Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, July 11, 1907, Image 3

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    Buying Good
Beef Cattle.
Morn (linn one-half tho secret In mic
ecus fill lxef production In contiilned In
the two word "buy rlicht," any J. (i.
McI'Hii of Hie Iom'ii experiment sta
tlnn. Of coiu'ho (lint menu nt tho
right price and tlint exorbitant pilfca
cannot bo (nUl If nny hnlnw-o of profit
In to renin In with the fanner at Dm
nd of tlm tnuiMiM'tloii, Hut It menu
(Trent deal inoro. It men in that li't
DiUHt buy tho right kind of nt k. And
here In almost the whole ncTet. If u
Uiiiii buys tlio right kind of feeder cut.
tie, ho wry seldom pnys a price wlihli
lose til til nmliey, hut If Ik lei u!
liny tlio right kllid of entile (liey are n
losing ri)H(i.ri nt iiuy pi Ire.
Tlio rlit kind of fender rattle) file
strong In, w tt ti u pro
nounced Ix'of form, mid lienr nil tho
evIileliroN of (iinllty. Tlio feodor ItlllHt
! thrifty, lio ioiimI nhwi.v I hi iimkI.v
for lili twn tnciri a dn.v nod n III lie
inoro, ho tnnHt whow vlg'tr, mid tlio
only way In which yni nin p k out
tllOKO llilllltllN III )'tUr liiH.TtVC pur
Chrtxo U l.y tho depth 11 lid llilrknoNN of
his client, tho Iiiwiiomn nf liU flunk ntid
hi Ki-nonil tlgumim oxpr'il..ij a seen
In tho eye, tho tin i r mid tho luiinner.
Nolthor on ii you put valunhlo flesh on
a diilry form. A ponkod shoulder, siiib
aide, ii thin loin and n prominent
iihnrp rump nnd tall liend uio nil dan
ger rljp'llll to tho btiver of feeder.
A feeder UiUHt o deep txidled, thli'k
cheated, wldo "piling In hU rllm, wldo
A.SUt'H Hil EII.
In LU lulu ini'l muip uud thick lu hl
thlKh. Ht hum do not hrlontf on
doHlrnhlo fooler. In udilltlon, over till
Uioho purtt tho animal inutt bo hiiumiiIi
and iieuf, oouipnct. Imt not ooarNO.
ThoHO polntx a man luiiNt hum dourly
flxod lu hU mind deforo ho even In--glim
to look for fooilom. If ho huvthen
ho cull buy rlh'hl. If ho Ihih not ho l
at tho mercy of the mmi who ni-IU.
Thero Ih ono inoro point that n ffiH't
tlio hcIIImk of our lliilxhed nulmulM
hleh uitiht In' oiiMlilcred when buy
ItiK. mid Hint Ih uniformity.
Avoid off ooIom a ud imported alto.
While oolor cniinot b; nold over the
block or ennned nt tho pilckluK Iioumo,
jet It Undoubtedly help to Kell II bunch
of BtTH. A uniformity of color nnd
of kI.o pleiiMiit tho oyo nnd tend to
ovoroomo ludlvhlunl dofvctn. In buy.
Inj; If poHKlblo obtuln NtooiM of n uni
form ujfo, ttlo and color.
Tho erent Aukuh nlwr hIiowii u tho
llluNtratlon wnn rcnorvo to tho prand
cbuuiplon at tho liiteriiiitloiinl at l lil
cao. Ho wan fed nnd fdiown by tho
rnlverttlty of MlnnoHoin nod nlrnl by
tho Import td bull owned by the Ohio
Ktute university. 1 1 1 h duin win uhlp
K'd to Ohio Stato university to bo brod
again to thin bull lu hopo of cccurlm;
almllar roxulu.
The Boar to Select.
Tlio Ixinr ahotild have n neat, auiooth,
compact body and moderately ahort.
atrulght legH, aaya an authority. Hldoa
that lit n HtrnlK'lit odgo from tlio hIiouI
tier to hum and hnve groat depth nnd
moderate length, a back that la broad
and atrulght and deeply fleshed and
well developed hind ijuurtera belong to
tho Ideal boar typo. Ho Hliould bo ae
lected from a large litter of uniform
alxo und (piallty, for hU progouy la
likely to npproxlmnto tho a vera go of
the litter of which ho la' one. Hta
mother ahould bo a brood mow of tented
qunlltlca n a aucklcr. f r good pigs
cannot bo iiilued If they do not receive
plenty of milk when young. Quality
Is Indicated by n kIohhj', flno, thick cont.
Clean, hard bone, vigorous coiiHtltutlon
and ay linnet ry of porta tdiould be al
ways demnuded In the bretnllng boar.
Keep tha Batt Marei.
BroolerH ahould never aell their best
Biaro when young union thex have
ono or more llllles by a drat claaa atal
llon from her to take her place lu tho
brood inn ro rnnka. Mnxt brootl mnrea
that uro not producers of record per
formers liegln to deteriorate, or, rather,
depreclute, In Helling value after they
ore fourteen years old. Tho eumll
farmer who raises but ono or two a
your Hliould plan to sell his brood
wares before tliolr values begin to do
precluto and replace thorn with their
bout llllles that uro from three to five
years old. Ity continuing along thoHu
linos, Bays Horse llrcedcr, the small
breeder will make more money, as a
rule, than by keeping mares until they
are past use nnd lmvo really no mar
ket value.
Feeding 6hp 8ilage.
A writer lu the. Nutlonul Stockman
and Farmer, replying to tho question,
Will It pay to feed sheep silage? says:
Feeders who ubo silage are highly
pleased with results. ItuIIdlng a silo
will not pay uuloss tho builder exports
to follow tho business for yours, or If
sheep and lamb feeding Is discontin
ued sllugo Is continued to be used for
cattle. Within a few miles of tho
borne of tho writer there is a conient
concrete sllo, 15 by 80, built to help
out lu growlug hothouse lutnbs. This
Is the first winter used, and the owner
baa expressed himself to me as well
pleased with results.
? S. V. AMI.STKO'V..
t'ri prler tt
i U' Ik" : :n i"' . '1
ik- on t In ir.nrUvl.
.S1 i II Cdli j.l M . .funuo'l
& Inij: linrncMM, whin'
SpV i l.t-K. rlj ii. I ! t-, spurn,
4 1 1 i.i Ok. i (-1 i ii , id ion i i ry
1 1 ;i.g In 1 1 I I ! M I Inge
TT (M il Ikiii !hi i I it Hv-
I-1 I lU t I tll Mill Hlfl.
l;klXT!;l) IN lXHI
SAHI'l l: R(M)n
For conni:wciA
I' P t Ii HIT
I.HiHT & HARROW, Propnetorn
Stwtoh ihoold rabicrlbi for
fell feomt fiptr, la trdar to get all
tha local nrw. bnt U kaef lm touch
with t& world's 4Hy oranu
should alio road
Tho Evening Telegram,
Portland, Oregon,
Tho lsadlsf oTonlaf Bowtpapor of
tho Paclflo Com, which hao corn
plat AjaoclaUd Proa roporto and
pedal leu ad - win serrloo, with
corrospondoato la Important newt
contort and la all tho cities and
principal towns of tho Northwest
Portland and suburbs art covered
by a bright staff of reporters, and
editorial, dramatic, society and
special writers. Saturday's edi
tion consists of 28 to 21 pages, and
has colored comic pages, as well as
a department for children, colored
fashion page, an Interesting serial
e'.ory and other attractive features
In addition to all tho news of tho 1
day , J
fiuttcrlptlon Rates: One tuonrh, '
0 cents; three months. $1.55; s.'z I
ninths. $2.60; twelve tuontra S3
"ample copits called free. O
Ely's Cream Balm
This Remedy Is a Specific,
Sure to Give Satisfaction.
It cleiinHtm, aootkuB, heals, and protects tliu
d intoned liiuinlirtuio. It cures OuUrrh and
drives away a (!oM In th lleud ipiii-klv.
HuMtorM tho Sanson of Tinte and Hmeil.
I'jmy to uU. t'ontulus no injurious drugs.
Appliod into tho nostrils and uWrbod.
Liuge Hiio, fiO conts at DrnggiHts or by
mail; Trial SUo, 10 cents by muk..
LLY BROTHERS. 56 Warrtn St., Naw Yor.
Notice to Sheepmen : All Folllck,
an experfaheepsheurer and a crew of
California shoarers.are at my corrals
in Camas prairie ready to go to work.
I Lave my corrals in excellent shape
this spring and the feed Is better than
evor before.
20- Mrs. Rosa McDaulela.
Bears tie h 'n M Ha Always BoujH
Ml I;
if r
rtngi' aiiinrT7niL 'f" iT
Ths Leading Paper of tlio
.4 PaKi& Coast
Th San Francisco
The Weekly Chronicle
Tha vary boat vackly Nwspapr
pub'.Uhed la tha aoUra V.Mt.
$1.50 a Year
Inrlurljn iMUn to at -l of tb
Li.iu-J JUiu, Uudi auu 11iico
It is t because, besides
print1 nir all the news of the world
ttc e;k tn an tn'.eresilhf way
tod fully Illustrating maoy
trtlr'es. It Has special dapart
rri' nil cevoted to
and S.-OkTS
Thesa are presided ersr Vy
editors hsvlnf a thorough knowW
edre of their specialties. Tha
tages devoted to Afr culture.
Horticulture, Poultry and Live
Stook are wall Illustrated and
filled with matter of tha greatest
Interest lo all engaged la thsaa
Industries, svory 11 a a betag
written by thoao who ara lo eloao
touch with ooadltioaa prevailing
on this Coast
Il wtU U aeat fro.
Do yoa want tho Chreatole
Reversible Map?
Showing tha Unltad Statea. Do
minion of Canada aa4 Northora
Mezloo oa oso si do, MAP OF
THE WORLD, preoeatlog to view
la cno oontlauoua snap, with all
arota la into peoponlos. tha
tiro surfaao of tho Earth a the
other aide.
Soo4 S3 aa4 rot the Ma assl
'Voealy Chrontolo" tor oe yar.
pootac irspals oa kia ssm
The Dally and Map
mmi. siotiaa seal
Only ta5 1 Yesr
blank- a at the Kxamine
It you are tblukliiK of organizing a
stock company see- our new samples
oWall Strt engraved stock ccrtlfl
atca. tf
Subscribe for The Imke County Ex
aminer, If you want the news.
D. K. tenner, the piano tuner, will
make his annual visit to Lakeview in
the near future. If your piiTno needs
tun ng, wait for blm. 22 tf.
y' -v; -
1 S '7 ?
at. It. as ltJIa
Notice of Kentoralion of I'obllo
Lao'Jn to Hottlomont and Kntry. of tha Inter or, General
Lud OUlo, WaHhlnton. I). C. Jane
i:i, lif7- Notlco la horeby lven that
I ho pnlillo land In tho following do
aorlbod arflHx, looiporHrlly withdrawn
on May 10 and July 31, V.m, for for
entry purpoHoa and adjoining the Fre
mont and (Jooho Lake National Koeata,
Oregon, anil not otherwiHo withdrawn,
reserved oi appropriated, will by au
thority of I he Secretaryof tho Interior
lie reMtored to the public domain on
Heiitemlwr UH, V.nn, and Ixwomo aul
Ject to iwtthitiient on and after tha
daH but not to entry, tiling or ael-o-
Hon until on an after October 28,
tinder tho iihuuI restrict ions,
at tho United Htntes Lond
Ollice at Lakeviow, ()reon: In Town
ship twenty one CJ1), linife ten (10),
Koctinns one (I), twelve (12), thirteen
(l.JMoiirtern ( 11 ), twenty-three (2.1),
twonty foiir (21), twenty-five '.
twenty-six f2(i), thirty-five (35) and
thirty six (.'K') ; in Township tenty-tbn-e
(23) KaiiKe too (10), faction
thirty-six (3j) ; In Townnhlp twenty
one (21), Kane eleven (II), Mentions
three (.'I) to ten (10), both incliiHlve,
the soiihoBMt quarter o" Hotion eloven
(ll)sowth half of twelve (12). Sections
thirteen (Kl) to thirty-six CM), both
irjcliifl v ; la Township twenty-three
('.ri). Uanxe eleven (II), Lots ten ( 10 j.
eloven (11), twelve (12), thirteen (13),
fourteen (11), and fifteen (15) of Sec
tion thirty-one (31); in Township
twenty one (21), l:ane twelve (12),
tho went half ot Section four (4). the
eaut half and sou h Oct quarter of Koc
lion live (5;, wiithest quarter of Sec
tion six (0), Section seven (7), noitb
bulf and eotib-weet quarter of Section
elKht (), Sootions eUhtoen (18), nine
teen (10), thirty CM)), thirty one (31);
in Township thirty two (32), ltane
fonrU'cii( 14 j, the west bull of Section
twenty seven (27), routb hnlf of Sec
tion tweuty-eKit (2), eant half of
Miction thirty-two C-K), all Section
thiity three (33 , wcHt half of Section
thirty-four (31) ; in Twnship thirty
three (33), lianue fourteen (14 ', the
went half of Section three (3), nil sec
tions four (4). live (5), cinht (Hi,
nine (S)), sixteen (1C) to twenty one
(21), both inclusive, all twenty live
'(25 south half of twenty-six (2'I;, all
thirty-four (31;, thirty-Hve (35) and
! thirty-six (3); in Township thirty
four ( 4), Rane fourteen (11), Sec
tions ono (1), two (2), three ( t), east
half of four (1) and nine (9), all ten
(10) to sixteen (It) , both inclusive,
twenty-two (22), to twenty-eight (2-S),
both inclusive, eaxt half of twenty
nine (20), west half of thirty (30), all
thirty-one (31) to thirty-six (30),
both inclusive; all Townships thirty
five (35), thirty six (30;, mid thirty
snven (37), Range fourteen (14) ; ull
Townships forty (40) and forty-one
(41), llanKe fourteen and one-half
(14'i); in Township thirty-three (33),
Itange fifteen ()5(, south half of Sec
tion nineteen f 19), west half of twenty-seven
27, all twenty-eight, !M, south
half of twenty-nine (29) all thirty (30),
thirty-one (31), thirty-two (32;, thir
ty three, (XI), west half of thirty
four (34); in Township thirty-four
(34), Kane fifteen (15), west half of
section five (5), all six (G), seven(7),
wet half of eight (8), all eighteen
(18), nineteen (19, thirtv (30), thir-tv-oue
(31). tbirty-twb (32), west half
of thirty-three (33); in Township
thirty-five (3o). Range nfteen (lu)
Sections three (3), to ten (10), both
inclusive, west half of eleven (11),
all furteen (14) to twenty-two (22,
both iuclutdve, west half of twenty
three (23), west half of twenty six
(2(5). all twenty-seven (27) to thirty
four (34), both inclusive, west hnlf of
thirty-five (3o); In Towurbip thirty
six (30), Raugo fifteen (15), Sections
seven (7), eiuht (8), sixteen (10) to
thirty-six (:0), both inclusive; in
Towuship thirty-seven (37), Range Hf
teen (15). Sections one(l), to twelve
(12). both inclusive, north half of
thirteen (13) and fourteen dl), all
fifteen (15;to twenty-two (22), both
inclusive, twenty-seven (27), thir
ty-three (33), both inclusive ; in Town
ship thirv-eisht (38). Range fifteen
(15), Sections four (4), to nine (9)
both inclusive, fifteen (15) to twenty
; two (22), both inclusive, twenty-six
I (20 to thirty-six (Jo) both inclusive
in Township forty (40), Range nfteen
(15), west half of Section rive (5), all
of six (ti andseveu (7), west bulf of
eight (8), all sixteen (10) to twenty
one (21), both inclusive, twenty
eight 28, thirty-six 30, both incluisve
in Township forty-one 41, Range f if
teen 15, Sections two 2 to nine 9, both
Inclusive, all of eleven 11. sixteen lu.
twenty 20. both inclusive, west half
of twenty-one 21 ; iu Township thirty
six 30. Rauce six
teen (10), Sections sixteen (1C) to
twenty (20), both inclusive, north
half and south-west quarter of twenty
one (21), all twenty-nine (29), thirty
(30), thirty-one (31) and tbirty-two
(32); In Township thirty-seven (37),
Iiange sixteen (10), Sections five (5)
to eleven (11), both inclusive, thirteen
13 to seventeen 17, both inclusive,
twenty-three 23, twenty-four 24, twen
ty-flve 25, thirty Ave 35, and thirty
six- 30; iu
Township thirty-eight. 38, Range six
teen 10, Sections one 1, two 2, three
3, nine 9, to sixteen 10, both in
clusive, east balf of seventeen 17, and
twenty 20, all tweuty-one 21, twenty
three 23, tweuty-four 24, twenty-live
25, twenty-eight 28, twenty-nine 29,
south half of thirty dO, all thirty
one 31, thiity-two 32, tbirty-tbree
33, and thirty-six 30; in Township
thirty-niue 39, Range sixteen 10,
south half of bectiou twenty-four 24,
all twenty-five 25 and thirty-six 30;
in Towuebip thirty-live 35, Range
seveuteen 17, west half of Seotiou
eleven 11; in Township thirty-six 30.
Range seventeen 17, north-east quarter
of Section one 1 ; lu Township thirty
seven 37, Range seveuteen 17, south
balf of Section fifteen 15, all sixteen
10 to twenty-two 22, both iucluive,
tweuty-seveu 27 to thirty-three 33.
both Inclusive; in Township thirty
eight 38, Range seventeen 17, south
balf and uorth-west quarter of Sec
tion three 3, Sections four 4 to ten
10, both inclusive, west bulf of eleven
11, all fifteen 15. to twenty three 23.
both inclusive, twenty-five 25 to thir
ty six 30, both inclusive; in Towu
ebip tbirty-nine 39, Range seventeen
17, Sections one 1 to live 5, both
iuclusive, nine 9 to sixteen 10, both
inclusive, east half of Section seven
teen 17, south half of uineteeu 19,
all twenty 20 to twenty-Beveu 27,
both inclusive, thirty 30, thirty-one
31, thirty-four 34. thirty-flve 35 and
thiry-six 30; lu Towuship forty 40,
Range seventeeu 17, Sections one 1,
two 2, eleven 11, north half of twelve
12; In Townahlp thirty four 31, Rnnu
lrrl.ln IH Uiilk l.alf .f Uiil..
,"r ,V. 7 f" " , , "
I " n. .. J" .r.nMl' 1
.xi, i in ii un viKiiiceu 10, inn foiiiu liliu
north-wet quarter of Hctioti nix
0; in Townxhip thirty eight 38, Knnte
eiuhteea IH, eon lb half of Hertloa
three 3, all ten 10, eout.h half of elev
en II, all thirteen 13, fourteen 14,
flftoen 1", nixteen 10, north-eaht
quirter of twenty four 21, aout.h hall
of twenty five 2 twenty elx SC, and
twenty neven 27, all twenty eight 'JH,
t ninl v-nino Ml. Ihlrtr-oriM XI. to
Ithlrty-alx :J, both InclneWe; lu
"'Vh 'hI irT. -n ' .A .7. i.
. iZ'ftl
' a'ita iiivi'iniiOf nii'j uvi til unu
ol thirtT five .fc; In "ownnbip forty
40, Range eighteen 18, Sections five 5,
six 0, north balf of seven 7 and eight 8 ;
in Township thirty-eight 38, Kaug.
nineteen 19, Sections one 1, two 2,
three 3, ten 10, tothlrtysix 30. both in
clusive; all Township forty-one 41,
Range nineteen 19, not iu (loose
Lake; in Township thirty-seven 37,
Range twenty 20. south half of Sect
ion nine 9, all sixteen 10, aontb half
of seventeen 17. all nineteen 19, twen
ty 20, west half of twenty-one 21, all
twenty-five 25, to thirty-six 36, both
inclusive; in TowcsMp thirty-six 30,
Range twenty-one 21, west half of
Section four 4 : in Township thirty
seven, 37 Range twenty one 21, Sections
thirty 30 and thirty-one 31 ; in Town
ship thirty-eight 38, Range twenty
one 21, north-west quarter of Section
six 6, all sixteen 10, sontb half of
seventeen 17, all nineteen 19, twenty
20, twenty-one 21, twenty-three 23, to
thirty-six 30, both inclusive; in Town
ship tbirty-nine 39, Range twenty-one
21, Section one 1 lo eleven 11, both
inclusive, fifteen 15, to nineteen 13,
both inclusive, north hslf of twenty
one 21, til thirty 30, thirty-one 31
and tbirty-two 32; in Township forty
10, Range twenty-one 21, Sections live
5, six 0, seven 7, eighteen 18, nine
teen 19, nortb balf and south-east
quarter of thirty 30, east balf and
southwest quarter of thirty-one 31;
in Township forty-one 41, Kange
twenty-one 21, Section six C, nortb
hul' of seven 7; in Township thirty
seven 37, Range twenty -two 22, north
east quarter of Section thirty-four 34;
iu Township tbirty-eigbt 38, Range
twenty-two 22, Section five 5, east
balf and southwest quarter of Section
seven 7, all eight 8, nine 9. fifteen 15
to twenty-one 21, both inclusive,
twenty-eight 28, to thirty-three 33,
both inclusive; in Township thirty
nine 39, Range twenty-two 22, Sect
ions four 4 to nine 9, both inclus
ive. sixteen 10, seventeen 17. and the
nortb balf of twenty 20; all south and
ennt, Willamette Meridian, Oregon.
Warning is hereby sxpressley given
that no person will permitted to gain
or exercise any right whatever under
any settlement or occupation begun
prior to September 28, 1907, and all
such settlement or occupation is here
by forbidden Fred Dennett, Acting
Commissioner of the General Laud
Office. Approved:' Jesse E. Wilson,
Acting Secretary of the Interior.
Blue prints of any town
ship in the Lakeview
Land District can be had
by applying to the under
signed. All work up to
date. Checkings made
from the Land Of
fice Records at the time
the prints are made, work
neatly . and promptly
W. B. 'Snider,
Lakeview Oregon.
As to tho Small Boy's Clothes Dainty
Cotton Fabrics.
In making clothes for a small boy
fussiness is the thing to be avoided.
Simplicity Is the height of good form
for the little man as well as for the big
one. It is upon material, cut and finish
that bis clothes depend for their ef
fect. Even from the time bis first
short dresses are donned the tailor
made effect should be apparent
A good scheme is to procure a suit
from a thoroughly up to date children's
outfitter and then cooy It carefully at
home. After the first experience It is
easy to get along. The pattern should
be so. perfect that no further fitting In
The prluted silk mulls are beautiful
thla season, and the embroidered
batistes and Swisses defy description,
The all white embroidered swlss la al
ways modish and serviceable. Some
of the flower figured Swisses are most
artistic. A tiny wreath of flowers tied
with a minute bowknot is a favorite
design tn both swlss and batiste.
The dimities, organdies and. In fact.
an the old favorites are prettier tbau
ever this season and will be used quits
as exteusively as of yore. A snnrf
colored spider cloth Is a novelty that
promises to become a favorite. It la
very sheer, although not transparent.
and is of exquisite sheeu.
Rrowns are fairly rampant In tho
Beuson's mUUuery, and many of the
best Parisian model hats for street,
wear are of broxru straw. One of
the prettiest is of brown straw with
shaded brown and yellow feathers and
brown velvet ribbon.
The picture shows a gown for morn-
lug wear in striped liuen wbfeu la as
pretty as It is comfortable.
TIHHr.H l.t err UK.
Lakeview Ore. Apr. 18th, 1907.
Notice la hereby tlten thnt In com
pliance with the provisions of the act
of Congress of June 3, 13?ft, entitled
"An Act for the sale of timber lands
in the States of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Territory,"
as extended to all the Public, Land
States by act of August 4, 1892, Wil
liam V. Miller of Paisley, county of
Lake, State of Oregon, has this day
filed In this office bis sworn statement
No. :i520, for th purchase of tho NEJf
HKJi Sec. 20, St. NWJ SW.of sectloa
No. 25, in Township No.. 34 S, Range
No. 18. K., W. M., ai;d will ofTer
proof to show that the land song tit Is
more valuable for its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish bis claim to raid land before
Register and Receiver at Lakeview
Oregon, on Tuesday, the 9th day of
July, 1907. He names as witieses:
Al. Farrow, Will Farrow, Oeo. Har
per of Paisley Oregon, and W. B.
Snider of Lakeview, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adver
sely the above described lauds are re
quested to file their claims in this
oflice on or before aid 9th day of
July, 1907.
1710. J. N. Watson, Register.
United States Land Office, Lakeview
Oregon, Apr. 12, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions o- the nut
of Congress of June 3, 1878. entitled
"An act for the sale of timber hinds
in the States of California, Oregoa,
Nevada, and Washington Territory, '
as extended to all the public land
states ry act of August 4, 1892, Tho te
as II. lliinipbery, of Klamath. Falls,
county of Klamath State of Oregoa,
has this day filed in this office hfs
sworn statement No. 3580. for the pur
chase of the N'i of Section No.
30, Township No. 34 S.. Range No. 18
., W. M., and will offer proof to
show that the land sought is more val
uable tor its timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish
bis claim to said land before the
Clerk of Klamath County Ore. at bis
office at Klamath Falls on Tuesday,
the 2, day of July, 1907. lie names
bs witnesses:
Robert O. Horning, J. R. Uorniruj,
F.d. Echtinaw, Isaac Voorebees, all of
Klamath Falls Ore.
Any and all persons claiming adver
sely the above-described lands are re
quested to tile their claims in this
office on or before said 2, day of July
10-10 J. X. Watson, R-3giate.
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P. TI. FniT.Y & CO.. V"'
NOTICE of restoration of publtp
lands to settlement and entry. De
partment of the Interior, General
Land Office, April 20, li07. Noti
is hereby given that the Secretary of
the Interior has on April 11, 1907, va
cated bis former order of July, 23,
1904, withdrawing the following des
cribed lauds for irrigation purposes in
connectiou with the Ana River Frfl
ject, Oregon : Township thirty Soutit,
Range Sixteeu East, Section one
township thirty South, Range seven
teen East, Section six, and bus order
ed that the aforesaid lands be restored
to the pul lie domain and to settlmeute
but not to b'econe subject to eutryi
niing or selection uuder the publiA
land laws of the United States until
August 12, 1907, at the Uuited States
Land Oflice at Lakeview, Oregon.
Commissioner of Geueral Land Of
fflce, R. A. lialliuger,
James Rudolph Uai field, Secretary
of the interior. 19-Aug 1
vllMi,. 60 YEARS'
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