Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, October 04, 1906, Image 2

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Mrs. Il-'vemeyer was n MIm Charlotta Whiting, a belle of the metropolis,
soted for realth. benoty srid social position. It was about six years ago
ttsat she in rried Henry O. Hsveniey-r. Jr, third son of the late Theodore A.
Havemeye -t and favorite nephew of Henry O. liavenieyer, the sugar trust king,
for whom -ras named.
Photography for the
Half its Former Cost
IL. K -
American Jr.
With Double
Plate Holder
The famous
BucREy e
and -
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every detail. Film or
Plates as you choose.
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us to furnish cameras
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about our 27 styles
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4x5 POCO
946 St. Paul St.. Rochester. N. Y.
Pacific University
A High-grade College with
Beautifully located twenty-six mile
from Portland.
Full rejru!ar college courses.
Academy gives strong preparatory and
High School courses.
Conservatory of Music and School of
Art, with superior instructors.
Business branches taught.
iymna.sium and Field Athletics under
a Physical Director.
Wel-equipped Laboratories.
Library of 13,0o) Volumes.
Healthful social life; religious influences.
.11 'student enterprises active.
Etsr in toutTioN
r - cvdcd cure
Trade Marks
rffK' Copyrights Ac.
' Anrn Mtndlng k kth and description mr
J'ui'-klf iurlHifi Cfur opinion free whether eu
iitfflilon prohehly putenluble. fonimunlr.
ttin 4irictly(xMD4lentlui. IduiUbookou I
eij fri uldut ieiiuf for e-unii(j pulenn.
j'iimuL taken tliroUKli Munu 4 Co. recelr
tfjA d natUt, Wit liout tlinryo, lu the
Scientific American.
A hnrtiomelf Illustrated wetklr. I.rert Mr.
ruutlioii lit our lentluo tournul. Teriim, H
NaKal Catarrli quickly yioli to treau
meat by Ely's Cream Italia, which i agree
hhly Aroiuatio. It in received through the
uoetrilfl, cleauitfes and heals the wholo sur
face over which it diffumu ittvtl. Druggibts
soil the 50o. size; Trial M.e Ly mud, 10
cents. Test it and you arc sure to continue
the treatment
To ftccomiijoilato tuws who are partial
to the use of atomizer in niilyiug liquids
iuto the tiasal j tor aitarrMl irvu.
bio, the propr. u pre ro Creaiu Iialm In
liquid form, whicli -ill nown I ' '
Liquid Cream KhIih i ii lti'l...g iue
praying tube in 7..(fiitr, u'stj or by
inaiL 'i'ho liquid lorm ti . i tlio uiexf
loiaal proporticB of u,o h' . .u ration.
hftra ( nntrHtl Krrnlr Far !
Cream or tlir "ily.
tVrtnln oiitiditinin uliolly fortuitous
fc.nvo ms'iitly Injtvtrd thoniHolvon Into
Hint knUliloitv.pli triiilo vortox, tho
r.ittlo iiuirkft. a.v tli UttMilor's !
erttr of riilrnito. Many iiiooim Imve
waxfd nuil waned tlnco a seven tnt
Stt-r fnivent was ventured exeti by tli
most rockto-n bull In the trmlo, nnd the
cattlemen re often proverbially IMok
Icnlly bullili. I'lit the seven eent ptv
iiletlon tin been inaile, netttnipiinled by
on offer ti bn.k it up by that mutely
eloquent roiiitiio-llty. money.
No lonwer Is mtirket atnu-pliore sur
churned vl:li itiipl.llut of glutted out
let rh. Uriels. ltn,ver riile the nlloys
early ntnl eonteiul keenly for the cream
of supply. Their solo eoinplalut In
either that tliere are not enough px!
cattle or that tluwe available do not
inmc up to tlielr standard, which
nniounts to tin same thlus. IWders
havo cvased coiiiplaini:ii;.
Twin Intlui'iieon are dry pastures
and scarcity of old torn In the country,
t'areully laid plans of tho sumnu'i
feebler have rouo sadly awry. Pas
tures have been soured anil scoreheil
all over the beefniaklu; area, arrest
! Inr the prowth of prns and srvatly
' curtailing productive capacity . Thou
sands of cattle have of necessity been
; sent to market and n now
! out of t!ie way. Scarcity f olJ com
has prevented Its free use for fiuixhiu;.
purposes and dwreasel the volume of
summer feeding. It N a foregone con-
al tfca
elusion that cattle w ith weight, uality
' and finish nre going to tinl a got I
market right ahmg.
.U(Oil Sown 1 1 fall.
KectMitly n neiuhbir tiM mo that hi
Intended breakini; a strip of wheat
stubble for the pun"""' of seeding It to
alfalfa lu August. My iersonal opin
ion of his plans i.s that they have as
mauy chances of failure us success.
That a stand of alfalfa can U obtained
by August soeding as well a earlier
in the season seems to b established
teyond doubt, but there Is no assur
ance that all methods of dolni; this will
be equally sticit-ssful. The chief ob
jection which I can si-e to the breaking
of stubble ground for such a purpose
at this ti:uo Is the fact that the ground
unless properly packeil by rains and
tillage Is tin dry and ltsse. t'or. Na
tional Stockman.
FnnllaKr For Snlar.
In Canadian experimental swine
feeding clover, alfalfa, corn nnd cliver
and a'.fslfa and corn ensilage have all
lieen fed to n greater or less extent.
Ensilage, containing clover or alfalfa
has Invariably proven welcome to
swine, while pure corn ensilage also
has been eaten fairly well. The addi
tion of some d'y meal to the ensilage
causes It to be eaten quite readily.
A hog Is a dry land animal.' Use him
as such. Keep him warm nnd dry.
A Good Side of Daron.
Now that the production of bacon Is
taking a more prominent plate it Is
well to rcmcmlter that many tilings are
demanded in a frood side of bacon.
The thickness of fat on the back must
Dot be too deep and must Ik? uniform
In all parts; the fat must not be oily
or yellow lu color, but must !o a clear,
bright white; the flesh must be tirm.
and the pigs should bo uniform In slz
to insure uniformity of curing. These
results are only obtained when uni
formity, care and good Judgment are
used lu compounding rations and feed
ing them.
Alfalfa For Strlne.
Alfalfa Is an Ideal feed for brood
sows, and when It is so used the hard
luck stories aIout the loss of pi;;,
which are so frequent In the district
where corn alone Is fed. will not b-.-heard.
Experienced breeders as well
as veterinarians both assure us that
a thrifty condition Is the Ie8t preven
tive of disease. Hence it follows that
the breeder and feeder who Is liberal
with his rations of alfalfa Is not
troubled so frequently or seriously
with swine diseases.
Pare Brrd Animal.
On every hand we find that there Is
a premium paid on pure bhxKl over the
grade or scrub. Because of this the
ranks of pure bred breeders of pigs are
being entered by new men continually,
though it Is said that less than 3 per
cent of the farmers In the com bolt
are engaged In raising pure bred live
stock. Those who constitute this 3 per
cent bear a sort of public responsi
bility. Inasmuch as the 07 -per cent
must look to them for improved ani
mals to keep the grades up X'i pres
ent standard. Not that me.i place
It on a philanthropic bas.s. t miner
that they believe their business will le
more profitable In the long run If they
end out only those animals that they
know will be likely to Improve th.?
other fellow's herd. Iowa Homestead.
Preheating: Ulaeuae.
A few years ago swine fever and
tuberculosis were prevalent among the
hogs of lieiimark. About this time th
Iianlsh government began to take an
Interest In farming. It became evident
that the only way for the Iiauibli farm
er to make money was with bogs am)
cows. The government Instituted tin
testing association to improve th
dairy output, and along with this I
Improved the conditions of hog rals
Inir. The most effectual thlna whlcl
It did was to check swine fever and '
tuberculosis by pasteurizing all the
milk and buttermilk before they were
taken from the creamery. At the pres
ent time these two diseases are un
known among the hogs of Denmark
Kimball's Dairy rarmer.
faika h? la A era ICVIM.d
lllaT London tMM-ka.
One of the sights of London Is the
great Ivory flixr at tlio Loudon docks,
where previous to nnd during the po
ri.xlical sales Ivory may K seco liter
ally by the acre, for the tusks nre laid
out lu lots oti the floor of one of the
treat warehouses for luspoettoii by In
tending purchasers. For weeks previ
ous to the actual sale the special staff
of the Ivory department has boon buy
prcparli' the various consignments
' and arruuglug them according to the a r.d quality nnd classing them
j Into the various grades, each of which
l has soiioj particular use for which It Is
i especially adapted.
There Is practically u waste In the
J manufacturing of articles from Ivory,
j Th" smallest chip Is not thrown nway,
1 but carefully preserved to Ik utilized
for some pnnoso. I'.vcu the shavings
j from the turning down of n billiard
, ball baea msrkct value for use In lu
laid w ork. Consequently the lots In nn
i Ivory sale by no means consist of
! tusks and sections of tusWs alone, but
UY THE , ;?
Ilo-oilcm tOxwvolt
I lm. W , Fulrtmnki
I lilin Him
, , Untie M. )
.... Wm. Il.TsIt
.. . wni. II. Hlooiljr
(.re. II. l'nrtil)OU
7IIIG mACiliiiE
P-'or You Purc(M Anr O'hxf Writ
onsai. w ass.
Msnr Swln MatMt'M ' rpn.ttoi-l repsn.
leol ;u:it. but t's Home" n
Ul mntr. Our fc-'-j.vraiify nvtfrr rur.t lut.
m.k S. nk- I' 're l Sil't 1 I ' r"
Btt'mtM lt. T Koine" t'A-i
ti.-1 ft n.! ti ii.h-i.-i'i.;o ui.'y "
Kclil I. jr am Ji-rl.-l l-:er : .
The Sesr ft ni ewing . Machine t o.
mi cii i i
Secretary of Siaie
SiTietr nf Trrama-jr,.
Serrelar ol War,
Allortii jr (ii'lieral
I'oet nnt r llt-lit ral., .
Sfcri'larynf Natjr t lm 1 . ieiis.arl
ecrcliirjr Inti rlur K. A. llln lifiM l
St-i ti tarjr of Arlriiitiirn i nn llnoii
Secrt'iarjr ol ( oinim-n r .. V . (', Mi'li-sll
riili l Jmtlie Vrit llle . K'llll r
rlilim W urtii r. I', s. Ivn.lon I nioiialotirr
W. S, ltl hunt.... ... t- H. I ami i.iiiiidlelli'f
3veriuir ('. K t lilidMlIS
Snreiiie JinUr
Secrrmrjf nl Hiate. . . ..
Attiirm j tienrral
Mo I1' I'nlillr Iti.iriK Hon . .
Ilrv ami rixxl Com
f.S. Henainr
I'oiif rinmnrii
...... Y. A. Muora
. . r. I. iHinl.a
... . '. H, Moors
A. M. Crawford
1. II . Arkrrinau
). It. W hltnry
, ... i. W. Maltry
l Jolm M. (irartD
) I . V. , r ii I Ion
I llniK' r llerinail
jj N.W II llmi. a.. a
i i rn ji ii t al t'iri' T.
Inline II. .. 10
Jolnl Sviiator Jolm A. I.ngnwk
Atlorni-Jf .
iJ.VK ntxin.
I C. f. Snl.lir
I Store Lakcvicw, Oregon.
j lil.tilr
i Slierl"
I rrramirer
S, hix.l Snpl
Office at
the BIy
Hotel, Hlv. v- I- Snelllll
Harry Ballt-yl
! . r. M.ll.iy
' 1. Turki-r l
, J. S. tan t
W. H. Hnlili-r . .
A. Itn-te-r
i Include the residue f.Min many previous
'sales. Ituyir purchasv the particular WESTHRN STAGE LINE
class that they require for their own
Individual Industry aud subsequently j , ... r, .
return what In most other materials . Ollice nt tlio Mcrcnntllc Coinpany s
would be waste to lie resold to in ami
fneturers of a tliffen-tit class of goods.
Though there Is "nn waste. oddly ;
enough the most Important considers.- Oood 5tock FlatyCoacht S
tlon, fnmi a buyer's inilnt of view. Is
'how much waste" will a certain lot J Iilv from Ioikeview to Hly, connect.
produce In the course of transforming j jn jt, iiuiy stue to the railroad. , snn-k liiiemr
It Into tils own particular line, ltius ,
a lot that would Ik dear to one would
be a gift to another, and vice versa.
The most valuable class of Ivory Is J
that suitable for making billiard ball, j
To conform to the requirements the
tusk must Ik? perfectly sound and
solid, without the slightest suspicion '
of a crack or flaw, and. moreover, they i
must measure only a trifle more than .
the regulation slxe Millard ball or
they w ill cut to waste, from the maun-
facturers polut of view. On the arrlv- i
al of a consignment of unworked lie- ;
phaut Ivory from abroad the first prep-
aration for the s;ilo tloor consists of a :
thorough cleaning of the Interior or ,
hollow pnrt of the tusk. This Is done
by means of wads attached to long ,
sticks. The exact length of the hollow
Is thereby revealed, nnd In addition
cracks and flaws that cannot lj o!- ;
served on the exterior are nt times ills- ;
closed. Soundness Is the one thing ;
that sways every class of buyer; flaws
mean waste; waste means resale at a
lower figure per pound.
r s. mm tirm k.
II. lanay
Mei ntiati
W.J. Moort r
r.. n
ii. r
Alle-rt lelil
(I ' l.lroto
. 1. Writ
i U Wtlllt
c R. MiHr
. W tH tit
K II. r lor. I
I 'ell P. Mallojr
H. CASEIJCIZK, - - rroprlctor
Illy, Oregon.
Northern Stage Line.
A. W. BRYAN. Proprietor.
Leaves J.akevtew atC a. tti.
every day I'Ut Stintlay.
I'cturning, leaves Paisley
nt G :3i) a. m every tiny
Puwiirr are ts- Ko4 trip tt
OI-FlcH- Ker'ioi't' A W'lDKflel.l'a. akerlja
... Mayor
Con or It men
. , . Rrcorhf
. ..Tn-aaura
Nothing has ever equalled it
Nothing can ever surpass it.
Dr. King's
New Discovery
UIMIianad aa,Aliat
A Perfect For All Throat ami
Cure: I, ung Troubles.
Money batk If it fail. Trial BolUas frao,
the congregationalists. LaJcEview Cigar Factory . .
They started the llrst f irelgu mis
sionary society lu the country.
They started the llrst home mission
ary society In the country.
They started the most effective city
missionary society In the country.
They started the greatest Christian
young people's movement of this coun
try or any other coon try.
They started the first college In the
They started the first theological
seminary In the country.
They started the first religious news
paper In the country.
They published the llrst hymn lxok
In the country.
They started the town meeting the
Initiative and referendum.
They started the first temix-rance so
ciety In the country.
They have given to America the three
greatest evangelists It has ever had.
Chicago Advance.
A. SroKKMa..., Prop.
Mnker of
Havana and
Domestic Cigars
; (iive us a trial. Moro in the brick
i huildiutf next door to l'ost A King sn
i loon, akeview. Oregon.
iMns. K. M. (iaixaoiiku, Proprietor.
A (Juarsntccil Cure for Piles.
j Itching, illind, llli-editiif or Protrud
ing I'ih-s. Iinik'tfists refund money il
PAZil olNTMKNT Uils to cure any
' cane, no matter of bow loiig pistoling. In
ti t 14 dnys. Kirnt application gives
eiow mid rext, fsJc. II your druggist
. Iiacn'l it send .rsJc in stsmM ami il will
be forwarded pot paid bv I'aris Med-
J i Co.. St l.tns. Mo.
The Wall street line id connived
certltlcuteH o( .N'tiM'k tllld llollil bhltlks
' at the I'.xnmliicr ulllce. New snmple
Ikm ik received Monday evening. II
yoti wittit stiM-k certificates hoc our
v n ii ' i l I g -t o ip pric . t'
An Avarlelana Woman.
A woman who carried hive of money
to an incredible extreme was Lady
Margaret Jardine, sister of the first
Duke of (Jueensbury. Although her
husband was a rich man, I-uly Mar
garet would actually carry foot pas
sengers across the little river Annan
for a halfpenny, aud whenever there
was a fair or market day she would
sit on the banks of the stream all day
long waiting for customers. She usu
ally wore rags tJ save her clothes, but
on the rare occasions when she visited
anywhere she packed up a few decent
garments which she slipped on befors
entering the house, exchanging them
for her dirty ones when leaving. Lon
don Queen. , j
The I'olnt of View.
ZangwIU, the noted writer, had an
experience which convinced him that
In deciding what constitutes real great
ness a good deal depends upon the
point of view. At a political meeting
he fell Into conversation with a man
who knew all the speakers and pointed
thern out as they sat on the platform,
"There," he said, "sits Senator Lodge."
"What!" exclaimed Mr. Zangwlll. "ro
you mean Henry Cabot Lodge, the lit
erary man the great historian?" "No,
sir-ee!" replied the other with distinct
contempt. "That's Henry Cabot Lodge,
United States senator from the great
state of Massachusetts."
First Class
Building Has ISeen Enlarged
To Accomodate a Large Trade
Dining Service
WANTi:i: District Malingers to
pnt nlgns. si vert 1st and dlHtrlbnte
' samples. Salery tls.'JO weekly, MOO
' s-r .lay, for expenses. State sge and
. present em piny men t. 1 lK. I.SII KAH
'CO.:;: Kaiidulph St., Chicago. Jan.
2.". 4 in.
Keep off Ooosc Lake."
"Or lihcThoriitou'H Favorite Cream
orchapisil and red skin."
A Chance for Speculators.
H'HOOL LANI. 2ND acres of level
unimproved aKricuittital land (or sale
cheap. Description: HVVV4. ol
NEi and SWf4' id KE. ration 10,
rp..3K.. K. Itt K. W. Al. This is a
desirable piece of land, located in (1000
t.ake valley and will iiak some man a
iimmI ranch
K you uro thinking; of orgaulrlng a
stock company see our new samples
f Wall Htreet engraved stock certlfl
a ten. tf
WANTED: by Chicago wholesale
ami mail order house, assistant mana
ger (man or woman ) for this county
and adjoining torritory. Hiilury f'JU
and expenses paid weekly; exens
money advanced. Work ploasnt;
position permanent. No investment
or experience required. Kpare tlmo
valuablo. Writo at ouco for full par
ticulars aud encloso self addrossod en
velope. Address,
1 General Manager, HH K. Iake St.,
'Chicago. :J0-10
"Now, Tommy," said the boy's
mother, giving him final In ructions,
you must remember how to behave
at thor party. If you're asked to have
something and you want It you must
say 'Yes, thank you, and If you don'l
want It you must say"
"You needn't bother about that part
of It, ma," Interrupted Tommy.
The Maneuvering Blaniiua,
"The maneuvering mamma" Is prac
tically extinct. The modern daughter
Las CD almost free hand In managing
her hwe transactions. The mere lovs
marriage, which was so dlsturb!nu a
thought to-the mother of even twenty
years ago, Is seldom heard of In May
fair In these altered clrcumntuucea
says tnc Loudon Orunhlc.
School Days Over
What Next?
Your school course Is finished. What are you oln to do now?
Are you one of the vast majority who end their school daysln the com
inon schools? If you are we want your attention for it low minutes.
You can tret a higher education, any kind you waiib-liiislm sa, tech
nieal or general v ithout leaving homo, without giving up your work for
it single day, without spending more than you can easily afford,
Di you want to know how?
The plan Is verv simple. Instead of spending your day at a desk, re
citing your lesHotis to a U'iu her In a big brick bulhllng, you prepare you
lessons at home, from our outlines, write the recitation, ana send It to us
by innll for correction.
It Is nil done In your spare hours. You uro not tied to any set hour
for recitation. You pay a comparatively small sum, and for this w
furnish text books, examination
paper, and competent Instruction
until your course Is completed,
Your dally work does not Inter
fere with your studies. You can
earn while ou learn.
If you want to know more about
our plan, write your name on the
coupon, cut If out and mall to us,
You risk nothing but the price of a
fc'.rotoii (t.rl;
itt '
Sail l.a'l l.'xi . I a ih '!
Plca.ll aaplaili, illitJUl .
.ip.nir In inff, Imi. I f
llb (icier whlrb I lie.
aiarkid X
Mk.Ii. OrtfUmaa
Mrl.ualllcal EnftaMr
; wcti Its! EogliiMr
CI' II EnlD(r
Vlnlnt EoaiDMr
Adtttttt .
iuko Cauuty lUiitulucr, June,