Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, May 10, 1906, Image 4

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17 I
First fin pt 1st rbnrch of Lrkevlcw.
i.,.riiinir Sorrier at 11:A.M., and
I-- 7 till I. Jit UHvmii fiiii'i'vt
. Sunday School A; M; !
i Junior Society nt i . m. j
1 Hnptist Young Peoples t nlon nt
r, n-TO ! M on each Sunday. !
. i . . . i
I prayer meeting i, w, i . i
i nesdny evening. ,,!
1 Kvervbody Invito to attend nil
. . Frank Slmnrnii", pastor ,
sxrvim". .
I , First ltaptist th'ireh of Uoose Lake,
nt New Pine rm-k.Orm ;
F Preaching Services i . .v ,
n. an17;:U) P.M. s,,a-v tf
ev i every month.
. ... t....i.,.l nt 10:o clock At M. I
Sununy 'in"" "l -
ntTtfOon Wednesday
1 '" .
... ..t oncll week.
All are cordially invited to attend
the Services.'
J. llnyden Howard 1 nstor.
.. i-... i ii ml Act June :i.
United States Land Office, Lakeview
Or. Ore-con. April !.
N Notice la hereby given that in com
pllance with the provision of the act
of .StCo..BK.Mot June 3. INN entitl
ed cd "An act tor the wi of
tim timber landa in the Stat
of of California, Oreson, Nevada, and
If, Uaahington Territory." aa cj tended
t, , to all the l'ubllc Statea by act
,f of Aucuat 4.1 Thenaa Hall of
Kh Klamath Falls, county ot Klamnth.
St.. State of Oregon.'has this day tiled In
U i this office liia Taworn tpn,;!11tv
;xv2, lortne urvii- -
Nwi Swi Sec. 1, NEi SEi. SLi NLL
Sec 2 Townahip 34 S llanse No.
17 E AV. M., and will offer proof to
show that the land sought la more
valuable for.ita timber or atone than
for agricultural purposea, and to es
tablish his claim to anld land U-fore
rknotnin countv Clerk, nt hia
.., i . ,.t lmotneaa at Klamath halla,
On ..Oregon, on Saturday, the 16th day of
Jui. June, 1000. .
1! He names aa witnesses: Archie
.1.:. Johnson, John Brett, Iter F. Kirk-pa-
patrick and Charley Soule of Klamath
Fa i.Falls, Oregon.
v ny and all persons claiming ad
itT veraely the alwve- described landaare
sted to file their claims in this
.IN. office on or before aaid lbth daj ot
Jr.: Junc.lSHW.fB
Watson Register.
Timber Land, Act June 3 , ls.
toto fnnd Ottlice, llKt-
vi, . view, Oregon. April 3, 1J00.
v Notice is hereby given that in com
pi , pllance with the provisions of t he act
,f .t ,f June 3. 17S. entitled Ai net for
thr the sale of timber lands in the States
of vof California, Oregon, Nevada nna
U irashignton Territory as extended
to to all the Public LanJ States by act
i SofAucust 4. lS!2.the following wr
"Jna have this day filed in this office
their sworn statements, as follows.
.Iw.John lirett. of Klamath rails,
county of Klamath. State of Oregon.
,-, forn statement No. 3074. for the
puv purchase of the Ei of wj, Sec 11, T 4
'Nr''&CharlMESouie, of Klamath Falls.
... ,m.ntv of Klamath. State of Oregon.
Sworn statement No. .!... fr tne
purchase of the Swi SwJ. .Vc. 1.
SEiSEJ, Sec. l Ni Nwl. sec. 1-, 1
iUS., R. 17 E.,. w. M.
The Great
Indianapolis, Indiana.
The Leading Agricultural Journal of the Nation,
Edited by an Able Corps of Writers.
The American Farmer is he only Literary Farm Journal pub
lshed. It fills a position of its own and has taken the lead
ing place in the homes of rural people in every section of
the United States. It gives the farmer and his family
something to think about aside from the hum
drum of routine duties.
Every Issue Contains an Original Poepi by SOLON L. GOODE.
Within the Next Ninety Days We Offer
Two For the Pake of One: The Lake County Exam,ner
The Leading County Taper and The American Farmer
This unparalleled offer is made to all new subscribers, and all old
ones who pay up all arrears and renew within ninety days.
Sample copies free. Address:
C. 0, fletzker, Lakeview, Oregon.
Thnt thev will offer proof to show
Hint the land soiiRht l imm vain
iM f,p it tlmlMT or stone than tor
I u.rrl.-llltlirll tlll'l)OmM unit to estnb-
' luh llu-lr rlalin to fii1 land Is-fore
(it-ti ...... ........ . - - . .
oni,, ,,,. ,,f illness, at Klamath
Fa1(1( Oregon, on Saturday, the th
t,JV , Jnil,.t iiH;
They name an witnesses: Archie
)( itrr V. Kirkpatrick.
Fpnilk n. nnn. tharles Sonic and
John Prett, of Klamath Palls, On-
.nv snd nil persons claiming advei se-
. ,.- iM,,..1i.P,iiv,i IbiiiIh are re
j quested to tile their claim in this office
ion or U-fore said Utli Jay of June
, iy,.
, 14:.
.1. N. Watson, Register.
j Fnited States Land Ollice, lakeview,
! Oregon, April "I. PHY.. Notice is here
1 . . . a 1. ...
by K'v'n thai in compliance wiui mr
,i. ...t ,,f Congress oi
I June 3. 1STS, entitled "An act for the
it iw-J .,t,.K..I In art (.IP
oale of tiniU-r lands in the Matea oi
California. Oregon, Nevada and U anli
ingtoii Territory." as extended to all
the 1'nblic Land States by act of Aug
ust 4. iv,tt, the following persons
have thia day tiled In this office their
aworn statements, aa follows:
John Shea, of Klamath Falls,
county of Klamath. State of Oregon.
Sworn statement No. )7. for the
purchase of the NEJ SwL KJ N w J,
NwJXwi.Sec. 1. T .U S.. U 17
U". M.
lister F. Kirkpatrick, of Klamath
Falls, county of Klamath, State of
Oregon. Saorn statement No. 3077,
for the purchase of the NJ NFJ
F. N V. Nwl' st. '2. ti. 34 S.
U- 17
E., w. M.
That they will offer proof to show
that the land sought is more valuable
for its timber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes and to establish
their claim to said land la-fore Oeo.
Chastain. county clerk, at his official
place of business, nt Klamath Falls,
Oregon, on Friday, the Mh day of
June, liH'O.
They name as witnesses:
John Hrett, Archie Johnson, F. H.
Hall, diaries Soule. L. F. Kirkpatrick
all of Klamath Falls Oregon.
Any and all jiersons claiming ad
versely the above-descriln'd lands are
requested to file their claims in this
office on or before said Sth day of
June, llKH!. J. X. Watson,
14-23 Register.
Notice for Publicatio n.
United States Lnnd Office, Lake
view, Oregon, Mar. 24, lfKM.
Notice is hereby given that Harry
A. Calderwood of Flush, Lake Co.,
Oregon has filed notice of intention
to make proof on his desert-land
claim No. 407, for the SEI NE' Sec.
14 Tp. 37 S., R. 25 E W M before
Register and Receiver at Lakeview
Oregon on Monday, the 21t day of
May, 1'JtMJ.
He names the following witnesses
to prove the complete Irrigation and
reclamation of said land: Clay .ambo,
Frank Donison. Thomas Calderwood
and Nelson Calderwood of Flush,
J. X. Watson Register.
rt a ani - t- T yv .
Ben tls f lh8 K'nl1 Von Have Alwarc Boti
8; jnitnra
u iu all wun iS
Etpial to nny Emergency.
Not since the rcorganlimtlon of the
Army In l'.MUJ has It been called on to
face nn emergency of any sort. The
dlsaaternt San Francisco however,
has proved iin.t-mergency of the first
inagidtud- and It is i satisfaction to
liable to report that theartnyhaa
met It without apparent effort. The
Immensity of the losa at San Fran
cisco by fire and earthquake ha
dwarfed everything else In the news
line and the whole attention of moat
of the Departments has in-en given to
sending and receiving newa. hurryng
forward relief and authorising: the
ifficers on the spot to make all aorta
of provisions to meet the no-easitlca
of the case.
Sec. Taft said privately that he was
glad they had nn officer on theground
who came to the front like tien. Fun
aton and did things first and naked
authority afterward, congress sunk
,il tlifVrc nces of party In passing the
emergency npproprlaiio.i bill giving
f I.IXM.IKH) to be iniinediatly available
for the relief work. This bill was
passed In record time and sent to the
President, receiving his signature all
within the space of six hours.
The cost of the disaster to the
government will ln enormous.
The destruction in military and
naval stores in and around San
Francisco alone will le f2.MKl,(XM.
In addition to that the damage to
buildings and equipment must U
counted, and there are f7.000.UiO Worth
of government buildings within the
area of thej disturbance. The relief
work" Including the appropriation
from congress will also amount Into
the millions.
The tioverninetit has decided that
there should U a representative of
administration on the spot and Sec
retary Metcalf has accordingly been
selected and started for C alifornia on
Friday Light. Secretary Metcalf's
home is in Oakland and while he Is
accompanied in Washington by Mrs.
Melcalf. he has a son and a sister In
the stricken city from whom he has
received no news since the disaster.
Tne Secretary has born up gamely
under the personal distress that the
news has caused him and although
' he sent private messages anil did all
!he could on the side to get track of
his boy he gave his first attention to
the work of relief and let family mat
ters come after.
Secretary Metcalf was preccoded
west a few hours by Representative
Julius Kahnof Sanfranclsco who was
Don't Get Wet!
will keep you dry as
nothing else will, because
they are the product of
the best materials and
seventy years' experi
ence in manufacturing.
lg?Z&m Boston. U.S.A.
gKJjQ Torooto, Cu.
suffering pivullnr tortures from the
news. liCss than 4S hours la-fore the
shock, Mr. Kahn hnd rt-oelved a tele
grant from San Francisco saying,
"Mother and son doing well," Mrs,
Kahn had given birth ton boy just
before the disaster Hud from thnt
time the father has been alle to hear
no! hlng of ell her ot t hem.
The Secretary of the Treasury ex
pressed himself nsliiuneiisely plensed
over the uallaut fight thnt the em
ployees had successfully tniule to
save the Mint, practically the onlj
biitlolng left standing In the business
district. This has saved to the gov
eminent about f.'lOO.POO.OU) of coin
and bullion Intact and there has been
transferred to the sub treasury at
San Francisco an additional f 10,000,
000 to meet immediate neivds.
The value of the Win-less telegraph
service In the Navy has also Ix-en
demonstrated as It was In this way
that a part of the t'acluc aqumirou
as caught at sea off San Hlcgo and
rushed north to take part In the ork
of rescue.
Fortunate Mi.asourians.
"When 1 was a druggist, at Livonia
Mo.," writes T.J. Hwyer, now of
(raysville, Mo., "three of my custo
mers wore permanently cured of
consumption by Ir. King's New
Discovery, and are vfcll and strong
today. One was trying to sell his
property and move to ArUona, but
nfter using New Discovery a short
time he found It uunecesary to do so
1 regard Dr. Kings New Discovery nn
the most wonderful medicine In exist
ence." Surest Cough and Cc.ld cure
and Throat and Lung healer. Ouar
an teed by I'.call Druggist., Mi
ami f I. Trial bottle fre.
In those days of strife between two
great political parties we must re
member that after all we are Just a
band of brot hers here on earth, travel
ing from the cradle to thegrave. we
live side by side, our children attend
the same school and after the smoke
of bat tie has cleared a way, wo will
still be friend- and neighbors. Let the
liit ter t hlngs go lltiMtilil . At best, life
Is short, and we get out of it a full
incaMire of sorrow. 1-t us In our lit
tle city live as one big, good-natured
Postmaster Robbed.
. W. Fonts, Postmaster at Rlvr
ton, la., nearly lost his lile and was
robl.ed of all comfort, according to
his letter which says: "For 20 yeaas
I had chronic liver complaint, which
led to such a severe case of Jaundice
that even my finger nails turned yel
low; when my doctor prescrlU-d
Electric liittors, which cured me and
have ke'pt me well for 11 years."
Sure cure for liiliousness, Neuralgia,
Weakness and all stomach. Liver,
Kidney and bladder derangements.
A wonderful Tonic. At Ice Reall's
Drug store. .Vic.
If any subscribiT of the Examiner
wishes to subscrlbefor "Tom Wat
son's Magazine," we will accept 11.50
from them, write the letter, buy the
postal order and send for the maga
zine to any address. There Is but
one price on "Tom watson.s Maga
zine," and we do not club with it,
but as a matter of accomodation to
Subscribers to the Examiner we can
get them the magazine without -any
trouble or risk to them for the regu
lar price, tf.
If, perchance, a copy of this paper,
should fall Into the hands of any whoj
are in search of a new location a
place where church, school and social j
advantage are given emphasis, and
where you can live out your allotted
number of years wlthoutfear of pestl
ence or famine, we say, like one of old,
"come thou with us and we will do
thee good," without emphasis on the
This is just the right sized town to
settle down In and enjoy life. Every
thing for the comfort of life can be
bought here and fit) will go as far as
$25 will n larger cities. When you
want to leave the farm, come to our
town and build a nice comfortable
home and be among the best people
in the world.
If you contemplate a trip east call
on or write to us at Reno. Should
you have friends coming from the
east you can get Information regard
ing rates, routes, etc., which will le
to their advantage and cojufort. If
you wish you can deposit cost of
ticket with us for their passage and
tickets will be furnished them at
their eastern homes. Thin ollice Is
with you and responsible, which
should be an inducement to commu
nicate with us rather than with those
In other cities.
II. L. Griffith, Agent, So. I'ac. Co.
Iteno, Nevada.
J. M. Pulton. District Passenger
Agent, Southern Pacific Co., Iteno,
Bn th 1 h' Kind You Have Always BougM
... v-
A. Wlfll'M, m. i. I
U ii
I'll mil I pint arill.KO
ralslcy, Oregon,
lK T V II l.l
I'hjMlelan anil umro
Of" no It- New PulsrlliilMliia.
.tllninr) Ml l.hw
lAkrvlrw, Orr
orrtcK-iHii.v luiii.iinit.
I. I. IK AlOf
IjiiiiI Mattn-MM-rlatl)
orrioit- iir buiMIih.
x uinnnkm nr Tilt wnnm lkcvlHW
nuiii'Kcn ur m numu
t'mn No. titn
lim on lhi il unit llh XV( of
mrh m-inlli In MmhiiiIi- Hull. l l. m. I
K " neiHiM k. nimiil ( iiiiniiikniirr.
K. N. Uiii lHH. It-rli. X
W I. O. o. r. Mii'i'lK On- tt mul SO 'l linrif
dy Trnlimel rrh miiiilh In Oitil Ki'I- S
lows' Hall, lJikrvli-. A. V. MmirliiK. V
M C.I'., 1. w. Tin k.r. SiTltx-. Jj.
Mouse 87XNI I'aper
Till ... UT
Painter JwHL
New Pine Creek, -
In krpl nil llli' l K O. I '
AilviTtllii Ak. ih v !.' Sine U.. i Maii Kraiii'lMi-n. I nf. w lli-rt-
ovotrkut fur ailvvrllnliiK i n lx inmti' fi.r It
Suharrllirri to I tio Kimnlm r wtin ri-inov
Iron, on loemliy In mm'lirr, or rhnni;r
lln-ir MMtnti' iltr.-.ii Kli.nil.l r iii' iiilM-r '
itnip ihU oflli-p a -r.l ili. lr .it i 'i l,- ml
drvawd to I In- rltlil ii.iitii''-.
To Cure a Cold In One liy
Tst'li-lh. All (Iriik'wl'tn refund the
money if it fails to ciue. V., W. (irnvu's
siiriiHture in on esrh v. L'.V.
Ereryone should iubicrTb for
his horns paper, In order to f et ail
the local news, but to keep In touch
with the world's dally srents
should also read
The Evening Telegram,
Portland, Oregon,
The leading erenlng newspaper of
the Pacific Coast, which has com
plete Associated Press reports and
special leased wire serrlce, with
correspondents In Important news
centers and in all the cities and
principal towns ef th Northwest
Portland and suburbs axe corered
by a bright staff of reporters, and
editorial, dramatic, society and
special writers. Saturday's edi
tion consists of 26 to 23 pages, and
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fashion page, aa Interesting serial
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in addition to all, the news of the
Subscription Rates: One month,
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months, $2.50; twelve months, $5.
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A Valuable ArA.
The. fflyci'rini' I'tiipluyeil in I r. i',iii ''
mrviiclnrs frvn tly : ' -IS
elnal jn itx-rtii-s 'wh'i Ii it cxtiMrts mm
holds in Miint.Min niin li I i lirr tln.'i ;il''u
liol wihiM. It a 1" ' ' h nn . . i : 1 1 ii !
nnijiertii-s 'f It own, In im.' a v; I i-ti i .1.
uoniulccnt. iiiiiriMv.', a nt n-ijiti'- ii'"l iinli
fernient; It nlils gr-iiny tu I'm'- cll.riiry
Of tin: liliti'k ( inTrj iiM'ii. (inlilea N'ul
root, Stun" root mul i.'i'i i nN root, cmi
talni'd in ";.l.l n .Mi dicul i)iscociy " in
SuMiiiii!,' chronic, or linircrii.K cinijh!",
Ironi hi I, t'-.;-o!.t. mul h nir iX ctlous,
for nil of which thi'sii iirciits nn- rcci.m
mcndi'd l.v :.t iiidiiril nicilici.l autlnuliic.
In all circs wlicro tlu ro Is u wosllii
away of licsli, loss of upiciii lili
weaii stomm li. as In the early htuKcs of
consiiiiinilon, Ihera can bn no dmilit that
glyecrlnu m-ts as a valuable nutritive and
aids tho tioldcn Seal root, Munu root,
Queen's root uud liluck ChTryhark In
promoting digestion and buildliiK up tho
lloshand stri-iigth, controlling tho coiirIi
and briiiKlnii alxmt a iu-ultliy condition
of tba wliuln Bysti'in. Of course, It must
not be expected to work miracles. It will
not cure consumption except in its earlier
Stages. It will euro very severe, obtain
ate, chronic coughs, bronchial and laryn
geal troubles, acA chronic sore throat
with hoarseness. In acuto couuhs It Is
not soeffoctivo. It la In the lingering
coughs, or thoae of long HtandliiK, even
when accompanied by bleeding from
lungf), that it has performed Its most
marvelous euros. Bond for and read tho
little book of extracts, treating of tho
Iroprtles and uses of tho several med
cloal roots that enter into I Jr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery and learn why
this moiiicinn has aucli a wido range of
application in tho euro of (IIhciikch, It Is
sent free. Address Dr. 11. V. I'lcrcc,
Huffalo, N. Y. Tho "Discovery" con
tains no aloohol or harmful, habit-form-Inf
drug. Ingredients all printed on each
bottle wrapper in plain English.
blck people, especially those suffering
from diseases of longstanding, uro Invited
to consult Dr. I'lerco by let ter, free. AH
corresiMHidence Is held as strictly private
and sacredly confidential. Address Dr.
It. V. Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser Is sent fret
on receipt of stamps to pay expense of
mailing only. Kerui 21 one-cent stamps
for paper-covered, or 31 stamps for cloth
bound copy.
Shout line
and union Pacific
Salt Lake, Denver, Kan
sns City, ChlcnKoSt.
Louis New York.
Ocean Steamers between Portland
and San Francisco every live days.
Low Rate5
Tickets to slid from nil purls of, tho
Pulled .Vtites, t'niuuls siidEuroie.
Forlpnrticnlurn, en 1 1 on or address,
A. L. CrnlK.l.
Portland, Cre.
in F.ffcrt May 1st, HK.
l.v. Thrsll .. A
A. M l.v. Voto'ioiim I'l
,. . . I ii . I.. in v.
Ar. l.nKii. . . n A
If. II ll. 9 L
" KI'hSi' II )
" Ksll I'rvrk II 4.1
" hli-el Itr'ni- IH.Kt
" Miikus I'.' VO
K I'll Hi'K7 I"
I il . I . Mill
I'likritslllK S.W
'llirsll I.'.ll
Klamath pring pecmi.
Thrnll I at I'. M I v. K I'll H.'Ka 4M1
Hi.Kn " Ar. Isll 'r k.' .'i
U.....I II. 'u.., Hi.. ..I llr'v. n 111
Hi.Kii ... 1 tA "
KI...-I llr'itr'.M.I "
FhII I'M-i'k 'J.x "
K I'll F.-i "
hi.-rl llr'
,uKW .
I l.lall
II. K. lUHKkR, 1 ' r,, (' r .
Office in Itichcr'ji 5tore
Stage leaven Ijikrvlew daily, ex
vpt S urn lay at (I . in. Arrives
at A It urn at (i p. m.
I-nven Alturus lor lakeview at
II oMiH'k n. in. or on the arrival
of tl.e stuge from Madeline. Ar
rive iu Lakeview in 12 hours af
ter leaving Alturus,
Freight - Matters - (liven
Strict - Attention
first - Class - Accomodations.
Western . Stage . Line
J. I.. YAIHN, Proprietor.
Office in Linkville Hotel
Msmath VmtU.
Daily from I'okegem:! by Keiio, Klam
sth Falls, Dairy, lionan.a, and Illy to
Daily frTn l.akeview by ltly, Itonanxk
Dairy, Klninath Falls, Keno, to l'o
keuema. From Klamath Falls to Keno by
teatuer and from Keno to Pokegenia
over the Sunset Four-llorse Stand Pine.
Good Stock
Easy Coaches
8. L. McNai-oiito.v, Prop.
Office at Mercantile Store
rUago leaves l.akeview Mondays, Wed
nesdays and Fridays at C a. m., Arrives
at Plush at 0 p. in. Leaves Piush Tues
days, Thursdays and Haturdaye, at 6
a. in., arrives at Lakeview at 0 p. m.
Passenger fare f 3 one way or )5 for
round trip. Freight rates from May
let to Nov. let $.75 per hundred ; frow
Nov. lit to May 1st 11.00 per hundre
A Lively Tussle
with that oldenemy of the race, Con,
stlpatlon, ofteu ends In Appendicitis.
To avoid all serious troublo with
Ktomach, Liver, and Dowels, take
Dr. KiiitfH Now Life Pills. They per-fi-ctly
reKulato these organs, without
pain or discomfort. !Tc at Ia'u IJeall
I a mOO Rarru Brndewlth Bwalluw Kork la
lorwothnri. Borne vwui Bquare Crop and Bll
In right ear. Tar Brand 111. Range, Crane
I'oitotnie addrou, Ijikovlew, Oregon
Zac Whitworth TmZZVX
right for ewei i rei erie for wetbcri Tar Brand
W. Kauge, FUh Creek, rovtofflce addreai
Ukerlew, Oregoa