Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, April 01, 1909, Page THREE, Image 3

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- iMM'va
With Novelty and Science Intro
duced, Great Piay It Expected.
Aaauraejr In Throwing ana) Patting the
all tha Citentlal feature New
Rule Relatlv ta Recovery af Furw
lad Pa.
If t he football araaon of 1108 J
at produce aaveral (Intra aa much
sorrily and aclenct In lb way of naw
play aa an of lu prcdccrMor It will
not b Jm fan It of tha coarhea and
playrr who rrpreernt tlit Mif raatrrn
and wwitcrn team. At errry n of
the limtltutloiia there tma bwn ahown
dlHMltlon to ruab th aeaaou. llndl
mcntary ImawMur of tii nmc In not
brliiK Ik'iiorrd, hut It la bclnjr niahril
along and made auhahllary to th atra
Wlc aldo of thi gaina.
That thla la ao la proved conclualrHy
toy tha mnnntr In which Vftcran play,
r of former day flocked bnck to aa
alt In building up naw oftYnalva tnc
lira. It In oiiltrul If at any of th
lnht bint Itutlmia rvfrrtd to hr
Yale, Ilnrvnrd. I'rlncrton, IVnnaylva
Dlit, Onii-ll. CIiUhko, Mldilk'tin and
ilnncHotn-ao mncti nolld iroKt Ttnn
vr Ihh'ii mad within a few week.
It U true ttuit Cornell and I'rlncrton
ntcrwl tha field Inter than thrlrrlrala.
but they loot no time;.
Thi' forward pnaa la certain to lx
productive of tha moat atarlllng wo-
?: rim h?Mi
(Coonay, who haa played rlaht tackle In
aavaral prac-tlca (m fur Yala thla "
aon, ta tha bluiceat man who haa avar
played that poaltlon. Ilia alia la not
tha only attribute which recommend
blm. 11 la tha faateat man In the Una
with the eiceptlOQ of Captain Burch.)
lutlnn this Benson. Without exception
all thene conrhee are worklug with it
aa the bruin of their new play. It haa
now been a part of tbe rule for two
yean, but thla time haa been required
to familiarize play era with Ita baalc
principle. Ita poHnlbllltlea have not by
any meana been explored to their limit
Accuracy la throwing and catching
tbe forward paaa la tbe keynote to
aucresa, Wben tbe play waa flrat Intro
duced accuracy did not matter much,
aa It 'waa uaed In an tndlacrlmlnate
manner. Then tbe play waa need very
much aa the reaort of tbe weaker and
Inferior team, which trusted largely to
luck In making the play a auccesa. But
thla year a team la eo reetrlcted la tha
use of tbe play that It must be devel
oped to a high degree of perfection to
be a winner.
First emphasta must be placed on
developing several players who ran
throw tbe ball any given distance with
enough speed and accuracy to enable
one of hla team mates to recover It
without fumbling. The change In the
rules whereby a fumbled forward paaa
can be recovered only by tho -player
who fumbled It on tin priHser'n aide
makes this lnt doubly Important.
It baa been one of the Inexplicable
things of tiicdern football Hint ho much
poor passing mid poorer catching of
the. forward pnaa Nhntild le tolcivted
by up to date rone Iich. At liny rnte. i
they appear to hare realized the IihihII-
cap this weakness linn becu to win-
nlng tcamn, and we inny look for a
radical Improvement thla senHon-
Three Elavene at Carlisle. .
Glenn Warnor la working out three
elevens at " Carlisle. He handles the
first team himself. ' Johnson, the brtl
' llant qunrlerback of several seasons
(ago, bus. tho second team, and Kxen
dine, Inst year's captain, la In charge
, of the third miuueyw i , : , i '
-,.,. it r-- "" U '. )
V ' 1 Football at Swarthmbre. ' 1 '
" ' rootbnll Js not dead at Swartbmore
fter,ll., Jntoreollejrlate games have
, been .abolished, put InterclaBS , tea tha
aro being organized to keep the eport
alive, .with a tlew to a team next year.
!" ,v"a.eota 'Pa.t; Says LaJoU.""1,' '
; Manager ' TJole, Is of tha ; opinion
that maucois are, pest, i If Larry had
his way. 1, there would be no "klda"
hanging around the:. ball yards, to get
In the way of umpires and playera.
,. -... r-i '
'': ' Y:
roit nix children
GuPer Older lays and Olrla.'
Sum might call It a gam of "au
thor" played without card. Tba play
era arc llnel up on a bench.Juat aa If
they were reciting a leaaon at acbool.
A lender, alttlng lu front, brjrlna to tell
I a atory Into which tha tltlea of well
' I I I. - i- . at ..
lly - for IiihIiiik e:
"Onee uiHin a tlmo 'I.lttla Inrrlt'
; went to ny a' vlalt at Tho Hotia of
.(lie Keren t;nlilea.' Hlie Ih-IoiikcJ to a
'aKrty of 'Utile Women' who were
J tf'ilng on a 'Journey to the Center of
ilio lOurttr for 'The Marble Faun."' vVr.
AM the title of e led IhhiU la menlloned
In (he conrxe of the atory Uie player
on the hench In turn gnexn the nnme of
the author Thla l often very pua
rllng. and the failure to gneea rorrnrt
ly turua the nnliirky on to the very
foot of the clitaa.
It tnakea no difference If the atory be
abort or long, provided It la well known
and flu In with the Ingenuity of the
atory teller.
Thl la good fun for a long, ralnv
lilnr. and the girl or boy tnuat lie well
up In reading w ho ran follow tbe atory
without a break.
' Lord Loehinvar.
The bigger the place tbe more ex
lllng the gnnip. A lnrce ring i
formed of Ixija arid glrla alttlug rrow
legged on the ground. They represent
the wisldlng gueata of Heott'a f motif
"Martnloii," which you moat read to
net the rhyme atrnlnhl. The bride
tnnat alt In the renter, and the com
pany inunt alng:
Oh, young Lochtnrar la coma out of tha
Through all tha wlda bordar Ma atMj la
tha hfHit.
IM'liliivnr now appronrbea, riding a
brntntlrk Tlieu th father . of - the
bride -"the fair Kllen"-alngt
oh, eonte y In peace or noma ye In war
Or to dance at our bridal, young Lord
Then IxMnTrir, galloping upJump
Huddenly from bin ateed, aprliiKN Into
the ring, aelzea the bride, and the com
pany clvea chiiMo. If tho ruuawaya are
ennght lefore they get "over the bor
der," Iochlnvor hna to try again. But
If they mircecd lu eacaplng pnat the
Itorder the game U won. Lnchlnvnr
tiniNt be daring, for the rbancce are
i.K'ilimt him
Saate of a King.
One I aectiHtomed to think of a
kin;; or quecn'a throne. But rul
era have aeveral thrones. Kin;,' Kd
wnrd of England haa six. The moat
CHtly. that at Windsor castle, In com
nuoned entirely of carted Ivory Inlaid
villi precloua stone. Moat ancient of
the throne Is that at Wcstrulimtcr,
where the ruler of Great Britain are
iilwnye crowned. It Is of massive oak
and baa beneath tbe aeat a sandstone
block, known as the stone of destiny
from Bcoue, which was tbe emblem of
power of the Seottlfib kings.
Another throne, of Burmese teak,
carved, glided aud atuded with crye
tnla, atands beneath a great gilt can
opy In the house of lord. Tbe throne
In RL James' palace Is very large and
Imposing, having a canopy overlaid
with crimson velvet, -which la euibrold
cred with rrowna set with fine pearls
now as a Purifier.
Tbe value of auow as a cleanser of
the attuoHphere Is uot appreciated as
It should be, (wrbaps, for tbe reason
that few persons besides those who
neck the rause of things stop to think
about It Wben a flocculent or flaky
body falls through a fluid it drags down
lu Ita falling ausended matters con
tained In the fluid. That la a principle
of physics. Bnowflakes, therefore, act
as a sort of broom, sweeping from the
nlr partlclea of matter that are aus
(tendetl In It A London scientist has
made several analysea of anow gather
ed In tbe suburbs of tbe city and found
In 'It ' certain ' proportions of ' mineral
matter, carbonaceous matter, free am
monia, albutuluold ammonia, etc, the
removal of which from the air Is of
great Importance from a hygienic point
of view and the bringing of which to
tha earth tenda to enrich tbe aolL
Flower Enemies,
It la rather Interesting to note that
certain flower have great dislike for
each other. For Instance, If you will
make up a boutjuet containing, among
other Dowers, rose and mlgnonettea,
ami pluie i he bouquet In a vase for
nhour you will titid that, while the
other Mowers remain perfectly fresh,
the roties aud mignonettes have wilted
- that is to nay. they have killed each
Ullt'H of the valley also kill without
pity any other flower with which they
come lu t-luse contact
On the contrnry, carnatlona and
heliotropes tuive the greatest affection
for euch other.
A Game of Skill.
Did you ever try throwing cards in
a hat? It ta great fun. Take an old
high hat, place It on the floor, then let
tbe players In turn atand at a distance
from lt-ay ten or twelve feet Use
an ordinary' pack ; of cards and' toss
them one by one Into the hut as far as
possible. A prize to him who gets in
the greatest uuruber adds to the inter-
at i -, ,.. . , ' t
After a little practice it Is remarka
ble bow skillful one may become. ,
''" ' A'QIant PopBun." ' " ! ' ; '
' There i la a tree In the tropics; 1 f a
mlltariy ! known as the bamboo blow,
pipe, that would make great popguns,
or pop canuoua, for the boys If they
could get It. The stem Is only about
an Inch and a half In diameter, but U
grows to a height of fifty to' sixty
feet, with Joints fifteen feet apart
i '
Experience at Sea of Interna
i tI:nJ Balloon Racers.
FAcir:: ::ath in the dark.
Mew Dr. Ki-f-yee and Han Held
mann Were Bletvn From Reaeue Ship,
Claaptd Fln:'-i H Farewell While
Clinging te Rwt ! i-il T,i om Boat
waetaat Seund They Cver Heard.
On board tbe ate:tmr':lp r:!:ir. Wll
helm, which recently ?i " 1 ut flth,
nVotland. were Ir. K!cuie;fi- ami hla
aaalstant, Hans Heldeni:"::i, t!ie crew
or ine itennnn uauoon one or
tbe competltora In tbe gi. il Interna
tional balloon race which waa held at
a auburb of Iterlln.
Dr. Nlerneyer and nerr Heldemann
arrived lo Ixndon wearing cheap
ready made clothing which they
bought In Edinburgh, virtually having
been naked when rescued. The sail
ors of the collier which picked them
up lent them garments until they could
purchase others.
Their story of the hours when they
believed they were fsclng death upon
the night wsves-of the North sea Is
thrilling, says a special Ixmdon cable
dlnpatcb to the New York Sun. After
being blowu over Cu I haven they
were not alarmed at tbe prospert of be
ing carried acrosa the sea. On tbe
contrary," they were elated, for tbe
wind waa driving tbem northwest and
as It was estimated their gas would
last fifteen hours they saw a prospect
of lauding In Kngtand and winning the
race. But a little later tbe wind veer
ed and, blowing with terrific force,
drove tbem northward through pitch
darkness and bitter cold. Wben they
realised the situation: Dr. Nlerneyer
exclaimed, "Now we have done It!"
"Yes, we are In for It" responded
Heldemann, and each was silently busy
with his own thoughts. - - ' -
Presently they bow the lights of two
or three ships far below. They shouted
and signaled with their electrlo lamps"
In vain. They were driven helplessly
for two hours. About dawn they aaw
the tight of the Prlnx Wilhelm and
Ignuled frantically, and at lost the
steamer's foghorn anawered tbem.
Dr. Nlerneyer, telling the atory, said:
"Heldemann shouted. 'We are saved T
but wa little knew. Tbe worst was yet
to come. Suddenly we realized that we
were traveling much faster than the
Bteamer and unleaa we opened the
valve and dropped tbe chance of res
cue would be gone. I opened tbe valve
of tbe balloon, and tbe car struck the
wavea with tremendous force. Tbe
car, being weighted with ballast in
stantly sank, and we were aubmerged
to the armpits.
"We climbed tbe ropes and grasped
the extension ring. There waa enough , Street, building and other Improve
gaa left in tbe balloon to keep it above i mcnta resulted in the removal of 678,
the water, bot tbe whole thing waa
driven flopping through the wavea
which buffeted us In tbe darkness. We
were suddenly thrown Into consterna
tion to see tbe Prlnx Wllhelm'a lights
growing dimmer, and we watched tbem
lessening until they almost disap
peared. "We could not believe that we wore
abandoned. It must be that we were
still sieedlng faster than tbe Bteamer.
The gaa bag acted aa a sail, and our
only hope seemed to be to rip it Pull
ing the ripping cord with all the
strength left In my numbed arms, tbe
envelope collapsed on tbe water, and
tbe car sank deeper.
"Half froxen and choked by the
wavea, which we could not avoid, with
eyes smarting from the salt water and
naked except for our trousers, having
hastily stripped In readiness for a
awlm, we still held on for our lives
with our bands, having lost all foot
hold when tbe basket sank.
"The steamer's Ughta were now mere
specks In tbe darkness. So they bad
abandoned ua. 'Men, men, how ran
you forsake uat It Isn't humanf I
shouted futllely.
"Then the llghta vanished altogether.
We aaw our end near. I aald to Helde
mann, 'I cannot hold out much longer.'
" 'Nor can I, he anawered quietly.
"Aa we gripped the netting for a new
hold our bands touched- We Involun
tarily clasped fingers.
"'Goodby!' I said. 'It won't last
much longer.' .
" 'Ooodby I responded Heldemann.
"I ehut my eyea to await tbe end.
8uddenly out of tbe darkness we heard
a shout It waa a human voice, the
sweetest sound I ever heard. Rapidly
nearlng ua was a boat which the Print
Wllheem had sent to find us.
"'Catch hold of the oar!' shouted a
voice In the German tongue, and tbe
boat drew alongside, and the brave
aallora with difficulty helped ua on
"I hardly know bow we fought death
and won. Twenty minutes later the
Bteamer came up and took ua on board.
It picked up the balloon too. Tbe cap
tain and crew treated us In the best
possible manner, and, thank God, we
are here to say bo. But we are disap
pointed that we did not win the
trophy." i i .i
, . , Toward Cheaper Aaroplanes. .
. It coata much to build a largo dirigi
ble balloon, Tbe French and German
craft have cot from 92RO.OOO to nearly
1500,000 each." 'An aeroplane ran be
built for less than $2,000, and tbe mar
ket price will probably soon be about
$1,000. I
1,1 :;. . -i i . . , . ;!
,., ,!.),:,! Naw Curs-all. i i--,
A, book haa recently been published
that advocates atarvatln aa a cure for
all human ailments.
(Special Corrospendanea.l
There are at tbe present time 02,700
t'tade tree In the District of Colunv
I In. Of this nnmlH-r 3.825) were plant
ed during the fiscal year ended June
t last.
Thla Information la contained In the
annual report submitted to the cow-
mlixloncM by Tniemsn Iinham, an
I perlnfendent of parking.
I It.rlng that period 2M2 trees were
j removed, representing forty-four sep
arate varieties.' mere is therefore a
net Increnae of 7.15 trees In the aggre
gate number planted last year,
r Pin Oaks Popular. .
' Ihe moat opular aperies with tbe
department waa the pin oak. A total
of 840 pin oak tre were planted,
' There were alao planted 037 Norway
mniitaVM 447 rnvrtkmnrnm 9Tf invar ns
... lavnwaa,ie a4 u
' i. n-,9 .tlvr m.r.i,.. ni nnin.
elms. 104 glngkos. Id pyramidal oaks
and 6 red oaks.
Much of the planting waa for the
purpose of filling vacancies In existing
rowa. Tbe large majority of trees
were used to extend lines Into the sub
urbs and hitherto unplanted locations.
A large numter of lindens were plant
ed on Massachusetts avenue extended.
Chevy Chase received a large share
of young trees, principally elms. Nor
way maples and pin oaks.
Tr Nuraary Ndd.
Superintendent Ijinhnm urges the
commissioners to cutaHuib a perma
nent municipal nursery. Both existing
nurserlea are on borrowed ground.
One la on tbe Washington asylnm
ground and the other on the ground
of the tuberculosis hospital In Bright
wood. Superintend) ut Lanham says tbe In
stitutions controlling these tracts are
continually requesting the. relinquish
ment of tbe ground. Both nurseries
are fully stocked with valuable trees.
Knforcod abandonment of either would
mean the destruction of growths which
could not be replaced within twelve
years. Mr. tanham contends.
'He be lie re that all tbe larger trees
In tbe city should lie trimmed once a
year. To do this an extra appropria
tion will be necessary. By this means
only can the department hope to keep
tbem In good condition.
Maintenance of Shad Traee.
There are a large number of un
healthy . trees which, he contends,
should be "topped" in order to save
them. Although "topping" is unpop-'
nlar and many protests are registered
against It experience has taught Mr.
Ijinham that It is the only practical
treatment of tree in an extremely un
healthy state.
To top these tree and remove encb
a are beyond treatment be wants an .
appropriation of $15,000. i
Of tbe 2,042 trees removed last year '
1,703 were curb growths, 173 were re
moved from parkings, 40 from side
walks, 42 from public alleys and unim
proved roadways and 15 from school
yards. Of the trees that died last year
C!) were killed by gaa and SO by horses.
of which 220 were Incident to the elim
ination of grade crossings.
Tbe total cost of maintaining this
branch of tbe District government last
year waa $43,495.04. of which $a800
waa for salaries In tbe superintend
ent's office.
Sang Before tha Praaidant.
After giving concerts throughout
Great Britain and Europe and singing
before tbe rulers of many foreign
countries the Mountain Ash Male
Voice party of Wales came to "Wash
ington to alng before President Roose
velt at the White House. Tbe chorus
la composed of twenty-seven vocalists,
famous throughout Europe for many
prize winning performances.
Among their successes waa a concert
of old songa and Welsh melodies, giv
en by special appointment, at the In
ternational aeries at Aeolian hall In
London recemtly.
Lart Big Pewwow at White Houm.
One of the moat Interesting pow
wows that aver took place at the ex
ecutive manaton here occurred in the
month of September, 1877. President
Hayes presided over the meeting The
Indiana were In council, protesting
against being removed from the reser
vation they then occupied to the upper
Missouri region of the Indian Terri
tory. There were twenty-three great big
chieftains among the Indiana partici
pating In this conference, and tbe num
ber Included several who had been in
the flght with Custer. All the differ
ent tribes among tbe Sioux were rep
resented and had their orators primed
with speeches to make to their Great
Father Hayes.
8oma Famoua War Chief a.
Among tbe speakers were the dis
tinguished old warrior lied Cloud, tbe
stately looking Spotted Tall, Little
Crow, Little Big Man, Three Bears.
Black Coal and others with various de
grees of dignity and ugliness, notwith
standing the profusion of feathers and
paint they had adorned themselves
with. Four Interpreters were neces
sary to convey the words of tbe red
men to the palefaces. Among these
waa a rather flue looking Arapahoe
known aa Friday, who spoke very good
General Crook, tbe gallant Indian
fighter, waa present at the council,
which was held in tbe president's of
fice. Tbe Iudlans showed great defer
ence for him on account of his prow
ess as a soldier,
. This was tbe Inst of great Indian
powwows at the White House. Near
ly all of those who were leading par
ticipants In that council have quitted
earthly scenes, and, no matter tv hnt the
red men may have thought of buffalo
hunting and war dances, both these
pastimes (so to call them) have prnc-1
tlcnlly ended. CARL S'.'HOFIELD.
r U ,-V?
; .7.
j : . 4
J -
y,. a .
P-l "If-
...... . . .
i i . j " i. 1 . i ,
SeohaSIow LIGHT & HARROW. I'rnpneto
Sunset Masaxia offer tha reader tt thla paper tbe best opportunity
of tbe jrear
SUNSET MAGAZINE .... 1.80V (t0 fr
Growers of potatoes on a semlcom
merclal scale have sustained losses
from the Inroads of bugs and blight
this year, which bring most forcefully
to their attention the need of a sys
tematic course of spraying in order to
hold these pests in che:-k. An effective
spraying outfit can be had for a mod
est outlay of cash, while the bordeaux
mixture will stop tbe blight, and tbe
parls green added to the same solution
will put a quietus on the bugs. We
know of several fields of a number of
acres in extent which this year pro
duced practically nothing owing to
damage from these two sources. While
the bug nuisance Is bad one year and
perhaps sllgnt the next, the damage
fwm blight, early and late, seems to
be increasing steadily from year to
look belter-wears longer -y
nnri oiues more t-
bodily comfort
because cur on
lorae Dollerns.yel
costs no more than
the "jusl os good'kinds
tvry oomenl rfQWEft
ign or me run i aBBBe I j j
$1,250 Reward.
rhe Harney coon
Live block Aaaooia,
loo, of which I am
A member, payefTSO
reward (or evidence
leading to the con
viction of pariiee
Healing etock be-
lougiuir to it mem-
bere. in addition 1
offer AU0 reward
Horse brand hora
hoe bar on either
or both jaw. R
corded inMonnntiM
Range, Harner-, Lake and Crook Countle.
donee Tented when aold. Horace told lo pax
through this auction will be. reported ia tola
paper. If not o reported, pleaae vrite or iele
phone Tbe Time Herald, Main 824, Burnn, Ore
gou. W. W .Brown, Burin, Om-
Reward for Horses
1 will give fS.OO reward for Inform
ation that will load to the discovery
of any horse branded with an old
horeeehoe brand on both jaws, placed
aa In the cut lu thla advertlneniLnt,
with frenh triangle brand underneath
tho hora8boe., .The. trlaiiRlo placed
In such a manner aa would cover up
a bar on both jaws. Animals nmut
be found la tbe possession of eouie
persoa or ierHons. - ' ,H
rt l.r. T
i a r ;. m l m - x
1h txst Vanquero
saddle on the market
Also n complete lia. of
wagon and btijtg-y bar
Mas, whips, robes, bits,
Hates, spur-, quirt a, rose
ttes, n fact everything; In
tbe tin of carriage and
kcree furnishings. Ke
pairing by competent
j a t xi rr: j m I r-iie.r-"-
with your order, a beautiful premtam, a 73-paca book
tnnatratod la four calora with US Western view.
sam riuMctsco. cauroaai
We Trust
If you are suffering from
impure blood, thin blood, de
bility, nervousness, exhaus
tion, you should begin at once
with Ayer's Sarsaparilla, the
Sarsaparilla you have known
c'l your life. Your doctor
knows it, too. Ask him about it.
TTn1' t!ir It dslly srtion of tha bowel",
HMmns pruueu in absorbed, ounu MM
arlte, tltuunr, nauaem. dTppla. and lliui
nrevaillliiK the Karaaparills from din lu Mat
work. Ator'a fill ate livar pUla. Act gemir.
all vegetable. -
br J. O. lrr Co.. Lowatl, Mae.
JLImq aaanaXeetarers of
All V1G0.
W have as eoeret t We publish
the formalaa of all ear medieiBe.
'4j 60 YE AH8 ;
Copyrights Ac .
. .i ,..- k mwtJt AMrintlnn ml-.
aalkr ascertain our opinion free wbeiUer ot ,
laVamiBn le probablr paieniabla. Corjniunlra.
tamrtlreonBdentQ. HA(tOBOOI( on Fateuia.
aent free. Oldeat aaancr form paiem-
I'atania taken tarouiih Mutm X Co. rtclTa.,
ajMrMtiaoUce, without ebana, in tha ,
Scientific Jftiericatt
A handaomelr llhutrated weeklr. Inret elr
ilUNN & Co.selBro New YorSf
.,.lT ich 00)085(4 Bt, Waahlwicou. U-i'
a. aaBBaaaaamv
i mm
5 1 I Ja.
' .. i .T.-p-.