Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, November 03, 1910, Image 2

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i&-5- " ' """
April Into th nostrils
Is quickly absorbed.
Si cloanses, soothes, heals nud protects the
diseased membrane resulting frm C.darrb.
tend drives w y a Cold iu the Head quickly.
Beetores the Senses of Taste ami StnelL
It is esv to use. Contains no injurious
drag, iio mercury, no cocaine, no mor
phine. The household remedy.
Price. 50 cent at Lru:gista or by wail.
SLY BROTHERS, 56 Warren St., New York
- - . 4 ,
W ' I it
you V vet
to leam the bodily
comfort ft awes in
the wettest weather
Hard a"""
J Ms frr uix
Tear eonsplexiuu as well as yo r
temper is rendered oiisertile h r dle
ordered liver, by takmtt (loamber
lalus Stomach and liver Tarlets you
emu tin prove both, bold by all good
Hot a minute should be lost when a
child shows symptoms ot ornup.
Chamterl'tos Ccngb Ketneday Riven
eooti as the child beeuines hoarse
or ev-n ftr the croupy cough ap
pea's, will prevpjt the attack, fcsuld
by all stood dealers
Children Cry
Chi,i..n Should be Decided by Each
V. County.
Thot the system now In vogue In
Oregon Is radically wrong: for the iil
vision of counties, la the oelief of the
As orla Umlget, which in tts Issuu ol
July 7. snys that It should be leU to
the pivp'o of each county themselvi s
to deckle whether or not they wvtt
to croite new counties. The Umlg.'t
'Among the Initiative measures tiiat
are to he voted upon at the c tic
next November Is 0:10 to cu.iie Nth
mi:h civility hy tikitic portions ot
Lane and IXnig'as Tins is
a measure which Is of course only of
direct Interest to the people 'Tes'ld'.nrt
in the districts affected, bui'iinrterthe
provisions of the law. It Is to be voted
upon by the people of the entire sta.e
Judging from matter that ts hems
sent out by the commercial clubs ot
Lane and iVniRlas counties the -real
majority of the residents of those sec
tlons are opposed to the bill and the
only ones there are who are favoring
it are those who are endeavoring to
create a real estate boom iu what is
to be the new county seat. That be
ing the case, the one thing for electors
who reside outside tne affected dls
trlcU. to do Is vote against It. The
fact of the matter Is that the method
now In vogue for the division of coun
ties Is altogether wrong. Such ques
tions shou.d be left entirely to the
people whose homes are in the sectkn
directly concerned and . whose inter
ests are thus affected and not to the
voters of the state at targe, the major
ity or whom know or core absolutely
nothing about the matter at issue.
One (rave danger of granting these
petitions for divisions ot counties by a
rote of the people of the entire state
la that eome time the question may
come closer to home. Some one, for
Instance, may want to get up a f-eti-Uon
to divide our own county and
under the existing law, the people ot
other sections of the state would de
termine the4 question by their votes.
The safer way is to kill all measures
of this kind that come up and thus
nip all prospective petitions In the
bud. at least until such time as the
state laws are amended so as to pro
vide for what may be termed "home
rule," by restricting the vote on these
strictly local measures to the voters
residing within the district concerned."
The dl.siui. tlon of having 1hh-ii the first of its kind In the world s history
marked the receut aeropluuo show held in Antwerp, ItelKlum At the m!hw
were exhlbitetl all kinds of flyliiK iii.iehlnes of the heavier than nlr and the
lighter than air varieties. Some of the best known aviators sent their ma
chines to the show, nnd It attracted large crowds.
4 "-witK strength nd ease
they always please
HAoe wri
Do you think it right to vote to
crr-m? new counties and double their
expenses. You can not know condi
tions in remote 'counties and should
vote apalnst all division and vote for
thf law allowing counties to settle
their local rinrcrs anions' themselves.
PECK. Tls now that lovely .Mary Ann
Will take itn:ni? vAtia out where old Ka
Is pnlllnK hay from the long rack.
W tiara mu thai iunky tion so bUfk.
And whn her now comes Into view
That lien will make a now-d'-do.
8he II catch ror Mary by the snout
And try to scratch her blue eyes out.
She'll fly on lop of Mary's head
Anti scratch her like a inwdn bed.
I'oor Mary will set a blacft eye,
And her false curl away will fly.
And Mary will fall prT the rack
And all pretty white ccks crack
t'pon tier head, run In her ear.
And Mary will Do all one smear.
Then she will cry her eyes most out
When she sees her poor scratched up
She'll wiiack that old hen In the neck
For making her sweet face a wreck.
But. say. when Mary marries Hill
And he Just crosses tier swevt will
Or says she can't have a new hat
Should she tn-npeck poor 1U1I fur that?
Now, If tas wrung when that old c!u-K
From Mary s enout a big pleco look. j
Ami if ta.t rik-m when Mary. j
Treated ttiat old black hen so bad. j
Wouldn't It be wronR for Mary Ann i
To rave and henpeck her old man? i
Wouldn't It be rUnt If poor Hill should (
Just turn and lick the sasbox kuimI" i
C. M. iiAKNll". i
Anadvinthe Kzaminer will l.ring
fsalts. Try it nnd be convince..
Thnnks for the Pocl.
iKast t)r(gouian).
Above Gitbon the middle of the
Uuiaiiili river is to be the dividing
line b tw t-iii L'matil'.a county and the
proposed new county, which has not
yet bf-n christened. Under this ar
rangement the Wenaha Springs resort
will be in the new county. All except
ing the pool. Thanks for the pool.
"Can te depended npon" is an ex- j
cession we like to hear, and when
it ii ueed in cooDectieu with Cham-
OvirlaiuB Colic, Cholera and Dlarr- j
lopa Memedey vu means tlml it never;
fails to cure diarrhoea, dysentary or
Dowel complaints. It is pleasant to
take and equally valuate for ctiildren
ud adults. Sold ty all K'"d deal-1
Uncle Pete -.iys. "Keep a !u k fr
i h. re's this true, sure if y.iii d 'ti t
want . I. lid oil the l.eti In-tallineiit
pu'.n I.." ; I'iiii, Kunii.T or n 'in-t"!i
ql!:l''ks. Hue!) they st.n tn l;tj in
March or 1 'ehni.iry P e-.'-'s straifiit
nh'Ti'l is i. i unusual record.
'i'i.ey i:a-er.i!ly lay'nt ni!,. it:-.! If
on the i : t yon Tji.:.t !'. f. r .
tlCMt til'irtiil:. tl New V'irk f imiht
who :: ed '. is p. .ml t. ..-a!- h e.-,-filliiini:
.".i"i till. I; i-i;- ill the bottom.
When nearly fill hatched
as duck i''m arc very fertile.
If you wish a durk to sit soon.'dn'i't
remove efirs from tn-st uriless t.-o
many aeeuimilnte. she buil.N her ie -t
Bradually by iidjins sth-ks, straws and
l The confidence felt by larmers and
gardeners in Ferry s Seeds to-day
would have been impossible to feci in
any seeds two score ol years
ago. we have made i
science cf seed
J.a n -ir-
always do
exactly w hat you
expect ol them. For sale
L' fvemwt ere. ILRBV'S 1S10 SIED
i lA'M'iL Free on request
D. M. r EKR V CO, Dstrelt, Mloh.
i t in In time "f kihIiIch ml-hiii) or
a.-'ejiit-nt l liut ('liftiiiiierlirt'K Liniment
..n be reiled upon to take the plaee
.f the family doctor, who i-imnot nl
Vfayshe found at the iiioment. In
jhch of fpruitiM, cutH. woiiikIh nnd
ijruiseH Chauiljerlln'H Liniment takeH
out the HoarneHH and drive away
t'lH pain- Hold ty all umni dealers.
51,000 REWARD
The f)r.-if(in. Ca
IfnrniH and svad
Live M.rt-k Frolic
SfJli'f4' -n. Mon Amoclation, o
I'M Va- whl,'J' '""l,'r
fi-U'llll P t'' Klxuedlna incmljer
'I I Hi' I r 1VK ''eooo
; 1 I'l t . reward loi evidence
I I 1 !-' i lell"l to the r
''''( ' r,'- f v. . taV .'rent and connctiun
XV (Vol hi, y party or bar-
' ' I tieuKtoaliLghoraeN,
."I cattle or jiiulcu be-
j lop,'iiiK to any ol Us
a addition to the above, the undersigned
h!fri on tli hiiic enodiiloD t o.'xi for all hora
s branded horiij time bar on both or cither
'. J.rtui I recorded In eight counllea. Itaufro
llaroey, Lake and Crook Uore
vented when sold.
None but grown horsen sold, and only In Urge
kobebei W. W, Uaows. File, Oretfou.
Children Cry
V.'hen alone in the election booth on
Nov. iiiher kth, when scanning' your
balloi you will read substantially the
A Lii'l t. Create the County of Clarke.
::::4 Yes.
X No.
A Hill ! Create the County of Des-r-h
:;:,(' Ye.
X No.
A liill to Annex a Portion of Clacka
iikls County to Multnomah.
Wit Yes.
:'.2.' X No.
A I'.Hl to Annex a Portion of Wash
iirion County to Mulnoinah.
;::: Yoa.
IV.'.i X No.
A liill to Create the County of Nes
truth. ::ib' Yes.
317 X No.
A Hill to Create Orchard County.
',VZ Yes.
;;:!:', x No.
A Bill to Create the County of Otis.
220 Yes.
321 X No. "'"" ' ',
A Hill to Create the County of Wil-
liamS.' - T"'.4"
324 Yes."t---;-i-,.wr
325 X No.
A liill for an Act providing for the
Creatien of New Counties, Towns,
etc., end changing boundaries of ex
Istins; counties, etc.
2i2 X Yes.
263 No.
You are asked to consider well the
above measures and by voting "No"
on all division measures, and "Yes"
on the bill tfvlng the counties full
cooUol of all local matters, you will
be relieved of such duties at future,
lections. Your careful, conscientious
Maskl ration is aaked. ReipeetftUJv,
expenses oC trfar. rnqtii'sr SniT un.Tei
Our poultry editors who nre sllnelnu
Ink at the boys w ln fake at show
tihotihl quit selllnt: books that teach
faking In till Its branches
To fake or uot to fake U the ques
tion that confronts the fancier when
be knows that the other fellows all do
It and he ll Ret licked If he doesu't.
Now. which Is worse to bo licked or
to fake, to fake or to knock?
When a ben uses ber shoulders to
blow her nose the daubed feathers are
a sign for you to separate her from
tho rest for catarrh or roup treatment.
In these corn feed Ins days the hog
often have a fat hen for dinner. The
shelled corn Is a big temptation to the
fowl nnd the fowl to the hog. Poultry
wire Is cheaiH-r than chicken and tur
key dinners for hog.
The wiikoii shiM Is n poor roosting
place for the farm flock. John Itusr
house's hens always roost In his oew
top buggy.
If your fe-d room opens Into the
chicken iju.irters your birds will al
ways lie trying to sneak Into the pan
try. If the Jam you hooked from moth
er's shelf didn't give you the Jimjiims
a Jatnnie.l crop will often relieve the
Ja m In a crowded coop.
Huetton a'd Demarcst Want Another
Chante to Win B.ick Titles.
I ' roi I II 1 1 1 -tj I.V Ihc Itevs ol then till"-..
Caivlr lieiiiar. t. w ho relinquished his
!'.' I'lniai I tit.e when he was licit, n
l. II ll :i:je hi l'!.ll;i.elih,:i. .H..I
riiofii:w 1 1 uesliili. who lust 1 1 1 (mmiI
llili Ipiol Ii to .lerotiie Keogli. .in
preparing for new worlds to e mpier
lluestiill Is going out for the three
t 'U.-.I11011 biiliard title now held 1; i red
Lames of lonicr. and 1 emni 1 t
pects to r gain his title before in.r.)
months I'.oih players lost their iiii
receiitiy. lluextou will piny all comers in New
York In preparation for his mat. I;
with Lames, lie confidently oxpcteil
lie would he uble to defend his pool
championship against Keogh and cap
ture the thr-e cushion title as well,
but now that he tins lost his title he
has determined to gain another In a
new held.
While Clltie succeeded In healing
Iemarest. the ex-champion suys un
other chance will nee him again a
champion. lint now Willie Hoppe
must be reckoned In the running In
championship blillnrd circles. Hoppe
a i.arisM num.
I . 1 .. . - .A 1.. II. ..I. . A
leaves, anu wueu 11 i nueu uu ruunuj
with her down and feathers her lay Is
about over and hatching begins.
To protect her eggs from Cblil audi
varmints xhe covers them when off
and on I'cturu iron, a swim sprinkles
them with her w(,-v feathers to assist
incululloii. .. ,
That wild ducks ure not scarce la
Khowu l.v the slaughter of l'J.000 by
gunnels in three days on the KuBque
liiimia Ihils, Maryland. Other quacks
,11. d quackery iiie alo on the iacrease.
All this 1 :i ! U about I.iilanced rations
by i i-i'l o 1 11 leeii companies is quiu: t
auitiMhg The cheap grain, grit nnd
dii t some .sell v. ill knock a hen off her i
bula uce 1111. 1 at He- -nine lime give the
compuiiv a 1 a h icil.mcc on the right
Bide of Un;ci 1 o t be caugbt
with half
During (li- In-.' expoHltion
thousand') the ..ririch rancheB
of California, ami American plumes
got a big ml. II Ccni.any makes her
ranch near Ilainluirg u hiicccks the big
bird nmy be raNed most anywhere In
the Union.
Ilarry NichoN of hej.iertowui Md.,
has purchased seven alligators to
guard his poultry at night. When a
thief U csuglit the county will
! I 1- - .mm f ) I I
l mm
f V"..Vel II
j $CC irJt
"Productive Soil
That's All"
i ) ' 1 : k m 1 ; n r 1 1 ( ) 1 1 :s r 1 : a 1 s -1 1 it- k i 11. 1
I 1 1. 1 1 V. 11 t tl I lllt'j: Vl Ml pl.Hlt JimhI
;ilf .I Hum l' to ."." icct ili'), titli
m ol - I v;ilc I.i o iii ic 1 1 iv
I, un I - net 1 t ' 1 1 1 1 KT 1 1 1' Ic net.' posts I i.i in I v
Uu- tn I Hici tin- Tonst kiHi'u' near
iv a iKIik 1 1 it I cl 1 111 . 1 1 c mar y all the year no
nivil lo- irntii'ti-'ii- tlu "lr.v" Iwn iiht's I 'fi atlisc
in tlii'va l s wlit-if tlie ik w railroads tut com
j,,jr v, o Is 1 lea 1 cli 1 1 it-Ins siart.ii)' stores es
tablished lam s adj MiMit,' settled roads 1 tid
oul tlionsands I aeies adjoining already leneetl
and settled ei '-i'N harvested your nt ilioorH
will le found f lie the "S dt )l the Karth" a
land where Opp"i tnnity is read to jrali our
hand itn.l whereeve'V 1111111 that jets ahead ta"
the railroad will he oil the road to independence
when it conies in the next coupleof years at most
wheie men and women are cii sinj tail tor
themselves a Imiic is free IV nil tleht. free
from the rent col It, tor, in e iroin interest and free
from taxation until Uncle "nm has tleedetl the
fand to ou where . ever thil.ars won h ol im
proveine' Is spent ii -on the place is for yourself
and family where every tlays work expended is
for ourself and no one to tell you what to do
but your own j'ood nense tlesire tti adil to
3 our possessions a:aint that tlay that conies to
us all when man lias to stop work nnd nllow
others to linish what he has began.
'Rctinbelt' Lands
will make you
TS VOUU HOUR, frab it. ham' on to it.
! throttle it, but make it yours. The
time will never come again when you
can get the lands that ou are now able
to get free from Uncle Sam. My loca
tion tees are reasonable 111 v services in-
dispcnsihle to the man that wants the best laud
as soon as possible and I am able to place you
on laud that is worth hundreds ol dollars more
than some lands that you have seen. I have
parties leaving hei e lor the various settlements
cverv day or two and wi'l hi-able to take you
if you let me know in tiuu . lH) IT NOVY1
Homesteads and Relinquishments
Next door to tho Free ficadlnij fioom
Lakeview, Oregon
"Clean Dirt Means
Money To You
American Restaurantkcry
dec Voug ami Tom llotai, Proprietors.
Lakeview, Oregon
Krcsh I' read. Cake and I'ies on sale every day
Fancy Cake ami all kind of Pastrv made to order.
I 1 he only tirst class short older place in the town.
Open Day and Night
rmsr-ci-ias rour
Mammoth Stables
The LftrwHt Livery ami i'f(l Stable tn Southern Oregon
or Northern ( 'alifornlu, 1 1 (.rues Hoarded by the Day, WH-k
or Mouth. Speclul Attentlii (liven to TraiiHlent Stock
beat another retired elm inploii, Ora
Mornlngslat, vvhllu CJIine was winning
the title from Oemarebt and will like
ly be matched with Cllne In the near
Since winning lite pool championship
Keogh has been u popular mini with
challengers. Churles Weston of CTd
cago, known uu "the cowboy," will
uuve the first chuuee nt the new cham
plon. Ills challenge has been accept
ed, and the mutch will be played Iu
either Huffalo or Hoehester In March
Hues ton will challenge the winner and
expecta to have back his Utle by next
Chamberlains Colio, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Kemedy is today the best
known medicine In use for the relief
and eure of bowel complaints. It
mires gripping, dalrrbueu, dyseiilary,
and should be taken at the II rut un
natural looHiiess of the bowells. Jt Is
equally valuable for childeru 11 rid
adult. It always cures. Hold by all
good dealers.
Don't waste ynui money buying
plasters when you can got a bottle of
Chamberluiii'e Liniment for twenty
rive cunts. A piece of tlanuel dam
pened with this liniment is uupeiior
to any plaster for lame back, pains
In the side and chest, and much
cheaper, hold by all good dealers.
When Merit Wins
When the medicliie you take cures
your dihiiiiBo, tones up your system
and makes you feel better, stronger
and more vigorous than before. That
Is what Foley's Kidney 1 ills do for
yoq, in all cuhds of backache, head
ache., nervousness, loss of appetite,
aluiiidiiHHtioH and general weakness
that Is cuiiHod bv anydlsorder of vthe
kldueys or bladder.
A. It. Thornton.
Children Cry