Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, May 06, 1909, Page FIVE, Image 5

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$ 1 o.
Buys xi io-ncre
Pa mi, payable
Per mo n Ih
Your Opportunity !
Golden Goose ,,lkc Vaiicy, ,
Sunn' Oregon, i .mid of Success.
ii niHrag, ami .
j l PrailcUcnil J '
lj N. Waldo 'I
J Newspaper mm.
J , wnr k The Kx
Wc have no Crop Failures
This section is receiving more satisfied
immigration than any other
It menus Health
nd Wealth to You
!NAHIC.5ITZ. Mgr., I , j
t mbach uuiiuinjt i-ukc view, wre
t nam cvxtiff'iMSflRMf
' 1 - i i i - vWTLj
Ibjolulely Tare
The Only Baking Powder fgH
made from
Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
Made from Grapes-
A Guarantee of Pure,
Healthful, Delicious Food
w 1 1 "
Personal Mention.
II. O. Hliimp, of Kansas City
arrived Friday Mr. Khimp Ih treas
urer or tho Oregon Valley Laud Co.
He will remain, mi town bo mo time on
business In interest of h Ih company.
1). I.. Finn n u tin arrive! Thursday
from Now York City.
Dave Kdler. the Kheep King of
Southern Oregon was a Hotel Lake
view guest Monday.
Thornton T. Muuger, of Portland,
wi hero Monday. He In connected
with the forestry aerlvca.
T. P. Oallorwood was over Monday
from A del.
C. L. Neil, wife and child, ot Har
ney l'o., passed throuuh Lakevlew
Friday ou their way to Mrytle I'oint,
in Co on County for a vhtlt with her
folks. Mr. Neil report many new
California (J
Sweet Pea SeedsVL
every lad? may obtain at 1M morr a pa-t
jge of California fiwrrt r
tiaa atr.t '. : if .!i to li-'T'.'. e ' c to
alt. fume i un- f S-Ki.r ill : '
viiq do not hitr io buy nvt i.k -'i
aie lire, lu couir lodat
Truce riaiitlKiiiif ,ii,'. art u4-;a tin
rl if-t ut the trrti.
I'Lni lle aeel now r ot.r wint'ff. '
lrtra and tlait ut cvttlart.
rrl Uary I net it tbe laira r.i ... ,
Coma In a it J aamnir :i
lakevlew, . Oregon
( people coining to Harney county and
ii. ..i 1 1... r. ...... i.. !.. i.
.,. kin. 11,111119 ,n iii i'iih iij every
Mr. and Mrs. Weo. Downs returned
Prlda? from their winter's snjourn in
. naoranienio. i ney ure now occupy
jiiiK their ticautiful new home iu Sher
lock'H addition.
(1. .1. Maclaiinou, of Omaha arrived
U. 11. Hvdntiiu huh iu Saturday
from Dry Creek.
Joe I'ul er got in Bun lay from the
Paisley rane,
Roy Rhlrk icliirned Tueaday from
hla Califnoria trip. He reporta tinea
the dullent lie ever aw in the Colden
atute. and that they need rain very
badly down there.,
Prank II. DolmHt. of Lowell, Wyom
ing, arrived lant week. Ilia friend.
Joe Vordick, arrive' from Cuater
Bwith. 1tl( ou Haw Alwars Boujht
Tlovlng Picture Show
Latest and !fot Licensed Service
Moving Pictures
Monl.'ivs, T h u rsil i v s
Two SIioas each Night
At s:iK) and 0:00 o'clock
Ou4 I clluws Building, Lakcvl.w.
AdinlHMlon 10 and 15ct
HMITII 4k KlICi' frorlrlorn.
If you ni'cd a
Watch, Clock or
It will im.v you to wait for
our mock.
All kinilH of rcpalrlni;
K. Water Hi. next door to Colaudo Hotel
Nel.r, Hnfiirdnf. lloth hae come
Ntny, and will mnkauood cltlena
W, M, Meet and H. A Hoflong, of
Oxford, Nehranka rarna la town Hun
day. Manual Htuiidcr., (ha Cottonwood
ahtTp tni'ti mii i town thin week.
.1' hu HI' i f AKhland, Ore. a
lu tottll ', nul'HdaV.
K. i'. II In ih of Siiannvillf, fallf,
wa In to M '( i -.Imv.
J. ). HIH-. C. M. lireen, C. l.
MiiHrair, ami Al, Mhiu-im, were Han
PrancUcona I lnii ll i week.
1 1 ' tut. x der I.aka
w io l.iii 'rlew lant
h I ! nek- -r dui' a
pli'iHiuit rail froiii ti n ni;tl.-n an.
John and Heirr Wmou trera
arrival Mrmday from i'li' o,
A M. Hm II h mid cm khi r Iv'tia.
wern In town Friday fio ii Ne Hint
M. K. IJrown wnt over Pri lur from
Klamath Fa I In.
O. W. Howard, A. W. i Vma and
(!eore HloornlfiKcamp were lily peo
ple in town laat week.
H. L Iliintln waa an arrival Thurs
day from Aahland, Incotmln.
K. K, Lake, the Hly honiOHteader,
la iu towu for a few day.
C. W. Dent baa moved hi family
1 to hla home ranch on Honey creek,
i Merchant Morilawaa over Friday
I from 1'IiihIi,
i i
John I'rader and wife, of Hummer
Lake are lu tow n.
Mr. and Mm i. K. Wakefield, and
Mr. and Mr. T. II. Waketlld, all of
Warner Lake are hotel Lakevlew
Mln Craehcr and a roung lady friend
of New 1' ue Creek wtre io towo
Mra. () T. McKendree left laat
week for Han Piancicno to have her
little dauvlitrr'e hauda treated, which
were ao oadly inirucd, aometinie ao.
I. J hioijH la ou inn iik a uooae on
hi tiouieatend in crooked creek val
Piatt J. Van Duaen, of Cedar
Knpld. Nelirai-ka, la in town un
tiat for a locaton
tiuy Cronemder baa joined the
aurvpylntf ciew of the O. V. L. Co.
W. C. Ford hat purchaaed an icter
eti in "ine rroat." Mr. t-ord la an
experienced candymaker.
('. II. Dnaeubury, the timbr cruia
er, who hat leen in Portland all win
ter returned Monday.
(loo. n. Duncan tunde final proof
to IiH homeatead iueaday.
Jutlue llfiixoii arrived in cjwn Tuea
day evening to be in attendance at
court. -,. Ur-a . '
rtVlra K. J.' Htoue j entertained the
Needle Club rrlday afternoon.
A Try-on Will Make
AH Plain to You
m a
FiL, Style, and make-up in
The Fit, will fit you; the Style
will point your figure properly.
We can fit you better and with
more stlye than your bailor and
make a saving in your finances
that wiii surprise you.
A try-on Will make all
V plain to you V
Lakeview Mercantile Company.
Six North Dakota faniiliea are to
locate hoou io Surprise Valley, aouth
eaat of Lakeview.
3 OwinK to a delay f iu freight thip
nietita 1 wiU ho delayed a week later
which niakea my datee with you May
Hlb, lOtband 10th. Come and see me.
The Kotfiie Kiver Fruit (Jrowera are
experimenting with appliaucea to
provent front damairiuK their crops.
Crude petroleum furu lulled growers
by the H. P. Hy. Co. has not proved
fatiaafctory better reaulta being
obtained from wood, or wood aud
petroleum coujldueu. One orchardiat
there tried the experiment of lriatlnK
hit orcnard aud found he had no
difficulty in preventing damage from
The Alturas Piaiudea'.er of the JOth ,A St. Louia man jnst bought a 10
ult, aaya: Capt. Kiatler lnforma ui acre Hood River anrde orchard end
trains are ex- maid $1,000 an acre for it. And mind
that Weateru I'aciUc
peoted to reach Deep Hole, 70 miles
from Cedarville, from the eaat, by
July 1. Merchants of (Surprise are
looking in that direction for .relief
from th extortions of the N. C. O.
With Kurpriae drawing her freight
from Deep Hole and Lake county
from Klamath, the very "arjuoui
dutiea" of young Mr. Oonaway as
train dispatcher, as friend lleoesay
would say, will cease, "and the poor
bye 'll get a rlat."
A full line doors and
Lakeview Mercantile Co.
windows at
you the
year old
orchard baa only
treea. lue fellow
2 and 3
with the
hammerin Lake county is not so busy
as be once wss in face of facts like
tbe above sbo-ving what la beijg done
In other fruit sections and wbicb will
be duplicated here later.
Nebraska saloons hereafter are to be
open from sunup to sundown. Father
will bave to stay at home nights here
af ter in that t'ate. !
Lakeview Dairy
Ie prepared to take orders to
furnish daily
Pure Milk and Cream.
Orders left at Ablstrom
Broo. will receive prompt
and careful attention.
tile Ut
hats al Lakeview Mercan-
1 W. L. Douglas shoes
Lakeview Merest d lie Co.
for men at
" Beat the Railroad To It
Blue Prints Made
I will make Blue Printa o'
any towu-hlp f Und iu the
Lakevlew Land District, and
do abstract work. Call or
Lakevlew - . Oregon
Report of tbe Condition of
The Hank of Lakevlew at Lake
view In the State of Oregon, at
the clone of InmlnrKH, April 28, VJti'J.
Loanannd DiHcounta fasi.ST'i 22
Overdrafts, secured and
UDiKTurl 3,902 M
IUiikIh, KX-urltleH, etc 4 00
IJankluK houHe, furniture
and tixturea llj12 84
Other real estate owned.. S.ul'S 31
Due from banks ( not re- .
acrve lianka) 4 1-1 44
Due from approved re
serve iMiika 89,910 37
Checka and other caali
Iteiiia 1,11(13 ;j:i
CiinIi on hand 19,B21 W)
Total rj.0.rB 64
l.lAllll.l'J IKH. IIOl.l.AKH 11'H
Capital atock paid In 100,0O0 (Ml
SnrpliiH fund 100.000 00
Undivided protlta, Ichm ex-
peiiPcH iiiul taxi'H paid... 34,475 82
Inilivldiuil deponltH sult-
Ject to check 24S.771 58
Demand cerlllieatea of de-
pialt 7.7.'tl !H)
TlmecvrtlticateH of depoHit, 20 071) 84
Certified checka 1.000 00
Total 512.0;S 04
Static ok Oiikgon, 1
I, P. M. Miller, Caahler of the
abovt-naiued bank, do eoleinnly
swear that thu above atatenient la
true to tho best of my knowledge
uud belief.
F. M. MILLER, Cualiler.
Con wet Attest:
n. Daly.
W. P. lleryford.
NOTKS: For 30 day only. We bave
two. one H00 19011, Juiia 15tb,
one fiouu pjh, June loin, notes
secured by 1st mortage on HiO acre
ranch all improved, value t:iUK), at U
per cent interest payble anuually
f 102 interest due, Juue 15th. These
notes can be bad now for 1940 cash.
We recommend these "Wire ua, if
ycu waut these reserved."
11250 email frame. 6 room house,
city water, wood she4 etc, 2 blks.
from Court House furnished com
plete. Lot 5Uxl00 a rare good buy,
one half casju
12800 House, bain aud orchard. 2
acres, New Pine Creek 8 rooms,
frame, good location, oue third down,
balance, 8 per cent. For ;IK0. ciah. poHttew
alon given 2 weeks lor 6Hx275 &
rlarjrenew barn, beat of ahade & fruit,
bath, complete, will Include furniture
this one will be raken quick one
block from Court lloune.
Five-room house, frame; good bum,
can be made over into six or sev
en room lionae for f200, 2 acres of ex
cellent land 5 block from Court
IIount, houae and barn alone cost
$1,000; the land can be cut lino 16 lots
n ml re-aold at enough to clear the
place this Is right In town. Price,
1 1 .800.
2200. Modern 6-room 13unalow,
new, all details complete, feuced, a
Kood buv, musr. close at once.
Houses, either to aril or rrnt arc
Hcnrce in LnUevlew, If you
mean business wu will aeiul ilio
tis. Lois
U est hotel or store site hi towo,
Mock from Court House, 'block eatit
of Maiu St It is the ahuttiug
property at eud of Street. Eve y oue
in town cannot help Feeing it. 0 room
house. Lot 77 ft front, IS8 ft deep
1 lot (Hi x 275 ft. maiu street of towu.
orchard, tin shade tieeH, oue block
from court house. 101)0, part cash,
surrouuded by the best homes iu
Residence Lots Pest location iu
towu 50 x 50, V1000 building re
strictions. L.ita-7 300 82.-i !2.ri.,
(Hock 1 also lots 12 20(1. & 13 200.,
idock 2 Hrenkels first adiliiioii.
MKJ acres, cheap land. 10 fenced, boose
and barn. Part meadow, balance
grazing. 12 miles from Lakeview.,
some timber ou i.
Dairy lUnch :!00 acres. Klamath
County 2 barns, one 7-room house,
orchard aud good garden, 200 acres
irrigated, about 40 head good milch
cows. On County road, telephone
communication, $20 per acre.
1340 ncjeH All good meadow and
grain lands, water rights, good
barns and U room house. Fine gar
den. All fenced. Excellent Stock
farm enn e had for 1S per
acre if taken at once. Oiie-hulf down,
balance terms, (iood speculation 9
miles from town.
Homestead Kelimpushuieus 1 100
acre tracts, ouly a 6hort time uecess
ary to prove up ou. One house and
barn etc. 300. the other 250, and
feuced, part cleared.
170 acres Near New Pine Creek,
12,600, 1,000 fruit trees, ell kinds
of berries, aud gardens truck, best cf
water rights 5 room house, a tried
and proven fruit farm, oue third
down, bulauce 8 per cent.
No. 3 40 acres, north of Lakevlew
25 miles, on proposed right of way of
railway. 7-room house, barn, capac
ity 100 tons of hay. 1500 sheep, 100
acres under Irrigation, two envks
cross the farm. Small orchard. Bet
of hay &. grain hind. Unlimited range.
$M)00. The luiprovemeues aloue rep
resent 7i00. This will not be ou the
market long,
Kancb 100 acres all fenced, good for
fruit ol all kinds. alo 40 to 50 acres
for grain, near Lakeview on county
road, spring water all year, 5-room
houHe. 175 f nil r trees 2 and 3 years old
- 3.5lK), half cash, balance 1 to 5
years, "lteat the KaUioad to it."
Ranch of 140 ncres 80 acres cleared &
fenced, . nn west shore of
(loose Lake 1u California, live miles
from lty. light of way. llousn and
barns, gulden & -fruit trees, good
spring water, 12 50 per ucre. This
is a rel-rare-inveKtnient. Tho own
er Is fortvd to well. "Ilea, t the
Knilroad to it."
Ranch IU) acres 10 acres cleared,
ail fenced, bouse and a barn, both
practically new, this propoerty is lu
the let cf condition, 9 miles from
town, creek ruus through it. 1800.
Ranch 3(0 ncres, pan fenced. Iiam
only. If sold with ranch of lri) acres
house & barn for 12 50. If seperate,
15 per acre. The 3(10 I- just at south
end of (ioust Lnke. the "(SO 2 miles
south of Davis fret k. Calif, on coun
ty road excellent level grain and gar
den lands, in located on the right of
way Ry. "Boat the ltailroad to
Ranch 200 acres all cleared, 100 par
tially'so. two houses, three barns,
creek thruugh it, good orchard, laud
ready for grain, 85000, a &ood buy.
The 200 farm with bouse and 2 barns,
tine orchard can be had separate for
3500, part cash, balauce two or three
PiOacre. 40 timber, 12 miles west of
Lakeview, on stave road. Iloue
barn, capacity 8 head 50 acres fenced,
good garden, 30 acres grail?, 4 living
spr niiS Includes 30 to 40 cord
wood cut, all for fL'00, cukIi. This
price is low.
This last one tor persons who have
$55,000 and some ei ergy.
Fruit ranch, 800 to 1000 acres. 3 houses,
3 bams, good fencing, perpetual wa
ter right, all Irrigated, liest lands in
Goose Lake Valley for fruit & garden
farming, no frost-, local market for
all, will produce from 25 to $t0 per
acre ordinary farming, fruit uiuch
greater. All iuipiemeu s. wagons
14 bead of horses, harness etc. Can
b sub-divided, part town lots, bal
ance 10 to 40 acre tracts. The lota
will bring s00 to 1 Odd per acre tin
balance f 75 to 100 per acre. Tho,
right of way goes right by this farm.
To the parties who can handle this
sized property It Is a big mouey
maker. Can all be sold this year
price 55.01)0, can send photographs
if von mean bunnies. "Heat the
ltailroad to it."
Itranrh Ortlcea
Branch Olflce. I'lush, Oregou,
.loe Klliott. Mgr. Warner Valley.
One of the best cli iiicen io secure the
fat irolng. Free government lands.
We locate persons ui only the best of
good lands. Ask for particulars.
o Lakeview, Ore. 53
Branches: Plush, Parley
Lakevlew, Orejson
p... jj. i. flMI III- - -