Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, July 04, 1907, Image 1

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A Noticeable Increase In
Peed on The Ranges.
The Opening Season Next Yenr
Recommended foi loiter
In The Season.
ForcMt Supervisor Ingram him been
in an extended tour of the forests in
lit it district, for the purpose of famil
iarizing himself with conditions nit
thoy exist at the end of Urn fiscal yenr,
whrh U Juno :Uth. lie also settled a
llttln range dispute iu tbe Little Che
waucuu country. Ill utile
received twenty applications for agri
cultural litmU within the Rational
forests, under the net of Juno 11,
ltMXL These applications will Ixt ex
amined by tho supervisor nnd Mm
force, mid the autue fowardod to Wash
ington, I. C, and If apprt ym1 l,j th'
department of Agriculture, (bey wyi
lio returned here, and the Register
amt Receiver of tho Lakeview Land
otlleo be instructed to accept homo
xteitd llillngs irom Kpjil iiim t h.
Below we givo the report of lleiul
Ranger Nell', on the conditions of the
range. Tlu'se reports re designated
art 'Sheep" und "Cut tie."
I herewith tiiukn n report on the
(Inline Ijiko National Forest, iu regard
to cuttle tiud lioi'Heit ttud the general
condition of the range.
1 Mud tint grass and feed plentiful
for till stock grazing und from talking
with cult lo men, I tiud thut the feed
hint increased 'S pel cent, in the hint
your. The account of thin is '. Cuttle
and sheep that have lieen in the habit
of running at largo, and getting on
tho grazing it re a early in the spring,
have trampled out, and dost royed a
groat deal of feed, while the ground
wart wet and feed tender.
There ban been previous yearn, a
loHrt of about 5 per cent, iu cattle on
account of a weed called "Lark spur. "
1 tiud that after it grows up and be
comes tough, that cattle ,lo not feed
upon it, but early in Spring it conies
out. mioud of most any other grass;
consequently, cattle getting upon the
'range before April l.'i, nro bound to
eat more or lcsn of this weed. Ther
fore I would recoininend that tho graz
ing season for caltlo und horses, not
ho opened for, grazing upon tho
Xutionul Forest, before April 15, KhiS,
lor the next llscnl year. '
The loss of culvert by coyotes up to
JunoliO, l'.Kt7, him I'oen about .''per
cent-, and the loss of colts, atiout It per
cent, by concurs.
1 do not think thut the range in
ovurrttucked with cuttle or horses,
and think if the range improves in
(hit future, uu it butt thin year, . thut
wo can incrourto tho Block at leant HI)
per cent.
Respectfully yours
W. 0. Nell.
1 herewith mako a report on tho
Gooso, Lake National Forest, in
Regurd to hhoep and the general con
dition of tho range, for tho lineal year,
ending Jouo 30, 11)1)7.-
Gruis und feed much better on
range than it has been for tho pant
live .yearn, on account of not being
over stocked and trampled out iu
early spring.
Increase In luinbiug HO po cent.
Loss by death and bumuiei lambs
7u per cent
Loss by burreuess, 2'j per cent.
Loss by ooyotoH 10 per cout.
200 Coyotes wore found dead by pol
ton on the Mo Culley Uros. ruuge lu
T, 40 S. It 22 3E. W. M. I would re
coininend that (ho sheep bfl placei
upon tlie NhI1iiihI Forest, not earlier
than Juno Kith. IIKM; and that the
(loverniiient one ltd Influence to ex
terminate the coyotes to a certlitu
extent., an there is no Htuto or county
bounty on tlii'in. 1'eopln do not out Ude
of sheep men, take any interest in
killing them off. It has been custom
ary with Hheep men or herders to
build HreH to keep coyotptt away
from their hheep at night.
Thin method ha caused u great
many forest- lire throughout the
timber hells, and destroyed thousands
of feet of Merchautile tiinlxT, during
the mouth "f dune. If MS. There were
several large llreN iu the hills from the
above caune. Up to the present date
this year, we h'tve had no (Ires from
this fiuiHC, us wit have kept our own
iu the field conf InuruiHly, and have
posted tire warnings it every trail a id
spring throtirfhuut the National
In rccummc udiiiK I he deetruetion
of tho coyotes :
It not only protects the sheep men,
but protects tho Forest, from
ignorant herder settltiK forest tires.
Kespeclfully vours
W. C. Neff.
The Thrall Wreck.
Lo H. lUibiusou, au AJmeda. Cl
lifornia, capitalist, is in Medford on a
mlsflon of-rUarlly.; U attJh'Mi. II
victims of the wreck at Thrall this far
on their journey homewiad.
Mr. Hobiusoii is bitter lu his denun
ciation of' the iiiMuaueinent of tbe
Klamath Luke roud and the physicians
at Ashluud, who neglected to attend
the Injured wheu apprised by wire of
their coiniiiK.
The wreck, which Mr. Uobiuson
and other pMH.-toiipwn declared was
the direct lesult of ileK-etivo eipiip
niciit and intoxication of the engine
crew, took place on the Krude
immediately above the junction with
the H. 1'. trackrt. The engineer ste
ped from his engine to throw a'switch
anil the unruly old kettle run away
down the Krade at a terrible speed.
The train crew suved themselves by
jumpiuK and the terrified passeiiKers
cluntt totliOHcatrt until tho ancient
coach leaped over the S 1'. tracks aud
lauded in the ditch. Abel Ady of
Klamath Falls made an elf ort to check
the speed of the train, but the brakes
refused to hold and he, uimuik' others,
was seriously injured. V. L. Wallace
of Falls City, Oregon, was severely
bruised and Chas. Wallace of (irants
1'uhh had an ankle boken aud received
internal injuries. K. C. Turner of
l'ortland and W. Yeriun, a traveling
man were budjy bruised.
The operator at Thrall wired to Ash
land lor inelical attudauVe, stating
that the injured were enrouto to that
city and were iu need of immediate
attent ion.
Dr. Fai'sons, to whom the message
was sent, was unable to respond und
sont a Hiibttt ilute, Dr. llerndon, who,
tlndinj? the train would be lute, left a
bottle of linumeut and returned to
town. When the injured, in cliHie of
Mr. Kobiiioon, arrived , no physician
wait at hand and tho sutlVriuK were
obliged to K'in und bear their pain
until the train reached civilization.
(Tho above statement hart been made
by, Mr. liobiiirton under oath. )
Mr. Robinson further states that
the euKiuo crow was iu a state of iu
toxictiou at. tho time of the wreck and
that this fact, together with tho de
lectivo e(puipinent, will bo made a
Biibject for inquiry by the ofllcialn of
Siskiyou county.
The Klamath Lake people did their
bust to care for tho Injured, but tho
couduct of tho Ashluud Physicians
who failed to uppear to' ultend the
sulferiui; was at least Inhuman. Med
ford Tribune.
Prof. J. Q. Willits and bis mothor
iu law, Mrs. L. 11. Whortou, have
gone over to Ashluud to meet aud
bring borne Miss Dociu Yfillits, who
bas beeu attending school at Mon
mouth. Mrs. Whortou will remain
lu the valley some time.
J. H. Turpin Will Prove Fertility of Desert.
Peaches and Strawberries will Grow.
.1. H. Turpin is over from Warner.
Mr. Turpin has established himself
in the desert north of Flush, where he i
has secured quite an acreage of desert,
land, which he intends to irrigate)
from the wateis that flow Nout of the
mountains tetweeu here aud Warner
valley. It is no mere experiment with
Mr. Turpin as he has made sulllicieut
tests alnaJyto prove what can he
done. There is no better land lying
under tho sun than that in Northern
Warner Valley, aud the ouly thing
thut has kept thut section from
develop! lie into a rich farming
(Bonanza liullletu.)
11 II. Klgore, one of Langell Val
ley's loading stockmen was in the city
Friday, lie says be has been talking
with his neighbor stockmen to present
the County Commisfeioners with a
petition asking to have a bounty
placed upon panthers as these animals
have beeu killing stock by tho score
during the past two mouths.
O. T. McKeudree was iu the city
Moudny from his ranch iu Horsefly,
lie hil that on his return home he
would be in tho sheep dipping busi
ness for tho next several days.
(iene Hammond, Dan Calwell and
Win. Whitlatch of Morrill were iu tho
city Friday on their way to Lake
county where they expect to buy
Afchlaud Tidings: II. 11. Jonas und
wife registered yesterday at Hotel
Oregon from Wallowa, Oregon.
Mrs. .C. II. Thomas, ot l'ortland,
arrived Friday, for a visit with old
friends iu Ashland.
Mr. C. D. Porter, who resides on
Wmileu stieet, wan quite severely
bruised iu uu accideut while driving
on High sreet one evening last week.
Heisaliht to be about again, however.
Indwell Gold Nuggett. .
Walter Sherlock urrived hero lroni
Alturas last week and w ill spend tlie
summer in lildwell. His wife and
baby are expected hero from Oakland
the last of this mouth. IHdwcll Nug
get. The bank of lSidaell was perinautly
organized last haturday eveuiug and
tho following were thoolllcers elected.
A. C. Lowell Pres.
F.. P. Sessions Vice Pres.
W. 11. Lowell " Cashier.
Directors Fred liush aud Geo.'
Tinner of Cedarville. ) E. P. Sessions,
C. II. Fee, F.d. Colan, Henry Kober,
A. C. Lowell, H. I. Stephens and W.
K. Lowell. This bank will bo ready
for business as soon us tho necessary
fixture which is at Mmlcliuo arrive,
lildwell Nugget.
Funeral ( John Brown.
Tho funeral of John Browne, the
young man who died suddenly at
Davis Creek last week, was conducted
iu Lukoviow last Thursday. Mr.
Browne was a brother of Dennis
Browne of this place. Tho funeral
was largely uttended, conducted by
tho countrymen of deceased, iu their
accustomed btylo. Tho corpse was
carried to tbe cemetery by tho six
pall bearers, on their shoulders, the
empty hoarse following immediately
behind. Tho coromouy was very
interesting aud impresive.
John Browne wus 20 years of age.
He cume to Lakevlew from Ireland
last Apiil. He died of heart failure
while at work exeavutlug for a sheep
dipping tauk for a man at Davis
country long ao, has been the
scarcity of water. It bas loujj been
known that the wateis of tbe valley
could be conveyed onto the desert,
tut no actual tests have been made
until recently; tbe country seeming
to be more valuable for stock range
than it could possibly be for farming
purposes, especially, being, as it is,
so distant from a railroad, and tbe
cost of transporting farm products to
a market. Peaches and strawberries
grow abundantly in that soil and
climate, but without a railroad, such
crops are valueless only for home con
sumption, which is very limited.
Cupid bas been busy with his little
arrow of late. License to wed have
been isused to three young couples
I in this county during the past week.
Last Thursday Mr. Will Grisel and
Miss Leoua I. Cleland, both of Plush,
came over to Lakeview and were mar
red iu the parlor at Hotel Lakeview
by Judge Daly. Tbe bride is tbe
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. U. Clel
aud aud is well liked by all who know
her. The groom is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. It. B. Grisel of Pine Creek, a
youug muu of meritous character, and
the community congratulates him.
Lust Sunday evening Judge Daly
performed the ceremony that joined
the lives of Mr. Harry 11. Youut and
Miss Gertie Schlagel. Both the youug
people were raised hero. Their lives
have been such that every one can
wish them thorn greatest happiness.
The wedding took place at tbe home
of Mr. aud Mrs. Dick J. Wilcox.
A license to wed was issued on
Monday, July 1, to Mr. S. Gallagher
BiiTl Mao Belle Franklin, both popular
yung people of New Pine Creek.
The ubovo throe and the following,
who, while married at Lake City,
makes four ue homes iu Lake
county. Four happy and respected
youug couples have launched upon a
new life, aud thu good wishes of a
wide circle of friends are w ith them.
J. Henry Hutchinson and Miss
llei-tcr E. Jones were married in tho
Fir-t Baptist Church, at Lake City,
Calif., on Woduesday, June 20, l'M,
(and this is no "josli" this time.)
The church was beautifully decorated
with flowers of every hue. Just at
11 :;k) o'clock, A. M., tho bridal party
tntered the church, keeping tune to
tho wedding march, which was played
by Miss Myrtle Jones. Miss Rose
Heard served as bridesmaid tvbilo
Mr. Furl Heard acted as best man,
both being cousins of tho bride. The
front of tho church was a mass of
(lowers where the bridal party stood..
Tho beautiful and impressive ceremony
was performed by the Rev. A. F. Sim
mons. After tho ceremony friends and
relatives went to tho home of the bride,
where tho wedding dinner was served.
All present seemed to eujoy them
selves. .
The young couple left for Bid well in
tho evening, aud from there went tD
New Piue Creek UHd Lakeview, for a
few days.
The guests present at tho weddiug
dinner were: Mrs. Mary Heard, ReV.
aud Mrs. Simmons, Rose Heard, Earl
Heard, Mrs. P. C. Wilson, Bertha
Buck, George Heard, Ethel Milton,
Eva Howard, Cliuon Joues, Ettie
Heard, Guy Joues
Mr. aud Mrs. Hutchinson were tbe
recipients of mauy handsome aud
valuable presents, a list of which,
with the douors, folio1.-;;
Painting and sofa cover, Mrs. Fulton j
Heard ; Table linen, Mrs. Mary Heard ; -
Pillow covers, Mra.P, C. Wilson; Slip-,
pcrs, Mrs. J. 1). Mulkey; Pridal veil, j
Mrs. i'rewer; toothpick bolder and J
jelly dish, Jennie Oddbort ; salt and,'
pepper shaker, Hulda Shartel ; syrup!
pitcher, Mrs. II. C. Llghty; glass set, ,
Miss Stella Catlin ; silver spoons' and
table iinen, Edgar VanDoren; table ;
napkins, uertna uuck; linen, vernie:
duck ; glass waier piicner, r.ev. ana
Mrs. Simmons; sauce dishes, Eva
Howard; gold brooch, Clinton Joies;
rocking chair, Mr. and Mrs. N. Buck
set silver tea spoons, Wm. Kimsey;
glass set, IIa2el and Perry Heard;
lamp, George and Neal Heard"; glasses,
Ethel Milton ; silver teaspoons, Mr.
and M.S. O. llotcbkiss; set China
plates, Delva lit ard ; bureau scarf,
Mr. and Airs, uimb; jewelry case
Ms. K. Reves; book, Celia Daniels;
book, C. B. Jones; feather pillows,
Mrs. Berry; cushion, Gracie. Jones;
wash bowl and pitcher. Misses Rose
and Etta Heard ; set cups and saucers,
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Thomas.
Mr. Skinner Here.
Regarding tbe establishment of a
creamry la this vlley mentioned in
Tbe Examiner a few weeks ago, tbe
following letter is of interest.
Mr. J. W. Maxwell,
Lakeview, Oregon,
Dear Sir:
Mr. Skinner requested as
to inform you that be would be in
your city in about a week, to take
up tbe creamery business witb your
peoole. Tbe proposition baa been
successful here, and tbe contract for
the building is let and the machinery
We have found Mr. A. C. Skinner
a very nice gentleman to do business
witb, and well qualified to handle the
promoting of a Creamery. Wishing
you success we remain, ,
Yours very truly,
Crook County Real Estate Co.
By, L. B. Lafollet
Alfalfa in ilodoc.
Henry Ilawltins, proprietor of the
Cedurville, Calif., flouring mil',, wVi
iu Lakeview first of this week, with
a load of bacon. He told out bis load
to the Ahlstrom Brothers. Mr. Hawk
ins says the (lour business is not so
good iu Surprise valley as it used to
be, before tho farmers began to rais
alfalfa. Most of the wheat land iu
that valley is now iu alfalfa, which
j is raised for the seed. He says wheat
j produces from 820 to f'io per acre,
whilo alfalfa seed brings iu a revenue
of f."i0 to $"," per acre, aud tho differ
1 euce in prieo of the product makes it
j a great deal cheape to get the farmer's
I crop to market, sluce it must bo
! hauled ou wagous to tho railroad, a
j distance of 75 to 100 miles Mr. Hawk
i kius raises a big lot of hogs, and
I makes them iuto bacon, which ho sells
I at good prices.
Death of Ash- Harrington.
Ash Farriugtou died at Piue Creek
last Thursday very suddeuly. Under
taker Wallace was notified aud sont a
cufl'iu down, the same to be charged
to the county. There is little to be
said common Jatory of thj lif Mr.
Farriugtou lived. If dissipaliou hold
j any terros for him, his ungov.ernabl
appetite for intoxicants overpowered
ithat terror, aud his life, so fur as it
w as uplifting to maukiud aud of moral
benefit to bo coiumuuity iu which ho
lived, was ruined by drink.
Rosiburg Land Office.
Biibiues in the Rosoburg land ollleo
is growing more and more congested.
There are now 025 eutrles on file in
tho otlice awaiting disposal, au in
crease of 75 iu the last six weeks.
Mr. Lawreuce, tbe receiver, com
pluius thut their repeated entreaties
to the department for more clerks to
clear up the congestion, meets with
refusals. The department no doult
remembers that Mr. Lawrence bad
time a few mouths ago to attend tbe
third house of tbe legislature.
NO, 27
State Urtlg .Suit Against
yy y gock Co
Papers are all flade of Record for
New Trial, Ex-Ooverner Lord
to Assist in States Case.
The Warner Valley Stock Co. in
their suit against tbe settlers named
Minice Caldwell as one of tbe defend-''
ants. Mr. Caldwell was a lessee on
tbe Kobt Baty ranch. Tbe settler
have bad Mr. Baty named instead of
Mr. Caldwell.
Tbe transcrips in the six suits tried
aud lost by the settlers before 'Judge
Benson bave been filed .' with the
county clerk in Lake County.
Tbe State of Oregon bas commenced
suit against tbe Warner Valley Stock
Co. to set aside tbe original deeda
granted to tbe McCanghnabeys, and
tbe Governor bas directed that Ex-,
Governor and Supreme Judge Lord
appear witb Attorney-General Craw
foid in the case against the W. V.
Stock Co.
Tbe state will ask to bave tho
original deeds set aside on tbe ground
that the Board was misled by false
and forged affidavits of reclamation
The state bas made all of the settlers
formely involved in the case, defend
ants in tbe new suit, regardless of any
settlements they bave attempted to
make with tbe Warner Valley Stock
Co. E. B. Watson of Portland, will
appear in behalf of the settlers, and
hopes to win out
Mrs. T. VV. Colvin Dead.
Tbe sad news of tbe death of Ms. T.
W. Colvin. of Lincolu, Calif., was re
ceived in Lakeview first of tbe week.
Mrs. Colvin died June 21, 1907.
Mr. and Mrs Colvin were early set--tiers
in Goose Lake valley and resided
here many years. The last few years
of their residence here was spent near
New Pino Creek. A few yoars ago they
disposed of their farm there and
moved to Lincoln, California. Anne
Stanley was born in Iowa, where she
lived till after her marriage to Thos.
W. Colvin, when they moved west.
She was a member of the Babtist
Church of New Piue Creek, a member
of theRebekah lodge of Lakeview, and
au honored and loved friend of all
who knew her.
Her Husbund aud one daughter Mrs.
J. S. McLaughlin, survives her.
Newt Stanley of Lakeview, and
Fj E. Stanley of Idaho are brothers of
Iu tho presence of such a sorrow,
bow cold aud iiupoteut are words and
how doubly deep would be the grief
over tho grave did not the rainbow of
Christian hope epau the dark gulf
between time aud eternity, and such
pure, bright lives inspire tbe belief
.hut there is a better world beyond,
where, filled with the corroding cares
united after life's fitful fever.
State Veter'nary Here.
Stuto Veteruary W. II. Lytle was iu
Lakeview a few daya last week looking
aftor the dipping of sheep, inspecting
the dippiug vats, etc. Everything
was being carried ou iu good shape by
Inspectors Proudfoot aud Malloy, and
with one exception, tho vats were in
good shape. The vat iu Camas prairie
was condemned by Mr. Lytle. This
is a serious misfortune for Mrs. Rosa
MoDaniels, who bas spent consider
able money to arrange for dipping,
but it seems that there is not suUH
eut water at tbe McDaniela dipping