Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, July 18, 1907, Image 3

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ourlna Cream Suggested to Proven!
Unfavorable Vaetarla Developing.
It probably sound contradictory tu
goucra pritctlco to recommend the
souring of cream Immediately after It
bus been skimmed or m-pitriitcd in or
der ti prevent It from developing uri
dealrnhlo flavors. However, It Ix a
practice Hint run do followed with
good results nml In bused on perfectly
antml rcnsonliig, wiy n writer In Iwn
Tho plnn U baaed on the filet tliilt MM
Boon nn luetic field lui developed In
tlio milk nullleleiiMy to give It it sour
tasto the unfii vonilile Imeterlu In tho
creiun-Hint la, those kind Hint pro
dui these undeMlrnlile (Iiivoim -nro
checked III tlielr development. Am I
generally known, these niifiivornlil"
bacteria ennnot work, mid reproduce
tlienmrlvc In ft ti m id I Hum. .lust
aa noon nn tint luetic mil nt i-i lit In
milk or crenui Inmt become dominant
tlio rent of I ho lixt of UiideHlrilldi' form
of hnddla must take a Ixn li xit, 11
It were.
Sour the Cream.
Hwret. ereiim In not I cNNiirlly good
cream. We know It Ix n eonmioii prac
tice to Hi t Hit -it i of ri n in t tin t U to
bo elinrinsl where It will eool off J lixt
a mooii iin possible after scpiiriilliig
mid kept at (hat t.'i.ipcrnturu until
ready to churn. It I u very coiiiuicnd
ahlo practice, of coin xc, ii cihiI tlni
rrcinii ut oiwe nfter It In Depurated, htil
If It I not to lie churned for four or
live Onyx, iin In the cmmc In pliiceM
where It requires Unit linuli time to
Collect ciioukIi c leu in for u churuliiK, It
would he Juxt n x well t Hour tint
(remit lifter It linn lieeu thoroughly
After It hnx ilevclopcd tln right de
gree of neld cool It off itgiilu and hold
It ut it low tcuipcrnturo until time to
chum. 'Ihlx N ii pin ii which we tin vn
aeen curried out successfully where It
required Hcvernl days to collect enough
creiun for churning mid Ix one worth
trying If you are annoyed with hitter
or strong llnvored liiitlcr tlmt Ix, when
It In II rut chiirucd.
The Hd of the Hard.
I would hh' to dulryineii, buy n reg
Ixtcred bull now. Ill lexx tllllll thriH
J eurx J oil will be milking half blood
dulry helferx. In Ickn thiiu llv yeurx
you will hnvu tliree-iunrtcr blooda,
then neveu-elghthx, nnd noon the herd
will be priiclh nlly pun bred nnd mon
ey liinUcrx. In M-lcctliig a bull to bend
a dulry tu rd one cimiiot be too ciin ful.
The mere fact that nil iiiiliiiul Ix pun
brl mid reglxterisl Ix not enough, al
though very neccHxnry. e hhotild Ixs
from a cow Hint It n reully tlrxt china
dairy mil inn I, nnd both of hlx grun
diiuiN mid Ntlll further buck xliould lx
high cImmx priHlucerx. It will not n
niK-exhitry to buy u new bull for citcu
crop of ciilvex. Ureed the helferx to
tlielr own aire before buying n new
bull. It will coxt lexx, mid the rexulta
will bo better Hum to buy n cheap bull
every two jcnn. - V. JelTrles In Na
tional F tot k nut u ii ml Kuriner.
The Nutlonnl luilry Show nxxocluHou,
with liendiniiirterx ut Chlcngo, In pliin
Ulng lt Keeoiid uniiuul hIiow for the
autumn of P.7. It will probably be
belt! lu Chlcugo.
Chaate Curing Exparimantt.
In th chtH-xo curing experlinentN of
the depart men t of ngrtculture the paxt
year It wax found the t liecxe that
Bcoretl the hlghext wun Hint which wna
placed Iu cold xtor.'igent n temperature
of 32 degnt-N V. directly from the presx.
That which acored lowest wax cured
In a fuctory curing room ut a tempera
ture of 05 legnfN
Valua of Breeding.
More nttciitloii bhouM be given to the
breeding of cowh by dulrymen. A
dalrymun whoso herd In once miule
free from tuberculoslN mny ruudlly
keep It ao If he grows hi own aupply
of cowa. The coiiilltlonx for the aure
and rapid upreud of Hie tllxeuxo are
more fuvorublo lu dairy Hum In other
herd been u ho of the largo portion of
the 1 1 mo that dulry cowh are confined
Ju atoll In winter or ut leiiHt ore kept
In stables even though not tied.
Cowa Should Bo Tcttad.
The dairy Intercut In greatly ham
pered lu cortnlu utntoN by importlug
Into them cows that have not been
tented for tuberculoHlH, anya the Ameri
can Ciilllvutor. An long un thla la per
mitted the dairymen who Invest iu sucb
cows will have their own Borrows.
They nre jimt about certain to Invest
In some Individuals that are affected
with tho dlxcuxo. Such being the cane,
It is certain to spread.
Records of Dairy Cows.
In tho twenty-second nnnunl report
of the bureau of iiulmnl Industry Clar
ence H. I,nne snys: The scales and the
Habeock test lire essential requisites
for every true dairyman, llecords nre
valuable because they assist dairymen
to distinguish tho good from tho poor
cows, assist tho feeder In preparing ra
tions economically, give warning of the
approach of sickness and give Inspira
tion to those who watch carefully for
Improvement. Accurate and continuous
records are uwossury for best results.
Kxamples show tho Impracticability of
trying to determine tho profitable cows
by niero guesswork. Onu dulrymnn
found Hie cow bo had picked out for
best to bo fifth on his merit list when
actual records were taken. It Is de
sirable that records of dairy nnlmals
Include not only the dairy performance,
but a concise history nnd description of
encu Htilmnl nnd o record ut least of
approximate accuracy of tho cost of
the feed of every cow, so that the
ctjnomy of production may bo determined.
r proprietor
l The host Vni""fc
I die on the market.
is ;
I Alxon complete line of whijiiii
i nnd buggy hnrncMS, whin'
& robe, rhiiim, IdtH, Hpun,
i quirt, nmeiti . In fuel every
thing In tin- Hi e i.f iiirrlngc
T unit lnrse r n ri U K )( . Itc
A piilrljj I'.v compctcnte run.
lIKI-CTni) IN lH)
I ACConnonTioNs
! sahplh koon
Por conni-KCiA.
SwimaSIow LIGHT & HARROW, Proprietor
Sverxose should tahtrribe for
Um home MPr, la ordtr U let all
the local nrfra, tat to keep 1 touch
with th world's dally tventj
should alio rtad
Tho Evening Telegram,
Portland, Oregon,
Tho lefcdinf oTeolnf aowspaotr of
tho Faclflo Gout which haj rom
yltto A o elated Prou roporta and
special leuod-wlro aenioo, with
correspondent! la Important news
centers and la all tho cities and
principal towns of tho Northwest
Tortland and snhnrhs azo covered
hy a brifht staff of reporters, and
editorial, dramatic, society and
ipeclal writers. Saturday's edi
tion consists of 20 to 21 paces, and
has colored comic paces, as well as
a department for children, colored
fashion pace, an Interesting serial
s'ory and other attractive features
!n addition U all the news of tbe
day !
Sulscriptlon P.ates: One month, j
f.O cents; three months. $1.35; six j
ffiuUis. 52.60; twelve months .".
iauiple copies mailed froo. f
Ely's Cream Balm
This Remedy is a Soeclflc,
Sure to Give Satisfaction.
It ell'llllrtTH, BOOl hl'S, lll'llls, lltld prulxctN thw
'liteiwd nicinlir inc. H e'ir : t'atiin I'nud
drives nwny n ( "II i-i Hi Menu : Ulv.
itenlorcs tho tv- tf T. I'n! nil.
l-.iiy '-'i nie. t ! i ' i )". d-ug-t,
applied iuli) Ii.' i.' r ! 'i'.mhI.
'...ll!!D KlZii, f.'l coins ,; I 'l'r .A i-l' y
iiiui! ; Trial Si.e, li) ctrntu i f i:uiw.
ILY BROTHERS. t6 Warron St. . Naw Yurs.
! Notice to Sheepmen : All rollick,
un export shoepshenror aud h crew of
Culiforula shearers ure ot my corrals
lu Camns prairie ready to go to work.
I have my corrals In excellent shupe
this spring and the feed is better tbun
ever before.
20- Mrs Rosa McDanlels.,
Bmth. vlinNiulYoiiHii Always Boufill
,?rtiTii 'iv.!"""' "" 1
Ths Leading Paper of U
, PkHc Coast
Th" Stn Francisco
The Weekly Chronicle
The very best weoaly Nwspasr
pv.o.Uhed la the oilr West.
$1.50 a Year
! I..!n,c Ktira o an; iS't nf tha
i.iixl Ii4iat,0(ud aud Maxica
It is Viat bacause, besides
i rlne.n all tha newa ol the world
.o la an Interesting way
a -i d ulljt Illustrating many
rtk -'e: . it hm special depaV
no.s i'.e voted to
These are presided ever by
ed tors having a thorough knowi
edpe of their specialties. The
i ages deveted to Agr culture.
Horticulture, Poultry and Live
Stock are wall Illustrated and
fl.'.ed with matter of the greatest
Interest te ail engaged Is these
Industries, erery line belag
written by those who are In elose
touch with oondltleiia prevailing
eo this Coast q
It will be sent Iim.
Do yoa want the Chroasoie
Reversible Map?
Showing the Unites' States, Do
minion ef Canada ss4 Northers
Mexico os ese .slda, MAP OP
THE WORLD, preeeodag te view
In isa oesdaueua snap, with all
areas In tnte psaporMos. the es-tli-a
surfaoe of the Earth oa tho
other aide.
Sens S3 ss4 get She Map serf
""VenkJy Csrsntsls" lor oew yasr,
psstags pripalS as Has) sati
The Dally End Map
Only S&75 a Ycsr
Mining blank s at the Examine
If you are thinking of organizing a
stock company Bee our uew Bamplea
oWall Stret eutfraved stock ccrtld
SubHcrlbe for The Lake Couuty Ex
uiulucr, If you waut the uews.
D. K. Penner, the piano tuner, will
make his annual visit to Lakeview lu
the noar future. If your piano needs
tuning wait for him. 22 tf.
M. H. s TUUWE.
. iTi 1 1 1 ay
Notlee of rutortlon of Public
Lmida to Hettleuiont and Entry. )
tiartmtnl of th Interior, Oeneral
Land Otlleo, WnxlilnKton, I). C, June
i:t, lWr7. Nolle, In hereby kItao that
I he public, land In the following de
acrllKxl itrpfiN, tmporRrlly withdrawn
on May and July 31, for for-
rRtry purpoxfld and adjoining tha Fre
mont and ( looni Ike National Foeata,
(Jreuon, and not otberwiae withdrawn,
reaorved or appropriated, will by au
thority of tbeHecretaryof the Interior
le rextored to the piibllo domain on
Hertemlier 2H. UK7, and liecome aub
Jnet to Mittleinent on end aftr
date, but not to entry, tiling or elec
tion until on an after October 28, i:J7,
under the iiHiial reatrlctlonii,
at Die United Statea Ijend
Ollhe at Lakevlew, Oron : In Town
Nhip twenty one (21), lUne ten (10),
HeetioiiH one (I), twelve (12), thirteen
(l.'J) fourteen ( 14 ), twenty-three (23),
twenty-four (21), twenty fife (2-"),
twenty-aix (2fi), thirty-five (3T) and
thirty alx (:;j;in Townnhlp twenty
three (23) Iiane ten (10), Section
thirty nix CM); in TowriMhl twenty
one (21), ItHiitfe eleven (11), Hectiona
three CI) to ten (10), both inclusive,
the aoiiheaxt (p-iarter Oi' Miction eleven
(ll)mnith half of twelve (12). Hectiona
thirteen ( 13) to thirty aix (30), both
incliixhe; in TownHhlp twenty-three
!:.i:r,'ir rr." i ' l:tiTn 1
eleven (11). twelve (12). thirteen (13),
fourteen (II), and fifteen (1:) or hoo-
tion thirty-one CM); In iownsnip
twenty one (21), Itauge twelve (12),
the went half ot Section four (4). the
eBMt half and souhwest quarter of Sec
tion five ifi), southeast quarter of Sec
tion six (C), Section seven (7), north
lislf and son h-west quarter of Section
eight ("). Sections eighteen (18), nine
teen (19), thirty CIO), thirty one (31);
in Township thirty two (:), Kange
foiirteen( 14 j, tho west half of Section
twenty seven (27), south hnlf of Sec
tion twenty-egbt (2S), eattt half of
Section thirty-two (32), all Section
thiity three (33), west half of Section
thirty-four (31) ; in Twnship thirty
three 'XI), Kange fourteen (14), the
west half of Section three (3), all sec
tions four (4). five (a), eight (H),
inine (9), sixteen (10) to twenty one
j (21 ), both inclusive, ali twenty Bve
2."jt, south half of twenty-six (20), all
thirty-four (31), thirty-live (35) and
thirty-six (30) ; iu Township thirty
four ( vl), Kange fourteen (14), Sec
jtions one (1), two (2), three ( ), eat
half of four (4) and nine (U), an ten
(10) to sixteen (10), both incliiHive,
twenty-two (22), to twenty-eight (2h),
both inclusive, euHt half of twenty
nine (29). west half of thirty (30), all
thirty-one (31) to thirty-six (30),
both inclusive; all Townships tbirty
Uve (3.", thirty six (30), and thirty
seven (37), Kange fourteen (14) ; all
Townships forty (40) aud forty-one
(41), Kange fourteen and one half
(14'i); in Township thirty-three (33;,
Han ice fifteen ()"), south half of Sec
tion nineteen (19), west half of twenty-seven
27, all twenty-eight, 28, south
half of twenty-nine (29) all thirty (30),
thirtv-oue (31). thirtv-two (32), thir
ty-three, (33), west half of thirty
four (34); iu Township thirty-four
(34), Kange fifteen (15), west half of
section the (5), all six 6 seven(7),
west half of eight (8), ail eighteen
(18), nineteeu (19), thirty (30), thirty-one
(31), thirty-two (32), west half
of thirty-three (33); in Township
thirty-five (35), Kange fifteen (15).
Sections three (3 to ten (10), both
inclusive, west half of eleven (11),
all furteen (14) to twenty-two (22,)
both inclusive, west half of twenty-
three (23), webt half of -twenty-six
(20), all twenty-seven (27) to thirty
four (34), both inclusive, west half of
thirty-rive (35); in Township thirty
six (30), Kange fifteen (15), Sections
seven (7), eight (8), sixteen (10) to
thirty-six (30), both inclusive; in
Township thirty-seven (o7), Kange fif
teen (15). Sections one(l), to twelve
(12). both inclusive, north half of
thirteen (13) and fourteen (14), all
fifteen (15;to twenty-two (22), both
inclusive, twenty-seven (27), thirty-three
(33), both inclusive; iu Town
ship thirj-eight (38), Kange fifteen
(15), Sections four (4), to nine (9),
both inclusive, fifteen (15) to twenty
two (22), both inclusive, twenty-six
(20) to thirty-six (30) both inclusive;
in Township forty (40), Kange tifteeu
(15), west half of Section five (5), all
of six (0), aud seven (7), west half of
eight (8), all sixteen (10) to twenty
one (21), both inclusive, twenty
eight 28, thirty-six 30, both incluisve;
iu Towuship forty-one 41, lauge nr
teen 15, Sections two 2 to nine 9, both
inclusive, all of eleven 11, sixteen 10.
twenty 20. both inclusive, west half
of twenty-one 21 ; in Township thirty
six 30. Kange eix-
teeu (10). Sections sixteen (16) to
twenty (20), both inclusive, north
half aud south-west quarter of twenty
one (21), all twenty-nine (29J, thirty
(30), thirty-one (31) and thirty-two
(32): in Township thirty-seven (37),
Iiange sixteen (10), Sections five (5)
to eleven (11), both inclusive, thirteen
13 to seventeen 17, botn inclusive,
twenty-three 23, twenty-four 24, twen-ty-tlve
25, thirty-live 35, and thirty
six 30; in
Township thirty-eight. 38, Kange six
teen 10, Sections one 1, two 2, three
3. nine 9. to sixteen lo, both in
elusive, east half of seventeen 17, and
tweuty 20, all twenty-one 21, twenty
three 23, twenty-four 24, tweuty-Hve
25, twecty-eight 28, twenty-nine 29,
south half of thirty 30, all thirty-
one 31, thiity-two 32, thirty-three
33, aud thirty-six 30; iu Township
thirty-nine 39, Kange sixteen 10,
south half of Section twenty-four 24,
all tweuty-five 25 aud thirty-six 30;
in Towuship thirty-five 35, Kauge
seventeen 17, west half of Section
eleven 11; in Township thirty-six 30,
Kange seventeen 17, north-east quarter
of Section one 1; in Township thirty
seven 37, Ktinge seventeen 17, south
half of Section fifteen 15, all sixteen
10 to twenty-two 22, both incluive,
twenty-seven 27 to thirty-three 33,
both inclusive ; iu Township thirty
eight 38, Kange seventeen 17, south
half aud north-west quarter of Sec
tion three 3, Sections four 4 to ten
10, both inclusive, west half of eleven
11, all fifteen 15, to tweuty-three 23,
both inclusive, twenty-live 25 to thir
ty-six 30, both inclusive; in Towu
ship thirty-nine 39, Kange seveuteeu
17. Sections one 1 to uve o, uotn
inclusive, nine 9 to sixteen 10, both
iuclusive, east half of Sectiou seven
teen 17, south half of nineteen 19,
all . twenty 20 to twenty-seven 27,
both iuclusive. thirly 30, tbirty-oue
31, thirty-four 34, thirty-five 35 aud
thiry-six 30; In Towusnip rorty 40,
Kange seveuteeu 17 Sections one 1,
two 2, eleven II, north half of twelve
12; In Townahlp thirty-four 34, Ilsnwe
eighteen 18, aoutb half of Section
nineteen 19; In Townablp thirty-alx
Hange eighteen 18, the aontb and
north-wet UHrter of Seetion alx
C; In Townahip thirty-eight 38, Hange
elubteen 18, sonth half (if Section
three 3, all ten 10, aout.h half of elev
en II, ail thirteen 13, fourteen 14,
fifteen 15, nix teen !, north-eaxt
rjiinrter of twenty-four 21, aout.h half
of twenty -Ave 2r, twenty-alx 'id, and
twenty-aeven 27, all twenly-eight 28,
twenty-nine ', thirty-one 31, to
. 1 ff l..t. 1 .... I 1 . I n
4 1 . t i vnirijraix , imiiii iih iiifhoi hi
tllht,. Ikl.. Il.l.l .u. m IK.
' l.owiiniii' tuin;iiiuv a', iwuku va.,
J teen 18, Hectluns one 1, to thirty-two
'32, both inclusive, and north half
lot thirtv-flve 35; in Townnhip forty
40, Hange eighteen 18, Hectiona live
aix 0. north half of eevcri 7 and eight 8 ;
In Townxhip thirty-eight 38, Kang
nineteen 10, Hectiona one 1, two Ii,
three 3, ten 10, tothirtyaix :V. both in
cluxlve; ail Townxhip forty-one 41,
Kange nineteen 10, not iu Oooce
Lake; in Townabip thirty-aevera 37,
Kange twenty 20, eonth half of tact
ion nine 0, all aixteen 10, aontb half
of aeveuteen 17, all nineteen 1'J, twen
ty 20, went half of twenty-one 21, all
twenty-five 25, to tbirty-alx 30, both
Inclusive; in Townehip tbirty-aix .'!0.
Hange twenty-one 21, went helf of
Hange twenty one 21, Section.
Hection four 4 : in Townahrp thirty
thirty 30 end thirty-one 31 ; in Town
ship tbirty-elglit .in, Kan go twenty
one 21, north-west quarter of Section
six 0, all sixteen 10, sooth half of
seventeen 17, all nineteen 19. twenty
20, twenty-one 21, twenty-three 23, to
thirty-six M, both inclusive; In 'lown
ship thirty-nine 39, Kange twenty-one
21, Section one 1 to eleven 11, both
inclusive, fifteen 15, to nineteen 19,
both Inclusive, north half or twenty
one 21. all thirty 30. thirty-one 31
and thirty-two 32; in Township forty
40, Kange twenty-one 21, Sections five
5, six 0, seven 7, eighteen 18, nine
teen 19, north half and south-east
quarter of thirty 30. east half and
southwest quarter of thirty-one 31;
in Township forty-one II, iiange
twenty-one 21, Section six 6, north
bal! of seven 7 : in Township thirty
seven 37, Iiange twenty-two22, north
east quarter of Section thirty-four 34;
in Township thirty-eight 38, Kange
twenty-two 22, Section five 5, east
half and southwest quarter of Section
seven 7, all eight 8, nine 9, fifteen 15
to twenty-cue 21, both inclusive,
twenty-eight 28, to thirty-three 33,
boih inclusive; in Township thirty
nine 39, Iiange twenty-two 22, Sect
ions four 4 to nine 9, both inclus
ive, sixteen 10, seventeen 17. and the
north half of twenty 20; all south and
east, Willamette Meridian, Oregon.
Warning is hereby oxpresnley given
that no person will permitted to gain
or exercise any right whatever under
any settlement or occupation begun
prior to September 28. 1907. and all
such settlement or occupation is here
by forbidden Fred Dennett, Acting
Commissioner of the General Land
Office. Approved: Jesse E. Wilson,
Acting Secretary of the Interior.
Blue prints of any town
ship in the Lakeview
Land District can be had
by applying to the under
signed. All work up to
date. Checkings made
from the Land Of
fice Records at the time
the prints are made, work
neatly and promptly
VV. B. Snider,
Lakeview Oregon.
Creasing to Please Men.
Dressing to please a man is not such
difficult work if a woman will only
grasp toe fundamentals. A man likes
to se9 brilliant hair with a deep wave
In it lie loves a hat that la trimmed
with roses and caught up at the side.
lie dotes upon the little coat that Is
tiot too severe In Its outline, and ho
likes feminine fripperies around the
bands. As for the fingers themselves,
they must be perfection. Then as to
the arms. No man likes a poor pair of
arms. Better cover them with laco
armlets than display a set of rough
elbows and bones that show through
the skin. St Taul Tloneer rress.
Tho Good Night Kiss.
Always send your child to bed hap
py. Whatever cares may trouble your
mind, give the dear child a warm good
night kiss as it goes to its pillow. The
memory of this In the stormy years
which may be In store for the little
oue will be like Bethlehem's star to
the bewildered Bhepherda, and welling
up iu the hearts will rise the thought
"My father, my mother, loved me,"
Lips parched with fever will become
dewy again at this thrill of tender
memories. Kiss your little child before
it goes to sleep.
First Aid For Burning Feet.
BuraliiK feet are most unpleasant
aud not only make a woman miserable,
but cause her to pucker up her face in
to numerous fret lines and so rob her
of tho pretty, cheery light which makes
a woman so lovely, says the Philadel
phia l'rcss. Every night bathe the feet
well with hot water to which ordinary
washing soda has been added. Dry
thoroughly aud apply this powder:
Five grams of powdered alum, five
grams of salicylic acid, sixty grains of
powdered talcum, rubbing It well Into
tho feet
United States Land Office,
lakeview Oregon, May 7, 1907.
Notice la hereby given that In om
pliance with the provision of the Act
of Congress of Jnne 3j 1878. entitled
"An act for the sale ot timber lands
in the States nf California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Territory,"
aa extended to all the Publio land
States by act of Angust 4, 1892, Koilit
M. McDonald, of Lakeview, connty of
L ake, Slate o Oregon, has this day
filed in this office hia sworn statement
No. 3081, for the purchase of tDeHEJtf
NWJf E4 HWH A SWLJ HW4j of Men
tion No. 27, in Township No. 30 R.
Kange No. 19. E.. W. M.. snd will
offer proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable for its timber
or htone ttmn for agricultural purpose
and to establish bis claim to said land
before Kegister and Keciever at Lake
view Oregon on Monday, the 22 day of
Jnly, 1907.
lie names as witnesses: E. E. Klne
hart, A. L. Uoodman, Oeo. 8. Down,
Ueo. II. Lynch all of Lakeview Oregon.
Any and sll persons claiming ad
versely the above-described lands ar
requested to file their claiirs in this
office on or before said 22 day of July
1907. -
19 10 J. N. Watson, Register.
Notice Of Apeelntment Of Administrator
In the County Court of the St a to
of Oregon, for Lake County.
In the matter of the stat of)
Chares T. Thompson, )
Deceased. )
The undersigned having been, ap
pointed by the County Court of tho
State of Oregon, for Lake County,
Administrator of the estate of Charles
T. Thompson, deceased, notice is
hereby given to the creditors of, and
all persons having claims against said
deceased, to present them verified as
required by law, within six months
after the first publication of this
notice to said Administrator at the
store of Wallace and Co., in tie Town
of Lakeview, Lake County, Oregon.
William Wallace,
Administrator of the estate of
Charles T. Tbompnon, deceased,
Dated and first publibed, June,
20th. 1907.
Notice of Restoration of Publio
Lands to Settlement and Entry. De
partment, of the Interior, General
Land Office, Washington, D. C,
May 11, 1907. Notice is hereby given
that the l vacant public lands in the
folio-1 ing described areas, temporary'-
withdrawn for proposed additions
to the Cascade National Forest, Ore
gon, on Jnly 31, 1903, and January 24,
HOT, and not. otherwise withdraw,
reserved or appropriated, will by an
thotity ot the Secretary of the Interi
or lie restored to the public domain
on July 27, 1907, and become subject
to settlement 00 and after that date, '
bat not to entry, filing or selection '
until cn and after August 20, 1907,
under the usual restructions, at the
United States Land Office at Lake-
view, uregon: 1 xownsnip iniriy
nine (39), iiange six (C) .Sections one
(1), two (2), three(3), seven (7), to
thirty-six (36), both inclusive; ia
Township thirty two (32), Kange
seven and one half (7), Sections
sixteen (16), to twenty-one (21), botb
inclusive, the south half of Section
twenty-six (26), Sections twenty
seven (27), to thirty six (36, both
inclusive; all of Township thirty
three (33). Range seven and one half
(7!), not in the Klamath Indian Res
ervation ; all of Township thirty-three
(33), Range seven (7), not iu said re
servation ; all South and East, Wil
lamette Meridian, Oregon. Warning
is hereby expressly given that no per '
son will bepermitted. to gain or exer
cise any right whatevrr under any set
tlement or occupation begun prior, to
July 27, 1907, and all such settlement
or occupation is hereby forbidden.
R. A. Ballinger, Commissioner,
approved: Thoa. Ryan
Acting Secretary of the Interior.
May 24 July 27- , ,- . .
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Final Proof Notice.
Land Otflce at Lakeview Oregon,
June, 1 1907.
Notice is hereby given that Gran
ville W. Hardisty, of Lakeview Ore
gon, bus tiled notice of hia intention
to make final Ave year proof in support
of his claim, viz: Homestead Entry
No. 3024made July 5 1900 fo r the N'Ve
SVJ4' & V'H SE4 Section 6 Township
38 S. Kange 21 E.,W. M. and that said
proof will be made before Kegister
and Receiver at Lakeview Oregon oa
19th day of July 1907.
He numea the following w itnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of, the land viz:
L. O. Hardisty, A. M. Hardisty,
Wm. Kirazey, Frank Wilson, all of
Lakeview Oregon.
J. Watson, Kegister. 23-5
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