Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, August 03, 1905, Image 1

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i her
NO. 31.
sentenced. Mitchell will be permitted
to hold IiIh office until the sentence Is
Seim tor John H. Mitchell whm sen-
I'M" "i
ufcl July tn nix montliH In the
!.. tl .i.l n .... ,,t
J. E. Calderwood Dead.
It In with Krvnt regret thnt we
have to report the dcnth and funeral
ilt linpoHeil. When Judge De ' of Mr. .1. K. Cnlilcrwooil lute of War
HaviMM 1 the morning session ,.r Valley, I,.ik Co., Oregon, and
, the eoiirt lie said. "Thin formerly of Surprise Valley, Modoc
County Calif. For some time IiIh
health hud faileil him anil Home
weeks hku he came to I'.iilwcll to se
cure medical n 1 1 . lie continued to
fail, however, ami event uully suc
coineil to Hint dread alllict ion,
th,. lillie lived fof JifoiloUtHli y
f I. 1 -: . I
mlMIM'tlt III I lie case ll I lie 1 I
itulcx nMiii-t Mitchell. Man tin
IhIi'iiiIiiiiI ii 'i l hi tig lo k'iv why
n,l unit 1 1 1 1 I not I if pronolinc-
,'" S'-n.'i i "! Mitchell and
t X
I St 'if
' A
IV iili'i't hill will lie overruled. 1
Tin' mat hi e Minler which the In-
lii'tnii'iil In this cane wan found ro- ,
viili'H tlint every person offending
' f
,,l: M i it please the court. I I'.riirht 'h Disoise. The end came
,in p.iiv:ired here hy couiimcI. who u 1 - lit half past t Wo on t iie liHitn-
will peal f. r mi-." Senator Thru- li,K or t he I'll Ii. Willi his pamdlii
iiiii.ciiiiiiki'I I r Mitchell made a JiIcji Iuih (fone anol I f t he earliest wet-
,n Ichalf if Mil' ' Hi" ground t ci-m of Surprise Valley. He was
ilia!, under i he const It lit lou of the lnrn In Kimx County, Maine, iu the
niled M.-iie- it was unlawful to .war !. I'i. and moved I" California
nvi'iil ii I . s. Senator Irom alleud- In the year of iMil. hy the way of the
llii'.icpiuar sessi,in ui oures. isiiiiuusol I'annina. Me came to
Jmlp- lie Haven oNerrilled the oli- I'.ldwell w Mhthe lirst company of
viiiin. California olunteers and helped to
jima; hi iiivi:n" kkxt.nkck. Iiuild I'ort indwell. Since then, un
til the year SM!. when he removed
to Warner Valley to clique;,. n the
liveKtock liusiness, he made his home
iiiimt its provisioiiH nhall lie deeiii-jlti rddwell and was identified with
fll Kiiilty of a iiiiMdemeaiior atid'ltM interests end development. In
Imll In- Imprisoned not more than ,,.,.,,,. Wo waH uutn.M ,
tmiyi'iirs mid tmed not more than I,, ... ... ,
, , .... . I Marv r oster and h ve sons and one
lli'.mw, uii'l shall moreover hy con-1
, .i i. . ..u it. . .t t...
vktiiin thereof lie rendered forever ""uKmn UR
r hoi.,... ft..., 1 1 ........ i .1 , .t I.. .1.11... ...... 1 iinltin Vi'Imiiii 'IMu irtui w I'l'.uilf
vii' i in 1 1 ' i i ii ii (i rit- i 'i 1 1 ( mi 1 1 1 tin ' - i I t
inuv in Honor, trust or lu-ollt iimler Harrv and l;dward ( aldei wood.
who all dwell in Warner Valley
I ..I.. I'.. 11. ....... i. 'flu. iIm lie liter
. . i 11,,. 4 1 f.. I . .
",r "i.-no.. .."mi,,, '"iiinnin- ranch Iii Harney county, was stab-
1'iie Ketiirn of Slicrlnck llolnies." tlm great serial soon to be pub
lished In this paper.
conference held iu I.akeview Sattir-
i day, the present pastor, Kev. San-i
Julitw SHiiders, a resident of Vin
ton, Calif., met with an accident
about two months ago. while break
ing a couple of colts
He was driving them along the
road, when of a sudden, they both
took fright, and dashed down the
grade, for, a distance of of a mile.
! When they reached the bottom of
! the grade, the vehicle collided with a
j large bolder, throwing Sanders to
I the ground, one wheel passing over
; his leg. being stunned by the fall, he
j does not know how long he lay
there, but upon regaining his feet, he
started for his ranch a distance of
j one anil a half miles, to find his
j team hail been put up in the barn,
i and two of his hired men in the act
I of leaving, to make a search for him.
j He complained of a little soreness
; in ills hip, also of a slight headache,
J that was nil. He related his ex
perience, while at the supper table,
congratulating himself, on his ittcky
i escape from serious injury, lie retired
about 10::t0 p. in., feeling little tin-,
j worse for his mishap.
I l'he following morning lie was
unable to leave his bed, in which he
j renin inert for three days, being rub
' bed, and hot applications applied
was unanimously re
- I,
ded him
tliHiiivrrn lit of the Cnlted States.
An I construe this language, t he
juilcnii'iit upon a vei'dii't. of couvic-
lioil must he both line and i m orison, i 1 Hed" ( alderwood. p.fce
mint, hut the court is uiven urent to t lie ot her world in ls7. May
Iwrt'tiun in fixing the amount of
tile tine jiikI the term of linprisoii-
llnit'iit. The iiiinrlsoutuent. if for
Miiri' flian one year, luay be in I lie
utatc prison, and in any case t he
'Wt tuny. I,y its Judgment, make
tl"' intiiinliuifiit only nominal,
in protioutieing judgment it is not
t".v purpose to comment upon the
yidence or to make anv snevial ref-
"Mice to the facts necessarily found , U r "'n'
'if tin Jury in returning their ver- ford to lose such a citizen and
'lid. It will be mitllcleut to say that
in ifacliliig t conclusion as to Hie
l,rl Judgment to lie given. 1 have
Slffii consideration to the age of the
lefeiulurit. which may le properly
"tutni Into account in mitigation of
paper man in California, and later
nni'Mliul tn rilnrn ta tlilw i-liiirrli ... . . .
; - " proprietor oi a noiei
Killed at White Horse.
Fred Andrews, formerly a news-j frequently, the fifth day he was ap-
j another year. The
in Burns, and
pastor will at- i lately foreman on the White Horse
at Albany in September.
r i
He was a man of honor and of ster- j Runaway Saturday.
ling integrity and was held in high. A lively runaway occurred Satur
esteeiii. by all who knew him. for near Frank Lane's place. Dick
his many good ipialities of mind and ! Kingsley and wife were out for a ride
heart. The great affect ion iu whicu with a Livery team. One of the iiu
he was held by his wife and sonsand hauls became frightened at a bicycle,
their extreme grief at his deatli in-j and started to run. Juan effort to
dicate a yet finer side of Ids cliarac-, stop the team Hick broke one of the
ed to death in a saloon at White
Horse last Tuesday a week ago, A
man known as "Ued." whose true
name Is not known, had been work
ing on the White Horse ranch, and
quit. He got into a fight with An
drews, and got the worst of it and
while his uartner, a man named
parently as well as ever, on the
twelfth day, he complained of a
slight pain iu his knee, hot applica
tions were again applied, but .with
no satisfactory results. He was
finally persuaded to have a Dr. call
ed in, and Dr. W. I). Coates of Loyal
ton was the gentleman selected.
Fpon examination the Dr. pronounc
ed It a Superative knee joint and had
Sanders immediately removed to the
Loyalton Hospital, where he could
The country can ill af-
whii knew him will regret his death.
bridle bits with a suddenness that
threw hlni out of the buggy. liy
this time the team was under such
The funeral took place at J51d well j head way that Mrs Kingsley decided
at 10 a. in. on the Kith Inst, the Kev.
to take her chances in the buggy, and
(.. H. llarrett of the M. V.. Church of coolly kept her seat. The team ran
tVdarvllle, conducting the ceremonies
I'UiiiHlitnent and to the fact that the ! aud delivering the funeral sermon.
""fiiHe N defined In the statute as if MrM j ( uiderwood and sons
2u"T':T Tl "0t "H a ""''''weK all able to be present at the
the further fart that the legal wt,t , ' ,
rt of the judgment Is to forever 1 l"""-v frUwU thi'lt!i
Simllfy the defendant from hold-j to express their sympathies with the
Hl8tty ollice under the tiovernmcut ! bereaved and show their respect for
'""let tilted States. In view of this
'' nl considering also the nature
"I tlit defendant's offense, as dis
puted hy the evidence, the Judg
of tlie court Is t hat the defend
I Imprisoned for the term of six
'"outho In the County Jail of Mult
'"'"mil County, In this city, and pay
"Hnelu the sum of 1(HK).
Execution of this judgment 1
"Ved for two days."
nutor Mitchell iii.iu.uh.ii id cilu
to the
supreme court of the United
"ItU's un.l was given his liberty by
"iHJtlsuperoedeas bond upon which
''Ml iii'tsclian of the .Imperial Hotel
"'"1 H, A. Arato, a wholesale liquor
'r uppcared as su cities.
United States Supreme court
Avouch the nil, f i i1.flli. ,,...1 un-
the deceiisetl.
I a lit. wk 1. 1..
Kkri'woll, Irituirts, yel nt farewell,
Wbi'rc Ihiu ye tooiiliall dwell.
I m kii' brfore your fuce,
A uiuiiieuC time.n Utile pce,
Wlieu ye uuine where I lmve ilept.
ye will wonder wby ye wept,
Ve will know by wise love tauKht,
Tbt berc la nil nd there it uukIiI,
Weep awhile if ye are vain,
Hun.lilne atlll iut follow rein.
up behind Charley Moore's carriage
and ruu the buggy tongue under the
back seat, where Mrs. S. T. Colvin
was riding. Here the horses broke
the double-tree aud freed themselves.
No one was hurt much, and the only
damage done to the rig was a brok
en double-tree and a few broken
spokes iu one of the wheels.
Quarterly Conference.
The Fourth Quarterly meeting of
the M. K. Church of Lakevlew was
held lu the church in this city ou Sat
urday and Sunday, July 1!U and :!(.
Kev. M. C. Wire, D. D., the presiding
elder-of the Kugeno district, was
present and preached both morning
Picknicked On Cottonwood,
Last Sunday quite a crowd went
to Cottonwood to fish and have, a
plculc. Iu the crowd were, F. M.
Miller and wife, Dr. J. S. Dewey aud
wife, W. H. Shirk and wife, W. M.
Harvey aud wife, V. L. Snelllng and
wife, F. r. Laneaad wife, Mrs. White,
Misses Hall, Josle Harvey, Laura
and (Jeulo Snelllng.
A splendid time was had and soinf
fish caught.
Mr. Shirk says Ylnco ate so much
that his pants wouldn't meet and
had to put on a pair of overalls to
make up the deficiency.
or . tc hell niinenrs III ailU eveiliug fin."".'
I'lngton at that time and asks able preacher. His Sunday evening
'"luive his ...,u. ..a i i ,..r I -..rmou was exceptionally tlm
Dr. Wire is an j K-ock Assays ion.
T IUU, sjica, two i.oo,. j v . , . v v . .. . .
from llidwell Tuesday and reports
'"He up (.j,. ,lri,u,e,,t before Jan
llKitl, aud is not likely to come
" the next session at all, and
Wi" Bo "ver to the next term and
Uutlieii id until the closing days
"' Hie term of Mitchell as U. S. Sen
ntur. March 4, Uiur, which would de
prive (1
Wire went with the pastor to Uulou
.School House on the West Side, also
to New Flue Creek aud to Dethel
Church, lu Modoc county, preachlug
at each place to au appreciative con
gregatlou. He expressed himself us
belnu well pleased with the coudl-
,"ltyofutul.,tln.r a demo- tlon- of the church at the severe.
-uH.ortoMlr.rlH.11. Though ' point- visited. At the Quarterfy
During hi-visit in this county. Dr. j good news from the mines in the
overuor Chamlterlaiu of the
mouutalus betweeu this valley and
Surprise valley, about -'5 miles from
Lakevlew aud 10 miles from lildwell.
(Jeo. brouglit back samples of the
ore that he says will go from $1000
to $1500 to the ton. A vein of this
quality of ore about 20 luches wide
was found. Wo hope to give more
details of the rich strike later.
Foster was engaged in a like :nele i get proper treatment. After being
with Andrews, "Ked" stepped up be-' ln the nOHpitttl a few days, a con
hind Andrews aud stabbed him in gultation was held. Dr. Coates call
the back of the neck. Andrews died ug in two other prominent physi
In 30 minutes. "Red" started for'cUu)8( they examined the patient
liurus, but was overtaken, aud ar- carefully, and thoroughly and were
rested at Burns. He waived exam- unanimous, that In order to save the
inatlon and was bound over to the ' o( Sanders, that an amputation
circuit court. j waH uecessry, the operation was
Wool Not. All Sold. j performed and successfully, the pa-
A Cheyenne dispatch says. The tlent was on the road to recovery
1905 wool clip has not been entirely
disposed of in this state. Indeed,
shearing Is still In progress and many
clips have not been sold. Yet con
tracts are being made for the 1300
One clip of 400,000 pounds of a well
known flockmaster who ranges his
sheep in the Muskrat country in cen
tral Wyoming, has been sold to a
liostou firm for seventeen cents.
The 100G clip of the same flockmaster
went to the same firm a month ago
for the same price. The flockmaster
Is of the opinion that wool will fall
several cents In price liefore next
season and believes he has received
what will prove to be a big price for
bis clip.
So anxious were the buyers to se
cure the wool that the demand of
the owner for an advance of $15,000
on the clip was readily assented to.
":- . . ,
We are informed that the school
board has selected the teachers for
the next term, but coutracts have
not been made. I'rof. J. IJIougb will
probably lie principal, Miss Flora
Ulough will take the 6th aud 7th
grades, Mrs. Thos. Cloud the 4th
and 5th, and Miss Hall the primary
department. Dr. Daly informs us
that a high school course will be
taught, up to the twelfth grade. It
Is not certain jet when school will
wlien abscesses developed, which
necessitated the patient being lanced
In several different places. Sander's
mental condition Is slightly impair
ed, owing to the number of abscess
es developed during his Illness, he
lost considerable blood, and is still
In a precarious condition, but owing
to his robust constitution the Dr.
has hopes for his ultimate recovery.
His brother, Manuel, a well known
sheep owner of Lakevlew, Oregon,
has been constantly by his bedside
for the past month, he has spared
nothing, to make his unfortunate
brother as comfortable as possible,
with words of encouragement from
Dr. Coates, he left Loyalton, for
Lakevlew Tuesday morning, to at
tend some very pressing business In.
the North. X
A Business Change.
Reynolds & Wlugfleld are taking
an Inventory ot the stock of goods
this week. A Mr, Goodman of San
Francisco Is here to receive the stock.
Mr. Reynolds may buy the stock and
continue the business. Mr. Wing
field will retire ou account of his
health. It was reported that Mr.
Reynolds would either go to Paisley
or Klamath Falls, but he did nut;
confirm the report.