Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, July 18, 1907, Image 1

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Horse Races, Squaw
Wrestle, H Dance.
llvcnt one of the Most Notable
in the History of the Little
Warner Vnlley Town.
On Hi" night of I tin .'inl ot July lit
Flllnll lit til" linlir uf Vi o'clock till'
Town IJunslern from their n i-pcelivo
pcli'lics welcomed ill shrillc-t lolien
t he coming of the glorious fourth of
July, nor long ureil coiinlnn on llin
liclghhol lug lunchc hniycd most em
phatically . The owl final Mime inyn
tciiuiin recivn In the rlmrnck cnted
Ills most doleful plaints In ii pule
ciiiIchh half iii'h n which glinted lazily
nlmve the limrnck in the cast. Whin
lien it 1 1 I foghorns touted fi,m the
M'hooni rfc anchored nl Liccs wharf
llllil llllti'lll't 1 11)' 111 If t hi'lllhl t'l the
wnlll thut. the glorious Iuiii I h hii'l
Conic. Cannonading commenced lit
the J. .1. Hunch. 'J'' New barrel, 1. 1
leer were placed on tni lit the Cnllore
V'clllll by Lane llllil Muss. Hell., tinkled
chccl illglj" ut Hotel tie Sciimtlioil Flllli
llloillug the k' 1 1 1 t -i Htnl pntronn to
lileiikfiiil. Inline li.tlely niter break
filit j i J I 1 1 1 1 1 1 In crmV'l iiitn I w 11
III large numbers mill llll mode (if con
veyances. Some came in run luges
some in boggle ir In lint l. . One
party ratlin mi u nay lake, (!. V.
Wise mid family came from the IT
ranch lumen Ihe twamp inn wheel
liiii'k, ilmve Into t he pi n ic ground
adjusted hU lvr, lowcrvd hi freight
fill I hacked out. Thel i v re ii'l'te )l !
mi .iIh i I . .mi 1 Jimi i i i'h , 1 l.-li creek,
Twelve iniln crock. Mr Powell cr-ck
fllllie Cteel., K'icK creeK lviHii.II crei-K
mul other creeks. I
Whynnl Street, ami M-.i rw AVeliile i
were jianin-I with arch, an '. mot-
tile, Midi H " Weli'i line to historic j
I'lU'tl." "I lll.-ll :ik"UlM"l I he WoJil,"
idi i b
pie-iie I'toiin .In ailioliKt the
t I'een in Iront ot the FlUfll
lunl:-e cool 1 not Le excelled with the
ilrowy hum of Die L'-en, the cooinK of
doves ii'id the Li'iiutlfiil I ream of
Honey creek within a few feet of tho
t'l inn l.t I al liliii ,' rlow !y nini cnivler-ly
Ly, lidded ii charm to the occaMon.
'I'liere wer" r;ael(M of llll klildn of I'l.V
ui l i. ili lm iy uii.'ini mi l team
were run a'l day Iroai the Colloceum
to tFie j ii'nic iM'oiiiid Ly Lane nnd
Mum witli plenty of vet uoodn to
,-nt iy nnd appease the Crnv iii'' of nil
w ho pat rmii.e the picnic and lleniiH
tho liht of the ejarinn iliimoltal miii
that h'r.iccrt the in idsumiuer day. Tho
iee cream dejuirt ment whicli wan
handled by the ladien, li", blenn them
mi I niarsliale 1 by Minn Kitlell Fine
mid with her bin laiiKh mid henrl mid
Kelieioiin hamln (.he forgot linbody.
At the racen in the n'ternoon there
.van rreat at I rncl ion fir t hu.-io who
loved tho sprinting eipiine family tho
new rvilutioii track which nperntes
on a run under the American blow
hofe rules, wan very diirty but thu
crowd wan will prepared for the heat
mid dunt. Frank Lane muiI to the
riicfl track 2 pound of tangle loot from
tho Colloceum, W. .. Morn Kent li
pounds of Tcrrnntler juice from the
F.Icphant and J. A Morris, .lude of
the IDkIi Tulen b. nch of l'lunh, Kent '2
poiiudn of Oranne cider, Tim Sinister
sent 2 (iiart cupn to Le ii.-ed in d's
tiiliut I live tho wet K1""'-
First race was the Flu-di Derby
irTsHi, there were live entries. Mr.
tlilsil entered llandbox. Mr. Amler
sun from tho Kanaka. Kanch Deep
Creek, entered Wood Loy. Mr. W. Z."
Moss enterd Hill ltrown. Tom Ferris
onteied Fill Ho.x ami Mr. Moay
entered "Drive 'mn nil up." The race
was 2 miles. They went lit h tup of
tlio drum. The rucu was .juito excit
liiK for tho llrst in i It when Landliox
Hot on tho lead und won in a cantor
with threo contesl.lnu for second
money, while poor Hill Hiown was
away Loliinil riuiniiiii anaiust the
wind. Tin re were H' other incos
which wore uiilmpoilnid its holutf
poorly contested, us the hot raco
which bad nlno entries when Hill
Harry's sorrel nunc Hetty Harry drove
tho othorH before her and they soeiuod
to be nfruld of Lor too, because they
kept far ahead of bee Tho atjuaw
race mul wreidli! wan won by Winona,
qiiei ll of Dip Piute. She threw Kitty
I'nrker .'I straight falls-iih my
countrymen what h fall there wim, it
shook the town of Flush.
I jUhI hut lint leant the big dnneii lit
the town hull whs crowded. There wim
scarcely standing room, ntiil every
body wiih trying to make room for
every hoily elne. The grand niarch
darted lit ! o'clock mul the Plush
Urnnn bund lend by hand master Hell
limber st pickup the old favorite tune,
Push iik'iin Jlrierer Mn Clirn Hull.
Paiii'ilik' wnn kell nit until liiornliiK
with a h.leii.lii mi per at inl.lnluht.
Kveryl hliik' wim cairli'il In a moct
ilecniotin mmiiier, pure f ricti'lphip ami
Iinitheily love pn vaileil loiito l-e
reiiiemla i eil In 1'IiikIi.
Jly your moht Olineiiiioun
Mi-Unrlhy Come Down.
liack to (loot Old Lake.
lid. t'lillelt, v im hliH l.i ell in Kii'h
uioiid, Cnlil., mid in the vicinity ut
Sail I' rilncii-co for the piiht few ycitrc,
han returned to Lakfl County from
whence he drifted to make hin fortune
in mure congenial clime",
i-a i.l he wa- I I lilnati)
money to i,-et Lack on.
Mr. Folh tt
in lm inif
mi. re tiimi
Home others could nay. A.iked il there
were oilier La'e county people iihout
the city of htriki-, hi'h fiviuu Mid
Idlelieo, he raid theie were (it hem
wim wanted to come l in k. He haid
further that the hardi-hipn for the iiik' man tl" re had only com
menced. Strike-, toreed ldleilehMi.ini
hikh ii ntn hini? made more than one l'red Fiift nnd leo Hartlrode piinn
fellow w iio wan Lacli to Lake ; (..l throiik'h -LiikevieW Monday tfoiiitf
County, where a man can woik every i into the monntaiun eat of Lnkevievv
day in the year f" tfoo l w aei ri and on a pro.-pect iiik' tii). The i;eullcejfu
lay up a few ilollam.
Fairbanks a Hero.
Vice pierfdent C. W. Fall Latilm Jn a
hero. ThU fact wan deniountratcd a J immie J ud'c, arihtnnt pofu:anter,
Jew iluyn iui nl ii Kiiiiiini'r li'Mnl in bus none on a vacation to Warner,
tht. Vellowhtone pm k, w here Mr. Fair j lie, w ill vinit withJ. N. Fitzgerald
bmikn U taking a viunlion. 1 le and a and w ife for a month. Walter Dul
fnend were rittiu on the hiVl j 1 izu j ton. tii the Lxamiuir force, will abniiit
r:l,Htthi when he not i .. a I vt .v.ip-1 in the pot t otllice tnoruiiiKfl itl evvv
i i xo in l lie l.i Ki' I, i) i Mill all ly i i run i oi
the holel. The Loatiiiv; pmty, nil Lot
I one woman.
gained a im t in.' mid wi re
making their escape Mr. i'nilbuiiks
noticed that one woman ill danger of
drow nini.', and he leaped over the
ju,-t iu time to tercuo the woman who
was Milking tin; third time when the
V icepl'eflilellt "l i.'.ed her C
, , ,
t hini.' and
held tier out oi the water until help
1 arrive. 1, when they xwam to the pier
jwith her. It took half mi hour to
I resurcit at t! hi t, alter w hich Mr. 1'air
! ImiiUn went to bin room to chnnpi his
clothing. Tim lady he raved wnn
wuilrers lit the hotel, mid was the ore
that waited on the table where Mr.
I l'airliauks ate.
While Mr. C. II.
and I
Miss Lnln me cry reticent on I gon and Last cm railroad Co., in
the subject-lit least to their trieiids j their hi'ndiuiirtern iu Lakeview, nr
it is said that a very happy event inj rived hero a few days ago from Salt
to take i .lace. Humor had it all week I Lake City to spend the summer, as
that tne weddiiui would come oil Wed-!
nesday evuning, ( hist evening. 1
MNn tiairett in Olio of Lukeview's
most prominent young ladies, tho
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cordon
(iarrett. The gioom is well known iu
Lake mid Klamath counties mid is an
upright and hoiuiralilo gentleman.
The Kxiiiniucr joins tho many
friends ol the happy couple in w ishing
them a long lilo ot happiness and
prosperity. Judge Daly performed
I ho ceremony.
Sunday's Ball (iame.
Tho ball game Inst Sunday botwoon
tho l'rofessoniils und tho Atnetuers
fplnycd on tho raco track diamond,
was a victory fort ho professionals.
Tim score was i) to 17. Tho llrst two j
innings looked like it was going to bo
a good game, there being no tallies'
imnlii tiv either side. I'd to the tilth
tho score stood two to two, but after 1
that, t ho game begun to loose interest
than fun to play for.
Cost Of Circuit Court.
A few weeks ago Tho ( Examiner
made the statement that the cost of
the May term of circuit court was
about i?:i,tHKl. This estimate was
criticised as being away i under.
Since that time the County
court has met nnd pussod upon claims
which figure iu the neighborhood of
p:i,050 for circuit court expenses,
showing that The Exuuiinor was not
a great way off iu its cstiuiute.
llllil, llltl glUIIU Devlin III lliusil Ulli.'ii'ni ... t
both sides semingly making tallies iiirs have been dona od to tho Li
w hanovcr they wanted to. Lakeview I'rary by Mr. L. Ij. Hopkins of hhung
has some good ball players, but they " Vhhm. Mr. Hopkins also sent a
need practice, and something more : ' Photographic views of
i rii . - i 1 ,......s.....i(...a n.Miiitiiiiiii
Exact Date Of His Arrival Will Be An
nounced Later On. Stnten KeuatorU. V. Kulton
will vlnit I nkevlcw in a nhort time,
jtho exact date of hln ariivul hern linn
not lieen 'le'ermineil upon, hut it will
: lie wlllilu n nhnrt time.
j xhe exact 'Into v. ill lm iiiiiioiuieei
hy Tim Kxioniner an
! pniihilile lo iiMrertain.
HO'in an it in
Local Brief.
! I). Ii. Shirk and wife and their
i daughter, Mm. liutler, were in Lake-
view n few day the plot week on land
J LuKincKM. Th" Shirkn cume hern from
! v'eiinrviile, w iiere iney live purl oi
'"" '"lie. rpeuniiiKH portion in iin-ir
lime in P ! keley, California.
. Mi. Powney, mother of .Mm. I'. L.
; Kokh, arrived at the Koh.i ranch 7
' milen In low town Tuehday. Mm.
j Puwney conien from Nehrarka, where
1 fruit and k'liiin cmpo were ki'led Ly
i frot mid in much plca.-e l w ith the
' I ioore L ike vallev.
are from Cedmville. They say there
are mining men comiiiK' into the
country Ly the rcore from Nevada and
lii; and nt the noo'i Lour durintr Jir.
J mice's iil neiice.
C. K. t liver srld the C arlton rauch
on Drews creek Tuesday to M. W.
Hart, of Wertfall Malheur county.
The ranch conl.ta of l'H acres. The
price was 8:tim. Mr. Hart in a
now coiner mil wilt move ti.U
ii. . ..i i ii.. ; . . in i ,. u
o ij oi'ire u ii:i r. in' in ciuu tw i i:
or i class rn i. n.
Jan. Harry wan over from Warner
...,. , i I..,
llmt of the week and purchased u p.,o-
novruph from Thornton's Drug store.
Jim says thry have machinery to do
everything but herd sheep, mid le' is
going to experiment with tho phono
graph to see if it won't take the I. ice
of a sheep herder. ,
Mrs. Young,
wife of Mr. 1.'. A.
Young, w ho in working foi the Ore-
was announce 1 in Tho Examiner
week that she woulJ.
,T. S. Lime is building a lino dwel
ling house on his resilience property,
on Water street. This in unothe, one
of Lakev lews' homes that bun been
taken in the rough mid in a very short
time made into nn lovely a home as
one could wish for, with trees, lawn,
tlower beds and roses.
Miss Klleii Cobb, nnd Miss Kssie
Cobb, Mrs. F. M. Miller and son
Hoburt will statt for Portland next
Wednesday. From Portland the
paity will visit the Yellowstone park,
and from there Mrs Miller und sou
ritnrnn, and tho Misses Cobb w'ill go
to Huston, Muss, and may make a
trip to Europe before returning to the
Two interesting hooks, "in iiii
., ,
II. Huns and
ui ii- n
nil" by W. E.
l'terniost Kant" (
"Corea the Hermit Nation" by
Shanghai and surrounding countries
which will le mounted und placed in
the read i iik room.
J, C. Oliver informs us that tho lit
tle, old white pony that bus been in
tho Oliver faini.v for i yours, died a
ago. The pony belonged to !
i. i :
i's youngest daughter, Lav
few duys
Mr. Ollm
ing been handed down from one mem
ber of tho family to another. Frod
Reyuolds, the Uordou tlarret children
ami Emerson's children all learned to
ride on this pony. It was held in
high esteem by the Oliver fuuiily.
Henalor Fulton comes here to learn
th . cotilitiuijH and what the people
mont need and ;very ono who can
hIiouM In? ready to meet him in Lake
view. Lakeview Iirh nevei heen vinited by a
United Ktaten Henator, nnd kranil
preparationn for hin reception will he
Loyalty of Dojt.
A'l l'i:ri l .'it outs ira 1 ut 1' i'nl'vv n fn.v
dayH bl'o niiieh proven ronclm-ively the
Joyaltv of iIohh. Mm. Drum and ln-r;
two Honn wore out lirhintf in the CLo !
wauean river, and their faithful doc j
wuh with them. A narrow place inj
the river wan fpaiined Ly a foot hoard, j
whicii the Loyn thoiiRht to crom. The i
older Loy conned on the hoard, but
the other lad, about f yearn of ae.
undertook it and he became dizzy and
fell into the rtream. He was rapidly
carried dow n stream. Th'. do wiw
the little fellow Htrulinf? and pluntred
into the water an 1 swam to him The
dotf neize 1 tho Loy Ly tho coat collar
and rwam to t-hore with birn, alive.
Thin circumstance was related to an
Kxaniiner reporter Ly John McDon
iioii'h, the northern fctat'e drior, who
mys it actually occurred
Lorenz Case.
Loreuz bad bin
Chns. Loreuz bad Lis preliminary
heariiiK la Justice Uayley's court list
Thursday, and was bouud over to the
Circuit Court, with bail fixed at foOO,
which Lorenz is endeavorini? to raise.
He remains in tie custody ot the
sheriff in tb n-enrtln-e. The. ciurj;''
was larceny of a horFO. The evidence
as to tho identity of the animal.
though somewhut complicated,
sutllcieutly strchg to warraut
binding over of the accused. Ill the
courte of the trial it was shown that
Lorenz ni.d others intended starting
away with a bunch of horses for the
California market, most of the ani
mals Mil pc.sed to I e the property of
others. The particular animal Lorenz
I in charged with stealing is a mare Le-
il l. u 111 niru- lo.lll, ui i in- it. fit
UiilU tl f ( ' rt xvbose
l .t....:.... i C't V........ .......
name we did not learn.
How to Kill Squirrels.
I An lilnlio fnrnu r nnd miner has dis
covered a orocess for killing squirrels
which is said to be quite ctlective, as
well as harmless to stock, lie cuts a
stick of dynamite into pieces tw:o or
threo inches long, this is lighted with
a match and thrown down into boles
in the f round where the squirrels live,
the entrance being hastily tilled with
dirt. If theie are a number of holes
a few yards away these holes are
watched and filled up as soon as
smoke is seen coming from them,
llo says it is surprising how much
sinoko and gass is produced by the
little chunck of dynamite. After the
smoke und gas-s is iirectnaily confined
to tho boles no more attention is
necessary . Tho gass asphyxiates tho
squirrels instantly, and squirrel dens
treated iu this way nre never rehabi
tided by other squirrels.
5upervisors Report.
The follow iug is a report of the
Forest Supervisor, (5. M. Ingram, to
tho department :
The following statistics, compiled
from the records of the Forest Super
visors olllco at Lakeview, show tho
amount of Free Uso given away and
j also the gross receipts paid on ac
count of timber sales, special uses and
grazing upon both tho tloose Lake
" ' .
und Fremont National iorests.
,, ., . .. , .
The Free Use privilege being or a
much greater magnitude than was ex
pected, has developod into extensive
business. The d-ta' on bund in the
Supervisors otUeo, show that up to
t ho end of the last tlsciil year, ending
Juiie ItO 11KI7, there lias betu given
away miller the Free Use regulation
Ji:j'J3 posts, 42U7 poles, b")Uo'4' cords
of wood and 17,400 shakes, at the rate
of valuation fixed upon this special
product of lo for posts 2cts for poles
(uud sometimes more according to tne
d L''th) wood 75cts. per cd,
uud shakes T.icts. per M. has aggre-
t j toM vull,e of glKUOO
Timber sales aggregate a
total of 110.80
Special uses " " 157.31
There has beeu permitted to graze
upon these Forests U"J0."i head of cattle
ut Uoo per lieud, '-!-0;l head of Horses
at 3.rm pel Lead, 111,577 head of sheep
at h rate of from 7 to Hc per lipad,
owing to the MeflKrirjit.
The urofH receiptu from (rrazinjr ng
ununto a total of f HI, (;. I. Total
receipt for Loth Forentn are lir,,ri :
Total Kiven away 1 131. 00. It honld
Le tindi rrtoo I t hat 10 per cent, of
theno reieiptn fio directly Into the
County wherein the Forents are loca
ed to Lo merged into the Ke'iernl fund
for, roads nnd niooU. Since fb ini
tiating of the Forei-t in FeLruary of
thin year, there han not heen a finds
treFPpurH rase committed upon either
tho (Joorti? Iike or Fremont Xatiouul
Forent. The peoj.ln Deem to Le per
fectly contented and eatinfied with the
policies outlined bv the Dept. rela
tive to tho administration of National
ForeKt. Th. sttitudo of the general
puhlic In this rewpeet is highly appre
cir.ted Ly the Forest Supervisor since,
; without the puLIic co operation, Le
could not have accompllnhed the pur-
pone for which' the Forefit v as created,
. t ... i t t . . I
bijij i inn i, iiiereiore. uot nave eiveri
proper and adequate protectiou to the
Stock News.
'Jr. Thus. Dalton, who Lought mut-
ton ulK-ep iu Lake county two years
uko, in passim? throuh the county
with a Land of 8000 lioad of tsbeop for
i Sacramento. Ilia string of 18 pack
j homes wan in Lakeview Monday after
supplies for the camps. The eheep
are now on the east side of Waruer
Hoing south.
The tram-fer of between 2j(0 and
3W bead of stock sheep took place
first of tbe week, w hereby a Mr.
Sullivan became the owner of a por
tion of tbe McCormack band. Mr.
McCormack soiuo days a:o, so we dd
demtand tbe deal, sold the sheep to
C. E. Sherlock, and before ttie sheep
were counted out, Mr. Sherlock sold
the baud to Mr, Sullivan. Phil
Lynch went out to the McCormack
raniL'e last Monday to count out the
ATicde to be Advertised1.
j Suule two mouths ago a firm, bead
cd by Mr. Charles Young, purchased
j the Amedes property, betweeu here
and Reno, consisting of a largo tract
of land, tho hot mineral springs and a
hotel. Mr. Young was put in charge
of tho property ami has began a cam
paign of advertising. He intends to
make Amedeo the most noted place,
iu tho Uiiited States. It is bis pur
pose to spend S10,UX) in advertising
the place, and inprove it to meet the
expectation of any visitor who might
come there.
Mr. Young is said to be a successful
promoter. He has the property to
bad; his statements, and itwiil not
be surpiising to see, iu the near fu
ture, one of the most noted health re
sorts in America right there at
Auiedee. The hot springs are said to
contuiu mineral of medical qualities
equalled bj few mineral springs in
the world. The world only wants to
know of such places to make them
famous, and advertising alone will
make them known. Mr. Young is on
the right truck.
Watson'- Addition to Lakeview.
J. N. Watson bun bad bis IlO-acre
track adjoining Lakeview on tho west
flatted into town lots and streets. Mr.
Watson purchased this tract of laud
from M. T. Walters some mouths ugo.
Ho was oll'trod a considerable advance
for his bargain shortly after receiving
the deed, but refused to 6ell it in a
body. He had decided to muke a
residence district in thut section of
tho city, und no better location could
have beeu selected.
The ground is level, tbe soil is Hue
and shrubbery will grow there very
rapidly. Ouo cau hardly realize the
short time necessary to transform a
bare plat of ground into a beautiful
home with stuule trees, rose bushes,
lawn und flower beds.
.Some of the most beautiful homes iu
Lakeview have beeu male ulmost
while neighbor's bucks have been
turned. Residents of Lakeview hardly
kuow tho towu wbeu they take their
Sunday evening strolls through tho
rosldouco district, so rapid is the
growth and improvement.
Looking at Road Orant.
Mr. G. P. and J. E. Maitin, of Miu
ueupolis, spent several daya iu Lake
view tho past week looking over the
couutry with a view to investing here.
They were vory much impressed with
the outlook for Lake county.
The geutlemeu, iu company with V.
II. Shirk, aro out uow looking over
the Road Laud grunt, with a view to
buying the same. They are the geutle
meu mentioned iu The Examiner last
Judge Dunne Scores Ex
mayor Roundly.
He Says he will Fight Case to
Highest Court, and will be
Candidate for Re-election
Jud;re Dunon pronounced eeuteuce
on Eugene K. Schmitz Saturday July
0th. Hefore sentencing tbe convicted
mayor of San Francisco, tbe presid
ing Judge undertook to administer a
lecture. He was repeatedly interrupt
ed both by Schmjtz BDd his council,
who objected to a lecture, demanding
that sentence Le passed immediatly.
Scbmitz said be- did not want to be
lectured in tbe presence of tbe news
paper men, who were taking notes nnd
would publish all that was said.
Jud;:e Dunne, Lowever, rnauaged to
silence tbe attorney for Schmitz by
threatening to eend him to jail for
disturbing the proceedings, and
amidst the protests of tbe convicted
mayor delivered a cutting reprimand
before announcing that Schmitz was
sentenced to five years in tbe State
penitentiary at San Quiutnn.
Schmitz made "a statement to the
newspaper reporters after receiv
ing sentence that be would fight the
case step by step, to tbe highest
court, and that he would be a candi
date for re-election to the mayoralty
of Saa Francisco this" fall. ,.
T5 Land Owners' Fauttt.
I- TV II.-?V'.vcn, diTector' of the re
clamation service, says tbe reason
I Oregon gets no more of ihe reclama
tion fund expended in the state is
owing to the unw illingness of the land
owners of this state to divide up their
holdings and sell it out in small tiacts.
Oregon donates more to the reclama
tion fund than any other state, and is
getting less of the money expended
within tbe state. It is a known fact
that Oregon lauds are mostly in tbe
! hands of large owners, and it is also
known that theso large owners aie ad
verse to selling all their lands except
a small tract, say of 10 to 100 acres,
and be compelled to farm these small
tracts upon scientific plans. It is not
the purpose of tbe government to ir
rigate the aiid lauds of any state for
the enrichment cf a few, but to mako
mere homes, uud the government will
never irrigate the lands until the peo
ple who own large tracts ij districts
where feasible porjects exist show a
w illingness to divide up tneir hold
ings. Mr. Neweli says:
"All the commercial (boost) (push)
clubs or development leagues in tbe
state may exploit the glories of Ore
gon til) the crack of doom, but they
will not be able to advance the inter
ests of the state us re p idly ns they
might be until the private laud-holder
changes his point of view".
Voice of the Sheepherders.
July 14, 1007.
After reading the Forestry report we
beg to be allowed space to say a few
woids, and ask that tho same bo pub
lished. We will admit that wo sheep
herders are not as bright as some peo
ple, but we do not thuuk the ranger
to take tho trouble to publish our. ig
norance. We do not think that all
the forest fires should be layed to the
sheepherders, as there were forest
fires before the herders ever inhabited
this country, and also there are flrea
where uo herders roam. We would be
much obliged to Mr. Nelf, to be a lit
tle less partial, and as to the cause of
the feed being better, we say that we
think the storm wo have hud bad
more to do with it thau the reserve,
und the Coyotes are just us bad as
they ever were; the forest reserve
has not got rid of any of them, aud
we would advise the ruuger to carry
a ritle aud kill them otf if he cxpettd
to protect the forest front tires in that
You may hear from un agaiu
A II. Huruuin.
J. A. Zattlin.
J. C. Siuiingtou.
Hill Rubinaoa.
Jesua Dongul.
G. Swaustou of Sacramento, Is Iu