Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, April 22, 1909, Page TWO, Image 2

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LukcCeuiity Examines
l nut J. HOW MAN.
LKigrst I'apcr. nu t I
ranti-rn and Snnthcin
The Tiffany fragile exhibit is fam
ouu nml ha been much exhibited
abtoal in receut years. The glan in
regarded as the highest development
of the glees blower's art, excel lug III
richness (if color I nir. The Tiff hut
exhitiit I Valued Ht f7."l,HHt.
it:!i.iniiki kvkky tiu kkhay.
. r-.l at Hi
' I'ttl 'mt'l'Ht I.Wkl'Vl' .
oi'oml Class M illiT.
1 V
Oiif n nr. In mlvmiro, . .
Six mnrtlii. "
tnriv n.o'iih. "
&-l uot jmlii In tvmioo. $1 JO tho vm.
S'll'wntvmin I hi" Knmitur alio remove
, from oin' localny tu anoilirr. r rha'iKt
ln ir Ht.iihiv a.Utn vs ioi.hiM n'mnnhii m
dni' Hi is n cant w I lirir (pT can In' ail
itriKttl to the nthl iHitnitii v
. I nuiuntalu, lake and woodland scener y
With the combination (t tiatma'l
beautieo h lid architectural ekill offoie I
by Hie Al!ka-Yiikon-Pacini I'.xpoM
tiou soon to open Ht Seattle, this grnt
fHir of tin Pacific has been pro
nounced the most he.iutifal ever
plttuned. And that is because inn t
senpe artists tune worked out so umtiy
striking design iu bail. lieu sunken
gardens ami because tbe whole cheme
for beautifying the grouuds I hs for a
Htirg background lavish display ot
Heart to Heart
Copyright. I aw. by Krtwln A. Nyo.
Harry Thaw killed a iiinti.
He was waved from the electric chair
ty his plea of Insanity and the ex
penditure of f V(Ki,(H.X) In IiIk1 priced
lawyers, 'erls. etc. He was finally
declared insane.
iHtrliig Ills stay lu Jail he had spe
cial iHc(imiuHlatloiin and cujoyed
uiauy luxuries refused to the ordinary
Jail prisoner. In the Innatlo asylum
I protection for that liferent, mi du all
' wool producing ntntesa Hut other
jdo noi. And there you are!
Senator Chitbmei liiin tvntita the
Washington ililgat lm to unite iiimi
! to work IntriiivMi IoiihI y for the good
'ofOiog.n Hut, lluwley and Kills,
'the coin.'ies'ni'ii, have as Vet no!
! deeided t lit t hey would enter such i roin i ne iitel oy ho
doing they uould become dominated
by Si iimIoi- II 'iirne. the senior of tl.o
delegation. 'Mint may be uood poll
tics, lint it strikes the Ivxaininer thai
(Ireaoii slmul I luke the, preference
over the personal equation 111 till
Ktnulur stan.line 1" H.eO n iur
i-h r-lintl?
isilinnn M P' T nu. "Ui Ail umiulliiK i.
tlimiK''l fr' iu-e nionih. l'oi ol rtunpil
tinii rhsrsi .l lorsll oxlrs rhinnw. Ail Mti-il
povtilons vxirs All hen Irrni ! Iir
Hindrri. Um hi c..luiniis. IOr. wr linr i li In
telilon. wm i1. .v. lin -ii h iiiMTii. n i me jjaaie
rnnl ot inanJi i ih wiiiukiiis 'i i1'-1""-leiii'O.
II M ml up rJ.
(Ifjjp-TrsnsuTi A. It. r-isnig ud Job Print
hin, -h In ailauie.
All M.Is nr.iM Ik' pid the first of ei'h month.
gJiySo dextmioti from tbvw term
whore he was scut ho was clvrn coin.
Two yeara ao the cainpun of the ,,aratve freetlotu and was served with
L'uiteriity of WasbioKtun, that la that , many dalniiea.
is Kf l on flu' t k. c. I)k'
AJvorttninit Agt'iiCT 1J4 Snd
ouix Street. San rruimu, .!.. wntrr
eomrti la lor mlviTtiminj i'n hi matli lor l.
portion where the exposi ion has
been built, was a forest in which man,
but a fe yeirs before, ha 1 li luted '
tire to thia stile. -
Today bandtorue state, county, r 1 1 -gious.
fraternal, amusetneut. fedeial '
Then Thaw was released from the
insane asylum by a writ of habeas cor
pus. He was takeu to Jail, where the rlv
lieges granted blui became a constant
ly Increasing scandal.
Thaw had uu entire floor of the Jail
to himself, with thlrteeu cells for his
aud exbioit huilliuk's of every chars
cter are uesued in auiouu me siaieiy bedrooms, the hall for a emokluu nnuu
flrs. Shady -alks aud paths have ' and dining room. Ills meals were aerv-
beAa cut through the uuderbrush aud
Other coinuiiliiltiea ill tho state ar
at v ork on t lie railroad problem in
spite of nun 11 irr iiiiuil, and his co
adjtitator, one Seott, of Portland. Kor
Instance th to n of Brownsville, in
Linn u unity, has suoaoribed ifil""
for use in biil. liiiu a railroad Into a
certain portion of the tiioutuitainuim
country Ndjotiiinif it. That speaks
well for the enterprise of the iM'Imns
there, aiol is an indication of what i
T.akeview can do bv determined
Pale, Thin,
Nervous ?
8 hsrM
Then your Mood must be in
.1 very bail condition. You
criainly know vvluit to lake,
lien take it Ayer's Sarsa-
a r i 1 1 a . If you doubt, ilicn
onsutt your doctor. Wc know
what he will say about this
jrand old family medicine.
Thli U tiin flrtt MtttMn tnnr i1i'1fr wottlit
tki "Ar yt'nt U.twti. n-Ktiinr"" htm
Itnl lUiljf UrtttHI t'f lilt lmi'i l thaiiliitrlv
-".nils, to i n.u'iv. Ki V r I'vi i i
ltd yon- I'nweli rruUr if lkht Uitiv
E3ndl J. O. j.r(Vi., T.nwdl, Maaa
Alao atanuflMtlurr of
AH1 H ll'UI!.
W h na orlt Wa ptibilah
lha furnulaa of all our om..
A Daniel bas come to judgment,
and baa ten found guilty of stealing
from the government. It is a pity
that otbors have uot as yet met their
just deserts.
A few cases like that won by tbe
government againat tbe Utah Fuel Co.
will have a salutary effect, aud
especially so, if with tbe floes aod c n
tisication of popetty, a stiff term of
ioiprisoomeot is also given the offend
ers, la tbis case tbe court adjudged
that the Utah Fuel ompaoy must pay
for the coal it had stolen for years
past from lands obtained from tbe
government by fraud and must give
up tbe lands also to tbe goveroiaet.
The Portland Journal sayi tbe lands
were obtained in tbe usual fashion, by
cheaply hired or dummy locators,
costing tbe company only a nominal
anm, tbougb underlying tbem was
millions of dollars worth of coal.
Then the corporation, in tbe con
junction with tbe rairloads, of which
it is probable a subsidary concern,
famished tbem witb coal practically
free, and charged tbe people its own
price smetimes refusing or failing to
fornifh tbem coal at all.
Tbe editor of tbe Enminer had an
soerteuce witb that company, while
at Tonopah in eufftriDf from pneomo-
ia, hecanse tbe rascally management
brought on a strike and consequent
foal famine in the Nevada mine"
which cost many tbeir lives.
No more audacious, outrageoHS act
of spoliHtioa and tyranny was ever
performed by a me lieral baron than
tbis. And tbe Colorado Fuel com
pany, that baa a member of tbe senate
has done tbe same thing on a larger
The Utah company will have to give
op the land in controversy 1410 acres,
aud pay a flue of 8200,000. but tbis is
D)1 nearly bo important as tbe prece
dent, tbe fact itflf. It is step to
a,;ird the regaining I y the people of
stolen coal land?, aud perhaps toward
the policy advocated by Roosevelt
ud ignored bv congress of conserving
the country's coal lands aud protect
ing tbem from absorption by thee
cormorant corporations.
It is too bad that imprisonment for
a term of yeais was not also imposed
hi a part of tbe punishment of sucb
greedy uuleeliug rascals.
tba old skid roads are
paved thoroughfares.
Flowers in piofusiou are uow to be
seen on every huud and the ceutral
court of houor is
n ral display. Thousands or rotes
co"er the slopes beween tbe drives en
circling Cascade Court and Japanese
iris will succeed tbe roses when out
of beloom. The entire court will be
fiamed with rbododeorona, tbe
Wasbington state flower and eatcua
dahlias, official flower of the xooi
tion. bave beeu planted amuiij the
d by a private caterer; be hnd tlow-
now asphalt irs booud aud uiagazlues la profusion.
i This degenerate Plttsburger with
f sybaritic tastes enjoyed frequent au-
i tomohlle oRtotitthl v nti liiialn..aa
one maguitlcient ( gay excurs,OM , , ntvr offlce.
court bearings at White l'lalus, etc.
And all this was done under the legal
flctiou that be was "a daugerous luna
tic with homicidal tendencies," but
No poor man could have bad such
privileges aud attentions. For the or
l Unary prisoner the narrow cell, the
Many Old Tlmsrs on Nsvy Ttam.
Aimip illt really has nn entire vet
mti ten ui. Eight of her players were
remlari last year, another has taken
I'ol'-.t guini's. and tbe
A couple of men ataggorrd into
Winnipeg last eik. alter awful sulfer-l part In tv West
Ing. bearling a rl. of their comrade 1 remaining two played In several lmr
perishlug tint with thit report of the
J Repeating
This new 6-nhot
fiioilrl la the slmplrat,
aiirrnt, mul finnmt 12-
Cange irpratrr niaile.
has the soIki top,
Jrrtlon anf
P?rSi Ip
romtoit an !
convenience. The closed-lu bre'i
kcrpa the action clean and the al.rll i
iUy krrpa out tain, snow, Jut, Icavri
twi;a and kaud.
Tha mw tnaa-tfown arnatrurtlnn attnwt
voii u aLa sun apart In Ivn aaromli (nr
( :v4itlti or pack I ne, Jfal lha olil U alvnn ya
n Itritt and rltflll aa In aolht frm, "
l-k. d wn gun. Tha hll'imi . i i
toon! and halpa quick upatailun.
Tha full clieaail coxa ara cuaramaal
elona-aliftoilnv, hard hmlntf giina, ana a.a
utir-iuallad lur ducaa, gaaaa, lua.a and all
loi-f ranca work.
A crml.i f Ivlns tar a
I'lluairalinn, with lull
daacrlpilun of I li I
hamU una naw sun,
aam ft aa nn raifiia! or
wOhrnmplaia I'V-ptt
1 ai"m.
tnnt contents lust season.
discovery of ru-.'i gold aud coal (lei la
on the tilak sMore- of lludson's Hay, I
north of Fort Churchill. Now watch
for another otampede iunling the
Klondike null. Hut, g slow I The
explorer dt I tint state whether the
gold w a iuiirt or placer, which
means much to the poor maul For if
it la placer he cau get If, but it lakes
money to operate quarlx mines.
rhododendrons n l:il noweriug borse- inin cot. the coarse food, the gruff
chestnut trees give shade to tbe walks. I orders.
About tbe geyser basin will be mors j Now. such discrimination Is not only
than 500,000 English tufted pansies, a
beautiful and delicate plau that bolJs
its bead erect always facing tbe sun
and blooms continuously throughout
tbe sammer.
A feature of tbe exposition is tbe
three radiating vistas, out through
great stretches of fir trees to obtain
the excellent view of the lakes and
mountains seen on every side. These
vistaa are now carpeted with great
stretches of lawn flanked on either
side by walks. Roman benches and
settee aa well as electroliers have
been set in place along tbe vistas.
Norman C Mack, chairman of tbe
Democratic National Committee,
has announced that he bad com
pleted arrangements for tbe publca
tion, beginning May 1st, of a monthly
magazine to be known as the Ntaional
Monthly, and devoted to tbe advanc
ing tbe Democratic party in tbe
nation. Tbe contributors include
United states senators aud Represent
atives .Governors aud other promi
nent Democrats.
Exhibits of tbe Unent specimens of
tbe silversmith's art and Tiffany's
fragile glass will be on display at tbe
Aaska- Yukon-Pacific Exposition at
Seatte tbis summer. None of tbe ex
hibits, representing an expenditure,
of more than 8225,000, will be on sale
aud tbe display will be one of the
fentores of the fair.
Tbe exhibit of silver baa been
loaned by tho Uorbam Manufacturing
Company, and consists of nine pieces,
O'ob worth a small fortune, tbe
landing one being be celebrated Cen
tury vase mauuafctured for an exhibit
at tbe Columbian exposition, and
ever siuce exhibited.
Tbis vase illustrates in its design
tbe progress of a cetnury on tbe
American oontinent, starting from
early Indian days and carryiug tbe
idea through tbe transitions or war
aud peace, development aud progress
to tbe civilization and prosperity
which maiked tbe closing decade of
the laBt century. Tbis vase Is four
fet two inches high and five faet
four inches across tbe base, la made
il solid silver and weight 2,000
ounces. Tbe value of tbe vase is not
determined as tbe vase Is not for sale
but it is Insured for f 35, 000. Four
smaller vases accompany tbe century
Two other pieces in the exhibit are
a lady's desk and chair of solid silver
of ornate workmanship, easily J worth
925,000. Tba Silver Exhibit of tbe
Uorbam Maunfuoturing Company at
tbe exposition totals 1150,000 in value.
The Portland Journal very perti
nently remarks: Tbe people of
swollen wealth who violate law care
nothing about ordinary Hues; they
can pay the- without misiug tbe
money. Hut put of them in jail
for 30 or CO days as is done with a
poor man who ia a far less offeudei,
and an impression ia made. They
dont' like the jail. The way to com
pel such men to obey tb law is there
for plain and clear.
What is designated as a "joker"
that cost tbe consumers of tobacco in
this county nearly iij.000,000 was
found recently in tbe existing revenue
laws by Representative Dawson
of Iowa, who at once introduced a
bill to corroot tbe error by restoring
tobacco package; to their original
Under thu Diugly tariff the two
ounce packages of tobacco sell to tbe
consumer at j cents each and tbe four
ounce packages for 10 cents. In 1898
a war revenua tax or t cents a pouna
additional was levied. At tbe 6ame
time, in order to tarve the conveni-
subversive of Justice and wrong; It Is
impolitic and DANGEROUS.
It tends not merely to break down
prison discipline; It outrages every
sense of justice.
When you show the poor man that
equity is denied him In the courts be
cause tbe rich man can hire able law
yers, when you show blm that money
will bay special privileges and Immu
nities from prison officials, privileges
dented the poor prisoner, you foster
class consciousness and strike a body
blow at Washington's republic.
The nauseous details of tbe Thaw
trial carried contamination and moral
danger. The story of tbe special fa
vors granted this weakmlnded murder
er Is even more danger us sorlally.
eno of the trade, authorization was
gireo for tbe reduction of tbe size
of packages from 2, 3 and 4 ounces,
to 1 2 3. 2 1-2 aod 3 1-3 ounces, thus
enabling tbe smoker to procure a 5
ceut and 10 cent package of tobacco
"at the store."
Tbe war revenue tax wan repealel,
but tbe package of tobacco remained
tbe same size. Siuce 1902 tbe con
sumer of tobacco bas been paying
tbe equivalent of war revenue tax to
tbe manufacturer'.
A Chicago small boy iu proaii iit-d
for steallog six rents worth of rail
road coal, because he and his mother
bail no fuel and were very rold. With
flue rarcasm the judge in dismissing
tbe case remarked to tha Hot that he
must never steal until he became a
railroad president; than he could
steal whole coal m lues and great areas
of land, and be entirely safe. And
tbe judge didn't misrepresent the
case much either
Presideut Taft, himself a lawyer
and a judge. Is in favor of a reform
in the judiciary and in legal pro
cedure. Tbe spectacle of the mis
carriage of justice, tbe dlay in con
ducting of important civil and crim
inal cases, all call loudly for reform.
The Reuf and Calhoun trials are
enough to sicken a naticu. aud should
not he tolerated iu tbis age of enlightenment.
Tbe arrival of twins in the family
of William lledringer, a firmer near
lioquet. Peon., bas resulted in the
death of the father and bis motber-in-Iaw.
The latter succumbed to
heart disease, brought on by exoite
meut, aud lledringer, on hearing tbe
news went to tbe barn and shot himself.
The Calkins Syndicate, which pur
coased a string of influental republi
can newspapers and magazines in
California to tight tbe battles of tbe
grafters aud . venal rich, has gone
bump! Tbe newspapers, once strong
and vigorous under right manage
ment and working in the cause of
right are uow either dead or dying. '
All of wbicb shows that you can not
educate tbe people of tbis country tu
believe wrong is right. Sooner or!
later all tbis unholy grabbing will be1
stopped aud tbe grabbers put where ;
tbe dogs will uot oite them 1 ;
Another range war bas brckeu out
between tbe ebeep men aud cattlemen
in Wyoming, in which three sheep
men were brutally in urd !'! I by firing
a volley into tbe wagon iu which they
were sleeping. It does not seem
possible that sucb thltigi could be
done in this day and ag.
Tux rates are so graded in Holland
that tbe heaviest burdens fulls upon
those wbo bave tbe most property or
lucoiu j. It is so different in the
United States.
Roosevelt Says:
Every imthou who lu
veKtu ii) wi'll-nelectel
real eotateiu a growing
and prosperous com
munity adoptM tbe Hur
et and HftleHt method
of becoming independ
ent, for icitl eatitte in
tbe baii ol nil weultb.
Every week Exam
iner real estate ads
point the way to
good investments.
You may miss
your opportunity if
you miss the ads in
this issue
As iudicatiug tbe heavy movement,
of colonist traffic tbis vear. officials j
of tbe Harriman's Pacific lines, includ- j
ing the Oregon roads, estimate tbe
uumber to that territory tbis month
and next month at 7o,000 aginst less
than 38,000 a year ago. Tbe record
Spring movement for colonists was
iu 1907, when 68,300 were carried
west in March and April. In tbe first
four days of March, 12C2 colonists
went west through Southern Pacific
gateways Hi Paso and Cgden as
oompared witb 768 a year ago.
The Merchant
Who Is
Wondrous Wise
Consistency is indeed a jewel not
in J Pierp. Morgan's case. He is
one of tbe chief beneficial ies of tbe
tariff, and yet be moved Heaven and
Earth, uot to mention other probable
things to get tbe tariff taken off old
I art, whereby under tbe influence of
the new high priest of high tariff,
I Payne, be is allowed to import 96,
1000,000 worth of art treasures, without
! oaring one cent of duty. He is a
nice, patriotio, public spirited man.
;So are tbe congressional buncb, who
sanctioned tbe act.
Gen. Hancock, once democratic,
caudldate for tbe presidency, was
derisively hissed a for stating tbdt
the tariff was only a local issue. If
any one desires argument in favor of
tbe general's contention, they will
find ample materal therefor in tbe aot
ion of tbe present congress, with its
vituperation and wrangling over tbe
tariff, all of which is baaed upon the
protection of interests entirely of
local character. For instance, tak
our wool interests. We desira
Thar is a Merchant in this Town,
And he is wondrous Wis.
To make it pay he knows th way
Now, there are other Merchants hart
To whom this Hint applies.
If they're diseornlng they'll soon bt
Professional Football.
Profeaaloniil football has srnaQ
rhame of being revived this yesr ot
Canton. O, or at Pittsburg and now- i
teed. PaM which places were tho pro- '
fetst'itmK S'rongbfttdo.
7.i 7?arfSn Irvarns Co. ,
4 Willow etratt. Nrw KAVCM. for
Highest mnrket price imld lor ong
wool eliocp p Its, bv the Ijikevh-w
Men HiilUc l o. Vtf
All tho lim-st
T'ie Kxitiiiiuor.
iiewa contained in
Fanners need Ijike County LmbiI.
A 5Kot with IAi-r T.rlr of Wntrh Q
Free Book- tells of this Gun JL
III Thin llatnmerlcMM lti-en,tcr la the moat rapid pump gun mitde; it
nat ivery known improvement easy tne-!iwn icniurv, heavy
5 brsch block, covered mechanism mid lop rll If desired. 1
Ef Catalog allows our oilier shot k1'"", doublet, lngl, etc.
3H NTA poatal brlngx our book FREE. . AddreHM, -
451 Auburndale, TOLEDO, OHIO.
lU: - m t ; I : j I ! j j 1 1 ' ' i ' J i I ' i - j; ' 1 1 i : M i ,d ! i ' ' i , , : ' : ! ! : li .' 1 1 . H ',1 ; i " ; -
: Furniture and
I Undertaking
New Pine Creek, - - Oregon
Trade-MarKs, Designs, Labels, Prints, Etc.
Atl cliuHCH of btislneHH la fore th United Htntea Patent Olllce Riven
Prompt and Careful I'erromil Attention. Teriiia the moat ren-
"ou.iMo aud Rood work Kiiarantaeil AddrcHH all lumilrloM to-
( Member of the Bar of the U. S. Supreme Coust. )
2407 F Street N, W. Washington,
Eat What
You want of the food you need
Kodol will digest it.
Our Guarantee
You need a sufficient amount of
good wholesome food and more than
this you need to fully digest it,
Elaa you can't gain strength, nor
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It Is weak.
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body requires that you eat a bu flic
lent amount of food regularly. .
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help tha stomach.
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Nothing else can do this. When
the stomach Is weak it needs help;
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receive any benefits from It, after y
using the entire bottle, the drug
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We will pay the druggist the prica
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This offer applies to the large
bottle only and to but one In a
We could not afford to make such
an oiler, ualoss we positively knew
what Kodol will do for you.
It would bankrupt us.
The dollar bottle contains 254 time"
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Kodol is made at the laboratories"
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t ft