Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, January 03, 1907, Image 8

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1 5
I ..Clearance Sale..
Our Annual Stock-Taking
begins next Monday.
All goods on hand at this
time will be closed out at re
markable reductions. Get the
benefit of our offerings by
making early selections. Shoes,
Furnishing Goods, Outing
Flannels, Calicoes, Ladies' Un
derwear; all odds and ends of
this stock will be closed out at
a t i
Lakeview And Vicinity
Did you swear olt?
i Do not forgot to write It 1W7.
lunch hmoh in the- Brewery s'H
' okii. tf
Dutch lunch tit tin Hivwcry Nu
lonn. J)
Read the church directory iu thin
issue. v
The little eon of Kev. aud Mrs. Arm
strong, whs taken with pneumonia last
week, but at this wntiug .is fretting
along nicely.
Eli Kent mi rant. First class meals
at all hours. tf.
There is said to le the inches of
snow at lily.
Calrk Johnson of Paisley is driving
the northern stage.
C. H. Morris was registered at Ho
tel Lakeview first of the week.
For the best to be hud lu the liquor
lino, go to Post and Klugs. tf
Dont overlook the Eli Restaurant
when you want a good meal. tf
!. L. Ilussill came over from the
XL ranch first of the week.
F. A. Fitzpatriek, the ZX foreman,
came down from the rauch Monday.
F. T. Guuther, who has Ucn seri
ously sick since the lire, is able to be
out again.
Two New Year's balls were given iu
town last Monday night, which were
well attended.
Get prices from Warner Valley ver
cautile Co., before buyiug elsewhere
Adel and Plush. 38 tf.
Quite a number of the West Side far
mers were transacting business iu
I town last Saturday.
i F. M. Miller, D. P. Malloy and 15. j
D. Harrow went to Warner last week j
to remain several days. "j
The Shakespeare Club w ill meet at i
the home of Mrs. C. O. Metzker, next I
Saturday eveuing at 7:.'H
C. H. MeKeudree was quite sick for
several days during the past week,
but is now able to be out.
Neat calenders were gotten up ' 'y
! several Lakeview merchants, which
shows that Lakeview is not "a dead
Balling Powder
Royal does not contain an atom
of phosphatic acid (which is
the product of bones digested
in sulphuric acid) or of alum
(which is one-third sulphuric
acid) substances adopted for
other baking powders because
of their cheapness.
oti mhino roonn ro. . m torn.
I f W V h?- .Y:
About six inches of snow fell TueS'
day night.
We are distressed to fchronicle the
very sad case of Mrs. li. T. Stripliu,
who was committed to the insane as
ylum last Thursday.. The unfortun
ate woman and her family have the
siucere sympathy of the entire com
munity. Mrs. Stripliu has beeu wait
iug on her mother for a long while,
doing all iu her powerto relievo the
suffering invalid, who has been very
low for months with cancer. Mrs.
Stripliu went beyondtho limit of her
ability ami finally collapsed. She was
both physically and mentally wreck
ed, and not even rest and tender care
could rally her. Thursday, ufter home
treatment had failed, she was com
mitted to the asylum, and the attend
ants of that institution are expected
here any day, to convey her to Salem
where it is lelieved and hoped tdie
wills on recover ami be able to return
to her family.
J . -r j MIS
s . j jf i r i
fii; :fe &Mmt I
f"'1- A O ,V ' lAK.'WCU. THV, ft I. j
f d '7 8 o 10 li 12 )(!
"13 "14 15 1(V 17 18 lO O,
'H 712 si a t sota 1 1 r I .Mp
Have established a warehouse in Lakeview for the
accommodation of citttlemcn and sheepmen of Lake
count', where the' will buy beef hides, horse hides,
pelts of all kinds, horse hair, etc.. a San Francis 2 3
prices, freight deducted.
AYarehouse located in the J. P. Duckworth iJuiid
ing, near the Planing Mill.
i . P. DUCKWORTH, Special Agent.
The Right Name
Mr. August Sherpt
overseer if the poor, at 1'ort Madi
son. In., mmj-s: "lr. Kind's N-v Life
I'lllrt ire rightly niiiued; they net
more iiirrvciihly, do more jrood nnd
nuike niie f.-el Jietter than anv other
Iu the Ciri'tilt Court of the Slate
Oregon, for t hi' County of l.nke.
Huby Harvey ami I
cure bill
at Ice
oue- JiiMitlve. Ciiirmttvd to
China Eli has purchased th restaur , ousiiess and coiiHtlpatlon,
ant and took charge last night. JUi . IteaU'silruKstore.
desires all his old patrons to give him j
a cau, it i The Mask Bail.
lnc niasipivraile tuill given
the popular! I i-U .1. Wlleox, as
i.xecMiors 01 me
Kstnte of Wllliiim
llarvev I'eieased,
.1. S. Kleld. .lulla
Mel. I. Oltle Chan
dler, lieore K.
Chandler and An
drew McCallen.
Suit to foreclose
a nioitae.
The manufacturers of J; II. Cutter j
fix ! ; i 4 t a
w hiskey have supplied Hotel Lakeview cnriiinas nW.i neing so near um
bar with a line of their goods. Best j t,me of Ul V The Examiner
i coum noi puuusn me nsi or masKcrs
and the characters rcprtsented last
week, no give them this week:
3 K-
fl The Doctor
rS : .i. .......
ft lb dmdyb
KJ M ill a4
iUld III ct I
11 his pre
h scriptions
m filed
risht at
m Thornton's
A. Lu.
Xo matter how modest
3'our demands in other di
rections, you want
What is the use of having
a "rood Doctor if you have'nt
a good DRUGGIST?
Mcdincs, Exact Skill and
Perfect Care enter every Prescription.
Successor to
A. L. Thorn- 1
ton is the (j
only gradu- gj
atePnarma &
cist in Lake U
County. Al-
ways on
on the market.
Post and Kintf are now receiving
their w inter stock of liquors, the best j
line of "wet" goods ever put over a !
bar in Lakeview. tf. j
L. G. Thomas and uride came into I
town from the Newell home last week
and w ill make their home at Hotel I
Lakeview for a while I
Wm. Milton, father of Mrs. Jas. T. j
Metzker, came over from Cedarville
Bert Alford
Amy Her yford
Jud Wise
Prank Hamersley
(Jeneva Wright
Bertha Metzker
Verna Henderson
Delal Walker
Jim McShane
wood chopper
waiter k'irl.
China Cousin.
, , t ,
(jueen of Hearts.
Any old Thing.
first of the week, for a week's visit 1 J. K. Branch
with his daughter and family. j Kate Barry
A.M.Smith and daughter Edna, -nn McDnnaM
and "Cart" Follett were up from "" j
Pine Creek last Saturday. Mr. Pol- ,
lett, despite his age. Is looking hale
and hearty. j
Leal holidays have been
Priv Hedged Character
Spauish (iirl.
Mrs. Joe Arzner
Albert Branch
(Jussie Metzker
Louise Rehart
Mrs. Clara Mulkey
The Lakeview Mercantile
Co. will pay, for hides in
first-class condition,
Cccf Hides 17c per lb
Slice) Pelts 14 c per lb
Call and see us before
T1 . f f
selling cisewuerv:.
When you buy
you want
and long
These and many
other good points
are combined In
You cant afford
to buy any other
(,4l4D CO W "
t. " .
i .in
P2 i
quite thick the pa.-t week, which jom, Arzner
works a hardship on the business that . p,.liri Moss
has to keep going every day, holiday j Alil.H (jwjniftmrt
or no holiday. I Aleen MeCulley
J. L. Clark, the painter, who has Kva Shellhamer
been painting Paisley, leturned to his j Hazel MeCulley
home in Lakeview lat week, to re- Nora Berry
main until spring, when he will go
back to lluich his joo, with V. Conn.
Mr. II. B. Stevens, the retired saw
mill man of Bid well, arrived herefrom
that place Tuesday. Mr. Stevens is
running a ranch near Biduell since
his retirement from the sawmill buni
nes. Have yuiir eyes Utted with glasses
by j. B. hoi ton. Jlis success in
the assures satisfaction. During
the bail weather he can be found at
his residence in North Lakeview.
Prices very low. -10-tf
A series of religious meetings is to
be begun at the M. K. church next
Sunday, and continue indelliately
Presiding Elder Dunlap and Kev.
Armstrong of the M. K. church of
this place will hold the meetings.
The Trustees of the Lakevow Head
ing Bourn and Library Assocation w ill
have their regular meeting Monday,
January 7, B07 at 7 :'M P. M. All
members are especially requested to
be present, as there Is business of im
portance to be attended to,
1 1 'IV.l.w t.a Tl'.iriu .rAl.l ..IaI tifi :l Ik
' Si I I I.Kirl (tfkii ii.
Andrew Hotckisg bell boy.
Star light.
I lancing k'irl.
Bed Biding llond.
City Marshal.
Star light.
Darkey twin.
M.aime MeCulley
Mrs. X. Arzner Christams Tree.
Myrtle Barnom Cloud.
Mrs. Johu Arzner
Lake County Kxaminer.
John Lewis Bat.
Mrs. Nancy Snyder Bed White i Blue.
Luella Dowell
Pay Barnes
Mrs. Peacock
Tulfy Stiirkman
Ed. McBrooiu
Erwin Garrett
Earl (Jarrett
Harry Vouut
Laurence Tracy
All that (1 iltters
Lakeview Herald.
Japanese (iirl.
Yellow Belle.
Base Ball Player.
is not (Jold.
J. S. Halo
Herb Lewis
Mrs. Branch
Bill Moss
t Ida Howard
Eli Barn u in
Boy Chandler
Plumas llotchkisa
Bill Rehart
(Jeo. Chandler
Willis Ueorge
Boy Rehart
Bed White and Blue.
Town Dude.
Blue bell of Oregon.
Goose Lake Parmer.
is in our burg this week looking over
tlie Held with the view of running a line
from his plant, which is located on
Kwyerson creek four miles south of
Davis creek. He is now giving Davis
creek the best elec tric light service iu
northern California. Cedarville Rec
ord. W. B. Routsou, Oscar Vogel and
Andy Morris were over from Adel last
week ou business. Mr. Koutson and
Mr. Vogel Lave purchased 1HX) head
of stock sheep from Geo. V. Syron.
Mr. Morris was here on laud buiness,
having purchased 100 acres of lubd
from W. K. Barry In Camas Prairie.
We undertsand the price was $100.
Carl Lew
Robert MeCulley
Ben MeCulley
Juke MCculley
Prank Bowers
Thomas MeCulley
Andrew Bull
Charlie Bradley
Eldon Curry
Clarence Metzker
John Rhodes
Bert Alford
Edna Penland
Altha Peudelton
Lucy Henderson
Mrs. Charlie Eccleston
Wild Bill.
Cow Boy.
X Foreman.
Hard Times.
China Eli.
Japanese Boy.
CI own.
Old Tinier.
Evening dress.
Twiu Bister.
To J. S. Field, Julia Field and An
drew McCallen, the above named de
.STATE OF OREGON : You mid each
of you are hereby required to appear
ami ansAerthe complaint tiled uaiiibt
you in the above entitled court and
cause ou or before the Hist day of Jan
uary, l:T, said date ling the hint
day of the time prescribed iu the
order for publication of summons
made herein, and if you fiiil o to ap
pear or answer, for want thereof, the
plaint ills will apply to the Court fur
the relief prayed for iu said com
plaint, which is: That the phiiutill's
take a decree aaiiift you, the defend
ants, J. S. Field and Julia PicM,
foreclot-iiu; a mortgage on real proper
ty, executed by you on December ltd,
i:MK, hi favor of plaintiir's tetatur,
William Harvey ;to recover the money
due and osviug cm said mortgage, to
wit: The sum of Nine Hundred mid
Thirty four dollars mid seventeen
cents, together w ith interest thereon
at the late of ten per cent, per annum
from June 'iith, r.Ni and 'Jo attor
ney's fees ami eots of suit; for an
order of sale of the lands and premises
retained am) existing as security in
said mortgage, and ilesci ilx-cl as fol
lows, to-uit: Commencing at the
South east comer of Block "if", in
the Addition to the Town ot
Lakeview, in Lake County, Mate of
Oregon, according to the plat thereof.
tiled in the otllco of the County Clerk 1
of the County and State aforesaid, on
the '.MIi day of July, 1M78 ; Thenc e
running North along the Eastern
Boundary line of said Block "O, "(Jnoj
Hundred and Seventy-three feet;;
thence) at right angles running West
One Hundred and Forty feet; thence
at right angles running North
One Hundred and two feet; thence at
right angles running West One Hun- '
dred and Forty feet, to the West bound
ary line of Block "N", In said West
Addition ; thence South ulong tho
West boundary lines of said Blocks
"N" and "O", Two Hundred ami
Seventy live feet to Iho South-west
corner of said Block "O;" thence East
along the South boundary line of said
Block "O" Two Hundred and
Eighty feet, to tho place of begin-
Also that a certain deed executed by
you, the said J. H. Field, on April Kl,
181)8, to the above named defendant,
Ottie Chandler, conveying to her tho
lands above described, be, by dec ree
of the court, adjudged void as against
tho said mortgage), aud that all of the
defendants bo barred and foreclosed
ot all right, claim or equity of redeui
tion in or to tho faaid premises.
This bummoua Is terved upon you
by publication by order of the Hon
orable H. L . Bensou. Judge of tho
above named Court, which order in
dated the 15th day of December, VMM), j
aud the date of tho first publication ,
of tho summons is tho 20th day of
December, 1900. j
Attorney for Plalntitfs.
wi:i:kl vi:atiii:m ki im)ki.
Helow we ime u reporl of the wettllief
hi lecurdeil by Ilie 1 mei iiment weullirr
I'll'eml stiition at Die Fxnilillier Hltiee.
This report in clnwit:e em h week, Slid It
our reader wish In keep a ye.uly rex ord
of ueallier condition tor future re(er
elite, rut out the report hIoiik the bliti k
line iiimI paste it in u n mp hook one
Week aftrr another. Tlilsreord Mill f
taken on Tllemhl" to end esch Meek id
bejriti on Weilneiduy f.r the next neck
i iove riimcnt WtMUhcr Burenii Ms
tinn at l.akuview, t Ireifoii,
('. (). Mktkkii, CooK-raliee (il.servei.
Week ending Tin-mlny, Jim. 1. llsiT
l'r inai 'mill,
I' Ml Hill
sat'v '
t IK 111 . I
rj i
:s I
:!; i
l'i I
II..' I
O il."l
II 'hi
o () )
n oil
I on
ni iir
pt cld.V
cldy "
limlicr I anil Notice.
Fulled Mutes Land Ollice, Luke
lew, ircunn. I iec, hi, 1:hh;.
Niitice Is hen liv given that In mm.
pllnnre with tin
net nf ( 'uiir.
titled, "An in t h
Ini.llH III theMni
pii IsluliH nf the
nf June :;, ls7 ell
r t he null' cif t linls-r
Hid t jillfninln, Oro-
g;ili, Nevudii a i d Wiishliitoll Terri
tiny," UH exlei. il. d tHiillth" Public:
Blind Stntes In ai l .if August I, IS'.lk.'.
Hurry W. Cniwfurd, d Kluumth
Fulls, county el Khiiiinth, State nT
Oregon, has Hied In this cillice his
KU'nril Ht II telle i t Nil. .'IlidS for till
purcliiiM- of t he W'J of Sect Ion No. 10
III Township No. :i." S., Range No. 17
W. M, i ml will offer proof to
show that the laud sought Is more
valuable for Its t linber or stone thuti
for iigrlciilt urnl purposes, mid to es
talillsh his claim t o siild laud before
County Clerk of Kl.nnutli Co., at his
olliclul place of IiiinIiichm at Klamath
Falls, Oregon, on Tuesday, the 5th.
day of March, l'.H7.
Frank Johnsi m, Lynn Lowe, I). W.
BiiHscll and .lesse ( raveus, all of
Klamath Palls, Oregon.
Any and nil persons claliiilnn
adversely t In- ulnivc-cleMcHbcd land
are requested in (lie their clalniH In
this office on or before said Mil clay
of March, B 7.
J. N Wiitson Register.
Thg School that Placcs
yov in a good Position.