Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, March 07, 1907, Image 6

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United Rlale I tut Otttce, Ikevlw
Oregon. rVb. , 1W7.
Notice la hereby given that In com-
Ith the provisions of the net
ongrcss of June .1, 1S7S, ent It
ihn niblha Iniid "An act for th sale or iimwr mnus
Augusts, .li ! ln the StMee of California, Otegon,
Iko, . , .k,.i.ii TirrliurT ."
4 ii' ...-... 1' . . . . . x l., : tifinunt nun 11 ntiin(kii'
County of Lake, ' ' "''TO b.l .1! the lhibllo Ind
It. la ilar tl Oil III MHK inner- man
Timber I.n4 Nelk
I.aVevlew, Oregon. J; 1W7.
Note la hen by given that In com
tdlane w Ith the provisions of the Act
June ilk liN eiuiMod
i.i ..!' - - ... i. - -
"An Act Tor the sale t 'V , pllance
In the Wales of OiillfoniU, Oregon. ' ' '
Nevada, mid V-Mt.on, rrjtory.' of l.onn
n extended to nil
States 1V Act of
Alexander A. Oavla. ot w r lao,
filial liar IlKHl 111 lllin VM'.- wan .
Statement No. for the purchase State by not of August 4, WJ. Sarah
of the Wtt NW Sec. .t F.'i NK4'I v. lHxton, of Lakeview, County of
No. IN F..W..M... : . " lf , ,hu oflle hi. -worn statement
k - 1. 1. . . 1 II... u 1,1 M I 1 1 1 Ilk i n 1 1 1 I 1 V ...... -. ..... .
lO mow llllll inr ..-. . r- - -
valuable for II timber or stone .than
for agricultural purposes, nu in es
tahlish his chitm to HHi.t land before
the Jnilce of Klamath Co. Oregon, at
Maolll.-oHt Klnmalh FbIU Ore. on
Wednesdav the let day ot May UVj.
II name a Hnesses: thus. Mea
ner, and .li.s. Mongol ! of Klamath
Kails. O.MeKendree, and l ha. Hart
ley, of Dairy, Ore.
Any an. I Hit
Mul t ho above
.,11.1-i.v.i to tile their claims
oitlce on or before wild 1st
May UX7. . .
(VIO J. X. Watson Kjlter.
Ircons idaimlntt ndver- I odrir at i
i doiu riW'd land are re-' ,jliv, the li
No. '.VhM, for tho vurvhna of the NKJ
NKJ of Section No. 24, in Township
No, :W S., Kan No. 20 F... W. M.,
and will offer proof to show tlmt the
land eouisht I more valuaMo ftr Ha
tliulHr or atone than for nurlcullurnl
purposoa, Hiid to eataMitdi hi claim
to wld ImihI Ufore Kouiater and Ko-
ijkevlew OiVfjon, on Vxl-
1 K. Tavlor, I'Mp.
Office at U: KeynolJV 5tor.
Stage ttvea Ijikeview Monday, Wei
nemlara and Fridayt at t a. in., arrive
at riuah at 9 p. in. Iave Tiuah Tuee
day, Thuradava and Saturdays, at
a. m., arrive at Ijikeview at 9 p. in.
raeni;er fare (.1 one way or $5 fi
ronnd trip. Freiuht ratea from Ma'
lot to Nov. lt f.7R r hnndml ! (run
Nov. Itt to May Utl.(Hlet hundie
lav r lafetlnr Rlrea tJreellr HtnrA
l.lre Itork lniro rmrat.
The lieiH!.'ra of grade nie naunlly 'S A 'V WIIH'M, M. I,
tintent with a very comitum or Inferior
ini-e Inrd Iwauae of the lower eont. riiYMH I A enl Ml Ht.
In thin
dy of
W.XTF.I: ty CtiicnKO wholeaale
a,nd mail order house, a-sistant niaua
wr i man or woman) tor thi county
and Mvtjoiniuit territory. Salary rx
and exp uea paid weekly: xeuse
money advancisl. Work pUswut;
position Hrmanent. No iuveotmeut
or experience tvinlrod. Snre time
valuable. Write at once tor full pr
tlculaw and encKwe lf addrseHl en
velope. Aditress,
lienerai ManaKvr, liU F Lake St.,
Chicnvo, 30-10
A Most Valuable Agent.
The glycerine employed In Hr. IVroeV
BMHlicines gr,tljr ciitiniuvs the nnxlicma'
proM'rti,s w hich It extraols from nat i
tueilictual roots and hold In Skh;i o;
much better than lohol would. It :.--
possesses medicinal pnH-rtie of lis own.
being a valuable dcmuK-ent, nutritive,
antiseptic and antifcrsient. It a.h-
greatly to theeftlcacy of the Ulaok Chcrrj-
bark, liloodroot, ttolden Sal root, Sine
toot and tutvn rvvt, contained in
"Oolden Medical lliscovcry ia suKluiiv
chronic, or lingering coutths, bronoliiai.
throat and lung affections. fr all of whk-u
these agents are recommended by stand
ard medical authtvritics.
In all rase where there Is a w-jutinc
awaj of Csh, Kws of apatite, w Ith w eais
stomal, as in the early su?s of ccn
umin. there can be no dout.t that ply
cerineacts as a va!uMe nutritive :J
aids iti i;!Jen irl rwt, kStone rvvt,
JueiCs rx'ift and l!ack Chcrrvbark ia
fronn aigestioo ana ruiidiitg up u.e
flesh anVft-tiYncth. contrxlling the Cii:;h
rg alxiut a heiUhr condr.iv n
lie svstcm. Of course, it must
vted to work miracles. It will
msumption except In its earlier
and brir
of tha w
not be erf
not cure
Bate, hsnc
th day of April, 117.
lie names as witnesses: deo. Lynch
ChmhI lVndleton, Loirn HaKey, John
Hremner., all of Lakevlew, titvon.
Any and all Hrona clniming ad
versely the above descriWd lands are
requested to tile their claims in this
otlK'o on or before snid ll'th of
April, l'.V7.
7-10 J. X. Watson, Ke:iter.
United States Ijnd tt!ice Ijikeview
ttregou, IHv, 2S liKHv.
Notice is hereby given that In com
pliance with the provisions of the act k
of Congress or June ., enuuo;,
"An act for the sale of timter' land
in the Stntea of California, Oregon.
Nevada, and Washington Territory,'
as extended to all the Public Ijtnd
States bv act of August 4. l!- Wil
liam H. lveueflel. of Paisley, county of
Iake, State of Oregon, has this day i
ttl.vl in this ottice his sworn statement 1
... . . . . . i . . . n . .. i'i
,n .i., tor me rurvnas'e oi me .- i
SW Sec., 2t N. NWJ of Section Ntx
i in Township No. .C S. lange No.
-t K, W. M., and will otrer prvof to
show that the land sought is more val
uable for it timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes and to establish
his claim to said land IWore Kegistcr j
and Kooeiver at lakeview Oregon on '
Wednesday the 2ith day of March 1.V7. '
He names as witneses:
Koy Chandler, C. A. Kehart, of .
Ijikeview Oregon, C. S. Henerlel. of!
tisley Oregou, and W alter Pent of ;
Adel Orogu. j
Any and all persons clsimiug ad j
versely the alnve descrilnvl lands are
reiiuestel to file their claims in this
ottice on or before s&id .Vth day of
Mairh. HV7.
J. X. Watsou. Register.
s I FT
- - -
1 u:rc:i.c -o
in acute cxZITS
It Unot soeuevkive. ills In th lingeri.-g
tiang-on cemghs. or thiiseof long stand ir.e.
tutivv is hereby given that all irriga
tion, or mlilrace ditchoe oa all trut
streams thrrj;ht 1-akc Couuty. Or
gn. must tv svtwned with a small
uiosh wire swiviMiinc at their head ir '
even w hen accomrniet bv Mtvd:re from
lungs, that it has performed iu most
marvelous run'.
!'... l !i- . . 1 ,r t- .
Wt Jiei ciro&V ( J"!. with the main channel of
et'nne: stream. Also .1 vlams or olvstruct-
. ,. . i i V ' : . . . : " ' . , 1.111 .mi ii! tnm must Im urtv
Tt,Miiur txvl uuanmjr t h rivtio- ,f
t5drocHi la Kluiion. U fc we :b Us
niutuf4-turHl iiiuMs,f I h- ivinwi' ir.
Il aciKtn uixyi er.frrlni. ciMi-nrd ! c;--bfc(Nriiliv
if ibrre ts u!orratxt or o
lrrhl (M,int o:rr'! in8mir.4tNi vi
sioa-.t.-h'v. U 1 a r--i ij'.Vwl tr'rrt.
tiljvrni-e will tvi:r r. siiy e- c? rvri
,herturn' and eo-4 ftirn? ii.c.i,l.
lkld,-i Mr!!v-il rSkTvrr er.ri-lw trui
Mr. Si ike M.xni rurirv Kit.-hiN p;".v
eru.riKns nriuk'us riluvAsd oa . n-a,
or uUifr.
Nd n Tr R. V. Flrn-v. of Rsrk N Y.
Kv rrv lo!:;t-c all it-ti iiw rs
auviikiuo. Xfacr ik ui It.
vided with a rlh-ladder. or otln-reasy
means of rx-wsagv. at or near themid
dlo of the uiain channel, so as to aN
low the ivsag of trout at all time
of year, as provided by law. S.iid
work to be done at low water lime,
or to le comply ted by Feb. 7,
Hy itler of J. A. Harham.
Swlal IV'puty r'sh Warden for
lake Couuty. On-gon.
The trouble with moat adver
tisers la that ttiey expect Imme
diate returns of Larve propor
tions. One prominent advertiser
Illustrates the principle of adver
tising In this way:
The aaeaey expea4r4 far
drerttalB; la tke u
II alae4 a latrreat. The
prete from the adTprtlalaar
ere vlrtaallr the laterrat ea
the lavrataaeat.
"The sua. spent for advertising
are properly chargeable to cap
ital account because the result
ing rood will 1 aomethlng that
baa value, which. If the adver
tising, has been properly done,
can usually be sold for the face
value of the investment
"The rate of Interest ts deter
mined by the s Villi with which
the! Investment 1 made.
"Just aa the quickest way to
Increase Invested wealth Is by
compounding the Interest, Just so
the quickest way to realise re
sults from advertising 1 to com
pound the return." Advertising
Advertisers g-t good returns
aa tha amouBt Invested In
cur roiucu W reach the
To All Our
The Great
Indianapolis, Indiana.
The Leading Agricultural Journal of the Nation,
Edited by an Able Corps of Writers.
The American Farmer is he only Literary Farm Journalpub
lshed. It tills a position ot" its own and has taken the lead
in place in the homes of mral jvople in every section of
the United Statis. It jrives the tanner and his family
something to think about aside from the hum
drum of routine duties.
Eery Issue Contains an Oritinal Pcaim by SOLON L. GOODEI.
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ones who pay up al; arrears and renew within ninety days,
ixiinple copies free. Address:
CO. Hetzker, Lakeview, Oregon.
but to Invent In such la clonrly a ml
tnke. 1 he plnce for nil those Inferior
sire Is tho MiM-k In the enso of meat
li m Unit imlnml nnd In the drny or van
lu t! e cn-je if liorses. The breeder who
cluiit M vin-s tliiis ni:'.k( a grievous
inistnUi'. An Inferior sire Is dear at
nn.v price, lie Is dear ns gift. Th
extent t which surh sires hnve lcen
usimI by the lirtvder of grades hn
grcntly rctiirdod live stock Improve
irent. V hat niity be termed prvmilsciiout
It.viI ng I the nuninon prnctlce of
ir..t fnnmrs. The average farmer
.h.vws n si-e from n O'rtnln bned. It
m.iy 1h on the groun I of convenience
r I o'ii'i ti e brMl for the time IvcliiR
h iul;ir, Soou another breHl bex)iue
tviinr mid a sire Is t-hosen from thai
It may be that In a lifetime
. n" hnve been ued from half a dorcts
rt-ls Tlnse who bretnl thus are like
w'-o as often as he walks u
the hill w;ilks down agalu or like bint
who 'ills continuously In a circle. At
tin' e il of a lifetime of audi bretnllug
t'.ie ircoder wlil find himself Just wbpti
he startc I. j
OaaabreeillaaT. I
l'p grading Is the tnie system of liu i
pnv ng sto. k. OoasbrtHHlIng -thr.t
Is. the muting of two distinct breeds
should have little place In th opera
tions of the farmer. II may U ndvan
t:iki(Mtis In some lustances. as when the
dams and their progeny are to go to
the bliH-k. It may 1h profitable, for In.
statue, t cross ag h1 Merino ewes wltb
males of some N'tter mutton breed and
to prepare lotu for the market by fat
tcitl'ig them on rich pastures, but ortll-
narily such crossing should stop with
the f.rt crs. To carry It further '
would pnibnbly for a time at least In-
tr luce elements of reversion. It may U uskil. nre there tic '
Instances In which alien may be
Intro 'uc.M with animals that have been
lip graded? There are such instances.!
Ut your flour where yon can get
the lwst Knrprlse Valley Hour at Lake
vie Mercantile Co. H
J. II. Culler whiskey nt the Hotel
' Ukevlew bar. The bctd and puree
' whiskey macle. f lf
; Paisley, iTrqon. ;?
V ' r ..J. ' ' ' ' r.f!
I Ml T V II .!.
I'h ulrlaii K..e sin,
nrfU'K-Nrw Paly Hill 1.1 1 itk .
llai m l
U K K-Ilv llullihiiK
.lit k nr
IjimiI Vlalt l s o i' i
ire i k- tij- tiioiiiiiiK
M , mi I In- 'l ami 4111 W i-.Iiii ly el
ai'h .ivmiIIi In Mnaoinr Hull, at N e n
I. lUil.y. on " o I I i in in a n1 ' r
. V Uyl lull, i li-rk
.. r f ffr.
f r t f s ' ,
I. O i. . in it i i In' Im anil .1-1 1hnr
day svriiitigii nf each I'umth In O.I.I K.'l
n' Hall. lkrli. .11. Alilmrom,
. 1'. 1) M. itarr scrllx-.
t I.J A.J
A. X3.
New Pine Creek,
. Oregon
rUIC DIDCD la ki-.l i-h ni at K. - 111
llllo rRrtn A.lT.r!inm 1J4
nit StriM-i. han rraiii-iBt'O. Cal. wlit-rt
roatraru (or advrrllkltm ran be uial lor II
as when the nliiiil tlitw -r,i,l...l Kara nti-rllrr lo 1 he Etmln.r ah.t r,-ino
, t i t lruu oii JiK-alttT lu atmtlirr. r rhanc.
p.irtiiDy lo st Mime useful properties
It is tHi.-kSible to r'st ire tho.-e pner- '
ties or at least to Improve them great
ly bv the i.:t" i Ui-ti.!i of ;'.n outcros J
th :t by tv.ak ng one cross from sires j
of ar. Mlier ic e d. I
Thi U lllustratisl in the voudi-
tioii of many of the high grade herds of
Poland t'hinas In the corn Ult nt prvs
cut. Many of these have t m little bone,
t.i little stamina nnd weakened br"M
liv properties. One cm-s from a sire
c-f either t!?e large Yorkshire or Tarn
wortli bnvHls would leid to wonderful
Iwprovciueat alon tho e lines. Tbe
breMors could theu fail back acain
upon Poland t'hiua t-K J if tbey de
slnvl to do so. Such teaching may
soun-1 like rsnk heresy tii some, but
tint It tvsfit on a so-in. I basis will be
found ty all who put it to the test
Thomas Sli.iw ia Oo-.mtrv tlcnticman.
their tM.kL'fttre ailtlreia ahiiulO rvm-mtM-r
Imp this i-rtl,- a t'arl th. tr a(rr ran br a1
ilreax-,1 to ibv right poUtnce.
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Tal'leu. All driiKtiits refund the
money if it fails to cure. K. W. lirove's
iiiiature is on each lo "V-.
A Lively Tussle
with that iihl enemy d the nice. Cmi.
Htipatliitl, often cliils lu Api-ndli-it l
To iivold nil mtIiium trtiuble w ith
Stomach, Liver, nnl Uowels. ttik
Pr. Kliijrs New Life Pills. Tin y p.-r
fectly rvguhite Ibi-K'urpim, wIiImhp
piiin or discomfori at l '
rll:s:i- im ,!
Blue Prints Mdc.
I will Hinke 1 1 1 tea- Pilnla of nny
inn t ..f liind In il.e I,nk. view l.niitl
IHsirlet, nnd ln nbsi iiict work.
Cull on or write ' MNIDLH.
LllkeVll'W, Ollgoll. -is-. It
The llrst Suniln.v In m il liiulilh,
pn-in liing nt 1'nloii h. Iniol house nl
II A. M. Aside from Oil" preucliliiK
every Niiiidny m 11 A. M mnl 7:.'l(
I. M nt Liikevli-w.
.SiiihIiiv School lit M A Ni.
I'iiktue lit a l : ' t
Prii.M rinii tlim riiursdnv 7:.'W P. M.
I. iillcs Aid WeilliCHildi 1 ::.
i holr prnclice I rldii.v T:-'f
A cordial luv llnlloii Is i- lenilcd t
y on.
A. .1. AnuMroiiK Piistor.
, Culled Hlitles IjhhI Olllce, Iwike
'vlew Oiegon, I've 'S H"""'.
Notice is hereby given that III com
i plimice llh I he provlMlons of tl.a at t
J of CoiigresH of June :i, iH. entitled
I "An net for the side of timber lands
i in the Mates uf California, Oregon,
i Nevada, nnd Wuidiliigloii Territory,"
as extended lo nil l lie i inum ioi'i
States bv act of August t, lrA
Chnrles Al Kt-lmrl. of Lakeview, conn-
r ..f I nk,. State ot Oreiioll. has this
, day filed in this ofllce, his sworn
J stnteiml No. Xi'-'iS, fr the piirchiia
of the '.. SK '4 NK ' SA'4Se4
1 TowuHhip No :i7 K. Knugo
I No. in K.. S..M.. nnd will offer proof
to nhow that lhi land sntigth Is more
valuable for its timber or stone than
for iik-ricultiinil piirpoM-s. nnd to
lal liBli his clium to Mild hind lefor
KeKiKter iind Ikco-lvcr at Ijikevieir
Oregon on Thursday, the Hint day of
Macrh r.x'T. 11" iiiiuieB ns witiieiises:
II . Lvnch lieu. 1. Harrow M. M.
.MiiHk'rave V. Ii. Snelllng, nil of Ikiiko
view ( Iregoii.
Any and nil persons cluimlng ad
verselythe above ilecribed lauds are
re-piented to file their claims If! thin
ofllce on or Udore ssld .'1st lay of
March l'.m;.
1 '. J. N. WmIroii Ilegister. (
II T. hm in I m.'T
Mfice In Hicber'.s tore
James Barry
There's no choice, between workiu
, too after f,Hlng and fet-diug to , Lae
I ssxiq oner vrorking. .
A grade stlliou may develop touie
' striking characteristics, but that's no
sign Ins get will e so favortvl
Kiglit thousand dollars 1 fair price
for a horse. A Percheron stallion
brought that figure nn-ently lu the
i west.
! S-e'.evt feed with a view to quality
' The less bulk the letter If the strength
j enir.g qual.ties are there.
(.Jood. tright straw Isn't so Md for
; the horses, after all. It mut ts? sup
plemented with grain, thouch.
! The well bred and well kept horse
' will stand hard usage earlier and let
, ter than the one wb.w life has lieen a
. strugwle.
Horses In jsxr physical condition i
. often sweat more freeiy than at other j
times. ' j
i It Is the poorest kind of economy to
arrest the growth of any farm animaJ.
' and tiiis is partieu:srly true of coits
Weak colts are much more likely to ac
quire blemiihe that, strong, healthy
' ones.
ftefore colts are weaned they should
be tsusrhf to eat oats and shel'.ej corn.
When tier are wesned they should be
fed all ti.e corn, bran and oats, mixed
In ecjual psrta. ttat they will eat With
such rat.on and plentj of g-xl alfal
fa and tmothy and clover hay they
wiU never stop growing ad will make j
C:uch ts'tter horses In every wsy than I
co.ts srt'ch are kept half trved dnr- j
Itg the first year of the'.r live. J
Keep the horse from having thrash ,
ty throwirtg the excure or wet straw j
; up coder them where they caa stand i
; on U an-1 keep the-.r feet moist say I
the Farm JoursaL Bet do nt k-t the
oft caaure get packed ia the shoe and j
rtay there. - 1
ItocTt cake the hx-ses aWp oa the j
; hard, cold fijor. bet gtve them plesty i
' of ts?iJ.x. aad It wiU pay yon la I
; cany wya. i
1 Bedding dikes the manure much '
' more vaJuahle aad makes the horse
kx t lntr.
or a-eiterv r.m.-
in r'.fhl ear. Tai
ob faallow .r
' (or r . r..
- - uare I rup at.
hi... ill Kinif
M IJrlw . Of
Zac Whitwonr.
rig at lor evea; re, -r-
W. Kane rua
ireie Om
ivij r.t, .
iai' i HiIitih
-i a-r la--'
1. in r ..i
-'arfe leaves Ijkrvie daily, e
i vtit (-Bti.lay a) a in Arrive
Alturas at ' in
leaves Alturas h.r l.skeview al
. liii'iliK' oi "ii (lie arriva)
l ( the statie fmin Msleliiie. Ar
rives in lakeview in 1'.' hours af
vr leaviiiK Alttira-.
Hreijtht - Matters - (liven
strict - Attention ..."
trTst - fjtoss Accomodations.
J Never leave ho&e without a bars :
' taUcket aad when the horse is rop7sJ. ;
evea tsr a short time, put the blanket
i Better have two rood borse thaa i
j for psx-r oces. Trust yoar borse, bet !
' tp & rt ma oa him. As botes t
j ca rtn wttbat docht have aa boa- '
eag bca-ae. j
More thaa baif the lor ia th a j
! eaBtry are Ume, oMtly Ia the feet, j
Aoeirg ts to t-Usve foe caacs of this
i rbe. Never axhesit ycr b:- t a j
i c:a wbo fcxw bkXhixg stct bis besi- ,
j e etcep to dsrf big ."TV for j
Photography for the
Half its Former Cost
"tTv: "" '.'1
. - ! . ...
' : ,
I j-. i y - i
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