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NO. 6
Look In f After Legislation Affec-
tint; Their Interests and are
Seeking 5calp Ilounty
Fruit Is
em Done Elsewhere
Doifce at Lakeview
Oregon Has 2,200,000 Sheep
Worth $15,000,000, In
come $6,000,000
A H;ein dispatch say Oregon sheep
man are rallying to the support of the
different maure now pending te
fur tba legislature fur the bene tit (if
tbe Industry. Prominent aheep nien
ad otlioer of the sheep grower'
association and otllclas of tliB bureau
of aulmal Industry are no at Kalem
looking after th thinly of Ilia 112,000
appropriation carried id tba Kluaber
1)111 ol 1!HJ7, for tba Oregon board of
sheep commissioners. Tba shaap meu
ara alo backing up tho tight for tha
passage of tba scalp county bill,
carrying a contingent appropriation
of HO.lKW for tba purpose of potting
tba lid oil tbe predatory animals ot
tba state.
Or. H. W. McClor. chief of the
tuspectoia of Oregon, Washington and
Idaho, ban appeared before tba way
and means committee of tba bouse
aud ban oUo wet mauy members of
tbe two booses. Ha tins told them
what baa bean done under the co
operation of the Government. Two
yearn ago the stute euacted tbo Slush
er bill ami appropriated fTiOOO for
curry in n out Its provisions. Tbe
abeep cotumistdourrs were appointed
and went to work In co operation
with tba fitlioiiila of tba bureau of
animal Industry. At Unit time there
were 3I0.IHK itcabby abeep In the atate
and l.'AXJ.OOO more Unit bud been ex
posed to tbe dleaHe. TbU fall when
an examination wan made there were
7'JIO scabby sheep lu tba state and
31(1) more that bad beeu exposed.
During the two )ears tba govern
ment baa spent 127.000 In aiding the
atate to stamp out tba scab from
xniouK Ita abeep. Tbe atate commiss-
as snent alnitit ft I. (MX) of tbe
J appropriation of 112,000 up to thla
tune. During the two years thn abeep
man have apent 75.000 for aheap dip
alone, not counting tha man employed
or tbe taia and other appliance
necessary. During tba time '2,200,000
abeep have lieen dipped at an average
coat of 10 centa a head to tha sheep
men or tba atate, or 220,000 for dip
ping alone.
1 be total value or t lie aiieep or ore- That there Is profit lu apple pro
i. i. it- M,.ii.i l . .. .
..... "" " " ' ductlon la very aptly lllustrateri m a
approximately llft.txxi.txx) and the . . ,. , . .
........i i. .,- alt mi lam . recent Issue of tbe Hood River New
liuni IIJI w U J a t , i, i
rait. i . i ill
Lake County Apples Will S
Command High Price
be rained ty tbe government on
I. according to Dr. McClure.
MANHATTAN, Kun., Jan. T2.
(Specia-. ) Profeaaor H. F. Koberta,
of tbe KaiiHua State Awrioult iitmI Col-
lego, hat beeu experimenting 'u the
breeding of wheat el nee 1'JiHi. Hi
experlmatita have now reached tbe
Mtago that wuruifig ha gono nut to
Khiihhh farmera to itioreHne tha aize of
their giauarieii and to buy more
tbreabluu inaohlueM.
The retiult of Fr )faior Knbert'a
ri'Hoitrctii o la the probable propagation
of wheat thet n ill lucreHMa tbe average
yield trom It to 'JH buebela an acre.
The wheat crop of Kbiihu for the lant
five yeara Iihh averaged approximately
Hi).OI0,(00 biiMhel
"Uy uext fall," declare Frofeitgor
ICubert. "I will have aernred an
ideal wheat. Theu watch Kanaaa
Her wheat yield will double, aud tbe
farmera of tbe atate, will have their
annual iiiOme increased to tbe ex
tout of nearly e.VJ.OOO.OCX).
California Editor Com
mends the "Oregon
Way" of Doing Things
Tbe BuHuaville Calif., Advocate ot
tbe 2H ult, hua tbia to aay of our new
court bonne, aud tbe novel economical
way In which It waa erected :
Tba Stale of Oregon haa leeii very
muob In tbe public thought for aar
eral months pant, principally becauae
of an innovation In political method
by which it aeema, utrange us It may
appear, that tho peoplo are to be
"allo.ved" their choco for Unite 1
fttaten Senator. If anythiug more la
needed to uliow thitt the people of our
neighbor KUte are peculiar, it may
lie found in a recent illnntratioii lu
Lake County, juet over tbo California
Tbe people of Lake County needed
new Court iloiiwe tlioy didn't need
It more than two thirds an much aw
Lanaen Comity doe becnune there'
only about two thirda a mimy people
but tbia la a digroMtiiou. They uoecied
a new Court lluimo and they built it.
While there tuny be nothing in this
atatomout of fuel, there ia something
remarkable in the way tbev went
about It au Oregon "way.' Tbev
levied a special tax of moderate
amount two yeata in miccetitiiou. The
tax whh not UiirdeiiHome and buc few
of tbe Ili'iOO people found occiislou to i
growl about it. With tbe money lu
hand to meet evert' demiiud aud
ket rate, got special rates from trail
aportatiou couipauiea, aud buryiug
their individual rivalaries and desires
for gain, personally saw to it that
bouest work was done. Htrlctlv busi
ness riiuoiples minus graft wera
applied from beginning to end, aud
Lake Couuty's new Court House,
costing her people 12.1X10, bsa beeu
variously estimated by newcomers
mifuuiiUur with the facts as a but fil
ing costing from $100,000 to $150,000.
rue "uregon way" Bee ins to be a
little simpler aud more direct tbau
the California way, and bus other
features to recommend it-
The Cedar vlUd Record of the 3rd
iuet says :
"Wo understand that tickets for
'i."00 people heiidud for Alturas bad
beeu purchased. We presume it is
all right, but it might be a good Idea
for our merchants to lay iu a good
tdock of iiadluckH. aud ship lu a few
get ! good bulldogs'"
HilvHiituun nf cMHh com liou't be ularmetl. 1 tiey are not go-
mittee ol business men of Lakeview iuK to stop at Alturss, nor will they
took hold of the mutter. Flans and a'op over to Cedarvilla, as they are
apeclilcntion having beeu obtaiuod, heuded lor Lakeview to make homes
these men interested themselves iu the ' for themselves iu the broad and fertile
. .') buying of mitteriul at tho lowest mar-1 valleys of Luke county.
Wooly Terrors Will
Clear U. S.'s Brush
Ijettei, published in tbe lst apple
rowing section In tba Union, or at
lenntn in a locality where bent tloau
cial results are obtained for the grow
er. It says :
"The average price received for
apples In Hood Klver din lug the pant
three or four years Is t'l per himhel
box. Thin average iuiludes all ntnnd
ard varities, the Hpitzuherg and
Newton reachlug from f'2 O'J to t'.i 00
while notaudard apple has sod under
1.7.'). '1 he cost of raiaiug ami
marketing apples beie, etery detail of
labor and ciillivatl' u included is 50
cents per box. The exact amount
fruit trees will bear at specified Hge is
hard to estimate, as much dupeud
upon the mau who ruined tbe trees.
Tho fact, however, that 4tie custom of
thinniug Is so vigorous y practiced
here accounts for the fvt tiiat such
an extremely low percentage of the
crop is classed a culls. One apple is
le-'t ou each bud aud six to eight
iuches space between tbem on tbe
limbs. Tbe coil dl In moth baa small
chance to bide iu the trees of ttiis
valley, for every apple is fully exposed
to sun and spray and tno apples aro
uever allowed to touch. It is a gen
eral eatmate that a' seven year old
Mpltzenbfirg tree will bear five boe
ot tirst grade fruit, and a Newtou nf
Uie aame age seven boxes. With 65
trees tnjlie acre and an average price
from these vat Itles of 12.50 to J2.75
per box, the profit will appeal to
the business man as something wort h
while. A such trees grow older tbeir
yield materially iucreates from year
to year. "
Hood Itivei is au agricultural com
munity w bere tbe average orchard is
only ll acres lu area aud where the
return have reached a mark so hlgb
as I1H00 par acre, wbile tbo average
returns through tbe entire valley is
not far from ftVX) au acr for bearing
ocrbarda. Mauy wbj settled there
teu year no with a few hundred :
dollar-) now Lava young orchards that
are selling as high as 1 1000 an acre
aud wbo count their wealth from
H0.0O0 to 00,000. Any community
that, will support a family ou lti
acres is indeed interesting. What
will its feature be. This is au inter
esting study for tbe socialogist, for
this region promises to develop iuto
au ideal agricultrual community.
J. tie cry or over production Is con
stantly going out over tbe laud, but
the fact that tbe apple crop of the
United States haa decreeasd from CO
510,000 barrel in 18!5 to 25,000,000
narrrels in l'.0i, does tint an list
this fear. The orchards of
tbe former Having In great measure
tiarcurnbad to pest. With tbe rapidl
increasing consumption of this stapl
fruit, it will take a vastly greater
orchard ateu than is now plaotnd iu
tbe northwest to u.eet tba demand.
The bulk of tbe Hood Kiver crop goeo
to Kuglund aud (iermauy, while New
York gets a good share, aud the prom
inent fruit buyers state tbet if tbe
entire 50,0lKi acres of that valley was
a beating orchard the product would
alwayi be iu tbu great demiud it is
now if the preseut standard is r- aiu
tuned. The lesson that Hood Kiver
Iihs taught the world that quality
j pays better thtiu in fruit rais
I lug has revolutionized the apple mar
An illustration of the prosperity
'attained from fruit culture at Hood
Kiver in but a few years is tbe fact
j that In I'.NXJ tbe bank deposits were
I practically uotbiug, while last year
!tbey were over $700,000 Tbe fruit
of 1!K7 brought iu $500,000, and this
year it will exceed $SO0,"O0. while tbe
lumber output is almost as much
m ire. With 500,000 anple trees now
planted, it is estimated tbat in tlve
years the income from these will
leach $2, 500. 000.
All tbe above shows what will result
in the Ooldeo (loose Lake Valley,
which experts claim produces a better
apple tbau doer Hood Kiver. and
w tiich w ill bare tbree times its acreage,
when all our broad acres are set out
to ap'des, and railroad transportation
comes to ship the product all over
th world.
, In view of these facts, no wonder tbe
Government experts sent out last
year ou a tour of investigation of tbe
fruit resources ot tbe State were
moved to say :
Hood Kiver Valley is but one of
Oregon's niany attractive and re
sourceful districts which invite in
vestigation. A detailed recital of
w bat its orcbardists are accomplish
ing in fruit grow log sounds so much
like tbe generally accepted "boom"
literature that we can only invite the
outside world to come bere and make
presoual iui-rectiou of America's
garden spot. "
year planted tboctaods of Burbank
tbornlass cactus plants and says they
are thriving and growing In every
y as fiurhank said they would. He
nd other Lor Angeles men ware bare
yesterday to see tiurliaok regarding
other big shipments. Southern Paci
fic land commissioners are contemplat
ing putting in a large acreage of Bur
bank cactus on desert lands along
tba system.
If tbe rush bere la as great as tbe
kuowlng ones predict; tbe next few
weeks, and, in fact, until things settle
down to a uoimal condition, The
Examiner advises all new comers to
bring tents, bedding and food sop
piles along, for if they do not do ao.
suffering will result, as this section
is iu no wise :epared. We bave no
lumber supply on band, and tbe food
stuffs bere are "nly gauged for those
here, aud for normal increase in
population, Ws notice tbat some of
tbe general agents of tbe Oregon Val
ley Laod Co. are sending out tbia
advice to contract holders, and in so
doing they exercise good judgment.
A Ffne Large Commercial Build.
To be. Immediately Ereceted
On Main Street.
A Rogue
Make a
River Man Will
Big Investment
The first move toward the maVing
of the new and Greater Lakveview
waa had tbia week by tbe arrival in
town of Mr. John C. Lucas, from
Grant's Pass, in tbe Rogue river val
ley. Tbe gentleman lost no time in siz
ing up tbe Held and prospects and at
once. secured the splendid piece of
property to tbe north of Tbe Examiner
office,' cornering un Main and Bear
Streets. Having secured tbe lot b
immediately began negotiations for
tbe construction of a modern build
ing tbereon jus t as soon a tbe mater
ial can be got on tbe ground.
Tbe holding will contain four large
rooms on tbe main floor to be devoted
to mercantile pursuits It will be
two stories in height with strongly
laid foundations for addtionul stories,
wben occasion demands. It will bave
glass and iron fronts, and will be ud
to date in every particular.
It is not yet decided to what use the
opper floor will he put, something
tbat will be determined later on.
The gentleman is of tbe opision
that there is a great future in store for
Lakeview and is makng investments
! witb tbat in view. Not only is be
approaches ' pinning bis faith to tbe town by put
Well, tbe ting in his money, but be also will
locate with ns, and will soon bring bis
family here to reside.
Tbe Examiner is pleased to welcome
j him to Lakeview and believes tbat be
111 mnlra no I Li.
St. Paol wants artistic
to its new marble capitol.
last time we saw tbe grounds, tbe
j beautiful building, and shabby
grounds, truly were a. little bit in
congrulons for a great and wealthy
state. We are a Minneapolis man.
but will be generous enough to wish ' lot witb the neonle of thia town.
St. Paul better surroundings forberi This deal waa made through tbe
capitoL j Seagars.
Will Endeavor to Make
a New State Out
of Eastern Oregon
Some of tbe
Eastern Oregon are
tANTA ROSA, January 30. "Too
much value canno: be ploi on Bur
bank's tboruless cactus as a fodder
for CHttlp. " WH4 Mm Hnftttrntinn liora
itantiate j iH8t night by Charles J. Welch, who
the enst'j has a big catil ranch at Los Bauos,
aud middle west are disappearing iu southern California. Welch last
prominent pepole of ;8tate aaaiat.n , maintanln
PrlSru..lln !.. . .
.u-wct.UK ""J tint n.itrht .a ..II ,!, I FT
"'wivm v m ctate uun lorming
Senator from Pact
another commonwealth, which is to ' may seem foolish talk to some of you,
include tbat part of Oregon east rf tbe CQt tbe older settlers will bear me oat
Cascade mountains. T. J. Monroe, a ' ,n tn statement . that tbe forming of
uvn oMibg vein au uob cru urnuvn im
of Mitchell, in
Oregon Journal
prominent stockman
an interview in the
'We, east of tbe mounting, are in
dire need of something of tbe kind.
We feel tbat we bave beeu slow to de
velop; and tbe lack of state and feder
al institutions only goes to prove
Ihflt VEA huv, luan nupa.l sw V' w.
tory made politician-. We are sadly 1 1.8aid on, I am not alone w
in ueed of a large experim-ot station ;docte such a move, and I fhi
SUBANV'LLE (Lhhsou Co. ), Feb
ruary 4. Word cornea from Washing
ton that Angora goats to the number
of 3,000, uucouBiitously doing yeomau
service for Uncle Sam in constructing,
by grazing, mile after rube of tire
line thiuugh tbe busby chaparral
growth of Lassen National Forest of
California, shoitly will be tbe novel
sight witnessed. Tbe contract for
pressing thl little baud of white ani
mals Into tbe government service baa
been signed, aud the uovel experi
ment will be undertaken next spring
In the forest reserve mentioned. The
goats will be given two years in which
to make good on the service, aud if
they coma up to Uncle Ham's require
ment they will Imj permanently placed
on tne roiia. ... i
Tba schema is to run fir
puralle with the contour of the slopos
by cutting trails about eighty rods
apart which are to serve as guides for
the angoras. They will graze in each
direction from tbe trails killiug, it is
estimated, a strip of brush about
thirty yards wide. The wild lands
cut out aud grazed by the goats will
serve as Ideal fire lines In protecting
the forest covered lauds lyiug beyond
aud around tbe chaparral areas, and
also make a place foi reproduction of
merchantable trees.
Speaking of tbe eugagemeut of the
Priuoess Maria zu Y.enburg and
Budingen to Admor Robiuson of Bal
timore, tbe Vleuua Neue Presse says:
''I'M la the first time that a real
I German nrinoess goes as a bride to
lines' tbe Dollar Land."
u ,1 ifw -1 3 1 mm 'N,.-
2 a
l. ,
" 1
lit V I. V ! . t
' ' '' '''''
Stephen B. Elklns, senior senator from West Virginia, Is an especially
Interesting man without the added Importance of becoming the father-in-law
of a prince of tba Italian royul family. As an example of a self made Amer
ican, beginning with nothing but pluck and determination and becoming a
multlmUllotulre aud senator, Stephen a Elklns la way ap on tha list.
to assist us in tbe science of drv
farming to say nothing of what we
need iu tbe way of asylums for tbe
blind, tbe deaf mute, tbe insane. A
reform school would be in order, and
what about a penitentiaiy?
"We stockmen are forced to spend
hundreds of dollars in order to get
the least recognition in tbe way of
legislation in our line. And our
reiireseutatiou iu the legislature must
tight ilke demons to even get a pleas-
aut smile tor Eastern Oregon. In
the isolated counties such as Crook.
Wheeler, Grant, Malheur and Harney,
we need a system of gcod roads, and
tne on? paramount issue wben it
comes to uuiug something for the
development of our resourceful
"Tbe attitude which a certain
' stripe of politicians displayed toward
.Geo. ChAmerlnin. IhA'nAnnn'a i.hniiA
'(in Eastern Oregon) goes to prove
that tbe sooner we act tbe better. As
ben 1
hall use
my best endeavor to eulist tbe voters
' of my locality iu an attempt to hold
a meeting in some of tbe larger East
ren Oregon towns either Pendleton,
Baker City or La Grande - for the pur
pose of forming peraiaueut organiza
tion, which soa.l bave for its sole
purpose a new state, witbiu the bounds
of what is known as Eastern Oregon. "
' Mr. Monroe is one of the oldest
settlers of Wheeler and Crook conn
ties, is a democrat, but takes no fur
ther Interest iu politics than a strong
desire to see a more marked improve
ment in the meaus of developing the
great resources of Eastern Oregon.
Alturas New Era, 3: Tbe N. C. O.
Railway was served with an attach
ment this week, upon tbe claim of a
lady from another county wbo had a
bill of about two thousand dollars
agalust the company.
E. C. Bonner acted as her attorney
in the matter, and bad the papers
served upon theageut by Elzie Smith,
the deputy sheriff. In vain the rail
way officials protested that tbe mail
must be taken, but Elzie Urinly
formed them that they could not
Cedsrville Record, : Tbe Lake
view Examiuer is now advocating tbe
establishment of a beet sugar factory.
In tbe event of a railroad coming
through that place a factory would be
i of immense value as a leveuue yielder.
Tests mane of sugar beets grown in
Surprise Valley show a higher per
centage of saccharine matter than
those grown in the lower valleys. Tbia
! whole norlhreu country is adapted to
in. j tbe raising ot sugar beets aud some
use ; uuy wnen a uei woric or rauroaus tra-
tbe rail way eugiue which bad been verse tbe country the soil will ba
placed under attachment as a meaus I used for that puipose.
of such conveyance. After a slight 1
delay, a proper bond was put up by
the railroad company, after which the
train waa released from custody, and
departed peacefully upon its way. Tbe
eutire matter will ba settled in tha
proper court later on.
In spite of snow and storm new peo
ple are arriving on every stage. On
Saturday 17 new comers arrived, and
still that man Harriman thinks there
is no need of a railroad Into Lakeview
or Eastern Oregon I
C. A. W., Long Beach, Calif., Tha
t 'tie to the Oregon Valley Land Co's
lands are perfect. If they bad not.
been so, it is evident tbe company
would not bave paid hundreds of
tbousauds of dollars for tba rual
grant. Yes, there were frauds com
mitted In Oregon land matters but
tbey in no way effect tbe holdings of
this compauy.
Hilltop, north of Battle Mountain,
is tha latest Nevada stampede.