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Lady jBetty
jA.cross the "Water
Copyright. 1906. ky McClurm. VhilUpj fcQ C.
T C"it"I-I hardly have sui-
V jV" ''l I,,s'''' ,,l;lt tluTo wore ns
i sS'Jfo many people In t ho whole
IfV-v'i world put together ns at
.fij ' " Coney Island, anil most
of them were In pit Ira.
Bke the nnhnaN on their way to tlu
rk. Thoy nil siciicd to le engaged t"
itch other and delighted v Ith rttch
ether's co, 1,-t . else married and
ireadfttllv tin' of It. Or they
tad dyspepsia. Or el.--r Ihov tad
brought too many of their children, for
ttk-y hail drotcs of very ones,
who ielloweI loti'ler than av.y Lnglis'i
children I ever suv .1 t. launized
ver their parents in Ui.- m.i.;t iinhrl
4led way.
But Coney Island was tin. and I
It more than ever that I was dream
fcj a lun,;. Ions dream of .n.,!s and
huge hotels and queer little ho-Hhs.
For dinner we ate nothing luit fish.
f so many different kinds a;j I some
ef them so Strang.1, that I ulinxxt feared
the dream might turn into a n'uhtninre
afterward. I foutid the dams rather
Ike olives. You hate the tl r t. but
when you have had three you feel you
would like three dozen, and they are
mot at nil easy to forget.
We went down under the sea and
were Introd'H-ed to horrific mnusters,
called up uud on switchbacks.
much the same thins sometimes, hut I
couldn't. I found the Hudson too
jy-vid for otty Jealousy. It seemed to
ine ur great, nohle poem, rolling on
and on fu splendid cadences, nnd I
have heard some music of Wagner's
that It reminded me of somehow.
The hills or mountains I'm not sure
which to call them evcu the Palisade
which have lnH'ti so dinned luto my
ears, were not high enough to satisfy
mo at a first glance, hut soon 1 saw 't was their grouping nnd their
IHTfoiA ir."Mrtlon In relation to each
other which ilo them so exquisite.
As we steamed oa iong the green and
It uti rtvn better fwti it my htil Imn
ordinary tourist.
sh their lVrshut rugs and their silver
golden flood between banks that ap- i things and their dozens of nicer
pea-vd to fall hack la admiration 1 In- Vhuunis and their curiosities from nil
gai to love the Hudson so much that ; over the world.
I eou'd have shrieked with rage at thu j , skl(l il)tt,.r what he would do
great staring advertisements oa hoard- : wn ie Wns ordend away,
tngs. What can the scenery have done f ..Thut ti,-llt.nds on where I'm or
to Americans that they should do their , ,iered." said he. "If I don't like the
lKt to spoil It? No wonder most of ,,liu.ti rl nnd l n mere clt.
them come over to see ours, which we j u wt,uld be easy to get back again
have the sense to let n'.ne even If It ' Ilt ,lle nnuy lf tlure wort, UIiy f'." ! going." a:!,l Mr. Parker laughed at my. -what kind of fun?" I wanted to
fury, but 1 didn't fee how they could , know.
MKe It so crih'ily. "It Isn't my seen- ; ..A var wltll Some!.o,lv. of course,"
ery. so I don't trouble myself." Buld s.lK1 j,,.. M,.,, n!1Vt, thl, luost cxtraord.
I -otter when I asked why he didn't get llurv lllpaii of lin Hnt tnov BWM t0
up a secret nirht expedition tj burn or j, uMU. ubout ,, , EK.llu ,i
chop down nil the hoardlugs. But I'm ( Ai::ii-Ii-a. They are never so happy
sure Ellw'lisb Dsoi)le aren't careless Uk u-hen thev re klllln unmet lilmr or
Each person thinks the good of ,,. ,.,,,.. nf .,.,,nB, ul,,, ,iwnl.iv.w. I
can't Imagine how it would feel to be I uot
inA .., t i t... ... i
ltf7 lUni, L'Ul RIHM, 111 J IV
different we should hate them. And
the whole country i his business at
ii-ast one would suppose so by the way j
everybody who comes to Hattlemead i
aI1.U. n...t ...V..: , ii.. i.
...... ,..,., uu ......!. U. ,...OMC Ui- potUr 1(X)ked go noe , hU sol(,er
.ii,. ,, uu.. n dothes (which he got Into while
mmmiis, luongn. in America only ponce- i
men and people who live l.i Wash; i-.- j
Coney Island ua tin.
which made Mrs. Ess Kay 111, but she
obly refused to desert me in such sur
roundings a state of mind which
ade-her chin look incredibly square.
Eventually,. after many adventures by
tbn way. we arrived at the moon, and
mt only got Into the middle of it, but
cade acquaintance with the inhabit
ants, none of whom appeared to be
rer two feet hl'h or to have anything
to speak of letweeu their chins and
ttelr toes. After that experience, min
tref shows and concerts and persons
who told your fortunes with snakes, or
te glass, were rather an anticlimax;
tfll,. I enjoyed them nil so much that I
was IneapaMe of extreme annoyance
when, we- discovered that the Evening
l&t had an "impressionist sketch" of
ie which made me look like aa elder
ff murderess.
got back to New York almost
indecently late, but In the meaner
parts through which we had to pass
o the way to our gorgeounness the
streets s'.van.:ed with poor creatures,
paV" 'i heat, evidently preparing
Y'amp out of doors till luov:iin;. It
was a strange and iu.eres:! u Mg'il.
but mode me fce g-illty when I re-
calleil it nf erv.ard iu my j-i.-.-it eo-j
kedroom, with my five di.7eient Uiu Is
af baths.
HfiKt tt-o:-ui!ig I was v.-al;e;l c-nrl.v ti
Aud moie pi-.sei::?. of flower:! in huge
.lacks and to g.-t ready for West Point
f.was a liitie tire from yesterday,
Hry h-rx gave ine fiilher the
SSiutlou of being a scientist's Held
mouse fu a vacuum, so that I should
lave dreaded even a short journey lf
we hadn't been making It by water.
It was even better than If we bad
fetoeu ordinary tourists on one of the
Wg Hudson river boats I had heard
bout, for we were to travel luxuri
ously iu a little steam yacht of Pot
fcfcr's,. which he calls the Poached Egg
hhcause It can't be beaten. It Is not a
isalgnr yucbt, as one might have
thought from the name, but a dainty
thing that ought to have been the But
terfly, Ye White Ladye or something
af that sort. When I said so, Mr.
darker Insisted that be would at once
christen her Lady Betty, which
would have a prettier meaning than
anything else, and then I waa sorry
Fa spoken.
I bad expected to be disappointed in
Ob river, because nearly everybody I
awt on board ship tried to Impress
Boa tn that we bad nothing half so
gpotK tn England, while aa for the,
KOlne, ft wasn't a patch on the nnd-
I even wanted to be disappointed.
vt patriotism, or spltjU-whlciLf.r.
got Into wliiie we
were miking ourselves pretty for
lunch) that I couldn't help thinking It
would be a pity for him to leave the
His friend was Invited to lunch with
ns tit iiinL-f. tin for anr-rtttcltiiv lit
Victoria would like ihis rule, for she nousp ne ,3 nU,or ,,,,,. or
nas )nr-'-ea to me mat political
questions bore her, and she would
much rather be talked to about love
or motoring or even bridge, but she
ton care about politics really except to
get benefits for themselves, cud It isn't
good form to be too much Interested in
such things.
evcu Mr. roremus.
but not half so
haudsome or brave looking, or with
such a charming voice as poor Jim
Brett, who Is not. I suppose, a gentle-
I man except by nature: otherwise he
.-ouldn't have been In the steerage.
I thought It was silly to have wfra
nettings In all the doors and windows.
Just tokeepaway a few Innocent midges,
nmil we sat out after lunch. There is a
always reads the newspapers hard for
tlfteen minutes while Thompson does
her hair, lf she's going out to a big
lunch or dinner, so that she will be up
lu everything and able to talk bril
liantly to members of parliament or
stuffy old things In the house of lords.
I calmed down somewhat after I'd 1 pleasant balcony with an upstairs nnd
b second llcutennnts next yrsr.
t . ..II . .. ...... W I .. . . I
ft nrver votiiu iiikv nun u iiiirrrsi in
Eton boys, the few I have seen, for '
they look such children that one would
Ih positively ashamed to bother with
them, but the West Point cadet
(though one couldn't exactly take them
seriously like regularly grownup men,
perhaps) fascinated me front the very
first glnnce through Potter's Virginia
creeper. They looked as If th.y
thought a lot of themselves, and the
girls they were with had the air of
encouraging them to think It. I won
dered what kind of things they snld to
girls and secretly longed to find out.
It seems that In summer the cadets
leave Ihelr barracks and go Into camp,
which Is n time of year that the girls
who visit West Point and those whose
fathers are si a Honed there like very
much. Wo had a glimpse of the tents
from the long street of the olllcers'
quarters, nnd after we had visited a
few technical things lu which I wns
too pollie to show that I was hardly
Interested we strolled over to where
we could see t'ue little white pyramids
gleaming under the stars and stripes.
1 had been afraid that nil the cadets
would have gone away to Flirtation
Walk with girls, but to my joy there
were plenty left lu camp. On chairs
under the trees near by two or three
ladles were silling with some white
butterfly girls, nnd a crowd of cadets
were talking to them.
"There's a great pal of mine. Mrs.
Iurcnce." said Captain Colllngwood.
"She would love to know you, Ijtdy
Betty. lfc you mind If I introduce
you to each other?"
"See here, that means we shall te
hitched up with nil thnt lot of cadets."
Potter objected quite crossly. "What's
the good of wasting time?"
I hurried to any that 1 shouldn't con
sider il a waste of time, that I should
be delighted to u t Mrs. Laurence
and also a few sample cadets. If any
could be provide I for the consumption
of an Inipiirlii P.rltish tourist.
Captain Colllngwood thought that
one rr two might le found who would
bjvt to the sacrifice, and Ave
I niiuuic inter i wns inn ing more run
j than I IimiI ever had before In my life.
Mrs. Laurence was sweet and so
tactful. She scarcely talked to me at
all. cxvpt to a -k me how I liked
America nnd n few of the things peo
ple are obllgvl to get off their minds
wheu they meet a foreigner, and theu
she Introduced five cadets.
I wns terrified for a minute, because
until I left home my whole (youthful)
male experience consisted of one
brother, three cousins and two curates,
dealt with separately and with long,
sleepy intervals between. I Ix-gnu to
wonder how I could possibly ninnag
five tall youths at once and to rack my
I brains for the right kind of conversa-
I Continued on Pane Three
5 New Clubbing:
j Proposition
I" A J lv have nn.'injrnl to oiler i
V V this paper, the v
in connection
. i t
new inoiiiniy
farm magazine just started at Lincoln, Nel.,
Iv Prof. II. V. Campbell antl tlevotcd to the
subject of how to farm iu the tlry country
find how to get best results from soil tillage
under normal conditions. This paper is
"Campbell's Scientific Fanner" and we oiler
it clubbed with the Hxnminer both for $2.f)
per year cash. Frof. Camp! ell's new paper is
a monthly , chock full of good things, the only
paper of its kind in the world, and it embodies
the i csults of the editor's many years of pains
taking investigation of the soil tillage proposition.
A Shot with Every Tick of Watch
Free Hook tells of this (Jim
This lliimmcrlcriH Kepetiter Is the iikimI rmdd loinm uiin mode
e ii'in every Kiinwu improvement en. v takc-i nwii fcniure. hi
W br-ech block, covered iiiccIiuiiIhiii nnd top rib If deMlrvd.
Cut (lb g kIiows our other shot guns, doubles, hIiiuIch, etc.
PRICES, $5 TO $27
feaTA postal brings our book HtLK. Address.
451 AuburnJale, TOLEDO, OHIO.
; It vj
nyy ii
recovered from the first shock. There
was so much to admire that It seemed
a shame to fret Besides, It wns sooth
ing to sit on the yacht's deck under a
pale green awning, drinking what I
call a lemon squash and Totter and
Sally obstinately believe to be lemon
ade. While Mrs. Ess Kay angrily rea l
a downstairs, which Potter and Cnptaiu
Colllngwood call the "piazza." and it
would have been delightful sitting
tuere while the men smoked If appail
lug little animals with a ridiculous
IiiiujUt of thin, stick out legs hadn't
come buzzing around us. They were
saucy looking things, got up lu loud
nasty paragraphs about herself and 1 suits of black and gray stripes, not In
hilariously about her friends lu a re
ular highwayman of a paper. Smart
Sayings. Sally Woodburn told me
charming legends of the Hudson, dear
old Dutch things, most of them, which
had been made into plays and poems.
and I was sorry when we came to
West Point at last
But I wasn't sorry for long. The
minute we got on shore at a quaint lit
tle landing shoved Incongruously In 1
among beautiful wooded hills, the most
exquisite Bcents of ferns and trees and
sweet, moist earth came hurrying
down to welcome ua. Eton Is uot more
beautiful than West Point, and as we
drove up the hill under an arbor of
trees I saw that the buildings cleverly
the least like our quiet, respectable
midges at home, and they weren't even
honorable enough to wait until sunset
before attacking you. They pricked
horribly, like plus your maid has stuck
In the wrong places, and thev had a
horrid penchant for your ankles. I
was sorry I had on clocked stockings:
And I apologized heartily to Potter for
poking fun at his wire nettings.
Though It was so hot. the air was
delicious. It smelt of new mown grass 1
A Horrible Mold l'p
' About ten years ago my br'ther
was "held up" in his work, health
ami happiness by what wns believed
to be hopeless consumption, " writes
W. II. Lipscomb, of Washington, X.
(J. "He took all kinds of rwmedios
and treatments from several doctors.
but found do belt) till be uced Dr.
I Kind's New Discovery and was wholly
cured by tlx bottles. He Is a well
man today." It's quick to relire and
the surest cure for weak or sore lungs,
Hemorrhages, Coughs and Colds,
Uionhcitis, La Grippe. Asthma and
nil Bronchial affections. OOo and
11. (X). Trial bottle free. Guaranteed
by A. L. Thornton.
Timber Can J Notice
Deourtment of the Interior, U. 8.
Land OtHce at Lakeviewk Oregon,
aovmb!r , V.m.
Notice is hereby given thut JULIA
bLLA KICK, of Lakeview, Oregon,
mlw rm Vim IM 1'IOM ,,.u,lu T I , . . I o - I
I .... , ... t . , . v. 1 , 1 j, uiai.j .ui.'., 1
n..u lines, wun a snarp mue spicy Bnd Stohe Abpplicatiou, No. 0842,
iaug or me mica irginia creepers, for E hair 8rJ qusrter, Section 'M,
which made a shadowy green room of Townshio 38.. S.. Haue 18 K.. Will.
the "piazza." Birds were simply roar- Meridian, has filed notice of intention
lng with lov In the trees thut over- to make Onul Proof to establish claim
hung the house, and Potter and I al-
contrlved to look old and gray and pic- j most quarreled because he would In-
turesque, like ours. The elms lu a big
green square past the top of the hill
had a venerable air, too, so they must
have been precocious about growing,
for it doesn't stand to reason thut
West Point can be as ancient as Ox
ford or Eton. But anyway the elms
were there, making an effect that Eng
land couldn't Improve on, uud there
were some gray stone barracks uud a i
long line of officers' quarters built of
wood and brick. I was glad thut we '
nriri tn arm. it Irh fV.ttai. Imw..h.1 s.r I
going to a hotel, for I did want to
see thoroughly what garrison life Is
like. Potter has only half a house.
though I suppose he's rich enough to
buy up all West Point If It were for
pale, but he had got a chum of his
who livesIn the other half to clear out
of his part and give It to us .for the
day and night.
Vic has been to Aldershot, aud even
to Malta and Gib. But I never hav?.
and I never saw any officers' quarters
at home, so I don't know bow they
compare with American ones. Potter's
aud his friend's are exactly like a
doll's house turned Into a museum.
The rooms are tiny ana most or the ; assured me. It
furniture la made to fold up, but Stan ' faut As lf I
would be green with envy lf be could
TloitMTl.mnd ollre.
Department of the Interior, U. 8.
Land Office at Lakeview, Oregon,
November 25, 1908.
Notice la hereby given that ZADA
M. STUDLrJV. of Lakeview, Otegon,
who, oo Nov. 0, 1908, made Timber
end Stone Application, No 07, for N
half 8W quarter, W half SE quarter
section 20. Township 38 8.. Kange
21 K. WilL Meridian, baa filed notice
of intentioa to make Final Proof, to
eatblish claim to the land above des
cribed, before Register and Kecelver.
at Lakeview, Oregon, oo the Otb day
of Feb. im
Claimant names at witnesses: Oeo.
II. Lyoob, Thomas Studley, F. L
ttoae. U. VV. Hardiaty, all of Lake
view, Oregon.
D3F5. J. N. Watson, Register
slst thut some huge creatures bopping
about on the grass were robins. They
would have made three of ours and
were much more like quails that had
split strawberry Juice on their breasts.
By and by Captain Colllngwood ask
ed lf "Lady Betty didn't want to go
and see things."
"She's booked to me for Flirtation
Walk," said Potter, before I could an
swer. "Three's a crowd there, old
chap." On which I regret to state Cup
tain Colllngwood suggested that Pot
ter should teach his own grandmother
something about nourishing herself
with on egg diet.
"Anyhow. I suppose you don't ob
ject to a rearguard for Inspection of
camp nnd other features of public In
terest," he went on, and after some
hesitation Potter decided that this
would be admissible.
Mrs. Ess Kay and Sally both wanted
to lie down (it's strange the fondness
American women hove for putting
themselves In a horizontal position In
the daytime!), so Mrs. Ess Kay snld
that she would commission her brother
as chaperon; I needn't be anxious, she
was quite corame II
would have worried
about a thing like that!
I was delighted to go, because the
roost Interesting groups had been pass
ing the house, and It was difficult to
see all you wanted to through the veil
I of creepers, without continually cran
ing your neck. Tall, brown faced boys,
got up much like glorified Buttons,
were sauntering about, holding sun
shades over the heads of girls so
young that tbey would have been In
short frocks with tbelr hair down their
backs. In England. The girls were 'n
white muslin or pale colors, with
charming, floppy Leghorn hats trim
med with flowers, and they looked like
the dalatleet, prettiest of French dolls.
But I was a great deal more Interested
in the youths, who were the cadets
first cloasmen. Potter said, and would
to the laud above described, before
Register uud Receiver, at .Lakeview
Oregon, on the I7h day of Feb. 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses: Ueo.
(I. Lynch. O. W. Rice. Butt 8. Tiitro,
r.dwiu latro, all of Lakeview, Ore
VtFfi ' M Wnr Reviapf
N t c lor Publication
Department of the Interior, U. K.
Land Office at Lakeview. Oregon.
December 22, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that JOHN
O. HVEEN, of Lakeview, Oregon.
who on Nov. 20,1907, made Home
stead Entry No. 3tHl. (Serial No.
0935) for lots 1 2, K halt NW quarter,
NE quarter KW quarter Section
.10, Township .17 H. , Ka ngel
17 E. , Will. Meridian, lias filed
notice of intention to make Fiual
Commutation Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described.
before. Register ind Receiver, at Lake
view, Oregon, oo the 13th day of Feb.
Claimant names as witnesses: John
Jaoobson, 1. M. Cory, of Lakeview,
Oregon, Ole Soleitu, Kristian Jorgeu-1
sen, of lily, Oregon.
1)3110 J. N. Watson, Register.
Not lee tor Publication.
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Lund Office. Lakeview, Oregon, Jan
uary 7. 1909.
Notice is hereby given that the
State of Oregon has filed its applica
tion to select under tbn provisions of
the act of August 14, 1848, and the
acta supplemental and amen.iutorv
tbeteto. the HW quarter. 8eo 9, T. 36
8.. R. 21 E-, W. M.. per list No. 0953.
Any and all persons claiming adver
sely tbe lands described, or deBirV'g
to object because of tbe mineral
character of tbe land, or for any other
reaaon, to the disposal to applicant,
should file their affidavits of protest
In this office, on or before tbe Mb
day of March. 1909.
J. N. Watson, Register.
Tbe foregoing notice will be pub
lished In the Lake County Examiner,
u weekly newspaper, printed and pub
llsbed at Lakeview. Oregon, for at
least thirty days prior to tbe date last
mentioned In the above notice.
J21M5 J. N. Watson, Register.
1 r zjl jt 2
n iirnir.iirM nnu
New Pine Creek, - - Oregon
Eat What
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You n4 a, sufficient amount of
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This offer applies to the large ,
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We could not afford to make such I
an offer, unless we positively knew
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It would bankrupt ua
The dollar bottle contain ZH times
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Kodol Is made at the laboratories
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For Sale by - - Daly & Hall