Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, April 30, 1908, Image 2

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DR.MiLES'ArjTi-PAiN Pills
K Take ONE
Pain in chest
Distress in
Take ONE
oF the Little Tablets
and the Pain is Gone
If you hav
Try One
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25 Doses
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Never Sold in Bulk
i i In- addle. tiiM eyra
,1, Hit scout rmb b-
Restoration to llntry of Lauls In
National r-orest.
Notice I hereby given that the
lands described below, embracing K)
acres, within (he Goose Luke Nation
al Forest, :Oregon, will be subject to
settle me ut hml entry under 1 tie pro
Visions of the homestead laws of the
Uuited States and the act of June 11,
1!AX (31 St'it ... '2X, ) at the Fuited
Static land o'tice nt Lakeview, Orrttou, ,
on June i 'XS. Any settler who
was actually and in good faith danc
ing any of sai i lauds for agricultural
purpose prior to January 1, I Wit,
and ha abandoned same, has a pre-er-enc
right to make a homestead entry
for the lnnis actually occupied Said
lands were listed upon tlie applica
tions of the persons mentioned below,
who have a preference right subject
to the prior right of any such settler,
provided such settler or applicant is
qualified to make hometstend entry and
the preference right is exercised prior
to Jjiue 0, UK'S, on which date the
Kinds will lt subject ti settlement
and entry by any qualified person.
The lands are s follows:
The W half, of NT, quarter, Sec.
21, T. W S,. li -JO F. W. M., listed
apou the application of Win. Shn idt,
address car" o! W. J. Moore. Lake
view Oregon. Fred I')enuett, Coin
aiissioner of the General hand Ofliee.
Approved March SO, lUcH, Frank
fierce, First At.....ji.. .x-.twi .. of
the Interior, lo 4
In the CI. -nit Court o' M:e State i f
Oregon, foi ue C Miuty o. Lake.
F. X. Schl-cut, ri-'ntitr, :
vs. !
George Schiecht,
Defendant. )
To (ieorge Sehleeh:, defendant above
named :
IN tue-xamk of thk state
OF OKEUO.V: Von are hereby re
quired to appear and au-wer the com
plaint filed airaiiist you in the above
eutitled Court and Cause on or before
the 1st day of "day, KVi. and i( you .
fail so to answer said couiplaiut. for. -waut
thereof, tht above named plain
titf vUl take judgment against yon
for the sum of Seven hundred and
Ten Dollars, together with interest
thereon from May 27th, l'Hi.'i. at the
rate of eight per cent, per
for the costs and disbursements of
this action.
This summons is served upon you
by publication thereof for tit cuu
seeutive weeks iu The Lake County
Examiner, a newspaper published
weekly at Lakeview, Lake Cuuuty,
Oregon, by cider of tlie Hon. Henry
L. Benson, Judge of the ChcuP Court
of. Lake County, Oregon, made and
dated the llti day of March. Vx. and
the date of the first publication, here
of id March U'Ki, VX.
L. F. Conn,
11 7 Attorney for Plaintiff.
Timber otice.
Uuited States Laud Ofiice, Lake
view. Ort-T.ii, Apr. I'."1'.
N'otic is hereby given tha in com
pliance with the provision of the ; r t
of Courses. of June. :. 1-7. es;t ith-i
"An act for- the sale of timber 1 ii. Is
iu the states of Cul il.Ti; i a, liri;i n.
Nevada and vYiir-h 'ngtori 'I f-rritury. "
as extended to all the I'ub'ic Lati I
Mates by act of Anu-t i. ,'S. .l( s
I'l'li L. Han ton. .f J'ai.-ley, c.'ii.fy
of Lake, St-ite of Oregon dh., lilrd i-i
this ofllcc hi- M'.urM .-!at(-'i. id. N.,.
4u0o. f. r the piirei.u-e of the Si.', N
quaiter. .' half S'S' i.;uarter,
and NJ.1-; Si) Ui.rtcr of Sect ion No .
in To .'. u.-h :p N m. :; .s. laii.'c'.'.i. i; ,
V. M., a'j l uiil oiler icot to r!ii,v
that the laud soi.cht is more v..'ua'-!t.
for it- ti:nber or rtoni. t!ni for a -1 i -cultural
ptir;oses and to e.-Tnt li.-ii hia
ciiiilll to sHid laud befi.Ttf Jie:is.ter
and liieeiver at fy.tkfvie v. 0'u'-'i,
on Tot !ay 1 1 , - - 7!). .l..y (,: July, '."
lie as it!ie.-ses: Joioi liar
haui. I'. W. Farrow GeorM Harper,
W. W, Kauiptoij, all of P'ji-Iey l Jreuon.
Any and all pw.-ou cl-iiiui ai
vetl.-,e!y the aouve de-eriied lands
are ieiu-sted to tilv th--ir liiim in
this otfieeou or before -ai l 7th day of
July. I'i.S
lr-lo I II Watsou, Ket.'inter
when eating, that your food is of
highest wholesomeness that it has
nothing in it that can injure or
distress you makes the repast
doubly comfortable and satisfactory.
This supreme confidence you
have when the food is raised with
The only baking powder made
with Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
There can be no comforting confi
dence when eating alum baking pow
der food. Chemists say that more or
less of the alum powder in unchanged
alum or alum salts remains in the food.
Timb rl.i d N t!,.
Uuited States Land Cttiee, Lakeie
Oregon, Mar. !). 11KN.
Notice is herely (.'iveu that iu com
pliance iith the provisions of the act
of Congress of June 3, 17, entitled
"An act for the sale nf tin. her lands
in the States of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Wa.-hinKtou Territory,"
us extended to all the Fubl'o Land
States by act of Almost 1. IS''.',
Clayton Kis-ell, of Lakeview, coun
ty of Lake, State of Orec m, has tiled
in this oilice his sworn -itemeut. No
for tht- purcha-e . of tlie F. half,
N W ipiartrr, hV iiartHr, NU'ipiarter
of Si-idion No. s. in Town-Ida No hH
S. K-iut'e No. 17 K , W. M., at.d ill
oiler proof to r-hiuv that the land
sought is ni"re valunblH f'.ir it- timber
or Moue t!iau for iil'I r.-oltural purpo-es,
and to t-r-tphli-h his claim to sa'd hind
before I!eyi-ter and lov-iver at Lal.e
view, (reeou, on 'I uv-day the 7tlj day
o; -I uly, : y
He nan i s a- it io--e - : Fred It"--1,
Any an 1 all persons claimiuu ad
ver.-ely t lie above described land 4 are
requested to lib' their claims in this
oltice on or before said liith. day of
July, K'n
J. N. Watson, Register. 17 10
I'ctiti on fcr Liquor License
We, I lie undersigned leu'al Voters of
PAISLEY Precinct, Lake, County,
Staet of Oregon, respectfully petition
the. Hon. County Court of Lake Coun
ty, State of Oregon, to trant a Li
cense to i. V. C X (LEY to Sell Spir
ituous. Malt and Vinous Liquors in
less quantities than one gallon in
Paisley Precinct Luke County, State
of Oreuon, fur ttie Period of six
inouhts as iu duty bound we will ever
I "y
.rl Stanley
Enje.,t P. Mat hes
M. Ilauaii
P. W. liaui-ter
M. C. 'orrier
W. J. Pitt
f. .1 II.
Y. S. Flair
li. Random
Geo. L. Looks
F. V. l aitow
John l);
S. Gavbud
Ihoi 1 1 (!':
A.-ni'ti, ad oi Lh'ki
A iv ari 1 ail pt-r-i
V i-i-.-i v the ill, 'V ,-ie
1 -quested to file t I,.
' !l,' -e om t,r ! : ,i
Julv. U'--.
J!-. o .). N. V
e,V Oil-;
liiiiin; al
i l.mdj a-e
in,- iu this
7t ij day of
Pinal Pro,i Ncti e
JJeiartmiut of the Interior, Land
Odiee at Lakeview, Oregon, April 1",
Notco is herel y niveu that John S.
Kelsay. of Paisley, Oregon, has filed
notice cf his intention to n ake final
tire year proof in support of hia
claim, viz: Homestead entrv No.
'2ul8uiadeJune3. 10r, forthe SW'4SV
quaiter, Sec 'J and E half SE quarter,
NVY quarter SE quarter, Section 8 own
hi 30 H., ItauKe 18 E., V. M., and
tbat said proof will be niudo before
Leister and Icciver, at Lakeview, '
Ore(,'ou. on 'JTith day of May. 1008.
lie names tlio followine witnesses to
prove bis continuous residence upon, I
arid cultivation of the laud, viz:
Martin Launtzen, S. P. Dicks, W. K. j
McCormick, Jr., Geo. Jouea, all of,
Paialey, Oregon
J. N. Watson, I'.egister. j
Fartuera, have yor butter wrap-'
pers printed at The Examine oflice, !
Inatead of at-ndin away for them, j
You keep your iuuiiey at liome, and ,
patronize them that patronize you,
bnlde8, you see what you are get- j
ting and dou't have to pay for It If
1t doesn't ault you. tf I
We have a full net of MyaelMtolllnH
tl'o'g., Bamplea of Stock rtlflcatei
aud bonds, with price lint. If you
are organizing a stock company Kt
our rices ou etock certificates, tf
Trnl- l..o;i Viiu.:
Unit" ! St;.t. s '?! --e, Lk-vie-.v
( ) e-i i, Feb L '-.
Noli e i-. hei-'-by c ive'i '!al in com-rli.oe-i'
v.itli t!i'' jroi-o n of the act
of Cotures- of June :i ;7s entitled,
"An net 1 1 r the of timber land.-,
ill the Stain. t I 'all! i I n la. Ole-;t:,
N"a!a. anl ' V.i h i e! on Ti-l I itoi y, "
as e.- tc-ndi-'i to all thJ pobiic La.;d
Stat by ie-f 1 A',i."i-t !. l-:e.',
iiil,-it F Arthur, if Lakexie'.v,
coui.'ty of Le'.i- stale- of (Meu'oli, .has
filed in this olfh e his -worn statement
No. I' Ol, tor tlie m-ha.-H of the SV7
(punter, SE quaiter, E halt, SV quar
tei, SE quaiter, N W quarter, of Sec
tion iii 1 ja ii.-h i i 111 S , KaiiL'e 18
E., W. ,1., and nil! oiler tool to show
that the land noi:L'bt is mere valuable
tor it.- timber or -tone than for attrii
cultural purpo-es, and to establi.-h
hi.- claim to said laud'befoie Jiej.'i.-ter
and I'eceiver at LakeMew, Oregon,
on Monday, the l'th day of June, I'.hjH.
He names as witne.-ses: 15. E. Mc
Crary, Win. (,'a.-ler, James McCrary,
Chas. Nelson, all of Laketiew, Oregon.
Any and all person 9 claiming ad
versely the above described lands are
requested to file their claims in this
otllce on fir before baid 10th day of
June, 1008.
0 1 0 J. N Watson, Register.
limber Land Notice
Unite! States Land Olllce, Lake
view, Oregou, Apr. 'Jf 1008.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance witti the provisions of the act
of Congress of Juue 3, 1878. entitled
"An act 'or the sale of timber lands
iu the States of California, Oregon,
Nevada, aud Washington Territory,"
as extended to all the Public Laud
States by act oy August 4, 180U,
MAY TATP.O, of Lakeview. county
of Lake State of Oregon, has filed in
this office his sworn statement, No.
4000", for the purchase of the E half,
SW quarter, and N half, SE quarter,
of Section 2, iu Township 39 H ,
Uauge 18, K., W. M., aud will offer
proof to show that the land sought is
more valuable for its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, aud to
establish his claim to said land be
fore XCegister and Keceiver at Lake
view, Oregon, ou Thursday, the loth
day of July, 1908.
He names as witnesses : Ed. Tatro,
Geo. Stevens, Joseph Ambrose, Fred
S. Tatro, all of Lakeview, Oregon.
li. W. Farrow
John I). Elder
Allen I). Lai., r
J. 1). I ai r ,
.1. K. liani.-ti r
in k Hart len oe
laia i u La 1 1 r 1 1 1 n
Jame- II al I
A. .1. Scott
Ib-nrv llanan
(I. W. Clloley
J. A. Imrham
ieo Jlurj it
W. If. McCall
Elmer Stanley
las. M. LVwl
Thus Stanley
Wm. Taylor
O. F. Gulhtli
T. C. Welch
N'. M. Poia-rt-o,,
Jus. S. Wakelield
W. J. Sherlock
Nels K. I (aid
Geo. I!ari!;ey
G. S. Farra
A. F. Christen
lell'Iei -en
Geo. Ilium"'
F. (i. Mcliroo:.!
L. A . Mo-s
T. W. JmIiu-oii
V. W. Ilauirtou
J. J. Moore' -E.
((. Lamb
1 .11. Carroll
1;. )!. .lack.-on
S S. Lani.-ter'
I (. 11. Lamb
C. L. ithers
K i . Adams
Al Farro.v
J. A. Iliumm
I. . I la u an
P. C. Withers
Frank Miller
Fred Price
Laurence S. Aisworth
J a nes If rocket t
J. W. hoiiindl
W. (1. Ilouyh
W. If. Tucker
Frai'k Dohkiris
,. A. Witham
W. P. Welch
II. Pojndi-Xter
(J. W. Withers.
State of Oregon, )
County of Lake, )
We. W. S. Flair aud
being flrfct duly sworn
law depose and say: 1'hat the fore
going petition contains the signatures
of an actual majority of the whole
number of legal voters of Paisley Pre
cinct in Lake County Oregon, that
each of said signatures is genuine,
that each of the persons whose signa
tures are sigued to (aid petition is an
actual resident iu said precinct at the
date hereof and was and has been ao
tually a resident in said precinct and
resided therein at least thirty dars
immediately proceeding the date he
signed said petition aud also of the
filing of the same.
W. 11. McCALL
uijiu iu a.iu no user If ed before me
this 1st day of April 1908.
J. D. FARKA. J. P.
Notice , is hereby given that the un
dersigned will apply to the Hon.
County Court of Lake County Stale
of Oregon on May 8th 1908 for a Li
cense to sell Sprituous, Malt aud Yin
ous Liquors in less quantities than
one gallon in Paisley Precinct, Lake
County State of Oregon, for h period
of Six months from the Seventh day
of May 1908.
W. II. McCall
according to
Hltlu.; j'UMc
' fixed v!' : ' 1 1-' 1 1 ill)
! aollilc.J at- ec
i Soil '.tide .:'id silence had been hi por
jtloii m i tt lu ll that language vns to hint
'it curio, a rarity, a luxury. He cldiiit
i heard the xound of hinnnti voh-e. ami
j when he did he listened deeply and nil-
swells! delllsMiitcly, f ir hi supply of
Hpeech wn. not gt'eiit he rrnle
there came a scream Iroci sf:tr over-
i head a shriek, a scree li tint he did
i not look upw ard
! lie knew (he olce wa (ho mice of
a Si-luguetd I'.'.'l. h: ,a la 1'ie all
M.;n and horse l.n ib wu n.ul w.ihed.
Neither ulovisl. i ot ! .;li w.itchisl
till llic brow oi .i Hi; e knoll far
liiwnv he ;i . a i'.:: li wine too lusl. It
wa tar away, but he leveled Ills riile
; and llie.l
j Then horse mid in. in arose us If hy
i ii:i 'erstniidlng, and. turning
from the knoll, he rode away, the re
port of the gun-i behind him merely
urging him In ha.-leu
j Fe ii n ti ! afraid He was not ex
Icitcd lie did not expect ( die. lie
: did not expect to live.
I. ate Hint uuht lie reached the post.
! delivered his orders and lurued to gxt
The captain Kt ; miI him.
"Meet nnjbody ou the way over?" he
The scout looked hard, as If digest
lug the query. 'I hen he thought. At
Inst lie ans w ered .
"I inly some I udiai s."
"How tunny V"
"Was seven." snid tlie scout. "Now
islx." ,
J "On the warpath:" linked the enp-
! The seoul looked troubled, a though
bored by the questions.
"They llred"- was all he said.
.Vow. then, the war was on Iu ear
nest Put the scout ever nf,!cr avoided
the captain as a man w ho talked to.
In the ground noncommissioned o:!i
ccrs passed to II lid fro, Unit on the
, d Mies of the day. New recruit. were I
1 beiii'-T drilled singly and In squads,
j Now and again a Mt:T young lleuteii
I ant crossed to the ottlcers' quarters or,
j bent ou Inspection, went through the
form of examining quarter to see
whether the dust had been properly
brushed away and the floor duly
swept. Presently n soldier ctitertsl,
w a Iked to where the scout- lay and
"( 'olotiel want you:"
The scout remained Immovable for a
few seconds. Then he turned to the
messenger and looked him squarely In
the eve. Then he arose, deliberately
dressed, drew on his long hoots, hue
' kled belt with the nmniiiiil! Ion and
J revolver In place uml stalked to qiiar
! ters. 'I ho orderly halted hlin nt the
I door.
I "Colonel want inc." he sal 1
j He passed 111. The colonel Ignored
the lack of a salute, for the keen eyed
j man before him v. a imt a soldier, but
' a civilian employee. Then he said
! "There Is a woman here, the wife of
Lieutenant .la'per, who Is wounded at
' the ferry. She want to Join her hus
band. You must guide her over "
I The K'out looked half lerrilied
"Woman." be !!-!. od. The qcMlou
had a world of meaning, for the i o'o
i:el knew of the hostile on the road,
the dairiT of the trail l'se!! lis don
ble d.iii-aTs for a woman. He nodded
'Pad." raid th'' scout.
; "Can't ! helped," said the euhmol.
: Th,- scout stood still a moment. Then
h" turned and walked out. A he
iv:o hod the parade r""'"id he saw a ! efo.-e the ollicer-i' quarters
'I I c s i-.;h t revived hi memory.
In a lew minutes be was bu l; at tin
colonel's quarters, bore saddled,
his I laid T'is rolled belilad the eant:e.
the I'l.'le sl ing by the horse's side, the
riala coiled carefully over the saddle
1 "Tell Jilui I'm ready," he said gruff
ly to the orderly. The foldier turned
j In ui-gu-t. lie was not used to nn
feieuio dons onlers. Put the scout was
' Impenetrable. So the orderly went,
j When the scout was ordered in In
(saw a liMle woman wearing n short
1 ri ling habit. He looked at her Indiffer
'en'ly. The colonel spoke, saying he
was the best scout at the post, and
I she might feel safe w ith him.
I "I feel It," she said.
The Fcottt broke silence. "Ttettpr not
go," he said.
"Oh, I must: vvn her answer.
They rode nway together. All the
night long they rode, halting during Mm
day. On the third morning as the wo
man was about to lie down for a few
hours' rest the scout rose, oh one who
was about to deliver an oration.
"Only six miles," he said.
Fear of the hostlles had forsaken
her, and they rode rapidly on, Indiffer
ent alike to the whistle of the millets
the yells of the braves and the efforts
of small parties of bucks to head them
off. Closer and closer to the ramp,
and then ns the sentry challenged the
scout turned and let the woman ride
He faced the hostlles for a moment.
Then be looked around and saw the
guard rush forth aud welcome the
fainting wife. The dancing braves
Jarred on bis sight. lie turned back
to where the woman had entered the
camp and then followed her.
The officer of the guard almost hiifr
ged bloi. Men gathered about him.
The captain clasped Ids hand. The
wounded lieutenant, now almost wb!l.
The talk annoyed hlin.
Clj I heso volumes were written l'.v nini wlm rank
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by Iir.ifi, Pii-lal (rder, F.Npii'H tlrdcr, or Ib-ni-ter-ed
11 ler. to t he
Lake County Examiner.
I IMIilllt l.M MUM Tltnl.i r lMniil 01 01.
Fuiled State Fund Ulice Lakeview Foiled States I acid tub, a-, laikcvicw,
, , . , ,-, ,,. ,w ' 'regon, I eb. I, I'.lo.
Jreeam, l-eb. I... I. 'os. Ni )j.(i H v h)(( hi ( im
Not ice is hereby given that in com- , lan ce with the ( 1 ,,v 1. -ion 1 f he act
pliaiu'e v it ll I he provisions of the act of t'oligi 1 c of ,1 one H, is., enlit-d,
nt Coiq.Tc-.-i of June .'J, IS.S, ci. titled, "All act tor the -ale ot limber lal.ds
" n act for t lie miIi. of timber loots in the Sat... if 'o i 1 ' r t. in, 4 )iv,'-.n,
in the State ot (id 1 ' .rut a, I Iree.m, Neva la, a-i I V, a h 1 n , t n l.riiloiv,"
Nevada mid W shluiMon 'leriiloiv," a extended to nil the Pol lie I.. and
a-ievtililcd to ail the I'tiliic Land Stiitc l'.v net ot Au,-u t I, IviJ,
Slates by act ot Aucud. I, 1 .;.', Stella ('. I.'ai nt , o! .itktv I It Hern Id, of l.aki'vieiv, county ot Fa'.e, I-)'. tool niip.n, ha
eoiintyid Fake Staff o ( l 1 i-oi., has tl I . I in I 1 1 in i thee t, i .-,. oin h I at emeu t
liled in thir otlice hi .-v.oru st.itami lit no. Ji'.'SI. tor the mcha-.e o' the SF
.N'o. -Iii'' !, for tlie purchase ol the N quaiter, N la quit' t. r, halt, SFquar-
half, ,W quarter, N W ip lart .-r, N I a nr. Sl.,iital, rSFqiiarlt-r ) Sec. .:o, hi
quaiter, of section i'i iu To a n.ldp 1 1 Town hip S. , ll e 1 7. II, S'. M.
S , Kaiu-'o 17, F., W. M , an i will of and w 11 1 tier 4 root in s h ov that I he
ler prool to show that the land sought land tou.dit H e,oie vahial e lor lis
lm more valuable for Its limlier or tin ler 01 lone th. 01 Pu m. 1 ieolt 111 id
stone t han lor agi'icull u 1 al pin none.., purpo.-e and to 1 ; , I . ! t h In-, chiim lo
ami to c.-tahli-ih his claim to said land said laud be 1 ore I h 1 1 1 r 11 i;d lo-ce 1 vi r
befole pegister 1. a I lii'ceiver at. felUe- nt I.nkev iew ()le;.oil, on Wedllerdliy,
view tieooii on Thursday the 'JMh, t he 'J:M h day of A pt il, l.i'H.
F. F.
1 1 e iiani.'H 11 w 1 1 m i.- i t, ;
Wooilcock, Flank T. I. r, (Icol-i- l.yin h
Ada Toler, nil or Ti w liiejo'n.
Any and all 11 on., claiiiilnu nd
veiely the al.ove .le-crihed lands urn
piia-leil to III., their elniiiirt ill this
'-".III day of
.1. N. Watson, Fegb-ler.
Zac Whitwortb
Braodi with Crop oil left
ear, Hall Uudercrop oS
rliht for ewei; reierae for wotbon Tar Braof)
W. Kance, FUb Crk. foOitnc ai1trt
LAfcrview, OreaoSi
Promptly Proved.
She Men and women can't be Judg
ed by the same standards. For In
stance, a man is known by the com
pany lie keeps.
lie And a woman by the servants
she can't tecp. Judge.
lay ot May, HM'S.
lie iianieH in witnesses; (I. W. liar
dl.Ty, Willard Ihincau, Joe Fane,
Henry lloydstun, all of Fakevnuv,
Any and nil persons claiming ad
versely the above de-cribed lands are olllce on or beioie mid
requested to tile their claims in tin Apiil, K'os.
nllioo on or before said "l h tlay of x
May. l'.iOS.
if 10. J. N. Watson, Keg later.
mini it . i Mti it n.
TIMIIHIt I IMINOI I-I-K (...j,,,,, .H ,,, , I,kveiv
United Statu I'ind (JUJch, Lukevrnw Oict'on, I'eb. 1. I'.m.,
(Irtgnti, Feb, 21, IUOH, j Notice ia hereby given that in co
Notice is heretiy Hveu'that in com- yllance wit li the. pi ov inioiis of t he ae.
pliance with thi provisions of the act ot Congiess of June ,'t, lh;n. entitled,
of Congress of June II, iH'H, entitled, "A 11 act for t tin Hide of limber lands
"An act for tlie sale of timber land In the State of ( id itoi n la, Oregon,
in the Htates of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington Territory,'
Nevada, and Washington Teiritory," as extended to all the Public Lami
as extended to all tlie Public Land Ktateti by act of August 4, IHllo,
States by act of August 4, !K'.)', Kosetta Downey, ol Lakeview, coun-
Leonidus C. Vineyard, if New Pino ly of Lake, Statu of Oregon, has llled
Creek, county of Lake, Htate of (re- li- this olllce his sworn statcmeiit, Nu
gou, has llled in this otllce Ins sworn 4IH17, for the purchase of tie la half
statement, No. 4H'J, for the purchase NW quarter, HW quarter NV quaiter,
of the N K epiarter, of Huctlou 10, iu NW quarter SW quarter, of Section
Township Id K,. Kango 18 JO., W. M., .T2 in Township US K., lhingn IH JO.,
and will offer proof to show that the W. M., and will filler proof to show
land sought is uifiro valuable for its that the laud sought is morn valuable
timber or stone than for agricultural for its timber or stone than for argi-
purposes, aud to establish his claim cultural purposes, and to establiHh bis
to said laud before Jiegister and Ke- claim to said land before Keglsler
Keceiver at Lakeview Oregon, 011 Fri
day, the 12th day of Juue, PJOH.
Jle names us witnesses: (leo. Lynch,
K. K. Wooilcock, M. S- Jlarues, F. L.
Hoss, all of Lakeview Oregou.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above described lands are
requested to file their claims iu this
office on or before said PJth day of
June, FJ0H.
9 10. J. N. Watson, Keglnter.
H. F. Ahlstrom, the saddler, has re
ceived a new shipment of gloves, the
best in the market. If you wan
gloves good ones call at he Aid
strom Harness Shop. 39 tf.
i Wall Street engraved strick cerflll
Mining blanks at the Fxarnincr
ami Keceiver, at Lakeview Oregon, ou
Friday, the hth day fit June. P.KIS.
lie names as wituessea: 10. JO. Wood
cock, M. J. Karnes, (ieo. Lynch, F. L.
ICoss, all of Lnkeviaw Oregon.
Any and a I peri-.ons claim'.ng ad
versely the above described lands are
requested to Ilia their claims in this
oltlco ou or before said hlh day of
June, 11KIH.
11-10 J.N. Watson,. Jiegister.
I0U Restaurant. First class meals
at all hours. tf
J. II. Cutter whisaoy ut the Ilote
Lakeview liar. The best aud purest
wliiukey made. tf.
The' Fxainlner prints township plats,
1 nd makes them into books to order, tf