Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, April 14, 1910, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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    Bieber Says:
Don't Choose until
You Choose Right.
There never was a day since
we began selling Groceries
When this was not the Best
store for you to deal with
A Ivays something special
Savo illoney
By Paying
week- S' tar ihi a rnt been ne
pieimrjr tn lake rtiudv and Hood
and diit eror of iMlendid trult iilwaj
T( new teleiiho company are
iiettlt ready lornt fast with their
I work The o are all et, wires
I truiii. a lid now they ImpIiiiI
j I lelr ho lie
I The fruit re nome of them
jut ready to tinrxt in bloom. W I
looe Hey will deter that procreat
com weeks y;.
Koy handler la tery 111 with ap-
l eudlcltlll
J K Tocker hae charne of the
County Clerk' otttco while Mr I'ayne
ip at I'aisley on hnttltieas trip.
The Klamath Herald any Joe Hull
came to I tint town last week, brluuiutf
aonie tine fui.
John Cobourn. of the I'nuitlo 1. am)
Co. haa been fuilferlnu from blood -poUoulnu
the pat week, Lot la aala
i t it to lie out.
The ordinance against itnlttlnu ou
.idewalk does not aoem to tie ob
ncrxed. A 1 1 -breaker ruu Into the
cooler will probably lre eome people
an educatinu they doubtless need.
; if
i r
'' 1
' 'C
The rloii ln come, aid the clouds so'H
I lit isry h drop ot rntnfMli.
The town online 1 1 held Its usual iou
tine eeiiin Moti'lar nit; lit.
Jotieph (Iliisl-r, of North l'latte,
Xebr., who has I .! about town for
h wtk, him it one to the Cut low Val
ley. eHst of here to tile ou a li'JO acre
houietdead clniiu.
V,vo I .
;j Mi-
V j I J,
Wo want to
Tho Women, who rcallxo tho Important
part which a correctly ttylod Suit and
Hat play In Impressing people, aroqulck
to rccoenlxotho "SMARTNECS" In tho
clothes wo soil. You cannot obtain
bottor quality or moro authentic stylo
for tho price. Como whllo tho season is
Vomr' Outfitter
(in Friday he preraret to aniveri
nil the question of the census takur. j Married
' r-d. Lake hna put a sidewalk, and j Misa Vlolot I!. inner, of rtcei:: p,
Botiiuu on his bit ill I ti and kbvo it j and Mr. Jiunt-ts I Iti-tburn. it 1.
ail a iH'Rt-lookluk' uout of p.iiut. That view, were nmrrirn tMeTth intt, m
looka like prosperity. . i Alturas Tho y ou In ly in tint 1 i uu li
. , , ., lerti Air. Hii.l .Mis luti-liii', or
liaok from the (i wt8 of LllKBVIew
and reports a L
C. R llrtlin id
Alkali lnke rountry,
well eunk there thnl at SO feet
au abundance of tine water.
A Rock of l'k) New Knwland
Ihc'x in the Nottuett iStatw laid
euus in three ii'cutiic. Mural, buy a
beu and be indepeudeut.
ijave I Harry Ay era. he liean Ilrumniel of
TjHkeview, nil innriit-il lust week to
I Mrs. Ak'tfin Mii Hi, ,.f Knit llidttll.
(n't many frleiid.4 iiere eren.l their
hfiirtietit eotikii iitiilnt. mis ovt-r Ins mi
vt nt into the doniuu) t( unit riii.ony .
ti.e !btr iiltt r D.
the lir.'st ever
1 -it-re. i' R)ek-i!.s HL'd ti rl
I s rt'arfi e-i IU a iii v to tbe
ren huiI in n here ti ti.e ic .!...
y. -i.i nil of the b .rHs 130hs
t- rl .- t .nri -uf t!i nmirs of hii
1 Lti i jtiemj '
1r-i Hi .I.M
! O Mi-ener the I.tnd man.
tine tT SnrrTl.-e taliey for a
te.v ru r.u iuiioriaul tusn efs trip
I'tuipI Uodll. with bia asritit ,t,
tav .Htforn t l a Hue piere it work
on ':i re.v latuif tn cuirt hi;i?e
uuii .v::.h t'e trees tiiuei; t;ixa.ed
in! t'.e k'lhss trowitik: Bttvr it is
ll-i (". tie ri nit boue grounds v. ill
Lc in l.irt iiLti with the fine buiding.
W, ! 'h. the euthusiaitij Sjcialist
Bio i .tirh Mai I Hopkins and others
ot ili-'laith are celebmtlug the vio
tc.ry uf their party in the Milwauke,
Wis., election Uei week.
Alturus in talkiug of stablishin:; a
water and seneraae eygtem. . Lake
Tie.v bis the tineet water in tbeorid,
and now e ueef a seweraue cys-tmn.
Insperfcr Iccram, of the Forestry
Service, who left tou a few tl..j
uso, with bis wife, who was in poor
Leuitb bte. has returned. Mrs. lu
trjLn will remaiu fcome time at Hose
I m a
P. M. Coiev. the ?race nmn will
IHVf) tor Sx" Frp-'- 31 - f'.on pir-
cbace a Jot xutos lot use on ok
diifeient routes.
A lady's tlue elastic belt has been
lei t at tbie oB ip for tke owcer.
than any place they bave visited buJ
r.iy (Hirlnde to locate. Mr. Uor
toikili 1 .lt yesterday for a visit to
t rif valley.
iJev. S. II Riley Las gone on a tour
of iipectiou of Harney and Malheur
! Our loan is full of ktraners. Some
jof ti.eui hi ll O-V' L Co., land', and
! o: hers hike out at once for some of
Everybody, and especiall" bis wife,
is uiakios garden these days
A lot of the boys, and -me ot the
j ACII ! til. MM EL!
j Holibie ran iuto thn sewin-rooin an 1
j cried :
i "Oh mamma! There' n mau in
! the uun-ery klsslDK Fiaulein."
i Mntiimti dropped br eewiutt aud
ruslie 1 for the stairway.
I "April fool !" bid liottiie, Kleeful-
lv. "It's only papa." Everybody's
j A beeenall
; Sui'd:iy, fine
Line up f-ir
and SStorknHv
1Ii!i:-uh; l't II .1 mi ( i i ,i t m ; 'Jd I!.
S()-Hmit. ; H S Cxu-ev. :il H Hi I
(iruves, K. .11 in line Jn ! ; ('. t'Mrnll;
1. Hurl; (iilihons li-iu-' .i ftrixix
j tinni'h of the ul I well i hiyrin
lund an interesting ttmue l exei'lnl.
Baseball Sunday
jrnn e will he pl.ive I
t rt:ek vs I..i'c ' H . ,
Ijfki'vie : (' i " H , r
n ; 1' I , ;; t i i.u I
Every lady 's protected, who
a hat at the Parisian Millinery
clnpive deeiuns, nn two alike.
buys j , i w . ri t etl
You will be asked to settle the Nor
nial School miestion t.y 3 our bHllot
j in Noiemher. You want ttm hcImicU
tepHruted from politics. You wtint
lucateil tt w ill
u me ooys. ana -me or ine . ,h tu,..a 1 ,,irU
l. . a a . l 1 - a 1 a a. . -
Bins, wrui iroui-nsnioK me ursi m ... . V1111 . ,, eHr if ......
fin lie si-en
at the l'arislau Milliner's lii-xt Ko nn.
(JOT WHAT HE w I-. N T A K T I" 1 1
Mrs 11 That siiowsturiu on the
I statre was very ruli!tic
1 .Mrj C. ve, in v Imsli'u 1 went
hitnvcu acts to b rrnw u utinvel
thn week Si) .lie of tberu came bouie
with hundreds and sonie of thern bad yea fr . uidiit h
taxes on t'iU.U k Uou't tail lo vote
P. D. Cnrleik-h aud
iIoiL.p?, Idwb. anited
tour t.f itfci e, I l:i fur '
wife of Des
last week cn a
hevfci-lvts cud
tbe proverbial tisberoian's luck on
Sunday 1
One ot the Bne driving team, ot F.
H. llauson. of tbe Hall Construction
Co. broke its neck Monday. It's
mato had been turcei lose in the lot,
and the other left lo the stable. In
its efforts to pet out, it threw itself
with disastrous result.
Alfrel Smith has received a pop
corn and pesuut roaster, ani Is dos'g
a reeolar Lakeview land office btifi
ces rhete days gathering in tbe
nickels. Tbe Examiner man buys a
hue of popcorn, and pets as much
tstiTfaction out of it as anr rther hoy
can. who is leas than CO years of nee!
The HoBoe river orcbardis'e ha'e
been tiubting frort the lutt t.'.ne
J. U V. BL'TLEU, Sec Com AU
WiiHhini; 'I alili'l
puckaue, at
have be"'! ai-kitt for can
at HA M
I.OIN of
Lil. ri"-- l--"raife 'J'i
.Mi. -1 I r Heme Hie. (!o and
Mt el uie it the I'nrixiari Ki'et liuniii
and we will Innk nt thoru new
imni't'ss wash dreses, ami new i-printl
"Well, rry little man, ' emi hired a
vieitT lileasaully, "who are ynu?"
"I'm the baby's brother 1" whs the
ingenuous reply;. The Truth Setter.
Linlli"t, we luive 11 few l.ort ends f
HiininnT itikmU left ovi-r frmii I.in1
; mcbhiiii which w ur' clo-hi nut hi r--i
iluci'd iiriccs. The iri m ids Hfd'iiiml in
I Ht.vb' Ktpl (laMcrim iiM llniT you will
j ill II tid in ntlier Jtnren . .
you I diilj,vln thl" yenrs
cow tie seeu ' iiovelllcM Awk to tut' J.Js'1
I I l.i-in at
SMOKE brouud the 1
Newspapers Educate
An ex n il in', it ti'iu'hi r enys Unit
pupils who IntTti 'c,-i--4 l i ne -iuiii
at lulllH'. when en i. 1 r.. Mlth IIiuhii
lit) tin not, ine l i'il, r itiaii.iiiiiriiiiiH,
better v u. i t iinlui 1. nii'l read inoru
iiinlerHtiui'iliinl v 11 11 I niitiiiii a iniiru
practical kno In ; n of trtMik'ruph)' in
lilnioet hull tlie II 1." it K ipium oihes.
The lii'W'Sinipe Is 'iei'ldely au iiuport
nut factor in nui.l.rn life. This Alii
nut b dleputtnl by 11 n" nun who bus
taken t he trouble to liivestkitte I In'
liiatter for bliiisell - Exciiai tie.
Kill the Flics
1 !! It in eitrlv , ruiK may ihimim
,1 ( i'.i 1 11 liii'S l.y CoiiMMjin ul
i " ' 1 1 1 Mv 1 r'ii Hilled prevents tit.
but hoi iiiilliuiis ul Ill's later. Ii
1 1 1 muI lnirit li s hiu that roinni' ii
lln' d'i iniirti t iwiird hpremlinu ly
I'Snid if ri r t linn liny other oKi'licim.
I lii'M liihlvud or Kiiuply bi'intt n
uriled us 11 niilitaiicH are today in
t'rti'li'il us vi rvv tin ik'cruua pest.
The Fourth is Coming:
he citie is ot L.tkiirhtw, are tt t
tini reudv fur 11 blkt time ou the
Knurl h.
The follnwiuif k'ent linen have been
ii.iined on a I' jiirtli ul July ooui'iilt
Ice. to meet with the lUnelmll com
mittee ou hrid.iythn IMh IiihI. 7:.K'
p. m. In tie IhiHid of Traile rooms:
C. IJ. tin I'l er, V E. Siielllnt;, Harry
Hadey, F. l Ahl-troiu, A. Uleber,
I!. Keyuohle, Dick .1 Wiilcox and a.
II. 11 iiutiierHlvy.
the Exmiiner wld ulm further par
t icuhirs later.
1 11
Autcn Gets a Winton
J li n(i. .
bus it ii. ,
1 1 f fid 1 1 ii i
thill tll. I;. ( I
ill'M U CI... I I , i.Imi ,. I f u,e JH((
to keep hi iriim .tniii'iu m i no air,
Hi oi ell., y ImiiI) 'h I;iiii. Iii( tl'
Exa.iiliier iloes not bluiiie ,J. Ji A
would et wi), I"", it e were I he
ow uer til such a II 1 nutu !
1 hi . re in 4 n,
w 1 W lull. 1 ,
' f in trar
1 1 . "in inrf the
Editor Turns Farmor
I'l' I I I., llll, " IM
(I t'ie A mi In uttM ,n
N "i I ti I (nktitii rt 1 I a
I 1-1 I.v 1111 1. 1 l.iikt-t ,
1 i ! Will . 1 v I
'l! I bill !
1 110 1 1.
IHW his til'!,
i 1 1 rl ' :l'
on 1
h is
ot 1 ho publlshnrs
inau t Atiibrote
iiruthtr tf
. Iitl week paid
iii'i likt.i It
11-...I tho t' K.
. H i ill" mi I ill
In .lime to IbIim
In I t'ent'snioii.
Bitivvcll flcal Estate
I'' .mi. .1 : it .,1 ('stain i'i
and aruiiii'i I I'l l .ti ll is U'UHininu (o
iniive I 'i... 1 M .Ut 1 111 u Lake city wee. 1 in ci,.,m.i the nlki'lliiHl
esliue. II,.. ,,,1,.- bilnu withheld.
I.itlfr In li.r t.k tie .Ni-hliam farm
elx lulus mii.II ,,( Hxltttdi whs eold.
Wo di l in I li'uru tint uiiiiih of the pur
t niiHer 1 1 t rice ul I for this
perty . , I "t 1. h 1
p to-
Business Locals
Ladies tailored anile at U A M
Thute tailored suits for lad es
St '.-re.
a nnrib.ei fiiena. They have t;one
the loLnrS if lloiiOP. H ri'l rirer aufl
ot.'itr pliri-s buil conci iiue'J tout this
eeidinu offt-.f. belter lu-iucenieuts
J. L. LYONS, D. D. S.,
Office In Watson's Block. Lake
view, Oregon
Eight Year's experience In Michigan.
(ralnaie of I nivernlty of Michigan
A :. I nil I li M I'l'lif Men V
"In -al" fcsbiri'. laitHi puittr' Hi "1
Wrf the latift tri 'n ,-es ':
mens cl ithiug. li A- M
T.'ie very l.ite't thiiu' in In. ie N.
birts U a M
All k i ii 1 1 .-1 of llnhi'm tackb' ht li A M
Mrs. li. A. Joues has baiter krai t
I f ..1 f !.
spr rji.ince.
r.usr Ciaim 3'.;,ti
C-STiy .
ii. li n
.ii-' ii. ii I.
'1 he Klamath Herald reports Col.
J. W Lathi up t le poultry trrower
has rnoalers len wim'Ki t 1.1 (hit are
iilreail) cruwiuu almut II I Ity
1 1 sure is a uood 1 Itco fir , . . 1 1 .
limcerifM: V()IT run n nu' ( irliy
near lludlnK evervl hlnu 1 li 11 I- 1. ; 1 .
lit . At li'i-l - u 1 1 tin I
lU.iU.i u. ul" Ihllie
y- imt" i'i.i- hi N
S 1 1 1 1 I
Nicely furnished rooms,
single or ensuite
T in St., west ol Court
ilouie. Lakevie .v, Ore.
Card of Thanks
We lake thin opportunity to thank
our frli'iida it 11 I net htiors for the care
and kindly attention liestuwed 11(1011
us in our liniir r.f here ivement.
MKS. NAN Ml; Tit AC V aud KAMI.
L 1
MK. and MILS. (ll.O. L. IIOL-UKOOK.
The Jeell. Kaui. Ketmblican
says: Harvey Hull rnnrkfled I end
of houi here la-t eineHdny for which
he received ?I0 lo ;ir hundred.
They irouh( him f l.i;i:i (n Only
one ot the bunch was a ja- ol I. She
hrouuhl tKI 1.0. Mr. Hull l as his en
tire (aim f need h'U 1 1 n lit.
the nla.:o
nicet every-bodv.
w Vitro you
inn '"'rill
KAY 5A K A riOTO Proprietor
Ii v Mini liluli' Ml lln. In . f
slmrl ordi rn lilve me 11 cull
Hardware "nd Implements
The Moniti r Drill. The only drill that drops the
k soul in front '"' the f!!1-? rtr!, rnhWuii; it impossible to
'j 1 hi ii( h -- cow r the seed u ievea. iu.trantee I to in-
I I . 1
t vi'c.iNc i .(. viel'l U'oni tlirte to n ve nusliels per
I Mctl I. ever !"! arrows, McCurmick Sp in
Harrows. Disc latrows, )isc I lows,
5 enough Sulkey Plows; in fact e- '-"-is
Hardware and Implement line.
I Peter 5chuttler Wagons. The only wagon that
ever crossed .he plains without resetting the tires,
a The wood in tluse wagons consists of White Oak
V and Shellbark Hickory.
j We solicit a share of ytntr patronage
I is 'Live and Let Live.'
(jive us a call.
All kinj of oiru huts at li A M'.i
I'l ml nhirls at, li A M V
La liei fsu.'y un Jerwear at li i M'b
'J.jr line of mens plain and fancy
bointtiy uunuut hi: boat
ItHiiiein her we ate nm n s f or
shoes li AM
li antiiul new Jinn ot silk petit
ci.ats, juni rt-cieved, at the l'ai.nii
.VI 1 1 In ei v h uie
In th
. HO All
A - : . I
.- ... . - . . t
Realm of ReDartea. ) i
' ( ' - 1 -. .-v . r
Our motto V J ' ; ' JCO , ;: Jia.''0j Ui
F l .1. . . . 1 . . a ; J .
1-crr.y's Onrdin Seeds , . it:
T are tbeHeat, ar. rCt'l,'J- ' H i. r, o -..Mt ,,r , , (i
. : conn 1 r , aim (tics-'tv hukcji .ii vn
mmmmmmmmm Me wasn't a Hoc;' " ; ' - ; c
This htory carn drit'tin r in j'i "
Western Kauras: A lrniun 1. : - i ;i
I t A0mrL f" n a. a mm. brouht lu twi lidtfa nod sold 1.. . j'5 t '. 1 .'1 1 I '. A . ! I , V2 5?1 ' "i.'
OO NOW I Uri claim.,, -d r .rtircoi:, - - :rui.
j! II V w m 1 1 for the full Hinr.unt Kl.eo tl.e (leii.ii.i. ,1 t,-.jJ oi r !l ry 'v.. i.l r, . ..
II , ,. :lonkad over ills snouldur aud iiL.i l : P'
r..Nmmnw.wmlimmlmmTwmWm "Make i furtlUI. I han't tbene.vej V,'. ;! .1 . ' ' i Ml ff,r .'I V '
rrl.... 1 , ilnnt nieto taaoall " h
1 hwitici y uur eurpeis cui aiHl sewcu, ' i n - -1 -.
already to put down, at the same r r
;! price vo t would ay in the city. 11 In fl HAIR-DRESSING ; -7 ipH r rr
the Axniinster, Velvet, or Uodv i MANICURING FO? i; ' ,. .;-A . U
Brussels. ' , Des ANa GfN7UMM m - ' -
l Jij noons in n.w muNTiNa euicviHO 1 1 rJ
"t -V I lIXII t I I Ull -I I , r m. r mm M FlUir CLill Uoh ' .. f
wz-iv o r-vrxivi 1 utxtz UKtz. 1 Fimmr CL;oumro SouoiTtD j
' t K '.
iinof that fiomestead?
e le5 every day.
ding into our section.
curing; lare tracts
vjry day and locating.
related with railroads
iviost prosperous farming
j--t unities there are in a new
ol" land, and we assure you that
1 he best in vestments you ever
C'i.i '('(.
r locating homesteads, desert
lanus, etc. and we assure
rnfornvition you may want concerning
cr La!