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NO, :52
i i
Thugs Mold up Lake Co.
Sheep Man.
I0SLS $640 CASH, $500 CHECK
Vn on Ills Way With hi Wife
tn Ciithinic Ncl Act Coni -mittej
In l)jy l.l;ht.
("aciuiiieiit n I !. )
kenu iN" V.) July 13.- While wait
ing lr a l i-ii I ii In t li In i lly, W. II.
Ilolhrook, a sheep raiser of Lakeview,
Ore., was enticed Into H saloon near
(tin depot li.v two iihmi he had lin t lit
the station, mid robbed of t'W i
cash mill I" checks. Tim HK'H
then escorted li! in to t lit truin itn-J
made li i in have town, thrcatoiii'tg to
kill liim if In' did not iln n tliry com
intituled. According to Ihe Mtory hs toll ly
C II. JIHIIHI.II, II VelllcllJ lI' llIlT Of this i
oily, who ini't llollirook on tint Iriiiu j
alter he was robbed, the rol'lirry oc ;
ourrcd in Mm following manner: '
Hollirook had foniu to Kmio Siitur- i
lliy llight with his wlflt IlItlT billing
dlMpOHCli Of II I. Illlll Of sllffp lit Luke
view. IIk si-cured H roniii lit II lllltl'l
near tin depot, anil purchased ticket
for liiiiiNi'lf uml wife from Keno to
dishing, Nflir. WIh'ii he bought the
li diets tin flushed it large role of bills
mnl considerable coin, mnl two mi'li
who were standing near, after be left
lh ticket window approached IiImi
and entered into convcrsiit Ion with
Tin y told liim tlmt liny wcro fio.ii
'ulming, where they cliiimi"! In know
n-vcinl of his frit-mis. After liiii truin
lul l pulled into tin depot mnl tut lnul
placed 111 -I illtl aboard In- went with
lii-i iicw' fr ifii 1h to get a ilriuk.
ili was i 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 ii--. 1 to it third until.
Wliil.' tin wan talking I i tlit I Int. I man
out nf tin' nil-it wlin met liim tit tint
li'init stork a con to his lii a. I mnl'. 1 liim to turn over nil his
iiioiuy. At. Ilrnt lit' refused, anil they
tllli'llrll.'.l to hlloot Illlll. 1 1 0 tllrll
gave llii'in c'''.l" ill gild ami bills uml
jf.ViO in checks, which lhty forced hint
to sicll.
A'tcr luriiiiik' hid money over to
1 1 in he Mat te il to leave t hi) luee,
hut. they iK'i'tiii) i ut it if 1 hint to the
truin mi l :ia' him hiifelv uliniiril, not
Hiving him any opiiortunity to notify
the uilii'e.
I l.illil'iink met II iiiHun on the train
an.) hil l llmiNen liiive his t'tiei'kii t'liii
t'cl il at the Wartime County Hunk in
(Inn fit J, lliiniteu al.-to t'liheii a I'hei'k
fur linn I") thai he inik'ht routiuue hiw
tl i to Nehl llhkll.
Tin) rol'hery wim t'ommitteil in ilay
lik'lit, mill while the Hitloou wan lllleil
with men. Ilolhrtuik tul.l llaiiHen
that liifi w ife wan in u very ilelieitte
eon. lit inn, or he woulil huvu left the
train ut Snrkn ami reportuil the
t'liiiie. A yet no etrort him lieen
uiinlo to rupture the thievt'H.
It will ho rinneuiliereil that Will
llollirook iiikI hi wilo lelt hern aeon
pit) of weeks iik'U li'i' their ohl homo In
Neliraska. Mr ll..lbrook hml reeont
ly hoI'1 his iuti'ii'Mt in the lianil of
nheep owiidiI hy llollirouk liroH., uml
Htuteil to The Hxmniiier that lio
thought of ImyiiiK Bheop in Coloriido,
as he eiililil lift tliem for liiiii'li less
than they solil lor hero. Tho ninny
frienils of Mr. llollirook will lie sorry
to hear of his loss.
H.iat on (loose Lake.
Chas. Ilai lier was up town ltiHt Tues
day taking lessons on runnluK K"
olino eiminii from H. (). Cresnler, tlio
autoinohiliHt. Mr. llarber has Hturtod
tho KiiHolino launch on tho lnko, put
on ly himself and T. J. Mlnton.
Tliuy oxpoe.t to do i roKtilur frolKht
and passenger IiusIuuhs on tho lake.
They will liuvo ft litudinit ut tho mouth
of Drews crook, on tuo wobt aldo of
tho luko, ami will tow lmii's of Brain
to Tino ("rouk where It cun be milled
or hauled on to Madeline. This will
Huve a 30 mile haul for (ho West Bide
farmers lu Kettln their grain to mill.
Excursions v ill ho made every Bun
day. Tho bout will cuiry 12 pussftu
gors, nufely, it la supplied with life
preservers, aud is really a life-suvuitf
boat, ourryiug au air-tight compart
ment iu either end.
The boys ought to do a rushing bus-
Mrs. Nancy A. (Illicit
The following itniioiiiiffliieiil of the
death of Mrs. Nancy A. i i Ult-1 1. o.
Nillow Kaneh, was rei elved lifter The
I'.xmnlner had tfone I o press hict week.
The li 11 It t I it it' in 1 1 1 reads:
"Died .Jul V U.'tli, i:, at !t-tlon-wood,
Modot? (utility, Calif., Mrs.
Namy A. (iillett, wife t.f .la-. A. (.11
lelt. Defeiineil WHS liolll III Mitti'iuri
.July 157. Ih.M; rrtmseil tint plains when
ii clill.l with her patents, who willed
early III Money Luke Valley. She was
iiiiii rid to W. K. Cmiiion In M70.
1'ive rhllilreu were lunii of thixunion,
H. 1'., Minnie A., Iiuir.i H., Dura A.,
aud (ieo. W. After t he ileal h of her
Unit IiiinIiiiiiiI she Married Mr. Jus. A.
(illicit in IHMti, ('our children were
horn to Mr. mnl Mrs. (iillett, us fol
lows: ChiiN. W., II. ijrac", and
Kuby., nil of whom survive their
mother, except ('hits. W., who tiled
1'eli. ,10 IHH7. The Mt family of
t'lill'lreii are II. I''. Cannon ot I'ai.-ley,
Mr.s T. 1'. I.iht of Ii.keviuw, Mrs.
K. (). Ward, of llidwell, Mrs. Frank
I'ulcher of llid'ill and (ieorgo ('an
lion of Willow I;.incli.
)'HNi. v as ainiiiik' the early Het
t lcis td Modi.c county. The leiuaiiis
were Imiied lu the Willow liaiich ceui
etitry. I'oiitriil services ronducteil
liy Kev. Hall Keeves, of I'ine Creek,
.A- x:
! . -m.. t.-'.
Win II. ritftciiii.lilatcf'r I'rcKltleiil
lrash Pile Causes Alarm.
(,uite a of the residents of
Liikeview hied themselves to the tall
timber last Sunday. I'pon reaching
the opposite i-ide of tho valley, near
(he Hopkins place, a terrible cloud of
smoke was noticed rising from (he
tow n, and some of the part ies wheeled
around and drove buck lo towu us fat-t
us their teams coul 1 bring them.
Tin' cloud of smoke seemed to rio
near the center of town. Tho exact
location could not be determined up
on till Ihe ncene was reached. A large
I ile of t rash burning had caused all
that excitement. It looked from the
other siile of the valley as if tho heart
ot the town was on lire. Tho excite
ment caused by Unit pile of rubbish
burning might be laughed ut were it
not for tho fact that it is against the
laws of Lukeview to burn trutdi within
the tire limits.
This is not tho only inconvenience
caused by tho burning or trash iu
iown, and thero should be a stop put
to it. There id a law on tho statute
books of Lukeview that is just us im
portant to some people as any law we
have, audit is being ruthlessly viola
tod nearly every day iu the week.
It is dangerous Loth to property ami
to health, to bum rubbish in towu
ami those who uro empowered to en
force the la vs should look lo their
Celebration at I'ine Creek
Tho big celebration ut I'ine Crook
lias been postponed a couple of weeks
on account of tho date decided uou
Ilrst coming at a busy time. Tho date
Bet for tho event uow is the lattor
part of September. There will be
three days of sport, airaiigemeiits for
which is complete uud the money on
band to defray the oxpousos.
Oue of tho important events to tako
place will be the christening of tho
new gasoline launch on the lake.
Hourly excursions w ill be made ami
everyone given au opportunity to ride
on the boat.
The program for the three day's cel
ebratoiu will doubtless be ready for
publication by next week.
; . w -V-i t d-Y
r itU C .,"v, v.' u4; iffrll I
Says Goose Lake Valley is the Prettiest Val-;
ley He Has Seen.
Upon Senator Fulton's return to
ii ..i ii... nr,.nl.t. !
very kIouIuk report of Lake and Kin-1
mat h count ies, I heir prosperity
mid (
I heir'. Following art) a few
Ihe Keiiiitr-.' n murks:
"Many people are posessed with I lie
idea Unit both Klamath and I. like
Counties are purely stork growing
regions and ununited for agriculture.
This Is a great mlntuke. lioth have
large areas of linn agricultural lund''.
I have never seen liner fields of w heat,
bailey slid rye than I hiw in tho-e
counties, ' and many of them were
grown wholly without irrigutimi. It
In Indeed surprising to see the suc
cess the people thero mo Hi hieving in
dry laud tanning. That country is
also a tine Unit section and hoth Lake
ami Klamath Counties grow splendid
npples and peaches. Indued their ap
ples are exceptionally line Of course,
iu order to secure the be-t results,
tnoht of these lauds require irrigation,
but fortunately most all are so located
that they can bo irrigated at moderate
cost. This is particularly true of
Klitmntli basin, the Lost Kiver and
(aoose Lake valleys. The latter is
the valley iu which the town of Luke
view is oituated and Is one of the
most beautiful valleys I have ever
"The people of Klamuth are very
impatient over the i-low progress
being made iii the construction of the '
Irrigation work in the Klamath and'
Lost IUver Vullevs. It seems to me
thatthev have just e.nige for crm -
plaint. Only about ijO men Hre em- i matter of securing that extension
ployed in this work. There should be J should be taken up by the proper or
at least ISim or bH It i.-i contended gauizat ions. "
Out on a Bear Hunt.
Dr. Dewey, Dr. IJoyd and Geo.
ilaukius went out into the l'.aM Hutte
country above Paisley last Sunday, to
hunt that big grizzlcy bear that hits
been seen up (here by several people
lately. The hunters took orders for
several iiuurters of bear meat before
starting. Mr. HunUius returned to
town Tuesday. He did not state his
errand, but it is supposed that he
came after a warrant for the arrest of
the bear, und another bottle of orango
cider. They will bring the bear iu
Mr . Hankius ti lls this story of the
first deer the hunters killed:
'Dr. Uoyd ran across . a deer badly
atllicted with the rheumatism, and
caught it. ile tied it to a tree und
pulled its teeth all out, returning to
I, : 1 . . -V -. . . - 1 " 1
i'r- -. . . , ; i 'fCI - . ", : .' . . -i
. , ..V " ,' Z ' . ''.!' s . . - '
, J . . c. .... . V - ,.. r. ..... . - J. . .
" "' " " "v " ' .'., ' . -;S
!i!'v'4 U.-is-, A jMsv-' i-- ' 7V---.".-: ,'
ji'.i,w-.'.'Tl W. . V r . .. . -v . , . - ,. j i :
r ' - v - -t&tlr m - ' ' '' ' .. ' J -. ,
ft .:,,' -J .. . , " '
hy those in hare of the work that
laborers i-aniiot he weured. Klill it
is to be
observed that
lias more than
the raiiroad ;
PKMJ men at j
vicinity. It I
(iovernmeut i
laborers as;
wot k in the i in mediate
would seem that the
should be able to secure
readily as the railroad.
"However, Secretary GarfleM and
Mr. Newell wi re theie when I was and
I have hones that the work will now
be pin-lied more energetically The
work is Icing prosecuted under force
account instead of by contract and
tn i et( fore the Water IV.ers A-ocia-t
if ii, representing the lands to be ir
rigated, has been denied the privilege
of inspecting the books showing the
c.)t ot the work.
"Over in Lake Cotiety they are
proposing to put the Great (loose
Luke Valley under irrigation by pri
vate enterprise. It is perfectly feasi
ble. Much of the laud is now under
irrigation and as soon as the railroad
is extended to Lukeview, as it w ill be
within the near future, the entire val
ley will be put under irrigation.
"1 regret that Portland is not let
ter connected commercially with that
great section than at present. Indeed
the outlook for securing its trade in
the future is not encouraging. The
railrouds that are building will not
bring that country any nearer Port
land. They simply mean closer rela
tions with San Francisco. I under-
stand that the Corvallis & Lastern
could be extended into that region on
i better grades than any otber line, in-
! deed rn very J.iir grades. I tboyt tlie '
camp to gft Dr. Dewey to go out aud
help him kill it. IJoyd led the way
lo where the deer was tied, Dewey
following, gun iu position for imne
diatt) ui-e. When they came in sight
of ths deer it was all tangled up in
the rope, uud they began llriug aud
udviiiuing. They emptiid their guns
from huh position and retreated to
attack the enemy from another, aud
after tlaukiug all sides charged upo"
the tleer, to Und him well dead.
II. F. Uaruum came in from Cal
lahan, arriving Tuesday in company
with his son. They came after pome
work horses Mr. liuuuin had here,
which he will tako back with him iu
utiout tvo weeks, to work ou the
ranch. Mr liaruum has been away
from Lukeview a little over two years
und is looking well and hearty.
V ... . ...
Death of Ro.a Irene Mulk-y.
The very sad news wHsi'rHd Hhout
1'iwii Tuesday morning that Ko.-a
Irene Mulkey, daiiKhter of Mr. and
Mrs. I'hil Mulkey died at 1 o'clock in
the in'irning. The little Kill had been
, had been living up in the mountains
on their ranch, and the report is that
lllielilthi gul had, some dajs ago,
' t-nteii some wild beiries that were
poison. Iiill.iiniitioi) of the bowels
set i'i and nothing could be done t'l
i relieve her.
Deceased wus 9 years old on the ISth
duy ot June, lust. The funeral was
held from the Methodist Church yes
terday, Wednesday. August 7th, 107,
after which the little cold body was
laid away in the I. O. (). F. Cemetery
In the presence of a large crowd of
sorrow ing friends.
We feel the emptiness of human
words iu times of bitter s rrow. Vet
He w ho has borne our griefs and car
ried our sorrows will comfort and
H'l.-tiiin. Loving hands tenderly laid
the little form to rest, and the bright
little girl, the pride aud joy of ber
parents and teachers was lost to them
on this earth forever; but. the com
forting though), that she is in a
brighter better world, safe from tbei
cares and sorrows that come to all
who linger here, is a solace in thi.i
time of great grief.
vy ' ,4-
Death of W. I). Corpe.
At Edgwood, California, Sunday
July '2at, occurred the death of W.
D. Corpe at the a-ie of 58 years C
mouths and l'J days.
The deceased was boru iu Mishawaka
St. Joseph county, Indiana, Novem
ber i ISIS, und was second in a fami
ly of four childreu, Mrs. Ellsworth
Tubbs of Vreka, aud Mrs. Frances E.
Boyd cf Klamath Fulls, Or., being
tho survivors.
At the age of eight his furuily re
moved from their Indiana borne to
Council Binds Iowp, aftetwards to
Tekan).h, Hurt couuty, Nebraska.
In these two states of tho Central
West, tho subject of this sketch spent
IS years of his life., coming to the
Paci Ho coast in 1874 at the age of 20,
accompanied by his eldest sister, Mrs.
E. Tubbs, aud ex-sheriff W. L. Hobbs.
Iu 1878, four years after coming
West, he married at Jacksonville,
Ore., Miss Emma Allred, one child
was born to them, Mamie, who is a
professional nurse iu Shu Francisco.
For 10 or 12 years Mr. and Mrs.
Corpe resided in Sonoma jouuty, and
for several years iu Eastern Oregon,
ut Klamuth Falls aud Lakeview.
On the Sunday of his death be
hitched up a team aud brought four
farm bunds into Edgwooi from tho
tieorge Deker ranch, on which be
has a lease. One of the farm bunds,
Elmer Dye, got into a flht with a
man named Myers, aud Mr. Corpe !
stepped between them to separate
them, wheu Meyers, who bus always
preteuded to be a ttrieud, strucu him
several blows, oue of which burst au
artery, causing the blood to clot
around the brain and resulting iu
Mr. Corpe was a man of exemplary
babits, aud bis untimely death, com
ing as it did, was a great shock to his
relatives and to his friends who are
legiou. Iu his many years residence
in California and Oregon he won the
golden opinious of all who knew bim.
He was an indulgent husband and
fathei, uti upright and highly respect
ed citizen. Yreka Journal.
Mr. Corpe was an uncle of Dr.W. R.
lloyd of Lakeview.
WMfc.-.'." 'V.i
Attorney-General Craw
ford's Opinion.
New Law Thought to Only Effect
Purchases Since the Act
Was Passed.
Some weeks ago there was an article
published in a number of papers over
the state relative to the state refund
ing money paid for swamD lands by
applicants. The article stated in
"Through the discovery of a sleeper
iu the act of the last legislature gov- " .
erning the sale of swamp, tide and
otber state lands, settlers upon lands
which were patented to the state as
swamp under the act of congress of
ISO), are barred from securing lepay
ment of purchase price from the state
at 11 per acre, with interest at 6 per
cent, from date of purchase, notwith
standing the state's title Jto the land
has been canceled by the depart
ment of the Interior because of the
failure of the state to establish the
swampy character of the land. This
condition will effect " -s upon
several thousand acres 1, who,
by reason of the state, 'a ' ne to the
land having been canceled by the gen
eral government, can neither secure
title to their holdings from the state
nor get their money hack." J2l
. ... ... . . y'
me article goes ou wicn a uriei ou
tory of the state's swamp lands, for a
period of ten years back, and sights
the Warner valley case as one affected
by the new law.
Beiug desirous of getting the
straight of the thing and being able
to publish the facts, The Examiner
wrote Attorney-General Crawford for
the facts, and here is his reply:
Salem, Oregon, Augusts, 1907.
C. O. Metzker
Lakeview Ore.
Dear Sir:
Yours of the 27th ult., relative
to recovering money paid on swamp
lands to which the State is unable to
give deed, received, aud iu reply
thereto permit me to call your atten
tion to Section 35 of Chapter 117,
Laws of 1907, pab'e 210, which section
provides, in substance, that where
lands other than tide or overflowed
lauds, or unsurveyed or unpatented
swamp lauds, have been sold anil the
State cannot convey title to the pur
chaser, the State Land Board shall
repay to the purchaser, his heirs or
assigus, such sums as may have been
paid to the State thereon. Uuder
Sections 310 aud 3311 of Bellinger
aud Cotton's Annotated Codes and
Statutes of Oregon, which were re
pealed by the 1907 law just referred
to, repayments could be made where
the State failed to give title to swamp
lauds whether unpatented or patented
to the State, aud just why the excep
tion was made when the Board had
the law revised iu 1907 I cannot say.
However, I am of the opinion that
the 1907 law is applicable only to
lauds sold after the passage of the
Act, aud not to lands sold prior to
that time. I am investigating that
question now and after we come to a
conclusion as to whether it is retro
active the Board w ill pass upon claims
uow before it. If it is found that the
law applies to sales made prior to the
passage of the Act then there is no
law to refuud inouey puid for tide or
overflow, or uusurveyed or unpatented
swamp lauds sold to purchasers, eveu
though the State cannot give a deed
to the lands. The law will only effect
sales made prior to the passage of
tho Act.
Very respectfully yours,
A. M. Crawford,
Attorney General.
StocK Notes.
J. J. Fleming, tho Eaglevilla sheep
buyer, made the following purchases
from Lake county sheep raisers this
week, paying 83 per head for lambs :
From Geo, Fitzgerald, 500 lambs, A.
N. Bennett 000 ewes aud lambs, Ed
Bond COO lambs, Frank Roggers GOO
lambs, D. J. Wilcox 200 ewes and
lambs, S. P. Moss a bunch of cull
ewes. .