Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, January 04, 1906, Image 5

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Jonn tvn rooking n bit of hncnn
on tlx lltlk mIov when tin1 door fxn
r1 n ml n riiNiliiK Toliit KNiki fit in II
lurly: "Coin to m il out, 1 mi, Jowih,
JonnH looked up In iTliVnt (HHplcnn
urn. Ilo wna asli'inler, old man per
Imp wrcntjr yciir" of sin-. Ills kalr
wns tliln ami m lilif, iiuil hi ln-itrJ anI
tiioiiMtiicliii Kivw Ionic iiml Mtrittfgljr,
Miowlrijr tin1 pink Hkln iM-wntli, for
Joiiiin ih in prlnio lu iiltti ox a ri'Niilt
of LIh rt'Kulnr, active fiirin lift. New
din chocks were '(Inker Willi Irritation,
Si u I rt Harlow wim nt a wclcwai v lu
ll or. JollllN'S (.'IllllfC Ml('l(ll(lT"'(l
n neither did itiMTi-n nilvnfu'cfj la yenm
II i llllllHClf, llllt tlllt UN W'l'lf pIVNI-rVt'll.
Ilo wiia short mill atout, with blink,
lutnly rye 1fp net In a yi'llowlnh,
li-nlliiry fnco, lit looked tho niran,
luinl listed iniin lit wax known to be;
ninl iin JotiitM xv nn not ilraci1 with the
liitiTruptlon ho turned iijrnln to tlm
Move, (rlrlnff curt anHcnt to the
Siiilre'ii Inquiry:
"Vo ( rlk'lit, (Jiienn yo know the
iiiennln' of red line Je' n well a
I ilo, Heclir n how i:en'nily ye happen
to t.e roun Where there' btl ru I II M.
Will ye nhet Hi' door, Hulro7 1 nlu't
K( no piling for dentin' nil out (lour."
Jonii npnke Inipntleiitlr. Then, a
tho Hijuln rloneil the door with tin
- .J .- ..
1 -: .
? VV ',' v- '
vH I
1 . i-v- .f. - .
...... V ' ' -' , " . '.
anjrry alum, bo lifted the meat out of
tin pun witn it rrK ani put u on o
blue plnte that retel, wariulli, on the
ilt:e f the Move.
Ye don't aeom very plad to aee me,
.loiniN." The Sulre'a voii't? wu a tohh
lu tui'i ii a whine mid a Miarl, u ml bis
bliiek eye hauicl mulitfliaiitly.
Jonn t-oiitltiued hi preparatlous for
breiikfaM. Ilo pivi a lliiat hllr to the
coffee, (it the pot end the Jilate of
meat du the table, uml ut a thick
Mice of bread. Then, iih he Kilt dowu
to eat he looked up nt the Squire with
cold, hard eye:
"I didn't xk ye to come In, Squire,
nn' I'll not nuk ye to k Ioiik n yo
bebavo yerself." lie RpoUe very quiet
ly, almoat a tboufh ho wero talking
to blniHelf. And HH the Siulre'8 face
reddened with auppreaeil nni;ei (for
be hnd PXioeted .lona fo rrlne be
furo him) .lona? calmly at I r red bin caf
fie. Inoklmf meilltatlvely out of the
window ncroH tho bleak, frozeu bill
able. JounH'a lndlfferenoo va too much
for the Squire' temper and be let him
self out villi nn oath. "Ah-h b!" be
annrled. "Ye may well any ye didn't
ask me In. Jonas Vpdyko. Put yo
damtctit auk me why I come. For
thouch we've lived hero In thl valley
utjrh Kevcntv year, loya together, and
men together, thl I tho fust time lu
forty year (tone that I've crossed this
bore d'oorNlll. llut It won't U the last.
Jonn. It won't lw tho In at, me boy."
There was an unci lona aneer In bl
voire that jrrated on every fibre of
Jona'M U'lng
"There wouldn't be no teara aned,
Squire, If ye wnan't to come back no
more. An' oa for crofmlu my atep In
forty year, nolxidy Vnowa bet tern' yer
self ' how that bappena."
The Squire opened bla coat, adjust
ed bl collnr, and betfan Impreaalvely,
"cmphnKlzliiK bl word by tapping on
the table with a fat forefinger:
'Jonaa ITidrUe, let me nslt ye a few
mieMlon. Maybe ye don't remember
-aeeln bow old ye'ro Bettln-meblw
ve've forgotten Ann Kllatt Wimble
that lived In thla town na a plrl aomo
fortv .rear liok." He waited for reply.
Jonn'e nodded bla bead "Tho beat
girl thnt ever lived, iieaeo to her ash
cb," be replhM reverently.
'And mebbe ye don't remember,
went on the Squire lu a louder voice,
"thet for nigh five yenr I wu a yla
Itln' Ann ICIleu Wimble every Siitur
dny night, and tnkln 'her to nieetln
ever ThurHdav evenln' In good weatuer
nnd pln' dilvln with her, to) any
nothln of buyln' ber gum drop, on
cologne, an alcb." Again he punned,
and again Jonaa nodded, looking out
of the window sadly, for Ann Elba
bod been bla wife for forty yoara, nnd
lewa than two years before be bad
burled her In the little village church-
58The Squire's voice rose In passionate
climax. Ill gesture became emphat
ic: 'Meblw ye rlccolloct, then, Jonas
Undj'kc, that 'bout Ihnt time ye
whipped the Krotm from nnder my
feet with ye'ro consumed pretty man
ners an yo'rn ltik account, and took
Ann ICIIzn out o' my arm, an' married
her, damn ye, Melilx yo don't reuietu
her that, ye-yo whelp, yo lyln," dirty,
It wai well for tho Rijulrr, thnt hi
roam riviied, ror Jonn wn up In an
Instant, bl eye fliiMhlnir, hi noHtrll
white and diluted with midden, virile
stiver He loaned with ono hand on
tlm table, mid la hi Knup wn thn
lotiir hreud-knlfo. Ill volco wan 0111
IlioiiMly quiet:
"Htendy, Hqulre, I don't allow no
mnn to fniult ma In my own hou,
nor anvwhero clue. I rues ve'vo anlil
lout enough. Ye might a well Kit
out an' atuy."
The flqutro mimed down Immediate
ly. lie picked tip bl hut, buttoned up
hi coat over hi ttt 1 11 IicuvIiik breiiMt,
ninl laid a heavy bund on tho door
knob. Then bo turned and for full a
minute, tht two men looked atcudlly
each Into tlie other' eye like atduinl
HlKitit to aprlng. Tho Hqulro's lip
were drawn In a aueer, aliowln? bl
yellow Multliy teeth. "I ain't cot no
weepln," bo aald flnn'ly, opi'Dlnff the
door. "Hut mehlx" thl time to-mor
row ye won't lo o nulek to auk me
to tit out, 1 lent called to jrlvo ye
. Si
' 4 f I aT l ... V
iN.-.t- v ..'. - -rf W ' -.-i' '
notice, Jonaa. I've bought up ye're
notes, an' to-morrow when the sale
comeft off they'll knock the old place
down to mo at my own Agger. To
morrow morn In' ye'll cook ye're last
breakfast In thl house, Jonas. Mind
ye that. I've been uwaltln' thl mo
ment for thirty year, ever since ye laid
on the fust mortgage. It's the sweet
est day I ever d rawed breath. Tuck
up ye're dud, ye wblte-headed pup.
If my turn now."
lie dodged the heavy toe of Jonaa'
boot nn.l hastened down the graveled
walk to hi buggy at the gate.
Jonn went back to the kitchen and
cleared up the breakfast dishes. Then
he sat own with ld pipe to think It
over. The Squire's word were no
surprise. ITe knew that Ihirlow bad
lsnight up the note: he knew that
there was no hope for him after to
morrow. He Had already packed his
few clothea In a grip, uud wa ready.
To-morrow, before the Bale could be
gin, be would walk out and leave the
old place, with an its memories, to jis
new owner. j
Jonu'a nature was Bclf-coutulucd,
and he did not show his emotions. Yet,
a lie wandered about tho bvusp,
thinking of Kllza, be came very near to
tear. It wu nil s lonesome nud for
lorn. The dust lay thick on the par
lor table, something bo bad never
known In the old days. Ills mind
went back, ns 1t bud dono a hundred
times duiliwj the week, to 4'Sonny,"
bl son 1U1!, and a grent nob welled
up In bl throat. If Hilly were only
there but bo put the thought reso
lutely away. Hilly waa not there:
lillly was but u memory, nud Aim
Kllzn was dead, nnd borne wns home
no longer. J amis was up long before
dawn the next morning. A Squire
Harlow had predicted, ho cooked bis
hist breakfast, and by aun-up he wa
ready to depart. lie stepped out of
the yurd without a look back. Tho
air was sharp with Novemlwr frost,
but be swung away down tho road nt
a gait that set bis heart pounding Joy
ously, Over his shoulder, on a heavy
cane, ho carried his carpet grip-suck.
In his pocket was money not so much
to bo aiire, but enough to keep him for
a month. And why worry beyond
that, even at aeveuty years of uge?
If you had asked Jonas whither ho
was bound he could not have told you,
but he felt In his heart thnt he could
make his way to one of tho largo cities
nnd find work, for his spirit was yet
young. It wns his boast, admitted by
his uelghliors, that ho had not uged a
day, In look or manner, in the past
ten years. So he strode on with a
light step, and for a week covered
flboiit twenty miles n day, putting up
at country hotels. Tho fresh nlr was
llko winoj the varying landscape was
a delDght. He lived again the days of
sixty-three when be tramped up nnd
down tho State of Teunessee, fighting
and being fought, duy after day,
through that terrible campulgn.
v Have you ever thought, young man,
what It mena t be dubbed "old and
no good?" Hare yau an Men of the
hnpeHiic of ago when tho only out
look la contlatiod need and reduced
enrnlag capacity? Th truth cama
hfuia alraagiy to Jonas when be began
to aeck wark. There was no work for
blu. They waated youag men. lie
wa too ol4; be couldn't stand thn
racket. And aenia wera lea gentle
with thn rebuff. Gradually his little
fund dwindled, and at lust bo made
hi way by begging at farm bouses
along the rand, lie found shelter In
hnyrhk and bam, aneuklng In after
lurk and leaving before dawn. Lack
of food bc.'iin to tell. Tho wrinkle
deepeapd in j,; f,.e; bl eyes took
on a hopeless xpresslon; bl gait wns
slower; hi h.i k began to bend. In a
few weeks Jonas was an old, old man.
And with weakness cam the feeling
of dependence. III prldo melted. He
wanted a strong arm about him. Hut
there wa only ono la all the world on
whom be nilght caU--"Honny." And
wnere was "Sonny" now?
There wn ample time for Jonas to
regret the past As he plodded along
the frozen rond ho recalled the occur
rences of ten years before, when
"Sonny" bad passed out of bis life.
On the boy's shoulders bad fallen the
burden f the farm with Its mortgage.
Together they bad worked. Hill doing
the lion's share, to raise the encum
brance; and when the money wa al
most In band, Jonaa bad loaned It,
against Hllly'a earnest protest, to a
friend on on unsecured note, at heavy
Interest. And when the friend failed.
Hilly saw the fruit of bl labor awept
away in a night Was It any wonder,
then, that be proposed giving up the
farm and moving to the city? Were
they to continue there, with noses to
the eternal grindstone, merely eking
out a living? The mother agreed,
faith In ber son being deep and abid
ing; but Jona said No, and when,
urter moalb of argument Hilly an
nounced his Intention of going alone,
Jonns rose In wrath and showed blm
the door, bidding him with a curse to
"io, and stay, and never ahow your
face again." Now, in bis bitterness,
weak and weary, Jonas sat down by
the side of the road and wept quietly-j
the flrnt time In years. Oh. If be could
only find "Sonny." "Sonny" would
forgive blm. Ills heart went back to
the old home; to the sorrowing mother,
who had pined away grieving for her
son. lie did not know that on the il.iv
of bl departure, Hilly, prosperous and'rl,,ors ev.('a TLe Cau'- however,
generous, having heard
East for bl father to come home,
It wa New Year' ere. Jonn bad
been on the road over a month, with-
out knowing bow, or, indeed, why. he
iiau procoeueu steadily north, through
the mountains, and now, us the bleak,
winter day drew to a dose, be was np-
proai liing the great city of Pittsburg.
From afar be bad seen the heavy
smoke lying low on the horizon. The
road was lined with Is-autiful resi
dences, and as dusk came on, lights
appeared In the windows. There was
warmth and cheer. Might not food
and shelter be there too for nn old
man? lie could not keep up much
longer. HI shoes were worn through.
He was sick with hunger. In despera
tion he followed the driveway of n
palatial residence and mnde hi way
back to the stable. The hostler
came nt blm savagely. "Git out o'
here," he growled. "This ain't no
place for 1.o!.m-s." Jonas turned and
went out again. He would not beg
from n common stable-hand. He
Would push on to the city.
As be passed the side of the house
he glanced up at tTTe roof and stopied
suddenly. There was n glow in the
nttlc window. The glass shivered and
a gush of smoke and tlame told blm
Instantly that the bouse wns on fire.
With quick steps he ran to the front
and tip on the broad porch. The door
was locked, but he pounded on It With
hi fists. "I'iriE!" he shouted; nnd
agnln, "ITltr: PI UK.' Thedooropened
suddenly, showing the white, Beared
face of n woman.. "FIItE:" Your
house is on fire!" ho cried, as he
pushed past her-
Women screamed nnd children ran
hither nnd thither. Hardly knowing
why Jonas hurried up the broad stairs.
As he turned Into the upper ball a
cloud of smoke enveloped blm. He en
tered the first room and ran to the
window. Opening It, be shouted Into
the still night air, "PIKE! FIPJG!" He
heard men's voices, but as In a dream,
for the smoke was stilling blm. He
must get back or die, like a rut In a
hole. As be groped his way he fell
ngalnst a bed. A tluy voice startled
him. It wns a baby, choking In the
dense smoke. He reached out blindly;
hi hands came upon tho child strug
gling beneath heavy coverings. He
grabbed It up, dragging off the blan
kets, and wrapping them around the
little one's heud oud body.
Somehow he reached the door, stag
gered into tho hall and found the stalr
wuy. As bo started down ho tripped
over the end of a blanket and rolled
down, down, over and over. Ills head
struck a .sharp corner at the foot of
the steps, and he lay still, the precious
bundle clasped In his arms.
An Immeasurable apace of time
passed then Jonas awoke alowly. He
knew that he was worm, and that he
lay on n soft bod; but his eyes were
heuvy and be could not lift the lid.
Then a familiar volco sounded In his
ears. "Father, father," It said. Surely
that wns "Sonny's" voice, and ho was
back iu the old home, nnd It was time
to get up nmr-iullk the cows . He
struggled ngalnst tho heavy Bleep
Ills eyes opened and looked tip Into
Hllly's face. "Sonny, la it you?" he
asked, weakly. Where am 1, Sonny?"
"Yes, father, Its me, Hilly;" came the
strong, familiar voice. "Don't you
know me, father? I've leen hunting
you everywhere. You're right here at
home, my home."
Slowly the truth dawned upon blm.
He closed his eyes again, trying to
remember- "Sonny, there fire,
a nd a a baby
flf flu n ...
prouchlng sale, had appeared before J i ""A-t , e t , 'V
the astonished Squire Harlow and up- 1!,''lt- T,1?IPorTtra1 ?f, fT ? h" rK
m..i ti,.. i,,.ii,.i i..i , , ham, erstwhile Lord Chief Justice of
fvin? 7 England, nd one of the earliest pro-
fj , i g u I demands and rendering the mot of Amrrl(.an colonization,
wil . unnecessary; nor hat for week h , thft t haU flnd ,t9 orW.
Th Queen of fnglaod Stands Cod
mother to American Baby.
When Queen Alexandra atood as
godmother to the son and heir of tho
Ltuke of Manchester and bla American
wife, it was the first occasion on which
this royal lady ever assumed respon
sibility for the spiritual welfare of any
child wboae mother is a native of the
United State. King Edward, while
allli l'rlnc'0 of Wales, accepted the
sponsorship of quite a n urn 1st of chil
dren of Anglo-American unions.
Hy the bye, the I Mike of Manches
ter Is thn present bend of Drogo do
Monte Acute, who was a famous
warrior In the Immediate train of Ilob
ert, Karl of Moreton, at the time of the
Norman conquest Among bla ances
tral homes, rescued and restaurs bd
with the aid of bis American father-in-
law, Eugene Zimmerman, of Cincin
nati, pre-eminent stands the tradition
filled, asmx'latlon-bauDted Kimbolton
Castlo. The castle Is an ancient stone
building, standing at the bead of the
Fen country, In a spacious, well-wood
ed iirk, close to tho town of Hunting
don. Pour centuries ago It was the
dower palace of Queen Katheriue, of
Arragon, after ber divorce from
Henry VIII. It would still nppear to
be the residence of her spirit, elm-e
ber ghost. In long," queenly robe and
royul frown. Is said to roam it cor-
has another ghost, less dignified, per-
keep a-'hlghtly vigil
rogues and poachers, accommodating
himself, according to inclination and
moonlight by either sitting astride
the park wnll or secreting himself un-
der the shadow of the mighty elm
'trees. Probably the ghost of Sir John
is an immense saving of gamekeepers'
salaries to the ducal purse.
Lord Denbigh, who Is well remem
bered In this country from h vlt 'n
I'.oston a few years age, at the head of
the Ancient and Honorable Artillery
Company of London, Is the chief of the
family to which the famous novelist
Henry Fielding, belonged. He likewise
claims relationship with the Imperial
Austrian House of Hapsburg; this
claim, however, being ridiculed by
many eminent English genealogists.
He is lord-in-waiting to the King,
ami ono of the forty Roman Catholic
memlters of the Upper House of the
English national assembly.
The Hradley-Martins, It Is learned,
have made several efforts to purchase
Halmncnan outright, the magnificent
place they occupy in Scotland- But,
thougjh they have frequently raised
their figures to a fancy price, they
cannot induce the owner to part With
it. The fact that they merely lease the
place does not prevent them from
spending a mint of money on It. It
is now far more luxuriously fitted up
than Halmoral, the Scotch royal resi
dence, and Mar Lodge, the Duchess,
or rather, Princess f Fife's place,
pales into Insignificance compared
with It.
The Bradley-Martins have been so
long In Eugluud that one almost for
gets their rise to influence in the so
cial world. Theirs is a success due to
riches at least, so it would appear,
and, In fact, such success makes small
Impression on the thoughtful. Yet
when you look Into It you find many
things that arouse your admiration.
It is no mean thing to make an en
trance lu the Iioudon world of fashion.
It requires a deal of tact nnd knowl
edge of men nnd women. The Earl of
Craven, tho eon-in-law of the lsradiey
Martlns, pusses most of bla time look
ing after his forty thousand acres, and
In attending to his duties as county
magistrate near his Warwickshire
home. Lady Craven Is keenly inter
ested In poultry farming, and at
CoomlK) Abbey has bred birds .bat
have stirred up the keenest sort of
competition amongst English rancors.
Moreover, It Is agreed on all hands
that tho boy-and-girl marriage of
has turned out more pleasantly than
the wiseacres of that date predicted.
And the Countess of Craven grows
prettier as Bhe grows older.
Prince Nnnzeta reba.isne Monte
umu, who claims to be the lineal de
scendant of the famous Aztec King of
that name, Is a 6inull, ollve-skluned
youth, with large, hcavlly-f ringed
gray eyes, a full, red mouth and long
hair. He wears civilian eiotnes, a
broad-rimmed sombrero, and usually
carries au interesting, carved cune.
van Cttlava.
"Yea, father. It was right here. It
was our baby, nnd you saved it for us.
The tire's out There's no danger.
And Pve bought tho old home, father,
and you cnu go back if you want, and
never work or wunt any more!"
Hut Jonas did not hear. A great
peace came over him. ne know only
that "Sonuy" held blm; that "Sonny"
would take care of him; that bis long
Jouruey was at au end.
Through the midnight air came the
sound of great bells. All over the city
the Joyous message was ringing ring
ing in "Sonny's" tars that Jones hod
come home.
i n . . . . . .1 1 : ... i i ..... a: r. ..
I urn in oaici lis
f II
Fabulous Cost of Solomon' Tempts
Solomon's Temple flourished before
the days of modern "Graft," but it
may Ik wondered what became of all
the Jewels and precious stones, for the
talents of gold, silver and brass used
In the construction of the temple were
valued at about thirty-five billions of
dollars, and the Jewels about the same,
according to Villanandus. The conse
crated vessels of gold amounted to two
and tbn-e-fiuarter billions; of ellver
two and one-half billions; the vest
ments and musical inKtruments to
eleven and one-quarter millions.
There were ten thousand men em
ployed to hew timber, seven thou
sand as burden carriers, twenty thou
sand as bowers of stones, thirty-three
hundred overseers, all of whom were
employed for seven years and upon
whom Solomon bestowed as a gift
thirty millions of dollars. Adding the
food and wages the total would be
over four hundred and fifty millions
of dollars. The costly stone and tim
Irer equalled twelve billion more and
the whole total has been carefully
estimated as 77J21,9G5,C30w
Cron aad Parrot FlgbU
Adam Forepaugh, the veteran ehow-
man, had a white parrot which had
learned to any, "One at a time, gentle
men, don't crush," acquired, of course,
from the ticket seller.
One day the parrot got lost and
after a long search Mr. Forepaugh
was overjoyed to hear Its familiar
voice from an adjoining cornfield,
lie dismounted from bis buggyr en
tered the cornfield and found the par
rot in the middle of a flock of crows
that hnd pecked him sntil be was al
most featherless. A the crows bit
and nipped, the parrot, lying or Ms
side end defending huxelt w!tu his
(.laws, was repeating-uvtr and over.
"One at a time, gentlemen, one at a
time. Don't crush."
Colorado' Fine CapltoL
The State Capitol of Colorado was
erected at a cost of 13.600.000 and Is
constructed entirely of Colorado ma
terial. The exterior la of selected gray
granite and the Interior of polished
marble and onyx. It stands in the cen
ter of a ten-acre tract and required
about ten years to complete.
"It Is reported that our corner drug
gist is about to falL"
"Goods a drag on the market, ehf
Throw Your Bottles and Scales Away
YOU KNOW that dirty
Obviate this by using our
Simply empty our tubes Into
ve don't charge you for the latter. Large quantities of developer
made tip at one time oxydize and spoil. Tith our developers you only make
up enough for Immediate use.
Send 25 cents for half a dozen tubes sufficient for 24 ounces of devel
oper for Velox, Azo, Cyko, Rotox, or other papers, or 60 ounces of Plate and
Film Developer a Developer which will not stain the Angers or nails, and
is non-poisonous. bave a Sepia Toner for gaslight papers, 6 tubes, 25c.
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Ktf PtRS than for any other kind, instance n'"r"7 """"-
TtTU10NlALiJ from I'UMLSI ftrhars 1 can placo 011. TOO
A oonvof -Ooodwln's l"ractlcal lustriictlon for Biisioess Moo" (an extremely
lO .aluabUi book pri. $1.00) will be ent, IBKE ur iuakui, mow wu u
rmtout thurxrd?" pTT $l 00 to it. and amd tor the book and "course'' "V,TB"'L
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J. ll. uuuuwm
Room 436, 121S Ilroadway,
nantfsome For Scarf
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Send t your nm tni tddretM mi will mI yoa
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titreordlaery offer end cannot be duplicated by tay other
reliable eoaeera. Vt treat yoa wltb war le-arelry aatll
old. ll coeta yoa aothlag to get tblt for. Addrtta.
Dept. 655a East DttUa, Matt
Lessons Free
A wonderful offer to wrcry lower of emtio
whether a beginner or aa advanced player.
Ninety-fix Inaoca (or a Ira aamber if yoa
dfJre) for either Piano, Organ, Violin, OuKax,
Banjo, Comet or Mandolin till bo giro free
to make our homo atudy couraea for theao In.
trumenta known in your locality. Too will get
one leaaon weekly, ant your only ezpenao dur
tDf tbe time you take the leuoos will be the)
cost of pottage and the music yoa will une,
which la tmalL. Write at once. It will mean
much to you to get our free booklet It will
place yoa under no obligation whatever to us
f you never write ejraln. You and your fxlnxtt
thould know of thin work. Hundreds of rnir
pupllt write: "Wmh I bad known of your
av.-hool before." "Have learned more la one
t"rm in mr borne with your weekly Ifaaona
than in three terms with private trchr. and
at a RTat Oeal Ima expense.' 'Eeerytflioa; is
so thorough and eomplet." "Tbe IrtMOna are
mrrelB of simplicity, and my 11-year old boy
has not had the least trouble to Urn." One
nuninter wrifa: "A each succeedint; Iraeoa
comes I am more and more fully peivua'ied I
made no mistake in becoming your pupil."
We have been established seven years-have
hundreds of pupils from eight years of aire to
seventy Don't Bay you cannot learn muaie till
you tend for our free booklet and tuition off nr.
It wul be sent by return mail free. Addrena
U. 8. SCHOOL OF MUSIC, U Union Square,
how York City.
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luatretiaas, cover in
Bine colen, Builca for
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Tht Marfla FlrtAraa Ce
New Haven, Conn,
bottles and scales cause you trouble?
Developers, put up READY TO USE.
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Hakc Up, Old Man,
Wake Up !
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