky On Stage and
Land in Jail
Last Friday three foreigners giving
their names at Frank Hancbez, Sam
Augla and Joss Keyes paid their
fare and boarded the atsga la a fair
ly enjoyable cooditlon from imblb
log booze, aod ou their way to New
Pine Creek ainussd tb'mselves by
poking a kuu ia the ribs of tbe
driver, Omar Hammeraley, wbeaever
be did nt do to salt them. Arriving
at New Pine Creek they ordeied tbe
stake held until they bad eatea their
breakfast, and threatened tbe driver
with dire vengeance should he attempt
to drive on and leave them. Mr.
Hammeraley phoned bis troubles to
the head office bere in Lakeview,
and tba matter was at onoe taken
up wltb Sheriff Dent. Tbe latter
at once called up Constable Pete
Follet at New Piae Creek and request
ed him to place tbe three men under
arrest and bring tbem to Lakeview
on a eharge of obstructing tbe United
Statne malls. Mr. Follet acted
aoooidingly and tbe men were landed
bere that day.
Tbe United States authorities wers
notified and a Deputy Unitea States
Marshal will arrive bere to-morrow
to take tbe men to Portland where
they will te held to appear before the
United States Grand Jury in tbe Dis
trict Coutt.
O. A. C. Short Courses
Two new departmental short courses
will be added to tbe ourloulum at
the Oregon Agricultural College
this year. Tbe courses are those
given la business metbols aad fores-'
try. Tbe work lu tbe School of Com
merce will oooslst of praotial courses
in bookeeping, bulsnesa arithmetic,
commercial law, business English
aad typewriting. Tbe coarse ia for
estry will oover tbe following phases
of forestiy. Forest measurment, sur
veying, mapping, engineering, law,
policies, mbtuuuo, auviouiture, and
geology. Tbe work in the two
courses in the other agricultural
ooaraes, ia deslgued to sire praotioal
men and women who are unable to
attend the regular college course, so
opportunity to get some praotioal
training ia then lines.
Tbe courses will be offered at tbe
same time aa are the courses lo agri
culture, borltoolture, meebaolo arts,
aad domestic soieaoe wad arts. Tbls
will opsa a broader field for these
people of tbe stste who are Interested
la tbe saott course work.
dicate tbe election of Judge Benaoo
aod Represintatires Bslkaap aod
Lake cooaocy hae gone wet by 62
majority and elected Warner Bt
Balder, sleriff. Dr. Daly, county
judge and F. E. Aodersoo county
commiaaloaer. Mr. Solder's parality
Is about 150, while Judge Daly re
ceived a majority of 93. Tbe other
oaodldaes bad no opposition.
Klamath county went wet. Bonanza
and Keoo being tbe only precincts
to go dry. Sheriff Barnes, Treasurer
jUanett, County Clerk DeLap are re
elected, wbile W. 8. Worden Is elected
'copnty judge.
High-Class Amateur Per
formance Pleases a
Packed House
Tbe Ethiopians wera certainly hum
roers I
Tbe minstrel show given Friday
nibt. by the Women's Guild, was
one of the best performances ever
given by Lakeview amateurs. Be
ing out of tbe ordinary it attracted
much attention, aad the demand for
sents exoedded tbe supply. Tbe per
formance Included songs, dancing
and comedy skits, together with the
regulation old-time jokes of the end
men including numerous local hits.
Tbe sioglog was especially good and
the danoicg more so, wbile tbe cake
walk waa simply gorgeous.
Every feature was worthy of
special mention, but it is not nec
essary to give each participant any
exended notice for all did their
turns in a most happy manner.
Tba total receipts of the evening
were nearly 1250, the dance follow
ing the Deformaooe netting nearly 125.
Attempted Jail Break
An attempted jail break was frus
trated last week at Klamath Falls
when Jailor Johu Soallook discover
ed nine county prisoners with a
saw, a file, and an old case knife,
attempting to saw tbeir way out.
While one prisoner was sawing on
tbe steel bars, tbe others wool d
sing to drown tbe noise, it is be
lieved tbe tools were smuggled into
Contest Cases Heard
Two ooutest cases Jwere ,,heard in
tbe U. S Land office last Thursday
aod Friday. Tba first was Between
Dan W. Praker and Jesse G. Cravens
for lands near Bly, the former claim
ing first settlmeot. The other was
tetweea O. U. Uuseaoerry aad Ray
A. Wyokoop, the former charging
abandonment against the latter. The
land Involved is la Warner. .
Announcement Expected
John F. Stereos, president of ;the
Oregon Trunk railroad, last week re
urned from a trip East. It is
sxpeoted wills ho-tly announoe
the Intention of the company ta
refereaoe to the Hae south from
Bsnd, following the Aompletlon of
the line now under way from the
Colombia river to that city.
Jeaea Parker was over from Bly last
week, being a witness ia the contest
case of Da W. Parker vs. Jeeee 0.
Craveae for lands la that violelty.
Quick Work On Mill
Nugget: ' The laat piece of tbe
stamp mill porebased by tbs Fort Bid
well Consolidated Mines Co.. to Jbe
erected at their mine arrived la Bla
well this week sad tbe heavy parts
are at tbe mine whllj ooly a small
portion of tbe light parts remain
to be taken up the mountain, wblob I
is aooolparatlvely eaayftask compared
with what baa been aieompllsbed.
The getting 'of tbls mill on the
ground Is a record breaker, ooly
eleven dsys having elapsed from
the time jF.nglneer De Mf left for
8n Francisco until tbe mscbloery
lsoded In Allures, a total of twenty
four days from the deolslon to pur
chase tbe mill until tbe heavy icacb
inery was landed at tbe mlae.
J. M. Stone, president of the oom
pany,adviaee;us that if nothing oooora
to Impsoe tbe work, tbe mill will be
In operation with la tbe next month
Change for Schedule
Tba winter sshedule oa tbe Alturss
matt route went into effeot oa tbe
let rflst., aad as a cooseqoenoe a de
lay ia tbe arrival of tbe mails re
sorts. Under tbe new scbedole there
Is no out going stage Saturday and
none omes lo Sunday. Hence mails
arriving. at Altaraa from tbe ontside
Stnrday evening remain there until
Mondsy, while out going mails Sun
day remain at Altoraa over Monday.
Postmaster Ablstrom is of tbe opin
ion that tbe Department will rearrange
tbe sobedule In tbe near future,
and It Is possible that dlieot con
nection will be made with the trains
in tbe near future.
Concrete Work Is Nearly
Completed, and Floods"
Can't Damage It
C. C. Mahan waa in from tbeDrews
Creek dam Tuesday and reports
tbe O. V. L. work progresaiat very
satisfactorily, ilea informed repres
entative o! the Examiner that the
concrete work on tbe dam would
doubtless be completed la about two
weeks, wbile tbe construction of tbe
dam bsd reaohed a etage wbeie no
trouble would result from bigb water.
Contractor Berney has a fnll crew
employed, and there will be no ne
cessation of tbe work during tbe win
ter ssascn.
The big flume has been completed
for about a mile, and the mud blocks
for tbe foundation are now being
placed for tbe remainiog distance in
order that work may be continued
during the winter.
Contractor Hanson will complete
bis team work on tbe main canal next
week, when he will lay tbem off for
tbe winter. It it praotioally certain
that water will be furnished next
season for lands under the main 'can
al, tbe only uncertainty being the
supply of lumber for tbe flumes. In
building tbe flumea it Is found that
there Is a much greater per cent of
culls than was expeoted, aad there
fore a lack of lumber may delay tbe
completion of the work to a date
later than Is now anticipated. Efforts
are now being made to aeoure an
addtltional amount of timber from
the Forest service, and if tbe de
mand can be met without moving
the saw mill to a new location, ..there
will be no delay lu turningtbe
water on tbe aod next spring. J.;
Chautauqua Circle
Tba Chatauqaa Circle will mee t
at the borne of Mlas .Murrie Jobnsno
Monday evening next. Program:
Koll call; Cirraat Greats Subject?,
"The Extension of Voluntary Asso
ciations," "Trades .Unions, Trusts
and Corporation," Toplas, Miss
Burgess, 78 79-80, Mrs. Bieber, 81-82
Mrs. Bailey 83-81 85, Mrs, Farrell, 83
87-83. Miss S. Horn, 89-90.
Tbls will conclude tbe first period
of tbe Chautauqua reading or tbe
eouoletloa of book 1 "Industrial
sod Social History of England." by
Edward P. Cheney. Anyone deairlog
to join the olasa should enroll by
next meeting.
J. R. and U. o. oeosmao, aooom
panlei by Q.A. Utley, returned last
wsek Jfrom a banting trip la the
Cheweeoea Basin , One book was
tba result of their endeavors, and . it
was a daady toe.
N. C. O. Finds Easy Qrade
to Lakeview
Chief Engineer Oliver States that
Road Will Be Extended as
Rapidly as Possible
Geo. S. Oliver, chief engineer of
the N. C O. railway, accompanied
by his brother, J. W. Oliver, arrived
in Lakeview Monday eveniag. The
latter U chief locallog engineer for
.the N. C. O. and now bas bis camp
established at what is termed aa the
Point ranch oa tbe west aide of the
lake just south of tbe 8tate lioe. He
is making a survey for hie road from
tbe proposed terminus at tbe south
end of the lake up along tbe west
side to Lsksvlew. A few years smoe
a similar aurvey was run aloog the east
side of the lake, and tbe survey new
being mace ie to ascertain tha nam.
parative eost of the proposed line. ;
jar. uuver'e party la using a
boat, tbs "N. C. O. No. 1." is tba
work, owing to tbe fact that there
is no wagon road along the lower side
of tbe lake. Thus far a verv excellent
grade of comparatively cheap con
struction has been foaod. For tbe re
mainder of the distance the grading
will be nearly all ieam worn.
Chief Engineer Oliver daring his
stay in Lakeview waa non-committal
as to the vroapeatlve work 'of bis
company but tne fact tbat he made
numerous inquiries concerning ter
minal facilities and also looked ovae
j tbe grounds left tba Impression that
tbe N. C. O. would be extended Into
Lakeview in the very near future,
be expects to return to Lakevissr
in a week or ten days, oresums bly for
the purpose of obtaining a r'gbt of
way into town. Mr. Oliver express
ed the opinion that tbe extension ef
bla road to the lake would aot be
open for traffic until about May 1-
next, although It might be opened
sooner as tbe work Is being Dashed
as rapidly as possible.
Contractor Kiohardsoa. who is ta
at work oa tbe extensioa, is ex per-
fencing some difficulty ia getting
aborers, owing to th9 lu iej 3t the
season and the near approach sf
winter. However, he u making aat-
Isfaotory progress aad will doubtless
oompiete the work on time.
Gives Our Exhibits Partic
ular Prominence In
Oregon Oar
Secretary Soelling, of the Board
of Trade, is in receipt of several very
flattering letters from V. VV. Graham,
industrial and immigration ajtent of
the Great Northern Kailaay. Mr.
Graham acknowledges the reuelpt st
several shipments of fruit and photo
graphs from Lakeview. aud .states
tbat they have been forwarded to the
Oregon oar where tbey will be used
to good advantage.
In conclusion Mr. Graham says: "I
have asked Mr. Leedy to give partic
ular pronlnenoe to tne axaioit irow
Lake County, as yon have been co
operating very generously with as,
and 1 assure you ss approiats it
very muob."
Work oa the new High sohool
is prouiesaion nioelv. aai the
stone masons have already commenc
ed work laying the out etoae. Tbls
latter work will probably be compu
ted by tbe time winter sets la I so
that every thing will ba ia readiness
towaras rnshlng tbe brlok work along
next spring.
Tbe national apple 'show at Spokane
will be held November U to 19 la
elusive. Jt promUee te be highly
sejoeessful, there belog "930,000 offer
e4 la prites.