Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, July 25, 1907, Image 3

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Revival ef an Anclsnt Fad Pong It
the Fabric Moil Worn.
If you hnvo Nit old ovnl brooch with
a bur rroMng it lengthwise In buckle
fiiahloii, Km time Im come again. If It
U fl jeweled brooch, you am In great
fond fortune, fur It ! the Intost cry
a Muck aafln nek acnrf wild an an
tique Ji'wH.mI pin rnntculntr It.
I'liilii velvet collar and velvet but
ton rltinneil wild clot It like the gown
re two fenttirca llml urn prevnlcut la
the now cheeked ami atrip.,! suit.
The rollftr itre n natural oin.vm.i. at
tho mixed iiintcrlnl. mih the Inilion
re nn liigctiloii now development
rnintinilnjr from onn tlnter liillor'a
Knrly style In inllllin-ry hip always
aitpcliiciiliir. I( fit wii.vM ink i'H tin- (Millie
prlnit MoiiNcin (o c-iirli them Into moiiic
thing like .'IikII,,.c-. fill fashion
arc nlwnya short lived. Tin. eye
tvenrle of t ! iin certainly tix does
the piiliiti of condlmcnta mi l suei-tn.
Tor summer ivciir lliere I nothing
more serviceable iukI yet Ho n I trnctl v
a tdn natural bnied pony. ., rajah-
7j FT?
f I'roprletor,
The best Vat-oiL"(1
die on the market.
Also n complete lino of wagon
r uuity h unices, whli'
rol.c. rliitn. bit, Hpurn,
MiilrlH. rocciti (., In Inct every
thing In Die line (,f mrrlfigc
Mini Im.ihc fiiriilcliliiK. Ite
pnlrltf by competent! run.
, : . ,' .
, I Y 1 . A .
fc.,,.jm,' ....3?.mgtp..'.'' L? 'V f
Notlc of lUntorntlon of I'uMIc
Land to Hottlflmont and Entry. l)e
pn'tmoot of the Interior, General
Laml OIHee, Washington, 1). C, Jnne
13, 1IHJ7. Notice la hereby len thBt
the public land In the following tie
acrllxxl area, temporarily withdrawn
on May l and July 31, IWtt, for for
entry purpoeo and edjolnln the Fre
mont and Uoofie Lake National Foeata,
Ort-Kon, and not otherwine withdrawn,
reserved oi appropriated, will by au
thority of theMocretaryof the Inter
m reMtorod to the ptiMlci domain on
Hefitember iW, 1!()7, and Imcome aub
two 2, eleven II, north half of twelve
12; in Townahlp thirty-four 34, ItenRe
eighteen- 18, aonth Lair of Hertion
nineteen J9j In Township thirty nix
W, fUnge eiKbleen 18, the eontb and
north wexi quarter of Section alx
6; In Townahlp thirty-eight 3H, Itange
eighteen 18, south hair of Section
three 3, all ten 10, aouth half of elev
en II, all thirteen 13, fourteen 14,
fifteen 10, alxteen Ifl, northeast
quarter of twenty-four 21, aouth half
of twenty-five 2 twenty-alx and
twenty-aeveu 27, all twenty-eight
twenty-nine 251, thirty-one 31,- to
l-RfXTHI) IN looo JtL
sAniM.n koon
l or conm-uciAk
Ih'maow LIGHT & HARROW, Proprietor
anil IuhhiiIi which nn ho mind la
vojfiie ni th f.rem'iit iiioiiii-nt. Jnnnty
rout In full nn. Imir IoiikHi lire Nhowu
for Kiiiiiiin r vnr In coiijuiirtloii with
lintM of ttic hiiiih- material.
The tailor maile wnmiiu will have It
all her oh ii way llils Hiiminer. Hloime
ami hlitrt on the imiNt approved man
tiIhIi lln.n are to be prominent, mid the
lingerie afr.ilr of pant xi-hmoii are
n fa I a to heennto negligee.
The liiK iNnnio gou n adowu herewith
I made of pongee 111 nne of the lovely
new nprleot Khmle. It U trimmed
with Motitni'lie irt-ald iipplld over a
stamped (lealgu in id I worn with a
gulmpe of ecru hu e.
The K.Miiuiiier TTaTTTTTipply o( llrht
i-Ihhh butter wrupper paper on hand
i.l 1 1... (.. II. .,,1,.... I.'... rj.l
wiuppera, printed, ?2.7.", for 1xki
printed ?!.:). t
AnkUa Lik Chamalaona Filat
RuUi Thia Sejion.
Home of tho new honlery hhown thl
aprlng will hypnotize the average wo
man. It I "fearful ami wonderful" or
"perfertly lovely," Juxt a it Htrlke the
lliflJ viI mi I taste. A style that may Im
cxploltinl by wearers of the short
walking skirt I hosiery of shot silk.
Hued stocking look a If they were
nindo of changeable taffeta shudlug
A Memorable Day.
i One of the days wo remember with
! pleiiHiire, ii h well iih with prollt to our
j health, is the one on which we be-
CHine iieipidiuteil with Dr. King's New
Life fills, the painless purifiers that
euro headache mid biliousness, and
keep the bowels right. 2."o at Leo
Iteiill'a Drug Store.
j TheToTffiSer's
Claims Sustained
United States Court of Claims
The PulillKher of Wrbder's InUrnatlonc!
Dictionary nlli Kutlait It "In, In fn. l.llm h,Mi
liir I iinlirKlifml llmrotiirhly r--elitwl in every
ileinil, unit vitlyunrli'(ie Inetery purl, with
Hie iurHmo ul lillnif It to meet the lurirer
nnil iHHuivr reijiiiiviuuuu of snotlier genera
Wo are of tlio opinion thntthl nlli'tratlon
iiuwi ch-nrly unci aixuritu-ly ilewrilie the
work Hint iina lsen aeconiHfihei ant) the
nult that IimIktu reiu'hel. Tho Ulctlonurv,
im It now stiunK hus Urn tlionniKlily rtv
eilltivl III every ilutall. hsa lnvn rornH'ted in
every eurl, uikI is ailniintlily ulatu-it to meet
I ho turner met aoverer ruiiiix'iiieiit of a
irenernlloii which demamla uioro of xipular
I'iiiioimiiii in anowii-oKa limn any vouvratlou
Unit thu world himevereoiilaliusl.
It I pcrliiM iietHlifM to aM that we refer
to thu illetiunary In our JiKlleliil work as of
tho hlirhi-st authority In aeourucy of ilotlnl-
iiou : aim inui in i no i in lire us In the ast it
w,m uv luvmunv oi eoniiani. reierunc.
t'UAUXUI a llOWUf .
The ahnft rtftrt to WEBSTER'S
(tlielifithiwt swartl) was given to tho Interna
lloniil ul thu World' Fair, M. Louis.
from color to color nnd are worn with
puuipH of tun ami black patent leather.
Of course they are expensive.
Flirt lace rules thl season, us Irish
In ce did two seasons ogo. The sipiare
niesd I the thing.
A novel use of leather Is in tho form
of a hatpin. It is rather large, cone
ahaped, embossed and stained In a
hiitidsoino design representing leaves
nnd fruit or (lowers very rich yet sub
dued in color. Though It look mass
ive, it In hollow and of very ltjjut
weight, and It pleiun like U bit of
enninel on the spring hat. To meet tho
desire for small nnUle-i, which arises
bceauHo of the distension of the feet by
low shoes, rubber anklet liavo been
devised to wear Inside the stocking
or when shoe nnd storking tiro re
moved at night. It Is claimed for theso
anklet that they retain thu flesh In
llrm but eusy bonds, which would oth
erwise be spread when the high Inrod
boot I discarded.
Stunning automobile coat of rough
pongee, with collar and cuff and
sometime hoods of plaid taffeta, have
been Been.
Hero urn four very attractive ber
tha to transform an otherwise pluln
frock for u little jtlrl. No one of the
beitlni involve any great amount of
lubor, and each and all are dainty, be
coming and graceful.
I nn trdl he interested in our
rimi n pmrt, tent free.
I wta.rars 1
Elvs Cream Balm
This Remedy Is a Srs&clfic,
Sure to Give Satlsfactlo'i.
It. cleanse, hoot he, heals, uml pi uteris thi
(liiiriiMrd ineiulirane, ( r in s (l. tui rli ami
rlrivea nwuy a ('"Id in th Head i, iekly.
Kestore thu Sense t of 'i'.ele ioni f'tiell.
1'Aisy o line. 0 iiit.iius no ii.j ii' drugs.
Aipliud jute tiio iK'Hlrild an I uli.orliod.
I.ur'e Sir.n, M cents at l)rii;,';:i-itei or lij
m.iil ; Trial HUo, 10 routs by nun..
UY BROTHERS. 66 Warren St., Naw York.
Tl-t Leading Pipr of th
Pdlk Cotut
Th- Sail Frn cisco
The Weekly Chronicle
Tha Tery beat waekly Ntwspuper
pubiishad In tha aotira V.'t.
$1.50 a Year
Inrlnr'i.m MKn to ant rt of xh
l.i.iui bu u. Cauda auu ilciico
It is b;it becauM, betides
pr)nt:ne all tha news of tha world
e c'i wk to an Inierestlnf way
and fully Illustrating many
arMcio:,, It hrj special daparV
mLDts ce voted to
aad SrOkTS
These are presided
editor havirif a thorourh knowW
edja of their specialties. Tha
page devoted to Agriculture,
Horticulture, Poultry and live
Slock are wall illustrated and
filled with matter of the creates!
Interest to all eafared la these
Industries, trry liaa belaf
written by those wh are In aloe
touoh with oeoditieaa pravaiUnf
on thia Coast.
It will be aeat fre.
Da jroa waat the Chroatele
Reversible Map?
Showlnf the United Statoa, D.
minion of Canada and Northern
Mexioe oa eee aide. MAP OF
THE WORLD, areaentUr ta tWw
In ooe ooallnueiu snap, with all
areas la trtaa aeeaortl . tha en
tire aarfaea af tha Earth a tha
other atda.
Saael S3 aaal fat w Ma aal
pastern areyald aa ataa a4
The Dally tnd ftlxp
By aaa( i mis aaaVI
Only $a;3 a Ycsr
Ject to aettlement on and after that I n,":,!, . "oth lnclnlve ; in
date, but not to entry. tl)ln or aeleo- J0Wn"n'I "y-nioe .w, liBDtie lti-
llon until on an after October W, 11KJ7, !"f """ e 'i " wnny-iwo
iijoiiniTv, auu uuriu IIHI1
of thirtr -five X ; in Townsbici forty
40, Katifc-e eluhtenn 18. Hections five f.
aix C, north half of tie ven 7 and eight 8;
Im I.!.. . L. . . 1 . u a 'lti i,
u ivwiinuii Liiirij-wiKijb n, iwan.-
nineteen 19, Hections one 1, two 2,
three 3, ten 10, tothirtyaix 36. both in
clusive; all Township forty-one 41,
Kan Re nineteen V.i, not in Oooee
Lake; in Township thirty seven 37,
Hank-e twenty 20, aouth half of Kect
iou nine 0, all sixteen 10, aonth half
of seventeen 17, all nineteen ID, twen
ty 20, west half of twenty-one 21. all
twenty-five 26, to thirty-six 'M, both
inclusive; in Township tbirty-six .'10.
KanKe twenty-one 21, west half of
Section four 4: in Township thirty
seven, :r7 Kanio twenty one 21, Sectiona
thirty 30 and thirty-one 31 ; in Town
ship thirty-eiKht 38, Kanpe twenty
one 21, north-west quarter of Section
six 0, all sixteen 10, south half of
seventeen 17, all nineteen VJ, twenty
20, twenty-one 21, twenty-three 23, to
thirty-six 30, both inclusive; in Town
ship thirty-nine 39, Kano twenty one
21, Section one 1 to eleven 11, both
inclusive, fifteen 13, to nineteen 1!,
both inclusive, north half of twenty-
one 21, all thirty 30, thirty-one 31
an I thirty-two 32; in Township forty
to, KanKo twenty-one 21, Section five
, six 0, seven 7, ei(hteen 18, nine
teen 19, north half and aouth east
quarter of thirty 30, east half and
southwest quarter of thirty-ono 31;
in Township forty-one 11, Rane
twenty-one 21, Section six 0, north
hal' of seven 7 : in Township thirty
seven 37, Kane twenty-two 22, north
east quttrter of Section thirty four 34;
in Township thirty-eight 38, Kan fre
twenty-two 22, Section fivo 5, east
half and southwest quarter of Section
seven 7, all eight 8, nine 9, fifteen 15
to twenty-one 21, both inclusive,
twenty-eight 28, to thirty-three 33,
both inclusive; in Township thiity
nine 39, Range twenty-two 22, Sect
ions four 4 to nine 9, both inclus
ive, sixteen 1C, seventeen 17, and the
north half of twenty 20; all aonth and
east, Willamette Meridian, Oregon.
Warning is hereby axpressley given
that no person will permitted to gain
or exercise any right whatever under
any settlement or occupation beun
prior to September 28, 1907, and all
such settlement or occupation is here
by forbidden Fred Dennett, Acting
Commissioner of the General Land
Office. .Approved: Jesse E. Wilsou,
Acting Secretary of the Interior.
under the usual restriction.
at the United State Iand
Office at Iakeview, Oregon : In Town
ahlp twenty one (21). Range ten (10).
Hections one(l), twelve (12), thlrteeo
(l.l) fourteen ( 14 ), twenty-three (23).
twenty-four (24), twenty-five (23).
twenty-alx (2J), thirty-five (33) and
thirty-six (30) ; in Township twenty
three (23) Range ten (10), Miction
thirty six (30) j In Township twenty
one (21), Range eleven Ml), Section
three (3) to ten (10), both inclusive,
the si'iiheast quarter o.' Section eleven
(II isouth half of twelve (12), Sections
thirteen (13) to thirty-six CM',), both
Inclusive; in Township twenty-three
(23), Range eleven (II ), Lota ten (10),
eleven (11), twelve (12), thirteen (13),
fourteen (14), and fifteen (13) of Sec
tion thirty-one (31); in Township
twenty one (21), Range twelve (12),
the west half of Section four (4). the
east half and soiihwest quarter of Sec
tion live (3), southeast quarter of Sec
tion six (0), Kectioti seven (7), north
half and aouh-west quarter of Section
tight Sections eighteen (18), nine
teen (I9j, thirty (30;, thirty one (31);
in Township thirty two (32), Range
fourteen( 11), the west half of Section
twenty seven (27), south half of Sec
tion twenty-eght (28), east half of
Section thirty-two (32;, all Section
thiity three (33), west half of Section
thirty-four (31 ); in Twnship liirty-
j three (33), Range fourteen (14), the
wchi nan oi di'ciiou inree ), an sec
tion four (4), live (3), eight (8),
i nine !)), sixteen (10) to twenty one
(21), both inclusive, all twenty five
(23 i, south half of twenty-six (20), all
thirty-four (31), thirty-live (33) and
thirty-six (30); in Township thirty
four ( 4), Range fourteen (14), Sec
tions one (1), two (2), three ( t), east
half of four (1) and nine (9), all ten
(10) to sixteen (10), both inclusive,
twenty-two (22), to twenty-eight (28),
both inclusive, east balf of twenty-
nine (29), west half of thirty (30), all
thirty-oue (31) to thirty-six (30),
both inclusive ; all Township thirty
live (33), thirty six (30), and thirty
seven (37), Range fourteen (14 ); all
Township forty (40) aud forty-one
(41 Range fourteen and one-half
(14'a); in Township thirty-three (33),
Range fifteen (13), aouth half of Sec
tion nineteen (19), west half of twenty-seven
27, all twenty-eight, 28, south
half of twenty-nine (29) all thirty (30),
tbirty-one (31), thirty-two (32), thir
ty-three, (33, west half of thirty
four (34); in Township thirty-four
(31), Range lifteen (13), west half of
section live (3), all six (6), seven(7),
west half of eight (8), all eighteen
(18, nineteen (19), thirty (30), thirty-one
(31), thirty-two (32), west half
of thirty-three (33); in Township
thirty-live (33), Range fifteen (15).
Sectiona three (3), to ten (10), both
inclusive, west half of eleven (11),
all furteen (14) to twenty-two (22,)
both inclusive, west half of twenty
three (23), west half of twenty-six
(20), all twenty-seven (27! to thirty-
four (34. both inclusive, west half of
j thirty live (33); in Township thirty
I six (ISO), Range lifteen (15), Sections
i seven (.), eignt (8), sixteen (10) to
thirty-six (30), both inclusive; in
Township thirty-seven (37), Range fif
teen (15), Sections one(l), to twelve
(12). both inclusive, north half of
thirteen (13) and fourteen (11), all
fifteen (15)to tweuty-two (22), both
inclusive, twenty-seven (27), thirty-three
(33), both inclusive; in Town
ship thirj -eight (38), Range fifteen
(15), Sections four (4), to nine (9),
both inclusive, fifteen (15) to twenty-
two (22), both iuclusive, twenty-six
(20) to thirty-six (30) both inclusive;
in Township forty (40), Range fifteen
(I5i, west half of Section five (5), all
of six (6), aud seven (7), west half of
eight (8), all sixteen (lo) to twenty-
one (21), both inclusive, twenty
eight 28, thirty-six 30, both incluisve;
in Township forty-one 41, Range fif
teen 15, Sections two 2 to nine 9, both
inclusive, all of eleven 11, sixteen 10.
twenty 20, both inclusive, west half
of twenty-one 21 ; in Township thirty
six JO, Kauge six
teen (10), Sections sixteen (16) to
twenty (20), both inclusive, north
half aud south-west quarter of twenty
one (21), all twenty-nine (29), thirty
(30), thirty-oue (31) and thirty-two
(JJ)jln Towushlp thirty-seven (37),
Range sixteen (10), Sections five (5)
to eleven (11), both iuclusive, thirteen
13 to seventeen 17, both inclusive,
twenty-three 23, tweuty-four 24, twen-ty-flve
25, thirty-five 35, and thirty
six 30; in
Township thirty-eight. 38, Range six
teen 10. Sections oue 1. two 2. three
3, nine 9, to sixteen 16, both in
clusive, east half of seventeen 17, aud
twenty 20. all tweutv-one 21. tweutv-
three 23, tweuty-four 24, twenty-five
o, twenty-eight 28. twenty-uine 29,
south naif of thirty 30, all thirty
one 31, thiity-two 32. thirty-three
13, aud thirty-six 30; in Township
iniriy-nine .. liauge sixteen 10,
south half of Section tweuty-four 24
United Statea Land Otflc,
Lakevlew Oregon, May 7, 1907.
Notice la hereby (riven that In com
pliance with the provision of the A I
of Congress of June .1, 1878, entitled
'An act for the sale of timber land
in the State of California, Oregrm,
Nevada, and Washington Territory'
a extended to all the Public l.nd
State by act of August 4, 1892, Holla
M. McDonald, of Lakevlew, county of
L ake. State o Oregon, haa bi faj
filed in this office hi sworn ats tern fist
No. 3084, for the purchase of toe HEW
NWJi V. SVVJi & HWJ4 HVVJ of frac
tion No. 27. iu Township No. 36
Range No. (9, R, W. M., and will
offer proof to show that the tifid
sought la more valuable for its timber
or stone than for agricultural pnrpose
and to establish bia claim to said laitd
before Register and Keciever at Lake
vlew Oregon on Monday, the2daytf
July, 1907.
lie name aa witnesses: E. E. Rine
hart, A. L. Goodman, (Jeo. H. Down,
Geo. II. Lynch all of Lakevlew Oregrt.
Any and all persona claiming ad
versely the above-described lands are
requested to Hie their clain s in thje
office on or before said 22 day of July
1907. i
19 10 J. N. Watson, Regisr.
Blue prints of any town
ship in the Lakeview
Land District can be had
by applying to the under
signed. All work up to
date. Checkings made
from the Land Of
fice Records at the time
the prints are made, work
neatly and promptly
W. B. Snider,
Lakeview Oregon
blank-a at the Examine
Subscribe for The Luke County Ex
nmlner, If you want the news.
Illanka for final proof, Desert proofs
umber land final proofs and blank alii-
iavita for applications for readvertise-
tnents, blank witness' affidavits, etc. at
fhe Examiner ofllre. tf
We print township plats. tf
Dutch lunch at the Brewery Sa-
all twenty-live 23 aud thirtv-six 3t;
in Township thirty-five m, liauge
sevemeen 17, west half of Section
eleven II: in Township thirtv-six 30.
Range seveuteeu 17. north-east ouarter
or hectiou ouo 1 ; in Township thirty
seven 37, Range seventeen 17, south
half of Section lifteen 15, all sixteen
10 to twenty-two 22, both incluive,
twenty-seven 27 to thirty-three 33,
notn inclusive; In Township thirty
eigli 38, Range seventeen 17, south
Half nnd north-west quarter of Sec
tion three 3, Sections four 4 to ton
10, both Iuclusive, west half of eleveu
11, Ml Iltteeu 10. to twenty three 23.
both inclusive, twenty-live 25 to thir
ty-six iiii, both inclusive; in Town
ship thirty-nine 39, Range seventeen
17, Sections one 1 to five 5, both
inclusive, nine 9 to sixteen 10. both
inclusive, east half of Section seven
teen 17. south half of nineteen 19.
all tweuty 20 to tvventv-seveu 27.
both inclusive, thirty 30. 'thirtv
31, thirty-four 34. thirty-five 35 and
thiry-slx 30 : iu Townshin fnrtv 40.
Range seventeen 17 Sections oue 1,
United States Land Office Lakeview
Oregon, May 22, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pnance with the provisions ot the act
of Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled
"An act for the sale of timoer landa
m tne btates or California Oregon,
ievaua ana Washington Territory.
as extended to all the Publio Land
Statea by act of August 4, 1892, Blanch
iJttuey. ui xjaneview. countv or LakA.
O a. a. m t . .
oiaie or uregon, nas tnis oay tiled in
this office his sworn statement Nv
3700, for the purchase of the SEJ SE
i of Secticn No. 12, in Township No.
39, 8., Range No. 20, E., W. M., and
will offer proof to show that the land
sought Is more valuable for its timber
or stone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish bis claim to said land
nerore Kegister aud Receiver at Lake
view Oregon on Monday the 12th day
of August, 1907.
He names as witueses : Harry Railey,
Loreu Railey, John Brenner, Walter
Paxton all of Lakeview Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adver
sely the above-described landa are re
quested to file their claims in this
ottice on or before said 12th day of
August, 1907.
J. N. Watsou Register. 22 10
Notice Of Appointment Of Administrator
In the County Court of the State
of Oregon, for Lake Connty.
In the matter of the stat of)
Chares T. Thompson, )
Deceased. )
The undersigned having been ap
pointed by the Connty Court of the
State of Oregon, for Lake Connty,
Administrator ot the estate of G'bariea
T. Thompson, deceased, notice is
hereby given to the creditors of, and
all persons having claims against said
deceased, to present them verified as
required by law, within six months
after the first publication of this
notice to said Administrator at the
store of Wallace and Co., in tl e Towa
of Lakeview, Lake County, Oregon.
William Wallace,
Administrator of the estate tf
Charles T. Thompson, deceased.
Dated and first publihed, June.
20th. 19Q7.
Notice of Restoration cf Pobtka
Lands to Settlement and Entry. De
partment of the Interior, General
Land Office, Washington, D. C,
May 11, 1907. Notice is hereby givfm
that the ivacant public lands in the
folio ing described areas, tempore-r?'-
withdrawn for proposed additions
to the Cascade National ForeBt, Ore
gon, on July 31, 1903, and January 24.
1907, and not otherwise withdrawn,
reserved or appropriated, will by am
thoiity of the Secretary of the Interi
or be restored to the publio domain
on July 27, 1907, and become sobjetfV.
to settlement on and after that date,
but not to entry, filing or selection
until on and after August 26, It
nucier tne usual restructions, at tf
United States Land Ottice at La Ice
view, Oregon: 1 Township thirty
nine (39), Range six (6) .Sectiona ohe
(1), two (2), three(3), seven (7), to
thirty six (30), both inclasive; in
Township thirty-two (32), Range
seven aud one half (1), Sectiona
sixteen (10), to twenty-one (21), both
inclusive, the south half of Section
twenty six (20), Sections twenty
seven (27), to thirty six (36, bolb
inclusive; all of TownsbiD thirty-
three (.33). Range seven and one half
(7!), not in the Klamath Indian Res
ervation ; all of Township thirty-three
(.'53), Range seven (7), not iu said re
servation ; all South and East, Wil
lamette .Meridian, Oregon. Warning
is hereby expressly given that no per
son will bepermitted to gaiu or exer
cise any right wbatevfr under any set
tie me lit or occupation begun prior to
July 27, 1907. and all such settlement
or occupation is hereby forbidden.
R. A. Ballinger, Commissioner,
approved: Thos. Ryan
Acting Secretary of the Inrerfnr-
May 24 July 27.
-tf r--
i t
1 $ tihmi
ar:-.i ,i r- :
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Final Proof Notice.
Land Office at Lakeview Orecron.
June, 1 1907.
Notice is hereby given that Gran
ville W. Hardisty. of Lakeview Ore
gon, has tiled notice of his intention
to niak6 final five year proof in suorjort
of his claim, viz: Homestead Entry
No. 3fc'24made July 5 1906 fo r the Nti
SW!4' & SE4 Section 6 Township)
38 S. Range 21 b).,V. M. aud that said
proof will be made before Register
aud Receiver at Lakeview Oregon on
19th day of July 1907.
lie names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence unoii
and cultivation of, the laud viz:
L. O. Hardisty, A. M. Hardisty,
Win. Kimzey, Frank Wilson, all of
Lakeview Oregon. !'
J. N. Watson, Register. 23-5
Blue Prints Made.
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District, and do abstract work.
Call on or write 11'. H. SNIDER
Lakevlew, Oregon. 48 tf
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