Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, March 07, 1907, Image 7

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Thai f KfM IHrer, to arr
ICIrrtt li If? of lllah Vnlta.
Tim loiiK't high power line In the
world, cnnylng KMKH volt of elec
tricity. In ou the eve of compli-dos In
Ciillfoniln. lly moans of It n urcnt
qmuillty of electric energy, innoiiiil
Ing to W.OOO horsepower, Is to l cur
rleil U." tulle ncrom two inountnlii
mriitea for the operation of two afreet
rnllwuy hm tenia In the city of l.o
Angeles. When ft. little more t tin 11 a
-enr ngo the ICdlson ICIectrle eoitipnu
undertook to hnrneaa (ho wilier of
llio tnrlitilent Kern river for thU pur
pone find enrry the power to lie (ten-
. tt-i
IUVKU l ttlt LINK.
'rnfi no lonif a illNtiince In the fnee
of mo many olmtneles some eiiKlneer
thought It an ItnpoHMllilo feitl. ICixht
oen utiles of rmd hud to twcunxtnii.'ted
through a rotiKh iiioiintuln sertloti he
fore a alnule piece of inuehliiery 'ould
In landed lit the point of the principal
operation. Hut In aplte of t tie reootf
n I .ix I dllhVulty of the project the en
Klneer went ahead with It. and a
short time ago tho hixt ateel tower of
the Kern river lino of tho Kdlsou
company of Ia AukvIcs was rained.
There lire over a thoiiNund of tlicnii
towera In the rj.1 miles of the route
lietween I At Angeles HUil the plant up
In the mountains where electricity Id
Keneruted. Tho towera raiiKv from
thirty to seventy feet III helKht. When
rawtern mnniifucturerM with naked fur
liiMUliitora for these tower, welichlnu
fifty pounds, KtnndluK three feet blab
and lieurluK porcehitn dinks iih lurc
n n kiiiiiII tatile. they KUHpcd. floured
fur Jn)M and then made them.
Simo lirteen wiles mIkivo the uioiitli
of the Kern river canyon a co
incut conduit wait constructed along
tlie ennjon xlijea fur eluht milea.
Near the mouth of tho canyon a p int
er house waa Iniilt. and thetriiHbltii;
water of the river wiim conveyed In
the liltf conduit to tho enonnoua
wheeN at tho power house by mcuux
of a ateel tilte nine feet In diameter.
1.7U3 fect IniiR and hnvln a drop of
W55 feet.
There la liirt one other engineering
project In the world where the at
tempt In inntle to curry the electric
current at ho high a pressure an (Sft.iMNi
volts. Tlmt la In MlHHourl and la hut
three miles lout;. 'niHeiueutly tho en
frlneerliiff problems Involved are not to
bo compared with those of the enter
prlHe for supplying p;wer to tho Los
Angeles traction companiea.
Dlrlnar for the 4'roaa, aa I'rardcrti In
rrk Seaport Town,
They liavo n queer ceremony In
ilretn-e on Jan. 0. tho festival of the
Kplphiiny, In soiittort towtia. 'I'he idea
Is connected with tho baptlNtu of
divino ron the ckobh.
Christ, and la a transformation of on
old Greek ceremony associated with
the worship of tho sen pod Neptune
On the morning of the festival the peo
ple Riithor at tho water frout, and the
soldiers form on lighters, which, with
one aide of the quay, make a hollow
aqtiure. tho water occupying the space
wlthlu. lualdo are a few boata' con
tnlnlng boys, who ure stripped uud
ready for a plunpo. They are moatly
Kimiiso divers. Mualc la heard, and a
procesalou la aeon nppronching, at tho
head of which U the blahop In his
rtxa and carrying a cross. In one
hand he bonr.1 a tiprlff of laurel. He
throws tho cross in the sea, and. the
bo j-a dive for It. The one who obtains
It k I Hues It, curries It to the bishop and
receives the laurel branch as bis re
ward. The bishop In turn kisses the
cross, and the people r.lso reverence It,
when all return to the church, and the
ceremony la ended. v
A iillv I'olnl.
"Bo that foreign nobleman has cant
ed bis attentions to that girl."
"Yes," answered Miss Cayenne. "Shi
told lilm that her face was her for
tune, and be said that under the cir
cumstances he declined to be clussod
as fortune buuter." WiudilugtoD
i. ii
How St. Albet
l Helped
0 o
1 r CopyrlKhl, I!hi, by Mi-C'lura News-
' Pbimt flyn1lcnt O
There ara whims and whims. M?
; ftartlcnlnr ono mlnlit bo discovered In
Mrs. Jerome's house pnrty InvltnHoti,
which read, "Yourself and Ht. Albe."
I My motor car never for a moment
bud replaced my racer, Ht. A)e, In my
I affections. I loved him for his swift
! nesa, his beauty, his gentleness, Mors
; than I lovH woman did I regard my
horse, but that was lcfore I had met
ICIhIo Hyler at my hostess country
I hud always believed that 1 should
rerogulr.o my mate as soon as I sow
her or at least when I heard her apeak.
Miss Ilyler's pure, Madoutm-llko face
held my eyes, her voice aet my heart
strings atune, and In tho etonlnir, when
I waltzed with her, I know her for aiy
Tory own. I nlmoM told her so. Aft
erward I was glad I had not.
It waa a mouth long houso party, so
I should have plenty of tltno to woo
my darling, but from tho ftrxt mat
ters went not to my liking. A ghost
aeemiHl to stalk In our midst, uud trum
my deur lady's hunlx-nt eyes looked of
ten a haunting fear, llcr voice, face
auil sweet dlxposltlou M-euied a per
fect trinity to compel any man's ad
miration, and nt time k!ic hnd the
whole crowd literally at her feet; then,
presto, tho Intangible something which
made her a woman apart from her sis
I exorcised Kt. Alb every day. usual
ly preferring to drive him bitched to
my easy going phuctou. I never went
out that I didn't try to get Miss Hyler
to accompany me, but alio never .ac
cepted. The seventh time her excuse
was too tlimsy to twar Investigation,
aud she ran from the room.
I was puzzled. She wasn't cold to
mo except In connection with my horse.
As I htiHKl frowning Mrs. Atherton pat
tod my shoulder In her motherly way.
"Better not waste time on what can't
Iki helped," she counseled. Another
day I overheard Mrs. Jerome nod Miss
Cecilia laughing about tho "poor little
(umpie," as they called EIslo.
Iioubtless If I hud asked a direct
question I should have found out soon
er, but I couldn't bring myself to dis
cuss her, and they, supposing 1 under
stood, talked In metaphors and left me
One golden morulug I left her hullily
aud went after St. Albe, Miss Cecllla'a
mocking laughter trulllng after mo. I
drove away milea away. Comlug
back, I wus still potidcrlug on tho sit
uation. What bud Jerome meaut with
bis epigrammatic "better chuck It,
Deu?" As one Joins mosaic work, I
put together Mrs. Atberton's advice.
Miss Cecilia's laughter, Jerome's words
and various bints from the others, but
when I bud my pieces fitted I failed to
read the design.
As Bt. Albe turned eastward I saw
the girl of my thoughts sitting by the
roadsKlo. Her wblte fuce, bor lltUe
shoo lu her lap, her swollen foot, told
the tnle of a sprained ankle. I jumped
"Let me lift you In," I said. "I won't
hurt the poor foot."
"Oh, no!" she exclaimed, her bhio
eyes black with some strong feeling,
"I shall bo ablo to walk pretty soon.
Please go nwuy."
"I ahull do nothing of the kind," 1
replied, promptly growing angry. "I'm
sorry to bo so distasteful, but 1 guess
you can endure mo till I get you home
or you can drive the horse yourself,"
. That ride waa a memorable one. If
Bt. Albe stnrtod Into a gentlo trot El
sie abrlckod with fright. If I slowed
him down Elsie knew be was going to
kick. Tho toot of an auto born lu the
far distance nearly threw ber Into
spasms, though Bt. Albe knew an auto
woblle better than he knew bis mother.
I tried, to reason with her, but sbo
bade mo keep my ulud on my driving.
At last she put ber elbows on ber
knees and ber face Into ber bands, the
while she shook as with an ague chill.
"I can't belp It!" the moaned. "I waa
born with It, aa some are born with
crooked feet. I can't help It. I eau'tt"
With her lu this undignified position
and myself grim, silent, but furious, I
drove up to tho bouse Into u perfect
.. mil of laughter, from which I t
.'oped aa aooti as pox lo.
I understood my mosaic now, and 1
began weighing my di-alro for lier
ngaluat toy pleasure lu Rt. Albo. The
latter It was evident she could never
shuro with ino, I n voided her for aov
ernl days, while my anger cooled and
my love Increased. Then one morning
as I drove out ou tho pi cm nut country
road I overtook her, Kho was walking
very slowly, aide,) by a enno.
As alio turned her startled eyo on
my gl'Msy horse a blind rage suddenly
HiMsoHsod her. In less time than It
t'ikes to tell It I wus out of tho buggy,
had IClsle In my arms, Into tho buggy
ami isle wcro off! '
Iter face went whlto, ntid the fear In
her blue eyes waa mixed with uinnitl
gnti'd M-orii nml anger.
"You nro a brute!" slio aald trom
"I know It," I agreed.
"I can't reason about It! I enn't
help It! Oh, please put mo out!"
Tho piteous voice appealed to whn!
little manhood I hud l-ft. I stopped
the horse and Jiimpiil out. Aa I held
up my anna a paper careened across
the road. Kt. Albe, mtoi for hla quiet
nerves, snorted and ran. Elsie screamed
and shouted "Whoa!" I'.ut he ran the
faster, while I scurried nfter lu tho
cloud of dust, my heart fairly burstini'
with fear and remorse.
It seemed to mo that I ran for houra
Tho road had many turns, ao they were
Immediately lost to sight. At every
corner I exported to come upon the
tragedy. At last I fell breathless by
tho roadside, and whllu I wulted. sick
at heart, I heard tho toot of the tally
ho horn.
"Thank Ood!" I cried, for I know It
was the other guests who had early In
the morning gone for a tallyho rldo.
"Thank Ooil!" I cried, and. staggering
up, I rap il I7.7.I ly on.
As tho road swerved sharply to the
west a most surprising sight met my
eyes. St. Albe was trotting swiftly to
ward me swiftly, but under perfect
control nnd Elsie was bis driver. Be
hind them came tho tallyho crowd
shouting Itself hoarse.
Elslo drew proudly up beside me.
The tallytm folks spilled out, nil talk
Ing at once.
"Oh, you brave creature!"
"How did you dare?"
"Shan't I help you out?"
"Why. you don't look a bit scared!"
"Why. I am not scared, nnd I am c
happy I think I shall die!" Elslo ox
claimed when she could get a hearing.
"It's wonderful! Tho minute I felt
the reins li: my hands that horrlblf
fear left me. I slowed him down,
turned him around, and now I am
going to drive him home. Oh. I'm sc
Every one at least every man In the
house, barring Jerome entertained me
that evening. They seemed to tak
turns nt It. At Inst I wrenched myself
away and went Into tho garden where
I had last seen her. Sho was not there,
nor could I find her In tho moonlit or
chard. At last 1 gave her up and
started for the stables. St. Albe wa
In the paddock, and I caught the Out
tor of white liesldo him.
Crying nnd laughing and murmur
ing, there was my darling with hot
arms around St. Alias's umippreclativ
"Just think of It. St. Albe." she waf
saying. "I've had my first propownl to
night nnd five liosides. It's owing to
you, you lHnnty."
"And this Is tho seventh," I observed,
taking tho yhlte arms nnd putting my
own nock where St. AHks's had been.
"If you accepted any of the six, you
muy ns well tell him you have chang
ed your mind, for I will have you. I
will. Elsie beloved!"
"Why, .Dennis, of course you will!"
sho answered, putting up her rod lips
o o kissed.
Function of (he llouae of LorCa.
The nntlquntod constitution of the
houso of lords and Its comparative
neglect of Its duties Irritate modern
reformer! both theoretical and practi
cal and have led them often to call for
Its overthrow. But at the bottom of
this charge of obsoleteness nnd Ineffi
ciency U the fear that the peers may
take It Into their beads to be energetic
and Industrious, constant In attend
ance aud active in operation. If they
were so If the lords chose to be ns
vigorous as they wore In 1089 or 17S2
or even In 1807 and 1S32 the demo
cratic element In the United Kingdom
would have had bard work to complete
the change which It has carried so far
and longs to carry farther. Whnt the
lords win do now was shown by Glad
stone's home rule bill. Ills Immense
personal Influence and the fear of an
Irish revolt, added to no small amount
of serious conviction, forced the bill
through the commons. The lords mot
In numbers scarcely known for a life
time. The caso was put on both aides
wltb great force and with that serious,
lofty, high bred eloquence that has nev
er become extinct In the upper bouse
during many centuries. The bill was
rejected by an Immense majority, and
the friends of tike measure bad the sat
isfaction of knowing that the verdict
of England was against them and with
the peers, and not a few voices raised
the cry which la hoard at steadily re
curring Intervals, "Thank God we bave
a bouse of lords!" William Everett In
Hatha SaaTaTatlTC.
"You look worried, count."
"And I am worried, monsieur. I go
to eo rlcb young lady'a bouse to ask
for ber band, and I fall over re bur
glar alarm."
"Zen I qnlck arise and tell ae fa
ther I make a mistake."
"And what did be sayT
"Ha asked where ce mistake waa."
Chicago News.
( M WoJh rYr Ml
Tho Kind Yot liave Always
In ue for over no yt9.r,
jtyf'&f. "onal supervision alnce Its Infancy.
l-CCCCSUfcZ AlWuv ii n nn fndweivn von In I hla.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and 'Just-aa-good" are but
Experiment that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
Caatorla Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops aud Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its ago Is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Fcverifdincss. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
The Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Frierd.
Bears the
The Kind You Me Always Bought
In Use For Oyer 30 Years.
m acaraua . avaaav tmn, an re mtt.
..Lakeviow Meat Market.
JOHN WENDELL, Proprietor
. . . TIME TABLE . . .
In Eff.-ot May 1st, 1905.
Thr!I A. M.I.v. Pokcgama 10 45 A M
Ar. Ruaim. . . (.tt Ar. Dixie 10.65
SlwIBr'f 6 Kl'h Pp'gi 11.40 "
Fslirr'k.Tua " ' Fall Creek 11.45
" KlhKp'K7 10 ' ' Pieel Br'ge 12.00 "
" Mxie 8.10 " " Rom, i;.20PM
" PokegamadO " " Thrall ....12.46 "
Klamath Springs Special.
I.v. Thrall l.SO P. M.Lv. Kl'h Hp'iriJ.45P. II
Ar. BoRim 1.IB Ar. Fall Creek2.S0
' Htevl Br'te2.15 " Xtecl BrVeS 00 "
" Fall Creek 2.3A " " Bi(iis.. 8.20
' Kl'h Pp'gs 2.40 " ' Thrall S.ii -
Stockmen's supplies of all kinds
Waruer Valley Mercantile Co. Adel
and Plush. 38 tf.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has retired from the conduct
of the Mammoth Livery Stables, and
desires to settle up all outstanding ao
counts. Those indebted to either
Ileryford it Smith, Heryford 3c, Fuller,
lleryford Jk Dykman, or W.R. Ileryford
will please call aud settle at once.
W. II. Heryford.
, r I
Bought, and which lia been
ha burno the signature of
has been made under his pr-
Signature ol
Office at the Mercantile Company's
Store Lakeview, Oregon.
Good Stock ... New Coaches
I Daily from Lakeview to Bly, connect
I ing with Daily Stage to tbe railroad.
j P. fl. COREY, - - - Proprietor
Ltivid V, Oreg on.
I L The Examiner has received a new
j sample book of the Wall Street line
01 engraved certincaies ot etoctc anu
bond blanks, the roost up-to-date on
the market. Used and endoraed by
the leading financiers of America.
Copyrighted. Call and see them If
you need anything in this line, tf
First Baptist church of Lrkevlew
PreachlngServiicesa 1 11:A.M., and
7:30 P. M. on each Sunday.
Sunday School 10: A. M.
Junior Society at 2:.10 P. M.
Baptist Young People.s Union at
:.0 p. M. ou each Sunday.
Trayer meeting 7.30, P. M. on Wed
nesday evenlug.
Everybody Invited to attend all
services. A. Frank Simmoni, pastor
j .ls. We
'jlV si vies
stock a large assortment of high
grade stationery so that there is
no delay in executing a large order.
Ourprices will be found to compare
favorably with other prices.
First ItaptiMt Church of Oooi Lnko,
At New Fine Cn-ek, On-gon.
I'renrhlMgrVrvIrr nt ll:iK-lock A.M
Hnd7;30 P.M. on fHth Ntiuriny of
every month.
Hundny .School nt 10:oYlock A. M.
l'rny r Service n 1 7..T J on Wednesday
evening of each wet k.
All n re cordially invited to attend
the Service.
J "ayden Howard Paotor.
Nasal Catarrh quickly yields to treat?
mailt by Ely's Cream iialm, which is agree,
ably aromatic. It is received through the
nostrils, eleaoses and heals the whole sur
face orer which it diffnag itself. Drnggiste
ell the COo. size Trial size by mail, 10
eeoU. Test it and you are sure to continue
the treatment.
To accommodate those who are partial
to the oae of atomizers in applying liquide
into the saaal pa"Ago tor eaUtrrhal trim
IU, the proprit rs prepare Cream Balm la
liquid form, which -nil bo knowa as Ely'a
Liquid Cream Balm. Price including the
spraying tube is 75 cent. Druggists or by
mail. The liquid form embodies the med.
Urinal properties of the solid preparation, j
110 HE
tiofi hf mat) adapt! to m-yoti
K"-oniwl liy wwin arwt Morurm.
Kipriix d anal cuniivteM ln ret
ort. liM mvmrt time only. Tlir
mm-Preparatory. Baalim. ( 4
fveparra for BrartM. Will
betur ro'ir oofftttton arwl prtwpwrta
lnrnwnh MnnWita and fradaataa
rwfj wIwth. run
pariimlara and
aacrlal ttmr
d rtwuu or pnittA. lor i prt mnrrh aod rrea iporfc
rm mJmx. how to obtain patwu, trada maika.
evpjncbta. eto, N ALL COUNTRICS.
BiuiHrti Jirrct vitk Waskbigto lav ttmt,
mvmry mmd often tlu falent.
Patent ind InfrlnptiMnt Practice Excttttlvdy.
Wtit fir mm to oa a
IU matt Stnat, TIsitoi ttaM fatMt 0aa,l
Wanted : Men in each state to travel.
tack signs anddistribate samples antl
circulars of our goods. Salary t80.0t
per mo t3.00 per day for expenBea,
Saanders Co, J)ept. S 46-50 Jacksoa
Boulevard, Chicago. 43-5
We Collect Epery where and Make
no Charge Unless Collection is Made.
We Please Our Client!
Morgan Mercantile Co.
Fenton BIdg
Portland, Or.
Post & King bave the best grade
ot liquors and cigars to be found la
Oregon. tf
Coiy Homes.
The discovery of a new wick princi
ple so effective and yet so simple
that It's a wonder no one thought of
It before has so revolutionised the
manufacture of oil heaters and lamps
that explosions, smoke and smell,
caused by imperfect wick arrange
ment, may safely be regarded as
things of the past.
This new wick attachment Is to be
found on the Perfection Oil Heater,
advertised in the Examiner by the
Standard Oil Co. N
Urs. BARKAX & SEW ALL, specla
lists for Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
are now located at 1700 California
St. corner Van Ness Ave San Fran
cisco- 48- 5.
The Examiner ex-
e have all the late
in type and keep in