Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, June 17, 1909, Page TWO, Image 2

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    i'v LAK
v'tfTV K'IMI(. lAkL'lr. OKHiON, Tlltl'ShA Y, JINK 17 IWW.
LakeCounty Examiner
Lrft Paper, and Larftat Clrculatton I"
I'a.tern and Southern Orpin
I'i ni.lfHF.O KVKHT TlllUsIMY.
Kntorfil at th lim omci-at li.-tp
a. Soeond-Claa Mailer.
fine rear, tn advance,
fhi mart ha. "
Three mor.tli, '
fTBj-lt not paid in advance, i2 50 the year
1 s.'
R.-Hiilar Klan.tlnit a.1 lUV ' h in!v
nlun n apace, per month. All alamilns a.N.
Ohan;e.l fr.-e twice a month. Cost of ooii'poM
tton char eed forall extra I'haliKt-a Ail Mevtal
ixwltlona extra. All hrt term aila eltra
Readera. local column. I0'. per life each in
trltton. Want ,v. a tin-each in- rilcti
Car.i ..f thuk 1 00. Kcoltition ol tvr.v.o
kuce. 1 60 ami upoarila.
CW Transient'. iain(t and la'.i 1'rinl
tnit. cah in atlanc-c.
All Mil mtmt be paid the firatof each tuoulta.
gHTyto deviation from Ibeae terma.
ia tept on (lie at h i' l.'
A-lTerttainc Agency ou
aom Street, San Frani;i, lal. wnrre
eoBtracta lor ad vert mint; ran he ma l lor it.
Americans in their self-asaerttd
claim of superiority are inclined to
look down upon the Mexican, as a
'greaser, "wbo is little better than
bia borse or some inanimate object.
But, the (act is, that tbe Mexican
are wiser tbau tbe people of tbe
United States in very many paitiou
lars, and especially are tbey wise in
tbeir purpose of granting no special
privileges of auy sort to aav, one
wbioh become "vested rights" in this
Land of tbe so called t ree, and there
by build up tbe few at tbe expense of
many. Tbe Mexicans are in tact oua
of tbe most democratic people on
earth, and with tbe picture of this
mis-governmed and trust-ridden
couotry contsantly before them as to
tbe eril effects of roonoply are steer
ing clear of tbe woes we undergo as a
nation, and in consequence are
marehiog forward tn a place in tbe
family of nations that is admired ty
all right-tbiukiug people, and tbe
envy of all.
When tbe Ilarriman and other ar
rogant American over lords go down
there, tbey have to toe tbe mark, and
very parly in tbe game dicsover that
there the go 'ernmeiit runs tbe rail
ru ids uad not the railroads ruu the i
novernuien? , as is to palpably tbe
ca-se this si 'e of tbe line. When
American mnnriioli?ts enter Mexicr,
th-y place themselves under goveru
meut coutri.l, which remorselessly
fixes tbe ra'e for lreight and passen
ger trtittic. not c.u what the t ratio will
bear as here, but with the sols pur
pose of what is the best intreeat cf
tbe put. lie, i.n j w ith tbe ultimate
and iuexoraMj condition that after
a given term of years the railroad in
its entirety tots to the government
o stock jobbing or watering of
stock is perm ittei ! Not much i
"vested rinhs" there!
public at large aud to create tbe
moBt etllc'ent servto. I'reaid nt Plat
la -aid to favor tbe aocotnplHbtiten of
th- idea, aa it would carry out more
completely his belief In public own
ersbip and give lbs country tbe
ohsiioe to at onco foe ahead of all
others in the importstnt wi.rk already
begun. It uM euable Mexico to
carry tbe the pruMitu of sovernnietit
control of public utilities to the
staise uever rotitemplated ry an;
other goveiumeat In the world.
It I retry clear that tbe people
of Mexico, and of Canada alao, have
profltad by our ini.-take of allowing
I "if.,i( tnrlnaf rioa'' toaielH Uliou I he
fat of the land fur their ou especial
beneBt, enabling them f thrive
on special privileges until they
1 1) res' e n our very national life ia
their ill gotten wealth wiiicii now
over-tops the other uituhiued wealth
of o ir u tti vi, h'lt iu.iteal thosa
t Ao co mtriei throttia nil euoh atro
cities it birth ! j
It is possible, and the eigt.s indi
cit , that America Is ucw ou the
verge of a rude awakemug and it la
very probable that the reforms set in
motion by Kooeevelt wi'-l cat her iu
such force and vidume tbat Aldricb
and bia ciowd of buncn-ateeiers
whether republican or demoi-ratic,
w ho now bow so abjectly to the Mo
loch of Monopoly, will be swept
from power aud tbe poeple shall ootae
into their own.
(Jo i s(ed the dj 1
The iufamous James llazeu Hyde,
whose greed would admit ot no divi
sion of tbe swag with a subordinate
which led to ao luvetiati an tbat ex
posed tbe life insurance graft, aud
who has since been in practical exile
in Paris, living a riotous life on tba
tainted millions be wruug from the
tears and sweat of millions of Ameri
cans who (ouubt to save a pittance
for dependent ones In case of death,
was recently sentenced to one mouth's
imprisonment in tbe Paris prison for
running his auto lot" a public taxi
cab. He is now in Italy and prob
ably will stay there to avoid arrest
and deserved punishment
This vile creature is but an example
of too many in this country enriched
by special privilege at the expense of
the many.
With the effrontery of such spawn
tbat find tbeir natural babital in tbe
sewers and cesspools of tbe very
dregs of humanity, not content with
uavinK iobbed tbe widows and or
phans of millions, when be left Amer
ica to take up bis reiadence abroad,
be added insult to injury by declar-
Heart to Heart
to be coiiiioti(l with the building
lu which a saloon It conducted.
It It pretty evldeut that if tbe re
forms proptiaod hail always been prac
ticed that there wood have been mi
such hostility aroused agalnnt sa
loon a.
(Copyright, 1909. by American I'reaa Aao
elation )
If Instead of going off to Africa to
hunt llona Theodore Kooacvelt would
go Info I he pulpit be would mnke a
great pre.uT"r.
In ti In mu'i...iI innkcttp Itonsovclt Is
more the prtvu her tlnui the politician.
lie bus luMvfcil. In kcmsoii and out
of acuson. that (he innlii thlnx Is Iho
moral ticiill'i of the M plc. An. I ttiut
la the pr';ii 'tor of It.
The poilfl, i tn aludlci nucstlmm fruiu
an tvonut 'U' stnilHiliit. Mutcrhtl proa
pclil.t U hi 1 h.. lu : I, 11 of htiintiii lupl
nes.H. M:il,i the people pro.siif.otis and
clvill.-atli 11 will . in coil If t'lcro l.-i
any III. pas u law n:nl i-urc It
The pren her U the better philoso
pher. The ie: !i.T aees that :ood lilen
ship Is im io l.ojiorfaut than lopil on
acttitc ! !p; n, t i.m li
the laws oi.iv le as what the eople
may be
A 1 rent !ctl of fn:i his lin poke-l
at IvooseviMt's pronchliig."
But he m'iw
A philosopher of the' Hun" Flower
stale la not an far out of the wa)
In the folio lug There are people
who never attend a ball 1,101 , uevrr
see a horse race, never mane a trip
any where, never ee a circna, tievet
shoot, Hsb, buut, play card, tennla,
or even croquet. Tbey appear to go
tbroutfh life with the Idea that Ih.
oue (iilnHlon here ou earth la work aud
tbat all the pleasure aud recreation ia
to be bad Id heaven. If tbey should
happen to be sidetracked on that,
they auiely would be out ll around
Count .ep pel in, the tieruian aero
uaut, liaa kept, bis airahlp on the
move lur M home,
miles, aud returned to
with uo llftlooliv. It
to look aa though the
travelled HfK
his inotiiiuga
surely beglus
air baa been
lUacial footprints have beeu found
in the blue clay under the city of
Toronto, Cauada. Ueulogixis tell us
that theywere made there trotu fifty
better than most kII- 1 thousand to oue hundred thouiund
-Dealer In
Furniture of All Kinds.
Mr. V. K. li AllHIS, ail i-xpi'ilciiffd tiiulerlnker. Iina chnrgn
of in v Uinlerlnkliw Itooma
Cor. I'oat and Stockton Ms ,
I urpan and Amirttaa Plan
Overlooking beautiful UNION Ol'AHI; I'AkKj only one block Irom
tlte retail shopping center.
Ralea ft .00 Per day, without hath; J.OO per day and up with haih. Ideal aervka
- I lralilaaa In every reapnl
R. H. GATLEY, Manaqbr.
t inaUe the laws.
not make the peo- 1 " 01 wasoiugioo uaa a law
make tbe covet uineut, ! making it compulsory for both males
and females desiring to enter the
niarrijKe stale to etibtn'it to a medical
before a license will l
pie; that "
govern met t
pie; the peoj lo
The iH'oplc AlCK the government.
And this I'istlnotlon l.s foniln mental.
Tbe rfm of oputnr government
Is not th tt i ' a s t-nllcd "state" where
privilege U banded to the citizen. It
Is that of n commonwealth In which
all the powers of government are giv
en to It by the citlxen.
And so
The )uciIon of a people s well be
ing la not so much a matter of law.
It Is not entirely a question of the
form of government.
"Treason?" you say.
Is It treason to suggest, for Instance,
that the people of Germany under an
Imperial government are better off In
every way than the people of Venezu
ela under n republican form of gov
ernment? Nobody wants to change the form of
government. That Is not the question.
The moral health of the people Is the
great concern. If you don't believe tt
read Ortolan or Sallust.
Itoosovclt Is rl'iht.
We do not need more politic
much ns we need more preaching.
Smiles and Squalls
Hy Tit K VrHUlXT 4.r
bim and bis colleague?, but, as be
said, "because the people of the
United States w;re too crude, loo
ine that he was not leHvnirf the conn-; materialistic. too blattHiit to be
try because he feared arrest and im
prisonment, which then threatened
f otice.
notice la hereby uh'eii that all irriuit
tiuu, or mlilrnce (litcbea on all trout
wtreamij throujrht Lake Comity, Ore
iion. must be screened with a Minall
mexh wire scree nintt at (heir head or
junction with thn main chaniiel of
Htrenm. Also all ilains or obstruct
ions jn said streams niust Iw pru-
vlded with a fish-ladder, orotbt reasy
' nmn n u rif n'lULiu rtt. t, t r.r nun I liu tnljl
Spring goods will arrive in
days at Lakeview Mercantile Co.
Children Cry
To Home Builders
I file of the main channel, no an to al-
f ( 1 w f h TifiMuno-P cif trout ut nil timiHi
Tbe Mexican Kovernmeut not only ; of year, as provided by law. Said
looks alter the railroads aod regu- j work to be done at low water 1 1 rut,
lates tbeui to it a ou sweet will, but ' or to completed by Fe. 7, I!i7.
,t t.. ,i,. .1, u.- i Uy order of J. A. Uarliam.
-uuc uuo eu;UB loUK wuuj So4iCia, Deputv fish Warden
veryiDing else in lue line ol possible LakeCounty. Oregon
monopoly, all of which are reguated
aud controlled in the same mauner.
Tbe water-powers, mines, and a pub
lic utilities are under absolute con
trol of tbe goveienment. There is no
wicape, and, malefactors, of what
ever Jesjme, get swift aud sure jus
tive. !s uu iustance of what is going on
djwn below our southern boundary,
a receut issue of tbe Meixcan Daily
i! tiated j
i'i3!' '- ' it '.'I. l'i i . : I gOV-
jr,j,,rJ i . Over
'l 'i 'i . -a; . t i j . .' the
- ..v . y .". pauy
.uu uuuoi Kuretumeot
oooftrol. It is undersood that the
goTrnmeut woould want probably 51 '
5Mr oent of tbe stock, under whioh
ctrcumatanceB tbe holders ot the
other 49 per cent would feel reason
ably certain of good profits.
A New York banter, represeotiug
the lierliu ioterebt", has been here
for more than a weeek and has jiwt
returned borne, atfer looking into the
posisbilities of securing from the
Mexican government a concession
for a large light and power concern,
which was iutot ded to supply light
and power not only to the city of
Mexico, but to other towns and cities
of the country as well as and at tbe
sttiue time to secure control of a
laige number of similar concerns ii
the United States forming of tbe
whole a trust, lie was toll that uo
concession would Le given and that it
would be useless tn ask one. It is
said that he was told that tbe federal
government is now looking iuto the
practicability of taking over at least 01
per cent of the stock of the two com
panies and operating them as the na
tional railways of Mexico are now op
erated. Acoording to tbe reports, the pro
ject of tbe government is aimed di
rectly at securing tbe public utilities
for tbe sole purpose of benefitting the
worthy of tbe society of a t-'entleruiiu
of leisure. "
Think of that! And from such a
1 wretch.
! However America is well rid of him
and could very well FpBre others of
bis kidney to the evei'liistiug good of
its toiling and patient niH-npH, who
have n, ado it posnil le for men of hi
stamp to
leisure !"
i "The person who is anybody aud
who does autyhinit is surely uoiiiu to
be criticised, vilified and misunder
stood. I "While it is no proof of g eattifsa,
tbe tlual proof lies iu beiug able to
vnnure contumely williout reaeut
meut," says Libert llubliard
And then because some sky-pilot
said the I'ra's wile was no laity, or
wonts to that effect, be laititiaxts tbe
HtutfitiK out of that stuffy dtviue
with a stuffed club 1
So easy to preach aud so bard to
be a perfect geutlemaii I
Tbe rea-tuu why men who mind
their own buainess succeed. Is hecautie
they bave ao little competition.
Oil mak'iiate Archibnll Iihh paid off
the r'!7.,0JO mortiraue ou C'liunceller
Day's Syraeude College. Let's see
didn't we nee some defence of the
venal rich as emanatiig from one
Day th other day? We did! And
there voti are I It surely paye to a I
vert i-e.
Some men take themselves mo blamed
serioodly that they imagine them
selves to be the entire proce-miou.
As a rule these fellows are so far
behind the main parade tliut they
uever get a g impse of it. hver
know such a oue?
It is asserted that th habit of
chewing iium Hives one a elexr brain,
aud that the chewer can think tpiickty
and act wisely in condtictini' the
Red Livery Barn
New Rijjs and tH-3 Special Accommo
Fancy Teams -sW, tlations
to Let -jzSSZZS? lfor I'Vcihtcrs
Corner Canyon and Main Sis, Lakeview, Ore.
Northwest Notes
Campell, at I practically no expense other than for
Lorella was burned Sunday nlitht , paatorage. A fat 'JM pound bog to-
Thehome of Wallet
will content, the occupants escap
ing in their night clothes. Nothing
was saved. It is thought a blied
man went to bed leaving a caudle
burning, which set tbe lire.
Two cantaloupes, the vanguard of
tbe crop from the Imperial Valley,
hipped as a part, of a coualgnmeut
from lleber, t'al , soi l in the local
market at Los Antjnlea at enc.
J he melons were larits and well rip
ened, liut how much they munt
have tasted like money I
Swi't ,t Cu. Hiinoii nee that they
plan to be in actual oackiuK opnra
tlona ia their new plant at Portland
In July. This brlnus to the surface
I the uecessity for the fan'iera of )r
I uon to grow morn houa. I'igs nnti lie
I raised until they are three mouth
o.( on vetch or ttier roughage ai
day Is worth VlA.fiO caali live weight.
lhe packers will have to uet a supply
must they send the money fur the tn Nerliunki, or shall tbey bn
raised I ii Oregon?
l or a 5pialn4 Ankla
As usually treated a eiratued ankle
will disable the injured person for a
mouth or more, but by applying
Ohambf Haiti's Liniment and obaerv
rintt thrt directions with tisch bottle
faithfully, a cure may bn etfected iu
many cases in less than a week's
time. The liniment is a most re
markable preparation. Try It for a
sprain or brtilau, or when laid up
with chronic or muscular rheuina
tlm, ami you are certain to he de
lighted with then prompt relief which
It atlords. l''or sale by Daly & Hall.
1 - II I "" - - ""'J Vll-
u"lU!1" nuM.e.. affairs of li'e. Thutso? Well,
all throw away tbe "coffin iihiI"
arette and chew gum, t y gum I
Two "hundred latest desfgntt and
plans of
Bungalows ana Cottages
costing from
$500 to $5000
Enquire of
and Builder.
Main Street, next to Ablstroin'H.
Under the present system, tariff re
vision can be littlo better than a
farce, says the Kansas City Times,
it is evident that, in ad emergency
only a few of the men elected to Con
gress really repersent tbe people.
Tbe represent tbe beneficiaries
of tbe tariff Schedules, are made
and passed on tbe showing of tbe
maonfacturers and producers, not on
the rights ot tbe consumers. Tbe only
way to secure a scientific and equit
able tariff is through a non-partisan,
continuous expert commission. It
cannot be accomplisherd through
tbe republican party or tbe Demo
cratic party, or both of these parties.
Full colored Sectional
Hap of Oregon.
I'rici- K)c while they Last.
by iec
sireain Range
.Shows all surveyed lands,
tlons, and every lmportatit
and divide, Townships and
plaluly marked. :: ::
Also uhows all Land Grant Lands,
and has theORUON illLITAKY ROAD
Grant complete, by sections. Inval
uable to anyone who now Is or ex
beets to tw Interested in lauds la
southern Oregon. :: ::
Lutlre output of this mup owued by
8.11 Chamber of Commerce,
Portland, Oregon.
' There are half a dozen rairoada at
the present time tbat are considering
tbe question ef electrification. If these
projects develop into actual con
tracts, many million dollars' worth of
copper will be involved. There may
be surplus stocks of copper abroad at
tbe present time, but these stocks
will disappear before many months
elapse unless there is a aude'en check
to tbe improvement now under way.
.... I view, uregon.
not to re-open till 6 a. I m"9Jh j
Tbe California saloon keepers are
making an effort to reform them
selves, and bave appointed a commit
tee to formulate a plan to eliminate
existing evils in the liquor traffic,
who have recommended legislation or
city ordinances on the following
lines :
lhe closing of all saloons at 1
o'clack h. m,,
m. ; tbe refusal to sell drink to worn
en unless tbey apply in front of tbe
bar like men ; the elimination of all
private boxos aod secret rooms in
connection with saloons; to refuse
drink to every person under tbe iu
fluence of liquor; every patron to be
protected from robbery aud waylay
ing as far as ia possible by the bar
keeper and saloon (owner ; all aide
and family entrances to be done
away with; uo card playing or shak
ing of dice for money to be allowed
In any saloon ; ownership or part
ownership of auy saloon or brewery,
dlstl lery or wholesale liquor bouse,
or the control of tbe license by any
of tbe aforesaid institutions not to
be allowed; that gaming is fh uo way
tile Co.
bats at Lakeview Mercau-
l'laeed Lfj.iXIO trees In Iwike county
last vi'iir. .liest adapted to ix-eds of
this section. Kn-e Irom all diseases.
Ln!orsed by fruit Inspectors,
febotf K. 11. I'ATCII. LBkevlew.
rmaT-ot-Amm ruour
coMirir omivmmm
Mammoth Stables
C. D. ARTHUR, Pitornimwm
The '-irirest Livery uml Kced Stable In enMitheni Oregon
or Northern California. Horses Hoarded by tbe liny, Week
or Mouth. Special Attention Given to Transient Stock
Louis Shaw
Deater In Real Estate
1 have Hated some of tbe les
Ranches, Timber Lands and Town
property in Nortiru California, n
country that is bound to Improve rap
idly. Altnras, California.
Wotlre raw Publication.
Department of the Interior, U 8.
Land Office ai Lakeview, Oregon,
May 24, lyoy.
Notice is hereby given that MICH
AEL RAU, of Lakeview, Oregon, who,
on May 18, YMl, made Homestead
Application No. 2007, Serial No.
01131. for HP: quarter NW quarter,
W b alf NiS quarter, NW quarter SK
quarter, Section 33, Towonhip VJ
South. Range 19 Last, Willamette
Meridian, has filed no' live of inten
tion to make Final Five Year Proof,
to establish claim to tbe land above
described, before Register and Rec
eiver, at Lakeiew, Oregon, ou the
14th day of July l'JOO.
Claimant names as witnesses: X
Arzner, Gabriel 'Arzuer, Jack Mo
Culley. aud Joe Arzner, all of Lake-
N. Watson, Register.
Department of the Interior, U. 8
Land Office at Lakeview, Oregon.
May 24 1900.
Notice Is hereby given tbat HAR
NEY GKUMAN, of Lakeview, Ore
gon, who, ou April 10, 11KIG. made
Homestead entry, No. :i5!)l, Serial No.
013:t2, for Lots 1 and 2 SE quarter,
NW quarter. Section 7 Township 'M
South, Range 21 East. Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of inten
tion to make Final Five Year l'roof,
to establish claim to the land above
described, before Register and Re
ceiver, at Lakeview, Oregon, on tbe
12th day of July, 11)011.
Claimant names as witnesses: W,
D. liishop, William J. 'Rebart, Hoi
Chandler Mark Musgrave, all of
Lakeview, Oregon
J3JN J. N. Watsou, Register.
1 .. . tmmmmmm linn
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: This II am merles ICcpcatcr is the roost rnpM pump gun made; it
i has every known Improvement rany take-down fi-atnre, heavy
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New Pine Creek, - - Oregon
tMtMa i.
Trade-MarKs, Designs, Labels, Prints, Etc.
All classes of business before th United States Patent Office givv-n
1'rompt and Cu.roful 1'erconal Attention. Terms tliu most rea
sonable and good work Kimnuitaud Address nil InijnlrleH to
( Member of the Bar of the U.
2407 P Street N. W.
5. Supreme Coust. )
Washington, D, C.