Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, July 01, 1909, Page FOUR, Image 4

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LAMDS s $2 rer Acre LANDS !
!M per i
lest Bisys In the County
? I 2.5OO ;'J0 ;hi s Iiik'Iv inr.'fovvtl la i in a Hi! .-til : i i i iitiplcnu hin about 7" ot i.i (lie; ' c. sli .
i".5t!0 7 i ' ' ;u 'iv ! i n il a m i i . ; n I.i nil nc.i v i w I'm. Lui'v
2. !')() I (J ,u iv v-ii uv v.'.il.-v ! ia I Miit.i k' i ' I la l a . c! .'.
$'"', 500 liu-iia-s HIock ii. l.akiVK'w renting lor S . r ia. -tit 1 1
150 Lots ia I '.'.. ii'm.1'.- A 1 1 v 1 1 1 i 1 n 1 1 h 5 1 1 0 ivM 1 p 1 101 1 -
S-f 00 ! loinoU ail 1 1 ; ai an au-M t --1 mi k Iroin I.a!-u.
lU 1 loll I tl 1 II M lilt ill I
let 1 1 v ' a It 1
A 1 1 1 1 1 ' I a 1 1 1 v o: i 1 i-i' wall 1
oil 1 iii- 111 m ! 1 10; 1 1 lis.
111 t
! o 1 1 1 1 1 e 111 1 L' n 1 o ! 1 1 1 1 v ,
About l.vKw curc Choice ;;tc I .;nul in I on- ';l!c onl 2 pel acre 5 I d 11, balance 25 cars.
Umbcch Block, next door to Beard c-i Trcf'e Room, Lakevlev, Oregon.
.,!iiaii I'.aak Cv T.'ul Co,, ' ) ti.; C a !.. ! ' ' . r. V. ! . !' a 1 -.. . 1 ilk . Ca! . I "a 1 1, 01 ( Kr mi. ' ,,.1 1 . i, v. . ; ii'.
Another Candidate
For 0. V. L. Trustee
rn ;
"The Hoiive of Good Values'
To Oregon Valley Land Contract Holders:
rc;it lH!-t. f 'in I !. rt .-, t l
t!M t'.-t. !'l lil I -Mr-I Hllil
i : s i v ,vKini l,i fu'i.f 111 i-.'nt.'ut.
;i iitui !.:!.- t ' t I :t-iiii -.- ;t!i'l t'Xt't'iil ivt- ul il 1 1 y
tu t'iii'iy to :i rll.'t't'-! li I t , -1-: l . I' ItM n
iii.v t rii.ici't tii-ty (in ! 1 t-tkf. lit-
lli lioviiik.' it tte ili'-i't1 i.i
tvm't l ol It i s in lit 1 i t :
La:.ti Co. tf at tlio .ii-tri!-iit
a.ijiistiiient rt hifaiisi conm-oh--! It ere-
n il h kl'iti.l I lo i'i n :1 I'll ti"l It il I.i II-
tv. ftrtinn v. It !"' r,'' "I ' '"' ' t, i"
lievi-n tl.,,"; it h u,!l u-a- - 1 1 v l-t)t 'u nt :;to:. l.
811 vnrc!':.-- tiiMt rl ,.,,t.i o 1 I" v.e'.v t ! ,' :..,v.. i.u.i unt.n
ter'-ai-etl iuti.e liar.-., . a t it. Ul3 mmv ro.eou, thutn ul. fuua,,r.
tet' to le ctn.i l,v us rri.f! our i, t'ani'-st!y s-il.-it th" s:n 1 ot t
members, aa-l iu kuv of t u- ;aet l!...t '""1 ; "n... nf ' ,'''.''
Kane tiTtiisl.e.l,' oi.itt:,a mt "1 th. tl.'f! .011 ot I u. Iim- than :,v ct!-, .tat. t I ou" , it 1 1;, t r,;-".,s t will I m
that our state is t-utitle 1 to ne t ,.,- fU ' '; t ...a,,
tee. virvi ot the tuitrer i,ltt tat to all fotittar! l.rl i-r- an . it .
McFnersim is t lie stt -oiM .1 ! an ! lal- furnt'stly r i" ' ' ' t',t tins- -M'
IviuK- Kn.uml of t!.e Khu P-I.-lm- r.-feive tins - Oo- n the ool..::a.s -it
t'iou. e tf,'l that MfFhers. n -l,..ul'. th.' Lakt-vi- l-xiitii.tH-r .i.i all tht v
be alloe,l tu nam- this tru-Ue. !'",r "' U' !'t'l'"re '
We tetl that th .Voi'cer el.-.-tioii or 1'ro.. Kline.
Pen can li late can he n.r.rf -Miy l'"""-' ?" '" t. r ih-
eieoteJ than trom auv . ther luiaiily. t leje o! your miuj. ",rt in this .nat.T, of the strong, eiitiiu.-l i.-tli' " e drl
local backinu ao'l in any out-i'ie ileie
'atioiis alreaJy flelt'eJ to his sup
port. At a recent public meeting of the
MoPhersuu 'Ui'haser.s, frot. W.
Kline iois unanr.nusly declare I Mo
Pherson 's L'a'i'l iiate for trustee.
iu Prof. Kline we fljJ in a inarkeJ
decree a imiou of a. I qualitioatious .'lorijer-on. i.ts.,
for the hiche-t i lea ..f tro-teeshiu. i-. I ru-er. i.r. I an,,-r s
ell, ie iMer.-itv a-. ! i o'i r A ( " .Vf.l Ka,.
1-i.if KiIne has hw. -iMfii-it.-n lent (ontra.-t ..oiler, lu the Own
: ' i .';! : ti'-n:i ...'mh - , : srt.,al alley Lalfl t cm: a.iV.
Mill I
V l ' ' I I 1
Vours Very truly.
Kben Carlson, i' l.-trnaster, la'tuls
borir. Has..
(ieo. Kdu'i'coai1!. C.i. Snot . Mi'
Phers it. Ka.,
Pr. .1. C i;reH!i':i, Phy-icl in, lhi
burv, Kh-..
11'. V. Nel-on. i Ir.m 1 Acfount oit.
music er
IFe Arcadia .'
riovinjr; Picture Show
Up- to -Date
MoviiiLr I'ictnis
Illnst ratul Solids
For this week
T .ma. nx
ve offer SDeciaJ values in
ri h H
O rt
This is house cleaning time and every
frugd housewife vill appreciate this
chance to improve the appearance of her
home. Extraordinary values in Sheets,
Pillow-cases, and Bed-spreads.
Red Cross Shoes - Hanan Shoes
Bailey & Massingill
Jot.u A.lelJ, iate ot V. iot.ta, K..s ,
hai ju-t retorued f i o :ji a t:n to V.'ar
aer valley in coinfany with John
Cuithuru, cf tlie Pacitio Lan 1 Co.
and is very enthusiastic ort-r the
comitiy. He secured a desiral ie t'es
eit claim oo the shore of the beauti
ful riatstad lake, where he can boat
Mint. fish, raise alfalta, fruit, nnd in
a short ti'ne lend the iite ot u kiuu iu
ease and contentment. Tho.-e wlo
uecJtct to f-tcuie sruie of Lucie
Haint dou.ain, while it is poiim will
Jive to regret it. Laud h bctomintii
Fcarcer and dearer all the time.
How Thisvss Live
by Charles SomerviMe, the
celebrated newspaper criminal
reporter, is on!v one of the
big features that make the
July Everybody's very much
worth while.
There are five other live
articles, and SIX STORIES
that you can't ar:urd to mias.
Get the
Monda vs, W tdne stla vs,
days and Snndavs
Two Shows each Niht
A t ViM aio I !i:lH) i iY. ick
Odd I ellnw lluiMiiv. L.iikev!ew.
Ailinlsi in 10 anil la ctrf
v v -
ia .1
iti: i. i , i i i.
itfc. I I' ll! 1 'I ,
All In. cel.
.Ireaii.. W, -,,,'
i' ia i 1 1 in v ia v ; a m I a i pi M . i
I l ... : . I ,i ml i ., I , , . . lil I . i I I 1 I i i i l. i I . c , i i w .
li I.I i li . -1 I III,."- a I,. I I"".'!! ""il il ll.-ltil CI in , i 1 1 ,
i.h-al I.i- h.'i
tl o It . 17 in il-r. inn lh of I .,-iio'i i,. -a
on futility Iliad. f.;e i il I re at Kan.
M I Jo I
it J. A MI.K. is- !.
t-ji ,
U'.i- t '..
Lakvicvv, Oregon
...... 1 1 hest in i rk.a
uu-i t i ei.e.1, eie.-iric i-rit in eat-n u,,,, K.,.(. , ,
ie in. titan new neus, iiot ai.n coirj .,.rr,ii
wi.ttr. J:eai".iiable raten. (Juiet
lieihb(;l hood. onr cn.-to.n n,l icited. i
Sat islhcta.u noaranteed. Jook for
the t-mu.
A. C. .MILLS. .Proprietor
aa fill I I 1 1
V l ' ( 1 ( . 1 1 ; X II I.I t ( ) W : fii:.
for two or u,t ,., ths'bv a yoinm- ' Nlll.l;ii; liil.nis . Nim : ,
inarried collide. i. leialilv with a idi.ipi It n nuii.-n, .. diniinii; lit hi y
yood fi.l rner's lamilv. tdos..' to l.ake I'OK SA LK . st '7 n Sir. ;l, I . ia n '' ''' rule..
iew. limpine at Kxaiiiiner t Mire. i-hip. 'Is. I i :k ;, ,.r I I I 1 1 1 k' al. I . ery I M nK' I. i
.'I'-re. 7 Inil. s I... in .,-, ke I. Our,., '"'"' ' and dipping lulliht cl.s
V,,, ,.,.,, .,- i , ,,, -'iae. M 'S. KOSA Mcl'A.sll.
Ill li lol.A II -LDI-.KS Oh' o.i;iiN
Valley Land ('. contiactH are pi .-
.1- ell. I II I If
t d i I y I I i II, -;i Ii-iii, ( l
l II M Kit II I.Mtlll I
e p i i I for Ion 'j;
t h.; L'l ki-vi" w
'I f
Siirnu.ei hats at. Lakevie.v Mercau
t lie Co.
B - jiji ......' J i-...... i . . - I
f r .u. -.m
strong, durable, comfortable
garments for w o r k i n g rn c n
fectinu plaiirt tvht-iel v each contini t
' holder may have his riiMit looked TIMIiKK CLAIM I OK SALI-: p;u
alter and protect, d, and eoiiunciH-e acres yellnw pin.. ! i mile, tiom 'I'M ":; ! J'lK i.i
i to wet letiiriiron 1,1.- llii-.-tii,ii,t ill Laliixi.-A. Will cut :!,n ( i.i . -n ,,. a'llnp. I ,..,, Hhtm; anil htintl'L'
once. Write tor our plans, anil send Col cniinn land. bo nd m-e ot I h" uio.t hea It h I u I idncit In Lal-..
' us the I. an, i's of all contract holdeis w liter till land. Price S I ;, i u i ,,.r ,.,,, iniintv, or .oiilhein
1 .Vim know. )U IT NOW. OKI.CON if mid betoie t In, first of Oclnber t-i 1 1 t i n ( 'al i n ia. .'
LAM) CLI P., I' la, Kansas. ; Addi. -H Tlie i;.vaminer, l.ak. v i. -t Md ). .N 1 1 .1.S, 1'roi.i (el
I ' On, ii. ,
I No. I c,6.
I Report of the Condition of
S I I, IMMI 'i
to i. ip chin-.' p -in
f. 1 1 in. a I Of ' I ... t mi. I. ,i- . I , ,. I, i ,i I,
'The Ciillit Lulu Sin ins want ,,v onil .n,, u ol .,,,i ...,,, I C I : N I S 1 1 1! I ) LOO.MS TO 1.1 I
!Ii;.lik lit Lnkeview, in the Mate of if ".-.-.-,i i v. I i i-iiKi-l ,V I'.
Ori'K"!., lit close .,)' lnr,iiiess . I
' 'J.'i, 1! '!) :
v i w , iret in.
I . i " 1 1 1 1 1 of Mth. I-;. I;. Wiiotlcock.
HWX lll I,
f Olt IH
I Fruit Lands
Fruit Lands !
1 0-acre tracts $200.00, payable $20.00
down, and $10.00 per month.
Orchards net $1 ,000.00 per acre Yearly. Now is your
Opportunity to Invest.
Vc have the riehest lands, located in the best sheltered places in the Gold
en Goose Lake Valley, within 9 miles ot Lakeview. Irrigation not necessary,
hut an abundance of water for irrigation if desired, free of cost.
These tracts are tfointf fast, and it is possible they will not last lon' at
this price. If you want one or more of these farms, speak, quickly.
Bank References Lake view, Oregon
Lohiih iiinl 1 .is'c. u ii i m,
Luc from n pproved iv-
M't'VI' I ill llkrt,
( 'n-di on ha ml
Tot ;il
In .1,1. us i i h
itm: lancii ioi: ai.i
if ST.OL't; j;, " s " miles ot I ,nl, ex lew, l H I
liicht-M water first i lnht. ; oOO in reH 1111
s L'l't 1 ''' ,r ,,1,('l' : H() acn-H hay land ;.Vl acre
L'. OH.", r,i, 'iu ; l!anlen ; oil f end htock cattle,
7 head l-oi -en, 'J tin in wiuons, I iiiv.
ii-:.. 71' ,""w"''' "'"l rake, drill, pious mi l
.harrow. Liepi i. e at I'.xiiininer ollice.
ool.l.A its lis '( )( SA LK AT A l:LliAIN
Any one in n.aikel fur (l.(. cIiism fur
"ii I inn on ",m" 'tu, ii in(. noiini. in l.aKeview
NolTCL l will nave my K.!ly
I ,....., ....... ..Ill .!.... 1 .. I
-III 1 " n n.w llllll 111 i'I 111 Itlll ll umi'1
isi. iiin. win I lien lie prepaii'il lo 'Or
nish all lauds ot roiifc'h lumber.
call at Lxamiiicr office for paiticu-
Co pita I St ock pu id in
'.' '.', I 'ill'. -',.,',. .Ml I
l inlivhli'tl I'rolilH, lesrt i'x
peiiKi'H mid tnxi'H p.iiil.... :i,(;)i) us I
LivliIeiitlM iinpiiiil So .",() ! KOU HALK-oNK OKKOON V'AL
TliiieCcl liticiili'H t,f pepohit ..1.H.7) L'.r)l ley Land Conl ract at, a premium of
Savl.iKrt JiepiihilH H,i'7!i .'Ui'loo it taken ul, once. Not del in. incut.
Add reHH ,M rn. ,L PottH, WiN. Main,
Total iW! 7!t , Piiciitidln, Maho. I7:t
STA'I'K (i- Oltl.oiiNl j "
Col :.T of Laki; J Vallny'b choice '(Ml ai m fniii.H near
I, S. O. CrcHHlcr, CiiKhlcr of the J'1, ,5i,'w,"i Vuir. (iood I.ouho a,l
above iiiuiie.l bunk, lo Holcinnly I , ur"' Jrc'""'l nl ben Ihh. ': aciea
Hwear that t he above statement, Ih 1 Krlll1" ,llf",r, wild bay rown
true, to tho lii Kt of my Lnowle.Jiro I ?n I'll41!0" . A" f"r) tutdH, work
anil belief. ImrHBH, inilc.Ii cowh, ami lioyn In-
S. O. CP.LSSLKl!, CaHlilcr. :' '!',e'1', V'ut I'urtiniilurs en.juiia at
I thla olllco.
Correct A tfeat: 1
W. II. KinitK, . ..
Dii k J. Wii.o.x l)Ir.ctoiH 1 "AVK A KKW (). V. L. CON-
,1, II. Jlon IIKlrtH J tr,,,t J ; 11 for the price of the
,, . ... , . , . money paid In, the. purclmner aHH.iin-
SiibHcrlbe.l and Hwi.rn t. before ine ! the Imlance obligation,
thla Sf6th day of June, VMK AHsiuuinent KUHra.itee.l. W L
hkai. CIIAS. U.MBACII. I liLINN, i!ir Maaonio Temple, Uock-
Notary I'ul.lic for Or -yoii. i fon'
1.14(1 IIH MIK.l(H.
l'oT Kl; i; -I'ln: ( sr
nit't'iif Llipmi'H mid ( Iiiim to be
full. ul III i ll'i'uun. tf
i. il ci; i i.i:k wiii,-k v at t hi:
lintel Lakevlcw bur. The IichI iiinl
I'liifHt whlaky inaile. tf
ward IhhiiimI by the Telcplione
Company for deal roving Hh prop
erty. '
Blue Prints Made
I will make Line 1'riiitM o
any towi.Hhlp (,f (,ni In the
Lakevlcw Laml DlMtrlct, ami
lo al.Htract work. Call or
w. it. sniuhk
Lakevlcw . Oregon