Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, November 25, 1909, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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Ties at 25ds
Suspenders at 50$s
These are fore-runners and re
minders of your Holiday needs,
and will impress upon your mind
where to go to supply your
Christmas wants. See them in
our north window.
Our $t.50 Sweater Coat is named the
"INVINCIBLE" by the manufacturers.
They arc the very best $1.50 value we
ever had to offer. Others fjom $2 25
to $5.00.
EL TIES will be on exhibition in
another week.
enth St., Portland, Oregon, before
'Vt id l'.'it, i whom M'pllcut Ion
lit uld he inn le for further InforuiH
tiot. The heavy rln of late canned the
I le of h mountain to elide, dentroy
intt Lie ditch of the AHiirm lighting
pl.tnt en 1 put the town in darkties.
MePherson. Kannass l to have
Tnrgsten street light, at ft font of
f a light, two to a bloc Lake
view could have better street lighting
lit l ot little if any addtt tonal cist,
by adopting sueti lights.
KlaniHtti Kails is reaching out tor
trade of the Silver l.uke country.
Uev. " Bidy " Williams, hits been
lighting the 'devil at Hood Ktver.
mi. I i now eniiHged in the Hiun
nor; in Salem. Il should have,
ivnifn l until the leg islature met in i
hate In the future. If r I"'-
niltte I to enquire, wnjr i parem
low theli half grown hoyi to carry
concealed weapons?
i. m kl ........... wHi idreulaltlhf a l'e
tit ion aromi.l town lent wee for a
change In the mall route between
hero ami 1'aUley. no as to
the yco; lo or alleV laimBiiu
waiican valley. Tim route at present
follows a mouutan rhUe which at
t lines In Impassible on aoount of the
deep enow. The new route will lol
low the valley nil the way ami while
somewhat longer, bet ter t iuie can he
made, ami It will also letter iiivoui
tl... ..uut.if iti.mtiel of l'enl It'.
The petition was linatiliiioUHlv nlgned
here, with only one or two excep
tion. Mrs. Cheney is now rehorted con
valence lit.
1 rrn n"" inr-H
The Examiner wishes it reader a
'Uiauksigviug in fact, with plenty of
.orkev ami all tbe other accessories.
Vusbcribers will sreatly oblige, if
Ihey will give their oi l address, as well
aanew in ordering changes ia their
r .ost offices. It is a big tasK to hunt
"f.rrough three thousand names to Hud
the right one.
The SuellitiR-r'aulkuer auto is in
J ,wn. It is a nigh w heeled, solid'1, two se ted mhct.n e. with top
a :d has a very business like appear-
S. .1 Duttou. of Davis Creek, was
5u town Monday. He reports r
vrv ha 1 Hud much freight and ex
; ies hel I up at Alturas. Hurry up
I -at railroad, Mr. Dnnawsv.
.An enterprising strawberry grower
ii t his state is alleged to have grafted
--j-aw berry vines on aPalta roots.
... '.tu tb result that he geta three,
e reps of berries a year. -This may
or niny not be h fake. Aud it is worth
Six two-hcrse tesm 'movers" out
fits arris-el Monday moruiug firm
tJbe North.
Three years ago Kol ert Kyle bonght .
s.tne land uear C'eutral Ft iut, iu i
J ck3n coauv, for fl'D an Hre atid
was recently ottered S i 1 00 mi acre for;
it. There is a morhl right here it
"Tcu look for it, and you do uot have i
to go outside Lake county or Golden j
Oooee Lake valley to tlt.d it! '
Poor old Portland is hard hit. Even
tbe S. P. Pwy. has forbidden its coo - ;
tractors from Ipurchaeiug of the job-!
-j-ra of that burg. i
rttisHc rrenared hv the United i
' .Jcwb board of Agriculture fhow
ttwt the earinig of poultiy in the
United States in one year were great
r than either cottoc crop, the wheat
crop or the ewine output. The last
Tfp.rtof the deparatment showed
that the value of the egg output for ;
the single year amounted to iinre'
thau S.Ui,iA0,iiOJ.
About eight 4-horse outfits of imme
grants and their moveable passed
through town Sunday on their way
north to secure some of our govern
mut lands, uf "The last and West
Wet" These lauds are going faat aud
soon fiere will be uo"o left.
We understand that some Lakeview
parties want to contract about
Ov'O pouu is uf bacon with someone in
Surprise valley. Now whu'll take the
jot.? Cedai ville Iiecori.
Thr-e t,lauket-iii"n, .lruiik, at
tena ted to waybiy an Alturas wnml
teamttr aud got everlastingly wal
loped, aud lauded iu lall to boot.
The big co-operative store at Altu
las has takeu a tlrm step to hertatter
sell only for cash.
1 John Peterson, of Bidell was lined
?'JoO for cotetupt of court at Alturar.
lie was placed on probation tor t o
vears and ordered to i ay a month
into the county treasury.
The Silver Lake Leader is erecting
a buildiug for its ou occupancy.
ThiB shows prosperity. We coLgrat
ulaie you Bro. Holder. Ttie L.xamiu1
er is also plauuiug faster equiii- ,
ment, aud a new office buildiug.
Alturaa New Era, IT: Tom Sher-;
lock came down from Lakeview last j
week and remained several days. He
was looking arouud with view to
purchasing a sheep ranch, but as !
yet we believe that be bas not been
The Oregon society, of Sons of
Americana Revolution offers cash;
prizes for tbe best essays ou live sub-
jecti, written by High School pupils
in the state. The papers must be
handed in to B. A. Taxter, 11 1 Elev-1
order to get in his
The Indies . t t'..e Kehecea IWrec
will give their meinle'S ipiite a
uniiiiio entertainment r'riday n i w lit,
Nov. -v. VMX
If you are interested In a mail
couract see 1 out master Mille.
At turns l'luindealer, 1'.': Pearson
Biglev Co., shipped another cat load
of Unit from Suiprise. It went out
on tn train yesterdav. Manv (.itttle
are also being shipoed which taxes
the capacity of narrow gangt to its
1'nion Thanksgiving Service w ill he
held this morning Ht H'::U o'clock
in the Baptist Church, sermon t y
Kev. (.!. J. Wei-tell of the Methoidst
Kobert L. Kootitz, tif Silver Kuu.
Marylaud, arrived in town Tnslay.
He has a teu acre tract on the West
Side, that lie secured f r the (. V.
L. tv, nu 1 will at once begin im
provements. He is much impressed
with Lakeview and thinks it a wou-d-'rfol
town so far from the railroads.
Pleasant Shellhammer, of Crooked
Creek was disixirlug of a load of tur
keys Mouday, in Lakevjew.
The police court was busy Monday
disposiug of au unusual number of
drunks. The rainy weather laid olf
a lot of the ditchmen, and' they a
once proceeded to get hilarious.
Ihey all csntrihute l liberally to the
city exchequer.
Louis Cert er and A. T. Langel were
in town last week looking up horses
tu purchase.
Bonanza Bulletin IS : There were
eight-eii meu ou last I'ridavs otage :
tiijund for Lakeview where they will
work for the Hall Construction cotn
pnay A lot of the tow-' boys, of 1" y,r
or t hereabouts were ariete t Saturday
tor shooting Mr. M agi 1 ton 's dog. Tl.e
,) istice let the hoys off with a severe
reprimand, but warned them to le .
best, work Iu that i Mim Minnie lleiuleis.ui, "f ''K
well t'nt k I- v. r.v ill il lph.ild level
N. S. MeKi :sey, of Susa n ille.
manager of the Calif o-nla. Oregm.
TelegiHph Co. was Iu town several
duvs t his week.
WhHe here he Installed a storage
battery for the o'llce. The electric
ity is supp led by the local power
plant. I'lie company lias Installed
the batteries at all their offices, and
now have no blue stone batteries in
use In this respect they are ahead of
the big Western I'nion for equip
ment The new system is elea'h d
more elllcieut. Mr. McKiusey fays
the business at Lakeview warrant
the improvement.
Office of K. B. JACKSON. School
Superintendent of Lake County, Ore
lakeview, Oregon' Nov.
Lakeview Exam I tier,
Lakeview, Ore.
Pear Sir,
Kindly publish the following notice
lu this weeks Issue. November U-' 1
the date at which tue school census
of the various districts of the Htate
of Oregon shall be taken. The Dls
trict Clerk of Lake County will
kindly he prompt in making up ami
forwarting t -e reports to this ottl.e
Trul v yours.
The Chataiiquit Circle will meet
m-.xt Monday veiling at the usual
hour with Miss Bessie Burg 'ss. The
lolluwmg l Uie rogram Uoll call
-Current Events "Womau in the
"rogiers of Civlliati..:i," Chat ,.t.
Miss .lohuson "lhft.ieek Vi.-w nf
Lite " Chap-. ! to page IP.', Mi-
Sarali Horn. ' 1 he Homeric Stunt s"
The t Idy.sM-y, i links I to -I Inclusive,
Mrs. Bieber
If yuii liuve never w tiin or hccii hii.v of my
I icpit-l fully call your atfeiill.ui t. . me !.f 1IIL lil).uS 1 1 V
It w III I"' In v.oir adviinlMgc to pi i r ..r.hl x HI
Int. A w omntl k n. m m m hut . ur w i ni - n r okikiwh i lit
Mlyles best t.l X.ilir llifllii-.
'.'ll.l It.,- XX I IIIOl) XX III I MM' I I I ' b l III I 'I- 1 1 1 II I 1 1' I" id llll-lr I . I ll.e;
I x I tt'lVS WW I- N. l I ' I 1 1 I M i I.I I II 1 .11 lilt
th.iu thev iihiimIIx llml. linn I tldx li ml ' S I' U 1 1 I I 1 1 I A W N I I ,
-!-,! ii tii- ixi-ltlxi-lx a HMO ni I O. . I I lx- " I h'x hI . i w ii a re ii I ihii-
Illl. lV l lll I.IT'I llllll III.M MIIV, I III I O M lleldll.
I'll M v ' I i!s on- si 1 1, tlx II 1 1 . 1 1 I I. 1
New Bakery
Will have Fresh Broad, Cakes and Pies ovory
day. Lunch Counter in Connection.
en "A IH I tl V , wet
' the past week. Md
tiiiTH.i.det.ted f r
warmest for the week
rti It w as "I above ;
above. On the 'Mh
le. and ou the I'.'th
lii of an Inch, on the
and I :n. thw
I .'."J. 'There appesrs
t he rain as wo go
1 1 sure! v has I .
ana slopp spell '
timers say It Is
Novemper. 'The
w as the I'.'l h w h
t he lowest, was 'Jl
It began to d i
'lie rainfall was .
-Mth . I"i, the 'Jlst
H I l'i. ou the
to be no let up t
We ordered s.ime illustrated Thanks
giving matter for this Issue, lot t lie
stage neglected to bring It
Charles C Cruu It-II and Miss Mnbel
Kicluir Is I-:. I.i 'h of were
iiiarrn d T ie- .:.) a ' ! i I no. in at I o'-i-lo.-k.
i.t KlngslcCs Creeil tiarde::
house I I'ev (i .1. Wentell, pastor
M l l !.
fin cher knives, SkinninR and wtick
ing kni"es, ma le by Smiih and Son,
Pine Creek, r. Guaranteed to give
satisfaction, nr money refunded.
Auten Hardware, for Heating
stove-. Auteti carries the most nitty
line, in t he city
Highest price, paid for coyote hides,
and furs of all kinds.
"Furs," Auten buy them. Pavs
highest market price.
Moliue walking and ri ling gang or
single plows.
Chilled plows, disk harrows, sdeel
plows aud harrows.
Peter Scbuttler Wagons.
Kuberoid rooting guaranteed,
teu years.
Remember we carry the Toledo Steel
range which is fully guaranteed for
ten years.
Barb wire aud nails, iu fact our liuo
is complete in hardware.
We guarantee to save you money.
Give us a cull and exaimne our
goods, quality Bnd prices.
Vouis for business.
0. OF H.
" To the ..ilicers and members ot the
i.akesln re Lodge, Nu. 77 Pegri I
lloiu r, vieA. or. gun. Alt
iiiHiiiter-i in good standing are re
questtd to be present at the next n g
ular meeting, Dec. Ju l. as busines
of importaiic" is to te transacted
By order nf the Chief of Honor.
M A BY POST. Kecorder pro tciu.
Business LocalsJ)
At Swensou's rest auriiiit there will
be given a turkey diuner, with ("ran
beiry sauce, '1 haukvgivlilit day.
Ttie City Bakery and Cafe will
serve turkey ThauksgivinK day.
Kodak llnishing ut photo gallery,
opposite (J. V. L. C'o. office. s:Uf.
IJuy Lots la Watson' Addition
Before you bti) lots any where iu
this ficiuity see tnoae iu Wntsosn'
addition. Close to busiuestt center,
of Lakeview. Xi tf.
I Med at New l'l'i" I
fever, ii1 o r lav t tu
I nima I M.-k age !
1 he v. org
student in I !.
Several ot 'n v
ar e ro il'" I
I Ixelise
eek. O' tvphoi.l
.ot n lust. M Ins
! !) vears.
I id V W is at one t i 'lie a
I . .!,. lew Mull school
1 1 1 1-1 1 1 iii i s of t he fain 1 1 v
e i III of the sa me
O.V- L- Co. Land Holders:
We are in position to lease many
sections of land included in holdings
recently disposed of by O. V. L. Co.and
would be pleased to act as your agent
for coming year. By our plan you are
not out One cent. Write for terms.
We are still reporting on these tracts, and so
licit your patronage. We also buy, sell or ex
change these tracts.
Land examination and location is our spec
ialty. If you want a homestead or desert claim write
or see us.
Report of the Condition of
The Bunk d Lakeview fit Lake
view ill the State of Oregon, at
tin- Hunt; of IuimIiiohh, Nov Itj, l!H)9.
UKsioi it i:h.
I.ol.I.AIlH. fKN'I'H
LoaiiHand I (IhcouiiU f 1.7),(KL' 17
Overdrafts;, Hecured and
uneeciirod 1.1, Wi" '
Bonds, HoenrlticH. towu aud
hcIiooI warrants!, eto I ,--" r"
lianklnK hoiiHo, furniture
and fixture. lo.ri.'tO dl
Other real i-Htate owned.. .'l.ol'S ,'ll
Hue from approved re-
HLTVC liapka 2!J,'I M
ClieckH and other cush
ItcmH 0.81S 51
KuHpciiHC Acct 10 4H
Caali on hand 17,'sil 4.ri
Noll i. Mil: I'l ' BLI OA Tl oN.
Oepiii'r ei t ' H The Interior. I". S.
Land I lltlce at Lakevle.v, (Iregon,
Nov. Il'o'.t.
Nollie is hereby given that John
la. ob 'un Kenleii, of Plush, Oregon,
who on April :td, llHIH, made Home
dead entry No. 'K'TI, Serial. No. nl.ri'.l,
to' lots l.'J.:i; SWNK',. Secfon ,
To nship .'tiiS., Kange 'J I l'i. , Willam
ette Meridian, has tiled notice of
intention to make 11 mil Con. imitation
Proof, to establish claim to tl.e laud
above described, before Beg.ster and
Bereiver, L S. Laud Office, at Lake
view , Oregon , ou the 7th day of Jan
uary, Bill).
Claimant names as witnesses:
W. L Schuster, of Plush, Oregon
.1. A. Morris, of ' "
Otto Korbeui, of " "
James Turpin. if " "
AKHTL'K W. OHTON, Itelgnter
N'Jo D.W
C. II M.KLNDKI.I- Wuhe.tortii
ami. nice t'uil his s. rlce Hie ut the
iliaposai ut the purchaser, of the laud
at the Oregon Valley Land Com
pany's Sale In Oregon. T'or two yenra
Mr. Mckeiidree wits rental agent, hav
ing charge of all the lumU i nil rio ed
Iu the Military Koh I iraiil. whi.-li
was i.i mi I sold I'V the O. V . L.
Co. In that cupi'i ity he famllai led
hliiiaelf with every tiact ot laud mi
the giant, became kr plaints I with
renters, ii'id can tell vim from i-r-nonal
knowledge the value of ein'h
and i-M'iV tiact, lot li as tu I. .Cut i. ill
and i it 1 ity.. and n-ntlng value. In
adllti ni Mr McKeii ltee kno t the
st ckineii and who rented every por
tion ot these lllllds . I 1 1 I I II g 'In- !isl
tn 1-als lie knows whom to see to
lent each tiact this vear. T'or a u-il
loimleint lle t'ot1 ilollais per
tract leg.rdlesH iifsl'e. Mi Mi-lo-ie
d rie Willi I elide I a i i-pnrl giving I ' . -tlon,
ipi'.lltv and tl" value, and ill
tl ii I ou a i.-iter It the land Is ri ii1
lible. All I .llits fir 1 1: f. I u i.t loll
li ii -l tu ai'i'oin pun i I I y .ii''. . tl..r-Wl-e
no 1. 1 0 A .1 will te I e I II I lied .
rr.MLMBi.i:. m-. Mck.u in-i.
lint l ave to I n r l . t the lulid. mi l
ren l. r n "llr-t I k t- port .I'l .is
Ilia books cla-lt mg tveiy tii.ct,
and kfn.As w 1 1 1 t It rente I lot lust
)ear- he hmi i ee n over every loot
ot the grunt. In- can tlml you a rent
er. Keteteme A 11 v or buslneHS
Inail In l akeview
AddiesH C. II. M K K NT 1 1 ! I . K
Lakeview, Oiegoli.
The Si.i i hiii.'Ii 1 1 1 Bei
tains a view and
Coutt House
l t the 1 .til cou
rt I He Op id our
Skating Rink
Admission X Kvery evening1. W'ed-ui-Hilay
afternoon Lad lea' Day.
K. B. KAsTON, l'roi
In ( nlted State Land Ottlce I, nl.o
view, Oregon, Nov. Joth, I'.m'.'.
N'.tlce Is hereby given that t ho
Northern Pucillc Uailway Company,
wIiohii pn.t-olllce addresa Is St Paul,
Minnesota, has this 'ilh day of No
vember,, tiled in thin ottlce Its
application to select under the previs
ions of ttie Act of (1 ingress, ap
proved July 1. lH'.tH, CIO Stat. f.'.iT, Cf).
NW JNKJ, S'.NKJ. N'..NVJ. N',,SK'...
Section Id, T. :iHS.. K. I7K., V. M .
Any and all persons claming adver
sely t ne lands (inscribed, or desiring
to object because of the mnierul
character of the laud, or for hiijt
other reason, to the disposal to ap
plicant, should II le tlieir Hlllduvlts of
protest iu this olllrn on or before the
Until day of January I'Jin.
A I HIT I Ti W. OBTON Begister.
Total ?73ii,70H 47
I.IAItll.PI 'U.S. llOl.l.AKH (,"l'
Capital Mtock p. ild in f 1(M),(MK) (mi
Surplus! fund 100.000 00
I'lidlvided prolitH, Ii'hhox-
petiKi-H iiinl t ; i xj'M paid... -i-v.Mi :i
Due to Banksiiud Bankers hl'.t 7!)
' 1 1 1 I i v I 1 1 1 u I lIl'pOsitM Hllll- ,
I jeet to check 4 VJ,'.'M 72
liomaiid cert llicn ten nf !-
puHlt l.'i.ifiit 07
'Time ( ert itica tew of ih-poHlt. UV077 07
C. rtilied chei kw I.OOO 00
Total $7:i!,70s 47
Over Lakeview Pharmacy
)iti:iio., 1
Lakk. )
Kl A'l i; ok Oiti:io.,
Coi nty oi
I, F. M. Miller, Canliicr of the
ahovc-ntiiiied Bank, do (solemnly
awoar that tlitt aliove MtaU'inent Ih
true to tho Beet of my knowledge
mid IrIIcL
F. M. M1LLKH, Canhler.
Con ect Attest:
II. Daly.
C. K. Hhcrlock.
StiliHcrlBeil and Mworn to Ix-fore inc
thin 2:ird (lay of Nov, l!X!i.
Seal Chan. Uinbucli, Notary Public.
The Pine Creek
Mining & Leasing
Company, Inc.,
have just purchased the outstanding
3-5ths interest in the Mineral Spring
claim. This gives the Pine Creek Com
pany a group of three claims, namely:
The Fern, Huckelbery No 3 and Min
eral Spring No 1, without intersections,
making in all some fifty odd aeres of
the most centrally located ground in the
Hoag District.
To provide for present needs The
Pine Creek Leasing and Mining Com
pany, Incorporated, offers for sale Twen
ty Thousand shares of its Treasury
Stock at Five Cents per share. This
offer will hold good until December 3Jy
1909. Orders should be addressed to
New Piue Creek, Oregon.