Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, February 04, 1909, Page FIVE, Image 5

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Colorado Hotel
The Best Meals in Town-Try Us.
BakerV 'n connection. I'Vc'h Hrcad Daily
, v "viiti t Alt I'ruprciiur
Personal Mention
Red Livery Barn
Now Kil's ami VxSl- Special -Acconimo-
Fnncy Teams y-4AV, dntions
I'or I'mghtcrs
Lakevlew, Ore.
to Let "V,
Corner Canyon and Alain Sts,
BaHimf Powder
ylbjolutcly Tare
Renders the
food more wholesome and su
perior In lightness and flavor.
The only baking powder
mad Iron
Royal Grap Cream of Tartar.'
Our society editor fulled to report
111 Inst H ii Iin Ihmih, a him IuI irnt lerliiii
at the In iiiii of Mr. ami Mr- I) (?.
Nchuitiick, on Hat urdu., tin- Z'r nil.
They entcilaltieit the following uunxtx
with whist: Mr. ami Mrs. Nnldcr,
Mr. and MrM. Nnrln. Mr. and Mrs
Faulkner, MIhm'h .lone.. Holder ami
Mcsar. Ilynn ami M.vtT.
Mr. ami Mrs. (has. Slier'oi k Invl
till some frli'ixln to share thrlr hospi
tality ImhI l-rMny evening, ami they
were entertained ulili music ami
ranlH, all arei-InK that It Was a immt
enjoyable evening Tin uncut wen-:
Mcusr himI Mfsiliiuie HciiiIm, 'In rU.
Miller. Norln, Kchiiiiuc k. MUm-h Ai
iilcgaic, I.lutoii. Meiers I 'id lie am)
Thomas Kin riix k.
laiit Saturday vt'ii I ii ir. Mr. and
Mr. Warner Hnldcr ci t -r I nttitMl a
few of thelryotitiK friends very pleas
nnlly with vailoii nuil Kami'".
They were the MImwh lleryfuril. An
plcgate, Jones, Kidder, Messrs M. II.
Hire, 1'ul lie ami Ir. Faulkner.
A few friend met Ht the home of
Mn. Miller hint Wednesday, ami the
afternoon wan spent In conversation
and needle work, a pleasant time I
terminated with t lie set vlng of n dnlii
(. K. Poydeu, a civil eiiuineer from
Rloux City, Iowa, arrived iu towu
Friduy. 1 Iu is hero fur the purpnsn of
look ink' up a Held for h btii colony of
Iowa aud Nebraska people. Ho loft
Monday ou horseback for a trip of in
spection of Lake. Harney and Malheur
counties, iud will ko aa far as tbe
Idaho line. Ilia present preference
la tor the Warner alley, lint he In
tend n to place hla friends in the licet
suction left open ou Government He promises to let the Exam
iner know bin conclusions when he
returns from hia trip.
Forln, Mlsse Apploate
Iv liinrhroii by the hostes. The fol
lowing liull" h were ;. resent: Mexila ill
ex Khirk. Sherlock, llntcheldcr, Be.
in Im. (Mark,
and Linton.
Mr. Ityan cutcrtnlncd n few guest
with the popular game of whiMt .Sat
urday evening. Those present were:
Mr. and Mi. Stone, Mr. and Mr.
Psnlkiier, Mr. and Mm Norliiaud Mr.
5 Moncv by Haying Chamberlain's
Cough Icenwdy,
Vou will pay jiiHt aa much for a
luittln of Chamberlain's Cong-h Kern
ed y ab for any of the other rouuh
medicines tut you Have money iu
lniytiitf It. The savlun Is what you
uvt. not what you pay. The sure
to-core you quality Is every bottle of
thia remedy, and you et good results
iv (inn you take It. Netdectei colds
often develop a serious munition, and
when you buy a cough medicine you
want to be sure you are getting one
that will cure your cold. Chamber
laiu'a Cootfh Keoiedy always ouraa.
l'rice 2.r and uU cents a bottle. For
Sule by Paly A Hall.
A . J. Duckworth will depart in a
few days for Hovers, Ark. ou a viait
with his relatives iu ids old home.
A Newtou Kansas paper has this to
say of a ntheriiiK of the kinsmen of
who was
If you need a pill
take Do Witt's
Little F.arly Kisers. Insist ou them ;
veutle, easy, ploiiwant. little liver pills.
Bold by Daly & Hall.
Flared "0.000 treea In Luke count v
laHt year. Hewt udnpted to iicedM of
thla aeetlon. l-'ree from all dlHeiiMcH.
lOiidorned by fruit liiHpectnrH "
M)6tf K. It. I 'A TCI I, Lokovlew.
our townsiuan, 11. II. llahu,
present ou the oecimiou :
A very enjoyable family reuulou
was held at M. A. Halm's residence.
No. 11 'J Went Uroadway, where all the
six brothers and one sister met tor
tbe first time in their lives, the old eat
boy heliiK of aye and koIdk west be
fore the birth of the yoiiiigBxt boy.
Those present were: II II. llahn, of
Lakevlew, Oregon ; John L. llahn
and family of Ponca City, Oklahoma;
M. A. llahn and family, ot Newtou
Mm. (). J. Kwlntrln mid family of
Iliirus. KausastT. O. Habu aud fain-! recommeud them.
ily of Ureensburfr, Kansas: O, V.
llahn and family of Wintleld. Kansas;
W. K. llahu aud family of Lincoln,
Nebraska. One sinter, Mrs. O. K. j
llelden of Wintleld Kansas, was dd-1
tallied ou account of sickness.
II. II. and M. A. llahu will leave for1
mi exti'iided vi'it in Indiana next
week. I
We all ibh M. .X. llahu and wife
many more happy aud propserous
yea a.
Thos. J, Powell, one of our legal
luminaries, who departed from Lake
view last fall for bis old home at
Allentowo, Pa., got back bare Toes
day, with a ohsrmlna bride, who will
make a welcome addition to Lakevlew
society. The Kxamlner extends ltd
bent wishes to the young people.
W. It and Ora Oopeland, were
arrivals last week from Pittsburg,
Kansas. They did oot atay la town
long, and it It surmised they went out
to look ovi r the newly discovered coal
measures eut of Lakevlew.
The Richmond, (Oallif) Dally Lead
er reached this ofllce with notice of
tbe blrtb of a 10 pound boy to the
wife of O. A. Follett. formerly of
Lakevlew. Mr. I'Vilh-tt Is one of the
Town trustees of that thriving llay
J. Duncan and family, W. Crowder
and 11. K. Darker, the stage man,
were Alturan visitors here the past
I). Htanton, a Iteoo man, was In
town Friday.
Harry Koberts returned 7'uesday
from Likely, where he had gone with
a bunch of borses which be sold to
the U. H. government.
W. Merkey of Seattle, Wash., was a
guest Wednesday, of Hotel Lakevlew.
W. W. Credit and wlfo, were new
coiners from Nebraska, wbo arrived
Wednesday. They came to stay.
John V. Lucine, of Grant's Pass,
was here Thursday
K. W. Martin, of the Orejron Valley
Laud Co , returned from hi vlult to
KansiiM Cl.y. last Thui-Hday. He waa
accompanied by hia wife.
I. C. liarrle. of Kt. St. Louis, Mo
and . C. Johnson, of the traveling
men a guild, were In town l rlday In
tervlewinir our luiHlncHs men.
Hoy 0. flutter has returned to Lake
view. He will open a quick luucb
counter for business men of the town
and others in tbe tear of Wuorton
nd4lartln's place.
C, Kelm, of ( ulncy, III., arrived In
town jenterdny.
Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Taylor of Neb
ranks, and (J M. Noret of Oklahoma
arrived here today. They are inter
ented in the Oregon Valley Land Co,
allot! men ti, and are well pleased with
their 11 rut sight of the county.
Carl U in bach entertained a few
frieuda at ccarda Monday evening.
Wm. Harvy and wire returned Tues
day from tbeir trip to California.
Senders have bought 1C lota in
Prenkela addition, and will ern-ct
cot t hkcs t hereon tlila apring.
Mr. and Mm. Wm. Currle. of Sum.
iner Iike. paimed through town thla
w. ek enronte to their winter home at
llatiford. Calif. They were the Clients
of Mr. and Mrs. Schmlnck Tuesday.
Dr. W. W. Faulkner, or Roaebnrg.
the new dentist who haa been here
for a few weeka, left for his old home
yenterday. He will lie gone until
such time na hia new olllcea are eoni
pleteH In fhe UelU-r Block.
The Alturna K'pulillcan repona
that Mr. and Mra. Harvey, of lake
vlew were there aeveral duya laat
A. Ueltier, while away, will secure
eatlmatea ou the coat of nilnlntf hia
buHlneaa block, at leaat. one utor.v.
which we understand, will lie fitted
up for ofllcea. The block la located
on one of the U-ct" corners In Lake
view, double front, and eventually
will require several atorlee.
Mr. and Mrs. Chaa. Umliach de
parted yenterday morning lor Santa
IUihh and other polnta In Calif. They
will lie absent about a month.
Tuesday was Gronnd-Hog- day.
lie saw Ills shadow all right In the
morning, but It waa cloudy In the
afternoon. Now, s hat?
Lakeview Mercantile Co.
Have You Tried S & W Canned Goods ?
Second to None in Quality.
S. C& W.
Every Can Sold wif h a Guarantee of Satsfaction.
Lakeview Here. Co. - Wholesale and Retail
5 acre tracts half mile south of town
$600 and $700, easy terms
Lots in Sherlock's Addition 50 x J 50, 1 6 ft. alley $250-$275
Lots in Drenkel's Addition 50 x J 50, 16 ft. alley $150-$ 175
Excellent wheat and general farming land near town
3Jb per acre.
W sO 1" 4)4 mm-mm
" n- iuiuw, i uu xvnow ; j.
Harrer, Kansas: Tbe share holders
of the Oregon Valley Land Co. met
Jan. 18tb, 1909 and organized the
Oregon Valley Land Club of Ilaiper,
Kana , witb a membership of ninety,
electing Chas A. Wilier President,
R. Nordyke Sec. A Treasurer. Tbe
purpose of this oragnization Is to look
after interests of the share holders
and get acquainted witb other clnba,
any one desiring to correspond witb
us will write tbe President, or sec
retary. Mgoea,
Oregon Valley Lna uiud, or uarper.
II. F. C. Valley City. N. Dak.
Unquestionably Lakeview is on tbe
verge of a land-seekiog boom of big
dimensions. There is plenty of good
government laud to be bad, about tbe
best left of tbe publio domain tbat is
This is just the time of the year
when you are most likely to have
kidney or bladder trouble, with rheu
matism and rheumatio pains caused
by weuk kidneys. Delays are danger
ous. Get De Witt's Kidney and Blad
der pills, and be sure you get what
you ask for. They are the best pills
made, for backache, weak back, urin
ary disorders, inflamation of tbe
bladder, etc They aie antiseptic
and act nroniDtlv. We sell and
Uaiy & iiai.
K. K. Patch, -representing the lba
n v nurrierli'H U out taking orders for
fruit trees for fall delivery.
Blue Prints Made
I will make Blue Prints of
any tract of land In the
Lakevlew Land District, and
do abstract work. Call or
Lakeview - - Oregon
Can you sell? Will you sell? Do you want, to sell? K
If you want to se.l your property list with
REAL ESTATE farm and city
o Lakeview Oregon
Office on First floor
Umbacb Building!
Can yOU buy? IP SO we have one Rancii.IGO acrcs,fenced, cleared,
and improved, within an hour of town.. CITY BUILDING LOTS, vacant
and with buildings, in three (htierent incations. we wm iurmsu uuu
lots on our own p'ans. &
Dreadful reports are current Is out
side papers of the diphtheria scourge
in Lakevlew.
There is no oceaslon for such mls-
repreHettatlon Three children ouly
have died. One died of membraneous
croup or possibly dfphtheria, the
other two of piieumonin. There were
no doctors here. Dr. Hall lieingdown
with rheumatic fever, aud Drs. Daly
and Smith out of town, so the au
thorities decided to take mutters In
hand and quarantined the town. In
the emergency Dr. Amsden, who had
not been practising for sometime, j
stepped Into the breach and success-1
fully ministered to the sick. '
The quarantine was removed Satur-:
day, and since then the schools, and j
all public places have been open. i
Take your stomach oi maybe you
call it Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Gas
tritis or Catarrh of the stomach: it
doesn't matter take your stomach
trouble ritfht with jou to your Phar
macist and ask him to open a 5u ceiit
case of Pape'a Diapepsiu and let you
eit one 22 grain Triangule and see if
within 5 minutea there Is left any
trace of your stomach misery.
Tbe correct uame tor your trouble
is b'ood Kjraieutatton food souring:
The Digestive organs become weak,
there is lack of gastric juice; your
food is ouly half digested, aud you
become atfected with loss of appetite,
pressure aud fullness after eating,
vomiting, nausea, heartburn, griping
in boweln, tenderueps lu tbe pit of
stomach, bud tate iu mouth, consti
pation, pain iu limbs, sleeplessnes.
belching of gas, tiliousuess, sick
badacho, nervousness, dizziness aud
many other similar symptoms.
If your appetite is tickle, aud
nothing tempts you, or you belch gas
or I' you feel bloated after eating, or
your food lies like a lump of lead ou
your stomach, you can make up your
m'nd that at tbe bottom of all there
Is but one cause fermentation of un
digested food.
Prove to yourself, after your next
meal, that yiiur stoamob is as good as
any; that there is nothing really
wrong. Stop this fermentation aud
begin eatiug what you waut without
fear of disoomfort or misery.
An almost iustaut relief la waiting
for you. It Is merely a matter of bow
soon you take a little Diapepsiu.
Directories for Sule
Thla office has on baud a few copies
of tbe county directory, which will
be closed out at 50o-hatf price. Those
wishiug a copy should not delay send
ing tbeir orders. It contains the
name of every voter In tbe oounty.
There is a speoial write up of the
oounty and of tbe towns. In it there
also la a synopsis of the game laws of
the State, aud much other valuable in
formation regarding Lakevlew aud
tributary country.
wortb taking. Railroad giants are
now locking horns over this section,
and wo should be placled on tbe rail
road map not later than next year.
J.E . &, Or?on City. Ore.-Tbere
are 2 hotels and a bakery here. and sev
eral restaurants. We expect and need
a railroad more than anything else, aa
it is hard to do business without one,
Cou-d not advise. Better come down
and look over tbe field yourself.
W. E. B.. Keller, Wash.-Lakeview
now has 1,500 people and daily arri
vals. We are 57 miles from tbe railroad
Al tares, Calif. Tbe resources here
and opportunites are almost bound-
C. M. A. Kalis City. Neb., There
Is oue dentist here. Another has con
tracted for offices and will doubtless
Rraton Enthroned
Bceause meats are so tasty they are j
consumed in great excess. This leads I
to etomicb trcuhie?, biliousness aud
constipation. Revise your diet, lt
reason aud not a pampered appetite
control, then take a few doeea cf
Cb amberlain's Stomach and Liver
blets aud you will soon be well again.
Try it. For sale at Daly A Hall's drug
store. Samples free.
lie he- early In the spring: Yon will
have to be your own Judge.
Mrs. N D. R Keifer, Okla.-Tbe
Oregon alley Land Co's grant con
tains land suitable for grazing, farm
Insr, truck-Kardenmgaud fruit raisinc.
Many residents he.e bold extracts,
which ia a sood evidence tbat tbe
propostion is all riuht.
M E. B Kearney. Neb., and J. E.
A., Canon City, Colo I lie altitude
given of lke Aln-rt was a mistake
VjJl"1 Pinter. It should have been
oOO feet lower than Lik-vi.-w Our
altitude uml.T dirfern- l.arorvter
texts ranges f,-iu 4.V)0 to 4700 feec.
Ask VourMlf Ihc Qucctlunn
Why not use Chamberlain's Lini
ment hen you have rheumatism?
We feel sore tbat tbe result will be
prompt and satisfactory. It bas cored
others, why not you? Try it. It
costs but a irifle. Price IB cents;
large size 50 cents. For sale by Daly
& Hall.
Two screaming stories by Ellis
Parker Butler and Lindsay Denison,
each racing to ee which will bump
your funny bone hardest.
One tragedy that will grip you
And article by Russell, Paine and
Dickson that cut deep into things.
Our bargain counter values ore the
liest ever. Bailer & Masslnul'l
Return this
with your or
der and i s
mittatance before
Feb. 15
Good until February 15th, only
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Recommended Remedies, Toilet Articles, etc. In addition
We Prepay Transportation Charges on all Orders of
$10.00 or Over to any Railroad or Steamship Point.
Don't foaget that if Anything Fails to Please you For
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1 1-2 Million Dollars Backs this Guamtee- If you order
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Run NO Risk If You Buy From TC Owl.
This Offer is good whether you live within i Free De
livery Limit or not.