Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, July 25, 1907, Image 5

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    Mv Hair is
Extra Long
Feed your hair; nourish It;
give it something to live on.
Then it will stop falling, and
will grow long and heavy.
Aycr's Hair Vigor Is the only
genuine hair-food you can
buy. It gives new life to the
hair bulbs. You save what
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too. And it keeps the scalp
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Tli. b.t kind of a tMmonlal
"Hold for oir alsty yr."
Mad. b t. a. A rr . 1 . "
AIM M.nute.tur.r. of
United Ktntpn Lund nfllr, Lake
Vl w, Oregon, July H, 11H7.
Notion in hereby (riven tbnt t tin
KlHtn of Oregon Iihn Died hppllrntlnn
to ni'lfct tint following decerned land,
mm HiAta of Oregon School Indnrnnlt jr
Hcli-ct Ioti, to wit.
Lint No TZl, NK NK Hrc. ICi,
NKi NWL Kec. 24. NKl HW, Nw. 13,
BKJ KKJ, Hen. Id, HKJ 8E, Hec. II. 'J'.
27 H. mid NW HWJ, Heo T, T2!l H, It 1 1
I'., mid HW NWL Km 1.1, T. .'It H., K.
17 E., W. M.
Any mikI nil jiernoii claiming nd
vemely tint above dcncrllicd Iiih'Ih lire
ri'iiiM'nlod to llltt their clsim in thin
(illlcn on or before the 2ih day of
August, VMn
J. N. WnUon, Register.
MUm Mim Miller, MIhm Jennie
Mikel mid Mr. Win. Lnhlluw, form
erly M 1mm (iriien Itimeb, t lit pa former
Inkvlew girls, who urn now In ilerke
ley, Cullf., won it very IihikIhoiiio
prize, for tlm bent decorated ciirringe
In the Fourth of July proo-nsbm.
Each of tlm Indies represented Hoimt
railroad town In California.
Ihs Charmlnjc Woman
Is not iieceMMiu ily one of perfect form
it hi 1 fcntticH. Many u plain woman
who could never nerve an mi art Ufa
model, piiMBi'hhi'H those rare iiinlitleH
t liitt all tlm world admires: neatness,
clear eyes, cli'im Hiuootti skin and;
that uprlgMlliien of tep and acliiui j
that lu'company good health. A ;
jiliVHii'iilly weak woman 1m never ;
attract ivi', not even to herii'lf. Meet- ;
rii! Hitter rchtoni weak women, give
strong nerves, bright eyes. Hinooth,
Velvety Kkln, beautiful complex ion.
iuaiaiiteed at LeelleiiU'it Druggist'
The Ms rag ret Hen Co. open here
Monday evening, July 29, for a nix
night aland. The pluys they put on
tint: "Thn Henator, Daughter, "
"Voung Mm. Wmlhrop," "The Tex
na Ranger," "Tho two HlHleM, "
"Hearts of the llluo Ridge," Fauch
on tho Cricket." Heo them at Snider
Opera Hoiimu. 1
Eleven applicant for Civil Service,
examination were present Tuenday ut
the fontHt (illicit. Two days were tak
en up In the examination. Those
who applied were: Hcott Leavltt, W.
J. Patterson, I "rank Long, J. H. Elder,
J. Hillings, Jus. ltrady. W. I. .McCul
ley, V. R. llauunerhley, Theo. Cadle,
M. K. MucKiave, I'. l'utit.
Tlicywcarnnd wear arul wear
Under and t y virtue of an execution
Imnied out of the Circuit Court of thn
HtHtn of Orwn, for tho County of
Lake, on the nth day of July, V,r,,
to me delivered on the Kit h day of Ju
ly, 1!7, in a certain action wherein F.
X. Kchlecht, a plaintiff, recovered
JiiKdment nn I net Oeorxe Hciilecht, de
fendant, on the 3lnt dny of May, 1!S7,
for the mini of hitfht Hundred
Twenty nrven and tt-KKidoilam (27.
()), with l.,tereitt thereon at the rate
of fix per rent per annum from the
:nt nj of May, 1!Hr7, together with
Thirty dollam (f'KI) comIh.I have lev
ied upon the following dehcrllied real
prrperty heloiiKltiK to the aliove
named defendant, aituated in Lake
(Nniiity, State of Oregon, heretofore,
on Marrh27th, IOoTi, attached In aai'l
action and directed liy aald judgment
to he Hold, to-wit:
The, South Hunt Quarter fRF.'i) of
Section Twenty 2), T'ownnhlp
T wenty four (21) South, Ilanue Thir
teen (13) Kant, Willamette Meridian.
Notice in hcrehy Klven, that on Sat
urday, the 17th day of Aiitfintt, 1!M7,
at the hour of II o'clock A. M. :f
na id date, at tho door of the Court
Holme of Lake County, Oregon, in
the town of Lakeview, 1 will Hell all
the rlht, title and interent which the
nnid defendant, (ieore rk-hlwrht, had
in and to km id prcmlHca on the 27th
day of March, YMt, or that he haa
fdnce mi)J hint named date acijuired
therein or thereto, at. puhlic auction,
for ciihIi, to tiie lilheft and lient hid
der therefor, tri Hatiafy an id judgment,
execution, intereHt, cohtw and tho eoHta
of rnnkinu itald Kale.
Dated thla 18th day of July, 19)7.
21) 5 Albert Dent,
Sherllf of Lakti County, OtfKou.
ieo. Joiich of 1'aihley altended the
JiiM. Kyan, of illy, wan in Lakeview
thin week.
Win. Dolikiua wiim down from l'ala
ley yehterilay.
Three j-oiimk men ieniri. rouniH and
tioardwilh private family. Kn.iiiio
here. 1
Dr. T. V., and Minn Hull, enter
tained Senator Pulton at dinner,
Mr. Tanlti. lluuheM, Mr. TIiom. J.
Powell, an attorney, mid J. 1'.. Murrey
are here to locate, intcndiiiK to k'u in
to the htv and ulihl tin t I'liiuenH.
Dr. l'atlemoil Ii::m Mold liin interent
in the Thornton drun htore to Mr. A.
L. 'I'hont orn, hiit pai titer, in accor
dance with thn uuilcrittandiurf M hen
they came here to locate. Them will
lut no chunk'"' in the conduct of the
Diht. Atty. Moore retuned from a
week 'a v iit to i'aihhy Monday, llo
Inform in that Ian wife, who in vihit
Iiik w ith the family of Alvin Mohh, fell
out of a hainniock hint Sunday, Mrik
inii thn ground on her head and
aln older. At tlrnt flat thought fho
wax not hurt much, hut the injury
jjrew mom painful until it wan hoiiiu
u lint HeriouH.
Levi Strauss & Co.
Tint Klamath l'nllrt paperHHpeak very
j hlK'hlv of tlte Margaret Ilea Com puny
which Im to hlmw in Snidera Opera
II on i Monday evening, July 2!
Sallownesa Traasformed
to Dusky Beauty
A dark kin becomes faicinatiiif;
when delicately foft, undertpread
with the mliant glow which indi
cates a healthy, active ikin. Rohert
ine kecpt the tkin refined in quality,
keepj poret f ree from clo(j(;ir.(; waste
ml itiimilatei the tiny rapillarirtto
rontrihute the color which charmi in
hl'itule and brunette alike. Kohcrt
ine it certain protection acainit tin,
ituihurn and frecklci if applied he
fnre exposure to tun or wind.
Sjirradi like an imperceptilile theen
of paue overikin mrface, forming a
nrlil itnnu'ating and preerving a
Alt tmr lrlrt TOP4T
f m frm mmtU f
P1 i
is made better
and easier if
o t
o c
o c
o c -
o o -
c -.
3 t !
J c
J fc ,
o o u o c
Jesse IVioore Whiskey
Is occasionally used by the mechanics.
It pivt-s lasting strength. No regrets.
il.Ml.uilni.,iillim l ilili.
WiimiHMHtHtHtHHill II lllltll ll
c have made an entire transcript of all Records in Lake County, 4
which, in any way, affect Keal Property in the county. J
ever made in Lake County, and every Deed given.
In transcribing the records we have found numerous
mortgages recorded in the Deed record, and not indexed; and
many deeds are recorded in the Mortgage record and other
hooks. Hundreds of mortgages and deeds arc not indexed
at nil, and ate most difficult to trace up from the records.
Our entire stock of Summer Dress Goods and
Ladies' Shirt Waists must be sold regardless of j
Cost. i
$2.00 Shirt Waists for
Wash Goods will be sold at same rate. !
Do not miss this opportunity but come while your size is
here and before the best patterns are sold. j
hhumi oo i mi t iiiimmeiMiium
Woril wan rocHved here late lat
nitflit from Willow Kanck thnt Mm.
Hliltii (Jillott, mother of Mrs. V. P.
Llk'ht of this place hail died, Mrs.
(iillett ban Leeu an invalid lor Htnx-ral
montliH. Mrs. LIkIiI was on her way
to California and could not !)
readied. Further particulars will he
learned later.
Lat Suuday K. 'O. CresHler and
wife, Mre. A. liiebcr, Mrs. Hal on and
daughter, went to Davis Creek in
CrenHler'o automobile. On their way
down they btopped at the home of
Wm. IiurKen and were served w ith an
elegunt dinner ami shown over the
farm. They drove ou to Davis Creek,
remained there a couple of hours be
fore starting home. Ou their way
hack they stopped at the home of J.
P. Duke, where they were served with
ice crearu aud cake.
A shoot ing scrape took place at, or
uear Plush cine day hint week, in
which Harry Kikks and D. U. Clelnnd
were Implicated. The particulars
leading up to the altercation are not
positively known. Tho scrap resulted
in Harry taking a shot at Dave with a
shotgun, puncturing his hat in a few
places, but none of the shot took
affect in any more dangerous place.
Mr. S. T. Col v in returned to Lake
view Monday from Central House,
Calif., where he spent the winter.
Mi. Colviu looks well aud hearty aud
is glad to be back. Mrs. Colvin has
not yet returued from New York ;
where he went several weeks ago to
visit her old home. Mr. and Mrs.
Mitchell came along with Mr. Colviu
aud will work ou the ranch at Crooked
Creek. Mr. Colviu brought up a tine
7-yoar-old black English Shire stal
lion, weighing 1S00 pounds, to put ou
the tanch. He will return to Califor
nia in August, taking a bunch of
horses down to sell. He has 00 head
there now that be baa not yet disposed
The Lakeview Furniture Com
pany has moved into the large
Brick Building on Water street
where a Large Stock of every
thing usuallj- found in a Furn
iture Store will be kept
Undertaker's Parlors
Repair Shop
Wm. WALLACE, Prop'r
ui Jin , wseaa arswrwmjL jl
M iiii
We have notations of all these Errors: f
Others cannot find them. We have spent hundreds of dollars hunting up
these errors, and we can guarantee our work.
J. D. VENATOR, Manager.
$100 Keward.
The renders of this paper will be
pleaxed to learn that there U at
least one dreaded disease that science
has Irmmi able to cure In all its stages,
and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure Is the only positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity.
Catarrh beluj; a constitutional dis
ease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken
internally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system, thereby destroying the found
ation ot the disease, and giving the
patient strength by building up the
constitution and asslstiug nature in
doing Its work. The proprietors
huve so much faith In Its curative
powers that they offer One Hundred
Dollars for auy case that it falls to
curt'. Send for list of testimonials.
Address F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo,
Sold by all Druggists, "e.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con-tipatli.n
In the County Court of the State
of Oregon, for Luke County,
lu the uiuMer of the estate of)
Martin 'J'. Walters. )
Deceased. )
The undersigned buying beeu ap
pointed by the County Court of the
Rtate of Oregon, for Lake Couuty,
Kxeoutrix of the estate of Martin T.
Walters deceased, notice is hereby
given to the creditors of, aud all per
sons having claims against said de
ceased, to present them veritiod as
required by law, within six mouths
after the tlrst publication of this no
tice to said Executrix at her resi
dence iu the Town of Lakeview Lake
Couuty Oregon,
Harriet waiters,
Executrix of the estute of Martin
T. Walters, deceased. Dated aud
Hist published, June 20tn, liK)7.
I Located on Water Street, near the Post office.
I Meals at all Hours.
Fresh oysters kept on
hand during the oyster
season. Fish and game
in season. I
1 Only Firstclass Restaurant j
in Lakeview. f
United States Land Office, Lakeview
Oregon, May 13, liX7.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the act
of Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled
"An act for the sale of timber lauds
in the States of California, Oregon,
Nevada aud Washington Territory, ' as
extouded to all the Public Land
Stales by act of August 4,lHi2, Jennie
Holder, of Paisley, county of Lake
State of Oiegou, has this day tiled iu
this office his sworn statement No.
MS8, for the purchase of the SJi RV,'4'
of Section No. 8, in Township, No.
3.iS., Kange No.l0,E., W. M. aud will
odor proof to show that the laud
sought is more valuable for its timber
or etoue than for agricultural pur
uosos. aud to establish his claim to
said laud before Kegister and Receiver
nt Lakeview Oregon, on Friday, the
t!i5, day of July, 1007.
llo mimes as witnesses: W. K. Ham"
mersley and S. P. Moss of Lakeview,
Oregon, li. N. Puelps ami u. fc. Mor
ris, of Paisley, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above described lunda are
requested to tile their claims in this
office on or before said 20th day of
July, 1U07.
tiO-ll). J. N. Wutsou, Register.
United States Land Office, Lake
view .Oregon, May 13, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that in com
plance with the provisions of the act
of Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled
"Au act for the sale of timber lands
in the States of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Terriotry, '
as extended to all the Public. Land
States by act of August 4, 18K2, Lottie
D. Withers, of Paisley, couuty of
' Lake, State of Oregou, has this day
filed in this office his sworn statement
I No. 3;91, for the purchase of the
: NE4' Sec. , NW.'4' of Section
, No. 5, iu Township No. 31 S., Range
No. 18, F.., W. M., and will offer
I proof to show that the laud sought is
I more valuable for its timber or stone
j than for agricultural purposes, aud to
, establish his olaim to said land before
' Register and Receiver ut Lakeview
Oregou on Monday, the 5, day of
August, l'.K7. He names as witneses:
C. W. Withers, C. L. Withers, J. S.
Sprugue, M. C. Currier, all of Paisley
Any and all persona claiming ad
versely the above described lands are
requested to file their claims in tbia
office on or before said 6th, dayof
August, 1907.
J. N. Watson, Rogister. 10-20