Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, October 31, 1907, Image 7

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runrtiiallini murk were fir at mpmhI In
New York tliUne worn no uraicwd
WH-auae tiiey rmiiiil only cent hi
Mf (lutt they Mole Hfs f
eainahcd I Ii fi-rril ttirt.
No more married women enn have
aaloou llreiiKcH In Mlhvnukeo when
tbclr litiMifimt lire nllo to aupport
them. Thin till tiiiu I nitt wm laid down
f the HTiMie committee of the coin
man eotni .
t'pMn ArotHk, M... where new
fn ci Ii1i:im In iniiiiiicr of drea are
no' I i it !;, thn LonlMtott Journal
a " f i i'ii imc thi'lr old v. la for
bn" miMh hy polling their H'u
tb' ' 'i i m rtnnholcn,
A I' '' !!' (Kim piiper Ixmxta Hint
It h i MiVrrlluT who hii nli filM
an' i ').: 'iim iv(.ifjr jf-n'-n n nilvnne.
"V ' i .diii. n," n'lurtH the Try
Cli'' f "'I M p imt Iiiim one or two who
ar .'iir In arrears."
' " in to Im'Ioiik t e'etn
to I l lrk rlKulnx. mi l It Ih
so . ..i ii MirpriHi". roinitkn the
At ' Mil lilnlHt, to h-nrn Thnt
ao i'i.- ;ioii-'Kfif co iiimIiIiik
' Imvr Ihm'M imlnn Ihcin for
rU";l'.i- I ir over flfteou jenrn.
I'etmlioini oliitiiii'iit iitiiln are very
ob-r ti- imiiI tint Ix-Mt thing for them
la to KiVik In koruK4iii'.
If yor luivr In jour ntll' nn oM
inni-lili- oppcl tnlile, ri-movu the niftr
ble to the pnniry anolf nnd yon hnvo
an excellent inoileru pie Imnrd.
An excellent pumler for tender HkhiH
can he enMly made from cortmtnrch
molHtenc 1 with enonuh pure alcohol to
innke a tiff pm-t. When hard It mny
he MiwdiM't'it t-iinlly.
A IP km I met hod of wnfthlnc window
la to tnke two or three pieces of lump
atnrcli, dlNo1v lu the water and wbhU
wtndowN with tlio huiiio. It dry
and polUh with a dry cloth.
A hinged dmir Unit awing freely Lti
both dlrcctloiiH Nhould lutvu at least
a auinll pnne of gin Inncrted In Ua
upper half. Uvery one known the
danger of ii coIIIhIoii nt n pnntry door,
ami ty the iiu'iiiim of n window ninny
accident ciiu le avoided.
Jnllit Marlowe hint Ix wii iciidlng n
mention In Italy.
Eugene, t'owlcM him liccn re-engaged
for Mnrle ('iiIiIU'h company.
A iiiemU r of the "Knight of a Iliy"
company in Eugene Monluu, a brother
of I'rank Monluu.
Mr. T. I". O'Connor, Ife of the IChk
IImIi editor, him hud h historical inrlo
drama proiluceil In Kan I'rnnclHco.
All iiMlcru rccordn ap'ar to have
Imhmi hrokcii I'.v the mh)o of L'raiu I.o
linr'H "HalUlrt iicn" iiuiuImt from 'The
Merry Widow." lu Jcmm than three
weeks after pnNlui'tlou of the piece at
Daly'H theater lu London over 4,iu)
COplcH were Hold.
The iii'wh rumen from pari that thi
priMlin crn of "Snlomu" Incurred a los.
The recelptu, it In mild, were 1'J1,0X)
fram-H and the expenwn 1!H,(kkj francs;
hence n detlclt of fi.tmii fruuea.
HuImh Khii'lent are mild to lie Hhrluk
ln. hut notliliiit like that hapMnrt to n
hotel hill over there.- New York ller
"In u liathlui; milt a crime?'' In a
(jucstloii that Ih lx'ln axked. If It 1m, It
la often a very mnnll one. Philadel
phia hupilrer.
The JapaiieHo evlilenlly ltellevo In
the dlHiirmiuncut of natloim, JuiIk'Ui
from their Korean programme.
lpliiiKlleld Uepulillcau.
A Wanhlii(;ton proofreader has gone
Into liiinkruptcy. TIiomo of im who
know have Iouk looked upon proof
rvuderri an failures. Detroit Kreo l'resrt.
W. D. llowella Ih chartjed with hav
lug UlHcoveivd lleury Jiiuich. It has
heretofore Ix'cn aupposed that M.r.
llowella hail no eiiemleH. Chicago
It la the f anhlon In Franco for school
boya to have their hair nUaved off.
Ia France the bill of a physician or
rtrugglHt cannot to collected If more
than two yenra old.
In France two ahlpn of 6,500 tons
each are being built with a view to es
tablishing a line for third class paa
aengera and freight between Dun
kerque and New York.
Tbce la atlll much wlno consumed
In France, but It la growing leas bo
cauae of the growing (opularlty of
beer, and that la the pith of tho wine
growers' troubles.
A mummy factory hint been discov
ered In Moutrouge, a auburb of Paris.
Tho "mummies" are sent to Egypt and
thence returned via Muraeillea. Many
have been sold to imiKcuma In various
What baa become of the old fash
ioned man who worn leather suspend
ers? What has become of tho old fash
ioned men who Bat on the counters at
the stores?
What has become of tho old Cush
ioned man who crossed bis legs and
let his little aon ride his footT
What has become of the old fash
ioned boy who believed that handling
toads would cause warts to grow on
his bands?
What hua become or tho old fash
ioned woman who humt up a branch
of asparagua in her hniuo for the files
to light on? AtchlHon Globe.
When they were building the Colo
rado Midland raUway gmoka Itu
aoll was proprietor' of the "saloon and
hotel" that hung over the edge of a
rock ,'Iom to Wind Point, some miles
west of Leadvllle,
B moke's shanty waa the rendezvoua
for the contractors, Imasea and work
men, especially on Haturday tilghta.
Wage were high, but hands were
scarce, and there was bad blood
among the contractor on account of
Borne alleged sharp practice on the
part of thoee toward I-eadvllle, who
were arrtmed of rutting off the men
contracted for farther tip the moun
tain. Thin was particularly the raxe
with Donovan nnd O'Malley, who had
adjoining contracts for Mauling a
roadbed out of the solid rock on the
aide of old HiiKar l,on, O'Malley, who'
had the upper hik-IIou, aci-nxed Dono
van of stealing hoboes Intended for
him. Donovan denied (lie charge and
coupled the denial with Home ntron
reflections on O'Malley'a personal
character, antecedents nnd general
chnrHctrrlxtlc. The rrKtilt was the
UKital feud, with dire threats on the
part of each principal to exterminate
the other nt the first hk opportunity.
Tin; opportunity came xooucr than
either expected or wished, for they
were both cowards when It cuine to a
sure enough fight. ISoth men were
peaceable enough m hen holier, but
ther wan no telling what they would
do when drunk If they nhould chance
to meet. That very thing happened
one Saturday nlKht. Donovan hud
come down to ItuHNell's dive for bin
(muni recreation and commenced tilling
bin tank early In the evening, no that
by l'l o'clock ho wus pretty drunk.
The Imi' got him atarted on O'Mal
ley and CKKed li I til on until ho was
red beaded. He kept on getting mad
der and drunker, thrcatenlr bin en
emy with oil kind of nudi.""i deaths
If It were ever hln go mI luck t run
the coward Into it corner where he
would have to stand and Unlit. Jtntt at
this juncture the door opened and lu
walked O'Malley, catching Donovan's
last words. 'Hie boys were pretty bad
ly frightened and tried to Joke about
the matter and luugh It over, but Don
ovan was drunk and O'Malley wan
mad, and there was trotiblo In the
camp. T1h latter seemed to pay no
attention to his drunken foe, but
walked up to the bar and railed for his
polttou. Heveral of the crowd Joined
lilm, and the drinks began to go down
In a rapid and rwnsnurlug manner.
Kverylody seemed Hatixfled but KuhmcII,
who kept a watchful eye on the crowd
ami stood clone to the end of the bar
by tho lamp, so that lie could doune
tho light In cane of trouble.
After n bit O'Malley turned suddenly,
facing Donovan, and begun In a most
offensive nnd aggravating manner:
"How are you, Mltber Donovan?"
"Had luck to you!" ronrcd the other.
"Whnt the devil do you meau by talk
ing to me?"
"Oh-oh! That's It, Is It, you low
down, lying thief of ii dago? Stand up
ami tnko your medicine!"
Donovan sprang to his feet nnd be
foro bis friends could Interfere had his
gun out and let drive for O'Malley, who
was scarce nn Instant behind him, for
the two shots sounded like one.
Almont before the first shot sounded
Smoke HuHsell had put out the light,
and there was a general scramble of
noueombatauts to get out of the line
of fire. The two maddened contractors
kept on tiring until each had let off
tho five rounds In his gun. After a
dead silence of about five minutes
Russell crawled out of the bombproof
under the counter and relit the lamp.
As soon as Donovan hnd fired his
last shot he rushed out of Mic shanty
to get his horse. He was still pretty
drunk, but mounted with the assist
ance of the greaser atablo boy nnd
started down tho mountain for Ieod
vllle. The greaser tried to tell him
something, but Donovan wus too ex
cited to listen. He only muttered lu a
broken voice:
"Holy ealuts! Five shots lu poor
O'Malley and every lust ouo of 'cm
through the heart!"
He took tho long trail around tho
mountain and hnd considerable trou
blo In finding tho temporary bridgo
across tho Arkansas river, so that It
was Just breaking day when ho pulled
up In front of the sheriff's house in
Leadvllle and gave, himself up.
A couple of hours later O'Malley ap
peared before the sheriff's houso.
-O'Malley shouted several times, un
til finally an upper window was raised
and a bushy head stuck out of It.
"Hello, O'Malley!" cried the sheriff,
with considerable astonishment
"Where did you come from?"
"I've come down from Smoke Rus
sell's to give myself up for shooting
"Oh, you shot Donovan, did you?
Now, that beats me all holler. Bay,
did you hurt him much, do you
"Hurt 'lm!" exclaimed O'Malley In
dignantly. "Does it hurt a man to
have Ave bullets In his heart, do you
"I reckon It do, Mr. O'Malley. Now,
what do you want me to do?"
"I want you to take me to jail for
killing Donovan."
"Now, I'll tell you what, Mr. O'Mal
ley, you Just go round to the calubooBe
yourself. You'll find Donovan there.
He got here uhout two hours ago and
gave himself up for kllllug you. Just
go around there and settle among
yourselves which of you Is dead, sud
I'll come around later and arrest the
other one."
O'Malley went to the jail, where
he found Donovan. What transpired
there waa never known up tho moun
tain, but that the two men afterward
were close friends aud finally became
partner waa a fact no one cares to
dispute. Cincinnati Commercial Trib
une. .
IbrtwaUr For Rinsing tl.s Mouth 'f
Rofrtihirff, ,,,; (
' In no way Is more Injury done to
teeth tbaa by the natural acids lu one's
mouth. i : i
They act quickly upon the enamel,
bringing cavities as well as yellow
ness. Llmewater, a counter agent, should
be used to rinse the mouth several
times a day, and bicarbonate of sods
la recommended even more highly for
the same purpono.
A toothbrush should alwaya be curv
ed, at least n little, that the length of
the center bristles shall not Interfere
with the end. I'nles those at the tip
are longer than any other part no
benefit U derived by Its urn-. A fiat
brush Is good for the front teeth, and
that Is all.
One should always be careful not to
use too stiff a brush or the gums will
be imide to recede. A soft one lit equal
ly ClcllJIKlllg.
Astonishing how few people know
how to brush their teeth. The brush
. Is rublml across the teeth Instead of
up end down, nnd n moment's thought
will show that, while rubbing across
will clean tho flat surface, the edge
aud curves are loft aiisolutely un
touched. Tho movement should always ho
from the gums down to the tips on
the upper Jaw and from the gums up
on tho lower.
1 In this way only are the particles
! removed from the teeth. Added to
i thin, dental floss should be used after
I 1 f .....I nl.i-n n ..l.rli
rtii M UJtui nil, umiiin u v u.ft,.. v.
An Agrsaabla Change From Regulation
There In a charm about openwork ef
fects In needlework that from the very
earl lest times has iipenled to the vo
taries of the craft. It was exempli
fied lu the productions of the tnlddle
ages nnd Is In evidence In tho diet lace
so much favored at present.
In the accomimnylng illustration la
a lovely example of fine embroidery
worked upon a background of lineu
enriched with drown thread work. A
rarluiid of I,a France roses wrought in
filo tlox fllk, exipiiKltc ly fhaded,
twines ltKclf around a medallion of
filmy texture, entirely curried out lu
cut and drawn thread worked with
white tlio floas. There U something
very delicate aud graceful about this
piece, which la an agreeable change
from the regulation centerpiece, the
fancy for which la somewhat on the
To gather without putting on the at
tachment to the sewing machine
lengthen the stitch of the machine aud
stitch along where the material U to
be gathered with loose tension. Taking
the garment from the machine, draw
the under thread to give the desired
fullness. When gathering thlu goods
stitch twice about a quarter of an Inch
apnrt. This does away with laying
tho gathers, which often tears thin
Codfuh, Mexican Styl.
' Fry to a pale yellow one small finely
chopped onion in three tablespoonfuls
of butter. Add two tablespoonfuls of
flour, half a green pepper chojiped fine
and one cupful of stewed and sifted to
mato pulp. When the tomato sauce
reaches tho boiling point add half a
pouud of salt codfish which baa been
freshened for twenty-four hours In cold
water and slowly simmered until It
readily will separato into flakes.
Black Potatoes.
A late novelty In the way of a black
potato has Just reached the vegetable
markets. The potato was sent from
the Kongo and la said to have an ex
cellent flavor. It Is to be used for or
namental cookery. What to Eat.
The continual wearing of gloves at
night causes the hands to assume s
yellowish tinge. An occasional wear
ing la all right.
A few drops of any good toilet water
lu the last rinsing water give a faint
suggestion of perfume to the hair that
la very refreshing.
A reddish brown veil la the best pro
tection against the sun's rays. White
aud blue veils are no good whatever,
since the sun's rays pass directly
through them.
Learn to dance. Dancers are fine
walkers. Dance fifteen miuutes every
day. It will make you more limber In
the unused muscles. When you walk
i try to relax a little. Moat walkers
Kralk as though they were trying to
walk a crack. They walk stiffly.
If a girl la on her feet all day ahe
should wear her clothes rather snug
below the belt Just aa the runners pull
the belt or girdle tight and ahe should
get Into the habit of atandlng with her
vhoulders thrown back. It la J sat as
easy after one gets used to tt.
t V tin, )Jj,trt I fr-.v":r'trt-7-rnr. - v-
, vi ,- . nl.ii V,-i 1 W fflf rf. K , A
Tbe Kind You Have Always
in use for -over 30 ycjr,m.
- and has been made under his per
jWi fly. aonal supervision since Its Infancy.
t-CCAV AllnW nn nn n (1mI vn iril In till it-
All Counterfeits, Imitations and"Jnat-a-goMl"are hut
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infant and Children Experience against Experiment,
What is CASTOR I A
OastoriA Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing: Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age Is Its fpiarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverish ness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Slether's Friend
Bears the
The KM You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
tmc eumua M.Hirr, tt awMUV nutn. irons etrv.
w Or. King's
New Discovery
OLDS Trial Bottle Free
nd article about Cakfonua tad 3
11 th Far Wart. 7M
devoted each month to the u- -tuuc
reptoductioa oi the bat $1.00
woik oi amateut aod proieanooal a Tvu
photographer i.
a book oi 75 patea, contauuof
120 colored photographs of $0.75
picturesque tpoia is California '
aad Oregos
Toul . . . $3.25
. . . $X.5
All for . . . .
Addreat all orders to
Flood Bti!Ji''.
Sao Franciuc
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
tignatiire of
Bought, and which has been.
has borne the Mimatnre of
Signature of
Office at the Mercantile Company's
Store Lakeview, Oregon.
Good Stock - - - New Coaches
Daily from Lakeview to Bly, connect
ing with Daily Stage to the railroad.
P. Jl. COREY, - - - Proprietor
. . . TIME TABLE . . . ,
In Effect May 1st, 1905.
Lv. Thrall. ...6 A. M.Lv. Pokegaioa 10.45 A M
Ar. Bogin .5 " Ar. Dixie 10.55 "
' flu-el Br'g 6.45 " " Kl'hSp'ga 11.40 "
" Fall Cr'k.. 7 05 " Fall Greek 11.45
" KlbSp'ghT.lO " Bteel Br'ge 12.00 "
" Dixie S.10 " ' Bogus 12.20 P ii
" Pokegama.20 " Thrall 14.45
Klamath Springs Special.
Lv. Thrall 1.S0 PTM.Lv. KPh Sp'g2.4jp. li
Ar.Bogiu 1.55 " Ar. Fall Creek JO "
" Htcel Br'ge2.15 " Bteel Br'geS 00
" Fall Creek 2.35 ' Boirus 8.M
" Kl'h Sp'gsx " - Thrall 8.45
y"vir styi'es
stock a large assortment ol high
grade stationery so that there is
no delay in executing a large order.
Our prices will be found to compare
favorably witb'other prices.
- fKt. tji.ti .i k. b I loose Las
At - VUA .Ji it. lirgnuA
I'Tf i-chtpf " v,fttll:ocItck A M
and 7tUt l.b . i, each Hnndsjr of
every motitt ." f f ' "J" ! :
Ht.r-.m.v Ft r nf lo.ocltick A. M.
Ir.jer tff--r ,t7;Moa Wednes.
day venlnn 1.1 1 or I. week. i
All are rot 1 13 Invited toattsnd
tlie Herrlws.
J. Hajtln k matd, Taator.
- strsr" to
t tlllrff f. IH"
- ! i 'rwratory. ItiiMtifi. ta
Imp. ffr for fwra M-. Will
IX-'T .'f : f..TKl1fl.m Br-l frn.prll'
In hi nr lnrtnl aal (raduawa
mri" li.r.. r'oil
(trttr.nlKr. ard
..lal fi'r
in traieat
suwm. Of iw, 1
ac'isif. Mtcs.
eoprrtdlii., etii, 1 .
wwnty and 1
Patent tnrf I.
W nu or 00 -'
U Slata ltrt.
. tra'1.
ttn saw
I'oet & Kins; have tbe best gru&t
of liquors and cigars to be found in
Oregon. tt
I ihrmi staYvll msserfks far
Mk1um ysysr, tx tin U ftt alt
Us Iscal tin, v Is ksty ia toick
witi tis vstU't UDj mtf
should aiss rt4
Tbfi Evenlsf XtUftm,
Portland. Orccn,
Tia lssvdlaf trsalnf mtmysfsr sf
tin ?adflo Oaasi. irUd ksa csm
ylsts Astdat4 lhrsts rtf erts a&4
sped! leaa4Vaf ssttIos, with
correspo&isnU la lmstrtaat naws
centsrs and 1a all tis cities and
principal teir&a f tb Ksrthwsst.
Portland and rnVarss art eoTersd
ij a briiht staff tf reportsrs, and
editorial, drsjoatk, sodsty, and
special writers. Saturday's edi
tion consists of it te 2t paces, and
has colored oemlo patea, as well as
a department fer children, colored
fashion pace, aa Interestinc serial
story and other attractive features
in addition U all the news ef the
Subscription Katea: One month.
0 cents; three months, $1.35; six
ninths, 82.50; twelve months, $5.
Ajunple copies maled free. )
Plrst Baptist church of Lrkevlo
PreHchiugstrvlicena 1 11:A.M., aod
7:30 P. M. on each Sundaj'.
Sunday School 10: A. M.
J unior Society at 2:30 P. M.
Baptist Youug People.s Union at
:30 P. M. on each Sunday.
Prayer meeting 7. 'JO, P. M. on Wed
nesday evening.
Everybody invited to attend all
services. A. Frank Simmon, pastor
The Examiner has received a new
sample book of the Wall Street line
of engraved certificate of stock and
bond blauks, the nioxt up-to-date on
the market. Used and endorsed by
the leading financiers of America.
Copyrighted. Call and see them If
you need any tmng in tnis tine, u
n ft"
1 ).
Tiie'Examiner ex-
We have all the late
in type and keep in