Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, March 17, 1910, Page FOUR, Image 4

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00,000 acres of choice sage brush land in one of the greatest valleys in Eastern Oregon.
We ? rt excursions to settle this rich valley on April 1, 1910. We can settle 500
fc;r.ihes cr. cuoice rich land. It will all be gone by Sept. 1,1910. Wili you join us?
Address Southern Oregon Realty Co., Lakeview, Oregon.
i n -v
and Special
A Beautiful Display
of Spring1 Fashions.
To women who would accrjualnt
themxelTa with the aeHtrni. 's
moat authentic modes weextend
a cordial invitation to vltdt the
Opening; of Our New More.
The new prlD? Stjlee in Mill'n
ery are all here; resplendent In
color and shapes, mxt empt
ingly displayed. The constant
aim of nr new store will lie to
help you In Kettinp "wlut nn
want," when yoa want it
and in keeping with this we are
showing many attractive Kan
ter hat; and we wih in Km
phacire the fact that car i ncea
are never hipher before Ki.ster
than after. Our endeavor t to
offer t he best values at nil times.
The following are onlv a few
items of our many bargain-:
Ladies' Waists,
In both tailored and fancy
styles, ranging from
75c to S7.50
Ladies' Muslin Under
wear consisting of . dalutr corset
covers, combination roret
covera and drawers, beautiful
hand embroidered, and lace
petticoats, dainty lace night
gowns, in ia"t. every thing In
iindermutdius, at a.tonlahlngly
low prices.
Ladies' Gauze Vests
and Pants, from 15c
to 75c each
Ledies' and Children's
Hose, In Mail; tan and all the
latest f hades, fr. ni
15C to 75c
It isimposil
and every if
us pleasur
t': wl'l (i,!
f'n j -. tre
HYPNOTISM SOON I The Home of Good Values
We have especially pn-pured a rest, reading and writing room for
Ladies, in which a liijh ilas recital will l.e iriveii by (he Willev B'
Allen Piano Cm. on tbt-ir new f-s mite Aiigelus.
i h:s in v it h t i ti iiiclriin- ew r bodv.
Main Street
Opposite Court House.
The people of Lakeview Dure been
promised a rare treat in the trt-ar fu
tu re kIixu they will have the oppoi
tuuity to listen to a lecture upon
Hypuntisiii kihi witness the work
iuua of tbia scIhuco la the matter of
controlling the mind of auottier. The
science is not Bnerally understood.
een among the "Professionals" there
la much that the? are not conversant
with, ao this lecture delivered by a
gentleman who baa gone throughly
into tbe mysteries of it will be appre
ciated. Hypnotism baa invaded many walks
la life and exerts an influence that
whether consciously or otherwise,
marks a deep Hoe between aoccesn
and failure. It baa been used by tbla
operator to diagnose a dlcfflolt ail
ment where the ordinary skill of tbe
physician and surgeon weie at a losa
aa to what waa wroug. In New York
one of tbe operators baa used it in as
sisting tbe living models in tbe art
stodioa to pose for hours at a time,
in tbe most strained positions, when
tbe ordinary length of time poaaible
with tbe most experienced models
would not bave exceeded Ave minute-.
It baa been used in many other ways
and tbe best public speakers either
bave a knowledge of it or uae it ut
consciously. Physicians bave and are using it to
ipioduce anesthesia in mauy of tie
simple operations and paio can be
I .. n .-1 ...... .1 -..1 ; .i....tlH l. it.
use. Una phenomena that shows a ,
mysterious eometbiog tbat is often
disputed in tte medical world is the'
fact tbat tbe pulse of the right arm
can either be made to beat slower c r
faster than in tbe other arm. tbat
every organ of the human body can
be made dormant with tbe exception
of che heart and a slight movment of
iho lungs.
In tuuic. art science, medicine,
surgery. cnrMri-'ngy. public speaki. g
el tte 'c.len.r 'h "oluable and
'when piTri'i!" "nrW.'.-.c. ! awci
j by bii't- triuV rirl 'irn w'-i'
: Id product '
This means maximum quality at minimum cost.
We say unhesitatingly that this is true of ovory item
in every department. Wo endeavor to carry a com
plete general line of merchandise and in any ono or
all of the following departments you wilt find values
that are unexelled.
Dry Goods and Notions
Boots and Shoes
Hats and Caps
Gent's Furnishings
Ladies' Furnishings
Rich and poor, at this store, you are treated Just the
We will be pleased at any time to show you our now
lines. Buy if you likebut see them.
Bailey & Massing.ll.
Contra., ":. ..
; wbo cbh be hyp...'. : ' ! ''..,.)
1 minded" but on thecou.iry t!:j i:-;.
ijonty that are placed in bfootle
'sleep, generally termed hypnosis, nra
much stronger iieutally than ninny
that, say thev cannot bn hypnotized.
Lvery gcitLli.-t kuu.ia that an HiHioie
, petfiou or a:. ; !it cuunot be pUred
'under the sell an l the experinced
I operator requires tbe strongest people
mentally, that be in ttble to secure for
, si) hjectf.
A enmmitte of physicians will bae
the npoitunity to examine any of tbe
1 subjects who are uaed at tbe lecture.
! Ella She said tbat she wouldn't
marry the bettt man on earth.
I Stella She kept ber word. The
.ceremony waa performed in an air
1 ship. Judge.
Cash Prize is Offered
The Nesmltb Couuty Committee, In
charge of the matter o creating a
new county from poniu'ia uf Lie
and Douglas, otters a pit.e or (2' in
casb to tbe person suggesting m an
article not to exceed :SKJ wids the
most logical reasons "Wliy The Hmal
ler Counties of Oregou are More
Henetlcial to the State tnau the larger
oues. " Contetants are not limited
to any given locality, but in each
nonnty shall be a subscriber to at
leatit one of tbe county newspapers,
til articles on the subject to be de
'.rered to tbe editor of one of three
.ci'tHF'i'w who wiM forwanJ them to
C'w.riilv eeluc'frt Ir in r.ntHirle of
t".r-" .'i.-irl N-:ki!' ( ' .
e.'tion .s. to tl.: v. ..
No perarir, ;t,-- .
county ebi.II entsr !!
w ill clOBH '.II Juu
All articlns on thu ti j.
in the hands of tbe secretin; .t
date and the Huurd will btt maim .u
July 'JO One siiie of the pHper only
on which thu article is written rhould
be used, the writing most be legible,
and the name of the author and pont
odice address should be appended.
Any person desiriug to cr.mpele for
this prize may receive literature per
' taicing tu the subject by addressing
Lew A. (Jates. Secretary, Cotlana
Orove, Oiegon.
Halley's Comet
Hal ley's Comet Is now in theesitb's
orbit, and I con lug towards as att e
rate of l.OOU.UJO m'lee a day, or HO
miles a second. Tht be its Venator's
iludaon -'JO, and that Is 'Hying a good
deal for his auto flier We all want
to get a gout look at the monster, aa
be will 11 t again be visible to Jolly
old Karth until 19H.'i. and aome of us
will be thiummliig tiarps by that time
while ntheis may be using coal shov
els, not J. Herp and (.iuggenhehna I
Smiles and Squalls
at tllK VrHlltITUB
A New York professor in lironx 1'ark
baa taught a frog to sneeze and t o
use his tiaudaercheif. Now wouldn't
that make Jou nueeza?
Juduing from the way the adverse
rejuil licaii returns came in repudiat
ing liliu. Joe (.'huiiciu must hit "Some
thing Llse"
Mere is W here You Get Your Monty's Worth!
When you b.v Milttnii Slew -it Is- per ml.
Have you tried Our suir cured Mams, Bacon?
No Is-lier made any Imtp.
LI'd. lome klllrl remleri-il. ali-iilulely .r ). blirk.ds fl 00
III -Id lb I'ohIi iru.eii i ivst'ers i I " -r can. I rout Tsh
per gallon
All kinds of first class fn-sh Tleat and ntisac
kept on hand.
We will pav the iihiil.-t price fur g I beef ami pork-hogs,
t'asli o 1 delivery
Cllllle Mini gel It -c 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 .0 I Willi lis.
-i.y.0()0SI: .,KI: VAI.LI-Y M HAT CO.
J. I:, Mayli. Id, (len. Hjcr.
The Lakeview Development Co., finding that their interests
are located in Modoc County, California, and from experience
gained by attempting to do business away from the county-seat
and where mails are delayed in transmission to and from
Altura3, have decided to locate their main offices in that town.
The business of tho company will in no way be changed or
affected, and the contracts made by the company with their
patrons will be carried out to the letter. Contract holders in
their Lakeside orchard trzets will please take notice of the
change, and here-after addieis their communications to
Lakeview Development Co.
Make Money-Enjoy Life
In the Land of Fortune
&m BB&SSBaSalBBa
10 Acre
Tracts H;-3r
ri . i .!:... ':f .V. t
Cash and
Our Irrigated lands In the "Golden Goose Valley Fruit Belt" offer you the
most profitable vegetable-raising; and fruit-growing opportunities to
be found anywhere in the whole United States.
The climate and soil are great factors in Jthe popularity of th i sVaJley.
People are constantly buying our fruit tracts. J Don't ' delay ""WrYteat
once for Information.
Tri-State Land Company,
Lakeview, Oregon.