Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, August 11, 1910, Image 2

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-liU .i U I
The Brave and Daring French
man Pilatre de Rozier.
He Wat the First Aeronaut to Le
Hit Life From Balloon, and Ha
Wss Dashed to Oaath With a Com
panion Frort. Height of 1,700 Fact.
J fin) F'raui in- I'iiHtrv de Hotter, wbo
H-Utf lru at Mt'iz iu aud wbo was
illli'il. a martyr to tils ten I. by a fall
from bis btillooii at IIouIokuc Krantt,
June 15. IT'.Ci. wus the first aeronaut
to lose bis life in the dangerous work
f mustering tu. air.
i'iliitre de liutlrr. wbo bad made
ascents Id tb Moiitgaitier balloon, de
termined to soive the question of bal
Joous as mediums for carrying passen
gers and could think and dream of
aothlng but bow be ould fasbioo a
muhioe tbat would carry blm od an
aerial voyage. Wbeo bis balloon was
finished be made some twenty-three
atuts, nearly always aloue, but occa
sionally accompaoiitd by the Marquis
d'Arlaodes, a brave soldier and one
irbo bad faith In Tllatre's Ideas. The
balloon was always beld captive by
strong cords.
Whenever be went, up there was a
crowd to watcb blm. One day there
was a thrilling moment The balloon
drifted toward some blgb trees, and It
eemed inevitable that the tissues
would be torn by the branches and
Pilatre .dashed to the ground. They
saw the. young man calmly throw a
' bunch of straw go his Ore and quickly
pour over It two small bottles of oil.
Instantly the fierce beat sent the bal
loon up safely, and it swept beyond
the da uger line of the trees. A mighty
shout went up from the crowd, and
when be came down Pilatre bad an
ration. -
He now felt ready to make his
grand experimental trial trip, but the
king would not allow blm to go. as be
feared to lose so brave and scientific
a mac. Pilatre was In despair, and at
length the king said tbat be would
give Mm the opportunity to test the
ttifety of bis balloon in the following
way: Lie would give full pardon to any
two criminals wbo were willing to go
up in it. provided Pilatre did not Dim
wit go.
The scientist was Tery angry. He
said: "What: Shall vile criminals, foul
muitWers. men rejected from tbe boa
em of society, have the glory of being
the first to navigate tbe air? Never
while Pilatre de Hosier draws breath!"
After repeated prayers for permis
sion to make bis experiment be ap
pealed to-the Influence of "the Duchess
- tfe Pollguac'the-governess of tbe royal
children. To ber petitions the Mar-
- quia d'Arlaodes added bis and asked
to be allowed to accompany Pilatre.
At length consent was obtained.
On Nov. 21, 17S3. lllatre and tbe
marquis made an ascent from tbe gar
dens of tbe Chateau de la Muette. In
the Bols. They sailed safely across the
Seine, over tbe Hospital For Old Sol
diers, over the Military school and
landed about five miles from Paris
Their return was greeted with wild
Tbe marquis rode back, but Pilatre
bad to go first to bis bouse and get a
coat, for some one bad stolen bis In
the mlxup of their coming down, when
the balloon, of course, collapsed.
Pilatre now announced tbat be would
cross tbe channel from Boulogne to
England. A wealthy Frenchman ad
vanced the money to construct an Im
proved machine that be was certain
could stay In tbe air as long as neces
sary. This new invention was a bal
loon filled wltb bydrocen gas. Under
It was a cylinder by which be expected
to rarefy the air contained In it so that
be could either ascend or descend eas
ily and so reach currents of nir that
would take him iu any desired direc
tion. it was five months before there came
a diiy suitable for making tbe aerial
trip. A physician who loved adven'ure
and believed in tbe success of the ex
periment went wltb bim from Bou
logne. They cut tbe cords tbat beld the bal
loon at 7 o'clock In tbe morning. The
ascent was majestic, and when at a
height of 200 feet :be balloon swept
Into a current of air that took It to
ward .tbe channel. Suddenly a cross
current swept It back.
Pilatre hastened to let some cold air
tDto'tbe cylinder and In some way
made' a rent In tbe balloon. Tbey were
1,700 feet high, and Instantly they
were dashed to tbe earth, mangled and
crushed frightfully.
France still remembers his enthusi
astic faltb in bis scientific efforts, and
In many places are memorials and In
scriptions tbat perpetuate bla fame.
Boston Globe.
A Mystery That th2 Mind of Man
Is Unable to Penetrate.
The Dental Ornaments.
Visitor (passing through dining room
with little Tommy, discovers mince pie
n sideboardi-Uelgbo. but tbafs a fine
le! Who made it V
Tommy Gran' ma; she always makes
tbe pies.
Visitor Does sbe. Indeed? Well, I'd
like to get my teeth Into tbat one.
Tommy-You would, eh? Well, gran'
ma's got ahead of you. Don't you sea
the prints of ber'n all urouud the c igeal
Boston Courier.
You accuse this aviator of trespass
ing in your garden V"
"Yes, Judge. I cmtehf til " ."rn
my air currents." New York ll-i.iid.
' Vnd puffs un
ion uoU - SocraiL
v Mac!'-
,) lo-
lt la Pitch Black ae Far a Human
Understanding Goes. For We Know
No More About It Than Wa Do About
Its Twin Mystery. Death.
When all Is written, bow little we
know of sleep! It Is a closing of the
eyes, a dlsapiwnrtuice. a wondering re
turn. In uneasy slum tier. In dreamless
dead rest. In horrid nlittiluiare or In
ecstasies of somnolent funded the eyes
are blinded, tbe body Is abandoned,
while tbe Inner essence Is we know not
where. We have no other knowledge
of sleep than wc have of death. In de
lirium or coma or trance, no less than
In normal sleep and In dissolution, the
aoul Is gone. In these It returns. In
that It does not come again, or so we
Ignorant ly think.
Yet when I reflect on my death I for
get that I have encountered It many
times already and And myself none
tbe worse. I forget that 1 sleep. Tbe
fly has no shorter existence than
man's. We bustle about for a few
years wltb ludicrous Importance, as
tot tie flies liuzt at the window panes.
Tbey. too. may Imagine themselves of
Infinite moment In this universe we
bare with them. But this Is to take
no account of the prognostic of sleep.
There to something hidden, something
secret, some , unfatbomed mystery
whose presence we feel, but cannot
verify; some permeatlve thought In
sistently moving in our hearts, some
phosphorescence that glows we know
not whence through our shadowy at
oms. .
Neither sleep Itself nor half its prom
ises nor mysteries have been plumbed.
It Is tbe mother of superstitions and
of miracles. In dreams we may search
the surface powers of tbe freed soul.
Visions In the night are not all hallu
cinations; voices lo tbe night are not
all mocking. There Is a prophet dwells
within tbe mind not of the mind, but
deeper throned In obscurity.
Tbe brain cannot know of this holy
presence nor of Its life in sleep. The
brain Is mortal and untrustworthy, a
phonograph and a camera for audible
and palpable existence. Strike It a
blow In childhood so that It ceases Its
labors and awake It by surgery after
forty years and It wtil repeat the In
fantile action or word It last recorded
and will take up Its task on tbe In
stant, making no account of the Inter
mediate years. ' They are nonexistent
to It. Yet to tbat bidden memory those
diseased years are not blank: It knows.
It has recorded.' though the brain has
alept And In hypnotic or psychic
trance, when that wonderful ruler 1-
released from the prison of the body, it
I can speak through tbe atom blent ma
chinery of tbe flesh and tell of things
man himself could not know because
of his paralyzed brain. This ruler Is J
not asleep In sleep, nor In delirium Is
It delirious, and In death Is It dead?
The Process Is Simple. Though It Put
led the Negro.
A sailboat in which were a white
man and several negro hud Just left
the tvhn rf tieur au ice factory at the
foot of Main street. .Xiiuiipolls. mid
was headed out the luoutb ol Severn
river, toward a point on the I'Iicnh
"Ve-e-tb. thlr." an old time colored
man whs llspimt. "I like to git a
Job work In' round tlim air ice plum
and see 'cm inuke Ice with fire."
"I'll tell you how It In done. If you
would like to heiir my explanation.'
suld tbe white man
"Yee -th. tblr. I like to hear 'bout It."
"Well. Iu the first place, they have
a tank of Hiiitnoula, to which a small
amount of heat Is applet It doc imt
take milch heat to convert the nut
intuitu Into vupor. anil even that licit
Is iisihI up Iu causing the liquid to ev
pand Into a gas. or (Mvome latent, in
Not by 8hakespeare.
There once whs a follow from IHitte
Who went on terrible tutte.
When lift tried to drink down
All the boor In the town
The cltlsene cried. "Kl tu. Unite!"
rtilladrlplila Ledger.
A Bad Boy'a Bait.
"Why Is Jlmmle Jinks so willing to
let his mother cut his hair?"
"It lends the other Imys on tu make
fun of him, and when he whips them
he can any they started It." Washing
ton Star
him luid niic fit ix 1 1 1 f 1 1 ilriiw liiick
llWllarlil trundle Mint Iwi- dt'iitlttlit
NiiffcrlhK ami ilinth in t iih-iiihIm.
The germs can chill, tevci titnl
flgiie, dlliiiiiMtii'oa Japinllfc . IiixmiihIi'.
cnkiicnK mi I urncfiil ilcliilitx. Hut
Klect ric Hit tei never lull to dcxtrot
Idem mill cure ituil.irWi trundle.
'"Tlin-e IioiMim completely cured me
i H verv wveie stttick if malaria,"
u-flt.. iv... t L'.. ...... I . . t
It Is called so that the temperature , v " .. . . . . 1?
nice. t;in- Momurli, l.tver and
is uot materially affected
"Now. suppose the ammonia gns oc
cupies a buudred times un much space
as the liquid. It Is evident ttmt the
liquid contains a certain amount of
heat, which Is afterward distributed
over a hundred times the space lirsi
occupied. A cubic fool of the liquid
becomes a hundred cubic feet of gas.
and It la plain that a cubic root ot
gns will contain only oue-butiOredth
part of tbe beat originally Iu a uul
foot of liquid; hence tbe gns Is much
colder than tba liquid.
"Now. this gas or vaxr Is allowed to
flow through plpea covered with salt
water, which becomes extremely cold,
but does not freer.e. owing to tbe pres
ence of salt. Tbe fresh water desired
to be frosen is put Into large metal
cans and placed In tbe cold aalt water
and allowed to freeze.
"There la nothing mysterious about
the process. It Is. In fact, very simple
Do I make myself clear? Do you
understand my explanation?"
"Ye-e-lth. thlr. yo esplanatlon's
plain, but I suttenly would like to
see em make tbat air lea with tire."
-Washington Stur.
KM ni y rriindlcN, and prevent Tv
pboiil. :o c Oiiarniitocd by A. L,
His Quaint Suggestion.
A Freucbmtin who appears to have
been of a thrifty turn of mind con
ceived the Idea in 1S7S that too much
valuable time was being wasted In
cleaning sardines when preparing them
for tbe market. lie found a way of
preparing them without cleaning them,
and on this be took out letters patent.
Apparently he had some slight misgiv
ing as to whether tbe public would be
perfectly suited with bis Invention,
and so In bis claim be , makes tbia
parenthetical entry:
Fish put up by this process may be
slightly unpleasant to tbe customer at
first, but he soon gets used to It.
These Thrta.
"What are the three Known dlmen
sinus?" asked the teacher at the night
"The world, the flesh and the doll!"
gasped the shaggy haired pupil, taken
by surprise ami utiadle at tbe moment
to get bla mental bearings. Chicago
He pure find tiike a dottle of t'hatu
Wrlnln'H Colic, Cholo.n and PUrrhoea
Itemetly with voti when starting on
your trip tills summer. It catinot
be obtained on board the trams or
steamers. CliHtiges of water mid ell
mate often chus sudden tit'avks of
diarrhoea ntid It ia I test to Ih prepar
es. .oid ny tin Ko dealers.
Government Homesteads ana Relinquishments
Hy tlu llnlncMtt ml HpeclulUt
W, Roche Fick, Lakeview, Oregon
looc I .iik. X'lidev
v,in(r Valley
Cliewaiienii Valley
Mitlre Country
t '
Lnke County
W hero
tie iv
Children Ory
S. W. Bend, of Coal Citv, Ala.,
aay tie struck a perfect mine of health
in Dr. KIiiu'h New Life IMIIm for they
cured tiitu of Liver and Kidney Troi.-
die nfter 1'2 years of suffering. The.v
are tin liest pills on earth for Con
stipation, Malaria, II eailache, Iys-iM-psla.
lH'dility. 25 cts at A. L.
A New Scheme.
"Sued fr r bicach of promise, eh?"
"Any di '"f p';"
"Tempo: v Insanity, and 1 expect
' prove P -the love letters I wrote."
Loulsri: "Ttrler-Journal.
An adv in the J..tminor will drinff
resultn. Try it uud be cinvlnced.
A Wife's Early Lesson.
A curious custom used to accompany
an Anglo-Saxon betrothal. After tba
giving f the ring the father gjive the
son-lu-law one of his daughter's shoes,
;tb which tbe sun In-law hit bis wife
on the head to teach ber subjection!
L.1VT on a more moderate (?) castlga
floti was suggested, and three blows
wit!' i broomstick became tbe custom!
"'III.- Months of lha Yoar" r.
Through all tbe ages It has been onr , ieni)moU Lluyd
sphinx, which we have Interrogated In I
vain. It Joins not In our laughter nor
our tears. We have fancied It with Im
mobile, brooding features of utmost
knowledge and wisdom and sorrow. It
has asked us but one question, nor
from tbe day of Oedipus nnto today
have we answered rightly, so that we
die of our Ignorance. It Is Osiris liv
ing in us. It Is tbe unknown God to
whom we erect our altars, the fire In
tbe tabernacle, the presence behind the
veil. Not In normal wakefulness at
least will It answer our queries, but In
sleep sometimes It will speak. And It
may possibly be that at last, after all
these centuries, we are lenrning how
to question it and in hypnotic trance
and In the fearful law of suggestion
are discovering somewhat of Its mys
tery and how to employ It for our
worldly goKi. Yet to Its essential se
cret we are no closer than our fore
fathers were.
We may define dreams and night
mare, coma and swoon and trance
with what terms we will, search their
physical reasons and learn to guide
and guard, yet we know no more of
them than of electricity. We may be
gin lo suspect that telepathy and clair
voyance and occult forces of the sonl
are not superstitious fancies, and we
may even empirically classify and
Btudy and direct them. Yet the soul
Itself Is no nearer our Inquisition.
Though we should know of Its teal
Ity, though our finite minds should
fathom tbe Infinitude, of what benefit
would It he? Would It modify our be
liefs or our bopes or our faiths? Won Id
It dictate one action to our passionate
lives? There would be no change In
human nn-ture and no reforms of tbe
world. We are the children of our fa
thers, and our children will tread the
prehistoric paths. Dreams are our life,
whether we wake or sleep We drowse
through existence, awaking and dying
and being reborn dally, ever torpescent
and una mazed, and our thousand slum
berous deaths we call restorative sleep
sleep tbat restores our physical be
ing, building up where we have torn
down, recreating what we destroy.
Black pitch black. Indeed -Is the
cavern of Morpheus. Faith peoples It
with varied legions and builds Its
chaos Into myriad forms. Nightly we
enter It and drain tbe Lethenn air and
forget, and dallv we return with re
joicings, babbling of dreams that were i
not dreamed, and flnallv we enter for
tbe last lime and drain somewhat
more deeply the essence of ecstasy '
ar.d anii!;p nc . v i., . more re- !
turn to the miihiuiii oveo xkles of th 1
dawn. And vet we BuaM !ream. i (
lautlc MuutLl.v
Katies the dough aeB9HVflala9a
and complies with 3om,w.
ell pure food laws. P";
I'aradUe Valley, Long Valley, Nevada, dig Valley. Calflornla
A Few Letters to Many People
I ten I Mr i tike;
1 lift v- it few claim of liUI acres that are miltadlc lor a stock or
dalrv ramd rinreiire from lot) to 1 to nens of meadow land on
these Inline- iIm. Spring ol pure water hihI Nome Minder make
this ii'i l I.-m ' i i . lor tliexe iiuliiNtrifN. Tlicro are plenty ( lands on
the For--xt I: iiiljolnlnji tor piiHturaire I to t ter a vcrngea a bout
thirty-live i tv sniiiially here. I am pivlnn thirty cents now.
Very I nil v vours,
' . Itoi ho Kick.
DearMlsB I.ivewire:
Your iiiipilry rensnlllig whether a nli gln lady est) tnke a gov
ernment liottii'Mtend, at band. You can Iske the homestead all tight
Imt you will have to U en mini and i-oe tli'it you do not encourngo
the young men to court vou (or II you do tln wont gl-e you a eliatico
to "prove up." I am not dieting a matrimonial buieati and will
warn you that vou have to U on your guard against tdu IimihImoihh
men ol this section as they all want wives mid are fully capadle of
getting w hat they want w hen they wo them. Come at once If you
want the lioineKtetHl. Your sincere friend,
W. Hoc lie Fick.
lVar Mrs. Skookum :
Your letter of lniulry asking whether a young widow run take
n homestead, just ns-eived and hasten to say Y'r.S by nil means. You
can have the pick of any that we have In this cliori and the.v are all
goixl looktmr. The.v lire verv productive und tliere la uo doubt that
vou will Is fullv oat lulled with what vou tind. You need have uo
hesitancy about coining. The aixe depends on your needs aud would
nd vise you to take a 3'JO acre tract In preference to a smaller one.
Wilt) I11B tO IllOCt yOU (IN BOOM IIS J()U gel llCHt.
Yours very truly. W. Kocbo Fick.
Oregon Valley Contract Holder.
No mutter where your land la or whnt quality of soil, etc.. It
may Im, I will In exi-hanjfe for your piid uy contract deedil me, to
locate you on ItW, 'Ml or 40 acres ol tillable government land, pro
viding' you have a homestead rlitht to any ol these alted tract.
This offer Is for a short time only and suhjivt to w ithdrawal at my
Makers of MAPLE OVE
1 better than Maple).
That a clean, nice, fragrant com
pound like liucklln'a Arnica Salve
will instantly relieve a bad burn, cut
scald, wound or pilea, atHgffere skep
tic. Hut great cures prove It a won
derful healer ol the worst sores, ulcers,
bolls, felons, eczema, skin rruptlons,
as also chapped hands, sprains ami
corns, 'i ry it. 2 cts at A. !,. Thorn
Notice is hereby given, tbat tbe
undeisineJ, has beeu appointed ad
uinistrator of tbe estate of Ed gat
Howell, Deceased, aud all parties
having claiinca against said nutate are
herebyj (required to present said
claims to the undersigned, at 10. F.
Cheney's Harnens Shop at Lakeview,
Oregon, with In six months from date
of ttret publication of this notice.
Date of first publication being tbe
2Hth., day of July, 1U10.
Dated at Lakevie. Oregon tbia
Gtb day of July l'JIO.
E. F Cheney.
Administrator of tbe Eutate of
Edgar Howell, Deceased.
Department of tbe luterior, U. B.
Land Ottloe at Lakeview, Oregon,
July 9, 1910.
Notice is hereby given that Etta
Clark Mauzey, of Plush, Oregon, wbo,
no Nov. 23, 1900, made -Desert land
entry No. 612, aerial. No. 0810. for E3i
NWJ4, WNEJ, Section 17, Township
35S, Range 20 E, Willamette Meridian,
has filed notice of intention to make
Final Proof, to establish claim to tbe
land above described, before Register
and Receiver, U. 8. Land Office, t
Lakeview, Oregon, on the lHtb day of
August, 1910.
Claimant Barnes aa witnesses:
R. A. Phelps, of Plush, Ore. L. O.
Enquiat. of Plush, Oie. E. E. Bond,
of Plush, Ore. L. P. Mauzev. of
Plush, Ore.
I The confidence felt by larmers and!
garacnzTt In Ferry's Seeds to-dif I
wouia nave been Impossible to feel in
try seeds two score ol jesrs
ago. w e nave made
science ol seed
always da
exactly what you
txnrct ol tlu'm. For s.ile
everywhere. FERRY'S 1910 SEED
laANUU rrce on request.
D. M. CO.. Mtott. '
Full-Blood Merino Flocks
Having decided to clot e out our entire hold
ings of FINE SHEEP, we have the following to
offer for sale without reservation:
400 Registered Merino Ewes with Lambs
Of the A und 11 riitsi-ctt.
1500 Select Full-blood Ramboulllet Ewes
With I.nmb. Strictly true to type and of lieautlful covering-
1500 Full-blood Ramboulllet Ewes with Lambs
, Strictly first-clans and good enough for any etud floik.
1500 Select Full-blood Delaine Ewes
- With LuuibM. Heavy Sbeaicrs, Heavy ho tie aud very Large
SI no.
1500 Full-blood Delaine Ewes with Lambs w
Good enough to go Into nny stud flock.
1200 Full-blood Spanish Merino Ewes
With l-amlm. Thcne inn strong typo of the li Clami, very
Heavy hlienrcrs and deiirv covering. These arecxccptionally
lurgv for their tyi.
The following five flocks are all young sheep:
500 One- and Two-year-old Ewes, Not Bred
Of the ulnive cImkm-h
3700 High-class Merino Ewes with Lambs
2700 1-and 2-year-old High-Class Merino Ewes
Not bred.
2700 Yearling Range Rams
400 Registered Rams of the Above Classes
All ewes with latnt.H have dcen bred to KcglMtered Kama In
their renpectlve cIumhch. The malo liicreawu will U rained aa
Kam I.amtiM, except IIiohu from the 3700 head of hlgh-clana
Merino Kwoh.
For Prices and Particulars, Address,
The Baldwin Sheep & Land Company
.;aQi3 nemedy
z Cream Ba!m
jj'-kly abturbed.
hum! at Once.
foirt Cul if ii
ami drivi s
UglxM OJ 1
I'i'n In at'i!
. U I'll -i '
in;.:!. J.iij i .
li.i-M 75 ct.
, New loit..
Iryin jin-imrnt Ioiih Himnly devcl-
vi iirj ciiriirru ; iin.-y Ury un tUu nei rctious,
h. .. it . i ..
"ui' u a'liicru m tuw iui'iuirune aiui uecum-
jiomo, Cuming ii far more wrious truudle
tlniii tbe i.r.Jinnry form of cutarrh. Avoid
all drying inlriliintu, fumen, suiokcn and
B!iiiff4uriil m tliut which clojinm n, Hoot lie
ana hHiiN. i.i v's Cream liulm will mnitr
catarrh or cold in the bend easily and
pi'imunm-. All upiggmts sell the bO cent
size, j.iy Jirotheri, 60 Wunren Btreet,
New lfork.
The IJulm is ucfil without pidn, does not
Irntte or cuiiku sneiing. It spreads itsnlf
over an irritated una angry surface, rehev.
ingjnuucdiutuly the jminful iiifluminatiou.
IJly'H Cnvim Jtulm contiiins no eocuiue,
mercury nor other buriui'ul drugs.
$1,000 REWARD
The Orioa. C
Iforala sdJ Novsii
Live Stock Pro tea
Moo Association, o
wblcb lbs uiidor
signed Is a member
will live f'.cuobo
reward for evidence
luaftlfiir In tliM m
(a ret and conviction
V ."lol any party or nar-
liessieaiins norses.
cattle or mules be
lonifingtoauy of Its
in addition tn'tha atxive, tbe undersigned
offers on the same cnudillou MisM tut all hors
es branded bone shoe bar on both or either
law. iirand recordisd In eight couutles. KaiiKe
Harney, lke and Crook counties. Hortus
vented when sold.
None butgrown horses sold, and only In large
nubelien W. W. JiKoWN. Fife. Oregon.
Children Cry
5 "mi
youV yet
lo (earn the bodily
comfort it qives in
the wetteit weather
m M t ITr ST r- "
made roe
catalog met
.p t
"with strength mnd eaa
tltex tilwoya ploaaci"
""u" ""''" "rmmaiMKamtKmmamEtmL.
American Restauranta,nkcry
Ucc Yonand lorn llotai, rropnetors.
Lakeview, Ore con
Fresh Bread, Cake and Pies on sale every day
Fancy Cake and all kind of Pastrv made to order.
The only first class short older place in the town.
Upen lJay and Night
rittBT-CLAum ruHuourm
uoMnrisr civa
Mammoth Stables
O. D. ARTHUR. Psofswtv
The Lament Mvcry and Feed Ktahlo In Routlit'rn Oregon
or Norllu i ii ('ulirornlu. Hom-n lloardctl b tlio Day, Wwk
or Mt-ntli hiiicclal Attention (ilveii to TraiiHlcut 8tock