Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, June 07, 1906, MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 11

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t Tout Kin. U
t of Mysell-Ilollln
: : tock uorttncAt
, i ! ! list; If yon
: c n,u-k company jcet
..v ie certificates. t
4Vtf 'l !
33 i:;m in each state
: t .!"!., advertise and
sofonr good. Salary
ic;i r i rfuttlu 1 3.00 per day for
koval sUrrLY CO.;
i i j-t. V. At! ii'fH k.Uhleajro. fi3-3
jf he Kxfttinwr Ium received a new
'triple book f the Wall Street line
certiorate of stock and
id blank, up-to-date on
v maiin t- and endorsed by
Vail hi;; CunnvU-ra
of America.
W print township plat.
lunch at
the Brewery 8a.
the Examiner
jtyrlprhted. U1 and sec them If
j)oed anything li this Mne. tf
"w'ANTIr:--Two men In each cou-
J- to reprrccnt and advertise Hard
re department, r nt eamploa
our jruod. etc. Travellntr Timlt-
or omw i;.r. Salary IW per
Mith, ca.5 woekljr. wltb all expenses
1 44 Jo aVf'Tunce. furnish every-
In. R to :
The CoV-r. '3. Cooee
,'pt. 613, 2."1 till Ave Chicago, III
& WANTED: Two men In each
unty to rrrrewt and advertise
'ardware I:itrt?3ent, put out
,inp!w of ottr r' etc. Travel
er r osltl on or j Man ajrer. Kal
y ID0.00 I'VT cc;l!i cash , weekly,
1th all ex pen" rV.4 In advance.
furuUU evcrytlinj.
T, , Chicago, 111.
'Dept. CIO, Monou, ttidg.
Tfca !"5nols Central
"maintain onetet-iled service from the
oat to U Katitand Sooth. Making
.connection 'with train of all
nicontinenul line, passenger are
vea their choice of route to C hicso
trai'vttle, Memjhi and New Orleans,
pd tbronoh thee point to the fr
Protpectlva traveler Retiring infor
atkis a to tbe luvost rate and bet
fotee are invited to correspond with
e following reprWnUtivee.
It. iL Trttmbnll, Commercial Agent,
IS Third 8t-, Portland, Ore.
J. C Undeey, Trav Iaenger
Dt, 142 Third U Foftland, Ore.
Paul B. TJ?otpon Paeeenger Agent
Clnn Handing JSrattie 1 1.
Popular ni Picturesque.
Tbe only thing Becenaary to make the
leaver and Elo Grand the ott pop
lar, at it ha ever been known the
loft pleaaant and moet pictureaque
. to rt,i the ccnt'inent. haa couie
Ixtot. Thle it the aaUbliahnient
Iirouth lwpll eat eervioe.
In oounKctivn with the O. It. & N
UrauKh Pullman Standard Weeper it
ow ron from Portland to IHnver, leav
fig Portland at 8.15 p. at., arriving at
lt at a 40 a. in. the eeoond
lorcinu. leavioe Salt Lake at 3.60 p
. and arriving at Denver 4 20 P n- t,ie
."owiax day. Thl arbedule give paa
r;?r aeren hour atop-over in Salt
1 . ."rartlli.s an oinfrtunity to viau
be l.uruon Ctnital a well a day
ilt rU throUK arandeat acenery
Fvr rewrvation la thiacar ud for 11
,)Pil UxAleU picturing the acenery
nt!ifviao to the Denver ,Klo Grande,
rwviiid it to 1 the -8cenie Line of the
7ori," wiUetoW.C. McBrlde, Gen
ral Ak-ent. 124 Third etreet, Portland.
Mining blank at
Dutch lunch at t.he Brewery 8a-
loou. M '
Tha Rvamlner nrlnt townalilp plat
and make them into book to order. If
. Pamplea of the Dennlaon ahlpplng
tajr a The Examiner office. AH
etaea and nualltlee. from Manila to
linen. u
Look at tne deacription of the land
listed with The Examiner thi week for
ale, and aelect your piece before it ha
been "old to aoroe one e'ae. tf
Blank for Cnal proof, Deeert proofs,
timber land final proof and blank affl
davit for application for readvertiee-
mnt. blank mitneaa' affidavit, etc. at
The Examiner office. tt
There la two-way to tall a srood
clRar; one la to buy It, pay your
monay and smoke It. But the better
wav la to know that it I an Eagle
or a Mountain Rone, which 1 abso
lute s proof - of Ha Renulneneaa,
Made and for sale by A. Stork man,
at the cigar factory, tf
We are now prepared to sell several
tract of land at price that will trtle
vou, especially if you are acquainted
with the location. We have land all the
way from 1.60 per acre up to 15; on
Improved or Improved, to uit the
purchaser. Lake County Examiner.t
See a sample of the Taclflc moutly
ut thi office, and you will not heai-
tate to pay 2..r0 for a year's sub-
sclptlon to The Examiner and that
valuable Mayatlne published In Port
Farmers, hare yor butter wrap
per printed at The Examine office,
Instead of sending away for them.
You keep your mouey at home, and
patronise them that patronise you,
besides, you see what you are get
ting and don't have to pay for it If
it doesn't suit you. tf
n. u. L, m
Lake view, Ore.
. W. alaawetl
Mkkevtewr, Ore
If you wish Information. bou
Lk County, Oregon addreM cith
er of the abota genllemen, who will
be pleased to reply.
A Mountain of Oold
could not bring aa much bapplnea to
Mra Lucia W like, of Caroline,
aa did one 35c box of Bucklln'a Arnica
Sal ve, w hen 1 1 com pletely cured a ru n-. I
.... t.M V. 1 K li ,1 I
tured herfor 23 longyeara. Greatest
antlwptic healer of Piles, Wounds,
and Sores. 2T at Lee BeaU's Drug
Plan of seivice of Paator of the M.
Church. Ukeview. lt and 8rd 8u
day of each month.
Raihl at It a. m.. and New
Creek at 7 p. m., 2nd end 4th Bunaay
of each month. '
t.k..i. at II a. m.. and 7 p. m
tm maoilna ThnradaV 7 P. m. 5th
o it.... f Innia at 11 a
Lakeview at 7 D. ro. You are cordially
invited to all the service.
8AnroRD fiarnsa, Pator
Umrd lor Horses
I will jive 120.00 Reward for the
iiitp-v. in i-rtkpvlcw or atmvrancn
at wagontlre Mountain, of any and
all unbroken range horses, 4-year-oiu
and upwards, unblemished, rang'ng
In Lake county. Oregon, branded
with an old horseshoe on both Jaws,
without any other brand on the anl
roal: horaesnoe open partdownw&rd
the same aa cut In the following aa
vertlsement. w. w. Bkown.
Our Offer. -
With the June number will begin
The Pacific Monthly's Berlee of spec.
lol edition for the year 1905. They
will comprises number for Portland
for Seattle, for Southern California,
tor San Francisco and the souvenir
number of the Lewis and Clara Ex
position, also a special automobile
number. The article of Dr. Wolf
von Scblerbrand, six In number on
"The Coming Supremacy of the Pa
cific" as0. alao promised, and the
planscontemplated by tbe publisher
will, without question, place Tbe
Pacific Monthly far In advance, not
only of present competitors, but also
Into tbe unreachable class of period'
leal Mterature on the Pacific Coast,
Tbe Pacific Monthly Is sold to regu
lar subscribers at the extremely low
price of f 1 a year. We baYe made
an arrangement with the publishers
by which we are able to offer It In
connection with The Lake County
Examiner, (both Publications), to
new ubscrlhm, and old ones who
pay op any back suiscrlptton they
may owe aud a year In advance, for
the very low price of f 2.50 a year, ti
If Yoa are not Particular
i-o't travel over the Jllinoi Central,
! any old road will do you and we dont
ant your -patronage; but if you are
M-licukr aad want the beat and mean
i Lave ii, ek the ticket agent to route
iu via tLe ILLINOIS CENTRAL, the
Jtltruni tbjrouga eolid veetibul
aia tetweeu 8 1. Paul, Omaha, Cbhiago,
Llioula, Memphis, and New Orleao.
Ko 5?.:H.Uontt! charge U mad for a seat
i our rwlinlng chair car which are
Lied with Uvatorle and smocking
loitis, and have a porter in attendepce.
e the iow tat aud w will be glad to
iota theui ia connection with any
Ki.icotitkwtiU! line.
U. II.. Trumbull. Commercial Agent,
2 1: ird Street, Portland Ore.
J. C. Uufjoy, T. F. A P.IA., 142
;.lrd F.'.n t, Portland. Ore.
Notice to Public
No person or pernon are allowed to
treitpaas or prtMiwct on Section 30,
townHhip 18, North, IianK 15, West,
on the California Side of the Hoague
Mining District, without first getting
written permituion and makintt con
tract with J. Monroe Larman, Fort
BidwelL Caiifornia. AuV oue doing
so without written
J. Monroe Layman,
authority will be
If you coutemplate a trip east call
on or write to u at lteuo. bbould
you bare friends coming from the
east you can get Information regard
lug rates, routes, etc., which will Ihj
to their advantage and comfort. If
you wish you can depoMlt coat -of
ticket with us for their passae aud
tickets will be furnished them at
their eastern home. Thin office U
with vou and' resDonstble. which
should be an inducement to coiuiuu
nlcate with us rather than with thoae
In other cities.
II. L. Griffith, Agent, So. I'ac. Co
Reno. Nevada.
J. M. Fulton. District Paeeenger
Agent, Southern Pacific Co., Reno,
Nevada. 1
jrying preparation ehuply davel.
op dry catarrh ; Uiey dry up the aacratiooa,
w hich adhere to the tueuibrana aud deoom.
una. oaiuiinir a fur iukra attfioua trouble thai.
Ui ordiuury form of oaturrh. Avoid all dry.
lug luluuauU, XuuMia, auioke ana anus
aud nae that which clean), soothes and
aud will cure catarrh or oold in the haad
eaaily aud pleaaautly. A trial aix will h
Biailvd for 10 cents. All druggiata sell th
60e. aixe. Ely Brothers, 68 Warren tit. , N. Y.
The ltaliu cure without pain, doe not
irritate or eaoae auaeimig. It pread itaU
over aa irritated aud augry surfaee, roller.
1 J... J!... I .L - 1 . M .1
... - w. mu ituiuaaiavair Miapaiuiiu uuuuuiuuub.
Paul Jl, Thoupeon, Frt. AJPaaaenger With Uy' Cream Balm yoa are armed
:;ent, Colaian E!dg., Seattle, Vh. agaiaat Naaal Catarrh aud May Fever.
. J-flUo)HairRenewer
zroir 1od and hctvy, and keeps It soft tod glossy.
- and cures dandruff. And It alvaya restores
f'- rttlr. Sold for fifty years. W.fftgrV"''
r. :
im ueaaing raper of tne
Padflc Coast
Th- vSin Francisco
The Weekly Chronicle
weekly Newspaper
th entire WaaL
$1.50 a Year
tarlndla pastaae te ear ri at tbe
Waiu4 Maue. Caaaoa and Mexico.
It Is best beeauas. besldea
printlnc all the sews of the world
each week ta an Interesting way
and fully Illustrating many
articles, it has special depart
mtata devoted to
These are presided ever by
editors having a thorough kcwC
edge of their specialties. The
page devote to Agriculture.
Horticulture, Poultry and tlve
Stock ar wall Illustrated and
filled with matter ef th greatest
interest te all eagaged la thee
Industries, every Ha belag
written by those whe ar la eloee
touch with eoaditlea prevailing
on thi Coast.
It wlU be seat free. ,
De yoa vaat
Reversible Map?
Showing th United States, Do
minion ef Canada aad Nerrhera
Mealo ea eae atda, MAP OF
THE WORLD, praaeadag . .fa
la eae eeattawea asaa, wttk all
areas ta tree prepertkm, tbe
r aarfsuM T the lank lbs
ether atda, . r
Umd ta aa4 tet w kSasieaa
"Weekly CewscsW' Ut
Only Uaycir
it, mraomx t
. .. rmmtKc,
IsamaietHtlsl HaSwakQCahT
9 '
t ..
O -a- '
! $
TJie best Vaii"-Oh-d.
J die on the market.
& Also a complete line of wagon
and buggy harness, whlpr
, rolws rlataa, tlta, spur
J- quirts, rosettes, In fact every-
thing In the line of carriage
4 and horse furnishing. Ke
T pairing by competent men."
lit m lUxmyp
V t v'- I -J - r-Vii
1 a
SAflPLE ROOfl 11 a , , , - it
SeVhAow LIQHT tS: HARROW, Proprietors
SjJBj , i LUtaV V a V V a b aa a a.a a v -mr
E. N. JAQUISH, Proprieto. , V '
Full and complete stock of
. . Everything In the line of
i lum rf lu rif ice.
VJ .J .
Snider Building on Water St.
. In severs! iwrts of
lf. ronntry lve are dy.a. or .re
with a fronhl- "? ,a '
,tool by the farmer. .
tribute! fo -m-I-rUl hX'
Setl.- p!o!n" d 'Prtl-,
yesr. They ef stnphl. Lsve frrr.
trra, and the veterinary brf aays It fa
malarial fever, causal from the well
WItU?ls',a.serled by writer on the
snbJeet that II- IroaWe 'ow,
eed strange or P-"-;'
rronlf. armatos, or
ZntfnxL. a dull grsy or re-Mlah braw
worm whk-b in It- I n.nsattrre
Tonnd In nearly .U parte of U ff t
of tbe animal. This worm w ben foil
grown la froin threM,uarteT of n
Inch to two inche. Ja tb
then found almost entirely la th b
ginning of the larjce fttttin. Itto
ixpelled sometimes In great nombera
lleferrlng to many eonrplalnU or in-
. . l -mA frttn
testlnal worm ia -
fanners during a few month past,
Fred Cfondy any In Farm and Ftre
"One of the moat effective remediea
for these worms that we have ever
used I a drewb composed of tnrpetv
tine, one ounce, and linseed olL threw
onnces. given twice a day for three
day, and on the fourth day a pbysle
of one ounce of Bar :n Joe aloe. Have
a drn?glf prepare' the sloes. If one.
dlsIiEes or Cod It Inconvenient to give
drenches the following may be given
mixed with a llsht fwl of oat and
wheat bran once dsy f r Ave days:
Ground rentlnn. half an ounce; santo
nin, half a dram: ca'o;neL fifteen
grains; rroand nm vomica, half a
dram. Tbe nnirual tioilJ bo fed very
Rbtly while the tisCIciue la being
riven." ,
j BrtllisiIy Brtnl Pwtewa.
Keota Scosrsan. 24.fw. U lllu-trr.ted
by Farmers Advocate a LffUllaaUy
bred horse that stand at the bead of,
the stud owned by F. IL Schrepell of
This week the Central MnraTin. a1 . ...
the fo.low.n8barEaIn Tprl' on tlZzZV.
Tine off the rnnnteu I...- I j A VMU'aiaga
or r.wv. acture your
No. 1. To Magazines for the price
f li rinpk
No. 2. Three Hagazines for the price
stir I li it
- ' weaear
viirraae a at
JUVWVdw.,.. see. $ 1 UJ
Madame i'nn thr&to Onerhn V-
The Reader.:.....;..:.;.:::: j.0(5 v YearvDO.UC )
No.'?. Four rXnvn'wl tine am t' rr
Success... .....TOO ii -1 'UU
Ms.r'.iif.ftjt ill Ir oil
iSS..:,0 four Vr $1.00
success...,. ..$1.00 ' it
K?.P?"fcn 1.00 Ml enemo,
lA!!& thebeat ever offered to the
Call's Maintain ia ttZ l!y:',',lea, ninthly ruairaalna r.., UJ.M
hlghWe wSnMrnW Z
n iru fiNiu ti,,,i. ,ii. .. - .- uuu ma Aniiri,..n n... :
rth for UN, vUjSZS$i& srsssr ol thtf
In Its c-lfuta.
IJy, 8.60 worth
Central Hagazlne At-er,r,
Box 320, Indla'u-uT'sV
kxota aooooaa, 9a,SA
Kansas. In his fair career Keota cat
ten blue ribbons, three seconds and on
sweepstakes at the) Colorado and Kan
sas state fairs In atrons competition.
He la a 2,300 pound stud and a grand
breeder. There are a number of feU
suckling colts on tbe farm now that
will Up the scale at 1.000 pound.
Raarkakl ees reeMar.
The rennsylvanbi experiment station
report the following remarkable con
eloalona aa the result of its teat at fi.i.
log exposed steera against well aheK
terea one, rrom Kov. 4 to Marca T.
First The funeral result of tola ex
periment U at variance with those of
the two precedUs? onee In the fact
that the steers outdoors ate leaa food
per pound rain than the ones loaJdev.
; Second. It coa&nn the result of the)
work of 1903-04 ta that the actual
amount of food eaten by the outaido
lot was leaa than that eaten by the in
side lot
Third. It confirms the result of
former trials and ahowa that the calna
made by fattanto steera are not In
creased by warm Quarter, it u not
possible to hTe stable too cold for
fattening steer ta this climate, pro.
Tided they are-kept dry and well bed
ded. Fourth.-It 1 possible to keep out
floor yarda from becoming exceaalvely
muddy by tha use of aoft coal cinder!
A abed in, a well draini '
kept pracucmu, ., dry .. th, itU
or tb barn. rroTki.t nu.
tot la used and the manure ia remov-
aa Gm rarett -rw T ,
re.rr rr ." llMmP Of th bo.
rean of animal in. v 7
Baa i recently been announced. wM r.
tock Industry for hU interest
fort, to TfteV" LST
eountrr and w..! 1 V
eellent treatiJ r 7. ' . to
In milk goats, ""muua concern.
Wheat . taec.
Some of th avr.i... zLJrrr?
ttuit a pound of w hT.
more nutnmsn ,k I " iu
other rralu. In csu theri 1. a
f dle.tlble ISS V?Fi'
eent oat a L ' " ' o-oa pf
tatloa ra.n,I? 'CUt- TU
Wheat fed t7aheeV. l ,or
- - or late.