Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, May 06, 1909, Page TWO, Image 2

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l,AKK'.i.'in lAIM.Ii.
riHiiniiHn. nnt onlv Irnin the lieorde ot
LakcCoiinty Examiner the who, of the united auto, tt
., from the nbole world, as much is
LmgrM larrr. and I arrst
Cnntrrn ami Sonthrrn
I'l l!l Nlll:l KVKKV TIH'KSIIAV,
' t r-'i at i in
NI omit-at l.nKcrlpw, Or.
.on.i-riMw MHtt.T.
rtU'NTY nKI'lt IA1. rAPFK
Onr'rr. In mlvanro.
8H martin, - 1
ThriH" n.O'itli. " :
AaFK not l'.l in aivnuio. 2 50 the yrai
I hi'
due to I ho few hardy pioneers, who
h'azed the way for our present great
Union F.very section but New Kng-
; lmi l has now had a Fnlr of greater
or lesser note, hii 1 with the lauding
of the Pilgrim Father a hu Inspiring
cause, lloet on should hare a fnlr equal
! to the one held in Chicago cotnmcmo-
I rative of the discovery ot America by
! Coin in tins.
2 utuH-nl-rr ui
Irom mil' locmi v
KxumlTK-r he remoTf
I, HIIiMlllT. of OHftlim i...imi'o a.uir.ns "ii.mi.i ri'nn'nifr i
dnip I li is ntliiH" runt m i luir 'iH"t can tx 'l
drrsm-il In the right iiilottu'1.
K.-Riilar Maiultng ait U' n Inch. tnst
column mim e, T nio'ith. All liiillng
chiuiKi'ilfriv ti.-e n.nnth. I t o( win posi
tion i linrci'il lomll oxtr chanm-a All tf'il
positions i-xtra. All Kliori irrni ail rxtra
Ki il rs. local miliums. 10.'. t line each in
el i ion. Want 1. V:. tin each liiM-nh n
fard of thank fl IV. Ki-soliitlon ol i-ou.lo-leiu
e. l vi mi'l upward.
g JlT-TrmiMent A'tT- rMning did Job Print
Inn. cah in aitanc.
All bills mum be paid the first of mk month.
lr-Ni deviation from llu'se term.
tome Mreei,
contract for
t kept on file l E.O. Pake's
AdTertlsinx AgencT 124 8and
San Fram-lsto. tal., where
advervtxinr; ran be madf for it
Secretary WiNon of the Department
of Artficu tu re bus directed that
thorough examination he made dur
ing the com intf rummer of all forest
reserves by Heuts of the lieoloyiciil
Survey and tbul classification 0e
made of all uou timbered area and
laud more valuable for agriculture
tnau timber, with a view to t-liminnt-inwt
suc'i lands from tbe forests and
placing them at the disposal ot the
pubbo for settlement and entry. It
is estimated that 30 percent of the
fore-t reseive areas will be restored
to public us if Secretary Wilson's
order is carried into effect.
Heart to Heart
1 . .
Ex-United States Senator Wm. M.
Stewart, of Nevada, died under an
operation at Wasblustou last Friday.
At one time he was one of tbe most
conspicioas Hsrnres in our national
life. His strenuous flgbt to prevent
tbe demonetization of silver was one
of tbe inoft fotceful efforts ever made
in tbe United States Senate. It is
now hettiaaing to dawn on tbe public
mind that most of our present
national woes are tbe outcome of tbe
successful effort to strike cown Silver,
and that its restoration to a parity
with gold is now only a question of
time. In view cf developments tbat
have awakened public thought as to
financial and industrial matters. "Tbe
Crime of '7.1" now has more signifi
cance than it bad when its utterauce
by the eloquent lips now stilled in
death trave rise to derisive guffaws of
tbe willing tools of tbe "System."
However, when tbe time comes, as
come il will, tbat silver is restored to
Its rightful place as a medium of ex
change, and not a mere commodity
as it is now, tbe estimatinon la which
Wm. M. Stewart will tben be held,
will place him in the front rank of
tbe really great Americans.
The editorial ptge of tbe Sacrameto
Bee riugs true! It Is a foe to graft,
dirty politics, and is ceaalesa in the
work of eulistiug public opinion iu
the cause of right aud justice. In
this work it baa an able cullaboiator
in tbe Sau FrauciBCo Bullletin. And
in tbis respect these two papers stand
almost alone in. tbat great state t
The entne prets ot the PaoiUc
Northwest, with one or two insignifl
caut exceptions, is singing tbe
boosters anvil chorus with rim and
enthusiasm. Tbat is right, boys,
keep op the good work.
Tbe Sultan of Turkey, Abdul
llamid, got it wbere most other tur
keys do, and has been deposed aud
bis brother Mehmed, who has beeu a
state prisoner by order of Abdul for
25 years, is now Sultan-.
Klamath Falls is to celebrate tbe
coming of tbe railroad on June 7th.
We congratulate our siter city, and
hope Lakeview will boon be tied to
ber with lasting bonds of steel.
Gcit.3 In Verse
Tbe editor of tbe San Fiaucisco
Chronicle has a great bead, la a long
editorial be finally disposes of tbe
questi'ui ot an income tax by calmly
dssertirti t' at "ricb meu pay taxes
the SH-ne ne tbe rnst of us." so they
do in lees proportion, and tbe
Chronicle koowa it but, tbat paper
adds: "Jt is tbat accumulated wealth
ougbt not by abnormal taxation to be
diverted from useful investment and
rank in unnecessary battleships."
Wouldn't tbat make a dog laugh
"Diveited from use.'ul- investment!"
Whose investment? Do tbe people
derive auy benefit from such "useful
iu vestment?" or does such "accumu
lated wealth" go toweid swelling
already menacing fortunes?
Tbe Chronicle kuows and so do all
tbe corproation owned papers that tbe
income tax and tbe inheritance tax
re enforced in eterr cou try on
earth, except tbe trust ridden Unted
States, and will be here, sooner or
later, in spite of courts tbat declare
.such legislation unconstitutional!
m WEET. what Is love? Tls not th
crown or kings.
Nay. nor the Are of white acraphk
I It a child's heart leaping- whili
he sings?
Even so say I;
Even so uay I.
(Copyright, I Pi H. lv American Ties Anno
IH not v hip your child.
To do ho argues thiit jou have not
suftV -lent Intelligence to govern It with
out the oinploj inent of brute force. Is
It not so?
The child Is sentient la-lng. It can
think and understand and decide.
Such an Intelligence oiiKht not to re
quire the scourge. Kvcn a dumb brule
Is letter off without It.
The child U n sensitive being. Its
feelings are keen. They have not
growu cnllouscd. nnd It Is especially
aubject to fear and harshness. To
beat It for Its mistakes or forget ful
ness N the rellnement of cruelly.
You whip It "fi-r Its own good?"
Arc you sure about that? It may le
forced Into obedience to your com
mand nnd cringe when jou threaten
It. Hut back of that appearance of
nieekneaa may lie a swelling sense of
Injustice or of hatred. You may lie
drying up all the finer feeling of Its
It Is a dangerous thing to thrust a
ruthless hand Into the delicate heart
strings of your sou or daughter.
There may be no Immediate slgu of
resent fulness or treacberj or outbreak,
but the Impression Is there and will
tell In the formation of character.
Above all things
Do not whip In anger!
Be sure the blow that falls on the
delicate body of your child Is not given
to relieve your own angry, animal feel
ings. The little one will be quick to
see that you strike because of your
Impatience and loss of self control aud
not because you are seeking Its good.
You may do luflnlte barm.
Io not forget It Is your child.
If It Js Impulsive or forgetful or even
Tlclous at times, whose fault is It? You
Pennsylvania's New Ssn.v.u'.
Conspicuous among the l i v. nli
In the I'liTcd Slates senrr
Teller Oliver of IViiiin, I
takes the seat vacated by I I..V tin
Knox, now secretary of v '
he ha i never la id n oiiciil
Oliver has been ronilneiil I,, i c 'tl
with pollllcal n ITm Irs Iu , I ii
tils lire ami luis several Hint' lc
delegate-to national ct nveitl li tw.
two different occasions In his II. t
'.. r
i il
Cor. I'ost and Stockton Ms ,
I utopmn anl American Plan
Overl lokinif beautiful UNION MjllAUH IA MK; only one block Irom
the retail shopping center.
Male ll.oo frr day, wfilmul; J.II0 r day and up with ha' h. Ural aarvk
I Iral.lapi In ever? rvaprtt
Ft. H. GATLEY, Manager
ponents of Hie late M. S. Outiy Itnlil el
Oliver to rtiiud against him, ami It Is
said that Oliver could hive won hail
he remained hi the Held, Imt tiuay was
his liosoui trletiil. and he refused to
have any part In his downfall.
Senator Oliver was born In lielnnd
In ISCs whl'e his parents were there
on a visit. He studied law. was admit
ted to the liar and prarllced his pro-.
Red Livery Barn
M. O'SUI.I.IVAN, Prop.
N't-w U'is ,'uid t v-w- Sptrinl Aivoniino.
! ;i noy 1 c.uns 4-wiv. u.ttioiis
to Let ' ,M' I'VvijJittTS
C iner Canyon nnd Alain St5, Lakeview, Ore.
Northwest Notes
fesslon for severul years. Most of his
time, however, has U-en (levottnl to the
Iron nnd steel business, at which be
amassed a large enough fortune to
place 1 1 1 in lu I he multimillionaire class.
gave It your characteristics. Your! Senator Oliver Is the owner of the
blood runs In Its veins, and that blood Mttsburg Onzette T4mes ai d the I'ltts
carrles to Its brain tbe seeds of the'l,uri.' t'hionl !e Telegraph, papers of
a child around our world dotit
happy for all that Cod
Love like
Happy, happy,
bath done,
Glad of all the little leaves dancin? In the
Even so say I;
Even so say I.
-Alfred Koyea.
It will cost this country next year
21 8.000,000 to maintain its army acd
navy on a peace footiog. Other
'nations are speuding much more as
their armies are larger. The question
as to how tbis will end is not bard to
determine, as it niears ' bankruptcy
to some of them, or else Bom one
will fret, and doubt less needs, a good
drubbing. But, it is a shame in this
day and age of boasted civilization
that' men should still resort to tbe
barbarous methods of killing and
maiming each other to settle fancied
or even real difficulties. ' Kvidnatly
there is need of an internatioal police
force to make those of a bumptious
mature keep the peaoe.
A LL through the city, on everv g'Je,
Poverty's children are scattered w
pOVERTT. she la a cruel mother.
x But she has more children, than any
T ITTLE she gives them to eat or wear
weakness your Inheritance gave.
Moreover, do not make your child a
The child that Is beaten may lose all
semblance of courage and go through
life broken spirited and without all
Initiative. There could le no greater
You say you want to "break Its
Do you really mean that? Think ot
a parent trying to break the Immortal
spirit of his offspring! There is dan
ger you may make of the child a mere
thing that will go crouching and cring
ing through the world without Indi
viduality of thought or action.
I nlnk twice before you raise your
hand to smite a child.
Rags and
In 1882 a young woman paid 1,500
Tor some telephone str"k. Soon after
she married and her husband told ber
that stock was worthless, with the
result that she buried it in a trunk,
where it has lain all these years. Last
week a broker located tbe missing
stock, and presented the lady a check
for tl, 750,000 for it. She bad been a
millionaire fcr years on an invest
ment of ooly 1,500 aud ai l not know
it. The old saw: "One good invest
ment iu worth a life time of labor"
iuoved more than good in ber case.
rpOTS, both grewsome and strange, hava
- they
Gleaned from tbe refuse and coat away.
pV)R Poverty turns her children out
To play In the gutters round about.
NAUGHT for their good does Poverty
Cheats them of sunlight and common air,
CROWDS them together In filthy pens.
Herds them in stifling, unwholesome
DINGY walls that are gray with grime,
Sodden yards that are thick with
IS It a wonder, such homes within,
Povertv'a child la a child of aln?
O inn fi
For a burn or scald apply Chamber
lain's Salve. It will a lav tbe pain
almost instantly and quickly heal tbe
injnried parts. For sale by Daly aud
Hall. ,
If vou want Hrst class work done,
satisfaction guaranteed, at upholster
ing, mattressees overhauled, bed
springs tightened eta., leave word at
B. Reynold's store for A. J. Davis.
14 tf.
Tbe Examiner has beeu favored
with a copy of the Boston Herald, of
tbe 19th iuat which is largely devoted
to tbe announcement of a "World's
Terceutenial Exposition" in Boston in
1920, to commemorate the landing of
the Pilgrim Fathers at Plymouth
Kock in 1C20. It is good idea and
should briug quick and energetic
Roosevelt Says:
Every person who In
veHta In wt 11-Helccted
real estate in a growing
and prosperous com
munity adopta the hut
est nd afent method
of Incoming Independ
ent, for real eatate 1h'
the baaia of all wealth.
Every week Exam
iner real estate ads
point the way to
good investments.
You may miss
your opportunity if
you miss the ads in
this issue.
Bread and Milk Poultice.
A bread and milk jioulike usually 1m
used to draw a boil or pltuplv to a
head, aud because It Is so citectlve It
is well to know how to make one. Put
a tablexpoonful of I he crumbs of stale
bread Into one gill of milk aud put till
jo the stove, letting it come to a boll.
Then put this on a bandage of clean.
oft old cloth and apply it to the sure.
Another way of making a bread and
milk poultice Is to take stale bread
crumbs and pour over thpm hot milk
Boll until the crumbs are soft, take
from tbe fire and gradually stir In a
little sweet oil or glycerin. A bread
and milk poultice Is better for draw
ing a splinter out of the hand or finger
than anything else. It most cases It
will draw the splinter out In half an
hnnr of a
Where Did You
Get That
Merry Widow Hat?
tnUuciice throughout I'ennsy Ivunlu. Iu
the senate .Mr. Oliver l expected to be
it conservative. lie la a good speaker
and la rated a inuii of excellent Milltl
cal Judgment.
Home, Swaet Home.
Senator Mclmrln of Ml-alsslppl tells
a story to Hlurttrute his conception of
the difference between the treatment
of the colored brother up north and
down south. A Mississippi durky went
up to Kansas and shortly got strand
ed. He begged for food aud shelter
from limr to door and got neither.
Finally be wandered back to Missis
sippi and knocked.
"What are you doing at my front I
door, you black rascal?"
"I want something to ent."
"Well, go around to tbe bafk door
and get It, tben. you rascal." said tbe
white man.
Then the old negro, remembering
tbe polite way In which his requests
had been refused In Kansan. threw up
his hands and exclaimed:
"Fless Gawd, I's among my own
people at last!" Washington Star.
Burns The experts ssy that Haru-y
county has the lunxt promising gas
aud oil fields In the uortbweat aud
Ue such intelligent Masons to war
rant our people lu going ahead with
the development work. Oua strong
co npauy Is already formea fo( this
purpose and another will soon bo
'Hunched, so that active operations
will very likely be In progress by
luir Ut With a gas and oil supply In
sight by actual demonstrations, who
can conceive the grat things that
will trsiiHpire her within tbe next
few years?
Bums News-M (i Itasbch ha
neen here from !' Tlltni'l the pant
rtvo weeks invent ittating the location
uid character of two half sections of
land owned by an uncle of bis. with
view of entering extenslvlr Into the
beep buMnHH. He was out to set
'lie Inud .which i iii the vicinity ot
Varuei Luke, half being iti .this
-oiiii'y and half in Lake, and he is
uvurably impressed with conditions.
Hums News A very mid thing
occurred lal Kuuday morning Jwlmn
one of Mr. P. J. Conuoiey's hcp
herders cuintntted suicide by taking
poisi.n. Dr. Smith, who was called,
airlved after the man had Leon dead
for some time. He Is said to be a
native of Pennsylvania and Is said to
own aoiue property there. He was
burled lu the Drewsey cemetery Mon
day. No use railing aglust the mail order
houses. We put doxens of their cata
logues hi the stove every week but
others read them. The beat way to
tlkht then parasltea Is to advertise
your prices anil show the peoln they
can trade at home Jtint aa cheaply and
see what they are gutting. Tiy It for
a change. t'ooa liny llurlmr.
IliglifHt mar' et price Mil l for long
nut sheep pelts by Laknrtew Mercan
tile Co. ! if.
All kin. in o-' Lacn INirtalus at B and
Perhaps you are paying frio to 75o
a mouth for a daily paper, Aud every
fa sl y these davs should have a
dully. It Is a little too early for Tbe
Kxainluer to branch nut as a dally as
tbe telegraph service would b pro
hibitive. But we will give our sub
scribers the next best thing and that
Dean of the Cabinet.
With one exception James Wilson of
Iowa, secretary of agriculture since
March 4, 1897, holds the record for con
secutive service In the cabinet, and be
will soon reach the period wbeu be
will have served longer than any cabi
net minister in the country's history.
Although seventy-four years old. be is
bale and Hearty. Albert Uallntln, sec
retary of tbe treasury under Presidents
Jefferson and Madison from 1801 to
1814, has been the only cabinet officer
to surpass Mr. Wilson's present record.
A native of Scot la ml, Mr. Wilson
came to this country with his parents
when a boy of seventeen, settling In
Connecticut. Three years later he re-
(irsii'l Kupiils Dispatch to Ne V rk
Phillip Voiiua. a young Inventor of
his city, Tuaeday gave a auccesHful
emoustration or a wireless electric
snip. He exhibited tbe lamp In a
tore before a huudrel persuos, wbo
re cuiiviucel of its utility. Voung
ef uoed to make known the secret of
he lamp. The light comes from a
.mall globe placed on a cylinder filled
ith a compound iu the form of
owder. A small battery is also
-barged wltb this powder. Young
Hld tbat one battery would keep the
n.i.. iJuriiiuK continuously for SIXMM. ---,,11 Huh Ih. Il-llr lt,.!l..l
uonths He aserted that the cost of ; u .in, t. i
i'h ump 7,M ttriUi"' "" 00 'and furnish both one year at tbe un-
loh-utteestlni.te. Iheurd-of prloe of rU) postpaid.
-a I This unprecedented olfer Is
I good for only a short time It Is
KuberoM Roof lug, one half cost of good to any body anywhere.
til i glen, guaranteed 10 years at Auten t Tbe Bulletin la one of tbe oldest
iardwareU o. . j and best papers on the Paololl coast.
i Bond in or bring In your ordrsl
Louis Shaw
Dealer In Real Estate
1 have listed some of the best
Kiiuches, Timber Lands and Town
V-A:- :&i;fr ft
U I-1 -- -3fcrfaf N
The Merry Widow Hat attracts ev
erybody's attention. Everybody looks
at It. Nobody con help seeing It.
Because it occupies so much space.
Because it U a flue millinery display.
Because It has graceful line.
la fact, it has LINES OF DISPLAY
In the Hat Ilea a Hint-to wit:
The advertiser who would attract
everybody's attention must use many
- V;' : i
f ' '"' "
1-1, 1 irfaif - "' -
moved to lowu, locating in Tama coun
ty, where be bus since made his home.
He begun his political cureer us a mem
ber of the Iowa legislature, serving
three terms, one as speaker of tbe
house. In 1872 hu was elected to the
Forty-third congress, re-elected to the
Fourty-fourtu uud after serving sev
eral yeurs as member of the Iowa rail
way commission was returned to the
Forty-eighth congress. For six years
prior to becoming secretary of agricul
ture Mr. Wilson wus director of the
agricultural experiment station and
professor of agriculture at the Iowa
Agricultural college at Ames.
During bis control of affairs of tbe
department over which he presides
Mr. Wilson has seen it grow from
modest institution into one tbat rami
fies the whole country.
PIucimI LH.Otx) trees Iii Ltke county
111., Willi li..Ut tt.l....U.l
Tk ,n. i i J". ivmroruU. h 1 1 1) 1h wet Iimi. Fro Irom all dlnou-cH.
rountry that is bound to improve rap- .;,1(:,)r(HHj fruit InMHrturH.
idly. Alfiraa, California. u.Mtt u ,MT,'.1I( L,kt.v,,.w.
A Shot with Every Tick of Watch
Free Book tells of this Qun I
This IIimuifrlcsH ItepeiU-r Ih the liiost rapid pump (fun made ; it i
e iiuh every auown iinproveineui i'iny take-down leal lire, heiivv
br.'rch bltH-k, covered incclifinUni and top rib If desired.
;JE Catalog shows' our other shot k""n doublcM, mIhuIch, etc. H
a,. uak A - A II a . . I, I'lllltl a at rT
mr- voo A jMrniui uriUKH our not ik r ur.n. a(lin'HH, ;
45 Auburndale, TOLEDO, OHIO. I
llllllll!Ullllllllll!lllllllllllUlllllllllllllllll!ni!lll .ilijilJ'lMiliJXJi;;:,;!;'!;;!;!)
Furniture and
New Pine Creek, - - Oregon
Trade-MarKs, Designs, Labels, I'rlnts, Etc.
Atl claswH of biislucHH before til United Blaten Patent Ollice t?'vt'U
Prompt und t'arcfnl IVrnoual Attention. Terina tlio moat run
Houablo aud frond work (ruaruntaed Adtlreaa all linpili lcs to
( Member of the Bar of the U.
2407 F Street N. W.
5. Supreme Count. )
Washington, D, C.