Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, October 21, 1909, Page FOUR, Image 4

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Ore i Valley Land Contract Holders
We have secured a compIeLe report of all farms,
owners and addresses in the Oregon Valley Land
Co. opening and are prepared to negotiate leases,
purchases or exchanges. We are the ONLY firm in
the state of Oregon showing this complete data ;
hence are in a position to furnish names and address
of all farm owners.
Lakeview, Oregon.
County News
impracticable to carry ou work
through the wiuter.
Mr. ami Mrs. Waymau Withers are
exoeeted home trom the Seattle Fair
alinut tlie Orft of the mouth. Mr.
Withers is beiug talked of as candi
date for ounty judge next year
If reoprt are reliable there are to
he a dearth of young lady school
teachers north, west and south of
Summer Lake before the wiuter is
over lint the boys are such bluff
ers; perhaps it is only talk.
O. H. Carol!, of Lakeview. is biking
barbs for a while at the Wood
ward hot spriutrs
Mr. Nelsou, of Sand Hollow,, has
his well down i'2 feet. He expects
to strike water iu about thirty feet
(iiih-rt J. Woodward V ho came out
trimi Iowa two years ago has decided
to give up his lease ou the Harvey
rauch after this season.
The Praler ranch west of Summer
Lake sold this year 4.H00 iu barley, j
urowu without irrigation. There is a j
half section of laud valued at 1100, !
per acre. A few years ago it was
leased for fifty dollars a year.
OontrresRmnn Itnoclav url.l rco tho
Irrigation company at the December reople of Paisley one evening last
meeting id raien. a new company week and the next day took all the
netx spring will take bold and build women and children jov-ridme in
the reservoirs. The matter is beiug bis automobile. Mr. Hawlev has a
Frolooged for the reason that it is far eye to the future. He dubtless
Dr.Witham made the trip over the
rvountaius to B;v in eight Uours and
returned with C. S. Beneflel. Mr.
Beneflel was glad to get hack alive
without his autoT bile which to
be brought around by Lakeview.
But the report that the niacin::. " as
nomine by mail is a base fabrication,
doubtless started by people w ho are
jealous of tbe lumberman's sue
cess. Dr. Witham savs that a first
class automobile road can be built
serosa the mountains t 1'ly for
twenty-five hrndred dollars. Now
that Mr Beneflel has a car the coun
ty should meet him ha f Aay and
build a road.
Neal Woodward and Philip Wood
ward are camped on the Fremont
forest reserve beyond the obi sa
mill, taking out the yearly divi.ieud
of tweuty dollars each iu fence posts.
Would it be all the same to the gov
ernment to hand out the cash to the (
fedlow who wants neither posts nor
It will be exceedingly good news
to tbe people of Lake county to -learn
that it ia tbe intention of tbe j
state board to" can" the Portland i
expects tbe women will vote after
tbe uext election. lie promised to
tak" a hand iu bringing tbe Poitlaud
Irrigation company to time or to have
its contract rorfetted. To make it
valid an exteusiou of time must be
approved by the Secretary of the
i W. K. McCormack say that he caw
i no pUce betwxreu here and Portland
he likes better than he dues Summer
' Lake, lie says the Oregon Trunk
railroad will he through here in less
than three years aud that in live
years land iu this valley will be
worth Sl.Vi per acre. This is why he
refused an offer of flu an acre fvir
bis ranch some time ago.
"The Home of Good Values"
We have Everything in our Store
that can be found in a General Mer
chandise establishment Groceries,
Hardware, Dry Goods, Hats, Caps,
Boots and Shoes.
Doors & Windows
Salt & Grain
Bailey d Massingill
Klamatk Herald III: Karl II. Clark
aud IC W. Doner arrived Iu town
Tuesday evening from Plush. They
ha b en workiut' on the Jumbo
Chief claim in th. Lout Cabin din
trut. eight miles north of Plush In
the Warner Valley.
In the Butte mine in the same din
rict they have dug n tunnel wlhcli Is
already feel long, and the proa
perts sreiu very hritfht ludeed. In tfie
Jomt'o Chief I liey are at present sink
li. g a shall.
(bilk ant I'aner I ihiihI for
l'i intge. Wis on a visit to their
( Id Iu me. Mil they are so pleased
witli tin" isi-t'ts of this country
I hat tli-v i cniMiig back and intend
to . bring - hi e ot their friends with
t lii-ni.
approved as
the depart
for Chewim
II . C. (iolT h is been
cron correspondent for
meut of Agriculture
cna. ,
Miss Kva Thomas, of Salt Luke,
left Saturday, alter a months vl-it
with Mrs. and Mr. 1",. .1. Stout-.
W . 11 . Ilotchkiss and wife paid a
visit to Lakeview aud their onii-e
Lake ranch last week.
W. Hryau spent a day iu the lower
valley last week.
to the
. V. Kice
line, D.
Sheep are cow moving
ter range uorth.
Miss Mabel Motcbkiss spent Wed
nesday and Thursday visiting her
brother W .11.
C. M. Faulkner Co. Surveyor is now
suodlviding the 70 ranch for the l).
j V. L. Co.
Late buyers of V. F. lots; C. Stiad
, ly, chief locating engineer (). S. L.
K. K., K. W. Armstrong, Locating
I .iik'pieiM i .-i l,. l;. I; , (
l-'red ,1 I. own mi M. H.
K. She;., l-l .1
Apoii 'limi I ns been made to make
thin p -i a money order otllee.
'1 li- . : 1 1 1 - Falls Mercantile, Co.
1 : t r -. . U I ought the Colvin huv.
Tiiev 1 ute also lelded II mule team,
wagu mm I in k board to their equip
meut, In lithe care of their expanding
('. M. lireen uud V. II Ilotchkiss
are developing into successful trap
per.), in the past two weeks they
have secured some six coyotes, three
diamond wolves, one bob cat. twelve
polecats, and one dug
The Ilotchkiss boys have purchased
tbe tl. L. Chandler calves.
II. L. Chandler paid Lakeview a
visit last Sunday.
It. Price drove to the (ioose Lake
valley Friday.
That the man with the tat cattle
Is the man who la going to make
money Is tbe opinion of J. C. Luuer
gin, au experienced cattle buyer who
has been In this seotluu for some
time buying tip dock. He says that
the packing plants Iu Portland will
tie payiug as high prices this winter
mi are being paid In Chicago, and
I that the supply will be short of the
idxiuaud at any price. Cattle are
rather scarce this fall and bay willev
blently be much hlghet thin, it is
I now.
Mr. Lonerg'iii has lieen buying cat
I tie here (in- itoii.e time uud expceti) to
have the tlrst shipment to the Swift
lacking plant which la to open In
i Portland on the b'lth of this month,
j - linker City Herald.
The American peo e are great fur
changing pirn e i f lesidt-ncc. Fur in
j dunce the Cediitville Hecnid of the
l'lth Inst has tills item of the doings
' i f some Tc.xalis ;
!'r Wl ittler showed us a Sample nf
vegetables grown on land between
the lakes, on the ranch of L. I 'ate.
The sample consisted of potatoes,
onions and csrrnta, allot which
were of a nice size and Hue lUvor.
This laud has heretofore been consid
ered practically worthless by our peo
ple for agricultural purposes That
laud Is being settled on by people
from Tex in, aud we predict that with
in a few years good and prosperous
farms will dot the place wheretufore
used only for grazing stock.
and Big Red
Now is the Buying Time
TAKE NOTICE Land with good water rights is the
best and safest investment for anyone. We are
now offering the cream of the great Golden Goose
Lake Valley land, with a perpetual water right, on
the following terms and conditions:
Sunday Oct. "Jlth. Preaching
morning aud evening by the I'untor.
Sunday School at il;l i a. in.
Preaching at 1 1 a. m Kworth League
at i : ; l i p. in. Piein iiing 7 :.'!' :. m.
We Ihinm a ciir s of aide teurhei in
t ho Sunday Sehnnl win will welcome
the children aiid iu.-tniet the n in
the lenhiiu.
The sermons are designed to mag
nify Christ aud bring u- all into
the knowledgo of the truth.
"Como let us go into the IIOL'SK
of the Lord" (J.J. Weuutzcll, Pus-tor.
Tu Examiner baa bean favored
witb the folllowlng letter from John
11. ljewla, secretary for the Desert
Ianri Hoard of Oregon, under date
of the 1 1th Inst which says:
Mr. C. II. Hall, Secretary of the
Portland Irrigatou (Company, and
Mr. Harold Mawyer, Attorney for
that Company, appeared before the
I'esert Land Hoard at a recent meet
ing and requested li further eitnu
slou of time within which to begin
C oust ruct Ion. giving detailed expla
u at ion of the vai Ions leanons tor auk
lug same. As neveral e t en si i ins liml
been previinisly granled this com
pii'ir and theiewas a prtitl n agiiiunt
further extensions the llnaid, In or
dt-r that loth sides might be beard ,
hrt Wed. I ec. I.i, 1 '.'I'll lit '.' HO m.
a th' I line for henring i ruteHts, so
tlnit if any eo In lit I. nkn enmity
winlieil to he represented before the
Ho ml they would Inn this opportu
nity, ThiiHe Intel i Med iu IIiIh luattei so -I l-i ih.'d, llle their pro
tests before the ilnte of t lie hearing.
It 1 1 1 " ' be interest lug to the pupils
and otheiH ciiii in did with the Lake
view High ScIiik.I to know tint, onw
who was In at t endnuce hei" liel year
tins already gained roiinueui e in the
I Iregoii Agnciiludral College. When
the I'renhuiun Hums was orgatilnd at
tliu' College lat wee': Miss Cuba
Amiek, who attended the High
School here last winter, was elected
vice- President.
Carse Crowder, of the Sbre Cattle
Co. has told to Mr. Wiley something
over (XX) head of beef cattle. He 1 In
Alturas superintending tbe weighing
and shipping of the cattle. .iT.XZ
1 fSW-VrT-i "1 '"v .'Mi
: .- uvjt jiw" 'I I
if - mmwrr
F. J.IIallock U. S. land commis
sioner for .Nevada, says he located 15
homesteaders in Long Valley, east of
here, last wek. He also says that
within .r months more free govern
I meut land will be fund to get any
j w hi re I II t Ill-he pal ts.
John Adin Inn gum' out t.i Ms 1 1 act
I got o the V. I.. ',,., and p.
lll.'irlllg till' n II ll II- III Mige Pl'llnll, get
ling reiidv to plant an oii hurd.
I ii-ii liflllry, wli i has I eeii nt
(ioldlierg stiine month.-, Iiai gune !u
Colorado to limit after a big mining
tunnel enterprise hi which his fath
er J. J. Peilley la interested.
Miss (dara Thurston of Cognwell
Creek, left Monday for Herkley to
enter a business college.
Austrian Drug 6tor.
Austria limits the number of drug
tores to the number of Inhabitant of
district or city, and the need ot an
additional one must Is? clearly a bo wo
before the license Is Issued.
mi Farm tfnr KAA'
$50 Dcvn and $15 per month until full amount is Daid.
For Whom Are You Sowing?
If You Pay House RentFOR. THE LANDLORD
If You Are Paying For Your Home
TOWN LOT, size 50 x 150 ft, FREE WITH EACH 10-ACRE
Wo have hcped many parties to soVo their rent problem
our egont,
offer v
i nit Land offering in the State, j
o within thirty days' time. Act
not wait. Don'L Delay. See!
for full information.
Ve are prepared to build homes for you or loan you money to
build, or purchase it yourself.
We will allow you to pay for ihem on rmal monihfy payments
at less than ordinary rontal rata:.
You can have nine years lo pay buck (he loan iviih interact at
the rate of 5 per cent. " '
The privilege is given you to pay up at any time. Interest will
be charged only for the time loan is carried.
Lakeview BevsJmmurr.t LAra:vrEW
U -"-'f ----"' -WW Uernuid C. Sit