Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, October 28, 1909, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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    F.t GUT
Can be found here.
IVc lave a very large variety from
which you can make your selection.
Different men have different tastes
and we have a different nobby suit for
everybody. When you buy a suit you
Our suits are models, combination
of qualities, hard to beat. This cele
brated make is the finest ready-for-service
clothing made. Priced reason
ably. Come in, look the garments over
and convince yourself.
lend put in Ma lime guild Intf and
Idling about on the streets rmok-
I n it cigarette la uolng to Mini that
existence In n eorlou mutter, a he
gets ollcr will) neither education nor
opportunity to iu.provo his condition
in li e.
The gambling races were etttled in
court bv the payment of f li'i from
three of the defendants.
The Kiigone Hog ster says:" Ore
tf .ti Trunk" I a good .name for the
Mil lino t tit otic t tie l'ee tTiutos Mini
eastern Oregon. V1iin tho trunk I
open wo Initio M . lliili will be able
to hand tuit 'Ih prosootl'j good
that will inuko nil eastern Oregon
' hum w ltd industry.
' Last Thursday one of t In' trim
, former ttt Miehor's corner caught llro
and burned Out, putting the entire
i lighting eytsoni on titer Street out
of coiii'iiisston. The rest of tho town
had light m usual. It Mit repaired '
I hii 1 1 tho lights put tm tho not even
The V. O. W. Circle gitvo the
Woodmen Camp h sorptl o sti t r
' Wellies. lay evening. Tho Indies to I
t ho gent I'Miion w il h t r l i-i I cht.kcu, In1'
rolls, ginger broil I mill sweet I'l n r.
l.t t vit t. t ho ten year old son ot K. I .
I.niville. foil Inst "nujit nt tho Hi. Ill i
Skating rink. h i. I bioko his in
Hoik uti.lor th- cure of Or. Smith
Tho Cedarvilllo Keoord com li' net
good sense niiil prophecy in tho t ii I -Mowing,
tlmt tho wise will iln well to .
hoed . N mv is the t line tor n young,
in h ti to I ink HiMiin l iiii'l get ImM l
ii piooo uf In ft 4 . lor in a few vk
nil ot tho government 1'i'nl will lo
taktn up and hold taucy for price.-.. .
The reman ins of a lad named .luck
sou. who luvsterii.usiv i isuppfii i
tliroo yours ago this I 1 1 while i,.-k
in for Ids cot near Felt Klaumt',
wore f.iuiitl litot week In ft swamp two
mile from IiIh homo. It Is believed
tlmt ho became confused ami lout hid
way In the storm. Nothing remained
hut tho bouoe nihI .' tow shred of
clothing. At tho timo .ho w in I Ml
the country na scoured lull no trsoe
of Mm fouud uutil uow.
Lawyer Mcttlnn, of Portland, who
la defending Mr. Wentcott. In inlioli
ploHHott with the country about l.uko
now lie HKyo it him woiiilortul op
protiinllto, ii nil tlmt t'o.tlmiil ooople
Inivo no lit o.i of it nluo. Ilo do
Jlcvtn I no coming ol tho rHllr ! will
1. 1 me it to tho front with u lioumt
Tho Mriiuotlo. Kiiiiniih, Trilniiio
iciijii: There will lie no "micklntf
' IhriiH Htrnw" in thin pint of
Kitnsii thin your. Ilruther llnico
Hhnulil hoc the lomltnl iipplo tieon in
( icl.lon tioi k l.iiko ValUy thin full
tin. I lie woulit llion hnvo tin liioii n to ,
the Oliler, npplo pion, tloinpl liikJK luiil i
"mihk, " we will huve in mil mil toil J
intuitu ion thin w inter. ,
Tho l-'.Miiinner is mi. lor ohl iijuti'ine i
to tho Ltikoviow Oovohni'iiont. Do.,
tur t ho piciuro- on our trout piih'o !
this I--.-IIO.
I ho liuriis Noh shj : Tho Mariiu-.
rot llos t hoiitrictil i-oiiipiiny cluhoil
H succosssl ill eni!iiiMiioiit ot Iwoj
nooks hero lol Mm. ley evtmlun.
lliey wore lnlx mi l nonllo ii-ii III
ti. oil rmouil relul ions, rolmhlo liitnoirj
hiiMiio!.s triuiKiictl ns Hiol pnl upii
A mil. I enleriHiuiiioiit. Irmu rliii'ttoj
If you liuvc never worn or hinmi ny of my
I ri'fpt't fully fil I your iiltoiitluii to Hume of TIM: WHY
It will lie to voiir ml tint im In your hIiIi-ik u llli iiio
Ut A wmiiiin know lioxt wlmt your wiiiiIh iiv - ho kii.iH I lo
HtyloH lieMt hiiIIoiI lo your llwii'O,
'Jinl. The (mien hIiii iiii' crltloul In tin nun lor of I heir wcni r
iipiiim-l end ALWAYS WW r ,nmI !'. I 1 1 1 M I , I.I ' I.IC IlllitU
t him I hey llHiiully II ml, linnilnl'I.V li ml .1 I S I' 1 1 I 1 1 I W N I i
MY sriifK.
.'Iril - You lire .i.-.t Ivrlv tiMini 1 the lil.- kI-m ii m.- i
luli-lv Till-; I. V iui.I nn i i.tin I In cm rv ilohill
I'll - M.v iiuili-rl il- a it- hi i h 1 1 n II (, 1 1 lilt I'K.
iwii'iiiii ii i ii iii inn ii' inn
welcomo niiii i;iioi1 pntroui;e lu Uiitunl
Hilary I'hipo. hi uuti) iinvor ho-. OPEN ALL NIGHT
iwotn hole ami K iiuintli Is tMlil to he j
pluolntf tul le Inmrils on tho roiol tor
l out nt ol tourists If this I- so it
striken us that the county million! lea
in I . it li t'otiutioi tire lomlss Id tht-i."
.lulies, ns Iho Uw t xpK sl) proviilo
th.ilnll count loo shiill lime suit
ul Ii- nulde tnuirils I luce I for no-
co i, ion ol the 1 1 m i I nit.' pul
New Bakery
Will have Fresh Dread, Cakos and Pies every
day. Lunch Countor in Connection.
Tbe bridge nt Tatros. on the Khi
xalbrond, weDt luist" Tues lay an I
as itupast-iLle. The heavy tratiic
ut tbit way on accouiit of the ca
ia( coiistrucfi'ju of the O. V. Ij Co.
u hnrd on tutli roads and triees:.
The ties lly kilUer i smd to he tin.
tea.-po"uf uU of to a
not of wattr. au 1 plo'S it hhotit the
Su n-e in eauceis or I 1 ttes. Ten
:jts worth w;ll last a family a
L. A. Cairiker, tbe W'et Siie far
mer, and wife were lu towu Saurday.
l'bey drove in with a scan cf uuhro
ke: m lie ctIIs ho jke f to a bucay aim
mid they only touched the tiK'b
places on the road here. He thiok
iruui bis entetieuce that he can now
riv an auto, and is uoitic to order
on- right aay. The county is now
; i .. int:
.! at
a ue hriik
hi place.
across 1 rv
I 'lliir telegrapher. V-1 li, is ci,o i t
, t'le lest huosters in the countiy. I:i
l urJer to Kive a realiint; i lo:i to
I new ciMi.ers as to our huln.y tall cli
iiunte I t irees al.cut m ii strav hat.
, and in his shirt fleevt-s. And thr
licauty of it. is that for splendid tall'
w t-at tv r t he (.ioldeu 1 loose l.iko Yal
ev nut be equalled anywhere.
EmiiT Aliltsrorn has built a cut
tak.v ru Water .Stieet, that is soon to
be occupied b;. a youut could-.
A man 4S years old is taking a
e tirse in the nijjbt ecbuol in Spo
aue,. He scorned school, when a:
I o ,", ami ba9 I eeu au ordiuary day's
ltt.i rer all bis life. Njw he gees his1
' mistake aui is try iotz to tit himself as
a njtchauieal draiiL'htsman. Any boy
j who ne-'l'-cts bis studies iu early life
( hi.. I Lublin -er iice. ol 1 1 V. I
I'd, miVs ho li"" i 'l llpo Iditi'k
' I i rt ii .-. on t.i. I tblo thw woi k picked
I i l the l.inln s It. his guidon.
i-,.l I ut mi. . i it mi can. lu
ti,o 1 ilit-r ( '.it ol ( Ictol i-r.
('. rtlilil.ll . .1 t- l It b 1 1 I tl Ik a httll'l
-llllll- lo-O V OIl t A I,' tllll (li blld".
! !,;,! li. , l . . : . I t I I. II I H I I 'CO liU-.ll 111
,, II' I.I 'ill l llV-ltY III! Olislo.ll
ii-a li - - k'. t li i Id- a id our liin- lull
i-at l i t '. r. in t li Is llnu.
Niillinil It. Wilcox and Miss KHm
both ()al I. ivoro iiniri h-il S itur btv
I nt 7 I'. M at Wilcox llrim. riincli ut
j Werner Ciiiiyon. The coroui .ii v vmk
i poiforiiio I 1 1 .in I co I '.il v I'ht
i k'roo'ii is ,ni i-l I i-, -i . . , r
. ot Pick .) W il.iox, ol tho Ihtnk. l i e I l id" Is M iboitlilor
of .I ti 1 1 u i is ii, a ill-oil Hrt I v.i I I mm
ll.iuihii, who lives n tlmt vicinity.
.Tint happy couplo bdl .umlnv fur
I'oilliui.l on llii-u I. in vinoi.ii trlti.
.Mr. ili'nx Iwis 1 1 : tt 1 1 v Irii'M lh
ivlm i i s h ho and his l.rido
tilno-iH mi. I pru-poil'r
oinool t ho I. ii kev lo w pi.oplo ilmild
loss i ooi oin i.. r Mr A. Miioiu ll. i,i,t
vHh his fnniilj- nslilod In u l i n l I nI
nil III lllt-r III tho 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 kl p'lpl-l'v,
(ipposllti t hr Colilt lino... ,. ,.
h bn il hor i m-ro in pri-vo ( on snin,. k.,.Vl n,
'lrt Nit- ' '""nt bind ho liu I In I t. id ( in t.
h. h llo l.-oill-'k' I mi. tor dm., a
li i il I :i I ti I II . Iho Ii.iI.ii k'.Oi' IV, i, it. I
CIlliM'd til- lllllll II, I'lTI i ( II II 1 1 , l 1 1
llk'tll' lo, thllotlllk' lit tit to I I.I- k'l olll.d '
UlS -i IIII I. .- ,;l,,Hl'l,
l ull si n t' i n -t in, t diMil h
Ills I s Vi ill l I I miii, SI ll t 1 1 , u l.
ill i Mi row u I ul uiis sh.-liitv
In re
In li
.irsr AuUivr.i).
Moline u.ilkn.k' ti'id ri lin' iii,'
citiciH ni.iis
t'hilloi tilo vs, dt-k Ifirro-.vs, sN-.-l
plows and linrrcn s.
t'eter Schutllor Wiuolis.
Kubermd niolltik' k'liiiran'si- !,
ten years. .
lieuieMi bor wo Currv the Tide lo Stoi-I
ratine which is fully tiuanwiteed tor
ten years.
liarb wire and nails, in fact our Ifo
id complete m hardware.
We KtiarHUtee to i-ave you money.
(iire us a call and e.x;iiuiue ttu r '
goods, qimlity and prices. !
Youis for business. j
ill istl
l I e
I ', :ost liu
. . i 'i.iii.
J.1: li . at
I i-l'll k'lViMI
audl-l'.cos l i
hiis ativ-
; .:. I'm
I lei-Ull o, " l l ip I"
will l o c i vi n i:i t lio M .
I- I I I i i V i-lrlll C, let
i cl ici I ill. ' in hits
to l.i I kit totk! i iiltiiri d
i h l..i-t an I vYest and
..i'-ii widl r I vo l
it 'Jo oiit-i lor eveiy-i-o
Is for I'lirsouawn i o
M r. J so Ii I '.fiinc 1 1 .
Miss Milium I lr m b no v.
noil, ttiio ion i t If I n I
Wodi.oxd iv. :it tho full e
by I at hi r I i. MmIII. v
I t i lo i in w i II k m ti in
ty, an I ill ii tik.t H on
A l. l.
f It.
mi I
lo a n .
ic chi rch
The I on nt;
1 1. Is t ' mi
, ho 1 1 nt
nil t r
IS coll. I I II. d I I, k
I III.- I I'll
i-.' bit l. Ii U'l.t in
While .I
Side, IIS
Clllt. Ill
poo'llv t
.e Alllbl'iso (if tin. Wot
ii tow ii Mon Inv, tilti-ml iiij
house Cllllk'ht llro, sup
inn the ctiiiiincv. and
b I II tse I III.
hi-iir I. a-i I I o
b no 1 1 t i.-1 1 t i
dm I- .- the I
111. Mill t l Ills.
Ihl' I Kill ! I II H Aim t li),,. I, (I,
Nolriiskll whole Me V .on
t he M )i-. , li- i rd.-r . ... a tl i ii
prom iiii nt ini u I i i
I lo W II I l i n t Tllt'iiltlo,
ictol i t r.;, ; ;,.i ,-
well I n I ss ;, mi, JIH n,,,, , ,,
m i I IsllH I I tl h'.l, e . i w
mid I hree i In I, Iron,
Is t ho oldest.
I ho
I: ii II.
mod I y
hl w ItH a
I ' ii n ii da,
'to I '.III
I lo 111
it lie
i t w lioin Stanley
O.V. L. Contract Holders:
What did you get?
Are you satisfied?
Do you want to Buy, Sell or Exchange?
The KxHininer has just heard, as
we 'u to plop-, a n port ot a strike
ut tremendous imp' rt at tholloiik'
k'( Id in in es al Now I'uio Creek.
llvvlno; to t lie diet thill we are to
m urij crow ml for spaci to ill-pltiv
our Isuo of I.H'IkH blisses mid Child
COHIH. W liaVH ()HClts t(l lliHC'U-
tllllic that line of koO'Ii-. r- . A,!
We nre (.ff.-rint: for mile Li
nt a. tuai cos r rKicrv
every olio of ti e emit iurcliKHi'i;; by
ns this MTt-nii Coats from il 10 up.
Ii iiiu-d to the ttruuud with tho entl o
I'oiiteiils I tie hoiiMi was occupied
by some new Don ers who were omit In
In put out tho Mro or stive aiivthint,'.
Mr Ambrosti, In his usual ptnbisoplil
i iil turiiot mind, chiiio tit town 1 m-s-diiy,
and puichiis a no huusekoii
i u u i'llt. Ho has it small biiildliik'
on the ranch that can tie occupied
until ho can re'iutl I. Iltt had no in
The 'alo l in, mi report t tho ill atll
or Marv lieloiie, Mi,. I., ,,Hr , ,(
diiUk'h.'er of A. Vinntor. or llaruov
County. I I,,, v iiiik' In ly had jiml
tiono to Hoimi, liidh, , t,, nil k I Hclllllii.
when she Hns Ktrlckcli Willi lyphlod
fever So was a tu eht and PoHiillful
charcter. wto so death leaves a vol I
In tho hearts . f j iiionts and assoel-ales.
llorr, tho
Huh, to the wifo of Harry
eon, lt'tfhk leu pounds.
In order to do so, you must have
We are prepared to do this for you.
We will put a corp of competent engineers in the field immediately.
Wewill furnish you with a sworn report of examination.
We have offers on file in our office for 30 tracts of this land
from local parties.
I? F V F V F F That we report on same in order en
N which application is received. You had
best write today for an applic;j'n blank, thereby securing early
examination of your tr ict. Sector vrite us for prices and terms.
e- i :
nOM'T POriFX? We are stiM ,ocatin Homesteads
UKJiy 1 I VrvVJL,. . ald )csert claims in the famous
Warner Valley. Don't fail to call on or write us.
tl Hi Hi
'i-k I.- t i i i. . 1 1 '
J. o liiei in nt'uijiUK nut i.iiin
this week which we hope will meet
with i in irk response. Our credtti rs
say they ue "I Ihi! money, and we !
Iieve t to-in. The only way we know
huw to do Is to keep our, jH M(lt,,, of ,.ort,(,n,
cred.' tt-M, . by ,rou.,.t paytnent of I () , beautifully .llustn ,'
de! t'. 1 o hoi a to low the sauiit rulo . . ., , .
..II will be hanuv nionthly iimK.rine. If y.,u are inter
na will l,e hapin. BNtm, , frllt rnjHillKi p.H.Hry rH)H.
Kodak Ihiishint; a., photo gallery, intf or want to know about irrigated
opl (). V. K. ( o. oll!c(. B-lf. j lenda. Ilfnbrr lands, or free Kovorn
NOKl'llb'l' A hl'IKNt-.V. ;rnofit land open to homestead entry.
I i tie I'aciiic uionttily w ill nive you full
infuruiat ion. The price is fl.'iiin
i year
Meeer IJailey, Thornton an I the
Keattem. went huntjiitf last week ou
at I inn I-ke Tho druniiit shot a
Heer, tk" mayor did not. and the
,, , - ........ iim ,in ijii inn if.
t.o. canal. The lady, end tnul I which
Horu to the wife, of Michael Cur
es lownai lliey really would tin in
the honliuK hue. If they ever tot
within rlllo shot of enythinu the
alio of one of Teddy 'a "olefunU. "
I III- 11(1 III' I (111 1 1 1 1 V , llf till!
A rend iii Iho io i lot in is show u at the
Opera lloii-o .-sat u i d ay was evideu
cod by piciires ut ox i'losidont liooso
volt mid Kertbit in the Atricau jun
L'los sliootiuu mid trii pint; I'iK naine.
1' V.I. II I. IHO M-lll I Illllnf I ol t ,
could oii.-lly detect his inail nor Isms.
Oun't t'.r'. t lu a' tend Iho illus
trated lecture on "A blip tit I'alos
tine." Friday nu'ht, by the Kev. (i.
J. Wentoil.
liny Lot In Watson' Addition
iieforo you buy Iota any where in
thin vicinity eee tnriae in WatsoHu'
addition Cloae to business center,
of Lakeview. 'XI It.
Ih the jilnce to buy your vei'tnlilce.
He hliM the InrK'oHt itHHurl loon t that
Iiuh ever I teen cnrrii'il by liny firm In
thla count rv.
If you will send o", I'Mnt-i in f.tiiiii,
I throe I ii to issues will li, y,,,,
that you niiiy I i-i-o'nn anpiainlod
'with it. Uoiid the followiiit" xpleiidid
I oil er
Otter No. 1.--MoCluio's Mau.-.ine,
Ud'iiinV lliiuni t 'ominiti lun and II, o
I'aciiic Monthly, coslint; t-1 .". i,
he Hont at. special rates of 'l.
Oiler No. '. - McClure'H MaKa.ino,
I'.eview of KeviowH and the l'li-Mlle.
Monthly, coating ;. will l,(, Hent for
Olfor No. 3 lliiinane Idfe. Ideal
Homes and the I'acillu Monthly will !
be eent for t.
Order lumber and aend order bo
ooinpaoled by pnntsl money order for
the amouut to the l'aoiflo Monthly
Fortlaod, Oreon
waa only nlnit days old, wore uncer
einoliloiihly hustled out of I he hiUHo,
ouHivount of the tir mentioned oIho-
Ooparttnoiit of 1 lie I utei lur. I'. S.
lend Otllco at l.iikevn w, Oioliuh,
0( l'.ith. I '.'..
Notice Is hereby mven tlmt Ciishivn
I arro w, of Ijtikoviow, Oi-'t.'nii( udio
on Oct. H'llh, llHill. made i 1 1 ri,.
A Pldlcatioii, M'i'ial, No. I r.v;:; 1 1 ),,,.
N i; ipiartor, Sect ion II. Township
'KS., Kaiiue lid) , Willamolle Mori
idan, has 1 1 1 I notice ot intention
to make 1'iiinl ( 'ummiitat jon l'l oot,
to e.-t ul.l sh i 1 1 1 1 III to Iho bind ul ovo
ilscribel. Pefuri' K.-ict -or lltld ib'COI
vor. C S. I. and Olllco, at. Lakoviee,
Oieon. on tho -jet h ,,,y ,, Novoui
ber, K'o'.l.
C ' 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 it 1 1 1. ii it 1 1 1 -h as wilnorsoH
Over Lakevlew Pharmacy
The iinih-rsitiied owiih .'I'JO acicH nf
pine timber lands, Koo 1 lumber tini
ber, on west hi ii) of this valley. 7
or H miles southeast of i'ttlsley Lake
view btaio road, ubout 1'. miles from
said road and connected there by an
easy grade and new road not yet
completed. (Surface free from rocks,
eteep nor difficult IokbIok, with near
ly or quite all down ((rede haul.
plenty of water for 8 team power at
several places on tbe land. No mill
now from Goose Lake Valley to
Tnnmpon Valley, 15 or 20 mllee be
yond Bilver Lake, ( more than 100
miles). To riubt party here a good
buaiuea, open I rig aa favorable terms
for convenient timber, aud other
neceHsary rights, can be secured by
interviewing or addt ta
T. J. ilKAITAIN, Paisley, i tn
r . m.
j. n.
Newell, of
t'ory, of
Llpke, of
( IroK'on
Department of The Intertor, IJ. H.
Laud Ollloe at Lakeviow. Oregon
Oct , I'Jth. HKT.I. '
Notice Ih hereby ilvon that I'aul
Mtlndt. of lily, Oregon .who. on Oat.
. Ititli, l'.NiU, made Homestead Appllcu.
i tlon. Kerinl No liuil'l't f... I.' uui
(J0O1) MOHNINO NEHJIinOK! I quarter. SK quarter NW quarter, NV
hope you have prospered this sum- quarter, KK quarter. Section U
mer. I have had the experience of i TowiiHhip :tH S., Kunge M K Wll-
earn raisin veueiaoiea etlil irtlll lanielte .Meridian, has Illed notlou
of intention to iniilie Tnnl commuta
tion I'loof. to establish claim In II...
our onions Hre from the Meed and
they are keepers, sweet and lingo;
also potatotH early end late, 'nhich
are well ripened and mealy, tine
omitted, SIU'I.I II H yill Would wish
whim you set them on Mm table, and
the liiii-ht pup corn Tehoi has m v
ei lieen a (.'row I. So pleioe iivo im
an order mid ol, p. o
A. Sti pho'isou, Cedal l ille.
The vegetable:, will be readv bv tho
1st of November, iai:-od on the W. II.
Mayllol-i Kiinch.
land alone (losci ibed. bolu.o lieuis-
tor and Keeoivei, M. S. I.niul I iici.
id l.iilieviow, Oroiroi,, thi '.'(;tb
o.(. id Novembei, II li.
liiliiiiuil i;, lines as uitneSM-s:
I II. Newill. i, l.nliei tow I irotfon
I' M ( i rv, nt "
( ; ll I oi I ! i "l.imi, of 'lsl illis. "
' 11 I il l.". of l:y, On-oii
A K i ll I 'l; v. oi: io, i;oojhi,.,..
School Books, Tablets, Pencils
Pens, Inks, Etc., at
I I tlllll llUMMIIIIUIIipj IIIIMIIIIlHltlllf
. .