Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, September 06, 1906, Image 5

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ItoMtlonnl oc
Wo print butter wrapper
Eastern, MriikfiiMt Itncmi at
llleherit Ciodi More.
W. K. Mcl'oitiiiiik eiinie down from
I'liddey J'ui'Hiluy oil IhimIih-mh.
We have ii new mipi'ly or locution
I .i,m u nt UiU irii'.
C. (!. I lul l U and wile mini' down
from Hummer Luke ycMcrdiiy.
1'i-rry M luiii W Im pim-liiim-d tl.i
IIojiIkIoii ewes for 3.M r head.
I'.ni I Jl..llliignlii'ed li'll f"r 1 'rt ImikI
thii week loclinly wining engineering.
Perry luniM, ii recent arrival to Lake
county tin located on a ranch on 1 he
Mr. A. I!. I it lit) mum up f-mii the
Paiidiiiign hum in ill TuiHliiy wild H. O.
Mr. Ornve Iiiim l.niiylit nil '' si I'
lie will buy now it imI will buy ii ii
fl'W Cllt t If.
E. CiiM b. i r and wile mi. I i). T. Mi
Kcn.lri'c mi'l w ife iiml cliilil cnnm ivi r
from Illy Tncu'liiy.
Tim ncwi ht linen of plaid mi. I limey
worried nt
IUi-Iii-ih ('null Stoic.
I.nnt week The Examiner mentioned
thai II. .1. Htcln liinl ecciircil n IIcimikc
to wed Minn Lemherger. 'I'lm happy
event took ph.c. at I'lunli Im-t Sumlny,
Kept., 'i, r."'i, Kev., J. A. MorrM oin-
cilll illK'.
Till' Supper Kiven hytlli' IilldieH
Al l Society of the Mcthoillnt Mplrtcn
pnl Clniri h, in the MhhoiiIc liainiict
hull on IVIdiiy iilht lift, wa a decid
ed Kiieci'M., Ili-ttllllt to the micicty, ti.
('ill. The nuclei y deniin to tlniiik all
w ho reinlereil iiKHi-ntunce In any way,
tin. I 1-Hpct-iully to llin inciiilierH of llm
.. 1 .. ...... ;i r.. ii,., nun txt I
liirtonic 1 Iltll l 11 11 ,
their hull, and to llm Kditor of the
Kicamincr.for fuvorn Kh'en.
Snnforil Sn Ider, 1'iir.t or, on liehulf of
I he Society.
(iet price- from Ih" Warner V.ilh y
Mercantile Co. for w inter mipplleM.
Add and I'IuhIi, Ori son. :', - 1 1
K ittlehliakeH have appeared in hiii-Ii
eiiormoiiM numli'-rH in the ricli wheat
field of tlm Upper Coluniliiu Kiver
country that liarvefterM liavo lieen
driven to extruordlnary precautionn
to avoid licinn liltteii. Tho mm of leu
HlliH miele of hlieettin U II common
practice and han lieen ntroiikdy recom
meuded for Kcncriil adoption. AmIi
land Tldinttx.
I-'lour and Kniin for culo hy Ttic
Warner Valley Mercantile Co. Adel
and 1'liihh, Oregon. 41
(Sencral Mcrchfindiim of all kind for
Hale nt Adel and I'IuhIi hy Tlm Warner
Vulh y Mercantile Co. i
A traveling KvmiKclUt attracled
iptite a crowd on tlm htrcet in front
of the hotel hint Monday llin'tit,- where
Im preached an open air nermon. It
Hecmed that tlm main object of dinner
inon wan to ImpreHH upon the niiniln
of the people the nennililenenH of n'lv
ink' to the liviiik', inntcad of waiting
till they died and then donutliik' ilow
cm. lie told them that if they had
anything to k'ivo him he wanted it
now, ami not alter 1m diod Kmni tlm
people didn't underntaml it.
J. II. lilnir, who left here hint fall
for Montana., him returned to Luke
county. The Silver Lake Oregon inn
Hiiyn, to ntay. Mr. Islair hud lieen in
Lake county for over IKt yearn, ami it
wan not expected .that he would re
main away.
Dr. Itrown of Kanl-'raiicirico, who
visited Lakoviow thin nummer, and
charmod several audiiincpH with hin
" coinody-openitic" performancea in
hucIi houk an "My ItIhIi Molley" and
"Tho Merry Oldnmoliile", will lie
mlnned from Ijitkeviuw nociety jnnt an
hln nowly-mado friendH were, Imcom
iiiK to reuli.e that tho enchant incut
ho lent uncial Katheiiiik'n hy liin geni
ality wiih no ninall part of thuHe Kth
erinnH. Dr. Ilrowu in a comic eiiiKer
nml performer of no small ability.
Buy Hair
at Auction?
At any rate, you seem to be
ceiling rid of it on auction-sale
principles: "coing, goinc
g-o-n-e ! " Stop the auction
with Ayer's Hair Vigor. It
certainly checks falling hair;
no mistake about this. It acts
as a regular medicine; makes
the scalp healthy. Then you
must have healthy hair, for
it's nature's way.
Tha boat kind of a tost iiuonlul
"Hold lor over alxty yeara."
... ul. tlV
yr do., Lowell, IAms.
Alto niftuurnulurwra of
111.1 s.
County coiiit Ii In m-mnn ttitu week.
Mlnlntf blank nl, The Examlm r olf
Ice now,
Mri. Ellcll .InlleH, DllVH ,1'MH'H Mini
Mr. iiml Mrs, (iridium were In town
There wim iiiitn n Mtlr In llio Imck
ynnl of Ihc hotel tlm other lny when
Pick Hi own wim making Kofi M'Mp.
E. H. Ivle propritor of ttm l'lne
Creek livery Htilble panned t III (iHli ;
Lukeview yeteilny on hi Wiiy out;
eiit of Win ner on bunim-H. 1
Mr. W. i:. .Scott, tlm I IhkIi-v ill.', :
Modoc county i-heeiiniiii, Ih in Luke
county icci-lving tlm nheci puri-lniHcd
lieru hy him In the hi iux nml curly
Mil in 11 ie r. ,
Mr. Mnr)iillielH, the Ilinliriince mini
returned from 1'niHley Tuendiiy, where
he wrote neveriil pollcien in IiIm camp
any. Mi. iiml Mr-. MmDuniel hit
yentenlny for Kluninlli 1'mIIh.
Al Chr U.I Inn enme low n fr'im I he X
much in ( 'hewiiiicnn Tin-winy. Al
Hliyn the riim-h will he haying for linen
week yet. They will put up about.
mx tlioiihiiinl toiiM of hny thin yenr.
The light piilleil off lit gi.ldlield, !
Nevmlii Monilnv nigth for tlm J iht
weight t'hiunpioiiHhip, Ix-twen Joe t
(illllHIIflil lllttlillg Nl'IfOII, II'Mlllt'l in
victory for (inn In Urn twenty hi-coihI
For 11 few diiyn the f i rt of tin
Tlm Kxiunltier office wiih out of min
I11K loc.nt ion I In 11 he, t n t. we now have
u hi,u' ttit liiiit.l lii 11 1 1 i f Yi ri.ii I
, .!.., ,',.
D. II. (irove him purchnncd the foll
ow inn biiiii lien ofnliecp: l'rom the
Kovdntou linnd. ll'K'. himlm, from
1,,i,m li,,viu ,r IiuvIm I'ri.i.l 1:111. 1
himlm, Irom 'I'Iiouiiim and Knuudern
U'MKi, head of ewen and IiuiiIih.
The nicinliern of tlm C). H . K. C'ha
ti r are reipiented to meet at the tin 11
Sept. llth at X, o'clock 1'. M. Hy or
der of tlm W. M.
C. I ) . 1 oW n, Sec.
Mm. Dean of Altiinm. mother of,
Mm. H. S. Colviii, arrived in Lake-
view 11 few- diiyn ak'o on her way to Kin- ;
math 1'alln, where nlu- k'oen to recide.
Stm will remain here 11 few dayn vinit-
ink' w ith her ilaok'Mi-r.
We are in receipt of 11 letter from
K. Ilurke, former tcli-k'raph operator
and i lecti ician, who left In-re a few
monthn iik'o for the purponeof liuying
a lioat for Coone Lake. Mr. Hurkn in
in San Frunclsco, ami has necured a
ponitiou with the Warren Improve
ment Co. at ? i, per month. He nay
he will ho hero m-xt Spring with a
bout for the Lake, if he liven.
V. M. Miller, mnhicr of tlm Hunk of
Lakeview and 01m of the proprietorn
of the 7T cattle ranch in Warner, wild
to an L'xumincr reporter thut lccf
would he an hik'h, if not u little high
er, Mi in 1 all llnin liir-t. Jim t-ompuuy
wan oirered t) Cents for their lieef de
livered at Montague, the price receiv-
ed hy them hint year licing f34 ceutn.
Mr. Miller nayn there are lotn of in -quiricH
about lieef and pricen.
A company with l,0(K),a) capitul
ntock has been orgaiiied to hegin oil
and gan development in Lantern Ore
gon. Anot her natural gan discovery,
larger und tnoro important than any
preceding it, ha net the town of On
tario and mirrounding country throb
liing with excitement.. Expertn who
have made iuventigatioun nay tho ro
gion in underhiid with u luku of pe
troleum, and that the oil in compari
tivcly near to tlm nurfuci' Portland
A. great niuny reudern of The Kxum
ier are inclined to doubt tho state-
I uient made in thin paper last week re
garding the extent of the ledge of
gold-bearing rock discovered by Pea
cock and Linvillo. It was tho aim of
Tho Examiner to 0011 vey to its read
em t he story or tho discovery junt as
it wan told to us, w hich we did. What
ever exaggerations werq iniulo in tho
statement wan not duo to misrepre
sentations 011 tho part of Tho Examin
er, und wo believe that our Infornieutn
believed junt what they told tin upon
their return from the mines.
Pacific University
Beautifully located twenty-six milea
from l'ortlund.
Full regulur college coumes.'
Academy jrives strong preparatory and
High Si'hool courses.
Conservatory of Music and School of
Art, with Btiperior instructors.
Business branches taught.
Ciymnasium and Field Athletics under
a 1'hynical Director.
Well-equipped Laboratories.
Library of IH.OOO Volumes.
Healthful social life; religious influences.
All student enterprises active.
Ul Write to u ftir fre wimples of
J A oh tilt oe to show you - without
the tliieet imlr of THOUbUHd to
ths trousers suit you whin they me tliilnhwU thny
for ths stuns cloth. Our Mtrrtjumeut wtiU you in
tmy u uuimy
cloth Is a tins stroui
a urn uiiu n is Muieuuia irrtiue or
Wear like lmithor. wrlttt
if WMttVS,
w vutu-ttutes it uevr
toUuy lor HtULiL ssiupios.
Dr. llrnwn. who linn been In Lake
view novernl month, loft MomJny for
Hun Pranclaco, where )m Ih Inthi'ileii
tnl tiiiHlneiM. (
MIm Mulile Wlbla of South Warner,
one ilny thin week while driving a
virion homo to a buggy had h run -way.
Tho buggy was overturned nml
Ml Wlbel thrown out ami tlm horxe
run Into a wire fence mid wa killed.
1'nuik Hurri, a wealthy Htockrnnu
of Siiuiuier Lake, wa brought to
Lakeview thU week milfering from
ternpornry i i iod icul alilii-riitioii of
tlm mind.
.v.i''Kiv; -' T V t ! 1 1 1 .'
li.N .' -.rr':&
4' on timr (fpoMl, cunrnl
i.ilrsi fi Mvin afcounl, i rive dVpoil
, I ,
I'-i I lo (in k. ami 00 a gcnriai oan-
.ii 1 . ii ..
II 1- liU'lID...
V'ou cm Live tlir advanl.T,;'-! of a
ilr -n li.-ik at your vrry dixir hy uing
llic m.ul '
S rid m "iir ilf-pyjvilv. Ai Lnowlnly
n: i.t w.ll In- vnl you dy irturn m.iil.
5;.. r;; acmintt rrrcivcj from one
an AKminl Willi u ami note
ripidly it will jjiow.
I I' am. A !.' 'N.
K I l' I'" M V
v. 11 11 .::. ,r,.,f
S r. A ll.HIV.S At 5rirty
c met (i3mj;amj fi
Ranch I or Lease.
The undemik'ned cxecutom of the en
tate of William Harvey, decenned, in
vite proposal hy nealed liidn for the
h uhiiiK of the "Summer Ijike Ranch"
und the "(ioone Iako IUiuch", or for
either of them, lit loiik'inK to Huid es
tate hut it mui-t 1 10 uuderntooil that
tho farmn only are to m leaned:
mich liidn will lx opened at tho liiink
of Lakeview on the -'Jud. day of Sep
temlier IOimI, at two o'clock, in tho uf
ternoon of naid day, the right in re
nerved to reject all or any liidn.
Kuhy Harvey, Kxecutrix,
Dick J. Wicox, Executor.
United States lund office,
view, Oregon, August 22, llHUj.
Notice in hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of the, uct of con
greHS of Juno '.i 1H7H, entitled "An act
tor the Hale of timber lauds in the
StateH of California, Oregon, Nevada,
an. L Washington Territory," as ex
tended to all the Public Land Ntates
by act of Anirunt 4, IKtL Robert Cas
ey, of Klainuth Falls, county of Klam
ath, State of Oergon, has this day fil
ed in this office his Hworn statement
No. HIM for tho purchase of the K1
KK and Sl..NK, of section No. 'X S.
Kauge No- 17 Fl, W. M. and will otfer
proof to show that the land sought is
inoro valuable for its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and
to establish his claim to said land be
fore County Judge, of Klamath Co.,
at bis otficial place of business at
Klamath F"aUs, Oregon on the 1st day
of November 10OG.
He names as witnesses : Chas. Mc
Cumber of Dairy Oregon. Chas. Mess-
ner of Klamath Falls Oregon, ( has.
Dusenbery of Illy Oregon. C. E. Had
ley of Klamath F'alls Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly tho above-described lands are re
quested to file their claims iu this
oirice on or before said 1st day of No
vember nHHi.
Iti- J. N. Watson. Register
UMHKIt 1.4 M OTI( :.
United States Land OtHco, Lake
view, Oregon, July 17th, 19US. Notice
is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of tho act of con
gress of June 3, 1878, eutitled "An
act for the sale, of timber lands iu
tho States of Callforn'a, Oregon, Ne
vada, and Washington Torritory, " as
extended to all the Public Land States
by act of August 4, 1892, William T.
Cressler, of Cednrville, couuty of
Modoc, State of Cal., has this day fil
ed iu this otllco his sworu statement
No. 3113, for the purchase of tho
NW4 SW4' of Section 17, in Town
ship 40 S., Rauge 22 F W. M., and
will otrer jiroof to show )uit tho land
sought is more valuable for its tim
ber or stone than for agricultural pur
poses, mid to establish 'bis cluitu to
said land before Register and Receiv
er at Lakeview, Oregon, on Wednes
day, the 3d day of October, 1900. lie
names as witnesses : 8. O. Cressler,
and F P. Light, of Lakeview, Ore
gon, H. II. Robinson of Berkeley,
Cal., and Goo. W. Winter, of Lake
City, Cal.
Any and all persons churning adver
sely tho above-described lands are re
quested to Hlo their claims in this
otllco on or before said 3d day of
October, 1900.
30-39 J. N. Watson. Register.
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Children's BUSTER BROWN DRESSES, and Boys'
Whte and Colored Waists, have just arrived.
PRICES AR.E LOWER than ever before known
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Lakeview Mercantile Company
is now on the ground. Wc have a complete line of
Mowers and Raes, also a full line of Extras. X
good Header wc want to sell to some good farmer.
Wc have a few Mowers, Rakes and Hay 2?ucAs wc are
offering a bargain in. Call and see us, -we can save
3 011 money and give 3 0U the best values.
Contest Notice.
United States Land Ofllce,
view, Oregon, July 17, 1900.
a Buuiiieui, uki Diuua..v u..uR .
been filed in this office by f"? .
Snider, contestant, against homestead
entry No. 2775, made September 27,
liKT for SE'4' Section 35, Township
3nS J,iia.UKf 15 PM tT!EumeI7 Mlch"!
ell, Xoutestee, In which it is i alleg-,
ed that said Emery Mitchell bus
wholly abandoned said lauds for more
than six months last rast. and con -
tiuues now to abandon tho same, and
has never resided upon or cultivated
any part thereof, and that said alleg
ed absence from the said land was not
due to his employment in the Army,
Navy or Marine Corps of the United
States as a private soldier , ottiicer
seaman or marine during the war with
Spain or during any other war in
which the Unitod States may be en
gaged, said parties are hereby notifi
ed to appear, respoud and offer evi
dence touching said allegation at 10
o'clock a. m September 12, 1900,
fore tho Register and Receiver at
United States Land
Office in Lake-
view, Oregon.
The said contestant
proper affidavit, filed July 17th. 1900,
set forth facts which show that after
due diligence personal service of this
notice can not be made, it is hereby
ordered and directed that such notice
bo given by due and proper publica
29 J. N. Watsou, Register.
LANDS Notice is hereby given that
the State Land Hoard will receive
sealed bids up to 2 o'clock P. M. on
October 9, 1900 for the purchase of
the following desciibed School Land,
A11 of Section 10 T. 38 S. R. 21 E.
All liuia must be accompanied uy a
regular application to purchase iu ac-
cordauce with the law for the side of j
School Lands and by cash or check for (
at least oue-tltth of the price offered
No bid for less than 12.50 per acre
will bo considered.
Tho light to reject any und all bids
is reserved. '
Applications tnVbids should be ad
dressed to O. U. Fllviwu, Clerk State
Land Hoard. ' Balem, Oregon, and
marked "Application and bid to pur
chase School Lauds."
(. O. Brown,
Clerk State Laud Hoard.
Dated this llth day of July, lSRHi.
Reward for Horses
1 will pay $5.00 Reward for the
I livery of any and all unbroken horses
Iouna m nelaa or outsiae m lake
County, South of the desert, or in
odoo county, California, branded
with an old horseshoe and a fresh tri -
ngle brand underneath, on both jaws.
Th horgesno6 pIaced on the jawa tho
... I ,
same as in my advertisement in this
1 rarer, and triangle so as to cover un
, the bar, on both jaws.
I To be delivered at Lakeview.
Notice of restoration of publio lauds
to settlement and entry. Department
of the Interior, General Land Office,
June 8, 1900. Noice is hereby given
that the Seoretary of the Interior, on
June 4, 1900 baa released from the
withdrawals under his former orders
of June 10, 1903, July 18th, August
llth. 18th and 19. 1904. for the irriga
tion purposes in connection with the
Chewaukan. Ana River and Silver
Lake projects, in the Lakview land
district in Oregon, the following des
having, in a cribed land : Chewaukan Project,
Township 31 South, Range 18 Fast,
all ; Township 32 South, Ranges 17, 18
and 19 East, all ; Tow uship 33 South,
Ranges 17 and 19 i-u.-t, all ; Township
U Soutn, Kauge lo Fast, Sections 1
to 25, 29 to 32 and 34 to 36, inclusive ;
Towuship 34 South, Ranges 19 and 20
Fust, all. Ana River Project, Town-
all; Township 30 South, Range 10 vlctinn of any party or piirtl. s steal
East, Sections 2 to 36, inclusivo; i'.g: horse, catlle or mule U lonKln
Towuship 30 South, Range 17 East, , to a '. v of i he following membera
Sections 1 to 5 and 7 to 30, inclusive; thin Association:
Township 30 South, Range 18 East, . (-us & Clrtl.k ,u.wacHii Land &
all; Towunhip 31 South, Iiauge 17 i , ., ... . . . ...
vuf Kiiv T au vw;iu.f iWn.i('illi'io, llerloid Land ii lattle
ship 26 and 27 South, Raugea 14, 15,
A. iiii mo v vaa.w m. a Vj w b A v " u
10 aud 17 East, all; Township 28
South, Ranges 13 and 14 East, all ;
Township 28 South, Range 15 East,
Sections 1 to 11, 10 to 19 and 29 to 32.
inclusive; Towuship 28 South, Range
10 F:ast, Sections 1 to 18, 21 to 28 and
34 to 30, inclusive; Township 29
South, Ranges 12, 13 aud 14 Foist, all ;
Township 29 South, Range 15 Eaht,
Sections 4 to 9 and 15 to 30, Inclusive;
Towuship 29 South, Range lo F.ast,
Sections 1 to 3, 10 to 15 and 19 to 30,
Bean tha 1 1,8 KM Vob HavaAlvvays Eto
inclusive, and he has dirceted that
the aforesaid lands be restored to set
tlement, but not to become subject t
entry, filing: or selection at the Unit
ed States Land Office, at Lakeview,
Oregon, until September '22, 1906
G. J. Pallock, Acting Commissione
of the General Land Office. ApproT
ed E. A. Hitchcock, Secretary of tlu
; Interior. June 21 Sept. 13.
I . .
United States Land ofTice, Lake
view, Oregon, August 27, l'JOfi.
j Notice is hereby given that in eopj,
pliance with the provisions of tbe&
of Congress of June 3, 178, entitledl
, "An act for the sale of timber land
in the States of Califoijiia, Oregon
Nevada, and Washingtai Territory,
as extended to all the Public Laatf
states by act of August 4, 1892, Willi
j Webler, of Bonanza, county of Klam
j ath, State of Oregon, baa this day fil
! ed in this office bis sworn statement
1 No. 3171. for the purchase of the
'NW4', Sec. SNE' , of Section No.
i 4. in Township No. 35 8., Range No,
17 E. ,W. M. .,and will offer proof t
, show that the land sought is trior
veluable for its timber or stone thaa
j for agricultural purposes, and to es
, tablish his claim to said land befor
Geo. Chastain, Co., Clerk, at hi of
flcial place of business at Klamatfc
F'alls Oregon, on Monday the 3rd daw
, of December, 190G.,
He names as witneses: Chas. V.
Pattee of Flly Oregon. S. C. Ilameker
of Bly Oregon. E.W. Pollard of Bly
Oregoc. W. T .Garrett of Bly Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adver
sely the above discribed lands are re
quested to file their claims in this of
fice on or before said 3rd day of Deo
ember 1900.
35 J. N. Watson Register
United States Land office, Lake
view Oregon, August 22 , 1 9 0 C .
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance witb the provisions of the act
of Congress of June 3 ,1878. entitledl
"An act for the sale of timber lands
iu the States of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington, Territory,4
as extended to all the Public land
' States by act of August 4 .1892. Susia
Fl Casey,of Klamath Falls .county of
Klamath State of Oregon ha thi- rl
nied ?nthi Office hLTfwor
! Xo31B tol the I purchase oi 'the S
' SWtf, Sec. 22, and ENWof Section
No. 27 ,in Township No. 35 S., Itengs
No 17 E V M n.i m nftZ
?- " a,nd lU "e.r Proof
lu. ".w l"al lue lana Bongni is mort
lor its timber or stona
than for agricultural purposes, and ta
B.Mr.aou UIQ LU EU11U 111 11 J UB
fore County Judge of Klamath Coun
ty, at his official place of business,
on Thursday the 1st day of November,
1900 , He names as witnesses:
Chas. McCumber, of Dairy, Oregon,
Chas. Messner.of Klamath F'alls, Ore.
Chas. Dusenbery of Bly, Oregon, G.
E. Had ley of Klamath F'alla, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adver
sely the above -described lands are re
quested to file their claims in this of
fice on or before said 1st day of Nov
ember, 1900.
35 J.N.Watson. Register.
$500 Reward 551
! The Orejion. California & Nevud
Livestock Protective Association
i will give $500 "0 Reward for the con-
Co., L ike Cou h i.v J, and & LlventtK-k
Co., iirner Vnll" Stock Co., ilriK
W. M ipes. Win W. l!rovii. (ieo. .XL
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