Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, June 27, 1907, Image 5

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I Mu Hair
Ran Away
Don't have a falling out with
your hair. It might leave you I
Then what? That would mean
thin, scrawl y, uneven, rough
hair. Keep your hair at home!
Fasten It tichtly to your scalp I
You can easily do It with Aycr's
Hair Vigor. It is something
more than a simple hair dress
lng. It is a hair medicine, a
hair tonic, a hair food.
Tlio (mat lilii'l ol a t"tlmonliil
"Bolil lur onr it- ynr."
&U4 ty J. O. Af (Jo,, mm.
Alu fttftufft4ilurr mt
ciiimtr ricTOBAi.
llrtw'A Ibid?
F. J. rhtmcy it !., Toledo, O.
W t In- iiiiiIithIkihmI, lifivt' known
I'. .1. ('henry (or tin' liiwl l.'i ymrn, mid
believe lilm pci fi'i'l ,v lioiioriibltt III
nil litiultii'PM iniiiNactloiiN i ml llriuncl
ilililo curry out any oMIkmI
Ioiim niitde y liU linn.
WnMltis;, Kliiiuin A Marvin,
Wliolconln I'iukkImIh, Toledo, O,
1 1 (i ) I'm Cm I (i rili ('urn U I n ken Intern
nllv, netlng; 1 1 1 ! I ly upon tin- blood
inn! iniii'oiiH Nurtured of the N.VMleui.
Tent IuioiiIiiIm m'Ut free, I'rlee 7.V per
lioltle, Hnlil li.v nil ilnimtiHlM.
Tnke lldll'n Family I'IIIm forcoiiMll
ri I tt.
IMMrlct mi I Imnily m rived
here TneHiliiy evening fr thlitinl.
plopping a few days in Kliiinulh Fulls
to ntleii'1 Circuit eniirl.
I . K. 1'eiiuer, t lie iliini) tuner, will
make IiIm imiiiial vixll to Lukcvluw In
tho nenr future. If your pinno ueinU
tuning, wait fur lilm. 2J - If.
( vs lou to tin) Mfiuufm-turer'H ad
vance in the price of Cotton Threin),
The Meri'hanlH of Lakeview will he
rompelld to HilMiui'e prh'e, X
Neul Woodward, the Paihley freight
er, punned through town bint week
Mill) the t). E. Campbell wool. tluiley
A MiiMKinu'ill bought the wool.
Auteii A Hitmen, the I nil crtiite firm
located in tlie Lund otllce Mock, In
IjftUevleM, me now prepared to buy
and Nell n iil eKlnte of nil kinlH 1
mini hy the inline of John I).
row ne drooped ul IMiVIrt I ree
1'Ntcrilny while on IiIhwiiv toAllurti.
le will lm Imrieil in Lakeview toilny.
A. I', Kooer wiim over from iho
Went Khle hiht Friday, lie wiyn thu
front iliil Nome damage cm IiIh nIiIo of
the valley, to voting corn ami heaiiH.
C. Fluher uuil Niii Marion were over
fiom twelve' mile rreek hint. Kumliiy
litter supplies. Mr. ! Iidier Iihm heeti
trouhled with rhenniat im (his spring.
Mr. A. C. MeCilllvray of Dickin-
sou, North J)ukotn, Iiiih our thuuks
for a copy of Th Dickinson Press
containing the death of her husband.
1m Ualninaker."
Tim hlory of lint field's ruinrnukiug
lningH to life ml old UooM) Lako vol
ley story.
When I lev. it. E. Henderson, well
known t hrnughout Luke ami Modoc
count ieH, llrst cii'ne to (Jooho Lake val
ley hit made the m-quiiiiitanco of a
well-lo-do farmer down tho valley,
whoHe inline wo do not remember,
l!ev. llendnrHon and the fHrmer he
ciune very friendly and the fanner
'thought a great deal of Mr. Header
Hun, The prospects fur crops were
very hud, mid onu day lh furmer
mm Id I o Mr. lleuderNou: "If you viil
piny tor ruin ami hriiiK ne a good
eropl will glvo you n ton of flour
when I til k 0 my wheat to mill thin
fall." lU'V. HenderHii Nil id he would
try, and went homo Hiid prnyed for
Ifoltuno to overtake hln farmer friend,
j Well it rained, mid tho cropM took
I on new lifn and produced iiliundantly.
Nothing more wax mild or thought of
I tint UKrennient, hut tho farmer ro-
meuiliered Inn hennfactor, and when
he took h it wheat to mill left a ton of
Hour for Itev. L. K. llenderHon. Ho
untitled Mr. llenderHon a Utile later
on of w hat he ha I l inn Mr. ilioider
Hon laughed and told him "j'ch, I
prayed for it to ruin, hut that'll all
I done, and do Hot helievo I mado it
rain," hut tho farmer ImdHtod that
Mr,. HeiiderHOHii tnko ttio flour, and
gavo him an order for It.
nioper Located.
Jleit l'roiiKh, b hoy rulfod in (Jooho
t.hko viilley, and Minnie Kohl, of
('ediirvllle, eloped from Unit plaeo
limt winter mid could not Im found.
Tim young people wanted to get mar
ried, hut tho girl helng under fige tho
parent would not conxent. Th
Modoc Kepulicrin nay that -herllf
Caldwcill Iiiih tracked them op through
all their wimU and luriiH and located
them at M'iiiiiIhIii Homo, Idaho,
where he h:id young Trough lil rented
and would liuvo had tho couplu re
turned to Cedarvllli! only for tho
Intercut taken lu them liy tho Nhorlff
.of I'JImoro county, Idaho, who wroto
to tho glrl'rt purenf.H In tho young
proplo'ii helialf, Ntatlng that dot h
were at work and neemed devoted to
each other. Tho father finally
coimciitcd to tho marriage.
They l. ft Oedarville In tho winter,
Matting out Houlli, lint cronwd tho
valley Into Niivada and turned north.
They put up at Mock ranched, the
girl dreMrted an a hoy. They got lout
and wandered around till I hey wore
imngry, when they found a calf arid it. They were caught at killing
tho calf and were arrewted. Thin wan
of) In Iluruey county. When the
owner of the calf learned that one of
then was a girl ho refuHiid to pronecuto
th'-m and they were releiined.
I roiu there they went to Wcizer
Idaho, and other Idaho town, Mopp
ing hut a nhort time in a place, until
they at hint found work, Trough Mioar
lng nheep, and the girl cooking tor the
crew. They mm I1 they were married
in Lake v low. It win thero they were
located, and an end put to tho
Win. DodHon, of Molina Calif., for
merly of Cediirville, and his niece,
MInh Lorn lluglu'8, aro vitiitlg tho
HooncH thin week.
tie Fireil the Stick.
"I have fired tho walking-Mick I've
carried over 10 yeurw, on account of
a Noro that reMMed every kind of
treatment, until I tried lltu-klcu'M
Arnica Halve; that Iiiih healed tho ho re
mid mle me a happy man," writeH
John (Jarrett, of North Mill, N. C.
guaranteed for Pilen, ISuriiH, etc., by
I-ice Heal, druggiM.
T. K. Hernard, the hardware man
hint wold twenty huggiefl within the
piiHt two wcekt.
If I
For li'.e Sluiicus and t
H-ir-l VjKriA nrn.. h
iiuiu nuiitcu uii .e KM
3 Man Who Nectfs Re-
j. ' , V rK f V" !.
For the Nursing
Mother Who Would
6!ve Strength and
Sturdloess to Her
Levi Strauss & Co.
For the Friend Whom
Yon Exped to Pre
sent With the Furest
Whiskey Known.
For the Long Tour
ing As!:m3l!l8 Part)1
c have made an entire transcript of all Records in Lake County,
which, in any way, affect Real Property in the county.
We have a complete Record of every Mortgage and transfer
ever made in Lake County, and every Deed given.
In transcribing the records we have found numerous
mortgages recorded in the Deed record, and not indexed; and
manv deeds arc recorded in the "Mortgage record and other
books. Hundreds of mortgages and deeds arc not indexed
at all, and aie most difficult to trace up from the records.
TTVTryT-wrrrTTvrMTrvirrv rrrTrrrrr'rrfrrfVTVf m rrr ?t? rrr ttt vtt ttt ttt
Thursday, May 16th,
2,000 YARDS of English Torchon Lace,
one to four inches wide. Special sale price 5 cts. per yard.
This is not old shop worn laces but strictly new and upto
date patterns and full pieces, each piece containing thirty six
yards with insertion to match. This is one of the greatest
values ever offered in Laces. You will have to come early if
you get any of these Laces. Other stores will ask you, from
ten to twenty cents for same laces'.
II. P. Etxjuint in iu town thin week.
Miss HownrJ in over from Drews
A. N. i'fiiiiiett and wife came over
from Warner this week. '
A. II Florence returned from Port- ;
aln yesterday morning. ;
I.N. Convrne wast up town yentrday. j
Ho Hays some of the fruit down the'
vulley has been dumaed hy frott.
A. M. Smith and w ife of Pine Creek
went to Paisley last week to attend
tho funeral of A. J. Hampton.
Iu the County Court of the State
of Oregon, for Lake County.
In the matter of the (Jaur-)ORDER
dian-sbip of the estate of) TO
Hubert Hagley, (len Balgey) SHOW
Elide lialey and Mark Bagiey ) CAUSE
Minors, )
This matter coming on regularly to be
heard upon this 17th day of June,
I'M, upon the duly verified petition
of Olive Keal, the da lyappointed, act
ing and qualified Uuardian of the Per
son and Estate of theabove named
Minors, and each of them, for an
Order 01 Sale of the Real Property
belonging to said Minora and each of
them, and it appearing tbcrefiom,
bat there is no personal property
belonging to said Minors or either of
tbem ; and that there are no funds
available or ou band with which to
support and maintain said wards or
either of them ; and that it is neces
sary for the support and maintainance
of said Wards and each of tbem that
said real property belonging to said
Wards and each of them be sold ;
It Is Therefore ORDERED and DE
CREED that Wednesday tne 24th day
of July, at Ten o'clock In the fore
noon of ttaid day BE and is hereby
appointed as the Time for -bearing
said Petition and that the Next of
Kin of said Wards and of each of
tbem and that all persons interested
in said Estate of said Minors and of
each of them appear at Chambers, in
the Court House in Lakeview, Lake
County. Oregon, on the above named
date to show cause why a license
shoul 1 not be granted for the sale of
all the interest of said Wards and
each of them in and to the following
described Keal property, to-wit:
An undivided Four-Ninths interest
in and to the WW of NWW Sec. 25
Tp. 33 8., R. 18 E., also commencing
at the North-east corner of the NW'
of Wfc1; Sec, 25 in said Tp. an
Range; thence running East 5 chains;
tbence running South 40 chains;
thence running West 5 chains;
tnenoe funning North 10 chains to
place of beginning.
Tbis Order shall be Published in
the Lake County Examiner a News
paper of General Circulation in Lake
County, Oregon, for a period of
Three successive weeks prior to the
date of bearing hereof.
Done in open Court this 17th day
of June, 11)07, at Lakeview, Oregon.
II. Daly, Judge.
The Lakeview Furniture Com
pany has moved into the large
Brick Building on Water street
where a Large Stock of every
thing usuall- found in a Furn
iture Store will be kept
Undertaker's Parlors
Repair Shop .....
We have notations of all these Errors:
Others cannot find them. We have spent hundreds of dollars hunting up
these errors, and we can guarantee our work.
J. D. VENATOR, Manager.
United States Land Office, Lake
view, Oiegon, Juue 14th 1907.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with tbe provisions of the act
or Uongress of June 3, 1878, entitled
"An act for the sale of timber lands
iu the States of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Territory,"
as extended to all the Public Land
States by act of August 4, 18D2, John
H. Auten, of Klamath Falls, county
of Klamath, State of Oregon, has this
day tiled in this office his sworn state
inent. No.
34 S,
will offer proof to show that the laud
sought is more valuable for its timber
or stone than for acriculturul purpos
es and to establish his claim before
the Clerk of Klamath Couuty Ore., at
his otHee at Klamath Falls, Oregon,
on Monday the 2. day of September.
11)07. He names as witueses :
C. L. Withers, of Paislev. Oreiron.
Frauk Johnson, of Dairy, Oregon,
Ralph Vaugn of Klamath Fulls, Oreg.,
Jamea Ryau, of Illy Oregon.
Any aud all persous claiming adver
sely tbe above described lands are
requested to file tbeir claims in this
ottlce ou or before said 2, day of Sept.
25-10 J. N. Watson, Register.
Located on Water Street, near the Post office.
Meals at all Hours.
Fresh oysters kept on
hand during the oyster
season; Fish and game
in season
Only First-class Restaurant
in Fakeview.
5y23 5 '
United States Land Office, Lakeview
Oregon, May 13,. 1907. '
xsotice is bereby given tbat in com
pliance with the provisions of tbe act
of Congress of June (, la8. entitled
"An act for tbe sale of timber lauds
in tbe States of California, Oregon.
Nevada and Washington Territory, "as
extauded to all the Public Land
States by act of August 4,1892, Jennie
Holder, of Paisley, county of Lake
3(i(0, fortlw purchase of I State of Oregon, has this day filed in
E'i SEUSW; SE'.' & SEi4'SVt4' this office his sworu statement No.
Section No. 2.). in Towushin No. 3U88. for the purchaso of theSVii RWW
, Range No. 17 E.. W. M.. and of Section No. 8. in Township. No.
3BS., Range No.l9,E., W. M. aud will
otter proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable for its timber
or stone thau for agricultural pur
poses, aud to estatilxh his claim to
said laud before Register aud Receiver
at Lakeview Oregon, on Friday, the
?, day or July, 1907.
He names as witnesses: W. R Ham-
mersley and S. P. Moss of, Lakeview,
Oregon, R. N. Phelps aud C. 8. Mor
ris, of Paisley, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above described lauds are
requested to tile their claims in this
office on or before said 20th day of
July, 1907.
20-10. J. N. Watsou, Register..
United States Land Office, Lak
view .Oregon, May 13, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that in com
plance with tbe provisions of the act
of Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled
"An act for tbe sale of timber land
lu the States of California. Oregon.
Nevada, and Washington Terriotry,"
as extended to all tbe Public Land
States by act of August 4, 1892, Lottie
D. Withers, of Paisley, county of
Lake, State of Oregon, has this day
filed in this office his sworu statemeut
No. 3091, for the purchase of the Eli
NEK Sec. 0, W!e' NW" of Sectioa
No. 5, in Township No. 34 S., Range
No. 18, E., W. M., aud will offer
proof to show tbat the laud sought i
more valuable for its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish his -Anim to said land before
Register and Receiver at Lakeview
Oregon on Monday, the 5, day of
August, 191)7. Ho names as witneses:
C. W. Withers, C. L. Withers, J. S.
Sprague, M. C. Currier, all of Paibley
Any and all persons claiming ad
voivt'ly the above described lauds are
requested to file their claims in this
office on or before said Oth,' day of
August, 1907.
J. N. Watson, Register. 10-20