Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, August 09, 1906, Image 3

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    IfoNtionnl Xocal
Dayton, Oregon, t dim Ik on V Kited
by h fi't.tHH) (Iro.
Nolan Curry wim over from Warner
ftrMt of tint week.
Tim Imliy if Mr. mill Mm. Hurry
llailcy U iiilti Hick.
I Vint I lauiuiersli-y spent the Hint of
llui week In Liiki'viKW.
E. N. JikiuIhIi'm Furniture store m
reived II Ion. I of hew ginih Monday.
W. V, I Yi-i Ih-ik i-iimi- tn town last
Hiitiirluy evening iiml spent Sunday
W. T. Ml..unl.l, proprh-lor of the
liiikii lintel til Pine Creek, Wiin III
limn Tui'Hiliiy.
I, Kill ItlllllllMlk I'HIIIK illtll loWII
TiK'xiliiy to make iipplli'iit loii fur llniil
proof on hi lionii'hti'iiil.
.1. A. MorrU 'iiiin over f roin I'lui-h
Tuesday tu attend tin' htorkholili'lH'
meeting of tlm Pi-lit Ti l. X T1. Co.
Troiilili- lum in Ihi-ii bi t ween t In
IiiiiiIith nt milluvv Smith ovi-r tin re
ward, itn-l tin- Hint tir linn been taki'ii
into i-oiit't.
1'ortliitnl tni li- is greatly hnmpnrcd
liytlii- ciingent Ion In mil iiii-l "I'H
trullli-, result ing from tlm tli-ti In
Hun I 'i imrlnco mill tin- strikes.
Tin- rtrikn nil nut Ion In San Francis
co 1 Mll -f 1 1 in 1 1 ik' uIni'iii lllk' i J 1 1 1 J 1 1 f.
Mayor i-liiit ilt, has intervened In b"-
lllllf Of Hl-I lll-IIH'lll, lllll III) (-Ollll'I'OlllihO
llllrt IIS Jl-t Im-I-II I'lferted.
Wmluiuu finished tli Farmers'
Mntuiil Tin li-plmue line to tin- .Mur-s
ranch la-! w-ek, where rnnm-i t inns
was made with Paisley, iiml now tin'
nes "lli llii" lini! In In wntking or
.1.1. Mr. I 'iiM' Filler mid tii able ni-cniint-imt,
Mr. Win. I'.iii'ltiu'il, nr.- M-llling
up tin- yi-nr'n iii'i'oiint h of tin' vast
bili-ilie-s Ml. I'.'llir in ronilurt im.'.
lit' is tortiinuti' in getliug Mr. Jtriul
f in d 's iikhIpI iinri".
I 'nr Hull'. A Imlf interest in the
best I'liyiiu: I'll MiH'-f in Luke ri'iinty;
tin- l..'iluv i- Itn-weiy. I '"!' 1'iirt ii'U
bils, i 1 -1 y tn 111 Schlagel, I-'-"" Pearl
Street, Cleveland, (Hun, ir lirk .1.
Vili'o, I ,lil.e iett , Ill'l'kHII. .11 -
Wii mo in receipt of n copy of the
state oltlciiil I lircctiiiy, issued by the
Sii'ii-tnry of State. It give every
olllcer, ttnte ami county, elective mi'l
appoint ie, liii place of resilience, and
tlate of cxpirnt ion of tlicir term of
The city council did not inoet Tues
day night, their regular meeting
nlnlil, on iiccotint of tlm Illness of
Cimiu-ilmaii Harry Jluiley'M baby,
which prevented liiin from lielng pres
ent, mi'l I'ounclliiuiii J. H. Lime was
out camping.
T. II. Goodpasture of Central Point,
formerly a resident of Paisley ami
parlor of t he M. F. Church of that
place, arrived here several day ago,
selling project OSCOpeS II 1 1 ' 1 VJeWH. He
Iiiim a tine lot of views of San Fran
cisco taken i-i nee the earl In juake.
I j. L. Hopkins, who him lieen maun
der for the I c nuir-ton A Sullivan l'ho
to Supply lloune of Shanghai, China,
for home t line, ha.-i hecureil the pro
prietorHtiip of that institution. We
receiveil from Lyiiiuu one ol tlm cata
lu'uiM c.i 1 1 en out hy the Company.
Mrn. (ieo. Chamller ainl llva Clark
came ilou n f i nin the lower Chamller
ruiicli liiht I'ri'lay to hunt for hay
handi. They took out one man; all
that coul'l lie fouml. Tlm complaint
Ih K uerul all over the West that men
to harvcHt the cropn are ilanncrouhly
Mcarco. 1'ai inein' w hen ami iliuik'hterM
in inaiiy plncex mo wiulinu into the
llclilrt t" la lp put up the crop.
Juiliio Itenmm, a was mentioned in
Tlm Kxnmincr a couple of weekH two,
umlerwent a nevere operation at Kliim
nth Full upon hit. return from here,
ami we learn the operation, while u
Krent ileal more complciateil than was
expected win Huceennful, and the
putleut utood the ordeal exceptionally
well, ami ia KettinK alonti uieely, al
thotiKli lie will lo coiillned to bin bed
for homo time.
Do you like It? Then why
be contented with it? Have
to be? Oh, no! Just put on
Ayer's Hair Vigor and have
lone, thick hair; soft, even
hair. But first of all, stop
your hair fcom coming out.
Save what you have. Ayer's
Hair Vigor will not disappoint
you. It feeds the hair-bulbs;
makes weak hair strong.
Th bet kind of teitimonUl
"Bold lor over tty y w.
v.-- br J. O. Aft v.. w;i
AUo Bnuottrri f
..I .
yers ttttKUV PECT01AL.
My Hair is
II. Oruman wan In town laul Huridny,
If o In Hiilferlnu conKlderHlilt) with
rheuiiiatlnni of late.
HervlceM lit the M. K. Church Hun
'lay, AiiKUHt ; Kiimlny School, 10 n.
ni. ; Kpwotth 1'Hku 7 p. in. ; preach
nu H 1 1, in. Hanford Hnyder, Paul nr.
MImm (linllireth, an )enleru ((ti'KDii
m hool teacher, and IhnMlHHeM Jllldii
and MaiKiiri't Hawyer of MarnhllcM,
Oregon, wern drow ned In (!oo l iver i
on Kiitiinlay, AiihwI Ith. This three
yoiiMK linlii'H were Imlhiii, hen MIhh
( laillitet h, w ho could not mw im, K"t
Into deep water. The other yirlH went
to help her and all three wcra drown
ed. JriMtead of )r. J. H. I'ewcy and wife
and '. I j. SiulliiiK ami family U"iK
to ('rrHCi nt lake, iih wan ntatd hy The
I'ixamluer hint week, t he party Ih to
lie purely miiMculine. I'. I. Inii",
('Inn ley Ki hurt, V. I,. Knelling and
Dr. Pcwcy are to take the trip and
h ave the ladifH at. home. It 1m alto
Kether too roiiKh a trip for women,
mid then, lichldcx, It Ih nut a place for
women out niiiiiiik' the hear and pun-
IheiH. j
ilamiltoii II. llemlrickM, Kccretary I
of the Mutt f Crii k Laud, LiveHtock A ;
l.umlier Co., of I'VihhIII, Wheeler conn-'
ty, wiih convicted in t ho Federal court '
at I'm t In ti 1 hint Saturday, of hurl lit,',
Hiiliorued (iioih'e Hawk to commit ,
perjury in xiviiiK' tehlimony liefore i
the l'ederal (iraud Jury in connection :
with tlm lnt I it 'h homcxtcud entry. !
The extreme penalty for thin crime U '
live yearn In the
if'JKKI line.
penitentiary and
Mr. I.llu ('oho and daUK'hti r left
for Summer Luke yenteriluy to l. ale
hent Irmii Lake iew a hhort time.
They were accompanied y Mi.-- Mae
Miller and Ir. 1'. T. Ilrowne, a den
tint, of San l'rancihco, who in .pi-nd-ink'
hirt vacation in I.nkeview and tak
ing in the tieiiutiful mountain hci-nery
of Lake county. Mi.-n Miller and Min
jColili, axhihted hy I)r. llroun, will ive
j cue of their popular munii-al rei italf.
ut I'ai-iley next Saturday
! Aiik'Uft I Ith.
Notice to I tinners.
Notice l-i herel-y riven hy the under-hik'lii'-l
1 1 1 lit the price fur thlehhilir
thin year uill In- an follows: I'arley
.'i cents per I ill r-lii-l, wheat li cent.M per
liiihhel. l'or c,iaiu ill out of the way
placiH there will be an extra charge.
Money doe when wolk U done.
K. C. Thrtihlon,
:!' tf .1. I". Snvder.
L'onrd of Cquallallon.
Notice irt liereby (iiveu that on Mon
day, the i!7th day of AuUHt, I'.hn;
from M o'clock A. M. to 0 o'clock 1'.
M. of hiiid day, the County Hoard if
l)iiiulial ion w ill be in hi-Mnion at the
County Clerk'M olllce at Jjikeview,
On-k'ou, for the purpose of putiliciy
exiuiiiniiik' the UHin-MHmcnt roll for the
year lid Hi, and to correct all crrori in
valuation, di-hcriptiou or ipialit i-M of
lands, lots or other property ; that the
hittin'H of hind board will be contin
ued from day to day thereafter until
the examination and correction of naid
aH-etihineut roll hhall be fully complet
ed ; provided, the hiiid examination its
completed within the week in which
the board is required to meet.
All persona lnt erected are respect
fully reiiuohtcd to be present at the
hittiiiK's of said Hoard of Fqualiat ion,
and nhow cause if any there be, why
their asseshineiit for the said year
should not be changed or corrected as
to the said board may seem jiiht and
W. 1. West,
Assessor of Lake County, Oregon.
'M 'M by C. 1. Sessions, Deputy.
Motion PicCuret.
Un next Saturdaay n iht. August
Illh, Dr. (.:. l'i. McUallerty will rivo
n concert of moving pictures, illus
trated and other sons with guitar ae
compauimeut. I wish to state that 1
am the (inly man traveling with illus
trated souk's in motion pictured. 1
havo nothing to Hay about, or against
other showmen, liut will promise you
a better concert of moving pictures
and illustrated eouga than any so-styled
Inventor, profussor or artist who
over viaitod your town or money re
funded. I am not the Inventor of
the Kinctoscopo. I should expose my
Iguorunce wore I to Bay so, for out
of so many people living iu your lit
tle city thoie would surely bo nomo
who know there ia euch a man as
Thoa, A. Edison. turn, however, a
professional photographer and have
aelected my plctuies to please the
show goiug pooplo. See my concert
and you will boo all that is advertlsod
on my large bills, and then some.
Please read the bills and thou you will
know what you are going to see aud
not be diaappointed. Prices of ad-1
mission are, Adulta, 50 cents; chil
dren under Y2 years, 25 cents.
Reserved seats can be had at tbo
popular places at 75 cents.
0. E. McCatterty, D. D. 8.
: WrlU to us tot tr (ample of an nw ityiuh troUMrin. Q1t ua
clinnoa to show vou -without risk to ou Umt wa oj maka 1
ih. AiiMt Mir uf T unimlRA to touxuiMuun that you avar had. If
ha trousara auil you whan thar ax Hulahad thay
fi.r tha aam eluth. Our urniiiut with you la
i.,f Ptuny. Xha cloth fa avlandld arad of
tiav puuy. Tha cloth la a. awanaia vraaa or
cloth U a Sua atrouf waava, wa giiaramaa n navar w nut ov annuo, wu a.aav nm aaapa asa
.-ii'icfiviwA; T 'it I t 1 ' :
nor r U ' "tL
Wc p.iy 4'fon liinr d' rurrrnt
tiilrnoii viviiiuj .( ouiil, rei rivr (J'-poil
uiliji-il loclin k. .iiul do Kmfial !ank
liieiiicw.. You i an TTnvc llir 'lvant.iy of
rtroriK li.iiik at your vrry d'xjr by iimig
the rrviiln
S-iiil ui your ilejurilv A.l:nower((-rii'-nl
Will Ik- m-iiI you hy return rrwil.
S.'iviiin aiioiuil r- rived Irorn orir
:.u up.
i;i ii ,ui an mit Willi ut aiu
1 note
iw r'ipi- !! it will iw
I I I M, M Al V I',. J.,
I' l in air, 'i ,.. c,
5 i . i AH !':.(. S. A.
jf. rlTI.AND,OBe
$500 Reward
i I'hc Oregon, CulifiirnWi .c Nevad.-i
I Llvi-Htnek I'rotective AMHiiclatloll
i w ill nlve f.VMi (10 Itewjird for the con-
vlctlun of any party or purlieu Hti'iil
ln horHi-M, ciittli- nr iuiiIch lielrumlny;
toiinynf the f.illn wlnj; tneuilierH of
tl.ln AMxnciut Inn:
'ox fe Clirk, ('lievMicnn Land k
Cuttle Co., Iler.vfi.rd Lund & Cattle
Co., Luke County Lund it Llvt-Mtnck
Co., Warm-r Vnll'-v St oel; Co., (ieo.
W. Mapi-M, Win W. l'.rown. (ieo. M.
.Ioiii-h. (ieo. IhiukliiM. S. It. Chandler,
.1. C. iioilMon, t". A. Keh.irt. N. l ine,
TIioh. Mutton, W. A. Currier, Frank
I'.. I'.aueiM, .I.C. I lotchliihu, ('alder
wood I'.roH., T. .1. I'.rattaiu A- Soiim.
i.lalnert M. Moore, A. 1 . Cecil, T. A.
Crump, W. .. Miiwh.
W. r. Hi:itvK)iii. rn-Hiil t.
( h i a I'.KS
I F. M. Mi 1. 1. Kit, Sec it Treas.
I 'in am I-:
Com. i
M. (ill K.K.N
Till II Kit I.AI OTI v..
United Slates Iiud Olllce, Lake
view, Oregon, .July 17th, I'.HHi. Notice
is hereliy given that in compliance
with the provisions of the act of con
gress of June :i, 171, entitled "An
act for the sale, of timber lands in
the Ktutes of Califorira, Oregon, Ne
vada, and Washington Territory," as
CAtcndeil to all the Public Laud States
by act of August 1, ls;cj, William T.
Cres.-ler, of Cedarville, county of
Modoc, State of Cal., has this day fil
ed iu this ottlce his sworn statement
No. .'II III, for the purchase of the
NW'j ; SV4 of Section 17, in Town
ship in S., Kauge 'SI K W. M., and
will olfer proof to show that tho land
sought is more valuable for its tim
ber or stone than for agricultural pur
poses, and to establish his claim to
said land before llegister and lieceiv
er at Lakeview, Oregon, on Wednes
day, the :U1 day of October, 1!H. He
names as w itnesses : S. O. Cresslor,
and F. P. Light, of Lakeview, Ore
gon, 1$. U. Kohinson of Uerkeley,
Cal., and (ieo. W. Winter, of Lake
City, Cul.
Any and all persona claiming adver
sely tho above-described lands are re
quested to Hie their claims ia this
olllce on or before said lid day of
October, llKx;.
:i0-:ill J. N. Watson, Register.
WANTED: by Chicago wholesale
and mail order house, assistant mana
ger (man or woman) for this county
and adjoining territory. Salary ?20
and expenses paid weekly: expenso
money advanced. Work pleasant;
position permanent. No investment
or experience required. Spare time
valuable. Write at onco for full par
ticulars ami enclose self-addressed en
velope. Address,
General Manager, Ml E. Lake St.,
Chicago. 110-10
Pacific University
Beautifully located twenty-six milea
from Portland.
Full regular collearo courses.
Academy prives strong preparatory and
High School courses.
Conservatory of Music and 8chool of
Art, with Bupenor instructors.
Business branches taujrht.
Gymnasium and Field Athletics under
a Physical Director.
Well-equipped Laboratories.
Library ot 13.1KK) Volumes.
Healthful social life; religious influences.
All student enterprises active.
will onat you $6. BO. Othar tml
anoh that thar uuat aaUafy yo
Xnwllah Ohavlot or haat a trie
tallora ak IB to 1 19
r you or you naad not
sna - uao votntfi w nwi auipaa worawaa. ana
-Mir a
Our complete line of Ladies' Summer dress goods,
consisting of Silk Mulls, Taffetas, Voiles, Batiste,
Ventura Suitings, Organdies, India Linens & Lawns,
Shirt Waists, Silk Shirts, Muslin Underwear, and
Children's BUSTER BROWN DRESSES, and Boys'
White and Colored Waists, have just arrived.
PRICES ARE LOWER than ever before known
in Lakeview.
Lakeview Mercantile Company
is now on the ground. We have a complete line of
Mowers and KaAes, also a full line of Extras. A
good Header we want to sell to some good farmer.
We have a few Mowers, Rakes and Hay Bucks we are
offering a bargain in. Call and sec us, we can save
vou in one v
and give you
, Contest Notice.
United States Land Ofllce,
view, Oregon, July 17, 10O0.
A sutHeieut coutest affidavit having
been tiled in this office by Frances
r, contestant, against homestead
No. 2775, made September 27,
l'.K2, for SE4' Section '& Township
32 S., Range 15 E., by Emery Mitch
ell, Coutestee, in which it is alleg
ed that fcii id Emery Mitchell has
wholly abandoned Baid lands for more
than six months last piit, and con
tinues now to abandon the same, aud
has never resided upon or cultivated
any part thereof, aud that said alleg
ed absence from the said land was not
due to his employment in the Army,
Navy or Marino Corps of the United
States as a private soldier , offlicer
seaman or mariue during the war with
Spain or during any other war in
which the United States may be en
gaged, said parties are hereby notifi
ed to appear, respond aud offer evi
dence touching said allegation at 10
o'clock a. m. September 12, 190(5, be
fore the Register and Receiver at the
United States Laud Office in Lake
view, Orogou.
Tho said contestant having, in a
proper affidavit, riled July 17th, 11KXS,
set forth facts which show that after
due diligence personal service of this
notice can not lie made, It is hereliy
ordered and directed that such notice
be givou by due and proper publica
29 J. N. Wataou, Register.
LANDS Notice is hereby given that
the State Land Hoard will receive
Boalod bids up to 2 o'clock P. M. on
October 9, 190(5 for the purchase of
the following desciibed School Land,
All of Section 1C T. 38 S. R. 21 E.
All bids must be accompanied by a
regular application to purchase in ac
cordance with the law for the sale of
School Lauds and by cash or check for
at least one-fifth of the price ottered
No bid for less than 12.50 per acre
will be considered.
The right to rejeot any aud all bids
is reserved.
Applications and bida should be ad
dressed to G. G. Brown, Clerk State
Land Hoard. Salem, Oregon, and
marked "Application aud bid to pur
chase School Lands."
O. O. Krown,
Clerk State Land Board.
Dated this 11th day of July, 190U
the best values.
! Reward for Horses
! I will pay So. 00 Reward for the de
livery of any and all unbroken horses
found in fields or outside iu Lake
r x, ... - .
I oumJ r e aeserr, or in
Modoc tsinty, California, branded
with an old horseshoe and a fresh tri
angle brand underneath, on both jaws.
The horseshoe placed on the jaws the
same as in my advertisement in this
paper, and triangle so as to cover up
the bar, on both jaws.
To be delivered at Lakeview.
Bean th IhS Kind Von Haw Always Boug-I
;lh8 Kind Yi
Notice of restoration of public lands
to settlement and entry. Department
of the Interior. General Land Office.
June 8, liVtl. Noice ia hereby given
that the Secretary of the Interior, on
June 4, 190(3 has released from the
withdrawals under his former orders
r fni. iStK i
iTo ,,7 AuQB
d 19, 1904, for the irriga-
oi uuua in, j:i
11th. 18th and
tion purposes in connection with the
Chewaukan. Ana River and Silver
Lake projects, iu the Lakview land
district in Oregon, the following des
cribed land: Chewaukan Project,
Township 31 South, Range IS East,
all ; Township 32 South, Ranges 17, 18
and 19 East, all ; Township 33 South,
Township 34 South, Ranges 19 and 20
East, all. Ana River Project, Town
ship 29 South, Ranges 17 and 18 East,
all; Township 30 South, Range 16
East, Sections 2 to 36, inclusive;
Township 30 South, Range 17 East,
Sections 1 to 5 and 7 to 36, inclusive ;
Township 30 South, Range 18 East,
all; Township 31 South, Range 17
East, alL Silver Lake Project, Town
ship 26 and 27 South, Ranges 14. 15.
16 and 17 Eaat, all ; Township 28 !
outn, ivangea in ana li ast, all ;
Township U-t South. Range 15 East.
Sections 1 to 14, 16 to 19 and 29 to 32,
inclusive ; xownsnip za Koutn, Kange
16 East, Sections 1 to 18. 21 to 28 and
34 to 30, inclusive; Township 29
South. Rungea 12. 13 and 14 East, all :
Township 29 South, Range 15 East,
Sections 4 to 9 and 15 to 36, Inclusive ;
Township 29 South, Range 16 East,
Sections 1 to 3, 10 to 15 and 19 to, 36,
3 South Range 18 EksSe'l 1, PS H Scl Tud
to 25. 2 to 32 and 34 to 30. inclusive : r .V' qQ o T,t? 1? 1?.c,1.' ? ?aA
j inclusive, and he Laa dirceted that
the aforesaid lands be restored to set-
j tlement, but not to become subject to
entry, tiling or selection at the Unit-
I ed States Land Office, at Lakeview,
ciregon, uniu &epiemi-r tz, jyuu
O. J. Pallock, Acting Commissione
of the General Land Office. Appror
ed E. A. Hitchcock, Secretary of tb
Interior. June 21 Sept. 13.
Contest Notice.
Department of the Interior, Unil
ed States Land Office. Lakeview
j Oregon, June 25, 1008. A sufficiei
i content affidavit having been tiled i
jtbis office by C. W. Withers, Paisley
j Oregon, contestant, against homestea
I entry No. 2755, made Sept. 12, 1902
jfor HEli NWJ, SWk', SW'
SW4', Section 13, tp. 34 S., R. 17 E.,
by Gustave Anderson Contestee, ia
which it is alleged that said Gustave
Anderson has wholly abandoned the
eaid hometsead, and has not resided
on, cultivated or improved the same
as required by law; that said Unstave
Anderson did not est&Uish a refci
j dence on said land within six months
from date of entry, and all the de
i faults herein set forth continues to
j this date, and that said alleged ab
, sence from the said land wast not due
to his employment in the Army, Navy
, or Marine Corps of the United Stata
j aa a private soldier, officer, seamaa,
or marine, during tho war with Spain,
' oj during any other war in which the
! United States may be engaged. Said
j parties are hereby notified to appear,
respond aud otter evidence touching
said allegation at 10 o'clock a. m. on
August 10, 1900 before the Register
ana iteceiver at tea United States
Laud Office in Lakeview, Oregon.
The said contestant having, in a
proper affidavit, filed June 25, liKXJ,
set f.rth facta which show that after
due diligence personal service of this
notice can not be made, it is hereby
ordered and directed that such notice
be given by due and proper publica
tion. . 2G J. N Watson, Register.
Notice of the restoration ot Dublin
lands to settlement and entry : De
partment of the Interior. General
nd Office, May 19, 1906 Notice ia
herebv civen that thn Rnrreiarv nf f Via
Interior ou May 12, 9l has released
from withdrawal for irrigation purpos
es tne follow ring described lands in the
Iakeview land district in Oregon:
Klamath project, Oregon, Willamette
Meridian, Township 40 S., R. 6 E., all
sees. 2, 3, 10, 11, 15, 22, 25 and 3(5; T.
41 S., R. 6 E., all sees. 1, 2, 5, 6, 11
12 aud fractional sees. 13 to 17 incl. ;
T. 39 S., R. 7 E. all sees. 19, 20, 22 to
25 incl., 33 and 34 ; T. 40 S., R. 7 E.
all seca 1 to 5, and 7 to 18 incl. ; T. 34.
S., R. 7s E., all sees. 1, 2, 12 and 13
T. 30 S., R. 7 E., all sees. 1 to 4, 9 to
14 incl., 24 aud 25: T. 38 S. , R. 8 E.
all sec8 30 to 36 incl. ; T. 39 S, R. 8
E.. all sees. 1 to 12 and 15 to i:l incl. :
T. 40 S. , R. 8 E. all seca, 18 fo 20 and
28 to 32 inch ; T. 41 S.. R. 8 E., all
sees. 6, 7 and fractional seca. 17 and
18; T. 37 8., R. 9 ., all sees 1 to 6, 8
to 17, 20 to 29, and 32 to 30 incl. ; T.
38 S., R. 9E. all sec3 1 to 5, 8 to 17
ana j to 27 incl. ; 1. o9 S., li. 9 E..
, 4111 8ec9- 6 and 7 ; T. 40 8., II. 9 E., all
sees . 22, 25, 26, and 36; T. 37 S., R.
10 E. ; all sees 1 to 13 incl., 18 and 24;
T. is,, K. 10 E., all seca. 7, 17, to
22 and 26 to 35 incl. ; T. 41 8., R. 10
li, all sees. 5 and 6; T. 38 S., R. 11
E., all seca 1 to 17, 20 to 29, and 33 to
36 incl. ; T. 39 S., R. 13 E., aU sees.
3 to 10, 15 to 22 inc., 24., 25, 28 to 30
incL, 32, 35 and 30; T. 39 S. R. 11
E., all aecs. 22. 23, 26 to 29 and 32 to
5 incl., 8, 0, 16., 17, 20 and 21 ; T. 39
H., ti. 12 E., all sees I to C, 9 to 16,
22 to 25 incl. ; T. 40 3., R. 12 E., all
sees 1 to 5, 7 to 26 incl., and 36; T. 40
S., R. 13 E., all sees,. 7, 8, 16 to 23
and 27 to 34 incl. ; T. 41 S., R. 13 E.,
all sees 3 to 11, 14 to 17 inch, and frac
tional sees. 20 to 24 Incl. ; T 408.. R.
14 E. all sees 1 to 3, 9 to 16, 22 to 27
and 34 to 36 incl. ; T. 41 8., 14. 14 E.
all seca. 1 to 4, 9 to 16 incl., and all
fractional sees. 21 to 24 inch, and ha
has directed that the aforesaid, lands
i i i. i.i a . . ...
1 I I A lU O. . AW 1 1 1 . Hll HtH H. i to
d inimeaiaieiy resiorea to settle
ment, but not to become subject to
entry, filing or selection at the Unit
ed States land office at Lakeview,
Oregon, until September 3, 1906, j.
II. Fimple, Acting Commissioner of
the General Land Office. Approved
& A. Hitchcock, Hi cretary of the
May 31 Aug. 23.