Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, November 25, 1909, Page FIVE, Image 5

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"The Home of Good Values"
Wehave Everything in our Store
that can be found in a General Mer
chandise establishment Groceries,
Hardware, Dry Goods, Hats, Caps.
Boots7and Shoes.
Doors & Windows
Salt & Grain
Bailey dfc Massingill
New Coats New Suits
VVc sell the I n Vwno Sult5 and
Coats, livery VOgUCone wJth
best ns and shields. No better made.
Pall line Children's hear Cloth Coats and
Moods to match All prices and fine assort
ment to choose from.
Misses Coats in good Kersey, Bear Cloth,
and Plush. All sizes.
Silks, Nets, Velvets and Linens. All new
stj-les and patterns.
line we ha ve ever show n . All colors, includ
ing Black Voile. Silk ind Heatherbloom Un
der Skirts,
New Waists
New Skirts
Personal Ment-'on
( , -
- r
LA ' " I k
5 VM
Mnyi.i A. M. iiiill,
town last wirli.
'it Kcnn, whh In
i;. .i.
I li I li g
oh.1 '
clous Msc-a!. r'A'-fz r.ixw1
lasiry;ecrvrys !; foot!
t!itr:.'i1Iic:rilMul ftf
frui! properties
' $
4" V-
Villi, y
I r.iiik
! .1 it k -' hi
111! I I. S
. 1'iw-h.y
Mr-- Hurry . u II.
i ir-it I ny icl il uiiih pi
HI 1 1-v I li. m t I AH
1 !. 1 1. ii k' h 1 1 iw n S at ii r
I ' i ln r Iiiiim . i n N
n-i H i . n fur
FOl! fS.M.K. I,.
HIT-". J I lil t I, I
'J'). I.nkf c. uiily.
!' r .- run ii . l'T h.
K MUli'l-.
Muki- c lti r
fli St., J'l
ii i;.
f k -i .
hi. Il H
report k
up tl.,.1
U .Ui'll I.DST.--A l,.'li.-H tff.M ;.ti-ii,
Ihijh hii-. r'niliiy nikilit norm- a hirp.
t i-t f-i-n IJnrry liaileyp Ikhwh. mi l the
i':i.ton til (( on Sluhli Stnit. I in
warrl olOrcil. Kiiifl'T will pli-ane
lfv- Mime ht KxhiilUfT ollii'o
I Inl.lHi-i
, Till' lli lin li',
. K.-l-i-., v.i
tlllH H'
1'i.ihli-y, K. I!
I.nlpli Mniiliy
nil 'inn n Ii iiiii
Foil si.i. ui: i:.ii..-t.mi
1 t in I J:.I;iIiii:mh i'iy. '
.J. t II .S S ..1 I I II. .:,kl- i'.-a. (;,
In -h
'A till 11 ,H I I'l'II
tin- Wiil.iMD.ft
lin ii'lih. pm-- .1
lav, lit-r ay
1'iiih (,'ri r).
Foi; S l.!
PI Katu".
17 In. Ml
- I rui't. Pi.
;;. iu hi'res
: rn.-t -ii S'.iv i
in u.-rrs - -Trt.i t ! si-c.
1 1 Ka.ik-i. H"r.
n i.,-.,i. ::: i:u;e-
J. P. L. I. VANS
ikinhai, ( Jri yon 1 vrt
i II. IS. Milliu I, i f I'l rtlau l miivdl
SaturiUy Mini ui nt nvi r to l'luhli on
II I .llnl iii-hh trip.
uii'l Malilo K..
n l'lll.-h Itlnt
I MrH. -iliiiirli K. V , ,
i y. lllni il over I ru
I Tlini H.lay.
W. I'. 1'iiin li ft lui-l TliiirM.iay for u
I rip to (.'iilifurii in point
1 .1. ('.. (ruvi'tiM Mux ovir from I'IuhIi
I' C'hiii, of New Vork , waa a Ho
j I -1 Ltiki-i lew uui-ft lli.lay.
II. il. Di'iiiuuu, of Harriiiian. iu
llitrm-y oniinly, nort liiiht o' ITubI),
a in town mnr .Sumliiv.
II. ('
.loiii-h, of Ktirckii t'ulif in iu
I.OST. At ri k'e. ly Uel Mrt i. h
la ly'-i -lerliiis' mlvi-r hind hat:. Con
tains l.'i -r.ii io postals, Miit cum. o y
mi.i (! t -. I'in li.r plifiiso return
fcaim- to N 1 I'. U'lI.CuX,
(I't)i: SALK -T.i iicn tra.-t No. .Jo,
'hHi-tioii 1:1, towiihiiin ,i:i, rmiL'f :,
' l,ik Connt. iJrcuuu : and lot No.
41, l.ioi'k ad lidtion to Lu'dripw.
! piuctiHp I troin tlit Orccon Vallpv
! Land Conipuny. I'ive Hcres tj ri cj e r ir
, rikiation. I'rit-e ?Kki ,ki.
' ldS j Lawrence. Wichita. Kans-as
KOU niOXT. (loni four roomhouoo,
Ltnimre of T. K. Hernard.
I. ik'-v i" v 'h i.c-v law firm. f'oNN
a"d.J(jll.S. it locand in thi-ir new
i :!!!.'? and nudy for l.iiMineH1. The
firm .-ci-ii t i tli" oltices iu thfi Uuly
tin ild intr. formally ui-ed Py attorney
l'lMnll. of this" I'ity. toii'tlipr with
or h of i(,i. . tJ i f f-i- rn-ftitlw hy
y.r. ('linn I.!i-,:m t t.f f urn, i i;u' of the
t art i-r'i I 'J im l'Hh thm a
I ,! ii ' i ' 1. 1 tirt rori-ii ttoit". with
main oltii'i', lit rary an I cnut'iilt at ion
room. 1 fif IH r iry i- one rf Ibe fin
est in this n-i'tion of the po'intiy, and
the other roonB are completely furQ
i.'lie I in orery rPH)ect.
L. I-' Conn Ih one of the lcadinp cit
izens of this county, and a well known
t ract i oner, having heen located at
I.akeview for the uuft hixteen years.
Hi- new partner, .Mr. Clinde M.
Jo li 'is, i-i a youi.2 maj rui''o:itlv from
Portland, where lie has I r-cn for the
j list two years' a niemher of the legal
le artment of the Urei'on ' ailroad
N'HviL'ation Co , under W. V. Cotton
i t a teueral attorney.
Koilnk til ma for gale at photo e&l
lery, opposite O. V. L Co. office. sf't
J. l:MaMeM, of tl.e 'O0He LhI
Meat ('o while on h is eaHtrn tc.f,
visited the Klectric Fark, at. Kar.?.t
City While there an e.xhlbitiot; o
the fruit and farm products of tm
elates of the iVld lie West was hei'-j
;. -i i.
He took particular pains to inhpe-j.-t
the vast exhi1 it and declares. t'Liit .x
the Aay of fruit. veeal.!es or grairf.
there was nothing displayed th
could approach similar pro I'lCts o
this auction either for iize or exct-i-unce.
In view of the It ftrike.s t
K. i T.iijer that our Hoard of Trai
should take steo.s next year to gee .
display of our products and pla
them on exhihitiou at the F.iectrit
Park in City at the Drylbod
(Jouaregs, at Council Bluffs and ot'j
er places where there is a large ecu
course of farmers.
Such action canuot help attraetiove.
hooieseekers and the mcrepeop
we succeed iu getting here the grev.5
er the prnpPenty tor aU.
Victor Maxwell, of the real estate
tlrai, of Maxwell and Son went to
I 'avis Creek last week and sold tlw
F'ttnl; Austin farm 3-J0 acres to W. M
(JrehaTi, of b'ort Morga'i. Colorarlis .
At Paisley 1.2U Inches of ralu hail
fa'.leri the Ut storm up t'i the 22J.
Walter Sherlo
k, of Alturns, Is in,
hen r
On k
t III. en
Wit- l
n ley nor town w as hIiih
iked to
'id a iiri.H.H cuttiiig m'IHi.
Ntiit.iiin V was Led three
hv 1 Ian .1 in. i s. 1 lie cutting
'I -..Hue trnlll !e alnllt an lilk.
have lieeti Irt'nught (mm there weigh
dug 'Ji i ti three hundred pounds And
for such hugs without eer having
I ecu led any gram or given any at
tention is re nark.-il le. Thev grow
lo huge hle and I eci.ine fat. of thei Lester LlniNev of. New Pine!
hull .i of the tide iitnl Hugh mid re- Cieek. passed thumgh town Sunday.
.iii.- inn nil..- kiiiiii ii.iiiii.ii nun I'liriiiiic in lionunza. i
W. Williams, of K.'amath FallH. was
in tow n over Siwuln v.
! Si uon I!. Ifiiekner of Arizona, is
registered at Hotel Lakeview
li e cutting tin k luce in Murphy's
milium. Alter the cutting .Mahoney
tine a un it an I Jones llred Iwn
s'lots in e nt which iiiiiim near hitting
Phil l.vnch I r Smith ciiu.e to at
tend the wounded man.
Mr. Smith ohm of the homestead
ers north of here, has Hold his limine
and pump to W. .. Mohh and ilnn
dnin il tits claim.
.Mr. .Mlllar l Is titilldUii? a 'louse in
North Plush. Mr. Orise! Ih hauling
liimher t i luilld liv South Plush.
PhiB'i will Hi a i n have a llacksmith
mIkmi. A stranger Ih hereto engage
In that kind of trade as soon as a
till ll.l lug can he elected.
.M rs. '
a wvi ru
llavi r them tor good in. at.
Wat tier valley is also o:.e of the I eht
plucex to I: u lit M eshTH Hundley,
lieckwithand Messiier spent two days
hunting near .lulus crossing, and
came Pack with tint hack loimed
"wan. 7 g'.fHe mid tit) duck. The In
dians were hired to pick hwiiii ami
ducks mid everybody was given a
hoys are doing
on thciifminlng
in here looking aftr
W. I lent has recovered 1 rem
casti ol gi n pe.
J. J. Van Ktuileii spent a lew diys
here ln-1 w.'i-k. ,l. . Morris has gone
to run the store while Van Is away.
Wm. Harvey mid wife spent one
night in town last week. They were
returning I fin Harney county where.
Mr. Ilaiviiy had bought some
homes mid mules. He drove them to
Sun rise where he will feed u.ilil the
llililket is light.
SO ML Wll.ll noes
While mil 'h is said aluiiit the hug
laihing industry, hut few places can
e.pial Warner S a iiuip. Harry Kiggs
hrmiht one from the Hwamp Hint
weighed .'ill pounds, and hundreds
T. II. Crump and
development work
Phil Lynch
his property.
Ihive Jones and wife have taken
chaiL'e of the culinary department of
the MesHiier hotel,
John Walker Hpeut a few days in
Windy Hollow. He was moving the
Verllug house to the Juiiitui.
Walter Pent took Dr. Smith lack
to liiikevii w. MADAM.
The Cednrville Keconl of tlio 17th
inst. reports Home one giving the
editor n lot of vegetables including
a l.'i pound beet ; that eggs, lard, and
bacon, are scarce tliriiuhg fault of the
farmers; that he grand jury left work
laid out so that "something will be
dmiig " in the li ltior line at court;
that the electric tervlce is out most
of the tin e; thai one htianger shot
another in the leg; that John Urown
mid Phillip liemlt linye leasen ror , Sunday Nov. CSth
live years, the iwening murium; Sunday School at 10 n
Natrmn Wilcox and ruble returned
Friday from their trio to San Fran
cisco. Sacramento ami Seattle.
Win. Housed, of Clover Flat, wag
in town Saturday with a load of tir
Thomas Sherlock, leaves Monday
for bis old home in Ireland. He will
te gone some time.
Mm. Voouqi. aister of Col. Light,
arrived last week and will spend the
winter. Her home is at Oaklaud,
Culitoi nia.
Mrs. Henry Fox, recently a teacher
iu the Chicago public schooU, is now
teaching the West Side Luiou school.
The people out there are fortunate in
securing sueb au experienced teacher.
Harvey Van HuskiiR and wife, left
last week, via Klamath Falls, for
Tacoina, where they have relatives.
They will return to their home in
SavauiiHh Mo. They came here at
th" time of the Land Opening, and
still retain thsir interests here.
! iriTnr ii ii m mmi i '
econd Addition
James McShane is erei'tiug a t-ix
room bungalow on his property in the
north end ot town.
A. M. Smith, of New Pine Creek,
was in town Saturday.
11. 1 Mi-Martin has returned to
Luke view from Montague, California.
Nol'K i; OF I'll.INO OF
I lull I in 'lit It The I nterinl
ted Slates I. an. I Oltlec. Lakev lew,
Oregon, .No embir'J.M I'.Hll'.
.Nnliie is heiely given that Suiple
iiioii I ol lot I, Sect ion ii Tw on
ship :!,' S,. II. '.' I', ., W. M., pn pared
by oiiler ui Honorable Commissi!!
in r'. b iter Ml, Sept . ist h. i:h':i. w il.
bn II '.. I in I his oli,. e on I 'e . ' 1 ,
On an I alter said date, nil of sal I
Im i 1 will I e hul ject to selections,
eitrv oi'liliMts on, lands me
not ilniiise reserved ir iipi.'iul
AI.'I'ill'U W. OICTO.V l.'eigtser
Fl;i i) P. ci;ot;.iu.u.k l.'ece .
White (Join t. cl inns in I o Hong
district; that n Hock of will duck
swooped di w n on A. K. Pearson mi l
'nearly scared him to death.
I rum
w . ! li
t' IIS l
Hchool children, ol I'ortlatui
12 to IS are taki ng up t h.i
if raising poultry, I" en
,1 ic manner. The Agncult in ul
Ciillei'e has donated fJtm in pi lzes to
stin, nail e Mini eliconiailH the youni:
tolks in the endeavor to make the
mpplv "I poultry u'i'l eggs .i.leituate
t,, the demand. There is a Held for
sMiiilir euileitvor in Lakevi'w It
In . ! miii'cttii Hinoking, bialing mid
. ,o !i putsiills, boys. Just try it !
:!.") p. in.
Tliiirsinl v
l:uniprnn I'lan L:vcr tin:
from a Cup of Culler to a
Square Meal Call ami ry
Is ---Non will Come Auuln.
I:. I:. SWKN50N, Proprietor.
I. O. O. F. Block, Lakevicw, Ore.
I'.pwoilh League at
Prayer meeting fiery
I 'reaching at 7 p. m.
The fourth of a series of sermons
Jiuriiing (Jueslions w ill be given
alio even Mil'.
ti. J. WIN I'.i l.U P.idor.
Chlldrdn Cry
O A 3 T Q R ? A
lhe Arcadia.
Hovlny: Picture Show
Up- to -Date
Movini;" Pivtmvs
Illustrated Soiis !
Moml.t vs, W(liK'Sila vs. I'ri-I
tlavs and Sundays
Two Shows each Night
At 7;l0 and S::10 o'clock
5nider's Opera Mouse
AiIiiiIhhIoii 10 ami l.'icts
Several hard-headed, common-sense reasons why WAL
TER'S ADDITION is right now, and is bound to be in
the immediate future the most desirable city property, from
both residential and commercial standpoints :
1st. Physically the soil is good. Will make good lawns and
gardens. The land lies on a gradual slope, insuring drainage
for all time to come.
2nd. This addition is in reality not an addition to the town,
as it lays in the center of the most populous district, just three
short 200-ft.) blocks from the principal business street and
commercial center.
3rd. Wo believe it is the first and only tract that was sub'
tJivided in oonformity with adjacent proDertv, alf xtrapts and
alleys join and have the same nzmes.
4th. All lots blocks and streets are made to conform as
nearly as possible to that of surrounding property. Lots 50 x
150, GO ft. streets, 16 ft. alleys, 6 ft. sidewalks and C ft.
5th. Every lot when sold will be subject to restrictions, both
as to value snd character of improvements. A 25 ft. building
line is likewise stipulated. Building restrictions are value in
surance to the buyer, it guarantocs the status o? your proper
ty and acsures you the better class of neighbors.
Gih. A liberal discount is (,ven for cash, and most lenient
monthly payments can be arranged. The prices range from
$300 to $100 each according to location. We will gladly show
you tho property, and furnish plats.
. cIrJIacer: Lake view, Oregon .