Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, October 27, 1910, Image 1

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NO. 42
s :
The Circulation of The Lake County Examiner is Guaranteed to Exceea 2,300 Copies Weekly
Will Receive United Sup
port of Party
Thoroughly In Accord With the
.Statute Adopted l$y
Portland, Oct. 14: Jay Biwermaa.
ftepublloan direct primary nominee
for iroveroor, left laat oth for east
ern Oregon to proceed wltb bla earn
palgn, whloh was opened Hatorday
nlfht wltb a big harmony rally la
Before hla dapartora Mr. Bower
mau went over aoma of tha lasuea b
will pliant la bla campaign. He
Htfalo mad clear bla position with
refereece to tba dlreot primary and
Statement NoI, saying that nerer aa
gotetoor woo Id be penult repeal or
nmendnieot except (by the people of
oy law placed on tbe atatutee br
tha people.
"Tba direot primary law, Includ
ing Statement No. I aod many ether
tatutee, waa aoaoted by tbe people
uuder the toltatlre," aatd be. "They
re tbe people a lawi and abould re
mala In fall foroe without emend
went uatll changed by ?ote of tbe
people. I shall discuss tbeae mattera
wherever I appear and renew and
reaUlrai tbe written statement I have
heretofore aivle to the prets, which,
lu snbntance ia that If elm-ted R"v
urnor, 1 will veto any bill which r
(t.'ttlior lu y maimer ann'U'li any
pUtute H.ioi ted by tlie tn l.
"The campaign wan opeiifl lu
Salem under the nioet auapicloiia rlr
rumstaure on Suturday iiiht," said
Mr. liowermao. "The uieeliog wee
culled and arrived by Colonel
I'.. llofr aud waa succesnful lu every
detail . Tbe Urk'e opera home waa
tilled to overflowing with enthusiastic
luppurters of the entire ticket, all
iuibuod with the spirit of harmony
and working for a common purpose
"A number of the host stump
speaker In the state hwve volunteer
d their nervier In thin campaign,
Third Outfit for the Hoag
New Mill Will Probably IVe
Operation Uarly In
K. Keller, one of r lie leading buni
ueaA men of New l'lne Cioek, woa In
town the tlrat of the week. lie U
ona of the ntookbuldera In tba Big
Four mine ootnpaoy of the lloag
dlatrlot. Hud utatet that bla aotn
pany will bave a Ure atamp mill In
operation about Daoember 1.
John ttrown, tba auporinleadent
of tba oompany, reoently purobasad
a new mill la Ran r'ranloeoo. ' It la a
duplicate of tba mill to be Installed
br tba Fort llidwell Caosolldated Co.,
aadthetblrd to be pot uaintbe
A portable engine baa alto been
parabaaed and , the millrigh t waa
expected; to arrive at New Pin
Creek yeaterday. 1U will proceed
to tbe u.inea and burn tbe frame work
and neoeaaary liuildlugs eretted at
ouoe, ao tlmt on the arrival of the
mill It can bo Inetutled without any
The oompany linn a lnrgu amount
of ore on the dump and blocked out,
eo that mllliug operation will be
oomniuuotid jutt ad aoou u tbe mill
is luHtullud ... The abaft u down 135
roet, wbiU front tbe bottom the drltt
baa beau ruu 70 feet, and a very rich
ora body baa been tapped. Tha re
ault of tba wilting operations will
ba tal4 for wltb aaoca laereaU
ami I ( I i i'i t ti e K ("iblo.(
I ft IH N ( I t .!-!( 4 will if til f
pre l i H Ht'ir Malarkey. luilge
llrant II luili-k, V, l-mel 10. liner,
John I'1. l.i'KH , .hi H-n C U. Mu'.Ur
id .liMiie N A l,i.i, l, O M IHo
mn mii'I tier- v. HI unburn -iinber
i I addii-tt-r mi iI i ii'""' H" Prty
In ihlloim pit ! I'e laie. I
It h H 1 1 llmkH H'l .ttlumillf lIMPllM
ami B'' ' i-rti:i il rin the
ad II' IlllntMlln'l t Mm 'alt-' atllalr!
aii'b Hil V'li'Hte lli- N'i'iiiu ill ley
Utlnn which I tiellece the X'h
"III lll fll I'll e I Hin-I III
pre) ' t t'i t III I ("'I'll 1 1' '"I I r-1
tK t" the ri'Keni ii'tilnd I 'ii)lni
elHle n'ilien. I'lil. m I r il f i li-n
In fi'viin fiii in h ii T -nr aiyt U be
i'iiiiih a 'i njn - of etnire. U ifr in
preKeuf Ian eao'i "f Inn tn tt
I'rrt itcitiooi buya it -I'lpi'lin i-ii
arately. Tbla reaalta lu a vailation
of prloea amunnijug t at imtou
50 per cent, tiy oo-nblolai( fiene
pnrabaaet tbe atate can aatt more
than 115.000 a year. 1 aball adfo
oata tbe eoactmeut Into aUtute o t
rule I have heretofore cental to be
adopted by tbe hankloa board wblob
will prevent any atate bank from In
veatlog any of the baok'a mooer.
either capital or tbe depotlte, la tbe
ttoika or boada of other corpotattona
wblob do sot bare a known valoaend
do not pay a renolar and profitable
intarett or dividend.
"One of tba tnoet important mat
tera wblob I eball pretent to tba peo
ple will be a plan for pnblle eervioe
iCuntluuini un pa H)
Orchard Tracts Co. Push
ing Their Work
Intension of the N. C. (). (lives
Renew eJ Actitity to the
Tbe many purohaxert of tb Pavi
Creek Orchard Tracts will b ple
ed to IfeHrn that tbe coir puyai niug
ahead to complete their dam and ret
ervior no tbut any ceraon that de
tlren water for next aeaHnn'e crop will
be accommodated. lu an Interview
with Claude It. SeaRfr of the Com
pany be gives tbe information that
this company bave at present twelve
teams in their employ dolrg the
gradlog work neoesaary and tbat men
on tba dam site will lay the larne IS
inch rait Iron pipe and valve tbat
will bo tbe main outlet In solid con
crete before the end of this week.
Tbe daiu ia HO feet at tba baae and
-ii feet across tbe top wltb a height
of 18 feet and is of solid construc
tion with a '13 par ceot slope to tbe
water side and a 45 degree slope to
tbe down side, thus making a very
tine and permanent piece of engine
ering work. Tbe spillway aod tbe
beadKatea are lined with cement and
are double the capacityof the hlghent
Hood wateis ever known there, thus
luaurlng saiety to the dam and - ret-1
ervolrlf It was Decennary lieyoud
the excellent construction of tbe
d am.
the couipauy a ill plane bUU acres
of their lands under cultivation the
coming year, aod will sow grain,
tbe moat of which will be wheat, in
order to give tbe land tba proper
cultivation before tbe planting of
trees and at tba aaoie time show the
people tbat tbey ara capable of grow
ing tha finest grata as well as ex -J
oellent inilt anal vegetables Ar
rangements have baaa made to- aat
oat about 600 iraaa In groups ofout
an sore each aa different traeks tbla
fall, tha varieties being mostly Win
ter Hauaoas aod Uloe Pearmaln
wblob leads tba world when grown
to this section.
Tba enterprise of tbe oompany Is
showu by tha fact tbat they bava
reoently purchased an additional
tract of HO acres of land lylug on tbe
uboreit of Ooldun (loose Lake and
that they, will divide this body of
laud into acreage or frontage feel
ou the lake for the people that bava
purnhated noma of tha ten aud
twenty acre tracts from tbe oompany.
They alo Intend to lay out parks,
driveways, build piers into the lake
and make It an attractive plane for
reoreatlou for tbosa tbat deslra to
avlat thamselvM ol tba rosay advao
tact, that ooeor to tboaa tbat deslra
J. C. Richardson Awarded Contract
For Buildinir fi-xtension Nr. '
WORK TO BE COMPLEll i: !ilf i Si
IVrminus to He at Strati-
liuildin of Irxtehsion
liast or West
J. C. Kichardson has been awarded the contract foi
grading the extension of the Ncvada-California-Uregnii
railroad from the end of the jjrade built by the Hanson
Construction Co. to Goose lake, a distance of about ti
miles. The point at which the roadbed touches the lake
is about half mile east of the landing used by the Oregon
Valley Land Co., last Fall, and some three miles west of
Davis Creek. The work will probably be completed by
December 1, inasmuch as very little excavating will be
necessary, it having been said that there will not be a
cut of two feet in depth nor a fill of equal height in the
whole distance.
Mr. Richardson ban juet couplet
ed a snb-oontract on tbe O. V.L. can
al and be Immediately tranoferredjbia
crew to the new contract and will
push tba work as rapidly as possible.
Tracklaylng is now progressing on
tha new grade built by tbe Hanou
people, and it ia 'practically certain
tbat trnitu will be running to the
lake bnforo the eloan of th'i year.
Tl. i"t)j:f letion "of th niilroul
I to ti e luke will shorten tr.o ililance
! for freiubtiritf and stayitiij to Lake-
view in aooiil VJ nines dui otianie a
ttiucti l etter nrvice to be maintain
ed. rte point'4elcted for the tempor
ary termiQ'i n locatel ao that the
exttiOdioa to Lhkoview cm tie built
to eomfciu.) bumuet ilu pleasure
aad butl'i wLere they 'hu eujoy the
tine hiui'iurf. ti-tmi, boHtinH', etc.,
together with tbe tnoit delightful
summer weather Kiiown. Thst thU
new veotura meets with the approvn
of oiauy is alretdy demonstrated.
Since tbe purchase has beeu consiim
ated, two people bave signified
tbeir intention to build . summer
cottage tbere aud will commence
work at once on them. Arrange
mentthave.beeu mane witn tbe New
Pine Creek Ulectrlo Company to fur
nish electric power to any persons
tbat may wish to avail themselves
of this opportunity to light their
homes or for power purposes, aud
tbe invisible fluid will be tbere
when tbe people want It. All that
has beeu needed beyond the watjr
supply to make tbeae traots tbe Qnt
that have ever been placed ou tbe
market Is railroad traoportatioo,
and the N.C.O. Hallway will build
a uew itatlou within a 'few miles of
these traots ou about what is
one of the tlnest townsites to be
fouud anywhere 'and whloh will re
kown as Cedarville station. This In
sures tbat there will be trains to the
tlnlolty of tba Davis Creek Orobards
Traots within a abort time andbafere
tbe and of tbe Insulng year. Tbla ia
one of tbe moat reliable firms tbat
bave ever elaoed land on tbe market
la tbla aeotlon and tbelr reliability
and enterprise ucmblned 'wj.h the
praduotive eoll and ollmate ia
remueratlve to iavestere.
A Democratic Candidate
H. St. Oeo. lliahop, ex-mayor of
Klamath Falls, baa aunouoced bis
candidacy for Representative for this
dlatrlot. Mr. Bishop is a most ex
cellent gentleman and oue whom it
would be a delUbt to honor it It
were uot for bis political ptiuciples.
lie expects to vinlt Lakeview soon
aud when he does every body will
know that ha Is lu towu.
Homesteaders Win
Aa a result of the restoration of
lands lo tbe Klamath projeet to set
tlement aod entry a number of 00 a
tllete between boaseeteadareia4 Use-
t i
to l.akcvievN n Either
Side of Lake
on either side uf tbs lake. Tbia fact
wool J Inlieate tbat it ia th Inten
tion of tba railroad people to baild
on to Lakeview immediately and
tbit tey will oee their terminns
aa a strategio point to secure the
tight of wy. It Is presumed tbe
eant iJe would be a perferable route,
bat tbs ei't mf be alnaoHt probibi
tire, in whinh ci the nji t oiial l be
b i.'i o thfl -.Vet .-idi of the lake,
tha distaniie aa i cast b)i!i- practical
ly tha -jitue by eit'j jr rjjt-t.
The survey paei direjtly through
the prapcrty of tbe Oavia Creek
Orchards Company aud will uruatly
. , . ,J.
enhance the value of tbe holdings
,k . .. ... ., ., .. 7
m the station will prictica It adioio
.. . ' 1
the tract on tbe weU.
her eotrymsn arose. The lands
restored to settlement .10 days before
. . , . . ., .
Jite of entry, and where conflict
arnae as to riijbt of entry tbeC ii. I ..,.., ... ...
r 4 . . j . . . iunatiifactory the present conditions
Land otllca UxeJ dates for beariugi
tetia,uuy. As the looal officials
interpret the rules and regulations
there is but one question to settle
and that i no tn whethar tha hnmi.
stead applicant bad made settlement
prior to tbe date of entry. Where
it was shown tbat sucb settlement
was made ana the applicant wss a
qualified entryman the land officials
bave decided tbat tbe homesteader
is entitled to an entry.
The timber applicants proceeded
on tbe grounds tbat tbe land was no
tit for agricultural purposes, and
therefore tbe homesteaders were not
actiug in good faith and consequntly
uot entitled to make entry. It
vould appear that sucb a .proceed
ings would be iu tbe nature of a con
test and do', applicable to a bearing
for determining tbe right of entry. It
is undertood tbat all of the case
will be appealed to the General Land
Wreck on N.-C.-O.
Whlle returning .0 Reno from tbe
acene of a small wreok on tbe IN evada
California and Oregon Railroad one
day last week, aa engine aad oar
struck a aoft plaoe In the traok near
Secret Station and were overturned,
. Assistant Snperiotendent Will
Dunaway, Bert Pratt, fl reman,
Metaar meobanlo Rloe and Alex Pratt
bad a narrow escape from death.
They were throwu from tne engine ,
aud Fireman Pratt was pinned for a
abort time beneath tho ooruer of the
monster. All of tbe men received
slight Injuries.
Turned Trapper
M. 11. Rioe, formerly saoretary of
the;Board of Trade and all round
booster, has turned trapper ana at
present has bis (.headquarter In
Diews Valley, lie wai iu town Sat
urday and stated tbat be was hav
ing very good auooesa, bla principle
catch at present being coyotes. Tbelr
pelts are unusually good for tbla
time of yar, aad he la real! ring
moot eieaUeat prloea, aa maoa as 94
oavlni been rer-lM I f ai'iule
l ie Lnlff in tti iein Mr. filce
ill morn up lot') fin hliiT praka,
ud ru lea or to opt ire uar'en and
otb'r fur barl'm animal freqoent
log tbote eotlotii
Indians Enjoy Life
Te Klimath Imintiia certainly
had a waini time num u their atay
here and at N- hi' 'Un-ft last
f-k It, I till tail ti-r xienied
. ' ;ni :,ir truic aud
itb-li"-r i)lic:e, while
' ' i t'jey kh e i ii ly lav
nfi tnrir (ji iiifi. I ii vrr tbe
iiiii'iiitnuy of ! if, tl,-v i i lulled In
i hi-v-tiiI roe while i-re hihJ other
! iee Himwed tbelr m irM,;iation of a
!"" 1,fe-
Marshall Made Good
Marshall, tm Mtilo i'l Km, o-rt
Mini maie good I i LaKevie. aod
hy he was oot oetter patron sad Is
one of tnope auaoooijntaola thing
that so often happea In all lines of
liutinekS. Iliscumpaoy was uotuubt
edly the beet that baa aver visited
thi entor, every participant being
a star in bis line. Tba peformances
is of tna vaudeville order, aad la oer
tainly well enrtb seeing.
Varmints Are Numerous
All aorta of wild animals, includ
ing dear, bsar aad eougar, are
bovrJ; aroond tba ouUirta of tha
city, which iadioataa a bard winter,
according to Indian John and bla
followers: Tba Indiana bava captured
a fawn aod a cab, and tba cries of a
cougar ara heard almost every oigbt.
City Election Will Be In
teresting, However
No Opposition to Mayor Bailey.
But North Lakeview Wants
Two Councilmen
I , . . , , .
The city election to be held Novem-
... w .
i ber t promises to be quite entertain-
i . , , . ...
og aod several questions will re-
1 . . . ,
' ceive attention, not tbe least of
which ia tbe water system
It is said
thftt ho nraianl aapdimftnt silK lh.
the present agreemen
i , , .
wfttfr company expires early in Nov-
-mr.., j u 4 u 1.
r company expires early in
er nnil Jkvarv hnitv lrn..tir
w c 1 t aui v d j uuui auuwg uuw
Harry Bailey, the present nisyor,
will apparently bave a walkover for
Ire-election. North Lakeview consid
ers herself entitled to two members
of the council, and K. F. Cheney and
Wm. Onutber are spoken of as the
probable candidates. In sooth Lake-
view tbere are numerous names
mentioned, among them being V. L.
Snelling, R. E. Rinenart, J. 8. Lane,
J. N. Watson and A. L. Thornton.
If any particular individual is
"hankering" after tbe job. he has
not yet made his desires known.
frank llotobins and J. W. Max
well have been mentioned as proba
ble successors of Recorder Snider,
while A. Bieber is likely to have
any opposition as (andidate for trea
surer. Captured Four Prizes
Seairtr liroa. ravlved word thi
morning that two first and two etcoud
prlwe were awarded the Brtlea apples
at tbe Wateonville show,
California Brat apple show open
ed Monday of last week t Watson
villa. Realtlveto the exhibit trom
(Jo oee Lake Valley, la ;j barge of
wblob u Ueo. E. Morrill, reoently
ft Lakeview, (be Watson vllle Register
Jaays: Mod 00 (louoty bas an exhibit
ja the aaditortma that la a oredit to
t be oounty and oertainly abows en
terprise on the part of the geotleoian
in charge. The apples were grown at
an elevation of over 1003 feet aod
were hauled out by jstage over rough
roads . Tbe apples made a trip of
50J miles and they are oertalny worth
taking tbat distance for exhibition
Oregon's oranberry harvest bas teen
heavy. four huudred bushals an
acre, with a dear profit of 91 a bus
hel, tt not unusual yield for West
ern Oregou Marshes.
Daring tbe past fife years, eta
tlatloa show that Oregon baa inoraased
60 -per eeal la taaaafaetariag.
Dporiilnt Orlnhr Tftri
Convened flonday
Large Attendance of Witnesses,
and Session Likely to Be
Quite Lengthy
Tba regular October term of Cir
colt Coon for Lake Coaaty con
vened Monday mooring. Judge No
land prasidiog. A large nasaber of
witnesies bad beeo amni3oad to ap
pear before tha grand jaiy whloh la
addition to tha unosual ana ber of
litigants and -jarors give tha town
an onasuaJly lively appeataaee.
Uorlng tba first few days compar
atively little easiness waa trasaeUd.
Tbe Qrand Jury oonalats of T. A.
Crump foreman. Henry (MendelL
W. P. Oykeman, R. T. Strlplln.
George Fitzgerald, E. E. Bond and
Jobn Cogabornj and their first in
diotmetii waa reported Tuesday even
ing when Bernard Kubl was obarged
with borsestealing.
Probably tbe most noted oaaa oa
tbe docket ia tbat .of the tamoae
"State it Oregon vs Warner Valley
Stock Company, which ba been ia'
the courts for, lo, these many years.
It now promises to come to a close
in tbe very near future, and title to
tb9 lands involved will (pass to the
settlers .through the State jut as
tuna a a 'tew, lagal tH:!iictkiitie3 can
b complied with, in aacoriaaoe
i with the decision of the Supreme
Court rendered a few month ago.
2 Default waa made in tbe oaaa of
Charley Johnson et al vs P. H. . aad
Jean W. Murdoch: aad A. M. Baxtsr
vs Vm Barnes.
Big Deposit Increase
Oregon banks bave Increased la
number since 1309 from 204 to 232.
Total deposits for September this
year were i 42, 670, 5 II, an inoraese over
1909 of i20,)3.G63. The sarplus thia
years $4,738,6Si. Portland .banks
show an 'increase of 19,712,506 over
tbe mail period of last rear.
Frank Myers Becomes
Entangled In Belt
Woods Bros. Mill In Drews-Creek
Canyon Scene of Fatal
Fiank Meyers, employed in the
Woods shinale mill in Draws Cteek
oanyon, waa inatantly killed .Tuesday
afternoon by com in? in oootaotwitb a
belt. Coroner Wallace was summon
ed and went out to the scene of (be
accident but deemed 'it unnecessary
to bold an inquest. The body waa
brought to town aud the fuoeral la
be beld tbia afternoon from tbeGatb
olio parsonage, of wblob churoh tba
deceased waa a member.
It appeara tbat Myers was uot vary
careful 'around (.the machinery anil
bad been frequently warned of tba
danger attending bia eareleaaoeaa.
Yesterday a belt oame 'off tbe fly
wheel; when Myers either acci
dentally or iuteutionally stepped
ou it. Instead of falling to tbe
floor tbe belt' caught "on tbe
shaft of tbe fly wheel and before tha
engine could be stopped bad wound
the belt 'up, drawing ? Myers up
against tbe rapidly revolving shaft
and beating tbe life out of him.
The deoeaaed had a homestead oa
tbe West Side near Joe Ambrose's,
but nothing Is known of bis rela
tives, although It ia said be oame
from Wyoming . At tbe time uf hi
death be had f3d ia bia pooketa,
aod it la aaid bo had eonalderable
perenaai property oa bla baeaaateaJ.