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NO. 48
'Another Railroad Richmond to EMerUBLlCAN CON
I tie fenced jpieiti 01 Hamman
Cannon and Insurgents
On a Truce Until
The President
WASHINGTON, Deo. ft. At noon
today the II r lit rrgulnr iritslou of the
ixtj llrsl coiiurioxa will convene.
Vice I'renldsut Hhermau will preside
In the senate, Speaker Cannon In the
There have been faw aessioos la
recent years for which there has been
so little planning among members.
Ordlnarly, Speaker Cannon and Ken
ator Aldrlch, who apeaka for the ma
jority of tha annate, have a program
at the belgnnlng of a session, nut
tbla yeartbey have nnnn; or If they
bave. they are not talking about It.
They are waltlug upon tha preal
dent. By oomaion couaent, apparently,
all wt bold I tig dark until the presi
dential recommendations ran be re
ceived, aa they will be ou Tuesday,
In hia first anuual message.
That Ma suggestions will be anted
upoo la too much to nay. Hut there
la a disposition to accomodate biro
ao far aa ran be done and there la
a dtermluatinii to hear his sugges
tlona before enterlna npnn any
elfort at legislation along llnea upon
wM. ih be haa Intimated a desire to
be heard.
Kvcn tho "InaiirgHnts" generally
xprHN a willingness to wall upon
tlie white hoiiMti before attempting
to furiuuUte a plan of artlou. Thl
Is trim In tho sensta and the house.
Thiy innnlffnt inuob iutrt lu the
furl hcnuiitig un'HHuue but any that un
it; la received they will be tumble to
form any plmi. Tbiy are avowedly
irreconcilable in tliir attltudu to
ward the sneaker and Senator Ald
rlch. whom they hi. Id rmpotialbl",
the one for tho house rules aud the
olhur tho present tHrilf.
Sixty-Five People Make
a Rush Thru Prine
ville in One Day
Sixty five people came into central
Oregon Sunday mid Monday, ou their
way to Silver Luke and Fort Hook
nountrlca, says the I'rlnevllle Kevlew.
Forty oue were passengers by stage
mid -I came by various otln-r means
Of conveyance. There were four
stages, t'Ki'H loaded to I ho guards,
ttnd the trip from SliHiiiko coininned
aoinethlnu more tlmu :iit hours, owinti
to the extremely heavy ro'iiditlou of
tho rouda. MoHt, If not nil Uiohh peo
ple were utter ttuverumeut land In
uortheru Luke county, wblnb shows
how fast our freo IhikU Hie koIiik to
meu and women of kuu.I'Uoii.
Northward tbe course of empire
takes Its way. A tugboat steamed
nut of Vaucouvre, 11. 0., receutly
with a barge loaded wltu a 7-ton
locomotive, ii flatcars and a ca
boose. This rolling stock is bound
for Prlnca Rupert where It wll be the
first to be used on tbe western divi
sion of tbe Oand Trunk PaoiOo.
When the Canadian Paolfla was
built across tbe continent it was
thought that it ran too far north to
prove a profitable Investment The
same prediction has been made in
tbe case of the new load now build
ing. Our "frontier" Is becoming ao
restricted, however, that it Is not
Improbable that In a few years hence
SOUl" iloriHK rnurimu iMiiiiioio v.u
spanning the oontiuent witb a line,
having feeders runnlug up to tbs Ar- j
tlo ocean.
The !i4th annual meeting of the
..-.,... Ktutu lliirtluulural (Society
waa belli in Portlano Inst week. A J
uuniberof conipiebeosive papers were.
read, which will be puutsnmi.
livery uun in iuyihj w . -
Interested iu horticultural. Anuual
! dues, ! i life membership. 910. pay
I able in one or two payments. Kvery
member will receive a oopy of tbe
proceed I a ga aud list of members.
Help make a creditable showlug for
the Hociety by joining,
frank W. Power. Is aeoretary, who
may be' addressed at Portland.
t :
Tbs Ontario Uptomlat, edited by
it Kansas girl, boru and reared in a
newspaper oilloe, is a mighty good
Wins Everything in Sight
At the Billings Dry
Land Congress
Follow Ion la the report of the
odlnlnl Hat of the prizes wnu by Cen
tral Oregon exhibit ahowu recently
at the Billings Dry Fur in I ok Cnniras
It waa received by tha general passen
ger dapai tmrnt of the Great North
ern at Portland :
Alfalfa seed, it. M. Powell. Pilne
vllle. dry fitriiilna oongrnMS. Hrt.
(Colored oata, J. II. Kalo, Madras,
dry ftirming congress, second.
Winter rye, II. J llealy, Mad ran. J.
J. Hill. tlmt.
1'ntatoea, (J. Springer, Culver, J.
J. Hill second.
Irish Barley. C II. Howell, Bend,
dry farm lug congress, first.
WintMr rye. II. J. llealv Madras, J.
J. Hill, third.
lUkt geuerat dirplay, Oregon, J. J.
Illll, cup
No More Lager and Nix
More Schnapps for the
Cerman Soldiers
CIIICACO, Per. 4, Kinperor Wil-
Until til (ii rnuiiiy in "on the wnter
iijjuii" iiih l lie m ilil ii'l's i d the CiiT
' 1 11 it 1 1 Imperial army run ni lunger
I lllllk In their IIMllllI rutl'ill llf 'MI'llHppH'
i fur riiuriie Mild MllMelllllire. In Mm
j place they iihw II ml buttled leinoii
hi idn .
Tliin Ktfitftiient in ii ilt liy (!. llnw
land M unriie nf New Jerney. a dele
jrnte to tin' tlitrttfiit Ii national con
vention (if the A lit I Saloon leak'ue of
America, which ojictiH in CbicaKo (iu
The Alturaa New Kra, ol tbe first
has this bit of neua that will interest
(he uiny Iiikoviuw trietids of the
young lady:
At, Davis Creek, at the home of Johu
UrilcH wai performed one of t tie most
plettsatit and ilaiuty home weddings
which hut oecured lor mauy a day.
Uev. Crook performed the ceiemouy
fortbe contracting partlen. Mlas Ruby
llrlles ii nd Vincent Kubbins. who
completed their trotn iu its dual vow
Thankglvng day Nearly alt of tbe
near relatives were present, while
few were unable to be present on ac
count of distauce.
The festivities were of the ampla
kind, of which ouly a hospitable
country home Is capable.
We trust tbat this happiness w hich
abounded for this young couple at
the start smay follow them all their
lives. They bave tbe best wlsees of
a host of friends.
Oue of our old timers a while ago
placed a Qve line ad In tbe want
column, of tbe Lakevlew Examiner
offering b's very desirable farm near
Lakevlew for aale. lie seoured so
many letters from people all over
tbe United States and from some
forelgu oouutries as to tbe plaoe.
tbat be got frightened, and ordered
tbe ad taken out, saying if so many
outsiders wanted tbat farm tbat be
better keep It, as be might not be
able to get one so good anywhere
else I Aod between you and I, and
the gate poet, he is wise in that con
clusion I
Tbe N C-0 management has 'be
come tired of dilatory taotis f
the Alturaa people regarding right of
way out of the town to Lakevlew,
and bas begun con Jematlou proceed
ings agaluts property holders. In
order to further expedite Its elforts
to reach Lakevlew as promised It has
aet a force of meu at work on tbe
disputed grouud aud is uow g adiug
tbe road bed and laying rails.
Tbe uuexpecetd high water lu Drewa
Creek took out a lot of the tempor
ary Hume at tbe Dam of tbe lV-L
Co., which, together, with the snow
may cause temporary auspensiou of
the work on tbe dam. Mr. Mason oue
Contractors reports bis oaual of tbe
work about completed.
Several rows In towu bis wee. No
heads broken, but tbe city exchequer
was swelled to a considerable ex
tent through tbe medium of flpes
TO Chicago
Railway to Buna lnru
Goose Lake Valley
The Chicago Tribune, Miv. 2Hth
asya: Iteport frrm the tmt of ex
tenlsve survva said to have beeu
mae In t luteret of the CIjIcbko
and North w-terii rHllav are taken
as ludiciit i'HM that the Northwest
ern Is planning- to build another
transcoutloeutal Hoe link'Og Cbl
. aao with the FaciUo coast.
While the ottlclala of the road will
not divulge their lutentlons, it is
believed that they are quitely ma
tnrlciK plaua, following the example
already set by the ChlcaKO. Milwau
kee and St. 1'aul and the Uould sys
tem In the United States, and now
being set by the (iraud Trunk and
the Canadian Northern in Cnn-da.
The forthcoming Issue of 130 00C,
(MX) of new securities, wblch baa been
predlctd lo New York for aeveral
weeks is to provide funds for start
Ing work oi the vast oterpriee,
according to reports, lu this conneo
tiuo it Is recalled that the St. Paul 'a
Puget. sound extensoin, just com
plete, was started with stock Issue
of a similar amount.
Four principal aurveys are said to
have been made, both of them run
Walker, the Minneapolis'
Lumberman, Called I
For Consultation
The Allures Plaindenler of tbe 3rd
iust., bas tbe following to sa? iu con
firmation of the report. Brat pub
Itshed in the Kxaminer. of the com
lug of tbe Burlington" to these
parts :
H C. liouuer returned from Adin
Sunday and informs us that T. H.
Walker received a dispatch at Su
auville from the Iiurliugtno A Quiu
cy K. K. Co., telliug bim to come
eiiBt at once, for consul tatiou.
It appears that tbe Utirlin ,tou is
clonely connected witb tbe Hill road,
eud itaked Mr. Walker for maps show
ing his timber buldiugs. Mr. Walker
forwarded maps and stated tbat he
would provide tb iUirliugton right
of WHy aud would give tbat road his
business. Tbe result was as above
We have couteudad all along that
the liurliutgon wag going to Sun
Francisco, aud this cootlrma our
stutemeut; tbe probabilties therefore,
are that this system will be first to
penetrate tbe Lake basin, compris
ing Harney, Lake aud Modoc, i'hey
are buildug dowa thru Idaho at the
rate of U00 miles per annum, and tbe
survey has reached Harney valley.
Does the sudden energy displayed by
the N CO., building in mid winter
mean a connection? "We shall see,
what we shall soe. "
Tbe Klamath Express calls for
posting of street signs so tbat old and
new residents may be able to tell
where tbey live, aod strangers nod
their way about. It pays a small
(own to bave streset signs aod num
bers, and It attracts strangers to see
tuoh signs of enterprise even in a
village. Klamath la a young city,
but it needs street sign;, more than
it needs empty lots.
Growing Old a Force of Habit.
v By EUSTACE MILES, Ensllah Physical Cullurist and Tennis Player.
IT ia'timeli more important to prevent premature OLD AGE
tban to prevent death.
A man ought to put his foot down and say, "I WON'T GROW
OLD." lie ought to get out of grooves. Wo are not haphazard
enough. Wo are apt to do the same thing over and over again, aud
that in itself is extremely aging.
The chief general rule to prevent old age is to IJEFRALN FROil
WORRYING, because worry involves fear and cowardice. LAUGH
TER is an invaluable preventive of old age.
A fortune awaits the man who will provide a padded room where
for a email sum of money a man can go in for five minutes, laugh
heartily, kick about and generally enjoy himself.
niug via Co one Lake, Ore., a short
distance ent of the Northwestern'a
pr"ent terminus.
The first Hue runs fiom (loose Iake
weft " Portland, Tacoma, and Seat
He, on tbe Puget souod. and tbe se
rond rnns ai.utbwest through the
Kacrameoto valley in tbe direction of
Sao Francisco. The present western
most extremity of the Northwestern
line Is at Lander. Wyo. near tbe
Idaho state line, aod there is another
line almost aa far west to belle
Tbe NoHhwesteto's through traflio
between Chicago and California is
now touted from Omaba west over
tbe rails of tie Union PactHc-Soatb-era
system, witb which tbe North
western has a traflio arrangement.
In order to be able to compete on
even terms witb its rivals for west
ern t raffle, it is asserted, tbe North
western must eveutuully free Itself
from tbe necessity of depending on
any mere tractting agreement ond
before many years are past secure ita
own raila to the coast.
Chicago Chemists State
That Desert Plant
Is Valuable
CAPvSON, Nev . Nov., UD. Sage
brush. heretofore looked upon as
vauelcHK, may prove to be one of tbe
Llg cropH of tde West, if tbe informa
tion given tu tbe Stete Publicity aud
Industrial Commission of Nevada
by Chicago cfceniists, proves to lie
According to tbe report of Professor
Sjlventer Sparling of Chicago. 4,UX)
pounds of sagebrush produced 220
galloua of distillate, and further
yielded :S50 pounds of charcoal. Tbe
distillate coutained tar, wood alco
hol, acetic acid an several other pro
ducts. The figures giveu indicate that tbe
tbousauds of acres of sagebrush land
in the Went cau be made to produce
millions of dollars iu products yearly
if the ditttilliug prccess now being
perfected by tbe Chicago chemists is
A exchange says from a uewspper
man's standpoint, Lydeu, Washing
ton seems to be tbe ideal place to live
and Dhu Cloud is the luckiest of all
editors. The local commetcial club
has just voted bim substantial evi
dence of its apprciation of his elforts
to boost tbat locality, through tbe
columns of The Tribune. It is gen
erally taken for granted tbat that is a
part of an editor's every day routine,
but tbe business men aud farmers of
Lydeu seem to be of another stripe.
They wanted . Editor Cloud to know
that they appreeciated bis work. The
result is that Lydeu is going to have
a better booster than ever before.
Other editors are equally deserving
of such reoognltion aud tbe commu
nity tbat grants It will be gainer a
thousand fold.
Our weatber report compares mors
tbau favorably witb tbat reported
throughout the Union.
Work Said to Have Com
menced on First 15
Miles Out of Fernley
The Husanville Advocate haa the
following; reKHrdliiK the new K. P.
line coming; up from the south to in
terned with the Goose Lake &. South
ern, aurveyed through L.akeviev:
It Is reported in Suxanville that a
contract for 15 miles of the Fernley &
IiHHeu Railroad has lieen let, and
that work has already Ix-gun at the
Fernley etid.
It is alao repojted, on what author
ity we know not. that the Utah Con
struction Company haa been instruct
ed to keep tieie such of Ita teams) and
applianeeH aa are still iu this section
to meet a deinaud to le made at an
early date.
Minnie Hopkins, Wife of
One of the Judges
; of the Phillipines
- The old settlers hereabouts doubt
lees remember Minnie Hopkins,
daughter of our townsman, M W.
llopkiua. Tbe ltH? 19 now tbe wife
of Judge Herbert D. Gale, of Manila,
of wbom tbe following meutiou is
made in the Manila Cablenews-Amer-ican,
of October 12. 1909:
Acting Covenor Cieneral Forbes
yesterday Appointed Attorney Her
bert U. dale aa tbe successor of
Judge Springer for judge of the
Court of first instance of tie district
of ZamboangA, of the Moro province.
Tbe new judge is one of tbe best
knowu attorneys practicing in this
city and bis znauy friends are tender
ing bim their hearty congratulations.
The appointment goes to the com
mission today for confirmation and
in tbe meanwhile Mr. Li Hie ia pack
ing his grip.
Attorney Gale was admitted to tbe
bar in Iowa iu 1892 During the
Spanish Ameiicau, wxr be served in
tbe 49tb Iowa Volunteer Infantry and
went to Cuba witb that regiment. He
remained iu Cuba nearly two years.
He formed a pait of tbe international
relief expedition tbat went to Cbina
in 1900. Ou coming to tbe Philip
pines he was made captain aod quar
termaster of tbe Pbilipnines Consta
bulary and iu 1902 resigned to prac
tice law. Shortly afterwards be was
appointed assistant prosecuting at
torney and in that capacity conducted
duriug tbe time he held tbe omce,
over 700 criminal cases and Secured
90 per cent of convictions.
He resigned in 1905 to reenter pri
vate practice, joining forces with Al
lison L. Ulbbs.
Can it be possible tbat tbe courts of
Stats of Alabama bave sentenced a
starving woman t serve seven years
in tbe peniteotray for stealing a loaf
of broad and five eggs for sustenance
of an invalid brother? Tbe publio
prints stats this tor a fact I Think
of it? Tbe great state of Alabama,
oonenrred la I y its supreme Court,
does au act that causes the blood of
every man, w bo baa rbad the"Les
Mlsersbles" of Victor Hugo, to oir
dle with indignation 1 Where is
our boasted civillaztien, wbeu such
petty crimes, - brought abput by our
bad social cooldtious are so severely
puuiuabed, and the nob malefactors
go scot frea?
An epidemic of rabies is prevailing
to such ao extent among dogs in
Los Angeles and other, parts of
Soutberu . California, tbat tbe au
thorities are suppressing tbe facta,
and at tbe same time are carrying on
a war of extermination against tbe
brutes. A uumber of . horses bave
been bitten and died, aud a number
of people have also been bitten aod
will surely die. The dogs -should be
muzzled or killed. ... .
England claims to bays one million
more women than men. And say,
boys, they are a sturdy handsome
lot. We've seen tnaqy-of-' them, who
if aunexed . would ' make . splendid
Americans! . ..... . ;J, . .
Says Aldrichism and Can-
nonism Must Go To
Save the Party
From Ruin
WASHINOTOV Deo. 5 -Repie-eeotative
Charles W. Fowler of New
Jersey tonight declared it to be per
fectly clear "tbat unless tbe republi
can party gets rid of Aldrichism and
Cannonlsm, tbe people will get rid
of tbe republican party." He asserts
that tbe people's hopes bave been
tamed to disgust, sod their faith to
resnotment. and he says be does not
believe they will permit Mr. Aldrlch
to "pirn tbeir pockets through tbe
legerdemain of words."
He promises "a thunderbolt of
righteous indignation and punitive
wrath tbat Is about to strike, scatter
and paralyze tbe republican party on
less it utterly repudiates Aldrichism
and ita subservient Implement, Can
nouism. '
Impending defeat and tbe loss of
tbe next boa-e of representatives,
Mr. Fowler says, cau be avoided only
dy emblazoning ou onr party bauner
First, wt are against Aldriobism
and Cannonlsm.
"Second, we demand tiriff revision
hereafter by evolution and not by
"Thlrrl. H AtkmmnA frarip? vkffialnn
based upoo ascertained facts, and not
upon selfish trades and corrupt agree
ments. "Fourth, we demand a permanent
broad and respoosi&ble tar 18 comtn ia
ion which shall ascertain these facts,
obviate trade wars and assist in re
taining Hnd securing tbe good will
and friendship of all nations by wis,
just and advantageous trade treat
Draws Creek witnesses the social
event of the season. It beiug la the
form of a farewell dinner given by
Mrs. Joe Howard of the J T ranch la
honor or Mr. frank Howard and Miss
Howard, who leave shortly lor
Philadelphia, Pa., the former to be
Shortly after nine o'clock Sunday
morning; December 5th the guests,
including Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Shirk,
Mr. and Mrs. C. Cressler, Mr and
Mrs. W. D. Tracy, Mr. and Mrs.
Lawrence Tracy, Mr. and Mrs. Judge
Benson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Finley,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Italley, Mr. and
Mrs. John Wells, Mr. aud Mrs. Oliver
Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas King,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tulle, Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Austin, Mr and Mrs. Win.
Dykeman, Mr. uud Mrs. Tom Garrett,
Mr and Mrs. James Owens, Miss
Alice McGrath. Bert Lapham, Paul
Stiudt, J. B. Liplee, Galen M. Holbert
Dr. Daly. Charlie Arthur, Joe Tracey,
Harry Hull, Billy Patten, Jack
Kimball, Ned Hooker, Walter
Howard, Manual Sanders, Charlie
Beltle and Nate Smith, uegau to
arrive. They were received by Mr.
Prank Howard and Miss Howard,
with Miss va tloward assisting
them. Congratulatious being lu
order. At V2:',IO the guests entered
tbe dtning room, profusely decorated
In the holiday colors showing the
artistic taste of Miss Eva, and aet
down to one of those bounteous
dinners such as only a genial hostess
like Mrs. Howard can get up.
Mr. Howard waa the recipient of
many valuable as well as useful
gifts, Including money, silverware,
cbiua, etc., all displaying the high
esteem Mr. Howard la held in by bis
muny friends.
The University of Oregon is send
ing out tbe October number ol tbe
University Bulletin ou tbe Oregon
High Sohool Debating League. In ad
dition tp tbe material concerning tbe
League itself, teu panes are given to
tbe " Principals of Klfcetive Debat
ing " adopted by Mr. Gustave Buoben,
instructor iu ' publio speaking' at tbe
University of Oregon. Complete
bibliographies on the Guaiantee of
Bank Deposits, Limitation of Arnia
meots, Capital punishment. Commis
sion plan of City Governments, Sin
gle Tax aud Postal Savings Banks
are given. Taken aa a whole the
Bulletin is one of tbe best the Uni
versity, has issued and will be es
pecially valuable to debating socie
ties aod to all those interested la
public speaking. Like all other Uni
versity publications, this bulletin
is seut free upou request.
Burns Times. 27tb. ult: A. B. Mur
pby.was in from his Iron Mountain
laud holdings tbs first of tbs week.
Mr. Murphy Btates that some floe
specimens of float baa been found la
that vuiulty and tbat possibly a rich
gold ledge would be found ia a blowout
from either Steene or Warner Mountains.
Lw 1 ' it