Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, July 27, 1905, Image 8

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at Reasonable
Prices for Cash Buyers.
1 Gal. Stone Jars ;"0e.
Standard Masons Patent Fruit Jars.
1 Ioz. Tints 1.10
1 Quarts 1.40
1 Hall-Gal.
Jar Cajs per Ioz. ooe.
Mosquito Netting per piece 50c.
25 Double Sheets Tangle Foot
per box 50c.
Under New Management.
rij.ul. Pies, Cakes, and in
pastry line kept constantly on hatnl.
LiiKird by the D::y, VVeelv or Honth.
Fir5t-c!as Meals at all Hours
N -!.h uf First N.-iUnn :! Patik
Ti (H: k NT;.t I) Co.;;n.-'J)
If. - - "C.t C ( ' I " ' '
III1,! Vj, ..:. 1 t v.
.The '-Uttual Lif insur
ance Company of New
York . . .
RICMAUl) A. M.'CL'RDV, l'r. sid nt
V. L HATHAWAY. OrL-. lanager.
Till- si Ak liiitnl (1 i tf.-rs from unv paliev
vritlei, hy this or any other 1 1 . iasiir
uie.'i r.iniianv in the 1 allow i --"atial
prr'.ieiil.ii-s ;
i Tile p iliey i hy i' - I'V'n.-. p iv
iinie ii. ' :.! (ami. Til is refers in t, t li
tt,e priia.'ip.ll sain mid tlie inujresi ;
-ii. J' jr 11 iranli-e- amni.iiiy, i.,r u
fcoi. :iiied i-ria ol years, ii per ivut in
u on a!! prea,iiiin-i jn evi :: pid l.
Tin's.- credits may lie i!i,i.',ii at the
wine uiev are inline or ill any oilier lime,
i ..... i . .1 . . . .
inn nr. I'mir a.-i iney are alio .veil to letnam
v ill, tin- Can, p iny, they will he iocuM--il
hy ,'i' ' i;rcent interest, coiiiiiounded
a'lnnally, until tlie end of the said term, i
and. in theeveatof the death of the in-
Hiired, any Hiieh liec'iuiiila'ateil credits
i i!l he paid .w li 'he siun tasiire,!
ld. At the end of the period during
vjiirl. pieiniuai puyineatH arc reipiired
( 10. lii or iM yeari, us tho c.i e m;iy he),
the ouipany, if required, will excliHriKi; l
this Pond for a i ew one a stipulated i
Amount, payable at the death of tho in
rand and, ia the meantime, ilruuini: it
per rent simple iatiai'st aair.i.illy on its
pur value, I'lasoi'.w. .wi inti:ic: r j'.w-
'a. in aia.i) coi. Tie
fiirpinsor dividend wid a' tin' same lime
he paid in earth, or It may he applied to
jnriia-o the aiaoiint of tin- ae li per
e):l liol ill, n hicli v, ill al.-, ilieieufte
participate uonu ilh' ia the ihvi iends of
iihe l.uu.pai.v
)n addition to tlic.-e iea'.uies hich
lire peculiar to the Gold lioml, it also
. ,, a, lanes all the advauta'.i'o of the 1
trihutioii Policies of Tlie .M"lua: Life ; Life Pills. They are u most wonderful
JfiHiiruiice Company of New York, kiicIi ! remedy, alfordiiie sure relief "ami cure,
as full participation in the HurphiHearn- , lor lieadauhc. dizzinoHs and coiistipa
ititfsof the Company. CatU Surrender . tioii. at l.eo Ihjall'a drnK Htoro.
and 1OHii Valuei.Ktuco in payment of
uremluuiH. AUionianu i nei up o..,-
nee, etc.
Pull iinf 'i iiiation ieiardiiitt this ex
ceedinply popular and attractive rom-
Money Saving
J f
j I
( !
'.' f Ss J s . s
i'aeL ever vthin-'-
Chicago S:-ii;e CJitU Oft.
li;. an o erw lu'lmiiiie.'.- vole.
striiune tcaiasters, on .Paly lio. ,
filled lo i.irl of; t he M like which ill s. ;
held Chie.;.io in turmoil lor Pl." days. :
It is aa iiaeoadi! ional surremler and I
the iil"li will seek their old positions J
as individuals. They have even lost I
the hist point f,,' whah they ,,; ve
ii'ia hoidiiii; ol'i iieraiissloi, t,, dis-
,la the union l.i i , ,v 1 . . ,
lie- prrnaar condition there, life
, .
oni i n ii:;.-:;:.' j ,y ;;;,y ) 1 1 ; ; 1 1 not ills-
playinir the union laitton, ami the
eiMjiloyei s v. ere lirm on lids point,
and the liiiiton mast tin. aloiiii- with
tjH. ,.,,.,.,
hoii and the laisiness
llel, .
Pol li ia iaiijiiity and coiiducled
" infaliioiis lilies throiiuhout, the
strike was real I v lost the day it le-
! nun. Charges t iiat It was called lie
j cause the lirm of Miiiiloiiii'i'.v Ward
Ac Co. w ould not pay if':!ouo to certain
lalior leiid'-rs as "raft" have hover
If-eu satisfactorily denied. After the
,tui,i,', i.ii i,i n .i
ih""""" ... . ..n
Kl" I he I i -c lit w as passed nlon)r to the I
toaniHtoi'n, ii)i to this time th" must
powerful lahor hody in the city, and
ciiusidereil iiivilirilile. Ciil'lielitlH P.
Shea emtio from lio.stou to eoudiiet
i n.. lie to I
- . .
A I'arty.
A ple:iseiil hiii prio pariy may lie jiv-
n to your stonon'li mid llvei , hy taklna !
a iiieilicine which will relieve their pain I
and discomfort, viz: lr. Khig'tf New!
w a -a.- J. . a. -.
BMritb i" unu ion mm mm
ltiB Kind You Have Always Borht
LakeviewAnd Vicinity
Itlnl Pood was up tow n Mtimlii.r.
Pruit j,irsnt Kakovlcw Mer. Co.
Palnily liquors at I 'owl Ai KliitfH. tf
Summer Press lion Ih one half price
at I.. M. Co. "
Mm. W. I Heed, of tin- IH.v lloti'l
In ijnlti' sick.
Covered Jolly (iliidMi'H at l.akevlow
Mercantile Co.
Duly Kobnett wan up from Willow
Punch Tiu'Mtluy.
J. 11. MeNew rami' down from
Palnloy liiHt Sniiilay.
Heat ." cent rljiar. "AilainC'l)lin't"
at l'.leber'n ChhIi Store.
Win. Itlurtoii of Pino Creek, Htnrtod
IiIh freight ti'iim liiHt week.
Now Htylt'H. iiioh'm fall ImtH anil
caps at ltlelior'M Cash Store.
)r. Nit'arliaiu. a Philadelphia den
tist Ih expected lifn any ilay.
Mr. anil Mm. .1. A. Ant In my wore
up from Pint' Creek Saturday.
Senator .lolin li. Mitchell lias ap
pealed his ease to the Siiireniefoiirt.
If on want a liraeer. et soine-
thin that is a li"aeer. At Post &
The I (eve
pHM I'M t"f
ipmelit lean'iie received
1 1 ' I M IIMIII ill" Mllll'
I .eaune t bis week
Si I : i ; N . In Kndeview. uremia.
i.Pliv -I. lli'la. In the wife ..I .1. P.. Me
1 New. t if I . a iriH.
K. '. A lkl-i n mi Iioiiurlit the !enm
rest i"si.l"iire ni Water .'v el Mou
ilay. Tlie priee p-iid Was "spl'lH.
l.o'.-en I '.a. ley ami K. 'I'. Si riplia
are painiil.milid pa -iimthe house
' Cy pnrehased l.y lie,,. .r-'.s.
l'i -i; S l.l'.. 'lire. lire, I Poland
China liius. liiiUire of I'has. Oliver
of New I 'ine I 'reek
, 1 l,i - 1 Said T
, a Id Wen ' I I I !l .1 :
On e on. L'i-tf.
ia l Kol! -i .Meli iii
.fs 1.1 aeli a 1 '''
, iev lasl .s.-i ; urd-i '
1 ( 1 w. in
. a 1 v 1
e w ail ;
in 1 1 i viiij.
: ei'l I in j.
: , lllid I lie
. 1 .1 ;e 1, !: .
, !
1 1.;
dip ,im ili
Irani, i s i is
in l-.eepil;e
a l,s nee ol
.- a '.a I d 'a
'e' t 11,11"' in
I 1.1"!.
' ir a n
etaeree,ie. .
II ou a I'd and I '.':rl i i uillia in s re I lira
ed last week from Portland, when
t lev W eat some inoiil lis ii-;ii to at
lend t he fair.
The Masons of edarv ili
will lay
t lie corner si one for t h" Ii W .'sMMIII j wt'''1"- Attorney .1,
' 1 1 i'h Set I 1 1 1 1 i 1 I i i , ir to lie built jiJlamalh lailscatai
' I hill t o w ll I h is su m III T.
Mr. (. Swalisoa. the sheep and
; rattle liayer, is In l.akeview this I
j week. Pan Malloy is Iniyini; fori
S wanson in t his sc i ii mi.
Warner Shiil-r went to paisley
last Sunday after his wife, w ho has
heeii visit Iny; up there. Mrs. .lulies
returned with her daughter.
iir. W ire, proMiiliiiK Kldor for this
district is hero holding aurterly
conferoiico. lio wont to Paisley to
hold iuarterly uiceliae; there.
ioor;u liatcheldor, returned from
Orovillo Inst wii'k, where ho wont to
hrlnj; his father and mother and lit
tle iia lighter up ou a visit. Tho old
folks will remain in Kakeviow about
a mouth.
1 Pan .Malloy started fur Summer
I, uko last Saturday on a sheep l,uy-
in"; I rip. He intruded koiiiu as lar
north as (Ieo. Winkleiana's. Pan
said there yet four or live llioiisand
j mill ton sheep in that sec lion fur sale
ami ho wunti-d hoiuo of them.
S. O. CivshIi'I' roeelvod word tho
I other llnv fl'um Cedarvllle Hint Mm
.1. P. Cook, Mrs. CroHHler'H aunt, dlod
last Saturday, and was to I.o burled
Monday. Mr. Ci-ohhIoi' wiih at
Ccdurvlllc when the death of her
aunt occiiried, hIic having nemo nvor
when Mr. and Mm. V. T. CreHHlor
returned homo.
Sealing Wax and Para II in- at L.
M. Co.
Presh frull anil vcnoiableM at
I'. 1 1. Pay ton, a S. F 1 in i 1 1 in t-. in
in town.
Mrs. Puller Im visit Inn at the I lory -font
Now potatoes anil eahhaKo at
I'atolio'H vegetable atore.
ttediietlnn In Ladleit HMrt Walstn
at tho Lakovlow Mor. Co.
A full lino (if lunch goods for plc
nlckers, at IMelier'a ChhIi Store.
Pastern bacon! tho fluent In tlio
market at Illobor'H CaHli Store.
"Jllelier'H Creamery ClieeHo," JtiHt
rooolvotl at I'.IoImt'h ChhIi Store."
J. Wendell Hold his white driving
borne to Al Farrow Monday fur f 100.
Italley and MaHHlnglll'H Ih the liest
attire In niwii forHiimmiTiiiidorwonr.
Mrs. (ieo. liaod of Paisley has licctl
under tho weather for hoiuo weokn
past .
Ite.l.., li..u 11. price, on all lines
summer uouds, n( Iliclier's Cash
tieo, Nickersua went to W'altier
yesterday to run out some lines for
I Iiek tjlliillan.
I J l',-;,la
nil Was a I ,'i!e lew
Uitor for a ciiiiplo of ilayn the past
w eek from Paisley.
II. A. I' 1 a in of P.iisli-y was
hiimiiioiii'd t o appear in I ' irt I 1 11. 1 as
a Juror in t he federal .art .
Waller I .vci- i'i-ki! ai" I his dm ie in
the liarlier shop Saiiir.iav. lie has
j i'en sin'ferian I'roia a liruisi-d i,i: .
A, ',.,.,, w IM , 1 , , .i,.
h.y ,.,,. vUil,.. hl i.-.u,., ..,,.
day ninht, on ;heir I 'Mii .i h.aae
, from P.ty.
Mr. and .Mrs. Ml..,,. .,-.
1 .mailt 1, nd M iss 1 1 -.-1 1 .;!., a 1
in ! 1 1 vi.-w fr 11:1 ( la I-. :i .1 ! . T
Hi' 1 rir a
1; , '.
t iia Ira I
I e ,' I , ,, a
in-'i ii n;-' !
Iia Ve i I;
I for
t lie
a. p
w . ; i i i : t ; liiinli'-r c a n ii ad i ;
at lie-Noria. .la.piish Harris plan
lli' mill. A lea in la ha tiling steady,
and can ui ve you whatever , uu may
waul, t lie ( ainas sa w In ill. ii-f
V.'. I'. Ta.Nlor
lie of 1 1, lirm,
ctillie up Horn San Pruucixco this
C Piileair
oxer wiili Mr.
I Tn y lor, a In I I he I wo e. n I Ir men ei ,
(lot he l,i nrli Aloada v. In mi I l.e,-.
t hey w ill jo, to Silver Pake
A Sin'llii ( I -Z 1 1 ! ; i n , 1 1 lirm has on I
I Me IV 111 I'.h window a poeket knife I
possi'ssiii;' 7.-, hhnles. Knell Idade,
hus a local seepo eauraved upon i.
The lirm oheis .;,oihi to miy person
w ho ran shut n 1 1. I, hides wil hoi;l
cut tine; hiH lingers.
At the auction nale in from of
IIowanl'H Htoro next Saturday at 1
o'clock there will ho sold, ineir,
ladies' and misscH' hhoes,' uiou h,
ladioH' and misses' hats, mon's mid
Iio.vh Khirts, ladiTu' mid misses under
wear. :,(i.,f
An intoxicated sheep herder wont
into the restaurant yesterday inoru
ilitf mill coinineuceil llsilie; abusive
IniiKuiiKe. One of (lie waitresses or
dered li i III will, whereupon heslupped
her. The fellow was arrested upon
achareeof asstilt mid buttery, and
placed in jail to await his I rial last
evening nt .", o'clock.
At the last meellne; ,,f t1(. p(,.,j
of Supervisors, N. Clark was uriuitod
privilege to conduct a toll road over
Suar 11111, with rati-H Uh folh.w'H:
KlKldlo llOl'HOH a OI'lltH.ono-horHL'I'ie. lO
ooutH, two-horHo rl ir, ci'iiu, four
Iioi'ho rl r,0 contH, Hlx-hoiHo rlir
eentM.i'ltfliHiurHui'ljsfl; wjt, ,,rvii.
ego to make Hpeclal in ton to fatinorH.
Codarvlllo Itccord.
Ilolow wit uivo n report tf the woatlw
hh recorded hy tho Hovortunent Wfiittier
htiroiiu station lit The Kxntuiner 0f(S
This report is chanced cadi work, Hinlij
our renders wish to keep a yenrly rworil
o( weather conditions for future ruler,
once, cut out tho report along Hip
line and pante it in crp honk one
week after anotbor. This word will be
taken on Tiienda- to end each week und
lien in (n Wednesday for the next week
Government Weather Bureau Sta
tion at I.akevieW, Oregon,
C. O. Mktxkkr, Cooperative Obaurver.
Week ending TuoHday, July 1905
mm mill
l (li;
wotl. I0L' IMJl ".'Ml I Ull I
thur. I lit I .rS
n.(M 00 I
0.00 I (Ml I"
t r'tKTr
i).IMt (H) I"
Hat'y101 I "o
Htm, jiol I .'..'1
moii. I im I 7 J
tnoH. I IH .Ml
0(1 J
Come on. We're Ready.
The Modoc Kopntilicau w ariis the
peupleof Modoc tit look nut for u
..(l1""" " U "lonylit to he la tlmt
(county represent loir an Insiiriilici'
company, ami pa.tlisheil a ifwrli
It ion of the sw Indies, the fellow Ih
I Hiipposod to lie worii lh), from u
j Shasta enmity paper w hich says:
1 "A man I y the name of lr. I'. A.
i rv'nl t, represi'ii I iiu; . or elaiiiiiiii; to
'represent, tic 1 aser alive ,K,. jn.
sartllice ( 1 illlp.l II of I, os Aiii'Iid,
was in s.i'1 1 ; 1 'al, and oilier mr
lioisoi .-isi, i. 1 111 eniti'y twelve or
III ! i ea llloll t lis a u' o ail w ii ll till'
!e-!,i of a few I i' .1 .ii'iiis, wrote
p. liicies for a e j;,- nnailter of pco
pie ! I o er 1 In- ion a ' v i in! 11 dun; hcv
era I hefe in this vail, y .
lit- 1 oil many fa ir t ales a auiil thi'
p"i:r;. .Hid ileinivd amsl oi hisclicntK
in I a l.e one l..v ,.l a I inn t hat If tho
pol , was not 1 xac! ly as he ceprc
se:.:,,1 ii. I.o pay lle-itt !:eed in' llliull'
and M11 jn : i.'.v 1 M, id lie re, a ;! Ilu
i iiw !(. nt to . i;'.i! a paper I1M1
,11 illl'W
-. Ilium
l ei' I lit'
1. ,-i'aU
;i im it r.
' ra ciitl-
: i"l 11
,i:a I
;. i! in I I, says
: I as fello'.v lit
' ,-. Us a-.,, anil
I lie.
i -
ilool. a ioiir.'. . ll" .iy h I lie policy
I did liol si.'il w h a h ' reeeivrd it, HH
, . : : ii hack. Mr. .'d ot'Uui.'in is wait-
ine for Mime one id try lo (nivc nil-
lection on the fui-eeil nolo. So Cllllll'
i .. ...... .a a. ae mill
en iiii. i run, inn j 1 1 1 ii- i in ' .
. our ii. Maohah nml Sheiilf lire
willing lo i i o 1 1 1 1 i i ic.s s with all your
of,1 111,1 "'",NV "i
iilild , oil iioeepl a pos-ilioii tllllt
will pay you a tlra:l,t Milnl'.V a' per day ijpl.ll per week I f"f
w hole or spare t iiae'.' If ho write U
at once. ' his is no book cu ussing
Hcheiue, but ii strai-jht forward hiwl
lirss proposil ion, w hich w ill he a
pei'liin lieu I as y ou may he able to
make it, mid will afford excellent
eha!ie,e fur promotion. No bond,
rod tupe nor uureasonahle reiplln)-
tils. Act ipiickly as wo wish to
employ hoiuo one in your lucidity
without delay. Spnuvtio Vluil,le
Co.. Wabash Ave., Chlcae;o.
V ood.
We w ill deliver you a bind of wood
of any length, any day, at any I'lw
Itl Iilkeview you desire it.
Our price Ih per cord, w Uh
count of ton per cent If toil conl
or more are taken and paid for.
ItoilXK & Ml I.KUV.
ynini,n n m H"
LK I u KlO-c. l.tiJI I X m est
m m ii m
U I- tJ I' ' ' . .U.I, V
Levi mmss &co'