Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, December 28, 1905, Image 1

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NO. 52,
Three Solid Republicans
In the Race For Gov
ernor of Oregon.
F.-doveriior T. T. Oeer of Halem
liint week announced to till1 VdltTH
of Oregon that he would lie a candi
date for governor at tlx primary
chft Ion In April. Ill candidacy Im
Ix-llcved (o I hi ii Mpoke In C A. .lolitm'
wheel. Am Mr. John In the only
Eastern Oregon ni'in yet iiH-iitloni'd
for dovernor, anl liennmiiiiH-i'i him
self some weeks ago. Mr. Johns I a
linker Ity iiuiii. Dr. Janu s Wlili.v
idiiiImi til CorvallU was considered
tint foremost candidate of Western
Oregon, ami the raii!l)av of Mr.
(iirr will Ik) mire to receive hoiiu sup
port Hint would go to Mr. Withy,
comix-, If Ueer wan not In tin race,
thus leaving Mr, Johns to receive IiIm
full vote, while tint viitc nf Western
Oregon must Ih divided ln-t ween sev
eral. Following are t he cnmlldati's
for (lulsTiiatorlal lionorM lMfor tint
voters next spring that have an
nounced themselves:
T. T. tliMT. of Salfin.
C. A. Johns, of linker City.
C. A. Nehlt.rede, of Marshllcld.
James Wltliyeomhe, of ('orviillU.
M her who have Is-ell spoken nf
Henry I J. Ankcny, of Eugene.
Andrew C. Smith, of Portland.
E. I.. Smith, of llool Klver.
). .Summer, of TortlaiKl.
Demo.'rntii In all probability will
re nominate Oeorgo ! ('hninlM-rhiln,
lilt Ulllltellt.
The Mask Ball.
The MnHk Hall Inst Friday night
wa will altchdcd, both by dancers
ami spiitators. About 10 tickets
were hoi, aii'l a neat sum wan real
1 ko I from spectators.
All who attended tlio ball seemed
to enjoy themselves. Below Im a lint
of those masked and tin characters
they represented, an hamled In at
the iloor.
Miss Ivu ThniMton Fairy
Docle H'lllits Belle of the Isle
Ethel Mi'Kif,. Dorothy Manning
Anna Kclilagc,! lint
Laura Bolton Web-foot Girl
Eva Chandler Flower 111
Edna Pciiland, Spanish Dancing
Ida MelSroom (iootl Luck
Mary lllgby
l ay Barnes J Hearts
Besslo Laird)
Eva Ilowanl Silver Bella
Gertrude. Sehlagcl Christ tuns tree
Lot tie Chandler Dancing (ilrl
Sclma Avlrngncte Cow Hoy
Amelia Smith Fencing (ilrl
Pearl Moss Tambourine (ilrl
Alpha Pcnlnnd School Girl
( lene vh W rlgh t T w II Igh t
Mario nullChryHtinthiMnuiu buwli
Mm. V. P. Ny8wantT Nothlnir
MIbs Klllu (irlmei iNoimni,
Mrs. K. H.'Smlth . ... ... ..
Whh Ottlo Field Lak0 "HU ,ilUH
Mrs. K. M. Brown Semlnolo (ilrl
Myrtle Ilarnuiu, Hod Hiding
Vldu (itiuther Autumn
ICmraa Redden IUueand (irev
Hena I'axton ciiriHtinaH Tm.
Alieo Laird lirlallll "
Mario I'axton Laurettu
Ur. Vs. O. lTatt City Dudo
John IajwIh. ....Ollttera or Silver
Irvlu (Jarrett Anything
Ivan IlamerHley ) lluntern
(ioo. Ktorkmauu f Humeri
Croed reudlctoo, Spanluh Cavt'ller
Chris. Stanley Uttm Character
U. I). Yuut KIiik of Hearts
The above ! the list of niankeri
"Tv ispatches dated December
2.'J, from Moscow, Hussia,
state that the situation is hourly
jjrowino; worse. The insurgents,
hold several (juartcrs of the city,
and lihtino; continues desperate
ly. Two large arms stores have
Jecn pilaged and the weapons
distributed among the men who
have erected barricades along the
Sadovia, which encircles the city.
The military has succeeded in is
olating various sections, prevent
ing communication. From the
heights colored signal rockets arc
showing instructions to the iso
lated commanders. The search
lights on the SoukaroiTand other
towers illuminate the streets
where the fighting is proceeding.
The roar of cannon continues.
Machine guns aie being employ
ed to clear the Sadovia. It is
impossible to estimate the num
ber of dead and wounded, but it
probably will run into thousands.
In a square in the heart of the
city the insurgents are making a
desperate fight from a house, us
ing an Ivnglish machine gun from
the window against a battery
which is cannonading them.
who handed their iiameH and the
character reprewnted to the door
ke'H.T. Tliero were (julte i number
who failed to do tliUaiid coiiNeiuent
ly they do not appear In the lint.
5pendthruX Missing.
A dlHpatch from Loh Auj;elctf, dat
ed, lec. 20, MayM: It In now confi
dently believed that Walter Scott,
the cowboy miner, who lately at
tracted Hiich widespread uttentlon
through hla lavish mattering of mon
ey and varlotiH Hpectacular epUodeH,
hat been murdered In Death Valley.
Hecemlier 1 he left his mine, In Ieath
Valley, riding a mule and carrying
with hlm $IS(M) and two repeating
According to a letter received by
Uol King, .S'eott'H manager In thla
city, from Kcott'n brother William,
at Hcnuett's WcIIh, the mlner'8 mule
galloped rlderleHrt Into camp there
December 7, with tho tmddlo, pierced
with a bullet and the blanket and
Haddlo covered with blood. Today
King telegraphed $1000 reward to
llarntow and llullfrog for tho recov
ery of Scott's body.
King Is sutlallcd that Scott has
been murdered for his money some
where on tho denert. Scott's broth
er, accompanied by Shand Merrlcks,
a well-known desert scout, went
back on the trail of tho miner's mule
for 50 miles after It came Into cump,
but a terrific sand storm finally ob
literated all trace, and, their water
supply having become exhausted,
tho men were compelled to return to
camp. Later they started out again
and the search Is being continued.
Prlvato Information receive J thus
far, however, reports the four Amer
icans returning home from Din to
Kutherford's ranch when they were
beset by bandits and commanded to
glvo up their valuables. Tho men
attempted to escape, but seeing
flight was useless gave battle. Tho
bandits, outnumbering them several
times, closed In and mercilessly shot
them down, taking their valuables
and escaping. One of the men was
an uncle of Mrs. Win. Harvey of
Murdered and Robbed.
Details of the murder near Diaz, in
tho State of Chihuahua, Mexlca, of
Kobcrt Kuttierford and M. C. Mur
ray, of Philadelphia, and tho wouud
Ing of II. L. Flnstad, of Los Angeles,
and another man whoso name 1ms
not yet been learned, are slow.
A n enthufia: lie meeting of
' sheepmen of Umatilla coun
ty met in Pendleton on the 23d
and organized the Umatilla Wool
growers' Association and elected
the following officers: President,
Perry Gould; vice-president, D.
Pelts; secretary and treasurer,
Dan P. Smythe.
The association adopted reso
lutions which will be presented
to Secretary Hitchcock, asking
that the division of the langc in
the Wcnatya reserve, as decided
upon at the Walla Walla meeting
be made permanent.
The association discussed plans
for makinga concerted campaign
agains scabbies, with which sheep
in Eastern Oregon is more or less
afllcted. A special tax on each
member was levied for the pur
pose of rasing funds for the cap
ture and conviction of persons
guilty of maliciously killingshcep
on the ranges. Each member
was assessed $ for each 1,000
sheep sheared last spring. Over
J?Ci00 was raised at the meeting
for that purpose, and the organ
ization is determined to protect
the interests of its members.
vi ' - ' " ' ' ' ' yrV "
- s rry - I
it . ' -lk , s t
I. ' - .. . .: " . , ..,
i - j
r.'. F&J . X is
- - - -J,
Miss Chouto, the pretty daughter of former Ambassador Joseph II. Choate,
was a greut favorite in London society while her distinguished father wui
rtiitloued abroad. She Is very fond of nutouioblliug, la an expert chauffeur and
has toured thousands of miles In the llrltish Isles and on the continent of Eu
rope In compnuy with her father.
Small Companies all Right.
The Washington Life Insuranco
t'ompany, the (lermania Life Insur
ance Company and the bankers' Life
lusurunce Company divided tho at
tention of tho legislative Insurance
Investigating committee for a day
last week. John Tatlock, president
of the Washington Life declared that
personally be favored a distribution
of earnings every five years.
Officers of these small companies
state that their companies are all
r I 1 hings have been quiet in rail
road circles the past week,
the center of gravity being East
ern Oregon, in the vicinity of
I lend, in Crook county, where
several surveying crews are at
work. Two crews rccentl3'made
their apjK-arance at Bend and
pitched camp for an indefinate
stay. One of the crews is alleged
to be running out a line for the
extension of the Great Southern,
south from Dufur, which makes
it appear that that road is to be
extended further in the interior
of the state. It is said .that the
Great Southern is a Hill road.
Another crew of surveyors that
is attracting considerable atten
tion is working in the vicinity of
Bend on a route supposed to be
a Harriman project. While it is
not dcfinately known just what
course this line will take from
Bend, it is believed that it will
A'eep on south and meet the N-C-O.
at LaAeview. There is now
very little doubt in the minds of
the people that the Nevada, Cali
fornia & Oregon will be extended
to' Lakcview within the next
year and a half.
State Line Topics.
Ed. Henderson was down Monday
to uttend the X-mas tree.
Henry Cook ami L. C. Vluynrd
have engaged the Lakevlew orches
tra to play for the Ball Monday
Man Whorton went to Lakevlew
Friday eight.
Two old men cam together the
other day, in a one round fight. No
damage done.
fvan Hamersley, Henry Cook,
Omer Hamersley and Sylvester Gal
lagher went to Lakevlew Friday to
the Mask Ball, they report a good
time and say they will go again.
Sam Sargeaut passed through
town 02? day last week.
Oliver Charlton is on the sick list
this week.
The X-mas tree Monday night was
full of presents.
Mask Ball Monday night, tickets
Surprised Her School.
Miss Myrtle Smith, who Is teach
ing at tho Union School House on
the West Side, gave her pupils a com
plete and happy surprise last Friday
evening, Just before dismissing
school for a week's vacation. 'She
had secretly arranged a nice little
Christmas tree In a cabinet used for
the organ when not In use, and load
ed the tree down with presents for
the children. Just before dismissing
them she requested a couple of the
boys to move tho orgau cabinet to
tho center of the room In full view of
tho pupils. This done, Miss Smith
drew a curtain and exhibited a
beautifully decorated Christmas tree
to the amazed school. It was a hap
py affair, Indeed.
Miss Smith Is spending vacation
week In Lakevlew.
Albert Dent Is stopping In town
this week.
Pupils Make Good Pro
gress In Their Grades
At Examination.
The month ending Dec. 18th show
a larger per cent, of absence than any
preceding month, but It wan all un
avoidable absence; w (looping cough
and other slight Indispositions were
prevalent during the month. The
close of the month found nearly all
the pupils In their accustomed places.
The average attendance for the
month was 0."i per cent. The nlxth
and seventh grades made an average
attendance of 9S per cent, and won
the banner.
The quarterly examination proved
very satisfactory; the pnpllsall made
very cemmendable grades. Onlytbree
failed to make the required grades.
Friday, Dec. 21, the school closed
until Tuesday, the second of Janu
ary, ISOff, when we hope all will be
able to take up their respective grade
work with renewed zeal.
Friday was a day thoroughly en
joyed by all. Miss Blough and Mlas
Snelling combined their programs
ond very pleasantly and profitably
entertained patrons and pupils by
rendering a very appropriate Christ
mas program, coslsting of recita
tions, drills, pantomimes, songs and
Instrumental music.
The Frlnpipal was very agreeably
surprised Friday morning when Geo.
Ross, during the study pcrteuL ar-oae.
iu a very uigulfied manner and in a
well-worded little speech presented
him, In behalf of the pupils of his
room, with a very artistic Christmas
present, and the wishes of a "Merry f
Christmas and Happy New Year." .
The token of regard was very highly
appreciated by the Principal.
Mrs. Cloud and Miss Hallcotnblned
their programs. James Judge and
Walter Dutton erected two neat
Christmas trees in Mrs. Cloud's room
and displayed artistic taste in decor
ating the room.
The pupils of the two rooms, with
marked credit to themselves and
their teachers, rendered a very unique
program, after which. Santa Claus
entered and distributed the presents.
Each child was very graciously re
membered. The teachers each receiv
ed may tokens of regard from the
children. All were happy and the
best of feeling prevailed.
Suyder. At the Loveless ranch six
miles north of town, last Sunday at
11 o'clock, Tearl, daughter of F. 11.
Suyder, aged 16 years, of typhoid
fever. The remains were burled In
the I. O. O. F. cemetery Monday
evening. The funeral was preached
at the Baptist church by Rev. J. H.
Only a few weeks ago Pearl's
mother was taken away by the same
disease, and at the time nearly all
the family was sick with fever. llt.-L.
F. H. Snyder has the deserved sym-.
pathy of the entire community la
bis series of sad misfortunes. - He has
several small children. Ills case Is a
sad one, indeed.
Dog Has Whooping Cough.
Cap, tho big brown dojj that IIo
bart Miller plays with has the whoop- .
Ing cough. Hobart had it, and
played with the old dog so much
that the dog caught the disease, and
coughs and whoops Just llko a per- .
son with It. He has coughing spell
when he shows every symptom of
whooping cough, except : that b
doesn't swear with the first breath
he catches.
- w