Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, November 25, 1909, Image 4

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    Oregon Valley Land Co. Contract Holders
re have a complete list of all farms, owners and addresses in the Oregon Valley Land Co. opening and
2pai d to negotiate leases, sales and exchanges.
e nr khe ONLY firm in Uie state ol Oregon showing Lhis complete data, and are prepared to make
ON L examinations of EVERY tract and furnish reports to applicants for a small fee.'
M B! i our examiner is a LICENSED surveyor who was County Surveyor of Lake County for 1 6
v. aiu oivs the old R.oad Grant better than any other living man.
n. that tcrv rinort is WOk'N to before a notary public, heme is NO (il 11:55 W 'MK.
u. it our report turns out false, we agree to return to applicant TWICI; the amo.nii ho paid us for examination,
Look up our record and write us at once.
liera Oregon Realty Co., Lakeview, Oregon
' M:, Mil li iMGiilOl
1 Has your Heart
ever yearned for your own
little home, where you could
be your own master; grow
what you think you could
make the most money from;
breathe the oure air and en
joy to the fullest extent the
profits of your own labor ?
Has the matter been presnt
ed to y ou in such a mannor
that you could accomplish
this result ? If your heart
is filled with the desire to be
one of those favored mon--a
fruit-grower, in a real fruit
belt, whera Nature, soil, wa-
ter, and climate, com-
Th L;uu! as So from 5 toil" I'cct lKj. bine to produce this result,
i! iiu ite. a we a t v,' at 1. K UMi H,. onlv . j . w ...
1 y '.
otliev c !
i ts .:' ' ;
llC tviKU Vi . iv
L I HIS niOI'C i : '
- i ediali" the
y ir own sure
1 rf :
. j' , ,r. V
V-V.s'KT-r, -VV'.- f . :. ' : '. " '''- -''"
y : . ' . . . a - iv.v r-'v-t .... . ... ; , " - -1 . - .
?, -..VJt..- --1 Vt.. - .'v-iU.V.iV.VV;.--vr.i,-i;j
"''''-' - 1-''V; "i.-. -- :- -v-,. . ; V. ,,--. .'...V' tAV-;V -N-J
,' A;;; iSk? J'- V:"-"- ; "
If- a f r f t i' frtiiiT-it-- 1 -1 fc 3
fcifjf Jv-ve-U. 7 i
. I J. .x 1. .- lor the -rowti: plant, lile and auyc wmi (3,uum iv ur my
vrttual water rivjit vxclusiwlv lur tlu-c -Kot a SCCnt of freedom apart Mouth t l:i 1-miU- Ilium-. m in s, ,-,t .;;,
.... . i m Ao rfniliy nrin ri rt n ri -frs ! I . .
itil'i! Las-u L reck. an-J it i now ivailvto w " I. M lias . i-;n. m-i ra l
or worning Tor others, we
r i i - i . i i- r t- i . -r ( -i n vi 11 i'iiiii'cIVc (it r )il i h
, , ,, ,i , i . tell these things to you bc-
'. ! more. Uc win sell vmi thee uaeis tor J
rr lan,!. anl allow w,u to ,,-,v Mr then, at ?USO WG behove WC have
0 down and $15 per month. N taxes opportunity that you
until paid i.i i . o interest on delened payments. We will do QUn(j JNTIL NOW
more. We wwi woan vou the Money to build eit'icr on your tract or
on your tree lot that irocs with every tract. Can '
you aftord to remain laiulless now ? j '
Opportunity knocks today. Open the '
door and let her in. Do it now !
The railroad line between Alturas
and LAKESIDE, California, is now
under way, ties and rails being laid &
part of the way to our new town
fheso tmrts will DOUBLE IN
ALUE vhen the first train
arrive. VITH every TI:N ACR1: WT TRACT we
. , k'ive you A 1 RF;f: LOT, 50x150 ft., in the town
of LAKLSIDI:. Schools, churches, and other
marks of civilization, will be ours just as soon
as spring brings people in to locate. We con
the abuntl int waters of Lasst n creek--the
'r- " V. jr'i':K cheapest light and power known. TIM I J HP is
. . .; v ".v,"i near our i ruu iracis, wnicn means lue!
r r.i-rA .-i and HL'ILI)IN(j AI ATIi.RIAL, and at Low Price.
..'v , j Your market is the best, as the the growers
,;V--' &:iil'yy -"re unable to supply local demands at high
.''v;-fvt:Vi ')rut"; v iih the advent of the new rail-
h ; V'f: ro,u' thal ls "fveyed through our town and is
"'; :';,yrt ;.. '. now ,uj,t within a distance of M) miles from
. ;;'-.r;V-; ..i?1''.'' '-'kesitle, Californin, we can send our products
to the markets of l!e earth and at the highest
prices due to qualitv.
1 1 I 1 - ! I. I i low O
d"ulit il will iow cm i p'lidtn l .it the Teni
pe i ; i ! i Zone . 1 1 1 1 I ; 1 1 In tier h. i : i n : . i oilier
pi ne in lh- I nit-il M:i!r-; We In u s i',i, have
pi i d 1 1 I m oil i v 1 1 ) ,. ie t n i; i ;i v ; 1 1 , o- to e vet" v
nm i an i w una n who h, i . -ni t lie la in i - i n on r fruit
belt '.eaK that you allow m pro. e it to vou.
Ma ke us do i t . It'snion.-y, ha p ii i ie- , 1 1 id indepeii
dc i ' I r 'oii it you do so.
I,.'I that i;rows Big Red Apples, with the
ni'xt i lerfeet blending ol colors ever seen. Apples
such a s won tho $1,000 Prize at the Alaska
Yuko i-I'acilic lv posit ion, and that were -town but
a few miles from our fruit tracts And this prize
was won in competition with the apples fV-un everv
part ol tin- world tint were worth exhibit imr. I'.ut
1 & ffisrt:f ';; .v; 5tV.Vr':'i'::' ' apples are not the onlv product that we excel ii
:??'jpy&l& ''very k.nd ol Innl known to this one seems h
!''?' ? i-' :T vie wit h some other fruit for excellence. Fv.-n vc"
j K-i:3t;-;4:Vr.!)' x;.:v-'ur: --.--;-. etai.ies. .-...,.ii as ii;lt,.,s.. .....rv, r ;.t.,.-s.
Larrots, Spinach, Lettuce, r-'nupv H-ans, Vas,
Jorn, Asparagus, Srpia-h. etc., will pay v M rovillv
while your orc hard is ma t u ri iil;, w hich will be in
four or live yea rs in t his fruit licit .
f 71 "W. V' '.VV .e' 1
(? , -v . .v.i;. r . ... .y. .-.
:hj;i jii i . -i
LiI.'V -in'c. L nil lur, l '.
I.muhrrt C'licri Us, ;.,n vn ..vA-.s o , ( .77 ;.
CiPPOiTlJNfTY? IheKey to Fortune, Hais-ss, Hedth cari
iX Contentment is NOW Yours !
:fWilftfjBR rtterearebut a limited number of these Fruit Tracts at the lvo
quoted. They are selling Fast. Write us today, Now for free booklet.
LAklLvIEW DEVELOPMENT CO., Lakeview, Oregon