Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, April 01, 1909, Page FOUR, Image 4

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I I I I ,. It.,.,1 Inl-Ht lllll III
rur.v i. IMW MAS.
Lnrrt Pur. l.'"t ClrcuUtto". In
Eastern and S-Mitncra Oron.
ntr at the rol Offer" llew. Ore.
socotil Ohm Matter.
On rrar. In advance.
Bt mrth. '
Thf n.onth. " : '
If not pl In a.lvMioo, J JU mc jrrai.
1 ?
Snhactr to 1 he Kiamlnor who rvmor
from ono Uwahtv to another. r chann
their poMoffiee aitaTta honll rt-momhor tn
drop thin nfttcc a card an their paper cat be ad
dreamt! to the right pomfnee.
Kriiiiar Mandmit ad II 00 an Inch. innle
column m.-. r n..i th. All lamliiiK ad.
changed fr.-o twice a month. Owl at composi
tion charged tor all extra chnea. All o ial
poallions extra. All hort term ad. citra
Reader, local poltmr". 1v. per line each In
eltion. Want ad. .V. a line each Insertion
Tard of thanks IW. Reaotuilona of condo
lence. 11.60 and upwards.
gSfr-Transfcnt Adrcrtiaing and Job Print
ing, cash in advance.
All bills nuiM be paid the first of each month.
-No deviation Irom incae tertna.
TUIC OIDCO U aept on file at K.C. Dak
IlllO rArtn Advi-rtisina Agency 14 tand
tome Street. San Franclaco, Cal., where
oatracta for advertiain can be mad for It.
Kenora, Ontario, on the Luke of
the Woods, where the editor formerly
resided, has bad the distinction of
smash iug the world's record in the
way of a half mile dash on ice when
"Little Payne" a horse owned by H.
h. Harrison of Winnipeg made a half
mile in one minute flat. The other
two heats were won by 1 mionte and
one second and one miuute and 2 1 2
seconds. Kenora always was a good
town for athletics and sports of all
kinds and this race will add to its
prestige in that line.
The knockers of Lakeview at Altur
as and at Klamath FaUs are reported
busy circulating adverse reports as to
Lakeview and tributary country, think
ing thereby to scare the timid and
unthinking into locating "in their
midst." But it will do that sort of
gentry no good, as those people are
going to see Lakeview first and,
when they do, you can bet your bot
tom dollar they will not bike back to
either ot those hamlets !
Every town and county in Oregon
is alive to the opportunity of induc
ing settlement Pendleton, located in
a Bection very similar to Lakeview,
but with much less rainfall, organized
a publicity bureau last week, and
raised $0000 as a fund for campaign
work through newspapers rather than
the usual plan of sending out pbam
plets. They engaged an expert from
Portland to manage tbeir publicity
It is said there are 13,000,300 acres
of land capable of iirigation in Goose
Lake valley. The United States
reclamation service says teat every
acie of Irrigated land U worth at
least ?200. Then. hn tbe Oregon
Valley Land Company completes its
work here, it will have added to tbe
Va ue of the taxable property in this
valley tbe enormous sum ot ??30,000,
000! And this i no dream !
The Portland Journal bit the nail
square on tbe bead when it said : Tbe
man who has a lot of unused or in
sufficiently and unintelligently used
land and who refuses to sell it at a
reasonable price to bomeseeking
developers is, not to speak strongly,
not the must desirable type of a
desirable citizen.
Mra. A. J. Ilnnhr
TliU community was saddened htm
day nortiiug by the announcement
that Mil. A. J. llanby had panned
away at nbout miduliibt. She lia.i
been ill tor several weeks with typhori
fever, which left her lu a.ioh reduced
state that she could not rally and the
end was due to heart failure.
Mr. Hanby was a compsiatlve
strauger here having arrived with her
busbaud early last tall to take up the
work of teacnlrg in our publio
schools. She was the picture ot
health , at the time and gave great
promise of many, mauy years of use
tulnass but the germs of disease were
there which with the constant de
maud made upon her strength lu her
school woik aud church and sot' ml
duties brought her robust woman
hood to a couditlon upon which dis
eas made tapld progiesa.
Dtirlug her short stay among tie,
her bright and cheertil disposition
and wiuning ways made her a geueral
favorite. She will be missed by
pupils and friends.
Eva M. Stone was born in Keokuk
Country, Iowa, June 10, 1S71 She
came toOregou with her parents when
quite youutf, aud settled at Central
Point, Jacksou county, where she
grew to woman hood, aud where she
was educated aud where she taught
school for several, yeats previous to
ber coming to Lakeview.
She was married at Ashland. March
3, 1810. to Prof. A. J llaul y. lu
April, 1 S02 she joiued the Chriotiau
Church, aud was faithful to its
tenets to the end.
After marriage, she and ber husband
atteuded school together. Bod took
tbe sun e crurse, and attnr five years
of study they graduated iu ISi'S m
tbe same class Siuee then both have
followed teaching, and have always
worked together. Because of this
fact, ber loss is doubly hatd for her
husband, who will miss ber counsel
and conipauionship more and more iu
tbe years to come.
Her sister Miss Ella Stone accom
panied ber to Lakveiew, aud was
with ber during ber illness and
Prof. Uaoby and Miss Stone left
Monday morning, with tbe remains,
for Central Point, where interment
will take place. They were met at
Bly by her brother, who was hurrying
to her bedside, but was too late to
see bis sister again in this life.
Prof Hanby expects to return bre
in about two weeks to again take up
bis school work.
Violet 'jnrr
v oilet Ruth, little daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Nyswaner, aged
three aud a half years, died tbis morn
ing of pneumonia. She had ouly
been ill since Saturday. She was a
biigbt. pretty littln girl, and it is a
burd Mow to ber parents aud rela
ives to part with ber. The sympathy
of tbe whole coa munity goes out to
tbenj in their affliction. The funeral
will be held in tbe M. E. Church,
tomorrow, Friday at 3 p m.
We have some elegant drees pat
terns. B. and M.
Smiles and Squalls
Investigation as to tbe cries of an
infant revealed a basket at tbe front
door of a New York physician contain
ing four black babies. Some one
- evidently was preparing tbe doctor
for a successful entering into tbe
stork business among tbe "cullod
"Fighting Bob" Evans said tbe
prettiest girls be bad seen on bis trip
west were located in (Jartield, Wash.
Well, be would backdown from that
statement if be got a glimpse at some
of tbe peaches that bane from tbe
parental roof trees of Lakview.
An Oregon City woman bit off a
neighbor's ear, just because he object
ed to her chickens scratching np bis
garden. lie is lucky to get ott that
easy. If it bad been ber cow she
probably would have bitten bis bead
off 1
Jennette Aitken
Mrs. Jennette Aitken, one of the
pioneers of Tehama County. Caiir
oinia, died at Corning, March lHb.
She was born in Dumrfies, Scot
land, March, 22, 18A3, and located in
Tehama county, California, April 8,
Tbe lady was tbe mother of Mrs.
Ruby Harvey, recently of Lakeview.
aud on account of frequent visits both
liere and at Summer Lake will be re
membered by many people in tbis
Tbe local papers speak In highest
terms of tbe deceased aud said: "Her
life bas been oue long benediction to
all who kuew ber and sbe was best
i loved by these who kuew ber best "
Georce C. Human
DIED-Oo Tuesday afternoon
March, 23 ,1900, Oeorga C. Duucan.
Uncle George, as be was familiarly
called, was boru in Uliunia on the
I3tb day of October, 1827. He crossed
toe plains by ox team in 1854 settling
near Eugene where be resided until
1873. in which year he came to this
section settling upon a preemption
claim on Sliver Lake in the fall o f
that year, commonly known as tbe
"Lone Pine" ranch, at which place
be bas continually reisded. Mr.
Duucan was an enthusiasttic Geolog
ist, and while a man of limited edu
cation, being born at a time and
place when schools and the opportun
ities for an education were limited,
living on the frontier all bis 1 if 3,
hewing out as it were tbe paths
throngb the wilderness so civiliza
tion would spring up in its wake, yet
witb all tbis be was belli in tbe
highest esteem and bis opinions
eagerly sought after by such eminent
eeolouists as tbe late Prof. Condon,
of Eugeoe, and Prof. E. V. Cope, of
the Smithsonian lustitue. While, as
we have said, bis education so far as
book lore was concerned was limited,
yet bis education in a practical way
picked up lu a general way was of tbe
highest standard. Uncle George' was
a man respected by all wbo knew bim
and his circle of acqualntacces who
will grieve to learn ot his death are
many, and are not confined to tbis
locality but all over tbe state and
especially among tbe pioneers. He
leaves three sons Warren Duncan and
Felix Duncan of this place and
Willard Duncan of Lakeview and two
daughters, Mis. Sarilda Comegys and
Mis. Emma Bunyard of Burns.
Uncle George was laid away in bis
last resting place on Thursday after
noon. Silver Lake Leader.
You've got no use for ny maga
zine ? No i
Don't need EVERYBODY'S? No?
Doesn't concern you ? No ?
BUT high-priced freight, coal, and
lumber pure food cheap water
way,? That hit you? Yet? That's
what EVERYBODY'S.! for.
Get it ; cut out an article occasion
ally and tend it to your congressman.
Thingi will begin to moveyoa
won't feel to powcrleu.
Reliable Seeds
So much has klready been said on the
importance of buying your seeds from
a reliable dealer that to repeat it is only
waste of words. JU Seeds have
proved their worth our increas
ing business is proof indeed that
merit alone has made the
11. LHly Co. fore
most seedsmen on the
PacificJCoast. Send
fofcatalog, 120
trated, de-
I "V Chas
w. a rrf rT a
Litkctlrwt Oreiroti
plush I'Hlsloy
0.1U Ftr t4M. CMnIi, )HlNrHM.
elon glvt-ii 2 wit k lot I:l2x22." A
lurgv now luirn, bret nfuhmloA fruit,
bath. ooimlft will Include furnlfnre
thin one will be mkcii quick one
block from 'ourt Mount'.
Healdenoe Lots- Heft location Hi
town-W x r0, UHK building re
Mrtotl.HH. I,t7l'X Nfr.ll 1121.,
Hlm k 1iilHn 1'itn 12 rJ(H. A 1:1 2iH.,
III.- S OrtMikel rlrt h.IiIMoii.
No i: I or vn Investment- 2 800
cauli, !U0 ft front. 170 dtv-(l-rooin
frame- linuxo. complete-, In good rvpnlr.
ThU U on principal HioronKl'fnrt'.
nml I lien can U' 5 TiOxlTOft loin eohl
for t h'NKt 100. apiece, leaving: irood
hoiiHeA lot for "i., that can n-nt
tor iht p mi nni.
No. 14 -room hoiiee, lot SO by ISO.
HoiiHC lu lot n-palr. orclinrtl and
earileu. roimI eltlowiilk and fence,
tJikV), lj cnnh.
Era me veil-room hou 70x100 ft.
lot. lawn, ehade, beet residence
etnt't In centre of town, fnmiHheil
complete, with piano, :I.S00, timet
act at once.
fiSiKl. .ioihI O-rooui frame Iioiim.
I In Kootl condition, l"t ;hhx huh
:U0 front feet can lt dlvl eil IntoS SO
ft, loin, which an on the principal
1 etn-et Rolnir meet. Each lot I worth
; t:iS0 anil can be Hold now,
' li mo l.'nr il iiuihI comiilete S room
t '. 1.... I.. I...... I'I'I f.Mll
I tioiiw, mno hum ,,, "
front on bent n-Hiticnei mi n et
town. Both complete. Orchard,
uood chicken range. Kxceptloiia.l.v
Rood location.
I'Vniue "-room hoiitr, "OilOO ft. lot,
hi vn, ahaile, beat n-nldemv Min'et,
In centre of town, tnrnlHheil com
plete, with piano. t.'I.SOO., niiiMt act at
once. ,
"I'hotos of above on npllcatloti."
l-'ive-room bonne, frame; good barn,
can I k' mailt over Into elx or hcv
en room house for H, 2 sen's of ex
cellent laud S blockn from Court
House, house and barn alone coet
l.nnO; the land can be cut lulo III lot
and n'-Hold at enough to clear ttie
place thin Is right la town. Trice.
House, rltlior tti nrll or rut nr
m'rH In I.nkovlew, If joii
mean Iiu.siiuMH we will seiul pho
ton. No. 2 Kanch. l.'UO acre. S) nillea from
Lakeview, good 7-room hoiiMe, barn
.'iOxMi, 4 other litilldlngs, all fenced.
400 acres In ineath w. Irrigation
rlghte. Be.t ot grain fruit IiiiiiIh
Soil loam & rolling: land. In the
center of Count ljike Valley. f'Jtl.OOO
if taken at omv. Termn. "Beat the
Kallroad to It."
No. 3 40 acren, north of Lakeview
2 inllen, on proponed rlRht t)f way f
rnilwnv. 7-room houne. barn, capae
Ity loo'tonn of hay. 1500 aheep. HX)
acn n under IrriRHtiou, two cnt-kn
crimM the farm. Small orctiard. Bent
of Iimv A grain land. I'lillmlted range.
f.sOiiO. The Improvenienes alone n'p
n nent $7000 Thin will not Ik on the
market Ioiir.
lUnch IMi ncre. U2 nillcn north of
Lakeview. (loud 7 room frame,
lioiiHf. Burn, ciipncllv I (HI loun bay. ;
1..00 bi nd hlieep. l.iOiurca under tlltch.
Ifraln landn orchard, all fenced and
Hiibillvldeil, two llvlfjr rrcekn runliliiK
throuuh farm, roimI dairy farm,
fsooo. .pari chmIi. Thin will not hi,
open lonir.
Lake lew, Orruon
IMumIi PaUloy
llet a rauch in Lake County; net a
10 acre tract in Uonne Lake valley;
net au acre or uet a lot in Lakeview. ;
vour childreu will then call you thrice
bleHned 4
TltnlK-r claim. 160 m-rea, will crtme 2
7U0.OOO clone to Lakeview, owner
must eell, f L'.SOO will cet It, canh.
Two tiint)er claimn for (tale, me 120
acren. one 10 iwn'H, will crime 1.1S0
000 ft-l.i"0.tHiO ft fan be hnd U'fore
Mav 1st for f.'l. 000 canh.
Kanch IrtO acren all fenced, uootl for
fruit of all klmln. alno 40 to 50 acren
for jrraln. near lakeview on county
mad. nprlnir water all year, 5-room
houne. 175 fruit tnt'n'i anil 3year old
f:).500, half canh. balance 1 to 5
yearn. "Ilcat the ltailroad tti it."
Ranch of 140 acren 80 acn-n cleared A
fenced, on north went nhort of
(ioone Lake In California, five in lien
from Uy. rljjht of way. Houne and
barna. garden A fruit tnta, Rood
erring water, $12 50 er acre. Thin
In a real-rare-inventment. The oivn
er In forced to well. "He a t the
Kailroatl to it."
Ranch 3110 acres, pan fenced, barn
only. If sold with ranch of ItiO acren
houne & barn for $12 60, If neperate,
15 per acre. The 3'i0 In Junt at nouth
end of (ioone Inke. the 'OO 2 miles
nouth of Davie Creek, Calif, on coun
ty road, excellent level grain and gar
den landn. In located on the right of
wnv Ky. "Heat the Kailroatl to
Thin lant one lor pernoun who have
t-Vi.000 anil nome energy.
Fruit ranch, MK) to 1000 acren, 3 hounen,
3 barnn, grod fencing, perpetual wa
ter right, all Irrigated, Ijent landn In
(ioone Lake Valley for fruit A garden
farmlint, no frostn. local market for
all, will produce from 125 to tX) per
acre ordinary farming, frulta much
gn-ater. All Implement, wagoun,
14 head of hornen, harnena etc. Can
be Hub-divided, part town lotn. bal
ance 10 to 40 acre tracts. The lota
will brln fxOO to fl.OWl fer acre the
balance $ 75 to $100 per acre. Tho
right of way goea right by thin farm.
To the partlen who can handle thin
sized property it la a big money
maker. Can all le Hold thin year,
price 155.000, can nend photographn
If vou niean biiHinenn. "Heat the
Kailroatl to it."
y 'q jV ,
This service is the finest in the country and the cheapest too
considering the very high quality of the workmanship and the
all wool fabrics which are used exclusively by these famous tailors.
Call here and ask for further particulars regarding this new and
perfect system of making made-to-order Clothes.
Bailey t Massingill srenrs
f FWe centii per line or oni rrnt x-r word,
p h Inwrilnn. Thirty worl. or lr. II x r
month, gtt No ailvertlM-mrnt Inwrtid lor
ltMi than M crnta.
May Concern: That I forbid any ier
non turning the water out of Iiead
Man Canyon creek, except what lr
lonited to the Heed ditch In lHKl!. an I
have claimed It nlnce bVlU an natural
How of water on my ranch nouth of
Lakeview. Any tine interferinir with
thin right will be prosecuted to the
full extent of the law.
10W2 li. W. KM!-:i.SON.
Iihr t onipl- ted ll m hIi. nml there m
going ti Im- nomethliig doing around
Lakeview, and Home have aln-ail.v
regn tled that lhc did not buy. If
there In any one ntlll wanting to gel
lu, 1 can get a few contract from
cllentn here. Make Ilie all offer In-fore
the pn-iniullin on I liene Kinlrarl"
make anot her advance.
M. C. ( I I.I.I'. IT
Sta. 11. Italian. Texiin.
I'Olt SALK Oregon Valley Land Co.
ani-liiiiientn or cmitrm i".
IU.1 4l h St. .
1UW4 MlnneapollH. Minn.
CIlOICi: 10-ACUK FAKMS.-CloHe to
Ijlkevlew 1.1m. ICany tt-rilin.
Don't delay they are going fnnt. If
you want a good fruit or garden
farm, don't mlnn thin chance, li'ooil,
live ogi-iitM wanted I.AKKVIKW
ii:vi:i.orMi:NTCo., i. o. itox vu.
I.nkeview, ( iregoii.
weight l'AKI, well broke, Be8 not
over 9 year, with harness and whkoii.
Inquire of Oue Uhde, on Walter nt.
one block north of Blaah Kt. 12.MU.
ntead rellniiilHhun-uln. Want to
bliv direct froui ownern. Write, with
partlculam. to M. A K 1 1!M V, llici
Felix Street, M, Jom-pli. My,
for nale. Make me your offer, ell h
er direct or n gent n. Htf
J5FKNAHD C. S1TZ, Lakeview, Ore.
WANTED Truntnortliy man or wo
man In each county to advertine, re
ceive orders and manage biinlnenn
for New York Mall Order limine.
$18.00 weeitly; ponitlou permanent;
no Investment reipilretl. 1'n-vloun
experience not enneutial to engaging.
Spare time valuable. Enclonenelf ad
drenned envelojn for full particularn.
Atldrenn. CLARK Co. Wholenale;
Dept.. 103 PARK AVE.. NEW YORK.
bought and sold by W. L. Illinn,
21E Manotilo Teuinle, Kocklord, 111.
When writing In in lu not fall to en
close postaue if you expect a reply. 'Jtf
cry h-aloriu.
Branch '.Otlire, ; Plunh, Oregon,
Joe Elliott, Mgr. Warner Valley.
One of the bent chancen to secure the
fant colng, Free government landn.
We locate pernona on only the bent of
good landn. Auk lor partlculam.
100 acren, cheap land. $10 fenced, house
and barn. Tart meadow, balance
grazing, 12 mile from Lakeview,
nome tlrntjer on It.
160 acn-a unimproved land, under O.
V. L. Co'h ditch, Omilen from town.
Exceptionally good grain lam at
117.50, on county road.
160 acres, 40 timber, 12 tnllca went of
lakeview, on stage road. House
barn, capacity 8 head 50 acres fenced,
good garden, 30 acrea grain, 4 living
Hpr'-ngM Includes M) to 40 cord
woodcut, all for tl-VJO, cash. This
price in low.
Dairy Ranch INiO acres. Klamath
County 2 barns, one 7-room house,
orchard and good garden, 200 acres
Irrigated, about 40 head good milch
cows. On County road, telephone
communication, $20 per acre.
1340 acres All good meadow and
grain lands, water lights, good
barns and 6-room bouse. Fine gar
den. All fenced. Excellent stock
farm can be had for 118 per
acre If taken at once. One-half down,
balance terms, Uood speculation 9
miles from town.
$2200. Modern 6-roora Bungalow,
new, all details complete, fenced, a
good buy, must close at once.
the big winter layern Lant lNcem
tier I purchased a $.15 pen of hirdn
from the famoiin Keller trans F'aria
of Kaunas City, Mo., and cr n now
furuinh a limited numlM-rof eggn from
thene choice hlrdn at $'l for HI. March
and April hatched pullets lay eggn
when the price In higlient. Addn-nn,
F. P. Cronemlller, Lakeview, Oregon.
NOTICE: The publio is hereby
nntillnd that 1 havtt taken over the
Furniture Stock or Wallace A Co. No
bills Hgniimt said firm eontracted
sfti-r date of Jnn. 1, 1!K0 will lm con
idi-red and all accounts outHtsndinx
snd lue sal' firm are to be paid to
the tiiidersltftied.
II. L. Chaudler.
Dated, jkHU. Ore., Jan I, I'Jtfj.
uriuie of l.lipmrti nml l tgarn to lie
fuliiid In Oregon. tf
Hotel ltkevlew bar. The bent and
ptirent whisky made. tf
WANTED :-Uomers. liourd by the
tiny, wtek or mouth.
Mrs. It. Mo
ron MALK-
can accept a limited number of
CONTRACTS at a premium ot only
110. Parties buying will be req lured
to pay down 150 which will include
the premium. A8SIUNMENT GUAR
ANTEED. First nome, first served
Western Lauds Illinn, 215 Masonio
Temple, Rockford III.
miles south of Lakeview. also farm
ins utensils. 110 head of stock enttla
aud 100 calves.
luaao Deter.
urday, April 3rd. 1000, at 2 p. m.,
in front of Odd Fellow's Hall, the
windmill, tank, pump, and fixtures
of tbe plant at Cemetery.
FOR HALE Two good milch cows,
one lumber wagou. F. It. PATCH.
FOR SALE West J ol See. 34, Tow n
ship 88. Itange U East at 5. per
acre, 7 miles from Lakeview, Oregon.
Write or enquire of C. F. Elgin, care
of City Hall, (Salem, Oregon.
ward issued by the Telephone
Company for destroying Its prop
erty. Jeti
! Adel
i Ki'K'ilsr corn iiitoiiili'iw -.
Arthur Parkir n:id August Hounei
: made a hut-loess trip to the initio
Monday, some excellent ore beiug
ttiken out of the ICeilly mining claim.
Two shifts of men are at work at
I The L, E. aooitty has a uuinber of
i new members aud ta growing rapidly,
j Dwlk-ht Have you any naltaY
I Clerk No, but wa have some fancy
i Th W. V. 8. C. are enlarging the
(Iwans canal. When it is completed
i It will carry twice the amount of
I water that it did formerly.
I Several traveling salesmen passed
, through our village this week.
I lioru to the wife of Frederick lilies,
a 12 pouod sou.
Our last dance of the winter was
, most eujoyable. It was iu every way
I a most informal affair and we tried
to treat our friends from the north
, rltfht cordially. : Dancing started
.early in tbe evening and a splendid
uo.m u'j Br wasserveu at midnight.
The wedding of Miss Leh Caldwell
and Edward H.Nesham was celebrated
j at the Calwdell home on Marobl 7th
at high noon. Ouly relations and in
j timate friends were present. The
young couple will rtake their future
borne on tbe Marrow ranob.
I TV. - I7 1 r 11 rt , .
o. -. nave turned out
several thousand cattle in tbe past few
Joe Fuller was a visitor among tbe
sheepmen of Warner last week.
Do not restrict your boy or boys
from dancing witb young ladles.
Miss Kitten Fine and Miss Mary
Higby were among the Plusbites that
attended tbe Mask ball.
Tbe weather is oonrl nl th. or... t.
growing fast.
watit too. I vuHhltitf UO to the Ameri
can Laundry. Mrs. IL McDaniels.
Emil Klico, )
i'lKlnttlf) Suit lu Eipiity
v ) to forclose a
Sidney llodder and ) MortKagn
Crfsnie llnilder, )
his Ue, Dfeniant.
To Sidney llodder, and Crossie II od
der, his wife, Defendants:
OF OREGON, You, and each of you are
hereby required to appearand answer
the Complaint tiled against you
In the above entitled Court and Causa
within six weeks from the date of the
First Publication of this Summons,
to wit on or before the 7tb day of May,
IS 10! I, and If you fall so to appear and
answer or otherwise plead to the said
Compliant, for want thereof the Plain
tiff will apply to the Court for a De
cree auaiust you aud each of ou for .
the sale of the following described
land situate In the County of Lake,
State of Oreuou, to-wlt: NW quarter,
Sec. :i5, Tp. Ski H. it. 10 K. W. M.,
and for the foreclosure of tbe follow
lug tleecrlbod MotgaKe upon said land,
to wit: That ceitalu Mortse ex
ecuted by the IefeudautsSiduey llod
der and Craaals iioddar, his wife, on
the Rah dsy of N ember. 1004 In
favor of Columbia ilrewing Company,
a Corporation, In tbe saw of f 1046.05
witb Interest at the rate C per cent
per annum until paid ; which said
MortKHtte was duly assigued to plain
tiff herein on be Fifth day of Feb
ruary, lJt.
That there is due and owing to
Plaiutift herein on the said Mortage
the sum of 550.25 wl,b Interest on
the nitn of f 520. 00 since the 15th day
of Novebmer, 1004 at tbe rate of 6 per
cent per annum, and Interest ou the
sum of til 31 since tbe 15tn day of
Novemner, 1005 at tbe rate of U per
cent per annum; and tbe sum of
I5:j l'J taxes paid on said premises by
Plalntiir bereiu, witb inteiest at the
rate of (I per oent per annum until .
paid aud for tbe sum of 150 as attor
ney's fees herein, and for bis oosts
and disbursement herein, aud for
such other and further relief as to
the Court may deem meet.
Notioe is hereby given you, that
this summons ! "rved upon you by
Publics' ' i tlr9' In tbe Lake
County a News Paper of
General U.iculation, issued and pub
lished weekly In Lakeview, Lake
Coun'.y, Oregon, pursuant to an older
of the Hon. George Noland, Judge of
said Couit, duly made at Chambers in
Klamath Falls, Klamath County, Ore
gon, on tbe 15th day of March. 1000.
.v?bUl of the Urit publication of
this Summons Is tbe 25tb dsy of
March. l'00, snd tbe date of tbe last
publication of said summons is tbe
Cth day of May, 1009.
...... D Veftator,
M25M7 Attorney lor Flaloliff.