Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, December 09, 1909, Page TWO, Image 2

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Lake County Examine
Largest Sworn Circulation in
Official County Papkr
Rriular .tr.Un !. 11.00 n Inch. lnte
ih.nRcd fr. twW -.oath. 0t ol
positions esira. All short term ails. etr
Resdor. lool columns, UV. per lln feh In
xJtlnn Wnt .!. fw. line coh Insertion
rd of ihnki li.. Re.olml.rn. ot -mlc-leoo.l.W!i.1
r-Trnlent Advertising and Job Print
ing, cuh In dvau.
AU bills must be pm m om 01 i-.i -
The Threatened Meat, Famine
Awakens Criticism of Trusts
The terrible conditions brought
.bout by the trusts, who control the
necessities of life io this country are
becomlngso intolerable that even
some of the great dsllies, that do not
wear the collar of subserviency 'o
the interests of the "system" are be
ginning to voice their disapproval.
An illustrative instance of this fact
is contained in the following, article
from the Portland Telegram, of the
2d Inst; which cays:
'Tacoma and .St at He, terhacs the
entire Sound couutry, may be visited
by a fresh meat famine. There is a
strike of a single class of employes
on a single line of railroad, from
Chicago to the Coast, and the indus
trial waifare is scarcely twenty-four
hours old when announcement is
made that these Ccst cities are short
of meat and may suffer famine be
oause of the interruption of busioes"
on the one line of communication."
"There are a great many apostles of
progress who preach to us about the
advantages of monoply; who are al
ways willing to show us bow much
better the trusts serve the eople
than they would be served if busi
Watering Stocks a
To Fool People
One of the favorite methods of the
oaptaius of iudustry for exploiting
the people is by the means of
"watered stock. The animus for the
increase in tbe capitalization is to
enable corporations of whatsoever
degree to gtt away with a greater
amount of "swag", for those fortu
nate enough to be in tbe deal
A recent illustration of this truth
is bal in the increase of the capital
atocV of tbe Wells-Fargo Express
Company from 18,000.000 to 821,000
000 which is merely a convenient
neanB of absorbing the accumulated
surplus profits of about 816,000,000.
A special dividend of $310 a share
has been declaied to the stock bold
era. out of which subscription for
new stjck may be pBid.
Such an enormous surplus of pro
fits means execeesive earnings
through over charges for service
rendered the public, says tbe Sacra
meuto Bee. This is because tbe pos
tal rates on parcels in this country
are so high that tbey enable the express
companies to sucssfully compete
with tbe Post Office and yet charge
Standard Oil is the Greatest Mon
strousity the World Ever Faced
Iu discussing the upward trend in
the coat of the ueeeesrieB of life,
tfradstreets, always coneer?atiYe and
on the whole favorable to the trusts,
estimates that cost of living has in
reaaed 50 per eeut in 13 years. But.
have yon noticed that wages have not
increased that much! Have yoa din
covered that the average business
man, under exUtiug circumstances,
ii unable to meet tbe demaud of la
bor for such increase? Who then, Is it
ttat secures the great wealth that
this Nation is now knowu to produce?
Vou can aunwer that by thinkiug how
you have voted iu then pi-it uu 1 than
decide for the future!
Obviously in vie of these condi
tions, it triuHt be that sometbiug
U radically wrong iu this day aud
age, wbeu ttis country is teeming
in plenty fur all.
What is the trouble?
The cause beyond the pale of ouu
troversy is due solely to tbe rnpid
increase in the ooet of living, and
tbe excessive growth of large fortunes
In tbe hands of a few which comes
entirely from claas legislation!
Who is responUble for such condi
tlon? Is it not blind subserviency to
party, "Tbe madness of many to ben
eflt the few?" Under such circum
stances is party fealty worth its
ooat to the ioidvidual, and especially
to the tired email business man, and
tbe man who depends upon his ecax
page as a laborer for a livelihood
Oregon Outside of Portland
.in er. in advance
til tn.nths.
Three month. "
1( not paid In .Wuoe,$J 50 the year.
Nolle la Subscriber
oubtcriDertto lhe Ksainlnor M remoT.
O (mm one locality U another, r ehan
Ihelr rostoffloe address should rem.tnbt.r ui
drop fills ofllee . card so their paper c.n be ad
dressed to the rlht postufflce.
ness were done bs it used to be doue
by a number of competitive concerns.
It apparently does not work out in
this case. On the contrary, when
one stops to think about it, it 1
amazing that there should ever be a
intat famine iu the souud couutry or
auy where . :u tbe Pacific Coast, eveu
I ihniuh it be impossible to ship a
pound of neat Irom Chicago. It is
really a matter of amazement that it
should be possible to bfiog about
pujd a famine.
"Consider tbe character and popula
tion of this Pacific Northwest; think
of its livestock iutersets aud possi
bilities redect upou these things
seriously for a bit and then figure
out the wisdom of depending upon
the Chicago butchers for our steaks
and chops, our toasts aud sou a
meats 1"
"The trust tende- cy to centralize
manufacture and distribution,
drawing raw material from all sec
tious ot the country depending upon
distribution from common centers, is
not economically wise. It is eco
nomic fooliebuesa, so far as people
are concerned."
Subterfuge Made
as to Big Dividends
extortionately high rates. The ex
I pre-s companies have long been so
strongly represented at Wasblugton,
i iu both bouses of Congress, tbut
: they have been able to defeat auy
material reduction of rates.
I 'Je railroads are hand iu glove
Iwith the express companies, for
much of the stock of tbe latter is
j held by the railroads. The railroads
charge the express companies rela
' tively much less than tbey do tbe
' Post Office Department for like trans
j portation, and the excuse of tbe
I postal service for high rates on par
j eels is the high C03t of mail carrage.
j Thus one monopoly supports an
! other at Washington. There is a
! system of wheels within wheels con
stantly at work to the disadvantage
of the public. Dut the agitation for
cheap parcel post cannot be sup
pressed ; aud gradually the public mind
is being enlightened to tbe poiut
where the reform can no longer be
refused. Tbe cost of carrying the
mails must be greatly reduced, and
with that reduction will come sub
stantial lower rates of postage, par
ticularly on parrels.
The rapidly accumulating wealth of
this nation goes somewhere. But
We can tell you.
Look beret
Tbe cost of living has increased 50
per cent in 13 years I
THE STANDARD OIL. that insat
iate mnuster of the times, HAS PAID
"in additjn, it has paid milio'ns
more for lawyers, coiruptors and
other illegitimate expenses, to enable
it to more firmly aud surely fasten
its slimy teutacles upon tbe people!
Do you compreheud what this vest
sum mean?
I lu order tu give you soue idea of
its euormity by way of comparison
; we will mention the BHsessed value
Alabama .. .. ?IWJ.'i:W,550
Arizona . .. 80,039,641
Arkansas .. .. 302,181,603
Colorado .. .. 405,100,000
Delaware .. .. 70.000,003
Florida .. ., 142.018,871
Oeorgia .. .. 099. 530, 879
Iowa .. .. 599,585,107
Kentucky .. .. 014 489.O0C
All of Uiese states are populous
and rich In agricultural and mining
and other great resources, yet none
of teui produce tbe net returns of
'ogle corporation to say notb
otber leeches feaatng with
inordinate greed upon our body poli
tic I
This tViO,000,000 profit extorted
from the American people under the
preposterous guise of "" Is
mora than the assessed value of auy
one ot THIRTY states and territories
of this Union. Its Income exceeds
that of famous and populous king
doms t
Think of it I
It could buy the entire state of j
Iowa every seven years from Its pro
fits I
During the existence of (.this nion-1
strous Inlqluty It has paid profits j
wholesale stealing equal to the value
of six or seven states I
And It baa dona motet
The, "profits" have been .ised not
to buy a whole state, but Instead tn
buy the most valuable and the most
protadble property In all the states 1
Its iinmeoee money holdings have
enabled the Staudrad Oil crowd to
acquire railroads, ooal areas, electric
lights, water, gas, and street car
lines, water roweis, and a chain of
bauks to rover the entire nation I
The woiiderlug poor laboriug man,
the farmer, the miner, and the
pluched business mau not only con
tinue to pay these leeches, . these gi
gantic profits, but ther are leo
compelled to pay tremendous profits
on accumulated ptofllst
seven yeura !
A sum greiitet than than the assessed
valuation of Arizona. Delaware, Ne
vada, with all her tulues. New Mexi
co, Florida, Idaho and Wyomlug
combined t
At this rate how long will it be be
fore they own the uatiou, for this
great fortune increases as rapldlv
porportiouately as dues the snow
tall rolled on the ground by the
small boy?
Do you ever set anything
aoout this great robbery iu your
Oregooian? Iu your Sau Francisco
Chronicle? Or the great newspapers
In our laruer cities, all of whom are
trust owned or trust suhisdlzed? No!
A thousand times No! And you will
not even though you live a thoucau.l
years I
but. thank Heaven ! there is
a Teddy still in exiitnce and a Bob
LaFollette, Cummins, Brislow, aud
a few other Repulicanus, who be
lie v iu tbe people aad work for
them! These stout patriots, Btilliated
with a few good meu of the demo
cratic party, aided by a few such
eta.iucb paoers as the San Francisco
Bulletin. Kanaka City Star, Spring-llt-ld
Republican, Sacraeuto Bee,
Portland Journal, Chicago Tribune,
! and others we could uauie.will com
'pose leaven iu Clod's good timeout
'of which w ill come as relief to this
I sorely-tried people, now bowed ua-
der mouopailstic bouduge, as surely
i as was the case w ith the Israelites of
i Old.
The people of this land are think
lug barJer of things than they di'l
of that other eus'.avemeut in ante
belluui days, and If existing paiiies
do no change this terrible condition
a new one will arise that will !
The State Conservation Commis
sion of Oregon, from funds placed iu
its bands for that purpose by friends
of tbe Conservation ConimlBsion,
otters prizes aggregating 11350.00 to
tbe studeuts of the universities and
colleges, and for the students of high
Bchooli aud other secondary schools
of the state for tbe beiit papers on
conservation as applied to Oregon.
All papers uiutit be in tbe bandit of
tbe Chairman ot tbe Conservation
Commission by the 15th of June, 1910
and tbe prizes will be annouused by
November 1st, 1910. For full par
ticulars write PROFESSOR F. O.
YOUNO University of Oregon. Eu
gene, Oregon.
It looks as though tbe United
8tats was going to take vigorous
action towards quelling disturbances
brought about by warring factions in
Central America. Tbe president of
Nicaragua, Zelaya, shot two Ameri
cans who were in the revolutionary
army, for which crime, tbe Amercan
government holds Zelaya personally
responsible. Tbl aggresive action on
the pait of the government will make
those cantankerous Central Ameri
cans have more respect for tbe Amer
cans, who endearor to live and do
business in those very favorable lo
clities for American en'erprise.
iu a Thanksgiving uddreaa delivered
at tbe Denver auditorium, last Thurs
day. iUb'ji W. S Friedman made tbe
follow log statement, not one word
of which whs either criticised or de
nied by any of the other speak jrs:
"Plutocratic auarcby bangs over tba
liberty of tbe nation. It is not tbe
vile law-breaklug anarchists but the
more subtle, the polished and refined
anarchist, who is a Jaw unto himself,
supreme above the majesty of the
The United Sates government, af
ter exhaustive tests as to its drawing
power Las discontinued bill board
advertising for securing recrluts for
the army and navy Instead tbe
work of advertising will bereafttr be
conducted io tbe newspapers of tbe
land "Printer's ink make millions
Extraordinary Profits
Invest in Prince Rupert through our Real ttstntc shares, selling at purSlO.OC
oer share. As xi part of our plan for handling our rapidly growing business and lo
increase its capacity, we offer to a limited number the opportunity to share equal;
with us in the large profits certain to accrue. The money received ly the Company
through the sale of its shares is invested iu choice Prince Kupert realty, under the direct
supervision of the Hoard of Directors. The opportunity is extraordinary because of the
profit sharing plan by which you may share tn all the profits of the Compan;' r its
rapidly increasing business.
will make fortunes for those who invest in it now, as did Portland, Seattle, Spokane
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No other city"on; this continent is making such rapid advancement in population,
eree and building. Prince Rupert's present and future growth insures investors
in our shares a combination
offered in an equal degree by any other form of investment open to the public today.
Invest your surplus hinds with this Company and share in this great progress and
prosperity. If vou have $50, 100 or $1000 which you would invest where it will
provide a large income with the opportunity for great profits, then subscribe for some
of these shares.
We refer, by permission, to the Hank of Nova Scotia, Vancouver.
Write or wire your orHer for shares today Don't delay.
Prince Rupert
4 1 0 Loo Building, Vancouver,
' This otlloe ban nut Iu li.lAJO worth
of the latent trpe aud niarlilury
and carries 1.000 worth of printers
stock, so that thre is no need of a
dollar's w- Hh of rioting being eeut
for to i.utsi le points. We can do auy
work as good as can b. gotten any
where. He patriotic aad keep our
moiiv h.'Ute Don't end away for
anyttil g you ran gt here. That is
t tie way to I uild up a towu.
i.iitk-i' in hTfly given ttutt nil Irriga
tion, or tiilllrucf illtt'hfM on all trout
Htrvatiirt . brought ,nki t'oiiuty. Ore
gon. uuiHt lit- Mcrvt'iit'd with it email
iiit-Hh wir- mT.H-nltig at their head or
Junction with Hi"" main i-luiiim-l of
nt renin. AImo all dame or oliHtrurt
lorn on Hiild Htn-aliiH uuiHt Ik pro
vided with a Hub-ladder, orot h.-ren-y
meaiiH ot puHMugf, at or near the mid
dle of the main channel, ho um to al
ow the piiHHHgv of trout at all tl x
of year, mh provided by law. Said
work to lie done at low wat.-r nine,
or to lie completed liy Feti. 7. r.m7.
lly order of J. A. Ilarbain.
Special Deputy flub W arden for
l.akcConnty. Oregon
Tor Infants end Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
In United States Land OHIce Lake-
viw. Oreunu. Nov. 20th. 1909.
Notice la hereby glveu that tbeij
Northern Pacific Railway Company,
whose po'jt-otltce sddrens Is St Paul, i
Minnesota, has this 20th day of No
vember. 1909, tiled iu this office its i
application to select uuder the provis j
inna nf the Ant of Congress, an- i
proved July 1, 1M98, f30Stat. 597, 020).
Section 10, T. 3HS.. R. 17E., W.M.
Anv nrirl nil nurtHiiiH ulamiua adver-
Jn'obect-beca-e1 o'r-the .rVl
character ot lhe lann. or ior any
nthr rcBHnn. to the disDOsal to ap
plicant, should file their affidavits of
proleHt in this oiuce on or oeiore me j
20th day or January
A K I'll UK W. UKTUS Keglster.
N2&D30 I
Manurtmnnt Of The Interior. U. 8.
Land OtUce at Lakeview, Oregon,
Nov. 23d, 1909.
N'ntlcn in hnrabv civen that John
Jacob Van Keuten, of Plush, Oregon,
who on April an, luus, maae Home
stead entry No. 3971, Serial, No. 01549,
lnta 1 1 flWViNE'. Section 4.
Township 30S., Range 24E., Willam
ette Merinian, nan men nonce or
intention to make Final Commutation
Prnni tn HHtubllsh claim to the land
above described, before Register and
Receiver, U. K. uaoa unice, at uaae
view , Oregon , on tbo 7th day of Jan
uary, 1910.
Claimant names as witnesses:
W. E Schuster, of Plush, Oregon
J. A. Morris, of " "
Otto Korbein. of " "
Jaru Turpln. of
N2G D30
ISOLATED iTRAOT. T.unrl Rule. Oarmrt.mi.rit nf
The Interior, U. 8. Land Office at
Lakeview, Oregon, uci., iwm. law.
Notice is hereby given that, as di
rected oy the Commissioner of the
General Laud Office, under provi
sions of Act of Couvress approved
June 27. 1900 ( 34 States., 617), we,
will offer at public sale, to the high
est bidder, at 10 o'clock A. M.. on
tba tenth day of December. 1909 at
tbia offloe.tbe following described land
RE quarter SE quarter, Section 20
T 38 8., 17 E., W. M.
Any .persons olalailog adversely tbe
above described land are advise 1 to file
their claims or pbjecMona, on or be
fore the time designated for tbe sale.
ARTUUU W. ORTON, Register.
of safety, high returns and
Real Estate Investment Co. Ltd.
B. C.
South Central Oregon Land Co.
Main Office at flush, Lake County , Oregon.
Specialties; Warner Valley Improved farms,
l;ruit Iand5, Alfalfa lands. Choice stock-ranches.
Large tracts for Colonization purposes.
Agents for Plush Townslte. Stttlers located
on choice vacant Government Lands. Climate
and water supply unexcelled. Large Irrigation
works underway. Correspondence solicited. all communications to Secretary
South -Central-Oregon Land Company, Plush,
Lake County, Oregon.
Mammoth Stables
C. D. ARTHUR. Pmormimw
The '.argent Livery and Feed Stable In .loutlicru Oregon
or Northern California, 1 1 or -en Hoarded by the Day, Week
or Mouth. SNclal Attention til veil to TruliNlent Sl.K'k
European Plan
from a Cup
Square Meal
Us --- Vou will
E. E. SVVLN50N, Proprietor.
I. O. O. F. Block,
3 Abstract, of Title to all Lands in
Lake County Furnished.
Terms Reasonable.
m i uwt invito rioii aiiui
Wm. JACOBS, Manager.
The Real Home Paper.
ItTe San Francisco
M. H. de YOUNG.
Sane, Conservative and Well Edited.
Daily Sunday Weekly
Sunday's in Colors
Wm. Wallace, Dealer at Lakeview, Ore.
Order Now
Unquestionable Security
inreasing value, which is not
Prince Rupert, B C-
Every thing
of Coffee to a
Call and I ry
Come Again.
g Lakeview, Ore. )
TII We Have Found Those Er- $
rors in th County Records. &