Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, February 25, 1909, Page SIX, Image 6

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...,ma.ter H--..r.l Von
Swrvitrrol Nsvy ' Vi ri.rfi.-ld
Bn.-r.wy of A,ri.iilture .... ''Jl"',.
8eretry o. Commerce i'l,'r
W. il. Klch.rd. I! B. tnl CommtMl..n-.
P'.sr, ofHl.te ' A "
Tr.--nrr ; u rwt.. "
A I inriiny Ur-ne-rsl nl ,..,rmiin
8 Public Instruct.. Jw Vl.unlw."
I" inlet j vv Bal'ry
D.iry nd F.kkI Cm M;(ier1.
V Henaiorii 1 :. W. Fulton
i Binirr Hermn
CniiKressimMi ( N. W tlllBma
. . am. II. rnlsnd
Joint Benslot ' ' '
Representst'.Tes i H. A. BrsUsin
j n.w...,. '
FredP. Crom-mllU-r K' ,ve
TrHun.r A j. k..i- r
UKHtunr ii h jHrHMin
. t:. A. K.-hri
CiinmlMlonr h R. 11-rvioM
a ln...tir " ITf.n.lfoot
II Bailey
V. n-!lln
I). J. Wlliinx (
J. N. Watson j
J. 8. Lane )
w. H Hnider
M .!
, .Co inc.lliiiHi'
. ... Rprofli'i
. .Treasurer
A . U. W.-I.AKKVIKW I.OIMiE NO. 111.
MeeU. every i on1 an.l fourth Tluirwlay of
"Vh month. In Macule IU11. Ukev.e.
C'haa.ToiiiilnKHn. W.M.; W m. Ountner, r .
No. 77. I. of II.. A.O. O.W., Meet. Hral and
third Thurartaya of each mohtli III Manoiiie
Hall. i:..ra()rHHii.:. of H.i Helma ITire. I.,
of II.; Vlda (iunthcr, C. of C; France N
waiter, Recorder.
I. O. O. F -I.AKEVIEW MHWiK, No f,3, I. O
O K mrpli every Hatmiln? evenlnir III Oilil
FVIIuws Hall, at 7:HU o'clock, from October 1
to Anrll 1. and at II olclock Irom April I tc.
September Ml. A. E. Cheney, r..
Cheney, Beer tary
E. K.
1 O. O. F.. meets the Brut and third Nnirs
flay. v.-nliiKH of each month III Od.l relli.w
lull. Ukcvlew. 11. R. lloryford. C. P. ; CO.
Melrker, Heribe.
IK 1 O. O. K., meet" the aeeond and fourth
Frldayi of each inonth In Odd Kellow' Hall,
Mn. Alice Biintlnir. N.l ; Mth. W. I.. Hery.
for.l, W. O.; Mm. M. 1) Moiia, Heerutary ; Mri.
L. J. MaKilKin, Treaaurer.
view, Oregon, Meet! on Tuesday, on or be
fore full moon and two week! thereafter, In
Maaonlc Hall, at 7: :W o'clock.
VUitlns member! are cordially Invited.
IPA UEBACH.Beorelary
flrat Sunday In each month, preaching at 11
a. m. Anlde Iron, thlc preachlnu every Sun
day al II a. in. and 7:X0p. n. at l.akevlw.
Hiiudayf4.'hMil at 10 a. in. Ipae al(l::U)p.
m. Prayer Meeting Thumday 7:0 . m
Ijidlea Aid Wedn.'.day : m. Choir
j.ra.-tlxe Friday 7:) p in A cordial invita
tion U extended in youu.
1. C. PARKER. Pastor.
at New Pino Creek. Oregon, preaclilng er
vleea at 11 A M and 7::w P M of each Sunday
of everv month Snndav School at 10 AM.
Prayer Service at 7:10 on vUcdiiemley evening
of each weed. All are cordially Invited lo
attend I ho nervlec
Preaehing aervlee at 11 A M and 7:H0 P M on
lNt and 8rd Sun. Sunday School atlOA M.
Junior Society at i!::tu I'M. Baptist Voung
People'! I'lilon at : P M on each Sunday.
I'ravi-r Meeting at 7:l I M Wednesday eve
ning. Even body Invited to attend all aer
vi,,",. W. A. HOPKINS. Pastor.
and Benedietloii at lUo'cliH'k a. m. Sunday
chool after Benediction. Week day Mass at
8;aoa. ui. 1. A. VASTA, 8. J.
Attorney at Law
Ukrvkw, Oregei
OKFII'E-HeJv Building.
Attorney at Law,
Ijind Maltrre) Hporlalt)
OFFICE-Paly Bnlldlug.
Land and Law Of ilea '
Abstractor of Tltlea
B.tabllahed HUH
Ijkerlw, Ore-
Attorney at Law
Office: Over Dank of La view
Lakkview, Ohkuon
Attorney at Law
Office lo Daly Uulldlog
Lakevikw, Okkoon
Ta Cure a Cold la One Day
TaMeta. Ail druKgltle relund the
aaoney II It fail to core. K. W.Urove't
ataToitare U oa each box. S5&
Frank Lascelles Tells How It Will
Be Arranged.
Twenty Thousand Actor Will Help to
Make Great Spectacle In British
Capital a Sufceee, Says Pageant
Maker Twenty-one Scenes In All.
Imnglne. If you will, a painting so
great that erery drop of color Is the
size of a man nnd of which the frame
Is the world's greatest city. Surely
the must tie he of whom Kip
ling wrote, who -an "splash nt a ten
league canvas with brushes of comets'
hair." But when the siiKRestlon was
uinde to Frank Ijiscellcs, who recently
sailed for Loudon to arrange the great
est pagoaut In the history of the world,
so far us that history has been traced,
be actually -tlushed. An artist to bis
Qr.gcr tips, he seems to think only of
his work and not at all of the tremeD
dous personal compliment Implied by
his selectli-u to produce the pageant to
be riven l:i 1!K)'J by the city of Loudon
to raise money for King Edward's hos
pital fund. It might even be suspected
that the prospective profit to the fund
arouses but slender enthusiasm In Mr.
Lascelles breast. It Is the wonderful
picture that he Is to paint with hu
man pigments that he thinks of a
picture covering the story of Great
Britain's development, from the time
that the Britons painted themselves
With woad and lived In bushes up to
the moment of the celebration of
Queen Victoria's Jubilee.
A full month will be occupied In the
presentation of the twenty-one scenes,
and 0,000 persons or more will be em
ployed In the processions and pano
ramas. As to the cost "I have never
thought," said Mr. Lascelles to a re
porter of the New York f!lobe. "It Is
safe to say that a million dollars will
be expended. That Is a very, very
conservative estimate, and that mod
erate sum Is only made possible by the
fact that not one person of all those
engaged will receive direct or Indirect
compensation. The greatest nrtlsts,
musicians, iiiNiorians and archaeolo
gists of all England nre giving their
services free."
It was to Mr. Lascelles genius the
wonderful historic pageants at Quebec
In celebration of her tercentennial were
due. lie It was who staged the Oxford
pageant The other day he gave freely
of his time to the Lake Champlaln ter
centennial commissioners, who plan a
magnificent pageant there next year.
"What Is your plan of operation as
you have sketched It for the London
pageant?" he was nsked.
"We beg-an early." h said. "As soon
as I accepted the Invitation to take charge
of this pageant I asked the co-operation
of the city of London. The lord mayor
called the mayors of the twenty-eight sep
arate towns that mnke up London togeth
er. Every one of them pledged himself
and his city to the aid of the pro.tect. In
effect they placed no bounds upon me.
"Defore t left London last November I
had started the machinery In operation.
I had appointed committees on art and
music and the archaeological details and
on finance. The lenders of thought In
each line are represented on these com
mittees, glr Thomas KlKar Is on the mu
sic committee. The most eminent Eng
lish artists are on the committee on art.
"OrKnnlzatlon. organization, organiza
tion that la the hey to success In a proj
ect of this sort. Without organization,
effective down to the last man In t!,a
least pmup, wo should be helpless. Each
committee knowa precisely what It Is to
do. No committee has aught to do w!n
the work of any other committee.
"As an example of the plan of organiza
tion I may say that, first and last. M.(;00
persons will he used In the pugear.t.
These are divided into sections and dh I
stons and subdivisions and groups aid
subgroups. In the end I can put my lia-.d
on any man I want In any group without
the possibility of .misunderstanding- or de
lay. "The pageant plan la a comprehensive,
one. We aim to make England's history
a living thing to every spectator. V
will begin with the ancient Hilton, the
man of prehistoric days, the man who
drifted from coast to coast In coracles
and worshiped atranxe, savage gods. 8i
far us the science of modern arch leology
has made It possible we will absolutely
reproduce that man and his womankind
and his villages and his life. Then we
go on. taking In turn each of Ore it Ili-lt-aln's
conspicuous historical epochs. Each
scone will represent a different epoch.
The average man doesn't know his his
tory. He doesn't know the romance and
the glory and the tragedy of It. A name
means hurdly anything to him. Hut we
hope to make his England appear before
his eyes as a living entity as she emerged
from barbarlHin Into light
"The great kings and queens of the past
will be seen, ench In the eurioundtngs
typical of their times. May day scenes In
an English village will I prese.itt-d aim
ply as an Incident to one phase of history.
Here we will reproduce- with absolute
fidelity the roatumea of the earl Rngllah
villager, his habits and his traditions.
The songs ha sung will be sung again,
and the strange, quaint. Ineffably pictur
esque Morris dances dances that have
today been almost forgotten will be
danced before our modern eyes as they
were In the England of F.ngllih Harry's
"And so we pass on from king to king,
from epoch to epoch, until we come to
Queen Victoria. Her coronation will be
presented, but not the queen herself.
Theae things will be made possible only
by the co-operation of the greataat men
and the greatest minds In England. A
doien lifetimes would not be sufficient to
assimilate the vast bulk of Intimate
knowledge required for theae twenty-one
pictorial repreaentatlons. But I nan draw
from England's best brain, taking from
each lis drop of knowledge, and In the
end have the sum of alt humaa knowl
edge pertaining to, theee things.
"One should not forget the sc-clal value
I of these spectacles." said Mr. Lascelles
In parting. "They are absolutely demo
cratic. No account la taken of rank in
the selection of actors. A carter may
represent a king; a marquis may be a
dancing villager. I remember that at the
Oxford pageant you know that there la
a certain rivalry between the town of
Oxford and the unlverelty the eople of
the leva displayed a destr to play the
kings and queens and nobles, ao the men
and women of the university took the
ether tack. They went on In the mob
eoenee appealing aa eimple villagers,
while their grocers and butcher posed ta
gilded crowns.
The Useful Onion.
ITslf a freshly out onion briskly rub
bed over marked and spotted velvet
will restore It to beauty If the velvet
be directly afterward gently rubbed
with a damp soft linen cloth and
passed across a hot flatlron standing
For dyeing specked or faded cotton
goods a pretty dark ecru or light brown
take two red onions and a bl handful
of onion peels and boll them briskly
for one hour In n quart of water, then
strain and In the colored water thus
obtained boll your goods slowly for
three hours. Rinse In several waters.
Onion Juice makes a strong adhesive
1 for pasting paper, such as lalels. etc..
I on tin or other metals.
The Juice of fresh cut onion stems
rubbed on Insect stings and mosquito
bites will when Immediately applied
prevent redness and swelling.
Onion Juice mixed with good pure
vinegar inhaled through the nose will
stop nosebleed. Slices of fresh cut
onion applied to the back of the neck
help along the cure.
This is just the time of the year
wheu you are, must likely to huve
kidney or bladder trouble, with rheu
matism aud rheumatic pains caused
by weak kidneys. Di-lnys are danger
ous (et De Witt's Kidney aud Blad
der pills, and be sure you get what
you Hk for. They are the best pills
triad", for backache, weak back, uriu
ary disorders, iutlamation of the
bladder, fctc. They aie antiseptic
aud act promptly. We sell and
recommeud them. Daly & Hal.
Quite often the work on the farm
can lie given a new Interest for the
growing and Inquisitive boy through
the purchase of a good piece of labor
saving machinery, such us a stationary
or traction engine, which he will be
glad to get acquainted with and oper
ate for the pure amusement which It
affords. Another boy of a somewhat
different turn of mind would have his
interest In things on the farm renewed
by the purchase of some kind of thor
oughbred stock. In the care of which
he should have some financial Interest
Save Monev bv Kuylng Chamberlain's
Cough Memedy,
You will pay just as much for a
bottle of Olmmm-rlRin'B Cough Rem
edy as for any of the other cough
medicines rut you save money in
buviug it. The saving is what you
get, not what you pay. The sure-to-cure-you
quality is every bottle of
this remedy, aud you get good results
wheu you take it. Neglected colds
often develop a serious nondtion, and
when you buy a cough medicine von
want to be sure vou are getting one
that will cure your cold. Chamber
lain's Cough Kemedy always cures.
Price 25 aud 50 ceuts- a bottle, for
Sale by Daly & Hall.
A Boy's Composition.
Girls Is sisters of boys and has long
hare and wares dresses. First girl waa
called Christmas Eve. though 1 nev
er could tell why. Most every family
lius one girl, and some of eni that Is
In hard luck has two or three. We
have a girl In ourn who Is my sister.
Fat girls want to lie thin, and tblu
girls want to be fat Why girls were
made nobody nos. but I think It were
to go to church and eat Ice cream
There Is two kinds of girls, brunet
girls and blond girls Girls are afraid
of mlse and hugs, which makes It fun
to put 'em down their baks
Reason Enthroned
Uceause meats are so tasty they are
consumed in great excess T'lis leads
to stotii'ich trcubles, biliousness and
joustipatiou. Revise your diet, M
teasou aud not a pampered appetite
rmntrnl. then take a few doses of
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
bleta aud you will soon be well again.
Try it. For sale, at Daly & Hall's drug
store. Samples free.
r." A IM
Ely's Cream Balm
Sure, to Give Satisfaction.
It cleanses, soothes, heals and protacts the
diseased membrane resulting from Outturn,
and drives away a Cold in the Head quickly.
Keatorea the Senses of Taste and 8mell.
Easy to use. Contains no injurious dmgs
Applied into fie nostrils and absorbed.
Large Site, 50 cents at Draggiat or by
mail. Liquid Crein Balm for Dae In
atomizers, 75 eeuta.
lit BROTHfrtS. 66 Warraa St.. Na York
44. 60 YEARS'
. .
CovmoHT A a.
A a Tone eeadlng a aketob end oeaartpttoa m1
enlrklr aaceri " opinmo free aa
MialauUt vHbootckarve. la Ike
Scientific Jlm;rlti.
AbaaaeoweryHhMtraleawlr. lf
SIiTl,varooiaa.U Sfafl 4-ewf.
. a a v .
Tbere is not any better Salve thau
De Witt's t'arbolized Witch Hazel
Sal e. We hereby warn the public
that we are tmt resp-iusible.fur auy in
Jurions ell eels csused from worthies"
or poisonous Imitations of our Car
bolized Witch Hazel Salve, the origin
al. 'It is uood lor anything a hen a
salve is De led, but it is especially
good for piles. Be sure vou get Or
Witts. Sol i by Daly and Hall.
- Ha Lisstly at "Merit.
At night a little girl's 'hair should
never be lightly curled or plaited If
you want It to grow thick and long,
but be very loosely done In two plaits,
so that in the morning there are prac
tically no tangles to be combed out
What does It matter If she doesn't
look particularly pretty? So long as
children are healthy and happy that
Is the great point, and It Is far better
for n girl to have straight hair in
nursery days than to have no hair at
all or only very skimpy locks when
she grows to womanhood, a quite pos
sible result of overmuch crimping and
curling. Do all you can to make It
grow and don't bother about kinks,
and you will earn your child's grati
tude not only while she Is in the
nursery, but all her life long.
Ask Yourself Ihe Queetlunn
Why not use Chamberlain's Lini
ment shen you have rheumatism?
We feel sure that the result will be
prompt and satisfactory. It has cured
others, why not you? Try it. It
costs but a trifle. Price 25 cents;
arge size 50 cents. For sale by Daly
& Hall.
Notice fr I'll hi lent lo .
Department ot the lutenoi, U. S.
Land Office, Lakeview, Oregon, Jan
uary 7, VMS.
Notice la hereby giveu that the
State of Oieifou has tiled its applica
tion to select under tb provisions o
the act ot August 14. 1818, and the
acts suppleineuta- and amendatorv
tbeieto, thti SW quarter. Sec 9, T. 30
S., R. 21 K, W. M., per list. No. 0953.
Any aud all persons claimiuu adver
sely the lauds described, or desiring
to object because of tne mineral
character of the land, or for any other
reason, to the disposal to applicant,
should tile their affidavits of protest
in this office, ou or before the 6th
day of March. 19J9.
J. N. Watson, Register.
The foregoing notice will be pub
lished in the Lake County Examiner,
a weekly newspaper, printed aud pub
lished at Lakeview, Oregon, for at
least thirty days prior totbedate last
mentioned in the above notice.
J2LM5 J. N. Watson, Register.
f REE Knowing what lt.wasj to suf
fer. 1 will give FREE OF CHARGE,
to any attiicted a positive cure for
Eczema, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas,
Piles and Skin Diseases. Instant re
lief. Dont suffer longer, Write F. W.
WILLIAMS. 400 Manhattan Avenue,
New York. Enclose Stamp.
Dr.Miles'AntiPain Pills
Pain inchest.
Distress in
How's Tbls t
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
H-nnl for an- case of Catarrh that
csti not be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, O.
U'u liaa ri .if luFB.irnAH hova Irnrknrn
f J. Cheney for the last 15 years. 1
and Wnow him perfectly honorable in
all businetH transactions, and finan
cially able to carry out any obliga
tions ma le by his Hrm.
- Walding Kinnan & Marvin
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, acting directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 75 c
per bottle. Sold by all drnglgsts.
Take Hall's Family Pill, for const!
A REWARD of fifty dollars is here
by offered for information that will
lead to the arrest and conviction of
any peison who baa stolen wires or
other property, from our Company ;
and the same reward is hereby offered
for information that will lead to the
arrest and conviction of anyone des
troying the property of the Company.
Cbas. Umbacb,
Secretary Lake Co. Tel. & Tel. Co.
notice Is hereby given that all Irriga
tion, or miilrace dltchen on all trout
streams throught Lake County, Ore
gon, must be screened with a small
mesh wire screening at their head or
junction with the main channel of
stremn. Also all dams or obstruct
ions on said streams must be pro
vided with a fish-ladder, or othereasy
mi-tniK of passage, at or near the mid
dle of tin- main channel, so as to al
ow tin- passage of trout at all times
of year, as provided by law. Said
work to lie done at low water time,
or to lie completed by Feb. 7, 1907.
By order of .1. A. Uarham.
Special Deputy fish Warden for
LakeCouiiry, Oregon
$1,000.00 Reward.
The Oregon, California & Nevada
Livestock Protective Association
will ive $1000 Reward for the con
viction of any party or parties steal
ing burses, cattle or mules belonging
to any of the following members of
this Association:
Cox & Clark, Chewacan Land &
Cattle Co., Heryford Land & Cattle
Co., Luke County Land & Livestock
Co.. Warner Valley Stock Co., Wm
W. IJrown, Geo. M. Jones, Geo. llan
kins, S. B. Chandler, C. A. Rehart, N.
Fine, W.A. Currier, Frank U. Bauers,
J. C. Hotchkiss, Calderwood Bros.,
T. J. Brattain & Sons, T. A. Crump,
Cressler &' Bonner, W, T. Cressler.
MaudI. itambo.
W. P. Heryfokd. Presid't
M. Mili.ek, Sec & Treas.
f W. P. Hektfoki)
Finance Com
. F.
M. Gkeen
Ihe Little Tablets
o the Pain is Gone
Your Next Commer
cial Prntin g Job Can
Best Be Done By Us
Whether it be
letter heads
shipping: tags
business cards
book printino
Telephone or Call at
mere turn tKimr roira
Tfc. "Carealele" le lemuliis aa the Pa
ctfle Oaaat'e sreatMt aad fooet reliable
B.wipapr. Its Sally pkenoniMially larp.
uara. eeatalae set aalj tk. warld'a latMt
and brat aawa. bat trwts s alrm'ty of
Important aebjeets wklch stroagl ippral
Mk tt rateable aad arUd laformatloa.
It la Ml. oaeer e wbleb b. fermr. t-.
fralt crewar. the Bierehaat, to. Inmbrrmia
etlMr M tm special la-
Dtl7, ne rear (tarlvdlaa Baadar 1 00
Pallr, sis aiatbi (lnclodlaf Sun1.r). 4 00
Oallr. tkneaMeUu (laeladlaf Sundar)
rally, ene mil laludlac BuBdaj). .TS
WMkly, on. yttr I SO
WMklr, els suatks -n
tiind.r. see ns J J
Sundar, SU Beatb l-
Tha Weekly "Chronicle"
The very best weekly newspaper
pnbllakcel la tka entire West
$1.50 a Year
Inetaatar postage te aar part of the TJnHwl
Itata. Caaada aad M.xleo. IsVad for lam
pi. copy. )
It la (Met ban. bcldae printing all th.
B.wi of th. world each ih! la aa lnt.r
Mtlng way aad tally Uluitratlng manr artl
cite. It baa spiilil department! dTOtd
SoaxicxTt-rtraa xjtekatttm
Those ere Miillil ever by editors baring
s theroagh bewlodge spMlrlttM.
Th. page derated le Agrtraltur.. Hortl
oulture, Poo! Or aad and LIt. Stock are
wall lliaetfated aad lfiod with matter f
th. lul M l ii I te all .agagm) Is
these bvhwertaa. eewy Use being writua
to Miaa. ar nt alaao touch with
yeeeaaac a uia ueast.
It H. da YOUNG,
, rrueltea, CaL
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class butter wrapper paper ou band
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