Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, November 07, 1907, Image 5

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    Help! Help!
Fm Falling
Thus cried the hair.' And t
Mud neighbor came to the res
cue with i bottle of Ayer'a
!lnir Vigor. The hair was
avid! This was because
Aycr's Hair Vigor is regular
hair medicine. Falling hair is
caused by germ, and this
medicine completely destroys
these germs. Then the healthy
scalp gives rich, healthy hair.
Ths best kind et a Ustlmonlal -"old
lor var slaty years"
II, 1
Ik J. It
9 ........! !i
Mr. lllghy, Hie Mpwlwl agent of tho
general land office, who linn leeii In
Lakeview fur ttio past two weeks, left
for Ma headquarters at Portland,
Monday (more lug. Mr. lllghy came
here mi a general tour of the land
offices of the state, aud owing to the
big ruHli that u coming on at this
office at the openlug of the reserve,
the ifeneral lnl office notified htm to
reiualo here till the rush wee over.
Ike Kent, who baa been tending bar
at the hotel for the past several
montba, loft Tuesday niorulug, In
oompauy with K. B. Chandler, for
Iloscburg, where Mr. Kent goes to we
about perfecting a patent on a new
fangled monkey wrent-h which he in
vented, lie expecta to make arrange
menU to have the wrench manufac
tured, and put on the market At
least thia Is the excuse given by Ike
for the trip. Mr. Kent haa bad a
constant correspondent at Itosaburg
for some time, and it is believed by
aome that there Is no "monkey" bus
In ea about It, and that he will bring
back a wife with him, when he re
turns in a couple of weeks.
I n order Unit no mlnunderstsnding
will be hal or any one ni Ulead aa a
result of the two liuid decisions, pub
lished in The Examiner, one luat
week and one tho neck before, aa the
latter one hud no date printed, we will
state Unit the decision publlHhcd In
out issue of Oi't. 'H was a later dec is.
ion than the ouo publinliml on Oct, 31.
I I ltd we known when the first deci
sion whs received at tho office we
should have been very glud to have
published it when it 11 rut mine, but
we diil not learn of its ex ihtance until
after mo huil j iil'lihlicil the later one.
The dittn tint dt-finion ubllntied on
Oct .'il, was rcudort'd by tho depart
ment was August P, wlulo the one
publish! on Oct. '21 wwt rendered
in Septcni'cr.
ers, mecnanics
trlituni and workers of all
kinds wear
Levi Strauss & Co's
Copper Riveted OterJla
cut hill
selected denim
ironf and
tik your dealer
JIUO Reward.
The renders of this paper will bo
pleased to learn that there la at
least one dreaded disease that science
has been able to cure in all Its stages,
and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure Is the only positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity.
Catarrh being; a constitutional dis
ease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken
Internally, acting: directly upon tho
blood and mucous surfaces of the
Bjsteiu. thereby destroying thofound
atton of the disease, and giving: the
patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature In
doing 'its work. Tho proprietors
have so much faith in Its curative
powers that they offer One Hundred
hollars for any case that It falls to
cure. Send for list of testimonials.
Address F. J. Cheney Co., Toledo,
(). con
Sold by nil Druggists, 7.rc. I
Take Hall s Family Pills for
Death of Jtan Tonnlngseit.
Died November 1st, 1907, Miss
Jeso Tonnlngaen, Aged twenty years,
ten montha and fifteen days. Horn
at Fort Bl.lwell, California.
"Uod touched her with Ilia finger
and ah slept".
The sudden death of Jean Tonolng
sen, was a shock to every home In
lakeview. Just a short three weeks
before, alio returned to her home, with
happy greetings to ber many frlenda,
and was the picture of bright healthy
girlhood. W'hiyi she was suddenly
taken III, with Inflamatory rheuma
tism which at the last went to her
heart, no one dreamed of the sad end
ing, and even new w can scarcely re
alize that the young life has gone out,
from earth.
Death la sad at all times, but when
a young girl, juat In the bloom of
youth, with a life foil of rich prom
ises la taken, It la doubly so. Jean
was beloved by all for ber sweet dis
position, and kindly manner. Hbe
whb a quiet, thoughtful girl, a true
friend, and her devotion to those she
loved would make a bright chapter i n
any life. Nothing but the thought of
the loving Hand that has removed bur
can reconcile us to her absence
While she hits gone from the scenes,
tho conflicts, the soirows and pleas
ures of life, she will still live in the
hearts of those who knew her best.
Hhe was a kind und loving daughter,
and her devotion to the family circle
had no limit. Her future was full of
promise, and we dare not ask why she
was taken from us In her bloom, un
less, as flowers are picked before the
frost finds them that we may not wit
ness their decsy. It is sad, td see one
so well equipped for life taken so un
expectedly. Many aching hearts tell
of ber popularity. On passing along
the streets, the dsy of ber death, men
women and children were met, with
weeping eyes. This was ber home;
here she played as a child, developed
into beautiful girlhood. In this,
dearest of all places to ber, it seems
she returned to die.
The fuueral services took place at the
Methodist Episcopal Church, Kev. A.
J. Armstrong officiated and paid a lov
ing tribute to ber memory. The
chinch was crowded to the doors with
Borrowing frienda, and not an eye was
dry. Strong men, when passing the
casket for a last look at the sweet
young face, broke down and wept bit
terly. Tho Alter was a mass of !cautiful
flowers, and the casket was complete
ly covered with floral offerings. The
services ut the grave were under the
auspices of the Itebeknhs, the deceased
being one of them. The pull bearers
were:. iJeorge Ilonne, A. Htorkman,
Kph. Miller, Frank Morlno, Harry
Ileryford, and Bert Snyder, all dear
young frltudn, and carrying her ten
derly, und with weeping eyes. The
houoiuiy pall bearers were schoolmutes
of Juan, und their hearts neenied ul
iniiht brenkiiig hk they followed their
dear friend to the grave. They were
all in pure white. These-chimin and
ttclioolmutcH, wlio welcomed her so
eagerly, and now followed her to her
hint renting place were: Marie Pnxton,
May Snider, Lulu McKendree, Josie
Ktorkniitn, Nell SimpHon, (lenlo Suell
ing. To tbo sorrowing fumily wo extend
our heartfelt symputhy. To the futher,
whoso 1 if o tin been bound up in his
little motherless children, this break
ing of the circle seems a cruel thing,
but (iod knows best. He who "has
borne our griefs and carried our sor
rows" will comfort and sustain. The
four staters, Currio, (who is now Mrs.
Mauriug of Spokane Wash,) Fannie,
Annie and Islu, and one brother Carl,
will miss ber sorely, and our hearts
go out to them in their bitter grief,
Their mother died about six years ago.
It can well be said of dearJean "None
knew ber but to love her".
"Then fell upon the home a sudden
A shadow on those features fair and
And softly, from that bushed and
darkened room,
Two angels issued, whore but one
went In.
Make It Yourself.
.. There Is so much itbeumallatn here
In our neighborhood now that the fol
lowing advice by an eminent author
ity, who writes for readers of a Isrge
Ksstern dally paper, will lie highly
appreciated by IhoVe who suffer:
(let from any pharmacy one-half
ounce Fluid F.x tract Dandelion, one
ounce Compound Kargon, three
oucnes of Compound Hyrnp Harsapa
rllla. Shake these well In a bottle
and take la teaspoonful doses after
each meal and at liedtime; also drink
plenty of water.
It Is claimed that there are few
victims of this dread and torturotia
dlsesse who will fsil to find ready re
lief In this simple home-made mixture,
and In most cases a permanent care Is
the result.
This simple recipe If said to strength
en and dense the elimlnstlvs tissues
"f the Kidneys so tbst they can Miter
and strain from tbe blood and system
the poisons, acids and waste matter,
which causes not only Itheumatlsm,
but numerous other disease. Every
man or woman here who feels that
their kidneys are not bcaltby and ac
tive, or who suffers from any urinary
trouble whatever, should not hesitate
to make up this mixture, as it is cer
tain to do much good, and may save
you from much miery and suffering
after while.
Our home druggists say they will
either supply the Ingredients or mix
tbe prescription ready to take if our
readers ask tbem. 1
William II . Johnson, for many years
a resident of Lake county, passed
through Lakevlew Tuesday on bis
way to Alturas, where be has located.
Mr. Johnson has purchased tbe black
smith shop in Alturas, and says be
now owns tbe only shop in that town,
aud while be bas a monopoly, be baa
put tbe price of blacksmith -work
down to tbe very lowest possible fig
urn He bss conducted shops at
Paisley and at Silver Lake and la said
to be a good workman. We wish Mr.
Johnson success in bis new borne.
There was quite an epidemia of grip
la town last week, as a result of the
continued inclement weather, but no
serious cases were reported that we
have beard of, and alljare on tbe mend
oi bave entirely recovered with tbe
coming of tine weather again.
List your lands or town property for
sale or rent with Dienkel & Paine. 1
Our Winter Stock of Men's and Boy's clothing is now here
and we have the most up-to-date line of Clothing, Overcoats,
Rain Coats Etc. ever shown in Lakeview.
We also have complete lines of Ladies' and
Children'swinter underwear Ladies' Waists, Skirts,
Coats and everything needed for Winter wear.
Rubbers and Overshoes of all de
scriptions, come and get your winter
Your grdcer must sell
poor coffee; we can't all
be comfortable; but he
needn't sell it to you.
Yosr fTsttr rttsrnt ror mover It rs Wt ,
Uk ScbUlias' B: P b1--
Lakeview Citizens Band, will give las
sons on all brass instruments cornet
and slide trombone a specllaty also
mandolin. Lessons gvien amateurs on
vloHn. 23-tf.
He Fought at Gettysburg.
David Parker, of Fayette, N. V. :
who lost a foot at Gettysburg, writes,
"Electric Bitters have done me more
good than any medicine I ever took.
For several years I bad stomache '
trouble, aud paid out much money :
for medicine to little purpose, until I !
begun taking Electric Bitters. I j
would not take f.'00 for what they have '
done for me." Grand tonic for the'
nged and for female weaknesses. J
Great alternative aud body builder;
pure cure for lame back and weak kid-
neys. Guaranteed by Lee Bcall j
druKtdht. .Vic. i
A Hard Debt to Pay.
"I owe a debt of gratitude that can
never be paid off," writes O. S.
Clark, of WestUeld Iowa, "for my res
cue from death, by Dr. King's New
Discovery Both lungs were so serious
ly affected that death seemed immi
nent, when I commenced taking New
Discovery. Tbe ominous, dry, back
ing cough quit before tbe first bottle
was used, and two more bottles made
a complete cure." Nothing bas ever
equaled New Discovery for coughs,
eolde and all throat and lung com
plaints. Guaranteed by Lee Beall
druggift. 50o and Sl.OO. Trial bottle
m r t
The Lakeview Furniture .Com
pany has moved into the large
Brick Building on Water street
where a Large Stock of every
thing usually found in a Furn
iture Store will be kept
Repair Shop &
Jonas King says that bis ru naway
enisode in Camas prairie two weeks
airo Just co&t him t'25. lie thinks be
got otf very lucky.
A Significant Prayer.
"May the Lord help you make Buck
in's Arinca Salve known to all,'
writes J. G. Jenkins, of Chapel Hill,
N. O. It quickly took tbe pain out of
a felon for me and cured It in a won
derfully short time." Best on earth
for sores, burns and wounds. 25o. at
Lee Beall's drug store.
A i.i. k.n Sloan,
bkht k. withhow, Abstracting
Vice Prcnldent
Maps, Plnim. Blue- 1'iints, Etc.
Klamath Count' Abstract Co.
Surveyors and Irrigation Engineers
Don J. Zijmwai.t, E.
M. D. Wili.iamh, C. E.
Klamath Falls, Oregon.
4 4 Reno The Hub Of The Slope"
Invites Land or Lot Buyers to Call and See or
Houses and Lots in Reno and Sparks
Acreage Near Reno
Acreage North to Lakeview, Oregon
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Formerly Hibbard & Turner.